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Une étude du #CDC et de la #FDA confirme que le risque de cardiopathie auto-immune est 13 200% plus élevé chez les personnes vaccinées contre #Covid_19
Les résultats ont montré que le produit #Pfizer BioNTech était le plus associé à un risque plus élevé.…
Les INJECTIONS #Pfizer ont causé 105,9 cas par million de doses après le deuxième vaccin dans la tranche d'âge des 16 à 17 ans pour les hommes.

Dans la tranche d'âge des 12 à 15 ans pour les hommes, 70,7 cas par million de doses ont été enregistrés après le deuxième coup.
Le groupe d'âge masculin de 18 à 24 ans a également connu des taux de myocardite significativement plus élevés pour les produits #Pfizer ( 52,4 par million ) et #Moderna ( 56,3 cas par million ).
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1/ Die @zeitonline berichtet über die Problematik bei der Anerkennung von #Impfschäden.

Befragt wurde hierzu u. a. der Mediziner Bernhard Kleiser von der Landesbehörde Zentrum Bayern Familie und Soziales.

Der Text wirft Fragen auf:…
2/ So fragt @zeitonline:

„Um zu prüfen, ob ein #Impfschaden vorliegt, müssen Sie sich nach dem ‚aktuellen Stand der medizinischen Wissenschaft‘ richten, so will es das Gesetz. Auf welche Datenquellen stützen Sie sich dabei?“

Bernhard Kleiser erwidert, dass man sich bei der … Image
3/ … Prüfung zunächst einmal auf die Sicherheitsberichte des Paul-Ehrlich-Instituts #PEI stütze, teils auch auf Daten der #EMA. Zudem greife man auf große bevölkerungsbasierte Studien zurück und auf neue Veröffentlichungen in der Fachpresse: Image
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1/ Sollten Ärzte, die noch immer #mRNA verimpfen, nicht wissen, welche potentiellen Gefahren daraus resultieren?

Peter #Doshi fordert die Aufnahme folgender unerwünschter Ereignisse in die Produktkennzeichnung:

- Lungenembolie
- Plötzlicher Herztod …

- Neuropathische & autonome
- verringerte Spermienkonzentration
- starke Menstruationsblutungen
- Nachweis von Impfstoff-#mRNA in

Wann erkennen #FDA, #EMA, @PEI_Germany @rki_de und @BMG_Bund ihre immense Verantwortung???
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1/ Man sollte Peter #Doshi einfach IMMER zuhören (in diesem Falle auch @drwasy und @woodymatters):

„The #FDA also failed to warn about the documented risk of sudden death, even though #myocarditis is now a well-recognized side effect, particularly among young men. … Image
2/ To support adding ‚sudden death‘ to product labeling, we pointed to multiple autopsy studies on lethal vaccination-associated #myocarditis. (Since our petition, another such study, with Korean public health officials as co-authors, was published last Friday and found eight …
3/ … cases of sudden cardiac death attributable to #Covid19 vaccination-related #myocarditis.) …

… we asked the #FDA to add seven adverse event types to product labeling: multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C), pulmonary embolism, sudden cardiac death, …
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💊 Older adults make up 56% of the global cancer population, yet they're just 40% of participants in new cancer therapy trials. The underrepresentation of this key demographic in clinical trials is a major concern. #clinicaltrials #healthcare #aging Image
💊Trials biased towards younger patients without comorbidities and multiple prescription drugs yield cleaner datasets but may not provide sufficient evidence on drug safety and efficacy for older populations. 2/3
#ClinicalTrials #aging #healthcare Image
💊 US and UK regulators recognize the problem and have issued guidelines to address it recently. While guidelines and incentives can make a difference, legislation may be necessary to fully tackle the problem in the end. ⚖️ 3/3
#ClinicalTrials #aging #healthcare #FDA Image
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I have no followers so I'm sure this post will be a waste of #TwitterSpace. I have personally been blessed and cursed by the whole medical system most of my life. To start off, my father shot himself when I was 7 due to mental health issues. Back then depression and bipolar 👇🏼
was treated with drugs like Valium. He had a really low moment and boom. “Tell Roger I’m sorry” is what they told me he said. I was introduced to #oxycontin at the ripe age of 15. My first dose was 40mg and I was sick as a dog for hours. That would trigger a lifelong battle 👇🏼
With addiction to #opiods. After my mom abandoned me when I was 16 and after some time in a homeless shelter
then rehab, I began to get my life together at age 22. 23 im married and doing ok and wreck an #ATV (4-wheeler) off a mountain in #NorthCarolina and become #paralyzed👇🏼
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1 🧵Outrage & confusion has the the constant & current state of anyone paying attention-outrage at politicians & policies which have failed so many of us. Despite being a researcher focused on #C19, I again have been shocked at more damning evidence...
2🧵For most people, late 2019 was the last months that held some semblance of normalcy. In December 2019, the first samples of C19 were collected in China, then called a cluster of "pneumonia's."…
3🧵The official #narrative that was forced on the public denied the possibility of a lab leak origin. They vehemently claimed the outbreak was most likely caused by a "spillover event." Today, multiple agencies claim the lab leak is valid.…
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1/ Sehr geehrte „Wissenschaftsjournalistin des Jahres 2021“ @ChristinaBerndt, ich muss noch einmal auf Ihren höchst unprofessionellen Diffamierungs-Thread zu sprechen kommen, in dem Sie der Zeitung @welt absurderweise vorwerfen, dass diese über eine neu in Erscheinung …
2/ … getretene schwere Nebenwirkung der #Covid-#Impfstoffe berichtet (sic!!!).

