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This is a brilliant article from @MaxPemberton
Much of what he says about how the #NHS has miraculously transformed overnight confirms what many have been saying for years. It’s a salutary lesson & proves anything is possible in a crisis.
"What doctors like me have witnessed over the past days and weeks is nothing short of extraordinary. A major incident was declared and within hours emergency plans had swung into action profoundly changing the way hospitals and services were run" /2
"I have my criticisms of the NHS but its behaviour now is a wonder to behold. Decisions that used to take months or even years because of endless pointless form filling and meetings are now made in less time than it takes to boil a kettle" /3
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In praise of supermarket staff: a thread.

I needed food, don’t have an online shopping account and live in a place where options for getting all the food I need are very limited. As a result I did what I had to; I went to the shop, in this case, Tesco. Wow!
Following govt and employer advice I have been at home all week and haven’t gone further than the front gate, so my personal observations of the wider world have been reduced until this evening.

Well let me tell you, things have changed and there are real superstars out there.
Friday nights in the supermarkets are normally packed, people buying what they need for a weekend of parties, relaxing, whatever.

Not now.
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@PDChina Ignoring the dubious claim above, why is it doctors in the UK are still treating patients unprotected TWO MONTHS after the epidemic ripped through Wuhan and China?

Why does the UK government and #NHS ignore the precautions taken by Chinese doctors?…
What good does the handclap do? It’s sad to see the same praise for “fighting spirit” thrown at ill-equipped doctors on the front line the same way it was for the Wuhan doctors as if that compensates for the UK government’s wilful ignorance of the destruction worldwide
The argument people were unaware of this doesn’t hold when the same UK newspapers covered the horrors in Wuhan TWO MONTHS AGO…
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Campus is quiet but Leeds has been busy! Here's what our community is doing for #COVID19

🔬Key lab equipment sent to @NHSuk
🧫Pathology and microbiology labs made available
🏥Accommodation and parking provided for #NHS staff
⚙️Hardware provided for production of ventilator parts The Parkinson Building
🦸200+ clinical academic staff joint-funded with #NHS supporting on front-lines, creating capacity for local services
🧑‍⚕️100+ skilled technical staff volunteering with #COVID19 testing
🧑‍🔬Lab scientists from @ScienceLeeds and @LeedsMedHealth helping the testing process nationwide
🥽Masks, eyeware and protective supplies donated
Staff with healthcare qualifications volunteering to return to the NHS
🩺Equipment from @LeedsMedHealth providing additional capacity to @LeedsHospitals
🦷@LeedsDentistry remains open for emergencies, to relieve pressure on NHS
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#ClapForCarers #ThankYouNHS

With such immense gratitude for the people putting themselves on the line for us all every single day. For everyone at #stmaryshospital in #paddington, and all our #NHS and all #carers across the country. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Never even knew so many people lived on my street. People out in force clapping, whistling and shouting “NHS NHS”. I can even hear people banging pots. #solidarity #ClapForCarers #ThankYouNHS #londonlockdown
Medic family and friends responded very emotionally to all the cheering and support. We mustn’t forget them in the days ahead. #ThankYouNHS
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1/3. On 13 March, @Channel4News reported on a new rapid #coronavirus testing kit - made in the UK - that diagnoses #coronavirus in 10 minutes!

They aren't available in the UK yet.

#NHS staff can't get tested.

But this report shows test kits being sent to Bahrain. #covidー19
2/3. It seems utterly bizarre that boxes of rapid #Covid19 test kits are being exported around the world, whilst frontline #NHS staff have to risk their health without PPE or tests.

It would be great if @cathynewman & #C4News could ask @MattHancock what the logic is behind this.
3/3. Watching this the govt's U-turn is very stark.

