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𝗭𝗞𝗦𝗬𝗡𝗖 - Hunt with FastLife EP1

@zksync is a Layer 2 that has just announced the public release of its ERA mainnet 🔥
It's the most coveted #airdrop of the year, so we're going to hunt it down in a series of episodes

#airdrops #zkSync #zkSyncEra Image
2/🤔 Why episodes?

Because ERA has just been released We will start now with available dAPPs, then try new ones regularly until #airdrop is announced

Join telegram (link in bio) to be notified 🔔

In addition, some dAPP we'll be using are also likely to do their own #airdrops Image
3/ Before I begin I will answer two questions that come up all the time :

💠 What is mainnet ?

Mainnet describe a working, fully-operational blockchain or protocol.
This phase comes right after the Testnet. All transactions are made with "real" money.
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There's thread about Sub10k, Sub20k NFT Ordinals on BTC, @UglyHustlers
#NFT #BTC #BTCNFT #BTCOrdinals #Ordinals #UglyHustlers Image
@UglyHustlers 1. Have you heard about @UglyHustlers and their amazing collection of Bitcoin Blockchain Ordinals (NFTs)? These unique digital assets are a must-have for anyone interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.
@UglyHustlers 2. What's even more impressive is that @UglyHustlers has managed to create a collection of sub 10k and sub 20k Bitcoin Blockchain Ordinals. This means that their NFTs are rare and highly sought-after, making them a valuable addition to any collection.
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Thread on Free Mint NFT project by @paraverse_world:
#NFT #FreeMint #paraverse_world
@paraverse_world 1. Hey everyone, have you heard about the Free Mint NFT project by @paraverse_world? It's an innovative new project that's changing the way we think about NFTs.
@paraverse_world 2. So, what is the Free Mint NFT project all about? Essentially, it's a platform that allows creators to mint their own NFTs for free. That's right, no fees whatsoever!
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Missed this weeks updates in the @avalancheavax ecosystem? We have you covered.

In their weekly open forum, the @avalabsofficial team hosted a panel discussion on:

1⃣DeFi launches on Avalanche
3⃣Developer Community Updates

Here are the 🔑 takeaways:
1/ Events

Avalanche Summit is coming up in May 2022 in Barcelona.

Hundreds of speakers and panels will be present to discuss the latest developments in the crypto space.

Early bird tickets have sold out, but the next tier is available.
2/ DeFi Launches On Avalanche

@SavvyDeFi had a launch that was delayed due to issues on the chain.

@dexalotcom is hitting all-time highs in terms of transactions.
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How can everyone earn the first money in cryptocurrency without investment?

Today in my thread I have analyzed the easiest ways to make money for absolutely anyonE LFG!

#NFT #Crypto #Job #freelancers
1. Work as an ambassador

The essence is very simple and you almost do not need experience in crypto.
The essence of the work of an ambassador is to write articles and posts about the project that you support. For such actions, projects pay $200-500 monthly.
The main advantage is that you can be an ambassador in an unlimited number of projects. 10 projects = 2000$-5000$ per month. I have given below a link to an ambassador program where you can receive about $300 per month - fill it out and start earning:…
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💫𝗦𝗮𝘁𝘂𝗿𝗱𝗮𝘆'𝘀 𝗯𝘂𝗱𝗱𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗧𝗵𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗱𝗲𝗿𝘀🌱


I'm super excited to present 1st EP of this program, which aims to bring you talented threaders who deserve to be known

This format aims to empower people who share quality #airdrop #NFT #DeFi content
This format is very important to me, I hope you will like it 😁

Some writers spend several hours writing their content.
By using 10 seconds of your time to bombard ❤️ & 🔄, you can give strength & visibility to these young talents.
If you don't know this new program or if you want to help me to make it live, here is its presentation