Ich möchte dabei insbesondere auf einen Tweet etwas näher eingehen.

Sie schreiben: „Mit relativen Risiken zu arbeiten, ist ohnehin schlechte Risikokommunikation. … Man muss absolute Zahlen … Image
3/ … nennen, um wirklich aufzuklären.“

Zunächst einmal ist der Vorwurf an die @welt diesbezüglich haltlos. Hätten Sie sich etwas genauer mit der Berichterstattung der Zeitung beschäftigt, so wäre Ihnen nicht entgangen, dass die Kollegin, die Sie hier so anstandslos zu …
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Ms. Fitts, if you are reading this, I truly adore you. You are the epitome of 'cooler heads will prevail'. I can safely say this was my favorite testimony of the entire National Citizens Inquiry.


Ms. Fitts being sworn in.

Mr. Buckley reading off Ms. Fitts' bonafides.
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1/ Is this possible? Did there already occur two cases of #pericarditis during the #Pfizer #BioNTech vaccine trials, which were both assessed as „not related to the vaccine“ by the investigators?

Case number one could have been Augusto #Roux (36 years old), after the 2nd dose:
2/ Case number two could have been another male participant above 55 years of age, who is mentioned in the following #FDA document (p. 23), 28 days after the 2nd dose:… ImageImage
3/ The story of Augusto #Roux can be read in the following article @welt:

He was officially declared as a #Covid19 patient with psychiatric problems.

Who decided (and why) that the other male participant‘s #pericarditis was not related ……
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1/ Ich habe Fragen,#STIKO.

Als im November 2021 die #STIKO die Impfempfehlung für #Moderna bei unter 30-Jährigen revidierte, gab es laut damaligem Sicherheitsbericht des #PEI bei 12-29-Jährigen eine Melderate für #Myo-/#Perikarditis von ca. 11 pro 100000 #Moderna-#Impfungen. Image
2/ Nachzulesen ist dies im Bericht des #PEI vom 26.10.2021, und im Text der SZ (…). …… Image
3/ Laut eines (damals noch) Preprints von Tracy Hoeg et al. hatte die #FDA am 23.08.2021 einen #Pfizer-#BioNTech Impfreport herausgegeben. In diesem war die Rede von bereits 20 Fällen von #Myokarditis pro 100000 Impfungen bei 16-17-jährigen Jungen, was gleichbedeutend war mit … Image
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DISGUSTING FUC'N @US_FDA is about to ram through extremely painful heart attack tests that may KILL 28 more beagle puppies. This sick 🤬Evil 👿government experiments MUST BE STOPPED.  #SaveThePuppies and end the #FDA unnecessary torture of animals.…
We’re running out of time. As you’re reading this, 28 MORE dogs are in peril.

