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The #NHS response to #COVID19 - did hospitals 'close'?

Just the facts. /thread
Over the course of the pandemic there were just over 135,000 hospitalizations for COVID-19, with the highest peak over the month of April in the UK.
If we look over the A&E data at the time, in April A&E ATTENDANCE dropped by 50%, but % of those actually ADMITTED ROSE from 30% in Apr 2019 to 37% in Apr 2020, suggesting those attending were sicker than average.

Also note A&E was open. I went myself.…
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"Don't make the same mistakes I did. I never got to know my children... I'm only just getting to know my grandkids.

This place won't remember us when we go, it won't remember that we sacrificed our families to be here"

This was the advice that I was given years ago by a senior colleague while I was still in training. It echoed in my head, even as I ignored it and watched others in the #NHS - nurses, pharmacists, doctors, physios, radiographers - do the same.

Then, earlier this year, my son was born. I wanted to know him. I wanted him to know me. I worked hard to be present.

Within weeks, though, I'd gone back to my old ways. Out before he was up and creeping back in the dark. I missed his bath on my birthday and I wept, hard.

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Spent day reading PFDs (Prevention of Future Death) reports and associated stuff. So disheartening to see same issues crop up repeatedly. Am gonna share one lowlight, whilst recognising these are only written due to ongoing concerns after someone has died..
so really they're all lowlights. In my experience NHS Trusts and care providers will do *anything* to avoid being issued a PFD, it's like reputation is all that matters.

I'd like to share about John Gregory, he was 93 when he died in October 2019…
'Mr Gregory died because he had not been drinking enough, though his Alzheimer’s was not end stage, and before he was admitted to hospital he had been mobile; able to wash, dress and feed himself; and enjoy a good quality of life'
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Chris Renwick
Here’s what I’m really struggling to understand. All I’ve ever heard from people, for years, is:
“bloody bankers and their bonuses”
“bloody rich and their offshore tax havens “
“bloody politicians with their lying and second homes”
“bloody corporations paying less tax than me”
“bloody Establishment, they’re all in it together”
“it’ll never change, there’s no point in voting”
And quite rightly so, I said all the same things.
But then someone comes along that’s different. He upsets the bankers and the rich.
The Tory politicians hate him along with most of the labour politicians. The corporations throw more money at the politicians to keep him quiet. And the Establishment is visibly shaken. I’ve never seen the Establishment so genuinely scared of a single person.
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@RussInCheshire I'm so sorry to hear about your mum. I must say, you're being remarkably stoic about it. I dare say you're in bits inside. Be kind to yourself. 😇

Meanwhile, don't worry about #TheWeekInTory. I've made some notes for you...
@RussInCheshire To start off #TheWeekInTory, some good news —possibly because it's got nothing to do with Tories.

19AUG20: The 1st polar bear to be born in UK for 2yrs will move from its Scottish home to an English Park.

Hmm. That might make a good metaphor for something more political...
@RussInCheshire 1.#WorldHumanitarianDay began tragically when the body of a 16yr-old Sudanese refugee trying to cross the Channel with a friend in a dinghy rowed by shovels washed up on a French beach.

2.Priti Patel responded with invective against criminal gangs, bypassing compassion & concern
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I’m just a normal salaried GP.

Before Covid, I was like so many of you. Why was I even a member of the @RCGP?

But #NHS staff were dying because they didn’t have enough #PPE and because they were #BAME and no one seemed to care...

I didn’t even have Twitter back then...
My experience Iof Twitter a decade ago was that it was just lots of people in a room shouting so I gave it a wide berth.

But people were dying and it wasn’t right that it was #BAME risk and lack of #PPE

@ThePalpitations @meenalsworld
So first I started posting on dr groups on Facebook and people said, Sonali, take this to Twitter.

So I overcame my fear of Twitter (truth; being public still gives me anxiety) and joined and started tweeting.