Without further ado, let me introduce you to the nuggets of the week ☺️
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1/ Culture & its development in #web3 #openmetaverse #NFTs is the foundational building blocks of a true digital #metaverse economy powered by #blockchain a 🧵👇following talks at #OuterEdge2023 #ParisBlockchainWeek #nftparis… @decryptmedia @animocabrands
2/ Production of arts & cultural goods in the US is already a close to trillion dollar industry employing over 5 million people, direct participation in the industry of culture is already a critical component of any thriving economy today…
3/ However when you consider the impact #arts & #culture have in other industries it becomes clear that culture is the foundation of most of our economic activity from retail, gaming, entertainment and even outdoor recreation.
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@samuraisonbtc 1. Have you heard of @samuraisonbtc? This account is a must-follow for anyone interested in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. With insightful commentary and analysis, @samuraisonbtc is a trusted source of information for many in the crypto community.
@samuraisonbtc 2. @samuraisonbtc's tweets are always informative and thought-provoking. Whether it's breaking news in the crypto space or analysis of market trends, you can count on @samuraisonbtc to provide valuable insights and a fresh perspective.
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市場上有多種 APE staking (質押) 的平台,其中還給豐富的獎勵。如:@BendDAO @ParaSpace_NFT @nf3exchange

🧵 如何有效對沖 $APE 部位,同時又能挖代幣 ?

**注意** 這些策略都有其自身的風險,例如平台智能合約,交易費用以及做空或選擇權交易的潛在損失,因此在實施任何對沖策略之前,請自行評估 Image
1/做空 APE 🦍

如果擔心 APE staking 的 $APE 價下跌,可以在期貨市場(如 Binance )上做空 APE來對衝 $APE staking 頭寸。如果 APE 的價值下降,空售的收益將有助於抵消APE staking 部位的損失。

2/穩定幣對沖 🐒

可以把 APE 獎勵的一部分出售為穩定幣(例如 USDT 或 BUSD)來對沖 APE 的曝險。這將保持 APE staking的同時,畢竟APE staking 年化率較高,持續賣可降低對 APE 價格波動的整體敞口。
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zkSync Era 主网已上线,目前大多是测试项目,支持主网项目很少,重点说下几个可主网交互项目。

下面是 #zksyncera 操作步骤


#Crypto #ETH #BTC #Airdrop #Testnet #NFT #Giveaway #Alpha
Network Name: zkSync Era Mainnet
Chain ID: 324
Currency Symbol: ETH
Block Explorer URL:

2)使用官方桥跨链至 Era网络

3)Mute @mute_io
Mute 的核心是一个 DeFi 平台,为所有基于zkSync 的协议构建流动性中心。


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1/ @Arbitrum's $ARB airdrop took center stage this week, but it wasn't the only development in the L2 space or crypto 👀 .

@eshita, @Saypien_, @chasedevens, @0xallyzach, @Old_Samster, and @sunnydece break down the key developments for the past week.👇🧵
2/ @Immutable hopped on the rollup train, announcing its partnership with @0xPolygonLabs on a zkEVM instance.

Like the @optimismFND Stack and the Superchain, @Arbitrum Nitro and Orbit, and @zkSync and the Hyperchain, Polygon may be developing the next interconnected ecosystem.
3/ Following @Arbitrum's airdrop announcement, “Airdrop farmers" quickly moved to the next opportunities.

Attention has been directed towards two upcoming Layer-2 solutions: @zksync and @Starknet, both of which have yet to release a token.
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𝗚𝗢𝗔𝗟𝟯 ⚽ 𝘅 𝗙𝗮𝘀𝘁𝗟𝗶𝗳𝗲 🪂

It is with great pleasure that I announce I’m now an ambassador for @Goal3_xyz
First time I accept a collaboration, so let me introduce you once again to this project and explain my choice

🚨Spoiler alert : 👇 #zkSyncEra 🪂
I'm an #airdrop hunter, so my choices are always made in order to earn money, be sure to read to the end.. *#zkSync 🪂😏*

Contents :

1️⃣ Presentation of Goal3
2️⃣ The lockdrop program
3️⃣ Wager NFTs
4️⃣ Why did I accept this collaboration ?
1️⃣ Presentation of Goal3

If you follow me, this name should not be unknown to you. Indeed, I published on March 6, an airdrop strategy because they conducted a testnet incentive campaign that I liked

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@nftrmarket is an #NFT marketplace and projects launchpad on @MultiversX 🪐

What differentiate it from its major counterparts @xoxnoNFTs @FrameItNFT & others is that it uses dynamic royalties and share 1% of the profit with the NFT Holders of its own #NFT collection.