And if we don’t act by April 30, over two dozen beagle puppies could suffer and die just because of a pointless government regulation.
Meet Beagle #IDKQ. In order to comply with FDA’s dog testing mandate, NIH white coats burned her eyes with chemicals for a month, then killed her. You paid $550,530 in taxes [PAYOUT #75N95019F00090]. Image
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New report raises questions about safety of using PVC plastic pipes for drinking water.
@PlasticsBeyond @PlasticPollutes @NRDC @AtBennington @HBNKnowBetter
A thread⬇️…
The Biden administration and Congress is providing $15 billion to municipalities that need to replace #toxic lead service lines, yet the #EPA has not offered guidance around what piping materials should be used to prevent homes from swapping one problematic material for another.
@PlasticsBeyond today hosted a news conference around the report with a team of experts. @DrShannaSwan @Mike_Schade @enckj @amandakigerOH
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Dr. Vladimir Zelenko : #Covid_19
Ils sont partis d'un virus naturel et ils en ont fait une chimère qui s'attaque au poumon.
En 1999 le Dr #Barrett a modifié un coronavirus de chauve souris et une protéine de surface, afin qu'il affecte les être humains.
Puis cette recherche est devenue illégale aux 🇺🇸, elle a été ensuite envoyé à #Wuhan par #Fauci où cette recherche s'est poursuivie. Puis ils ont réussi à modifier le virus afin de le rendre bcp + agressif pour les 🫁et causer des caillots.
#Zelenko #Malonne #Yeadon #Montagnier
La protéine #Spyke responsable des caillots sanguins, 1e cause des décès à court terme. La 💉des jeunes qui provoque des #Cardites. Les fausses couches avec + de 80% après la 1e💉. Puis la fertilité causée sur le long terme
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The Fascistic Economics of #Pfizer.
To understand what is happening in the field of health, where our regulators have utterly failed to protect us from the dangers of the "vaccines", one simply needs to look at the field of financial regulation.
Clip is from #ReasonTV:
This thread is based on a @reason TV video about the Netflix video: "Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street by Emmy Award–winning filmmaker Joe Berlinger, which tells the story of the largest Ponzi scheme in history"
This video explains #Pfizer & #BigPharma
As Zach Weissmuller, who narrated the video, has said: "To better understand the Madoff saga, director Joe Berlinger should have consulted the works of the free market economist George Stigler, who won the Nobel Prize in part for his work regulatory capture."
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Big Food corporations like #Kellogg's are lobbying against the #FDA's new "healthy" food labeling guidelines and threatening to sue, claiming that the guidelines infringe on their corporate "free speech" rights. 🧵 The maker of Fruity Pebbles...
Of course, that claim is complete BS. Corporations like Kellogg's are fighting to be able to continue to mislead the public about the healthiness of their ultra-processed, pesticide-laced, GMO junk food-like products coated with GMO sugar, which are anything but healthy.
The proposed FDA rule mandates that foods labeled as healthy must contain a major food group — such as dairy, fruits, or whole grains — and must fit certain limits on saturated fat, sodium, and added sugars.
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When @TruthCuresLyme met with @US_FDA investigators in Oct 2021, it was a hybrid in-person/virtual meeting conducted on their premises and with their virtual meeting platform. Our attorney and a well-known clinician participated virtually.
We were on premises for 3 hours with 2 investigators & an administrative employee. We were told of only one other FDA employee participating virtually. However, something very telling happened prior to the meeting.
The virtual meeting invitation they sent was rescinded and replaced, causing confusion for our remote representatives. The new invitation included only their names. The old one contained the names of about 10 other FDA employees.
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🔥podcast on Pharma billionaire Barry Sherman.…

As @kathleengoldhar @blandrea outline: this wasn't just about a violent death, but the consequences of #Pharma "partnering" with academia.

🧵on why this matters to any who may ever need a prescription drug.
"Barry Sherman is the only person I have ever met with no redeeming features whatsoever":
🎯Dr. Morton Shulman in…
But this was not just a matter of an abrasive personality.
In 1996, I identified problems in the safety of a drug in a clinical trial of *children*, a trial to which Sherman had provided minor funds to obtain patent rights.

He threatened 'all legal remedies' if I published.
I published anyway.

Decades of litigation were to follow.
/3 Image
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Il #vaccino #mRNA #Covid di #Pfizer è stato approvato senza la sperimentazione sulle donne in #gravidanza
Di conseguenza si può affermare che tutte le gestanti che si sono inoculate i #vaccini hanno fatto da cavia…

Questo ovviamente getta un'ombra enorme su #FDA, #EMA e #AIFA che hanno autorizzato un farmaco senza dati di sperimentazione.

Curioso il fatto che la #Pfizer non abbia rilasciato nemmeno i dati sul piccolo gruppo di volontarie (349)

Ma cosa dicevano le virostar nel 2021 senza avere i dati della sperimentazione di questi finti #vaccini #mRNA #COVID19 ?