"As the WHO urges countries to step up testing for #coronavirus, the UK appears to be adopting a different approach. Ystdy (12/3) it said it would only test people in hospital." #Covid19 #Corona #Covid
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@ChrisCEOHopson 1) Thread⬇️

Thanks Chris for doing this.
In terms of the @WHO evidence base to support all countries.-

National Leaders need #Solidarity with a global approach as per the advice from @DrTedros who now @didoharding has support from the head of @FIFAcom…
@ChrisCEOHopson @WHO @DrTedros @didoharding @FIFAcom 2) National Leaders such as @didoharding and @CNOEngland and others will only #KickoutCoronaVirus with the help of all inc @FIFAcom by

Test test test.
Aggressive contact tracing.
Quarantining of contacts.
& the “Pillars” of the @WHO approach.
@ChrisCEOHopson @WHO @DrTedros @didoharding @FIFAcom @CNOEngland 3) The @WHO approach is an evidence based approach & as a global family, we must all learn & share as countries together, not alone.

Testing needs to happen everywhere. Not just for #NHS staff.

Isolation should follow @DrTedros guidance.

#COVID19 #OurNHSPeople
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#Covid19UK #Ventilators

Extremely concerned with slow action / inaction following letter to SoS Health

Ventilators should have been top priority for last 2wks: it’s been a known problem since 2016

Our letter
German govt
Newsnight film👇
#Covid19UK #VentilatorShortage

This shortage is neither news nor was it unavoidable

“Despite the severe failings exposed by 2016 pandemic planning Exercise Cygnus, the govt’s planning for a future pandemic did not change”

Shocked they did nothing…

I’m urging all existing specialist producers to accelerate production

German govt ordered 16000 from two domestic producers

Britain worse equipped and slower to start; asks any manufacturer to instantly retool “easier said than done”…
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UK & US 2.5-2.8 hospital beds per 1000, Germany 8, South Korea 12. Will this matter? We look at differences for general & critical care hospital beds in England and Wales #COVIDー19 #CovidUK @MarkDVerhagen David Brazel @drjenndowd @ikashnitsky
Estimating hospitalization rates of #COVIDー19 & taking #demographics into account, we estimate coming high pressures in certain regions such as #powys (#Wales) and #IsleofWight (England) #CovidUK See our new paper:
Using recently published infection rates and demographic age-structure we estimated ‘hospital deserts’ where #COVIDー19 pressures will likely overwhelm the #NHSCovidHeroes #powys, #Northumberland, Rutland, #IsleofWight & #Suffolk
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NEW: Have spent the morning talking to several doctors across the country, in London, the North East and the Midlands about how the #NHS it dealing with #COVID19.

What I’ve been told is eye opening. Please give this thread a read:

Multiple doctors told me that me that #COVID19 tests are taking up to 5 days to come back. In that time patients cannot be kept in isolation because of lack of space.

So in that 3-5 day period, if they have Corona virus they are exposed to staff and other patients.

Doctor in North East says they are running low on oxygen cylinders and ran out of FFP3 masks (those are the good ones) on Tuesday for all wards other than intensive care units.

NHS staff on other wards are at risk and wearing flimsy surgical masks, which aren't as good.