Dynamic royalties means that if an NFT Project sets its royalties to 10%, on @nftrmarket these royalties can have a different value or even 0% and the NFT Seller gets the difference.

Regardless of what feeling it produces, this novelty is an innovation in the #NFT space.

The Profit share part is a reward system for the Holders of their own NFT collection - (Regalia NFT) by sharing 50% of their marketplace fees, meaning 1% of all traded volume. Monthly & automated via #smartcontract🔥

Discover more about Regalia at:…

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1/ As we wait for the congestion to clear around today's @arbitrum airdrop...

@chasedevens gets us up to speed with everything happening in the #Arbitrum ecosystem and within #Ethereum's competitive Layer 2 landscape. 👇🧵 Image
2/ @arbitrum is an #Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution with two general-purpose optimistic rollups, Arbitrum One (flagship) & Abitrum Nova (high throughput).

Arbitrum One is the leading rollup by most user metrics, w/ its bridge becoming the 7th largest $ETH holder by contract. Image
3/ @arbitrum's growth is best displayed by its relative share of Total Value Locked (TVL) against its competitors, increasing 131% over the last 180 days and growing its TVL market share from 3.6% to 8.4%.

4x greater than the next fastest-growing competitor, @optimismFND. Image
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#Arbitrum airdrop today should be worth $5,000+ for many - $ARB promises to be BIG but $ZKS could be BIGGER 👀

#zkSync have raised $458 million in funding

Arbitrum raised $120 million for comparison

Its the start of airdrop season, here are 6 to look out for 🧵👇
$ARB drops today to users & DAOs on the #Ethereum layer-2 platform.

Average user received around 625 $ARB tokens, approximately $625 to $1,250 according to pre launch trading prices

Here are another 5 potential airdrop opportunities for this year.
#zkSyncEra is a layer-2 rollup on #ETH based on zero-knowledge (ZK) proof technology.

@VitalikButerin reckons that zk-based EVM-compatible rollups could be a game-changer technology.

zkSync, raised $200m in Dec 2022 in funding round led by Blockchain Capital and Dragonfly
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#Crypto #ETH #BTC #Airdrop #Testnet #NFT #Giveaway #Alpha #作业笔记
@CyberConnectHQ (未发币)产品Link3,二期200x宝箱抽奖,目前市场几百U一个。另外每期还有10万碎片抽奖,市场也几U一个。
传说门 (填邀请码1.39倍加成:8q61Z2xk)

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🔥Want to get your hands on a generous airdrop project that's not already flooded with competitors?

Introducing Taiko, a zk Rollup that could be the Next Big Thing.

The best part? The testnet is completely free. Let's dive in! 🧵 1/14
2/ What is Taiko? @taikoxyz

A fully decentralized, Ethereum-equivalent ZK-Rollup. This means that all Ethereum contracts can be copied and executed right away on Taiko.

it's a project from the creator of loopring
3/ Before we start, Taiko and I advise you to use a wallet that has no funds on it. Let's get to the test:

1️⃣ Add the Sepolia testnet

Visit, search for "Sepolia", and click the "Add Chain" button.
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On November 2nd, 2018, the world of #crypto changed forever

@haydenzadams launched @uniswap, revolutionizing decentralized finance

I've spent 100+ hours researching $UNI, and learned it's much more than just a #DEX

Here’s everything you need to know about 🦄



#Uniswap is the largest decentralized crypto exchange (we’ll explain what this means below)

It has a marketcap of $4.5B and FDV of $5.9B, and is backed by the $UNI token, which trade at $5.88

During the bull market of 2021, the price exceeded $40

This thread we will cover:

• The problem with centralized exchanges
• How DEXes solve this problem
• How Uniswap works
• The $UNI ecosystem
#DEX competitive landscape and UNI’s moat
• $UNI tokenomics
• The “fee switch” debate
• The protocol’s long-term potential
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Hệ sinh thái #ARBITRUM $ARB là một Big Win của Trablo trong downtrend năm nay. Dù Portfolio đã tăng trưởng mạnh mẽ, nhưng với Trab chỉ mới xong giai đoạn chuẩn bị.

