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#Nuclear? #Tired? #TippyTop?
It began at Donald #Trump's #Rally in #Atlanta - 6/15/16

He begins speaking at EXACTLY 1:10:00
At 1:55:30 he gets to #Russia

#GreatAwakening #QAnon #WWG1WGA #MAGA #Trump2020 #PatriotsAwakened #CoVFeFe #KAG #KAG2020
#Putin has built up their #military. He's doing #Nuclear.
Our Nuclear is old and #Tired. His is #TippyTop from what I hear.

This is a #Coded #Message to #Patriots in #Intelligence Agencies

#GreatAwakening #QAnon #WWG1WGA #MAGA #Trump2020 #PatriotsAwakened #CoVFeFe #KAG #KAG2020
It also ties in with ONE meaning of the CoVFeFe tweet.
Cobalt Vanadium Iron is the best #magnetic material. When layered with Titanium Nitride Halide it makes highly efficient #Solar Cells

#GreatAwakening #QAnon #WWG1WGA #MAGA #Trump2020 #PatriotsAwakened #CoVFeFe #KAG #KAG2020
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Now in UN noon briefing Inner City Press is banned from for 444th day by @AntonioGuterres & @MelissaFleming, @StephDujarric began by joking about Cape Verde, where Guterres' son Pedro uses his father's name to make money: no response to questions. Thread
@antonioguterres @MelissaFleming @StephDujarric @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @iburundi @simonateba @allimadi @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC Banned Inner City Press asked: immediately provide the "if asked" information about the case of sexual exploitation by a Civilian Contractor in UNMISS / South South cursorily e-announced on Sept 19. No answer: Guterres & Dujarric cover up UN rapes
@antonioguterres @MelissaFleming @StephDujarric @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @iburundi @simonateba @allimadi @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @rebeccarat @karenmcveigh1 Banned Inner City Press asked: Given the SG's claims this week to have been tough on #China, what is his response to those who have accused #HongKong police of torture and other abuses in their handling of more than three months of pro-democracy protests?
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CBOT Dec19 #corn around $3.74/bushel today. Perhaps lower than what some had been thinking back in June but not "low" by any means - it's a 4-year high for the date. December corn hasn't been above $4 after mid-August since 2013.
Looking at 6 years of Nov #soybeans, there are 2 distinct packs, but 2019 is leading the lower one around $8.88/bu today. Last year was the lowest & we are above 2015. But if you look at supplies in late 2015 vs. now/2018, wow. By today's standards, is that beans in the teens? 😉
To elaborate, Sep forecasts, US ending stocks, s/u:
2015: 450 mbu 12% (final 197 5%)
2018: 845 mbu 20% (final ? but ~1 bln bu, 25% ish)
2019: 640 mbu 16%

By the way, back in 2015/16, 450 mbu was less than 7 weeks worth of #China's demand for #soybeans.
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This is a gold mine to #FollowTheMoney to #GreenScam investors, including Al Gore. (And others)

Now we know why Gore’s been pushing the global warming apolcolypse for decades. He’s co-founder of a green investment firm called Generation Investment Management, founded in 2004.
There are others, of course, such as Bezos, Branson, Soros, and #China’s Jack Ma, who have their own green fund.
Let’s start with Al Gore, scare monger extraordinaire.…
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2) Mystery Suitors behind Salon Media $5m revealed as techies.. who's behind techies?? CIA who finds CIA GS..…
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A pro-#China online stalker has posted the names of my family (w/ whom I have little/no contact) online & then accused me of supporting a terrorist group (!?) for defending the #HumanRights/#PoliticalRights of #EastTurkistan’s #Uyghurs & #HingKong’ers.

Very scary.
… I apologize. I misspelled the hashtag “#HongKong” because it’s so late.

This person is obviously trying to elicit someone to attack my family — again, with whom I have essentially no contact — in order to silence me.

Have you no shame, @ChnEmbassy_jp?

Truly scary.
… when I was a kid, my family was targeted by Maoist terrorists (Sendero Luminoso, the Communist Party of #Perú), so for me, the struggle against terrorism (esp. #China’s Maoists’ & #HKPoliceTerrorism) is PERSONAL.

Scary déjà vu that they’re again being targeted, now b/c of me.
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Once again, the UN shows what a farce it is.

The UN blocked Japan and Australia from speaking at their #GreenScam climate summit because they still support coal.

Yet, both #China and India are on the schedule to speak and China’s had a surge of coal plant approvals lately.
August 5: China coal mine approvals surge despite climate pledges.

