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1/10 An #immigration and #nhs thread. This govt the two have linked the two and this week sees this link leading toward further disaster:

The NHS is short of psychiatrists, esp child psychiatrists - the Home office during #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek…
2/10 Meanwhile in the wake of #brexit, with a govt insisting on an arbitary salary threshold for immigration policy an NHS already short of 100000 staff looks set for a worsening staffing crisis

credit @HSJAnnabelle…
3/10 The govt insistence on using the #NHS as a means of immigration control continues, with the news of sharing of patient data with credit firms - a story with implications well beyond ill advised border control

credit @ShaunLintern…
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@CathyKirby65 I have experienced similar accusations that have impacted negatively on my mental health since whistleblowing about appalling care standards whilst employed by @mencap_charity .
I submitted a subject access request after they refused to make reasonable adjustments for me to
@CathyKirby65 @mencap_charity return to work after having the strength to whistleblow to the @CareQualityComm . I found that a group of senior management had vilified me, used my medical history (I’d been voluntary admitted to a MH unit with depressive psychosis whilst working in Peterborough) and my manager
@CathyKirby65 @mencap_charity @CareQualityComm had sent the information to safeguarding officers in Leicestershire as a way to excuse my whistleblowing and raising concerns. Those of us who have ever experienced #mentalhealth problems are clearly considered by some not to have the right to whistleblow about shocking care.
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Please read & act on this long but incredibly important #NHS thread...

Gimms founding member and longtime dedicated public service campaigner at @ThePublicMatter Deborah Harrington, who when asked 'How much of the NHS has already been privatised?'

Answered -
Pretty much all of it.

While all eyes are on companies like Virgin thinking they are the threat the NHS itself has been broken up into over 500 ‘provider bodies’ which are a mix of the arms’ length public interest companies, private and voluntary sectors. 1/
The ‘NHS’ Foundation Trusts are companies which run subsidiary companies and compete with one another for contracts and sub-contract to the private sector for ‘extra capacity’. 2/
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Theres been lots of talk recently on the role of Hedge Funds profiting from shorting the £ with #NoDeal Brexit & channelling funds to PM @BorisJohnson…
@BorisJohnson While obviously of concern, the focus on no-deal £ short selling misses the bigger picture of financial deregulation, & the #Brexit shock being seen an opportunity by the #CityofLondon financial elite to slash "red tape" & lower taxes…
@BorisJohnson In response to Johnson's "let's spend £350m extra a week on the #NHS" claim, Dominic Cummings suggested Vote Leave would not have won without it… #Brexit
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I wish to honour all those people who helped me throughout my life.

Those #NHS staff, my doctor who visited me as a baby and young child at my home free of charge.

The social housing tha allowed my parents to raise 5 kids.

The access to education, school dinners etc
The ambulance, police and fire crews that my family and I have relied on and be protected by.

Always save in the knowledge that no matter what happens to me I can walk into a Hospital without having to worry about what money I have on me.
That sense of safety and being protected by other human beings who have made it their life to protect and serve others regardless of their own personal problems, low wages or poor working conditions.
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#OpportunityCost is the aggregate net cost of doing something, vis a vis 'not doing it' at all.

The initial project, option & prospect of #Brexit came with huge opportunity costs, which were too easily pre-discounted as #ProjectFear. 1/
The initial #Leave case, dramatised by the #BorisBus, contended that UK could save its £350m pw #EU 'gross membership contribution' and pass that 'saving' straight to the #NHS - as 'additional funding'. 2/
The #Leave case focused on saving UK's #EU gross membership cost in favour of #NHS.

