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Hey anon, got rugged by @arbitrum #Odyssey? 😭

Don't worry Wagame will not let you down! Here is the #ImBroke list Part 2 with the ⛹️‍♂️ Quests you can do while waiting out the #bearmarket and #ArbitrumOdyssey to be continued.
⛹️‍♂️ Quests are achievable also with small 💸

@arbitrum 1/ Reminder: last time we spoke about token-less #Web3 social apps 🗣️ that you can try out without spending a c̵e̵n̵t̵ gwei
@arbitrum 2/ In this week's edition we'll cover the following opportunities for ⛹️‍♂️ Quests:

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So far this month at $OCEAN was incredible! There was overwhelming development,media coverage and activity on V4 #Web3 data marketplace
Datasets | Users | Total $OCEAN locked | TVL is/are already better and greater than in V3
Here's a recap/summary of this glorious month 🧵
a)At @wef's #Davos2022 $OCEAN founder @BrucePon put forward his vision on the future of Ocean,Metaverse and the new #DataEconomy
It was a massive success,many firms were attracted including @cypher_capital and it brought spotlight on $OCEAN Image
b) There was a demo by @EuProGigant & @deltaDAO where they shared the vision of the manufacturing industry's internet of tommorow as a #data exchange platform,audience was there
This initiative is powered by $OCEAN and it is a key part of it Image
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Hey anon, you’re busy with Arbi Odyssey but we really need to talk about Optimism’s Citizenship NFT. We did some digging ⛏️ and have a clear 💡 now on how to get it 👀

Remember: bera markets are temporary but NFTs are forever. We think it’s worth trying to get one. See why 👇🧵 Image

So we listened to this:

🚨TL;DR Alpha🚨
Join Discord servers of projects on Optimism & start contributing (earn a role). Projects will eventually give out Citizens NFTs.

1️⃣ What do we know? 2️⃣ Which projects exactly? 3️⃣ Why should you want one? 👇
First, recap:

Op Governance is split into 2 houses. Token House is governed by $OP holders and was initiated via Airdrop 1. Citizens' House is governed by NFTs but they aren't distributed yet. Houses will keep each other in check and govern some different & overlapping areas Image
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0/ I have written a lot about #rollups & data availability lately. Thought it might be worth putting together a thread of threads with my rollup/DA posts 📚

Your ultimate guide to rollup scaling, data availability, L2 #airdrops & more ✨👇

#L222 🧵 (0/13)
1/ Rollups - An introduction to scaling $ETH on rollups:

2/ Rollups - An overview of the $ETH rollup landscape:

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Alot of persons are panicking and depressional mode with the state of the CRYPTO market right now😑
Here is first episode of a thread to position you for AIRDROP BOUNTIES
1 of 15📜
Airdrop zeezin
It seems we're on the cusp of of a new airdrop season and this could be the best opportunity to capitalize on while we wait for a pull back in the market to turn back.
weeks ago optimism airdroped op the first token for a major L2
But the airdrop criterion are now distinct than in the past,so we are gonna take optimism and hop as case study in this thread. Gone are the days of mindless drops. Airdrop designers got smarter and found ways to identify value adding users while filtering out extractive farmers
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Upon deployment, the metadata became incompatible w/ @StargazeZone. This is why the minted Moon Plebs are not showing in wallets. We are unable to modify the metadata because Moon Plebs are already on main-net. (1/4)
We are rebranding to Plebs of Cosmos and are actively beta-testing on the test-net. We will deploy Plebs of Cosmos in the coming days (expected date 06/07/2022).

We propose the following solutions to make things right with those who have been effected (minted a Moon Pleb):

1. #AirDrop to each address that has already minted. (Minted 1 Moon Pleb = Airdrop 2 Plebs of Cosmos)


2. Reimbursement for minting cost.

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If you’re thinking of running your own #airdrop or community rewards programme and need a go to place for your community to retrieve their rewards, we've got you.

Day 3 of sharing what we've been #OpenSourcing @cheqd_io…
We’ve open sourced the community airdrop rewards site, and like what we shared yesterday, it is built using @Cloudflare Pages and designed it to be highly scalable.

