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Tomorrow, Sweden hosts the second EU – Indo-Pacific forum, gathering ministers and high-level representatives from around 60 countries.
A great display of the EU’s convening power, but what is the agenda and potential outcomes of such a broad format? A 🧵 1/13
#EUIndoPacific Picture: European Union in ...
This forum was instigated by 🇫🇷 during its presidency of the EU Council in Feb 22, in line with France’s efforts (along with others, 🇳🇱🇩🇪) to raise the EU’s profile in a region that is vital to its interests (40% of EU imports) and that faces many common challenges.
The first forum, in Paris, was hailed as a success. But from the onset, there have been debates on the format (mainly regarding 🇺🇸&🇨🇳) and the substance (what are the conducive topics for #EU-#IndoPacific cooperation). 3/13
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Very important speech on #EU #china relations by EC president @vonderleyen just days before her tip to China alongside @EmmanuelMacron - Kezy message:"de-risking, rather than "de-coupling" with #China @AsiaPolicy @AsiaSocietyFR @ESSEC_IRENE @dorianmalovic
On de-risking, she makes 4 proposals : 1/ making #EU economy more competitive 2/ better use #EU tools and trade instruments (ie: ACI, screening of FDI, state subsidies) 3/ New tools are needed to protect EU on sensitive technologies 4/ #European states need to work with partners
Partners include Indo-Pacific states (Australia, NZ, India), G7 and G20 countries) through free trade agreements. #EU will also enhance its effort in infrastructures. "We are offering developing countries a genuine choice" through #globalgateway -
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Die #EU ist kostbar. Sie ist unsere Lebensversicherung. Und es ist an uns, unser freies & friedliches Europa mit Entschlossenheit & Mut zu schützen und für die Zukunft aufzustellen. - AMin @ABaerbock in Stuttgarter Rede zu #Europa 1/6 Außenministerin Baerbock st...
Unser Frieden in 🇪🇺 ist nicht selbstverständlich. Wir stehen der #Ukraine in ihrem Freiheitskampf bei - humanitär, finanziell, mit Waffen. Wir stärken die #NATO, auch mit zwei neuen Mitgliedern 🇫🇮 & 🇸🇪. Und wir investieren in unsere #Sicherheit, wobei… 2/6
…Sicherheit im 21. Jahrhundert mehr ist als nur Panzer & Raketen. Es geht auch um den Schutz unseren #kritischenInfrastruktur und unserer #Demokratie. Diese integrierte Sicherheit schreiben wir in der neuen Nationalen Sicherheitsstrategie fest. @ABaerbock 3/6
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Russia’s aggression against Ukraine is causing challenges that we can only overcome in unity.

With our 2023 work programme, we want to build a Union that stands firm and united.

This year, we will turn our priorities into action by focusing on these initiatives ↓ Berlaymont building, headquarters of the European Commission
🔵 European Green Deal

The EU will further accelerate its energy transition, strengthen sustainable food and transport, and tackle food and textile waste while building healthier ecosystems.

#EUGreenDeal A wind turbine with a text - Made in Europe
🔵 A Europe fit for the digital age

In 2023, we will introduce the Critical Raw Materials Act, support SMEs by further tackling late payments and help businesses in the Single Market.

We will also focus on a Common European mobility data space, among others.

#DigitalEU LUMI is ranked 3rd on the new Top500 list of the world's fas
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First leaders-level #EUASEANSummit is an excellent opportunity to deepen EU-ASEAN cooperation.

I emphasised we are all more linked than ever – in addition to climate crisis, difficulties resulting from COVID, we also face Russia’s war in Ukraine and its global consequences. 1/
Russia’s aggression is not only an European issue or a “regional conflict”.

What is at stake in Ukraine are the fundamental principles of the UN Charter and international law: including territorial integrity and sovereignty – that is, the right to exist as a country. 2/
Situation is clear-cut: there is one aggressor and one victim.

Russia seeks to destroy a sovereign UN Member State. It's testing if conquering a country in 21st century is acceptable.