It ignored regular #EU annual contributions back into a multiplicity of UK projects, which would obviously be stopped, if we ceased membership.
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Today Jeremy Corbyn promised to bring medical research into common ownership at #LabourConference2019. This is a huge campaign victory, and a huge challenge to the power of Big Pharma. Here’s what it means: (1/9) #Lab19
At the moment, medicines are produced by a monopoly of giant corporations for super profits. They cost our #NHS over £18bn last year - an increase of 4.6% from the previous year - and means it can’t afford some new medicines. People are dying, the NHS is being undermined. (2/9)
Luis Walker featured in Corbyn’s leaders’ speech is an 8-year old boy with cystic fibrosis. There’s a drug, Orkambi, that could alleviate his symptoms and slow the disease, potentially adding years to his life. But it’s too expensive for the NHS (£105,000!) (3/9)
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Cannot believe that @GordonDimmack is the person Stranahan, Nixon & @theProgSoapbox go to for an analysis of #Briexit. All I see is an emotional tirade without any political analysis "No enterprise is more likely to succeed than one concealed until it is ripe for execution."
1. Corbyn is a Brexiteer he may have campaigned to remain but to bring about the changes the Labour Party want the UK has to leave the EU.
Wonder why Gordon in his rants makes no mention of that?
2. #Corbyn has played a blinder. Boris Johnson told the UK we would leave on the 31st of October with or without a deal. He has been pushed into a corner and embarrassed. He is now forced to try and negotiate a deal!
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1. As an #NHS campaigner, I have witnessed the manipulation of democratic processes at a local level. It is now happening at a national level, and it has precisely the same flavour as the democracy fails we have seen at Kent County Council and in NHS public 'consultations'. This
2. is how it works. If it seems that elected officials might not vote your way (for example the Kent County Council Health Scrutiny Committee), find any way you can to delay the vote. Looks through the rules for a loophole. Once delayed, you can start working on those with a vote
3. Persuade them in private meetings, as in private mtgs you can use arguments that skirt the truth, as no one is watching and no one will correct you. Run down those that are making the counter arguments. Make them seem like the enemy, or say they are 'misguided'. Again, if
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@JohnnyMercerUK @LukePollard Why are you making fun of this?

Your colleague, Matt Hancock, said he couldn't guarantee that people wouldn't die (early) due to difficulty in procuring *some* life-saving medicine post-#Brexit.

#NHS & #BMA have both warned about this.

#NHS ordered a stockpile of body bags.
@JohnnyMercerUK @LukePollard Indeed, because your Govt has diverted taxpayers' £ (that's OUR money, not yours) from public services to pay for #Brexit (£6.3bn you're spaffing up the wall, to borrow a Johnsonian phrase), #Brexit has caused some premature deaths already.

I've seen tweets like this:
@JohnnyMercerUK @LukePollard There are already shortages of some medicines because of stockpiling or reluctance to supply #Brexit Britain.
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I have warned for months that the UK Govt wants to suck all of us EU citizens at home in the UK into the #HostileEnvironment. It has been clear that the Govt would use no-deal to speed up that process. And today it begins with our access to the #NHS.…
Those of us already here shouldn’t have to pay the charge, but how are we meant to prove our eligibility? Settled status is not yet a requirement now. Less than a third of EU citizens currently have it. So how are those who don’t have it yet meant to prove their status? 2/
It would be impossible to differentiate between someone like me who has lived in the UK for over a decade and a new arrival. So @maikebohn from @the3million is absolutely right: this is outrageous! 3/
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SO....a short thread on #NHS, health and my recent adventures:

I get my annual check up in India even though I live in Britain. My experience hasn't been great (neither is that of many migrants I know).
Obviously I have to rely on the NHS for emergencies (which we've needed once in the past 15 years). And yeah, I am one of those migrants who are is demonised for 'burdening' the NHS even though I pay for it and have used it less than a dozen times.
A couple of years ago, my GP in India asked for some blood tests. Nothing special: cholesterol, liver function, normal annual check up stuff.