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The following is an explanation as to why the #coronavirus #covid-19 epidemic is not just a health emergency. It is an opinion that would (if I had any followers) likely cause a divide but it's a serious cause for concern. (Thread)
The current coronavirus pandemic is being politicised not only badly, but to the extent it is damaging the entire lives of the next generation.
Young children have lost not only their learning but their social interaction which could potentially damage them irreparably growing up
Those students due to sit their GCSEs and A-Levels have been told they now won't be and to grade them the government will "come up with something".
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For years, successive governments have been sacking NHS admin staff and loading the paperwork onto frontline workers, fragmenting the service and opening it to pointless competition. Demoralised, undervalued, treated like rubbish, people have been leaving in droves. Now ...
I wrote this last year, about how the government was making the lives of NHS workers almost impossible, through marketisation and semi-privatisation. If people return to work in the service, it'll be despite @MattHancock, not because of him.…
I hope that at least one good thing will emerge from this disaster: the end of attempts by successive governments to break up, disparage and slowly privatise our treasured #NHS.
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What was all this about yesterday?
A thread about doctors and family, in a time of #corona. /1
My wife is also a doctor. She is the most amazing woman in the world. A better doctor than me, cleverer, wiser, stronger, a better human. We have two kids. We have been terrified of coronavirus for some time. /2
My dad is over 80. A very close family member, guardian to our children in our will, is immunosuppressed. All about us are vulnerable loved ones. It felt like we were all in the dark, wandering on the train tracks, and no one could see the train coming. /3
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Apologies to anyone who thought I was denigrating the Republic of Ireland’s HSE. That was never my intention the point I was making is that different countries have different health systems, different demographics & different current circumstances regarding #coronavirus
This is why internationally the approaches of scientific & medical experts differ. I understand the service in Ireland is not totally free at the point of delivery as it is under our NHS & I was under a lot of pressure to answer as many questions on todays programme as possible.
The bottom line is we all have to pull together on this terrible infection & its consequences. Anger, bitterness & division will not help. Please accept my sincere apologies for the unintentional inaccuracies.
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Across the country GPs are working flat out behind the scenes to prepare as best they can for #COVID19. On Monday morning we start a new way of working.

Here's my pick of the most helpful support resources so far.....

@NHSEngland @rcgp @BMA_GP @NikkiKF @PHE_uk

Thread 1/8
Great visual guide to how to approach #COVID19 Covid 19 in primary care @bmj_latest
Doctors of the World @DOTW_UK have translated #NHS updated guidelines on how to stay safe from #COVID19 in multiple languages.…
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The UK HealthSec - paid £141k+expenses from taxpayers' £ - has chosen to put his #Coronavirus update behind a paywall.

For those of you who don't have a Telegraph subscription, here are the main points.

(Frankly, @MattHancock you should be ashamed of yourself.)

"The coronavirus outbreak is the biggest public health emergency in a generation.

It calls for dramatic action, at home and abroad, of the kind not normally seen in peacetime."

Then goes on to express sadness at 21 deaths. All victims had underlying health conditions.

Hancock claims we have a plan "based on the expertise of world-leading scientists" and that #HerdImmunity is not a part of it.

"The over-riding objective is to protect life."

[Note: Telegraph earlier reported #coronavirusuk could be a way to *cull* the elderly...🙄)

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Our letter @thetimes requesting government share scientific evidence behind #COVID19 #publichealth response to retain scientific/healthcare community, and public’s understanding, cooperation and trust @richardhorton1 @Dr2NisreenAlwan @devisridhar @PWGTennant @drannewilson 1/4
“It is imperative to #delay and ‘flatten’ the epidemic curve to ensure the #NHS can cope. This is particularly essential for the UK which according to OECD data, has 2.5 hospital beds per 1000 population- behind Italy (3.2), France (6.0) and the USA (2.8) #FlattenTheCurve 2/4
“There is also no clear indication that the UK’s response is being informed by the experiences of other countries in containing the spread of Covid-19” #Response #GlobalPandemic #COVID19 #lessonslearned 3/4
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So the Immigration Health Surcharge #IHS is going up again, from £400 to £620. It doubled in cost only a little over a year ago. So what is this charge, what is it for and why has it become so damn expensive?
The health surcharge is payable for most applications where a non-EU national (for now!) is seeking leave to remain in the UK for more than 6 months. They are asked to pay a fee to the #NHS to ensure they are covered for medical care whilst in the UK.
These fees are paid in addition to Home Office application fees which have skyrocketed over the past decade. They're also paid for the duration of the leave being applied for. So currently if you're a spouse extending your leave that's £1,033 to the Home Office and £1,000 NHS.
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#NHS is effectively withdrawing medical care from patients with symptoms present in #ukcornonavirus, by disallowing appointments (even by phone) but also refusing testing which would clear those patients as safe.

