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Climate change is real and happening now🔥🌍 Brexit is a total disaster, as widely predicted 🤦🏻‍♂️ Music lover 🎹 Forever European🇪🇺 I listen to experts.

Nov 6, 2021, 9 tweets

Bloody hell. Every word of this. I hope more moderate Conservatives speak out like this, louder, and more often. This government of mini Trumps is on the ropes, and hasn’t the brains to change course or any compass to navigate itself out of its cesspit.🔥

This is where power-crazy nationalist flag shagging populism leads.

Their propaganda rag not even playing the game today. #TorySleaze

I really hope this demolition of how this government is operating mobilises the many many moderate conservatives who were kicked out or disenfranchised back into action. Some fire in bellies needed.

All Tory MPs: “I’d like to not apologise for voting for corruption just because I was told to, even though I knew it was wrong, and it’s quite right the decision was reversed even though it was a vote I supported unapologetically, now let’s unleash some levelling up, I’m normal.”

Paterson is now also leaving behind the cruel world of being highly paid to lobby his friends.…

So this just happened. Looked her up, that’s an instant block I’m afraid. #torybrexitdisaster #BrexitBrokeBritain

Absolutely not a corrupt country in any form, they are entirely here to level up for ordinary working people lol #TorySleaze #TorySewageParty

PM personal approval level has just hit a record low.

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