Thread chia sẻ về Arbitrum cho thời gian tới, hơi dài.
[0/x] Image
Thread này mình nói về :
- Bối cảnh hiện tại
- Điểm qua những dự định trong tương lai và thông báo mới của Arbitrum
- Những winner trong đợt chuẩn bị ( Lựa chọn cho Portfolio )
- Những mảng sẽ được chú ý trong thời gian tới

Let's go.
[ 1/x]
- Tuần qua, cộng đồng crypto đổ dồn sự quan tâm tới sự kiện Arbitrum ra mắt token. Arbitrum – hệ sinh thái Layer 2 nổi bật nhất hiện tại, Arbitrum Ecosystem đang nóng hơn bao giờ hết.
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Wednesday Top Crypto News

Everything you need to know in one short thread…
In case you missed it, check out yesterdays thread on crypto market microstructure 👇🏼
Onto the news…In an interview with Bloomberg, Cathie Wood said the current banking crisis, which will only “attract more institutions” to the #BTC market over time.
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🧵 $MO 🧵
🧵 @mochainapp 🧵

A thread about $MO a Layer 2 blockchain with already live mainnet, lots of features and nice amount #dApps already functioning!

Let`s go!
@CryptoGirlNova @CRyptOracl3 @Altcoin_Gold
@thelearningpill @fitforcrypto_
So I found this project by a friend pm me and I started to dig into it as He was impressed, and He always finds some cool stuff!

So this project is actually massive and they were stealth building and will be launching the coin soon...
They do it the right way, that is:
First build then make a coin!

Whats awesome the blockchain is already live and many apps online, excited to research this one!

So lets go!
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🧵 $LEOX 🧵
🧵 @galileoprotocol 🧵

A thread about $LEOX a first QRC20 token that will be listed on both CEX and DEX at the same time, based on RWA trend, that tries to tokenize the world!

Let`s go!

@fitforcrypto_ Image
So what is @galileoprotocol ?

It`s a well thought project that want to tokenize any physical asset and connect it to the blockchain.
Open-source infrastructue for executing smart contracts!

Their ecosystem will have:
- Tokenization platform
- Marketplace
- Tracking tools Image
So they want to tokenize:
- Real estate
- Luxury stuff
- Artwork
So literally everything that has a physical value and to enable ownership and transfers of those assets.

I think it`s cool to have tokenized stuff:) Image
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@JewelSwapX is a Peer-to-Pool #NFT lending protocol on @MultiversX built by @ElrondPunks & @combased_app

It empowers the @MultiversXNFT #community to participate in a Peer-to-pool Lending Liquidity Protocol by using #NFTs as collateral and borrowing up to 3 $EGLD/NFT🔥

@JewelSwapX participants consists of Lenders & Borrowers⚖️

The Lenders can get up to 237% APY atm w/ compounded rewards. The lock period is set to 21 days.

Claiming or compounding rewards is very intuitive via the #dApp dashboard from:

The Borrowers are the Holders of 15 top NFTs Collections and more to be added later:

There are 3 borrow plans, w/ the lowest starting at only 0.5%, meaning you can borrow up to 3 $EGLD

Same intuitive Dashboard shows the previous & ongoing loans.

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The Philippines' top content company, ABS-CBN Corporation, has joined forces with Theta Lab. Here is what you need to know:

1⃣ Who is ABS-CBN?
ABS-CBN is considered one of the leading media and entertainment companies in the Philippines. By collaborating with independent production firms and broadcasters, the company brings captivating television programs, films, and other content to life. Image
Their digital media division, ABS-CBN Digital Media, manages their social media accounts, amassing an impressive following of nearly 100 million across various sites. They have the most popular entertainment YouTube channel in Southeast Asia, with 43 million subscribers. Image
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