Whys this?

#Airdrop reward sites need to be more resilient to traffic spikes than most websites because, when announced, community members will tend to flock to the site to claim their rewards generating a large spike in traffic, followed by a period of much lower traffic
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1inch but for borrowing.


Thread 🧵 Image
1/ Fuji is a DeFi Borrowing Aggregator. It is searching for the best borrowing rates and what is the most important it is also refinancing your debt position.
2/ Forgot to mention that @FujiFinance is live on #ethereum and #fantom but we will stick to the fantom chain as there is an #airdrop coming. I will explain about it further.
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Hi everyone, today's testnet is about @KYVENetwork, which launched its #Testnet in May and will end in June. The team will #airdrop 2% of the supply to reward eligible participants. We'll see how to be eligible in the testnet presentation, but first :

What is Kyve ?

@KYVENetwork KYVE is a data storage and availability service that aims to create a flexible environment to classify and archive data in a decentralized and incentivized way. KYVE's solution will allow dApps and blockchains to store their data, while being able to access it at any time.

@KYVENetwork Data storage in the cryptocurrency sector is a major issue as it's becoming increasingly heavy over time. Two recent examples of this problem :
- #ETH and EIP4444 :

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🪂 Sunday is the best day to share #alpha 🪂

Today, I have another #airdrop info for ya.

When the market is bleeding, somebody is building a #CurveFinance on the BNB chain.

Here's what you have to know to qualify for the CONFIRMED drop:

⚡ 🧵
(1) @WombatExchange is a DEX for stable coins, currently launched on the BNB chain.

However, they are designed for being #mulitchain.

(wrote about it a couple of weeks ago)
@WombatExchange (2) Here are a couple of facts:

-> they reached $40M in TVL
-> they are supported by Jump Crypto and Wormhole
-> they are accelerated by #binancelabs

And... they are in BETA now 😋
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You have a Keplr wallet and want to understand how to claim your LUNA 2.0?

Here's a step by step thread that explains everything 🧵

Please, RT & share this thread to help other Keplr users get the money they deserve 👇

#Cosmos #IBC #UST #LUNA #airdrop
1. Check if you receive an airdrop

To check, copy & paste your LUNA address here:

You will see that:
👉 30% is FREE
👉 70% is VESTED
2. Go to your Terra station extension and click on "Add a wallet"

👉By doing that, you'll be able to import your Keplr wallet on Terra station
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GM! I have a fresh #airdrop info for ya 👋

Here are 2 protocols with READY products that might do an airdrop (both of them are in #beta and don't have the token yet 👀 )

$OP #viaprotocol #lifi

Here's what you have to know:

🤚 🧵 Image
1. Lifi ( @lifiprotocol ) is an advanced bridge aggregation with DEX-connectivity.

Recently, they launched TransferTo, which is a multichain DEX. Image
@lifiprotocol 1.2

For now, they support 9 bridges, 13 chains and all the DEXs. Image
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1/22 Hey anon, got caught by on-chain detectives 🕵️ @gzeon or @raise_exception sybiling $HOP #airdrop? 😱
We love #airdrops 🪂 but strictly against abuse 🙅‍♂️ .

Check our reasoning why sybil farming is not sustainable and why devs should implement measures against it
@gzeon @raise_exception 2/22 first things first: does it still make sense for #Web3 projects to airdrop instead of just conducting a token sale or #LBP?

Reminder of desired outcomes for having a token:
✅ high degree of decentralization
✅ genuine users taking responsibility
@gzeon @raise_exception 3/22 likely outcomes for 2 different token distribution methods:

1⃣ LBP:
👎concentrated ownership stakes
👎available to non-users

2⃣ Token sale:
👍allocation per person basis
👎mandatory KYC
👎available to non-users
👎not web3
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Layer 2 season is coming, and here's a thread on token releases

In this 🧵, we will cover:
• Why this is the best time for #Layer2 to launch tokens.