But revolutions will not be Tweeted.
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Welcome to the REAL [DS] Turkic TURANO-AITHIOP Pedovore EL-ite #BananaUK of manipulation, deceit and lies... just ask [DS] Boris #Johnson puppet agentur [1/2 Turk/ 1/2 Swiss = #Pharisaism]
re #COVID19/ #CORONAVIRUS "Bollocks" Certificate

Thank goodness for the honest people working for the [DS] #NHS socialist shithole.…
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The #UKGovernment Torture Report

This is a very short overview of what the #UKAuthorities have done in the case.

#PraiseTheLORD #PraiseGod #Borisjohnson #Downingstreet #PritiPatel #UKParliament #Dailymail
In 2005, I set up a business selling CDs, namely mixtape CDs after graduating from Uni.

In 2006, my home was raided & my business was stopped. They said the CDs I was selling were in breach of copyright.
It was a complete shock as the exact same CDs I was selling were prevalent on most high streets and supermarkets. They were selling in their thousands in places such as #Tesco & #HMV. And #Woolworths were the actual UK Distributor of these CDs.
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So, @MattHancock you want more private companies involved in the NHS do you? That "partnering up with corporate giants is "the best way through""…

Would you like to elaborate on these apparent successes?

#ToryCorruption #NHS #MattHancickhasfailedBritain
Shall I start with some reasons not to?
Lets begin with you mate from the Jockey Club and wife of your MP mate.
Dido Harding: PPE from Oxford, did a bit of retail, went to talktalk and managed to oversee the theft of >150,000 customer details and the co getting a £400,000 fine.
So, she gets put in charge of NHS procurement (her experience at B&Q must have been the clincher, eh!) but she REFUSED to sit as a crossbencher.
Skip forward 3 years and knowing her from the Jockey club you decided to put her in charge of "Track, Test, Trace".
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"MEDICAL MIRACLE From God" Says Totalitarian CRIMINAL Dictators in #Australia #Victoria #Melbourne, NO FLU DEATHS THIS YEAR! RECORD LOW YEAR!
It's "Not" that they're LYING & FRAUDING, They want u to believe that the social distancing Fairy waved it's wand Image
2/ ‘MASSIVE DROP’ IN FLU CASES by "Miracle" in #Australia #AU as the entire country held hostage in Tyrannical Dictatorship the likes of Hitler's Nazi Iron Curtain.
-There have been ZERO DEATHS associated with influenza across Australia so far this winter! WTF!!!!
-Positive cases nearly non-existent! an 84-99% per cent drop in #Australia!
-They are just claiming Flu is #COVID19 obviously just like in #America! CRIMINAL FRAUD FEDERAL CRIMES!
-Dr Chant said if you have respiratory symptoms, “it is most likely that you have COVID, not flu"
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Returning to #Vietnam after 4 months doing COVID stuff in UK is good chance to reflect on what the @*#! just happened back there.

10 peak moments of #weird from an unforgettable time.
Weird 1: UK exceptionalism
The (disastrous) UK response to #COVID19 is well-documented.
Peak weird 12th March: UK gov announces end to community case finding, NO social distancing, but sticks Vietnam (3 cases, 0 deaths) on a naughty list of 15 countries🤔
Weird 2: Return to UK 23rd March
Flight SGN➡️HKG (mainly Asian) 100% in masks
Flight HKG➡️LHR (mainly British) <10% in masks
Arrive to cold flat on first day of UK lockdown.
Supermarket's been hit by plague of locusts.
We have each other.
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1) At a US Trade Representative hearing on negotiating priorities for a US-UK trade agreement, the largest US drug industry group expressed strong criticisms of the UK’s pharmaceutical price negotiation system. #NHS #NHSPrivatisation #nhsnotforsale…
2) It claimed that “the UK operates a health technology assessment system that significantly undervalues innovative medicines” and argued that US-UK trade agreement negotiations “provide an important opportunity” #NHS #NHSPrivatisation Image
3) to ensure that government reimbursement systems provide “full market access for US products, which includes the setting of reimbursement amount on competitive market-derived pricing,or an equivalent process.” #NHS #NHSPrivatisation Image
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Just connected to court for the #CovidSEND judicial review case [It's very echoey, legal teams are in court, a number of people attending remotely through Skype]