Iniziamo con #Burioni sulla sua rivista online fa pubblicare un articolo eloquente "Una persona vaccinata, due persone protette"…
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💉Campagne de #vaccination annuelle en collège contre le #papillomavirus (#HPV) annoncée par le Président de la République.
➪ Une mesure majeure pour protéger contre des #cancers mortels. Un petit #Thread tant la mesure est importante. ⤵️ Image
Mais avant tout, de quoi parle-t-on quand on évoque le #papillomavirus ou #HPV ?
Un virus qui provoque des verrues & condylomes mais aussi 30 000 lésions précancéreuses du col de l'utérus /an & 6 000 cancers du col de l'utérus, du vagin, de l'anus, du pénis & bucco-pharyngée.
C'est donc une #virus source de cancers mortels, dont il existe un #vaccin développé depuis les années 1990.
Approuvé par la #FDA et l'@ansm en 2006-2007 sur un vaccin bivalent protégeant contre les types 16 et 18, responsables de 70% des cancers du col de l'utérus.
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The overlooked but crucial role "Elite" Think Tanks play in our lives & on the Global Stage. I've gone deep into this on my Bitchute, but there isn't just the Bilderbergers'. There's: Wellcome Trust, Aspen Institute, Poynter, Sun Valley Conference, Tech Crunch, WestExec Advisors
(..cont) Milken Institute, WEF, Council on Foreign Relations, BMGF, Truman Project, Carneige Trust, Open Society, Alfalfa Club, Bohemian Grove, and more. For now, let's look at the SALT conference.
SALT is headed by Skybridge Capital and is aimed at Venture Capitalists/Investing.
#SALT has a remarkable list of speakers. The list changes a little from year to year. These are top Military, World Leaders, Major Investors, CEO's. AKA Elites. Take a look at recent years starting w/2017. #Joebiden was the featured speaker.. Image
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>>Schwere Mängel bei #Pfizer-#BioNTech-#Impfstudie<</| Elke Bodderas bei "Viertel nach Acht"

"In den entscheidenden Unterlagen zur #Zulassung des #mRNA-#Impfstoffs von #Pfizer-#BioNTech häufen sich die Ungereimtheiten. Ich habe interne Protokolle und Dokumente
ausgewertet, die zeigen, dass am wichtigsten Studienstandort in Buenos Aires die Dinge nicht so liefen wie sie sollten: #Todesfälle wurden unterschlagen, schwere #Nebenwirkungen nicht registriert, gleich mehrfach wurde gegen das Studienprotokoll verstoßen. Ein
#Impfopfer, der 36- jährige Anwalt Augusto Roux, wurde zum #Covid-Fall umgefälscht. Roux leidet bis heute unter schweren #Nebenwirkungen durch den #Impfstoff, doch statt seine #Perikarditis (#Herzbeutelentzündung) zu dokumentieren, hängte der Studienleiter dem 36-Jährigen
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1/ Skandalträchtige Vorkommnisse auch bei der #Pfizer/#BioNTech-Impfstoff-Zulassungsstudie für JUGENDLICHE


Was wusste die #STIKO zum Zeitpunkt ihrer allgemeinen Impfempfehlung für Jugendliche (08/21) über den Fall #maddiedegaray?

Ein Thread 🧵
2/ Die damals 12-jährige Maddie De Garay war in 12/20 und 01/21 eine von 1131 Probanden im Alter v. 12-15 Jahren, denen in der nur 2260 Teilnehmer umfassenden #Covid19-Impfstoff-Zulassungsstudie für Jugendliche das Vakzin v. #Pfizer/#BioNTech (30 Mikrogramm) verabreicht wurde. …
3/ Kurz nach Erhalt der zweiten Dosis am 20.01.21 begann für das junge Mädchen offenbar eine beispiellose Leidensgeschichte, die bis heute andauert. Sehr ausführlich ist diese in folgendem Text des Anwalts @AaronSiriSG beschrieben:…
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#CDC Changed #VinylChloride #Toxicity Info 11 Days Before #Derailment | Feb 20
- After 17 yrs of inactivity, and just a couple weeks before the train derailment in East Palestine #Ohio, the CDC decides to update its #toxicological profile on Vinyl Chloride…
Inside Job? #CDC Changed #Toxicity Info For #VinylChloride 11 Days Before #Derailment | 4d ago
- Recently, #MarineCorps Base Camp #Lejeune in N #Carolina suffered severe #health issues after being in contact with contaminated #water at the base.…
What are the odds that East #Palenstine, #Ohio was one of the 1st cities that partnered with MyID medical bands back in October 2022?
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