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Today, U.S. Secretary of State #Blinken @SecBlinken arrived in #Beijing, #China. Only the U.S. ambassador and Yang Tao, the director of the North America and Oceania Department of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs( a much lower level #CCP official) were……
Not only was there no red carpet, but a red line was also drawn for him on the ground…
Why did I mention waist drum performance? To give you a reference, this was the welcome that the leaders of Central Asian countries received:
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1/ SecState Blinken will soon embark on a trip to #Beijing, where he will meet w/ senior 🇨🇳officials, possibly even Xi Jinping. The visit is unlikely to lead to breakthroughs, but it can help open channels of communication important for reducing risk of miscalculation & building……
2/ This trip (June 16-19) will be #Blinken’s first high-level visit to China since the #Biden Administration entered office and he became SecState. Blinken’s original trip in February was postponed in response to the incursion of a Chinese spy balloon into US sovereign airspace.
3/ Blinken's upcoming visit follows recent instances of heightened US-China tension: May 26, a Chinese J-16 cut in front of a USAF RC-135 in international airspace; June 3, a Chinese Luyang III disrupted an exercise between US destroyer and Canadian frigate in the #TaiwanStrait.
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1. A thread analysis of #Argentina-#China relations through our previous reports, reports from our on-ground reporters, and SM influencers.

Argentina already has a base operated by the #Chinese military in the province of #Neuquén. Image
2. Now plans to add a port for #Beijing in the #RíoGrande, on the continent's southern tip.

The location of Rio Grande is of extreme strategic importance and crucial for the world in general. Image
3. Since 2018, #Chinese fishing vessels have spent 1 million hours fishing between #Argentina’s maritime border and the high seas, yet spent 600,000 hours ‘in the #dark,’ suspected of illegal fishing within #Argentine waters in the South Atlantic.
Report:… Image
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#Beijing, the capital and a northern city of China, and #Shenzhen, in south #China's Guangdong province, are set in a race for the country's most innovative city - yet on very different tracks.…
Only Beijing, Shanghai and the Greater Bay Area are awarded with two titles, becoming genuine "dual centers" of national and international influence. Image
According to statistics on science and technology funding, out of Beijing's 260 billion R&D expenditure, the proportion coming from research institutions and universities is as high as 55%, which is the highest in the country, while the proportion coming from enterprises is 43%. Image
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NEW: US does not planning bigger nuclear arsenal to dter #Russia #China Nat'l Security Adviser @JakeSullivan46 tells #ACA2023

"The United States does not need to increase our nuclear forces to outnumber the combined total of our competitors in order to successfully deter them"
"Nor does the United States need to deploy ever more dangerous nuclear weapons to maintain deterrence" vs #Russia, #China, per @JakeSullivan46

"Effective deterrence means that we have a better approach not a more approach"
"We believe in the current context, we have the number and type of capabilities today that we need' to deter #Russia, #China per @JakeSullivan46