Here follows notes I made, from my call to NHS111 on Saturday.

Mother: "So we haven't got to get [my child] tested because [he/she] definately doesn't have coronavirus, is that what you are saying?"

NHS111: "We are as near sure as we can be [he/she] wouldn't be someone we would consider to be at high risk of coronavirus, no"

Mother: "So what do I do now then?"

NHS111: "Proceed as normal for the symptoms"

Mother: "Ok, good, that's an out of hours GP appointment then, can you sort that out?"

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MAR 8 #CoronaVirusUpdates will begin using #CV19MD THREAD 1: New #UptotheMinute MAP SITE link below US AT 463 cases as of 8:07 AM #GrandPrincess to Dock MON at #PortOfOakland. W Oassengers still Quarantined
#SantaClara #CA cases were from #India.
MAR 8 #COVID19 MD THREAD 2: This is US (Can) RealTime site last update 8:07 shows 463 TOTAL WaPo MAPPING w LIST of 34 states w cases NOTE Does Not Show 66 #DiamondPrincess (Japan) cases.
MAR 8 #COVID19 MD THREAD 3: THIS is current ARCGIS MAP .. #Italy nears 6.000 and #France #Germany 1,000. #Spain 600 #UK #Switz #Neth near 300 #Sweden 200, #Canada 60 #Lebanon 28, #Russia 15 #Mexico 15 .. eg still spreading
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Thread 1/8
A great public service to have a doctor on Monday's @JeremyVineOn5. 👍

🤔 Or was it?
JV introduces "a great doctor"...

In what galaxy is Mr Bull a 'great doctor'?
Maybe he was 25 years ago- the last time he worked in the #NHS.
Since he gave up (& after we'd paid the entirety of his 6+ yrs medical training), he's been a model, a 'TV doctor' & a property speculator. 💰
I know a couple who qualified around the same time as Mr Bull.
They've run an extremely busy 14,000 patient surgery for decades, incorporating GP trainees on site & at Uni on their 'days off'.

Who's been the best value to the taxpayer & #NHS for their £100K+ training?
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A Thread on having to give up using #Libre sensors. I have been Type 1 Diabetic since I was 14, nearly 30 years ago. My control has been the best it has ever been since I started to use #Libre sensors but the #NHS in my area don't allow me to get them on prescription so I have to
pay nearly £50 a sensor. This is not a cost me or my family can afford so I will not be able to continue using the best individual tool I have ever used for managing my #diabetes This is a real shame as maintaining great control with the sensors would prevent, or certainly delay,
complications such as retinopathy & neuropathy and would save the #NHS a lot of money in the long run. As much as I have tried over nearly 30 years I have never been able to get my long term Hba1c levels down to where they should be...that is until I started using #Libre sensors.
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I often question why I am expressing opinions on social media .? I am not a politician, just an ordinary everyday person ..But, I can put my hand up for my Children & Grandchildren to say .I did my upmost to challenge, change & make this world better for you .
I resolutely refuse to be complicit to #Tory Gov Economic Murder of vulnerable people, I tried hard to keep our magnificent #NHS for your future care & safety.
It is A Labour of Love & My Duty as a Mother Grand Parent & concerned Citizen of the #UK #Britain
I know I am not alone worrying about the sheer lack of real & decent #governance. The toxic level of #greed & #Corruption & Lack of Accountability ...& worst of all the disgrace of the #Tories #Media & #Press Blaming All their woes & shortcomings on Immigrants & Refugee's
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1) speaking on bbc radio5live re #CoronaOutbreak & govt suggesttion that medical staff to be asked to come out of #retirement to help with possible pandemic. Discuss effects on #50swomen & over 60 yr old high mortality risk from virus #NHS #backto60
2) interview on BBC news today re #CoronaOutbreak and reaction to govt suggestion medical staff come out of retirement to help with virus. Effects on #50swomen & morbidity risk to 60+ who acquire #Coronavid19
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