One of the indicators was slightly off. Nothing terrible but one that needed monitoring so he suggested another test in six months
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Dear @BorisJohnson and @MattHancockMatt,
You are very welcome to spend £250m on AI for the #NHS. Just as soon as we fix all of the other IT problems first: /thread
We still use fax. A lot. /1…
Except in trusts where they cleverly THREW AWAY ALL THE FAX MACHINES. Genius. Unless you need to RECEIVE a fax. 🤦🏽‍♂️ /2…
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Hey @guardian @guardianscience This would be a really interesting dialogue to continue if you opened it up to the majority of researchers who don’t support the PACE trial and have good relationships with patients, instead of just giving Sharpe a platform.…
There are so many flaws in Sharpe’s argument that I won’t be able to cover them all myself (due to ME), but for one, his attempt to differentiate between ME and CFS to justify their work when he knows full well that in practice it is all considered the same. @guardianscience
This means that if you are anywhere on the spectrum including #SevereME (see #SevereMEday yesterday) with extreme exercise intolerance, then you can be put forward for CBT/GET, and actually many Severe patients were formerly moderate before these “treatments” @guardianscience
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.@ByDonkeys might this be of interest?

Remember this piece of Leave propaganda from 2016?

Three years on, I thought it was a good time to see how their *claims* panned out, so I've tracked down the photos they used and made memes.

TL;dr — Leave was the real #projectfear!
2016 Leave claim: if you vote Remain we'll have no Parliament, no democratic voice

2019 Parliament is fighting for its sovereignty vs a dictatorial unelected govt intent on smashing our constitution & installing an Orwellian regime to inflict a no-mandate-#NoDealBrexit on us.
2016 Leave claim: if you vote Remain, it'll lead to UK break-up.

2019: #Brexit threatens UK union. 60% of Tory Party members wld rather the UK split than cancel Brexit.

Any sensible govt wld now stop this destructive project & help citizens get a grip on reality. Not this govt!
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Im Ben.

Ive lived with #depression and #anxiety for years. I have become a doctor and psychiatrist. I try to help people. Sometimes I do.

My #mentalillness does not define who I am as a person. Or whether I am worth knowing.


Thanks for all the positive comments. My ginger face be blowing up.
Since you are here, here is some information on depression and anxiety courtesy of the #NHS……

And some great people to follow


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It's much worse than "#Tories don't care about poor people or the #NHS" (Cummings). #Tories actively *hate* poor people and the #NHS.

When Margaret Thatcher let slip the view that "there's no such thing as society" she revealed a key part of #Tory thinking. There 1/4
2/4 are two ways of thinking about ourselves: Either: 1. We're a social animal and we ought to help each other; or 2. We're all disconnected individuals and we should only ever think about what's best for us (& maybe our immediate family). The underlying #Tory mind-set is
3/4 number 2, which is why they actively *hate* and want to destroy the #NHS (which they voted against creating in the first place) because it 'clubs us together' as a group which is the opposite of their "everyone for themselves" attitude. #Tories' policies and short-term
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#Brexit ALREADY costs UK £1bn pw as we Hit Holidays! @GoldmanSachs put that lower at £600m. but I'm looking at 2+% less GDP (than would have been); more Govt Debt (+interest); the growing impact of #Brexodus on jobs/taxtake; £devaln.&inflation creep, reducing Property values.1/20
@GoldmanSachs Am puzzled & mortified? that UK's so-called Major Political Parties @Conservatives @UKLabour seem umbilically disconnected? from the financial IMPACT of their recent (let's say) 'accidental collusions' and Brexit-Birth-Giving! Why the co-incidental & costly numeracy lapse? 2/20
@GoldmanSachs @Conservatives @UKLabour Assuming that (eg) @bankofengland @hmtreasury @ICAEW @The_IoD @cbicarolyn @FrancesOGrady are aware of UK's #Brexit financial haemorrhage? eg Govt Debt, Jobs/Tax, Businesses (all sizes), Individuals - there may be varying estimates? but agreement that a HUGE hit is ongoing! 3/20
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Today is possibly .@theresa_may's last day as PM, if .@BorisJohnson can command a majority (which is in some doubt...)