But he adds the US is preparing to ensure deterrence in the future, too
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🚨☢️Our new @SGSJournal article provides the first assessment of the scale of civilian death that may result from US counterforce strikes on China's new nuclear missile silos. – The findings are staggering… @PrincetonSPIA @ivnstepanov #NuclearRisks #China
As reported by @WilliamJBroad and @SangerNYT, China is building hundreds of new nuclear missile silos. Once operational, these silos are likely to be included as targets in existing US nuclear war plans.…
We use publicly available information on US nuclear war planning, the locations of the new Chinese missile silos (thanks to @FAScientists !) combined with detailed meteorological data and population distribution to study the consequences of a US counterforce strike. #China #silos Image
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"#Beijing has declined a US invitation for a meeting in Singapore between Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and his Chinese counterpart Li Shangfu, the Pentagon said on Monday (May 29)."…
"Overnight, the PRC informed the US that they have declined our early May invitation for Secretary Austin to meet with PRC Minister of National Defence Li Shangfu in Singapore this week," Pentagon spokesman Brigadier General Pat Ryder said in a statement.
"The PRC's concerning unwillingness to engage in meaningful military-to-military discussions will not diminish (the Defence Department's) commitment to seeking open lines of communication with the People's Liberation Army," Ryder said.
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"The challenge for Washington and #Beijing is to capitalise on this moment to produce an enduring basis for stable relations. The future of global stability and prosperity depends on it."…
"More high-level interactions are coming. Several US cabinet officials are likely to travel to Beijing, probably culminating in a visit by Xi Jinping to San Francisco for the 31st Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation leaders’ summit.
All this has created a window of opportunity to put the relationship on a more stable trajectory, or at least one less prone to accident, miscalculation or crisis.
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The leaders of the Quad group – Australia, India, Japan and the United States – have delivered a thinly veiled swipe at #Beijing’s behaviour at a summit in Hiroshima.…
US President Joe Biden and his three partners in the group did not mention China by name on Saturday but the superpower was clearly the target of language in a joint statement calling for “peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific maritime domain”.
“We strongly oppose destabilising or unilateral actions that seek to change the status quo by force or coercion,” the statement said.
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“G7 leaders are planning to announce on Saturday measures to respond to Chinese “economic coercion”, as the group of advanced economies seeks to adopt a common approach on #Beijing.”…
UK officials said a “platform” would be unveiled at the G7 summit in Hiroshima that would provide a forum for the identification of economic vulnerabilities and co-ordination of protective measures.
UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will open a summit session on economic security by noting China’s use of trade measures to coerce countries including Australia and Lithuania over political disputes.
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A stand up comedy company in #China has been fined 14.7 million yuan (USD $2.13 million) after a comedian told a joke said to be making fun of the People's Liberation Army at a #Beijing show. The company Xiaoguo Culture says it has terminated its contract with comedian Li Haoshi.
The joke involved dogs chasing a squirrel which he said reminded him of the expression, "Adopt a good style of work; be able to fight and win battles", a phrase #XiJinping has used to praise the work ethic of #China's military.
Stand up comedians in #China really have to be careful what they say. Eg, When performances started after #Covid they were ordered not to make fun of the #Shanghai lockdown. Some have turned to using English but they also must tread lightly...…
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Recently news saying #Beijing is now allowing goods from the NE province of #Jilin can be shipped to another Chinese port via #Haishenwai, or #Vladivostok, without paying import duty has generated some buzz on social media.…
The excitement is mostly due to historical reasons and the prospect that the move may boost Jilin's economy. This thread will explain what the news actually means and its context. /2
The “Cross-border transportation of domestic trade goods” policy refers to shipping goods from one 🇨🇳 location to another via a designated foreign port. It began in '07 to enhance the connectivity of the landlocked NE region, especially the provinces of #Heilongjiang & Jilin. /3
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My latest: Australian journalist Cheng Lei has been detained in #China for more than 1000 days, yet the court has yet to announce the final verdict. Her partner, @FreeChengLei, has a message for #Beijing: this needs to end.…
So far, the court in #China has only ruled on Cheng's case once, in a closed-door trial and the verdict has been postponed for another three months in April.
"She is still receiving her regular 30-minute consular visits. The more pleasing aspect is that these visits are now able to be done in person. This is a really good development.
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In the article "Xi Jinping Says He Is Preparing China for War," Matthew Pottinger & John Pomfret explored their perceived latest escalation from #Beijing regarding #Taiwan. The article, regrettably, contains a few issues that warrant further scrutiny…
@ForeignAffairs Firstly, the article presents previously known facts and statements as new, which inadvertently fuels an exaggerated sense of panic over the Taiwan situation.
This is particularly noteworthy because the article is centered on, in its own words, "something has changed in Beijing" very recently. To ensure a balanced discourse, it is essential to distinguish between past developments and recent events, lest they become conflated.
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My latest: While German Foreign Minister @ABaerbock was in #China last week, #Beijing arrested some Chinese human rights lawyers while putting others under de facto house arrest. I talked to one human rights lawyer and @zsuzsettte about what this means:…
Prominent Chinese human rights lawyer @yuwensheng9 and his wife @xuyan709 were taken away by police last Friday, when they were originally scheduled to meet the EU delegation in #China.
Later, several police reportedly went to Yu's house to read out the arrest notification to his teenage son. Yu and his wife have reportedly been arrested under the charge of "picking quarrels and provoking trouble."
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𝐗𝐢 𝐉𝐢𝐧𝐩𝐢𝐧𝐠'𝐬 𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐞𝐢𝐠𝐧 𝐛𝐚𝐬𝐞𝐝 𝐩𝐨𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐥 & 𝐌𝐨𝐧𝐞𝐲 𝐥𝐚𝐮𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐬𝐲𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐭𝐞:

Exposing #XiJinping's family corruption business & Tagging all who towed #DalaiLama Fake campaign so as to identify paid Wumao members.