Our task is to prove him wrong or the whole rules-based international order is in danger. 3/
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Interested in what has been happening in the #AU & #EU partnerships since their Feb Summit 9 months ago? Early this week, they met again. Has this brought new life into the partnership, or has any progress been made? A thread 👇
@ECDPM @ettg_eu
1. On peace and security

EU reiterated €600m commitment to AU and Africa-led peace support operations for 2022-2024. But concerns over the sustainability of the EPF are there. 55% of its budget for 2021-2027 has already been pledged to Ukraine.

2. On a positive note the EU announced its support for the AU Human Rights Compliance Framework as part of the EU-AU-UN tripartite cooperation launched in November.

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Die „Notlösung“ der 🚦 zum chinesischen Einstieg beim #HamburgerHafen ist abenteuerlich. Das #Kanzleramt setzt sich auf voller Linie durch.
#Cosco bekommt auch als Minderheitenaktionär Vetorecht. Zudem gelangt es an zentral wichtige Logistikdaten über den Hafen. Genau darauf zielt #China ab.
Als #EU und #G7 versuchen wir gerade eigene Gegenangebote als Alternative zu Belt-and-Road zu machen. Mit #GlobalGateway und #BuildBackBetter. Mit diesem Hafenprojekt machen wir uns zum Erfüllungsgehilfen Chinas zur Belt-and-Road Initiative
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Introducing 🇪🇺 #YouthActionPlan for external action! Its objectives are clear:

🔸empower youth and give them a real voice

🔸provide them with the tools to shape solutions to global challenges

🔸drive change towards a greener, fairer, and more peaceful planet

How? 🧵👇
✨ENGAGE!✨ Youth, especially women, are not adequately represented in decision-making.

I started politics young, so I know the challenges.

Our Youth and Women in Democracy Initiative notably will support youth-led organisations in pushing for electoral and democratic reforms. Image
✨EMPOWER!✨ Young people need hope – and skills and resources to put #SDGs back on track!

🇪🇺 is stepping up #InvestInEducation globally.

And now we launch the Youth Empowerment Fund. It allows youth to access small-scale funding for their projects promoting #SDGs. Image
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We have brought Europe’s inner strength back to the surface.
With unity, solidarity and determination.

My address #SOTEU…
Dear Olena @ZelenskaUA, it took immense courage to resist Putin’s cruelty.

But you found that courage.

You have given courage to the whole nation.

And you have given hope to all of us

Glory to a country of European heroes. Slava Ukraini!
We will empower 🇺🇦 to make the most of its potential.

Building on the success of the solidarity lanes to ensuring seamless access to the Single Market.

Bringing Ukraine into our 🇪🇺 free roaming area.

I am going to Kyiv today to discuss all this with President @ZelenskyyUa
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Promises made. Promises kept.

The State of the Union address sets out our agenda for Europe.

During #SOTEU 2021, President @vonderleyen outlined many initiatives relevant for Europeans.

What progress have we made on the initiatives since then? A thread 👇
🟢 European Chips Act

Without chips, there’s no digital transition, no green transition.

Our objectives are high: doubling our global market share by 2030 to 20%, and producing the most sophisticated and energy-efficient semiconductors in Europe.
🟢 #GlobalGateway.

It stands for sustainable and trusted connections that work for people and the planet.

We will support smart investments in quality infrastructure, respecting the highest social and environmental standards globally and build partnerships of equals.
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#Mythread on #Ukraine & #Africa from a #GlobalGateway perspective! Good news from @EU_Commission, #Ukraine’s recovery will cost $750 billion. Probably a lot will come from from seized #Russian assets! @vonderleyen said #EU already raised €6.2 billion for #Ukraine #MyPhoto 1/1
More to be done via a new special platform to be co-chaired by #Kyiv and #EuropeanCommission! Good initiative, but it will probably not automatically scale up private finance & create conditions for companies to think long-term! 1/2
Many questions still need to be answered: How will #EU support #Ukraine's neighboring countries affected? What are the #privatesector priority sectors: #digital solutions, #green transition, #water and #sanitation, and in which countries? 1/3
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This short thread from Professor Ann Fitzgerald @afitz3105 sportlights some interesting questions about - and inconsistencies in - the prioritisation of European Foreign Policy objectives wrt Ukraine and Ethiopian peace-making efforts.

A short thread in response.
My starting point for this discussion arrived after returning from an 8 week trip to Ethiopia and reaquainting myself with developments in the Ukraine War. The thread below addresses this.