Not to mention, 2050 is an important date in China’s world domination plan.…
China coal output hit a record high in June…
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It had to happen sooner or later.

It is surprising it didn’t arrive sooner considering the extent of the ignorance & arrogance involved. The bluff of an evil buffoon is being called.

And Trump has no one to blame but himself...

Trump lost against #Venezuela.

He is losing against #Iran. He will lose against #China & #Russia.

And he will lose against #Cuba, #Nicaragua & #Bolivia.

And lose again because of his support of the murderous #Saudis.

Trump is an egotistical thug 100% more interested in his reputation than any lives lost.

For Trump it’s all “worth it” in the infamous words of Madeleine Albright.

No. of lives lost is irrelevant to Trump as long as his ego stays intact.
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GOOD! I actually agree with Schumer on this. Now, who let the in?

Senators Schumer and Tom Cotton asked the FCC to review approvals from the early 2000's that allowed #China state-run telecommunications companies China Telecom and China Unicom to operate in the United States.
In their letter to the FCC, they mentioned China's ability to hijack our telecommunications traffic and re-route it to China.
And well, you can read more about how China redirects internet traffic here:

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Thread: #China’s Slowdown Deepens; Industrial Output Growth Falls to 17-1/2 Year Low…
The slowdown in China’s economy deepened in August, with growth in industrial production at its weakest 17-1/2 years amid spreading pain from a trade war with the United States and softening domestic demand.
Retail sales and investment gauges worsened too, data released on Sept. 16 showed, reinforcing views that China is likely to cut some key interest rates this week for the first time in over three years to prevent a sharper slump in activity.
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There are stubborn misconceptions about what has happened in the global #economy since 2009.

The most important fact, everyone should understand, is that this has been the decade of #China .

This is visible, e.g., in the global non-financial private debt.👇1/
China has also driven global capital investment cycle accounting over 50% of all investments to physical capital in major industrial nations since 2009. 2/
But, China has accomplished this through wasteful investments, which has effectively annihilated it's productivity growth. 3/
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Happy Monday! China data dump in 1hr for retail sales, FAI, IP. Eyes will be on FAI & the real estate. IP is expected to edge up. BOJ, Taiwan & Indonesia central bank this wk right before the Fed decision at 2am Thurs. We expect Bank Indonesia to follow the Fed w/ a 25bps cut 👈🏻.
The call for a 25bps cut (more will come later too) for Indonesia is rather simple: fiscal space is very limited as revenue is slowing & expending sticky. The gov' is committed to a prudent stance & that means no space to fund the 40% of GDP infrastructure ambition. Hence, BI ✂️
Ouch. That is a big miss! Yikes!

IP 4.4%YoY vs 4.8% previously & lower than 5.2% expected. Fixed asset investment also disappointed with 5.5% growth from 5.7% & exps of 5.7% (this is closely watched as it means future growth weaker); retail sales also lower at 8.2%

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“America Fights Back: Our Economic War w #China” with Steve Bannon
This talk will answer all your Qs about the China threat, but also @POTUS and Bannon's populism vs Elites and Globalism.

Bannon really gets it. And he has such faith in the working and middle class. We should support him! @CitizensAR

Around 33:00 is the Q and A.
Do I think Civic Nationalism is Boomer-level naive? Yes. But it's a start. Every White Nationalist should support their efforts. We can negotiate for more when together we extricate our nation-states from Globalism's claws.
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Thread: #China has been 'hijacking the vital internet backbone of western countries' - Chinese government turned to local ISP for intelligence gathering after it signed the Obama-Xi cyber pact in late 2015, researchers say 👍A must read👍…
A Chinese state-owned telecommunications company has been "hijacking the vital internet backbone of western countries," according to an academic paper published this week by researchers from the US Naval War College and Tel Aviv University.
The culprit is China Telecom, the country's third-largest telco and internet service provider (ISP), which has had a presence inside North American networks since the early 2000s when it created its first point-of-presence (PoP).
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Thread: #China Needs Money - Evidence In Desperate FDI Actions, Not Words - China is heading for fiscal and current-account deficits amid an escalating trade war. Its response is to encourage FDI.…
China’s latest welcome to foreigners smells of desperation.
Global funds no longer need quotas to buy Chinese stocks and bonds, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange said in a statement Tuesday. That removes a hurdle to foreign investment that’s been in place for 2 decades
Scrapping the quota is less a confident liberalization by a maturing economy and financial system than an overt admission that the country needs money. China has been edging dangerously close to twin deficits in its fiscal and current accounts.
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Here’s another one that I missed.

