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There's a beautiful strategic opportunity on the horizon for Labour. #TorySleaze is such an utterly repulsive thing to good people, that it not only pits them against their own party, but against their own campaigning press. The politicised campaigning press, like the DM, Sun, /1
Telegraph, Times, Spectator, have not been able to ignore corruption. Why? Because they lose their audience and their power. Therefore they are themselves in a rare position of real weakness. As the Tory Party sinks, there may be a commercial incentive to abandon them, and /2
flip to Labour "The Sun votes Tony Blair", or whatever. Remember? So then what? Why do any deal with them at all? Should Starmer rock up to the Murdoch Durbar and prostrate himself before the withering emperor? No. Tell him to get lost-- force him to stick with the Tories. /3
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"The big risk for the Conservatives, which they appear blissfully unaware of, is that by attacking the devolution settlement and traducing the promises made to Scotland in 2014 in an effort to secure a No vote,"
"...they are weakening even further an already fatally damaged set of arguments which the Better Together campaign deployed in that year's referendum."
"Following their British nationalist and xenophobic Brexit, the Conservatives have rendered totally implausible the argument that a No vote is a vote against nationalism."
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WOW. A letter which makes no change at all, and leaves fudged the issue of outside interests taking priority. Utterly weasely.
Can we just rewind a little? Especially if you happen to be the BBC's political editor. Cash for questions and the corruption of Owen Paterson *was always against the rules*, and Johnson therefore voted to scrap the rules.
Johnson recommendation #1 leaves open a reasonable amount of second jobbing. Johnson recommendation #2 leaves open the ability to be paid large amounts of money from a second job. Do you seriously think not being a "Parliamentary adviser" to corporate interests cures this?
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Today is #WorldKindnessDay.

While the world of politics involves a lot of debate and disagreement, this doesn’t mean it ought to turn a blind eye to gratuitous attacks and pile-ons.

But try telling that to this government. 1/
People blame social media for the unkindness that dominates our political discourse. But the tone is set at the very top and in this Government, positive examples of kind and responsible - or even civil - political discourse are rare. 2/
Example: Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries has engaged in notorious Twitter mud-slinging, even encouraging a pile-on on @SadiqKhan because he dared to weigh in on hate speech. 3/16…
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Hear me out and legal knowledge welcome …. If you live in social housing paid for by the gov. You move out of that house and rent it out, pocketing the cash……that’s against the law right????

So if your an MP your rented accommodation is paid for by the gov. 1/
You then rent it out and pocket the cash….. is that therefor against the law!!!!! If not why not???? What’s the difference???? 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
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It’s all imploding. This is their own propaganda organ’s front page. Tory MPs will ditch Johnson sooner rather than later, they often eat their own leaders. Abysmal state for the UK to be in as #COP26 gasps for breath
#TorySewageParty #TorySleaze #ToryBritain #ToryBrexitDisaster
Boom 💥
Even the Express has had a spiritual lobotomy. #BrexitHasFailed
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Tweet this clip from @campbellclaret far and wide, all day long.

It is time to put an end to this abysmal charade.
#TorySewageParty #ToryBrexitDisaster #TorySleaze #ToryBritain
There were plenty of warnings when he was Mayor of London. It’s a pity so many people don’t follow the news isn’t it. #ToryBritain
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God this is mortifying. In front of the whole world, when you are trying to exercise diplomatic leverage at a pivotal moment.

Utterly embarrassing. #COP26 #ClimateCrisis #TorySleaze #TorySewageParty
I am always delighted to see how the liberal metropolitan elite has been totally smashed up in favour of ordinary working people in the north of England. 👀 Image
My word. Contrast that embarrassing corruption word salad with this desperate, deeply felt plea from a tearful former President of Ireland, who can actually see through the spin and sees how serious this all is. She is now President of @TheElders.
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Shortly after a Tory MP was first elected in 2005, a business which he owned 72% of was sold for £13million - yet now he's facing bankruptcy proceedings over unpaid taxes that could result in him having to step down?