TL/DR - UN and EU (FR/GER/ITA) now want the Ukraine war to end
Which begs the question, what about the Ethiopian War? The UN is warning that the Ukraine War is creating a global emergency in Food/Energy & Finance. Which is true. But how does this compare with risks associated with the ongoing conflict in Nth Ethiopia?
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The EU and Japan have so much in common.

Our values – democracy and the rule of law.
Our economic model and a certain vision of the world.

We promote a multilateral global system based on rules designed to protect and benefit all.

President @vonderleyen at 🇪🇺🇯🇵 Summit ↓
@vonderleyen In this increasingly unpredictable world, the EU can count on one of its oldest and closest allies.🇯🇵

Also, on further cooperation and alignment on sanctions in response to Russia's aggression against Ukraine.

@vonderleyen Our collaboration with Japan is excellent, but we can achieve much more.

First, we are today launching an EU-Japan Digital Partnership. The first of its kind.

Because leadership in this field is key to our competitiveness and security.
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Good evening & welcome to the Inaugural Session of the 7th edition of the #RaisinaDialogue 2022.

We are LIVE tweeting the session with @vonderleyen, President @EU_Commission, @SunjoyJ, Chairman @orfonline & @samirsaran, President @orfonline.

Follow for updates!
@MEAIndia Image
Watch the session LIVE here:
.@samirsaran: #Global institutions created in the 20th century were no longer able to protect us from the challenges of the 21st century. We need to refocus, reengage, and rewire our world.

#Raisina2022 Image
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New SAMP-T 🚀 talks (@NATO summit) confirms our preliminary @ENC_Europe research findings on 🇫🇷🇹🇷🇮🇹 security & 🇪🇺 cooperation.

Title: Is 🇪🇺🇹🇷 relationship worth saving? Why bilateral relations, defence and energy matter.

Thread 🧵 resume of research below ⬇️👇 [17 points]
First some context, what lay at the root of difficult 🇪🇺🇹🇷🇺🇸 relations (including defence):

•PKK/YPG/PYD threat
•Gulen in 🇺🇸 Pennsylvania
•🇹🇷 trade irritants/non-competitive practices
•Discovery of #Eastmed gas, UNCLOS & #JCPOA 🇮🇷 problems . . .
•🇹🇷 EU membership “diluting 🇪🇺” (🇫🇷)
•🇹🇷 MB sponsoring (🇫🇷)
•🇹🇷 #EastMed provocations & 🇺🇳Libya issue 🇫🇷⛴
•🇹🇷 unilateralism in Syria (🇫🇷)
•International systemic changes (🇺🇸🇨🇳)
•Iraq war and “strategic autonomy”
•S-400s, ☢️Akkayu and Blue&TurkStream ⛽️
•Cyprus 🇨🇾 . . .
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Together with Africa, we are working to improve the world we live in.

#GlobalGateway is a strategy for investment in infrastructure and people.

The first regional plan is a €150 billion investment package for Africa. ➞!hPjn4T

A thread with some initiatives⬇️
🔹Building climate resilience

#TeamEurope initiatives will contribute to supporting disaster risk reduction & climate change adaptation, enhance disaster preparedness for effective response and recovery, rehabilitation & reconstruction.
🔹 Great Green Wall Initiative

This #GlobalGateway initiative spans 18 countries.

It aims to green the Sahel, improve climate resilience and restore dignified and sustainable living conditions, contributing to improving stability and security across the region.

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When it comes to #GlobalGateway investments in infrastructure, our top priority is energy.

#TeamEurope will support Africa by:
🔷 increasing renewable energy capacity,
🔷 better access to reliable energy,
🔷 promoting sustainable energy use.

🟢 Investing in infrastructure.

#TeamEurope will provide funding and support for ongoing projects, electricity interconnections & transmission lines across countries, setting up the Africa Single Electricity Market.

#AfricaEU #GlobalGateway
🟢 Partnerships with countries championing energy transition.

The objective is to decarbonise the energy mix, including by phasing out coal, optimising the share of transitional sources of energy and investing in renewable energies as well as energy efficiency.

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#Mali is not officially on the agenda of today's #EUAUSummit summit in Brussels.