Italy had arrested Russian Alexander Korshunov, an exec at United Engine Corp/subsidiary of Roestec, and Maurizio Paolo Bianchi, a former Director at GE Aviation, for stealing GE Aviation trade secrets.…
I just happened to find another person arrested for stealing GE Aviation trade secrets & WOW- he was a Chinese Intelligence officer w/ #China's MSS - the CCP's secretive spy agency!

He was arrested in Beligum & extradited to the US in Oct 2018.…
The DOJ announcement didn't mention GE by name, but this article mentioned it.…
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Oh, look. The co-founder of Reddit (where the pro-Trump forum was quarantined & censored) Alexis Ohanian, is pushing AI and Andrew Yang's universal income.

The same co-founder who took $300 Million from #China for Reddit.
This is "TheDonald" - the forum on Reddit that's been censored.
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#China could cut off vital supply of drugs to #America and even add lethal contaminants if trade war escalates, defense experts warn - "Basically we've outsourced our entire industry to China"…
China dominates the global pharmaceuticals market & could monopolize it
China could 'weaponize' and hold drugs ransom
Not only that but it is feared Beijing could add lethal contaminants to supplies
US hospitals and military hospitals could shutdown within months, experts claim
China could cut off America's drugs supply and hold lives ransom if the trade war escalates, defense experts warn.

Decades ago penicillin, vitamin C, and many other medicines were made in the US. Now they are made in the Far East.
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Thread: #China planning 1,000km tunnel to divert Brahmaputra water from #Tibet to #Xinjiang…
Chinese engineers are testing techniques that could be used to build a 1,000km long tunnel—the world’s longest—to divert water from the Brahmaputra river in Tibet close to Arunachal Pradesh to the parched Xinjiang region, a media report said on Monday.
The move, that is expected to “turn Xinjiang into California", has raised concerns among environmentalists about its likely impact on the Himalayan region, Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post reported.
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Thread: #US Marines ‘remind #China of America’s military edge’ with Asia-Pacific drills - US Marines have conducted airfield- and island-seizure drills in the East and #SouthChinaSea…
US Marines have conducted airfield- and island-seizure drills in the East and South China seas in what observers say is meant to remind Beijing of US military supremacy in the Asia-Pacific.
The 11-day naval drills were conducted near the Philippines and around the Japanese island of Okinawa by Okinawa-based US marine expeditionary units, the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit said.
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Thread: #India Is Changing The Game For #China And #Pakistan In Kashmir - "China should appease rather than confront India"…
The US-China trade war has provided Indian Prime Minister Modi with an opportunity he couldn’t refuse: to change the game in Kashmir for China and Pakistan. Back in August New Delhi terminated Article 370 of the Constitution, asserting its power in the disputed Kashmir region.
This week, India called on China and Pakistan to suspend activities related to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK).
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Thread: #China, #Malaysia to set up #SouthChinaSea dialogue mechanism…
China and Malaysia have agreed to set up a joint dialogue mechanism for the disputed South China Sea, the Chinese government’s top diplomat said on Thursday after meeting Malaysia’s foreign minister.
Recent Chinese naval deployments in the strategic waterway, through which more than $3.4 trillion worth of goods are transported annually, have reignited tension with Vietnam and the Philippines. Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan also have competing claims in the South China Sea.
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#China To Help #Bangladesh Build Submarine Base, Senior Official Says - Last I've heard it was going to be #India that was going to help to set up the sub base......…
Beijing will help Bangladesh construct its first submarine base, but Chinese subs will not use the facility, a leading member of parliamentary committees on foreign policy and defense told BenarNews on Thursday.
The future base will house two Chinese-made submarines purchased by Dhaka from Beijing in 2016, retired Col. Faruk Khan said, adding that Bangladesh was not taking sides in a regional rivalry between India and China.
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How Mainland #China 'Lost its Humanity': Mainland Chinese once had as much compassion as Hongkongers, but decades of repression have produced cynicism, writes Anastasia Lin 👍Good one👍…
My communist education in China was half political indoctrination. Youths were encouraged to demonise “the government’s enemy”, including Western democracies, Christians, Tibetans, Falun Gong practitioners and now Hong Kong protesters.
We feared repercussions if we challenged such rhetoric, and were rewarded for using extreme language and action to marginalise and demonise the targeted minority.
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