Background thread here

I believe those in court are listed in attachment.
@polly_sweeney of @scottmoncrief, @SteveBroach of @39publiclaw and @AliceLIrving for claimants Amber and @1985Deanne Shaw and anonymous claimant ABC thru XYZ

@sarahhannett and Nathan Roberts of @matrixchambers and Mark Davies of @6PumpCourt for defendant SOS for @educationgovuk
As far as possible I will tweet word for word what is said, if not possible due to speed I'll paraphrase. I'll offer no analytical commentary, I'm simply trying to facilitate #OpenJustice thru live tweeting to a wider audience #CovidSEND
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@sloumarsh @denis_campbell @guardian @Robert_Booth

Following @KingsCritCare closure due to fire safety concerns

wider UK Healthcare fire cases THREAD
failures by @NHSuk @DHSCgovuk to assure safety following five london hospital fires & post #grenfell…
Major life loss events to fire in health care premisses are rare but not unknown.

However during 2008/2009 the sector was rocked by the five London hospital fires + one more during this pan-london post incidence report…
In 2010 health sector was hit with austerity cuts from which NHS has never truly recovered

Estates & safety budgets were decimated.

Compounding issues faced by under resourced fire safety managers.

However, what happend in new Hospitals accross the country was criminal
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How can this go unchallenged ?
if after reading go storm the houses of parliament and sack on the spot the entire Gov't
I don't know what it will ☹

£252m of public money given to #AYANDA CAPITAL, registered in Mauritius for tax dodging, to supply #PPE that never appeared.
£186m of public money given to #UNISERVE LTD of Essex, the UK’s largest privately owned logistics and global trade management company, to supply #PPE that never appeared.
£116m of public money given to P14 #MEDICAL LTD of Liverpool, which had liabilities exceeding assets by £485,000 in December 2019
with just £145 in cash and at the bank, for #PPE that never appeared.
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#COVID19 pandemic & admission rates for & management of acute coronary syndromes in #England @TheLancet #heartattack #Covid19UK…
By the end of March, 2020, the average weekly number of acute coronary syndrome admissions fell by 40% compared with the average weekly number observed during 2019.
Measured against this baseline, from January, 2020, until the end of May, 2020, there had been around 8000 fewer admissions for acute coronary syndromes than would be expected.
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#7MemesFor7Days of political immaturity, incompetence & idiocy —or evil by design?

(Stories tended to break late in the day this week, so I've gone for themes instead of days.)

1. Tory hypocrisy vis-à-vis #NHS laid bare by *clap on Sunday, clamp on Monday*

2. Johnson made his mismanagement of C19 in #CareHomes worse by BLAMING them for the high death toll —a mistake he's tried to row back from, but refuses to do the one thing that might help: apologise, even tho' Starmer gave him 3 opportunities to do so at #PMQs.

3. The Times announced Cummings will cut the UK's armed forces. One Tory backbencher (#TobiasEllwood)found his backbone & questioned *Why Dom?* Another(#MarkFrançois) took it as a cue to threaten a General he'd get Cummings on to him. Silence from DefenseSec...🙄
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Mystery woman knew. What a filthy piece of toerag.

Johnson's parsletongue on #carehome staff was skin crawling

Too cowardly to face his mess, #Johnson now wants to blame others.

The #CareHomeScandal top 5* Government acts of negligence
(of ~ 50 total)
New to this?
You've got bits and pieces:

🔵 20,000 dead
🔵 Maybe they'd be dead anyway
🔵 didn't the Government throw a ring of protection around
🔵 And we defended the #NHS
🔵 it was unprecedented?

Sound right?

UKGov PR has worked.

