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England #NHS region vac. chart based on today's (23-Jul) report.

1st doses have increased by 39K since yesterday to 39.0M.

2nd doses are up by 156K to 30.8M.

Approx. 69.5% of the 18+ population has now received both doses.
Separate full versions of the regional dose charts.
Chart plotting rates per 1M population to allow relative comparison.
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England #NHS region vac. chart based on today's (22-Jul) report.

1st doses have increased by 39K since yesterday to 39.0M.

2nd doses are up by 146K to 30.6M.

Approx. 69.1% of the 18+ population has now received both doses.
Separate full versions of the regional dose charts.
Chart plotting rates per 1M population to allow relative comparison.
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Just ten men, almost all Brextremists, have made a fifth of all major political donations from individuals in the UK in the past 20 years, giving £106 MILLION to political parties & campaigns.

All have given money to the Conservative Party at some point.…
Almost all the top ten donors are Brexiteers and have donated £27m between them to Eurosceptic causes.

Of this, nearly half comes from Christopher Harborne, linked to many offshore companies, a businessman who has donated £13million to Nigel Farage’s Reform Party since 2019.
Billionaire Peter Hargreaves gave £3.2m to the Brexit campaign group Leave. EU.

In February, following Sunak's hint about corporation tax rises, he said: "The best Governments get out of the way of business. Government spending is inefficient & abused by unworthy recipients." ImageImage
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England #NHS region vac. chart based on today's (21-Jul) report.

1st doses have increased by 34K since yesterday to 38.9M.

2nd doses are up by 126K to 30.5M.

Approx. 68.8% of the 18+ population has now received both doses. Image
Separate full versions of the regional dose charts. ImageImage
Chart plotting rates per 1M population to allow relative comparison. Image
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🧵 THREAD on @TheBMA report on medical staffing in England which did not get much airtime last week:…

Whilst the numbers are increasing, we just don't have enough doctors, esp GPs. #NHS #medtwitter

Here's the evidence:


We have some the lowest number of doctors per population in Europe. Image

Whilst the number of hospital doctors is rising, the numbers of GPs has not despite record numbers of new trainees.

With more and more work being diverted to primary care without resourcing and funding, can we be surprised? Image
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There seemed to be some confusion about (the use of) words in @CommonsHealth Committee yesterday morning, so here's a [Thread] to try to clarify.

First "#commercial". It is of course the case that many parts of the #NHS use commercial providers, e.g. of software, whether that... @Microsoft365 for word processing, spreadsheets & e-mail; or IT systems to handle patients' records in hospitals (e.g. @CernerUK) & General Practice (e.g. @TPP_SystmOne, @EMISHealth, @CegedimHS); or software to drive complicated equipment like #MRIscanners, etc.

This is...
..entirely normal use of #commercial software & software services, for which the #NHS body is the #DataController. Apart from when that software goes wrong, I don't believe many would have concerns about this.

Then there are #commercial providers of #NHS services, about which...
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BMA supports destruction of #NHS but present as victims or frustrated saviours.
Sophistry masterclass by @TheBMA on 17th July deconstructed
⚠️Hop on bandwagon to avoid conspicuous silence & echo bogus talking points (ditto @UKLabour & @keepnhspublic}…
⚠️BMA endorsed Feb 2021 white paper, remained silent until now.
⚠️Have track record of imposing ignorance & disengaging members.
⚠️Assisted creating US style 'managed care' by railroading GPs into new contract 2019 WITHOUT discussion/VOTE.
#NHSBill progression of agreed change
⚠️Clinical 'leadership' has had no impact on halting or moderating NHS privatisation. Predominantly serving as window dressing for the destruction
⚠️It has enriched & assisted career progression of the complicit.
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1/4. 2013 Background; A restricted report commissioned by Labour back in 2000 has revealed Virgin promoted an increase in the use of private companies. 1 in 6 Labour Peers had financial links to companies involved in private healthcare. #StarmerOut #NHS…
2/4. Revealing a fledgling policy idea that would later become part of Virgin’s expansion into the healthcare market. The document also sheds light on New Labour’s wider programme of marketising the NHS. #StarmerOut
3/4. Following the June 2000 Virgin report, Labour launched the ‘NHS plan’. Several of the key points announced by the Department of Health were taken straight from the Virgin report. To ‘Foster an agreement between the NHS and the private sector for using private facilities’
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As we conclude #KeepingTheReceipts week 10, cronyism once more takes centre stage after days of new revelations uncovering VIP contracts, donors/political allies elevated to key positions and the Tories pushing through plans to accelerate #NHS privatisation.

