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Feb 18, 2022, 6 tweets

Leave it to me to request something from NRO years ago where they were met with a situation they had never been met with before. 👍

Reach for the stars... and settle for nothing less.


And yes, the request completed with a released (but redacted) document:…

Internally, the NRO also reached out to the CIA because I threw them for a loop with my request.

They also didn't like the fact I declined a release of only unclassified portions.

Internally, one NRO official had no idea if they should be "concerned" about my request, and was seeking advice from a superior on how to handle it.

Seems like #FOIA officers may not sleep well with what I put them through... I do feel bad for that revelation!

Another request seemed to confuse them a bit, as well. Another chimed in about my "frequent" requester status - and my website.

"I'm sure he will post it to his website," they said.

Yep, you better believe it!

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