So it's a great opportunity to look back at some of the *highlights* of Mrs May's premiership in memes👇
13 JUL 2016: May was appointed as PM and named her Cabinet shortly thereafter, surprising many by giving 3 of the top #Brexit-related jobs to arch-brexiters Boris Johnson, David Davis & Liam Fox. Sheer folly, or genius in making them own what they'd sold? Sadly, the former😢
5 OCT 2016: With such a narrow result, the country could be forgiven for expecting May to propose a consensual solution, as Norway PM Erna Solberg had done in a similar situation. Most Remainers would've accepted #Norway.

May's #CitizensOfNowhere speech crushed all hope.
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We hosted a confidential roundtable for experts & leaders working on the #NHS and #Brexit this week at @NuffieldTrust, thinking about how to monitor the impact of no deal and the hovering uncertainty around it. So many big issues - and some are still discussed alarmingly little!
Medical devices face a bizarre no deal landscape. DHSC say they'll need to get their products signed off by EU based agencies…. But we heard these bodies are snowed under with implementing the new EU Regulation - can they really take on so much more work?
The doubt around medicine approvals, manufacturing approvals, and so much more is making the UK a much less attractive place to invest for pharma and life sciences. Many firms are already moving supply chains and shifting key people to 🇪🇺
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I love the #NHS
Thank you everyone for your kind words.
4 good things:
1. Confirmation that the doctors see me as "biochemically cured".
2. A full recovery from reconstructive surgery: for the 1st time this year I played ultimate frisbee today.
3. Overcoming my self-consciousness about the scars sufficiently to play without a shirt.
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So, here we go! This one is a big one.
👇 👇

The Jeffrey Epstein Associate Nobody's Talking About: The IDF Linked Bond Girl Infiltrating the UK NHS - FIFA Corruption, the Panama Papers, & the Mossad by @JohnnyVedmore via @vocal_creators #Epstein #NHS…
Last week, when you typed “Nicole Junkermann” into google, it would autocomplete with age, wealth or husband etc.

Now, you type in Nicole Junkermann, the first autocomplete option is “Nicole Junkermann Epstein”.

I’m taking credit for that 😉

Thanks to everyone for sharing 😘
Here is the first email I’ve received from the allies of Nicole Junkermann, trying to make me take this story down, and my response.

Even though I only talk about her factual links with Israeli Intelligence, apparently that’s antisemitic. Not a surprise.

They ask for my price.
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A tweet reminded me today.

A lot of the focus on #Brexit is about trade & economics.

What we forget in that is that all #Brexits lead to hard-#Brexit once our rights are gone and #Brexit high-command / the #Tory ultra-right can do exactly as they please - with you.

2/2 How long before *your* job is transitioned to a 0-hours contract? Or fancy an 80-hour week? Instant dismissal by text?

Also, there are some #Tories just gagging to re-criminalise a few things. Like being #LGBTQ. Or not pulling your forelock sufficiently deferentially.
PS: Vague promises to adopt things into UK law are subject to this 👇 warning from that bloke who gave you the #NHS:
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I’ve had an incredible week, working with incredibly talented people around #Oxford, stimulating new ideas for #research, practice and #engagement. This thanks to a #KnowledgeExchange Fellowship funded by @TORCH @UniofOxford. This week… (thread)
I met Bevan:does brilliant work engaging hard to reach teens in special school in the county. Told me his mum (also works there) is a unrecognised legend. We must value people at the coalface of work with young people,even when not qualified social workers/teachers @PopulateCoop
Spoke @LancasterUni about importance of stability for #education of YP in #care @ReesCentre. Really interesting presentations by @MElliott57, @MattJayResearch & @stefdoebler please look up their important work #ECRFriday. Thanks @DrLCusworth and @ChildFamJustice for the invite.
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