A THREAD . . . Image
1. His younger brother Xi Yuanping is a permanent resident of #HongKong with an #Australian PR. He is the president of the International #Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Association. Image
2. The eldest sister, Qi Qiaoqiao (follows her mother’s surname), is a naturalized #Canadian and the chairman of #Beijing Zhongminxin Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Image
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#Brazil’s president Lula will be travelling to #China this week and meeting Xi Jinping on Friday.

Why does Lula’s Brazil matter to China? And what are Chinese experts recommending Beijing do in order to strengthen its ties with Brasilia?


▫️ 7 researchers from the Institute of Latin American Studies, which is part of the prestigious Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS).

▫️ Lead auhtor: Zhou Zhiwei (周志伟) – Director of the Centre for Brazilian Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS). Image

1⃣ Lula’s Brazil is seen as having fundamental political differences with the #UnitedStates.

2⃣ Under Lula, Brazil's diplomatic focus is expected to be reoriented towards the #GlobalSouth and, most importantly, away from the US.
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As I have written in my article, the US-led NATO has no intention to attack #China but trying to intimidate #Beijing. China knows that any Russian defeat means that NATO will turn to it to bully it, and the struggle for subjugation will be fierce because the neutral countries……
It is, therefore, in #Beijing's interest that #Russia is not defeated economically. Chinese President Xi Jinping confirmed this when he met his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Moscow this month.

Thi9s is all what #Russia wants from #China.
China can support Russia economically, but not militarily, to avoid falling under Western sanctions that could damage its economy and disrupt its strong trade ties with the West. Beijing avoids incurring the wrath of the West, which has already imposed 600 sanctions on it.
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🔴The report, titled ‘India-China Border Tensions and US Strategy in the Indo-Pacific’ by the American think-tank, Center for a New American Security @CNASdc states thathe #ModiGovt “would expect intelligence support and winter gear from the US,…
..but it also might.request things like joint exercises, emergency senior-level military and defense consultations, and inclusion in #Quad statements of the need to defend Indian border claims – all to enhance its deterrence vis-à-vis #Beijing.” @thewire_in @htTweets @ndtvindia
The US responded to the 2020 border crisisby extending full diplomatic and material support for #India. The US provided information and intelligence and expedited delivery of equipment, including two MQ-9B surveillance drones and winter gear”. #indiachinaborder #ModiGovt
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On the third day of his unprecedented trip to #China, I talked to @Monocle24 about the implication and impact of former #Taiwan President Ma Ying-Jeou's trip.…
"Ma is trying to show the Taiwanese public that he and his party are the only ones that can bring real peace to the Taiwan Strait and help to de-escalate tension. Whether this message can resonate with the Taiwanese public remains to be seen.
We know suspicion of Chinese aggression against Taiwan remains very high here.
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#China may not deliver weapons to #Russia but is committed to supporting the Russian economy, which is all that Moscow needs to face US-led (40) nations in #Ukraine.
Today, President Xi Jinping began a 3-day state visit to Russia to meet his "old friend" President Vladimir Putin. Image
Xi Jinping said that Beijing's proposal to reach a settlement in #Ukraine neutralises the consequences of the crisis. #China is aware that the #US is not ready to stop a "cheap war" where its soldiers are not involved in the first place, but Ukrainians are fighting for America.
#Beijing and #Moscow work together - and with other strong partners - to shape an irreversible multipolar world. President Putin said in an article published on the eve of his counterpart's visit that "ties between the two countries are now at the highest level in their history."
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"A former #Uyghur propaganda chief who was imprisoned on separatism charges despite being a mouthpiece for #Beijing has died at age 57, according to a prefectural official and an activist who runs a nonprofit human rights advocacy group."…
Ilham Rozi was arrested in 2019 and sentenced to 15 years in prison for inviting prominent Uyghurs to give lectures in early 2010s. He died on March 7, only five days after he was released from jail, said @AbduwelA.
"Ayup, who obtained information about Rozi through various channels, said officers from the Igerchi police station in Aksu city took Rozi out of a prison that operates under the auspices of the Xinjiang Construction and Production Company."
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By @EricCheungwc: "If anything, say experts like Tibusungu ‘e Vayayana, a professor in Indigenous studies at National Taiwan Normal University, #Taiwan society now views Indigenous communities as a bulwark against #Beijing’s territorial ambitions."…
"The idea is relatively simple: What better way to demonstrate to the international community Taiwan’s distinct identity, its separateness to mainland China, than the existence of native populations stretching back thousands of years, they say."
"The idea is relatively simple: What better way to demonstrate to the international community Taiwan’s distinct identity, its separateness to mainland China, than the existence of native populations stretching back thousands of years, they say."
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