How do you burn through TEN MILLION?…
I (clearly) don't know how bankruptcy works, & the article doesn't really explain. So you can run up £5k of debt - even though you have enormous wealth, & you just get to keep it? Can someone explain it to me please?
Vibes. ImageImage
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Last week @BorisJohnson charted an Airbus A321 to fly him back to London so he could dine at the Garrick Club with someone from the @Telegraph. This week he can't get back to London for the HoC corruption debate because the train isn't fast enough. He's just taking the p¡ss. 😡
Here's @AngelaRayner detailing this incident last week. I'd like to know who paid for that flight? Was it Johnson, a party donor, the Daily @Telegraph or tax payers? #TorySleaze #JohnsonMustGo #StandardsDebate #ToryCorruption
Can't quite get my head around how so many of you have liked this tweet. Thank you one and all. 😊 I have read that Johnson skipped the #StandardsDebate on legal advice. Also, we need to know who paid for that private charter flight?
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Lucy Allan MP: "The biggest threat to our democracy was the period 2016-2019, when elected representatives were doing their utmost to thwart Brexit & block THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE."

37% of the *electorate* voted Leave.

Excerpt from a 1932 article on Fascism by Benito Mussolini:
Strong emotions distort "the will of the people".

This is why dictators like Hitler & Mussolini - & other politicians, journalists & broadcasters - make strong emotional rather than rational appeals to the electorate: emotion - especially fear - nearly always trumps rationality.
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MPs could be banned from having consultancy jobs like Owen Paterson’s under plans for a clampdown on #sleaze being considered by the Commons standards committee.

It tells voters everything that 28 of the 30 MP's who could be affected are @Conservatives.…
Andrew Mitchell, £182,600 for 34.5 days
Julian Smith, £144,000pa for 62-84 hrs
Chris Grayling, £90,000 for 240 hrs
Alun Cairns, £60,000pa for up to 224 hrs
Ruth Edwards, £60,000pa for 192 hrs
Stephen Hammond, £60,000pa for 50-100 hrs
Steve Brine, £58,392pa for 288 hrs
David Davis, £50,848 for 184 hrs
Sir John Hayes, £50,000pa for 80-90 hrs
Sir Iain Duncan Smith, £45,000pa for 174 hrs
Damian Green, £40,000 pa for 288 hrs
Tim Loughton,£37,000pa for 144 hrs
Daniel Kawczynski, £36,000pa for 360 hrs
Andrew Percy, £36,000pa for 72 hrs
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Eustice keeps repeating complete inaccuracies. Independent Stds Commissioner investigates allegations of MP wrong-doing, Stds Cttee reviews evidence, MP can make representations (as OP did), take further evidence &if nec. send back to Commissioner. That IS an appeals process.
Extraordinary a govt Minister so woefully misleading (a generous interpretation) about a rigorous system of holding MPs to account to standards in public life.
There is an appeals process, OP did give evidence, the character witness statements were considered.
More #Torysleaze
And on my opposite number, it is embarrassing for him to be saying "it's unfortunate that the two things became conflated" [Owen Paterson and appeals process].
He literally conflated them himself. In his own speech on Weds.
And I told him so at the time.
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We need to Sack Rees-Mogg.

The Chairman of the Commons Standards Committee says he should resign.

Jacob Rees-Mogg talked for 45 minutes in favour of a #TorySleaze motion that was opposite to the rule of law to protect Owen Paterson #ToryCorruption

Sack Rees-Mogg

Should Jacob Rees-Mogg be sacked as the Leader of the House of Commons?

Jacob Rees-Mogg is an important piece to take off the chess board as Leader of the House of Commons.

Please do not listen to people who say it will not happen. They do not understand what we are doing or how we do it.

You pay his wages. Withdraw your consent.

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In May, Boris Johnson was under investigation by the standards watchdog over £15,000 Caribbean break.

