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May 6, 2023, 5 tweets

🪂 @getmasafi HUGE #AIRDROP Coming & Selected by #Binance Labs💥

⛏️Mint If you still Not Minted #MASA Green #SBT #NFT🏃‍♂️

👉 We already shared, how to mint here:


♥️Like & Retweet🔁LFG🚀Read thread🧵1/5

🧐First understand What is MasaFi?

Masa is SBT Develover ToolKit & SBT Based Identity Protocol Which is Selected by Binance in Recent MVB Season 6 & Only 1500 out of 12 Projects has been Selected In this Season

In the last MVB Season 5, 600 Out of 27 Project were selected and Binance invested only 7 Out of them and 1 of them was #SpaceID 👀 & we recently saw SpaceID #Airdrop & IDO on Binance Launchpad Where User made a Decent Profit💸

🤔What is MASA Green SBT NFT?😮

Green SBT introduced by MASA, Its a 2FA verification SBT To protect from BOT users, where other project can Integrate as human verification captcha to organize events,Giveaway,Airdrop & Diff Campaigns ETC..

💪Why Its Important To mint?

Green SBT to unlock more perks, benefits and utilities from Masa and Masa Partners soon👀

👉Mint Green SBT NFT:

🤔How we can eligible for Airdrop, We'll share 2nd part of this Thread ASAP you complete 500+ Retweets🔁

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