• Preparation for "hunting" #airdrop

• Where to look for potential #airdrops on L2s
So why is this time suitable for L2s to launch tokens?

• Those users who stay and use the product in a bear market are those who have a high level of loyalty and truly care about and use the product

• Many Layer 1 Blockchains are currently saturated or even rekt
• The Ethereum Merge has been postponed. Now is the ideal moment for L2 projects to take advantage of the delay to further develop the ecosystem.

→ A token launch now or within 2-3 mths can both gain attention and take advantage of the downtrend market.
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Kripto Piyasasında olan herkese fayda sağlayacak ve stratejinizi kendinizin de belirleyebileceği hale gelmenizi sağlayacak web sitelerini sizler için derledik. Hadi başlıyalım.💫
#Bitcoin #AVAX #LUNA #lunaterra #kriptopara
1.Piyasada olan projelerin kontrat adreslerini bulunduğu, anlık olarak değer takibini yapabileceğimiz, kendi portföyümüzü oluşturabileceğimiz, kripto paralar için kendi kategoriye ayıran geniş kapsamlı sitemiz:
2. Site içerisinde kendi portföyümüzü oluşturup takibini kolayca sağladığımız coinlerin geçmiş verilerinin hangi borsalarda listeli olduğunu gösteren, #coingecko ile benzer bir site olan @CoinMarketCap
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1/15 GM anon, we hope you didn't get rekt by the recent market events 😭 - we are back with some 🔝 alpha: earn NFTs 🖼️, Token rewards 🤑 and maybe even #airdrops 🪂 on @arbitrum

🧵👇 Image
@arbitrum 2/15 Last few days showed us that #decentralization IS important. The recent narrative of scalable but affordable alt #L1 blockchains is now under question. Now comes the time for a better solution - #L222 on top of the arguably most secure L1, @ethereum Image
@arbitrum @ethereum 3/15 Assume by now you've heard about the upcoming #ArbitrumOdyssey? This 🧵 will drop some alpha about it 🤫 that not many are talking about yet. Read on if you want to find additional ways to earn and get yourself some potential rewards 🤑 Image
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🚨 #Airdrop Updates 🚨

🪂Airdrop season @EvmosOrg

In this 🧵we cover details for:


@coslend $CLND will Airdrop for stakers of

▶️ $ATOM
▶️ $OSMO

📸Snapshot: 31 March for $ATOM / $OSMO
📸Snapshots: 29 Apr - 6 May for $EVMOS

These validators receive 2x $CLND airdrop

@CronusFinance $CRN will Airdrop to

▶️ $EVMOS stakers + LP
▶️ $ATOM stakers
▶️ $JUNO stakers
▶️ $OSMO stakers to specific validators

📸Snapshots: 6-28 March
📸Snapshot $EVMOS: not taken yet

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[THREAD] Où placer ses #stablecoins ?

J'ai toujours privilégié la diversification et la sécurité au rendement. Voici la répartition de mes stablecoins👇

⚠ Cela ne représente absolument pas la répartition de mes actifs sur ces blockchains.
⚠ Aucune solution est sans risque. Image
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Looking for a list of airdrops on #EVMOS? 👀

We created it! One list of official airdrops in one thread 🧵

This is a MUST READ to prepare for the Evmos season

Will keep adding new projects as soon as they announce airdrops for Cosmonauts ⚛️

#IBCGang #EVMOS #airdrop
1. @coslend

Airdrop for ATOM/OSMO/EVMOS stakers.

Top 7 validators during Coslend elections will receive a 2x $CLND airdrop

Snapshot: March 31 for ATOM/OSMO, 3 times between Apr 29 – May 6 for EVMOS.

We won a 2x $CLND airdrop for our ATOM/OSMO/EVMOS delegators! ✅
2. @CronusFinance
Airdrop for:
- Specific OSMO validators

Snapshot: 2 snapshots were taken between March 6-28.
Evmos snapshot is not taken yet

Min. staking: 5 JUNO/OSMO/ATOM

Our OSMO/ATOM/JUNO/EVMOS stakers will get a $CRN airdrop! ✅
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📢 HOP HOP...

