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Mar 24, 8 tweets

I’ve never used almond flour before, that I can remember 🤔 besides in making raw treats.
I just added some to a #CarrotCake
nuked pancake… err thing😄 🧵

Its not ALL almond flour,
I just didn’t wanna make more instant pancake mix,
and there wasn’t enough😂
#brekky #ClimateDiet

So anyway, its gonna be a lovely day. I have a contract to draw up and another project design to do today. Not sure which to do first. I guess the closer deadline.
#work #workday

It was my turn to buy coffee so I went to a coffee shop and asked the person at the counter which bag people buy most often.
I’ll chug 7-11 & instant coffee without complaint,
but I live w coffee
Last time I bought
they huffed.

So I brought home some sweet, sweet sussex espresso 😂
you gotta hand it to marketing.

Carrot cake turned out good but needed like 2 more minutes to cook the center😁

Heres the… uh… recipe:

Whatever was left of the instant pancake mix. Fuck. I dunno.
Like a cup or two?

An entire grated carrot

A generous handful of raisins soaked in hot water

1/4 cup of almond flour

Oat milk to make batter consistency

Fat scoop of coconut fat


I know I’ve dropped this into the void before, but in case you missed it:

Cheap instant pancake mix
(basic just add liquid)
2.5 c whole wheat flour
3 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda

I also dump cinnamon
til the Gods start cursing. 😂

#baking #veganfood #butts

Disappointed I had no room
for #buttstuff, but I wasn’t
going to compromise there.
Blaming the peperoncinis for my
snark this morning😁

Put down the phone
and get shit done. 🤓

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