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Insights number 🔢on entrepreneur👨‍💼👨‍💼

#Entrepreneurs were asked for their thoughts on COVID-19, the impact of lockdown on their business decisions, and why they set up a business.

A Thread ☘️👇

69% of lockdown entrepreneurs agreed that lockdown gave them the push they needed to start a business of there idea.

@yourstacks @BUSlNESSBARISTA

73% of lockdown entrepreneurs said that lockdown has provided them with the perfect opportunity to focus on what they really want from their career and there business.
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Lets talk about the macroeconomic impact of #COVID19 in the short-medium term. The pandemic continues to have broad based devastating effects, crippling global economic activity. Fiscal & monetary policy is loose, to "ease" the virus' blow. What of a #Vaccine? Will you take It?
The global economic recovery hinges on the flattening both the #COVID19 infection curve and the economic recession curve. Negative output gaps imply activity below potential. The expectation, is for a vaccine to help towards herd immunity, thus flattening the infection curve...
It is expected that if a #Vaccine is made widely available & the uptake significant, economic activity will pick up & supply chains resuscitated. This will help flatten the recession curve. Ergo, all appears to rest on the production of a vaccine. But again, will you take it?
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The DNC asks progressives for "unity" to defeat Donald Trump. Low voter turnout could ensure a second Trump term and GOP control of the Senate.

If Democrats are serious about a Biden "win" and Senate takeover, there's a simple solution . . . .

(thread below)

Two companion Medicare For All bills are pending in the House and Senate, each with a long list of co-sponsors.

Medicare For All (HR1384) easily can pass in the House today.……

At a time when a growing number of working people are losing their employer-provided insurance and suffering under the burden of healthcare debt, passing Medicare For All, with strong vocal support from Joe Biden, would pressure the Senate to act.


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The Disability & Health team met today to remember our dear friend & colleague Allison Milner who we lost one year ago today.

We reflected on what 'Allison would say in #COVID19'

Please join us in sharing your thoughts on #WhatAllisonWouldSay…

She cared about workers so some thoughts from me:

Precarious work is killing us. I've said it for years but #COVID19 proves it, yet again

Work has been harming the precariously employed for years - suicide, chronic disease - now it's harming all of us

Many of the workers doing the heavy lifting are the most precariously, low paid of them all - #agedcare workers, #disability support workers, cleaners, those working in supermarket shelve stackers etc.

Its time we valued what they did with decent pay and conditions
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𝗔𝗿𝗲 𝗬𝗼𝘂 𝗥𝗲𝗮𝗱𝘆 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝗬𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗚𝗶𝗳𝘁? | A few months ago, I wanted to give a gift to an artisan. I'd followed him for years and was impressed by his work ethic and attitude. I believed he should be rewarded. #Thread Image
What I had in mind was funding an investment plan that would guarantee him an annual stipend for years. With that, he could pursue career options that weren't tied to the immediate need for survival.
However, to access the gift, he needed a BVN, bank account and the ability to manage his online investment portal himself.
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To all the new #graduate students starting their #PhD or the ones already in it. It's true that the #journey of a PhD is like #life packed into a few years. You must also understand that it is not your entire life either! Life goes on despite how this journey goes or ends! Thread
I made this #infographic to represent my journey in #gradschool at @UMassChemEng @UMassAmherst. When you're in the thick of things, It will be hard to see the light at the end. Everyone around you will keep telling you that but most of the times it will seem #impossible!
Year 3, 4, and 5, I went through multiple cycles of #depression. I cannot put a finger on anything specific of why that happened. What I realized though, is that every time I came out of that cycle, I found enormous amounts of hidden #energy and #strength.
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1-We have been talking about #Mantras and their place in the #Vedic #Tradition.

Today, let’s dwell on the #Shakti Mantras – quite perhaps the most #esoteric and #Powerful entities in their own right. (1/19)

2-A word of caution here.

Shakti Mantras are like an Atomic Bomb

They are extremely powerful

..and should be practiced with due consideration, initiation and guidance by your #Guru and under your full #Intuition. (2/19)

@ijyotish @shashankupadhy_

3-Fundamentally, Shakti Mantras are extremely powerful, mono or single syllabled mantras.

In the higher Yogic practices they have a special usage. (3/19)

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#Coronavirus hysteria is prolonged by #TheLeft. Sep2019 #UN #WHO #WorldBank 'Global Preparedness Monitoring Board wrote 'A World At Risk' threat of pandemic diseases (respiratory pathogen) with
potential to kill millions
disrupt economies
destabilise national security
1▪︎ ImageImage
#TheLeft 2019 GPMB Board Members incl.
co-chair WHO, Red Cross
Wellcome Trust UK
Melinda Bill Gates Fnd. US

& oth disease prevention control members: CCP, Russian Fed, Rwanda, The Netherlands, Japan, India, Chile, Norway, Switz
2▪︎ ImageImage
GMPB predictive epidemic rpt modelled on Africa's 2016 Ebola, scaled up > future #pandemic by country
* vulnerability economic loss (GDP % loss)
* economic cost impact:
drop in #Tourism
no longer in #Work
decline in #Revenues
drop in #GDP

pattern '#COVID19'
3▪︎ ImageImage
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 7/16/2020-2…