Let’s dive in:
1. On Monday Sue Gray, a key witness who played a major role in granting Greensill Capital formal access to Whitehall, was blocked from giving evidence to the PACAC by the Cabinet Office and Michael Gove
2. The same day, it emerged that Cameron had taken a salary of more than $1m a year for just 25 days work, more than $40,000 per day
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1/ Sadly I can believe our government is pursuing a #HerdImmunityByInfection “strategy” ….but I am really struggling to accept that their senior medical & scientific advisors & those in @PHE_uk etc are condoning such a brutal & inhumane policy.
2/Assuming govt want #coronavirus to spread rapidly, despite the natural #Firebreak provided by the school holidays, they must be feeling rather satisfied that the numbers of cases are ⬆️ so rapidly.
Presumably they block out the ⬆️in hospitalisations & deaths so they can sleep?
3/ They avoid the issue of #LongCovid wherever possible so are unlikely to notice the iceberg of morbidity as it gets larger.
Even if they do, difficulties in accessing a PCR test because the symptom list is inadequate will ⬇️ the number of ppl who can prove they had #COVID.
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1/ #PrimeMinister & #HealthSecretary,

I just want to clarify how I can keep myself & my family safe from the #COVID19 surge in cases in our area?

I live & work in Newcastle, where cases are now well > 800 per 100,000, a real #COVIDHotSpot!

@BorisJohnson @sajidjavid
2/ How do you suggest advice to “proceed with caution” & “remain vigilant” will stop my #NHS colleagues & I from succumbing to #COVID19 as frontline HCWs regularly exposed to #coronavirus, now that 😷s are OPTIONAL in many places & virtually all restrictions will end in 7/7?
3/ Which exact bit of your roadmap/unlocking is still “following the science”?

The science that quite clearly says the best way to protect both health AND the economy PLUS prevent new #covidvariants arising is to KEEP COMMUNITY TRANSMISSION & CASES LOW?
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1/ #JohnsonAndJavid - a grim tale of ego & ambition driven ideology combined w/ lethal ignorance & #WorldBeating serial incompetence. @MattHancock was just the warm up act.

#Covid19UK is a grotesque & callous population “cull” without care or compassion for those most affected.
2/ #WilfulNegligence no longer adequately describes their modus operandi.

Everything about this phase is DELIBERATE…PLANNED…CALCULATED.
3/ Every life lost to or affected by #COVID19 in this #3rdWave is in the “reasonable collateral damage” group, chosen by the most brutal & self-serving government of my lifetime.

#HerdImmunityByInfection a strategy enabled by complicit medical/scientific advisors & a woeful MSM.
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This may sound like a crazy idea. I’m just beginning to form it really. And it’s not something I say lightly I am an #NHS campaigner and have been a supporter of the NHS always. But the #government is determined to dismantle it and however we worship it
still, most of us know now, even those of us working in it that actually services are largely quite poor now through no fault of the workers at all but because of years of under resourcing and under staffing.
In fact despite this most healthcare workers are actually busting a gut every day to provide the best they can in the circumstances.
I have been thinking that we actually don’t need the elite Eton boys at all. They actually need us.
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1/ And we move to step 2...

1 - Cases (dont matter - only hospitals)
2 - Hospitals (theyre empty - its fake)
3 - Deaths (would have died anyway - nothing unusual)
4 - Excess (oh $ht - too late)

Can anti-lockdown explain how more virsus gets more #NHS?

\ ImageImage
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For six years, privatised Southern Water deliberately poured enormous volumes of untreated sewage into the sea to avoid financial penalties & the cost of upgrading & maintaining infrastructure.

Deregulated free-market #capitalism isn't working.…
The privatised water company discharged between 16 & 21 BILLION litres of raw sewage into some of the most precious & delicate environments in the country.

But hey, at least the inefficient Marxist nanny state wasn't running it, & the shareholders did extremely well out of it!
“These offences show a shocking & wholesale disregard for the environment, for precious & delicate ecosystems & coastlines, for human health, & for fisheries & other legitimate businesses that operate in the coastal waters,” said the judge.

The deregulated free-market in action!
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"I work in a specialist cancer centre.

I have seen patients pulled off chemo regimens half way through or not started at all because of Covid... otherwise curable patients now terminal.

The cancer tsunami coming will make Covid look like a walk in the park...

2/ "I work in a specialist cancer centre.

I have seen patients who have been pulled off chemo regimens half way through or not started on them at all because of Covid.

Unsurprisingly their cancers have progressed and in some cases they are now sadly palliative.
3/ "Lots of late diagnoses are now coming through - patients that would have been curable are now terminal.

