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Sep 26, 2022, 9 tweets

Xi Jingping is the name that is trending in all the countries from past few days. Here is a thread on the timeline of the events so that you can ultimately judge what is going on.
#XiJingping #XiJinpinghousearrest 1/n

Mass slaughtering of #China's prominent leaders started just before the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

8 prominent faces received severe sentences including death sentence just a day before. @TGTM_Official Read here.
#XiJingping 2/n

Xi’s participation in the SCO meeting ends a 1,000-day period in which he did not leave China due to “zero COVID” policy.
The COVID policy that has resulted in mass unemployment, deaths, suicides, mental health issues and over 450 protests this year.… 3/n

The growing resentment towards #XiJinping within the party and outside was visible on his tensed face during the SCO visit. He even left #Samarkand earlier and went back to China before all other leaders, according to various local media reports. @AntoineBondaz @adrianzenz 4/n

Due to unknown reasons there were mass cancellation of flights in #China.

Many social media influencers pointed out that it due to a possible #COUP in China before the 20th NPC.

Some social media handles said that these cancellation were due to #COVID19 & military reasons!

Further fuel was added by Media houses by pointing out #Xi’s disappearance from the public eye after returning from the #SCO summit and possibility of a #XiJinpinghousearrest.

Prominent Media Houses published articles citing #Xi's absence from the national defense and military reform seminar, which fueled the speculation of a ‘coup’.


Finally many social media influencers posted videos of PLA Military convoy allegedly moving towards #Beijing; which is a common site during Military #Coups. 8/n

The probability of so many coincidences taking place simultaneously is next to zero!!

There may or may not be a #coup in China.

But one this is sure. There is something really very wrong going on and it is for the world to judge it !! n/n

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