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Feb 10, 7 tweets

🟢🔵 Africa and the EU, together today, for tomorrow.

For us, #GlobalGateway stands for building sustainable and trusted connections that work for people and the planet.

Strengthening health, education and research systems across the world is a priority for us.


#TeamEurope is lead contributor to #COVAX with close to €3.5 billion and is Africa’s biggest #COVID19 vaccines donor.

We are helping accelerate the roll-out of vaccines with supply of auxiliary material like syringes, supply chain management, logistics and service delivery.

We will support African partners in strengthening local pharmaceutical systems and manufacturing capacity.

This means better access to medicines and vaccines for people in the region.

#AfricaEU #GlobalGateway

#TeamEurope supports African countries' efforts to:

🔷 improve access to essential health services,
🔷 strengthen public health capacities, and
🔷 advancing the digitalisation of healthcare provision.

#AfricaEU #GlobalGateway

Investing in education is an investment in the world’s future.

The Global Partnership for Education focuses on the provision of good quality education for all girls and boys in an inclusive, equitable way.

#AfricaEU #GlobalGateway

This #TeamEurope initiative will promote youth exchanges and mobility in Africa and with Europe.

Under its umbrella, it will gather all relevant EU programmes such as #ErasmusPlus and offer a critical mass of scholarships and internships.

#AfricaEU #GlobalGateway

Only together can we tackle today’s most pressing global challenges, including sustainable development, health, gender equality and education systems.

More details in the factsheet. ⬇️
Learn more ➡️!DfYv4w

#GlobalGateway #AfricaEU

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