💵 Możecie już sprawdzać swoje adresy a tam przyslugujący #airdrop tokenów $HOP 👇…

wiecej macie poniżej 👇
Zrzut zostanie rozłożony w następujący sposób:
- 3,35% dla użytkowników pomostu Hop (min. 2 transakcje pomostowe i 1000 USD wolumenu)
- 2% dla dostawców płynności
- 2% do Bonders (blokada na 1 rok)
Użytkownicy otrzymają podstawową kwotę zrzutu z mnożnikiem od x2 do x1 w zależności od tego, jak wcześnie skorzystali z mostu, oraz drugi mnożnik x3, x2 lub x1 za zarobienie minimum 3 tys. odpowiednio 2 000 USD lub 1 000 USD wolumenu transferu.
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A new marketplace is on the rise! Blur raised $11M from @Paradigm_fund and will be building an NFT marketplace for pro traders! Their beta waitlist is live.

This is how it works and how you can get maximum rewards 👇👇

#NFTs #Airdrop #NFT Image
@blur_io @Paradigm_fund Initial points:

After joining the waitlist, you will receive 5 invites and an initial number of points based on a snapshot of your year-to-date trading volume.

Invite Points:

Every time you share an invite, your points will increase by ⅕ * your invite’s points.
2nd Degree Invite Points:

Every time someone you invite shares an invite, your points will increase by 1/25 * the 2nd degree invite’s points.


After two of your invites are redeemed, your points will be boosted by 50%. After all five invites 100% boosted!
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Optimism’den sonra arbitrumunda airdrop yapacağına artık nerdeyse kesin gözüyle bakılıyor.

Hatta @offchainlabs kurucusu @sgoldfed‘in attığı şu tweetle ilan etmiş resmen. Aynı zamanda optimism’e meydan da okuyor:)
Arbitrumu TVL ve üzerindeki proje açısından en öne çıkan L2 projesi.
Bu yüzden tokenin diğer L2’lerden çok daha değerli olması bekleniyor. Ve tabiki airdrobunda :)
Mayıs ortasında başlayacak Arbitrum Odyssey etkinliği aslında bu airdrop için inanılmaz bir fırsat olabilir. Bu etkinliğe katılarak nasıl airdroba hak kazanabiliriz ona bakalım
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1/10 Sezon na @LayerZero_Labs dopiero przed nami a tokena brak 😎 No właśnie! Czy będzie token? Wen ser?

Moja odpowiedź brzmi: TAK będzie i dlatego wystawiam się na #Airdrop

👇Poniżej spisałem 7 kroków, które zrobiłem do tej pory 👇

2/10 @StargateFinance - był pierwszym protokołem korzystającym z technologii @LayerZero_Labs i dlatego najmocniej skupiam się na zadaniach wokół tej aplikacji.

Tutaj zakupiłem tokeny @StargateFinance na 2 aukcji - niestety ten krok jest już zamknięty.
3/10 Jeśli nie zdąrzyłeś zakupić $STG na aukcji to miałeś możliwość bondowania tokenów na 7 sieciach przez kilka dni. Temat nie był tak popularny i sprzedało się ok 50% tokenów.

Ten krok również jest już zamknięty, ale... 👇
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Why #PulseChain $PLS can do 600X or more shorter than you imagine!

There are numbers of reasons why this might happen sooner than we think. I will just try to list few most important ones.

Feel free to share comment etc... 👇

1/5 #Crypto #Airdrop #Ethereum Image
- Firstly it's not rocket science, there is a good benchmark for us to compare.
- @RichardHeartWin already prove his product $HEX which did 10.000X in 2 years!
- Have one of the strongest community in #crypto #Hexicans

2/5 Image
- When #ETH launched in Jul 2015 there were around 3.8M wallets in #bitcoin and less than 10M users overall on #Blockchain projects. Today we have more than 300M people already have exposure to #crypto.
- Many ppl missed 14,738X gains on #Ethereum

3/5 Image
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