What actually happened?
Let's just start this year Jan 1, to even do that you need to pretend the existing problems, effects of austerity e.g. reduced base level track and trace capability had no bearing.

They did.

But it helps isolate what Johnson and gang were directly answerable for
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🔴Another anonymous statement from an A&E consultant in #Surrey🔴 We will see many of these pop up in the near future and hopefully after the very real fear of job/career loss, people won’t choose to remain anonymous. For now, please trust these statements are genuine...
"Staff only wear face coverings/ masks & social distance when public facing, as soon as they are out of public view, the masks come off and social distancing is not observed. Indeed jokes are made about the measures, and I have heard staff express amazement that despite warnings
on packets and at point of sales, telling people masks are totally ineffective and dangerous , the public still buy them, because a politician has told them too."

Released 08/07/20.
I am a consultant at a major , regional hospital in Surrey. By major you can take that
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1/n Some reflections on #BAME inequality #covid19 and #NHSBirthday. Today is the 72nd birthday of the #NHS - founded upon a set of principles that we hold dear of universal access to healthcare, free at the point of delivery at a time when the nation was impoverished due to war
2/n A few weeks earlier, the Empire #Windrush arrived in the UK bringing the first of the “windrush generation” to help rebuild Britain, including the new #NHS. Things were not quite as promised for them.… #Covid19 #NHSBirthday #BAME
3/n I had the privilege of meeting around 100 #windrush nurses in #Leeds with the @BHILeeds and heard fantastic stories of their work building the #NHS, their pride in doing so and the struggles they had endured #NHSBirthday #BAME #Covid19
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Have you all read .@michaelgove's Ditchley Lecture?

"The Privilege of Public Service" runs to 139 paragraphs over 69 (double-spaced) pages.

The main topic is civil service *reform* —but it covers so much more & raises interesting QUESTIONS...

MG quotes Antonio Gramsci,"The crisis consists precisely of the fact that the inherited is dying—and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear."

In our case the inherited was assassinated, the loss an uncompensated diminishment...

Brexiters have put NOTHING forward to compensate for stripping 66m of us Brits of our #FreedomOfMovement — a FREEDOM millions in service industries rely on it to do our jobs. Without it, we're less competitive on our own Continent.

Govt isn't even being honest abt it...

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To every MH employee and social worker when you lie and distort the truth, fabricate in records and fail to listen the results can be fatal. If you look the other way you are complicit. To all game players this is no game. It is real. It is difference between life and death.
Hard to believe that at 25 years old these guys will never have a cuddle like this again. Why do I feel so upset. Because she was under MH services, because of the threads I saw on her page, because she had a life to live because of the tags which included PD label harm thread Image
These tell me a lot I think of the person that's been lost. Image
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It’s good that examples of CEOs taking race discrimination seriously beyond just listening to stories into action is happening. I hope that these skills in tackling inequality will be used in tackling discrimination that #LXPs face too >
> As a mixed race, pan, disabled woman, none of the #NHS staff networks provide the support I need because where I face the most intense discrimination & inequality is openly using insight from a mental health condition in my work. It’s not an area any adequately understand /2 >
> Because they don’t understand how this extra layer of discrimination impacts on their #LXP members, because it’s so invisible, we can’t get the support we so desperately need within them. I notice that my #LXP colleagues who aren’t white, are LGBTQ, physically/neurodiverse /3 >
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@MarcusRashford - legend

Child poverty is THE most pressing issue for the NHS

Mr Rashford has had far more impact than I ever could, but here are 25 of my slides for a recent @AlderHey talk on #covid19, #lockdown and #Childpoverty in the UK Image
In adversity the vulnerable lose out most: everyone on Titanic hit the same iceberg, but the poorest people were most likely to drown Image
The public health message in the Black Plague was to flee towns for country residences - the poor cant do this so they stayed behind and got plague. Same in New Orleans - the poor, largely black population couldn't get out of a difficult situation. Image
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