But given the question mark that now hangs over future EU military involvement in the #Sahel, it is sure to come up on the sidelines.
The #EUAUSummit is now underway.

@eucopresident Charles Michel starts the opening ceremony by saying the relationship needs to be rethought.

The context is Africa now has other partner choices than the West: China and Russia. Image
President #Macron is addressing the #EUAUsummit now.

"The summit we're having today comes at an exceptional crossroads in time, where we as Europeans need to decide whether we want to build a unique alliance with you in Africa." Image
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The sixth European Union-African Union summit began today in Brussels.

Our two Unions share the same goal: a common area of stability and prosperity.

At this summit, we will work out practical ways of achieving this.

#GlobalGateway will play a major role. ⬇️ Image
#GlobalGateway will take infrastructure development to the next level in Africa, and 🌍 globally.

#TeamEurope will invest up to €300 billion to boost:
🌐 Digital transformation
♻️ Climate action and sustainable energy
🚈 Transport
🏥 Health
👩💻 Education and research Image
With our values at the centre of the #GlobalGateway, we are putting people and the planet first.

For us, global connectivity needs to be:
🌳 sustainable,
🤝 comprehensive,
🛡️ secure,
🧑🏾‍🤝‍🧑🏻 human-centric
🌍 geographically adapted.

#TeamEurope Image
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Yesterday afternoon there was a Plenary session in the European Parliament on the eve of @AUEUSummit, scheduled for tomorrow and Friday. This tweet contains some edited highlights from High Representative @JosepBorrellF (who leads @eu_eeas).

But this misses a lot.

The full video of Borrell's opening remarks is here >>…

11 minutes, in English. The remarks kick off a debate that included 42 speakers and concluded with some closing remarks from @JosepBorrellF.
The full video of the high representative's Plenary session begins at 15.13pm and can be watched here. The interventions of the 42 MEPs (Members of the European Parliament) from 15:22 are all short, limited to less than 2 minutes by procedure.…
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What is the #GlobalGateway Africa – Europe Investment Package?

It is all about supporting Africa for a strong, inclusive, green and digital recovery and transformation.

#TeamEurope – the EU and EU countries, will support concrete and transformational project in priority areas.
We will invest in projects with concrete objectives for the green transition.

This includes:
🔷 increasing the renewable energy generation capacity by at least an additional 300 GW,
🔷 protecting biodiversity by stabilising 3 million km² of land.

We will work with partner countries to deploy digital networks and infrastructures to:

🔷 tackle the global digital divide, and
🔷 strengthen secure digital connections within the countries and between Europe and the world.

#AfricaEU #GlobalGateway
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A fragment of the EC President Ursula @vonderleyen's Press conference with AU Chairperson Macky Sall announcing 150 Billion EUR in African Investment is here - en Francaise...

A significant announcement - but details of the plan are not immediately available.
"I am pleased to announce that the Africa-Europe plan is the first regional plan under #GlobalGateway , our global investment strategy.

It will mobilize 150 billion euros of investments." - EC President Ursula @vonderleyen.
@vonderleyen To carry out the projects #GlobalGateway , we need everyone; citizens, local authorities, parliaments.

Global Gateway will get everyone involved.

Global Gateway wants to create growth.

And Global Gateway wants to create trust.
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🟢🔵 Africa and the EU, together today, for tomorrow.

For us, #GlobalGateway stands for building sustainable and trusted connections that work for people and the planet.

Strengthening health, education and research systems across the world is a priority for us.

#TeamEurope is lead contributor to #COVAX with close to €3.5 billion and is Africa’s biggest #COVID19 vaccines donor.

We are helping accelerate the roll-out of vaccines with supply of auxiliary material like syringes, supply chain management, logistics and service delivery.
We will support African partners in strengthening local pharmaceutical systems and manufacturing capacity.

This means better access to medicines and vaccines for people in the region.

#AfricaEU #GlobalGateway
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the #GlobalGateway strategy seeks to 'unleash' EUR300 bn for infrastructure investments around the world based on 'values, transparency and sustainability'
values first infrastructure is a new one:

wonder what values embodied by (German) Compact with Africa push for PPPs in health or education that force user-fees and de-facto privatisation of social infrastructure
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