Successful digital business transformation is a shift in mindset and heartset | ZDNet…

#transformation #mindset
Discussion about "The Ecosystem of Wicked Problems" in the Complexity Explorers (by SFI) public Facebook group moderated by Naveen Srivatsav…

#causal #diagrams
A new strategy to synthesize 2-D inorganic materials used in capacitors, batteries, and composites…

#strategy #batteries #materials
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#My_Twitter_Rule 20/1
Our youth in a rush to create following on digital platforms. It is good start, but do they know what next. Having big following is just tool, unless one knew what to do with it, interest will die down after a while. Please read & learn who we (Muslims) are?
#My_Twitter_Rule 20/2
But read what? How to build #knowledge. #Information & Knowledge are two different things. Use Authentic sources, Introspection, Deliberation & Exchanges brings #Wisdom to the discourse.
Starting point is always #Quran! Read once translation & commentary....
#My_Twitter_Rule 20/3
Quran is a biggest gift of Allah, a guide, a constitution & a Hidaya. THAWAB is not its primary purpose!
Prophet SAW biography. He is a leader, head of state, a commander, peace maker, Mercy to mankind, role model (husband, father neighbor an orphan himself)
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So about COVID & Health Disparities?
What is @emoryhealthcare @GradyHealth doing about this on a Structural Level?
Very Good Question!
It is institutions that we focus on, not just ppl
Let's Begin!
@TheRealDoctorT #ShareTheMicNowMed @arghavan_salles @FutureDocs @EmoryNews
Sometimes there is sooo much going on at once it's hard to keep up.
But let this be the Guide to #DEI at @EmoryUniversity!
Follow me and I'll show you around.
Don't stop at the attractions too long you may get lost,
But Do follow everyone who is linked! 😉
#DEI introducing @EmoryDOMRyse #DOING THE #WORK!
Vision Statement: "To be a destination and model for inclusive caring, training, development, and celebration of a diverse patient population and workforce"
@TypicallySilent #ShareTheMicNowMed
@arghavan_salles @DrHowardLiu
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A really insane scheme by a former Drug Enforcement Administration spokesman here:…
“...repeatedly threatened anyone who questioned his legitimacy with revocation of their security clearance and criminal prosecution if they ‘leaked' or continued to look into the supposedly classified information.”…
Here he is when he was with ICE in 2004.
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Analysis: #NYSE $WORK

Case 315 #Slack Technologies Inc.

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

#WORK 1/4
Chart 1
Strong buying seen off the all time low of 15.10 followed by upside #momentum has seen the blowout of the Oct. 2019 #trendline and cluster top resistances at 33.43 - 34.09 respectively. A 2 week close above #pivot resistance is .....

WORK 2/4
..... required to target first 48.21 then the main objective 53.46. Support is now seen into the broken cluster area and broken trendline #resistance now turned #support and below that the #Fib. 0.50 at 28.55.

WORK 3/4
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BUSINESS EXCELARATOR PROGRAM is a unique program for entrepreneurs to provide practical strategies to identify growth opportunities & overcome current challenges.…

Questions that will be answered in this program:
Question #1: Have you defined department-wise Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) based on specific goals & targets to measure whether your business objectives are achieved?

#performance #business #program #covidsolution #covid19 #msme #AtmaNirbharBharat #lockdown
Question #2: Do you get the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of your company as a Business Summary Dashboard on a daily basis to monitor & measure the progress of your company?

#business #program #covidsolution #covid19 #msme #AtmaNirbharBharat #Lockdown5 #startups
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What are the biggest cover-your-ass, #CYA moves at #work? --- >
Cover your ass moves (“CYA”) are everywhere at work. While I firmly believe there are great managers and leaders all over the world, the fact of the matter remains that most people are not actually good at anything managerial —
by some estimates, 82 percent of managers end up being the wrong hire.
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1/ Shopify yesterday announced going permanently remote, for most if not all employees. Twitter has made similar claims. Google, Apple, FB also remote for 2020. I’m still struggling to understand why remote is more efficient in long run. #remote #work #startups #opportunities
2/ I understand that remote could supplement the traditional in-office work. But why should remote be the new default? In what scenarios is remote more efficient? For what job roles has remote proven to be more efficient? What has been the key drivers for trying remote in past?
3/ I can’t imagine remote meetings being more efficient than present in person meetings for collaboration and comm. Whatever was happening digitally or over voice in-office will of course have no impact going remote. But how will remote zoom meetings be more efficient than F2F?
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Because #Hezekiah did "what was #good & #right & #faithful before the #LORD," he #led the #people of #Judah in #spiritual #renewal. His #actions #serve as a #model of #renewal for us: (1)he #remembered #God's #compassion(#2Chron30:9); (2) he kept going #despite #ridicule(30:10)
; (3) he #aggressively #removed EVIL #influences from his #life(30:14; 31:1); (4) he #interfered for the #people, asking for the #Lord's #pardon(30:15-20); (5) he was open 2 #spontaneity in #worship(30:23); (6) he #contributed #generously 2 #God's #work(31:3). If any of these are
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