Now he won't declare cost of the holiday he took in the £25,000/week Goldsmith property, held by an opaque offshore structure based in tax havens.

#TorySleaze #ToryCorruption

2018: breached Ministerial Code by starting a £275K/yr newspaper column three days after quitting as Foreign Secretary.

2018: ordered to apologise for failing to declare £52K of income on time.

2019: 11 months late registering his 20% share in a property in Somerset.
Like so many of his former teachers, friends, colleagues & employers, the Parliament’s Standards Commissioner has accused Boris Johnson of a “lack of respect” for the system adding: "I do not accept that this was an inadvertent breach of the rules."

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Bloody hell. Every word of this. I hope more moderate Conservatives speak out like this, louder, and more often. This government of mini Trumps is on the ropes, and hasn’t the brains to change course or any compass to navigate itself out of its cesspit.🔥
This is where power-crazy nationalist flag shagging populism leads.
Their propaganda rag not even playing the game today. #TorySleaze
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That time Nadine Dorries warned of a "tidal wave" of immigrants coming from Yugoslavia - which hadn't existed for 20 years.
Shortly after she tweeted this.
Dorries: "My faith isn't something that's a big thing. Do I believe in God? Yes. Do I believe that Jesus lived? Yes. Do I pray? Yes. Do I pray often? No. Am I a sinner? Yes. Frequently. Daily. Minutely. So what does that make me?"

A lying hypocrite?…
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Well, well, well...

I've been checking twitter accounts for a long time now, & have only ever seen two accounts with more than 40% fake followers: Jacob Rees-Mogg, & now Laura Kuenssberg.



Of Laura's sample of followers

23% inactive & not tweeted for 120+ days

36% aged 365+ days have very low number of tweets

36% sent an abnormally large volume of tweets each day

50% follow an unusually small number of accounts

64% have a suspiciously small number of followers
As @nickclegg & @Twitter claims to be deeply concerned about the rise of 'fake news', disinformation & misinformation spread on its platform, why on earth doesn't @TwitterSupport monitor & take more action about 'fake followers' & their role in weakening & undermining democracy?
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'State capture' happens when narrow interest groups take control of public policy, buying influence to rewrite the rules. It's well documented that rich individuals & corporations fund the Tory Party & buy access to Ministers.

State capture is different to classic bribery or corruption. An example of classic bribery or corruption is where a property developer pays a bribe to get permission to build on a piece of land – a one-off benefit that breaks the existing rules...
State capture is when the property developer influences a Govt minister to CHANGE THE RULES about what kind of property can be built on what kind of land – the developer then has access to a whole new range of opportunities. Could state capture be what Brexit was about all along?
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Yesterday after #COP26 Boris Johnson jumped into a private jet to have evening meal with

Charles Moore

🔲 Former editor of The Spectator and Telegraph
🔲 Climate Change denier
🔲 Chairman of Policy Exchange 'stink tank'
🔲 Controversial race baiter

🔲 NHS privatisation? 1/x
2/x Here is Charles Moore bigging up the outsource Hinchingbrooke Hospital in 2013

But Hinchingbrooke has big Tory links.

Circle Health is run by Conservative Donors.…
3/x This NHS Privatisation Deal ended 2015 with failure

Who's 'Ali Parsa' and more on Circle Health??

NOTE: "The Circle chief executive who steered through the deal, Ali Parsa, also stepped down at the end of 2012 to devote more time to other projects."…
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Merkel says farewell to France.

This is what grown up diplomacy looks like. And what the EU project means to so many citizens on that vast continent. Whilst we sit outside the tent, drunkenly shouting at foreigners.

Beautiful. 🇪🇺
I find this intensely moving. Bridges not walls. Peace not jingoism and war-making. Cooperation not stand offs.We have made a terrible, terrible mistake. #BrexitBritain
I wish all those who lost their lives in WW2 could have seen this moment.
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