Lots of DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) forms in patient notes that would never have even been discussed before this mass hysteria took hold.
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Incredibly important discussion. Govt's failing mass infection strategy is based on libertarian ideology, not a prudent plan. @TheLancet @allthecitizens #JohnsonVariant #LongCovidKids
Hospitals already struggling. Record breaking attendances. Cancer operations being cancelled. ICUs filled with #COVID19 patients.
100 000 cases per day putting #NHS under incredible pressures. Vulnerable patients not being heard. @sajidjavid does not mention them. As if they don't exist. Abhorrent @doctor_oxford @Conservatives - is this the legacy you want to leave the future? #LongCovidKids @chilterns4
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"I volunteered for the Nightingale Hospitals but was never needed...

...but I’ve watched patients become so unwell due to being too frightened to come into hospital or due to treatments being delayed…

🧵 [Thread]
2/ "I've been a nurse for ten years and now work as a specialist in heart failure.

At the start of Covid we had to suspend all outpatient services, a few of my team stayed to perform telephone clinics and man the phones for patients but the rest of us went up to the wards.
3/ "We created a new coronary care unit staffed by specialists so that the current unit could be turned into high dependency to allow it to take more ventilated patients.
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1/While you are distracted by football, today is the the 2nd reading of the #HealthandCareBill which gives huge powers to the Secretary of State to appoint boards of the 42 new Integrated Care Systems, control the services they can provide & who can provide them...
2/..It's the final step in the Tory ten year NHS plan, overseen by United Health's Sir Simon Stevens, to effectively privatise the #NHS . However, this stealth project has been years in the making, as this video from 2018 shows 👇

3/..Sir Simon is retiring with a seat in the House of Lords as his reward. Job done. Chris Whitty & Nadhim Zahawi yesterday gave the game away when they said "the NHS is an emergency service". It isn't yet, of course. However, this is the plan...
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The Govt are happy to gamble with our lives.

Two million people could get #COVID19 this summer, meaning up to 10 million isolating in just six weeks, causing chaos for families, businesses & the economy, & dramatically increasing cases of long-covid.…
Banker Sajid Javid says we face considerable uncertainty as England enters “uncharted territory”, & infection numbers could easily rise above 100,000/day over the summer.

Last week he said there's “no going back” from unlocking, now he's not so sure.…
Sajid Javid is the last person you want making any decisions about public health: he's a banker & a free-market crank - the people who caused the financial crash - he's been brought in to privatise the #NHS.

He should be should in prison, not parliament.

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Billdeheld VanDe Melkweg
The Reason the #UK left the #EU was that just prior to Cameron calling for a referendum the EU had granted itself more powers to audit all financial institutions, which was a threat to the private banks of the Square Mile, the City of London.
Remember the UK had the best of both worlds already, half in, half out, all the benefits but kept the Pound. Yes, the USA was pissed that the TTP crap had been scuppered...... ffs, back on cards now in disguise. But back to Brexit ....
The real history of the world is kept in the ledgers of those private banks, the history books would have to be re written.....The #UK would lose a lot of allies very quickly, as would the #USA.
Arms sales and alliances threatened.
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David Mcginty
Yes, it was a heartless cynical lie carefully designed so that maybe 6-7% of remain voters who cared more about the #NHS would sway the result to leave the #EU. The referendum was awash with dubious money, and a full on PsyOps cyber attack with Russian influence
to sway the voters and get the result the #Tories wanted, so they could keep swerving their taxes to offshore accounts. The #Russians for their part, have managed to destabilise both the #UK and the strongest trading bloc in the world in one go
(recently the man responsible was given a medal by #Putin for "bringing #Britain to its knees") and that is why #Johnson is refusing calls to have an investigation into Russian interference in the referendum and the last election -
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"Poor process meant many clean wards became infectious as patients were moved before test results back…

Track and trace app forbidden in the hospital for fear of whole teams isolating…."

Thread 🧵
2/ "Throughout the pandemic the guidance on PPE changed several times, not for our safety but due to supply and what was available at the time.

Rest rooms and canteen occupancy cut by 75% and it was weeks before they opened up any other places to have lunch (one was the morgue!)
3/ "People went outside to eat and were disciplined for not being distanced enough. I saw other nurses perched on window ledges in the corridor trying to eat.

During the heat of the summer fans were banned and people were fainting and dehydrating due to being wrapped in plastic.
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If the message has not got through, then here it is again. Our govt has abandoned us. It has deliberately smashed social solidarity. Set us one against another. By foregoing its responsibility to protect, it has become an illegitimate, failing regime @Conservatives @sajidjavid
We are on our own. As we were at pandemic start. Stitching together mutual aid & joint action. Organised society & communities can respond:
Corporates - let people work from home, mask up frontline staff & customers. Require social distancing. Set up your own test, track, trace
Civil Society - come together as whole services. Pool your people & resources. Maintain Covid-19 infrastructure (ignore govt advice post July 19)
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