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Shane is fangirling about meeting Rebekah and Kol, the Original vampires, and bragging about not being able to be compelled. Then Bex tells Kol to beat the location of the cure out of him. Lol. Imagine meeting your idols and they beat the shit out of you.
Back to this. "Truth or dare, Elena?"
"Dare." Damn that's brave.
"I dare you to tell Stefan the truth about Damon."
Sweetie, that's truth not dare, but I am here for this.
"Seriously?!" Caroline being there for Stefan again.
Bex is being really childish though
"Being with Damon makes me happy." HSHDFLK YES IT DOES.
"Makes you happy? Clowns make you happy Elena. Dig a little deeper."
Actually, clowns do quite the opposite of making me happy, but to each their own Rebekah. 🙈
"When I am with him... it feels unpredictable. Like I am free."
"And how do you feel when you are with Stefan?"
"Lately I feel like I am a project. Like I am a problem that needs to be fixed. I think I make him sad. And I can't be with someone like that, because when he looks +
at me, all he sees is a broken toy."
OMGGG ELENA KNEW. SHE FELT IT. It's because of that, that she fell out of love with Stefan. Not the sirebond.
"Do you still love Stefan?"
"Yes." As a friend, sure. I mean, they were close. That bond isn't just going to vanish overnight.
"Are you still in love with Stefan?"
Elena is so guilty for hurting Stefan. But she couldn't help it. She was compelled. Rebekah is having her revenge because Stefan betrayed her.
"Did that hurt? Having someone you care about drive a dagger through your heart?"
"Welcome to the last 900 years I my life."
Okay, point made Bex.
Tyler showed up....
Nice job Jeremy. He just killed the pizza vamp girl while she was trying to make a pizza out of Matt.
Why is April even still hanging around the school? She tells Bonnie that Rebekah has the gang and Bonnie does some magic to find Shane. Why is Shane priority over her friends?
The Mikaelson brothers have a thing for drowning people, don't they?
Okay, so Shane wants Silas. The world's first immortal being and he was burried with the cure. Kol does not sound happy about that. But Kol doesn't know Silas, does he?
So that story about the rock and Silas that Shane talked about and I paid little attention to, is real. I am gonna have to go back later and actually listen to his lecture. 🙈
Lmaoo Bonnie accidentally linked Shane to April. She is coughing up water as Kol is drowning Shane. Girl, maybe that will teach you to keep your nose where it belongs and looks like Bonnie graduated witch school prematurely.
Shane is confessing to orchestrating the massacres so that he can raise Silas. The guy is crazy.
"Its a noble sacrifice. And temporary. Once I raise Silas, Silas will raise the dead."
...Silas sounds like some necromancy reaper or something.
Kol is having none of this walking dead bullshit and decides to skewer Shane. Um, Bonnie...maybe try unlinking her, instead of just glaring at her and exclaiming "OMG!"
Elena being smart and breaking off a lockerdoor to keep the doors jammed shut. Phew, looks like Tyler gave up. OH SHIT CAROLINE. HE IS PROBABLY GOING HER WAY NOW
Rebekah is pissed at Kol gor killing Shane, but he has the White oak stake, so now is not the time to loss him off. Where the hell did he get that??
OMG Shady pants is alive. Thanks April lol.
Expression is weird. Bonnie didn't even know she linked April and she didn't get a nosebleed or feel drained. Only more power. That sounds like something that can get out of control real quick..
But a nosebleed isn't required when doing regular magic, is it?
Elena is apologizing to Stefan. Sweetie,you have nothing to apologize for
"Stefan, we have to talk about this. Please."
"Talk about what? Huh? How many more ways are there for you to rip my heart out?"
"I am sorry."
"Sorry that it happened or sorry I found out?"
Sorry that it happened or sorry I found out???? What the actual fuck. Her apologizing to you is a courtesy because she doesn't need to. You broke up with her. And she is not sorry it happened and she didn't do anything behind your damn back. She was going to tell you on her own+
but Caroline couldn't keep her mouth shut, you damn entitled prick. 💀 How you handle a break up says a lot about you as a person and Stefan is handling this like shit.
Elena just takes this shitty attitude from him and keeps apologizing and saying how sorry she is and how she never wanted to hurt him. Where is his apology for making her feel like a broken toy??
Yay it's over! Caroline found Tyler. Phew
Aww Tyler is crying over his mom and because he couldn't protect her. Nice Forwood scene. 😢
Is Stefan being for real? Rebekah says she can compel away every memory be has of ever loving Elena and he tells her to do it. Elena doesn't want him to erase their history and an isn't even in love with him anymore. But okay, whatever. If their relationship meant that little+
to him that he can't even hold on to some good memories, then do what is best for you, Stefan. Take the pain away.
Rebekah was only bluffing. She wants Stefan to feel the pain for eternity. Sweetie, he isn't going to mourn their breakup forever. He will get over it eventually. Elena is really just that he would just compel everything away and she wants to talk but he is done.
Elena, let him walk away. I know you want to comfort him because you feel guilty, but he is hurt. Let him go.
Shane is telling Bonnie how expression isn't dark magic. You wanna try that again? The witch in NOLA said differently. But he looks into Bonnie's eyes and calls her the key to everything and he will protect her and she trusts him. Nah, you are no one's key Bonnie. Get out
His little smirk when he sees it is her calling. 😍
Elena tells Damon that Stefan knows about them and he is happy to be in camp nowhere.
"How is Jeremy?"
"That depends on how much you trust me."
"You know that I trust you."
They have come so far. I remember their earlier conversations about trust and he has hers. Has for a while
"Something happened today. I realized something about you. About us."
He looks so worried. Don't worry, I have a feeling this is going to be something good. (Thanks Bex )
"And you can say that it's the sirebond, maybe it is, but I am telling you, it's the most real thing that+
I have ever felt in my entire life. I love you, Damon. I love you."
WTF? There two are teaming up now. She nearly made them all werewolf food, but Stefan is so hell bent on curing Elena, its become an obsession. "You are right, I am going to be here for an eternity and I will go insane if I don't know how Elena truly feels about my brother." +
Well looks like Stefan just connected the expression dots. And he hates Damon for something he couldn't control. That's okay Stefan, you are on my hatelist after this episode. This was the final straw. Goodluck getting off it.
"I hate my brother and you hate yours. But Damon's +
got Jeremy, Klaus has the sword, and Shame has Bonnie. You and I are the only ones left with nothing. You said it yourself, whoever finds the cure first, gets to decide what to do with it."
Yeah, you will probably shove it down Elena's throat, whether she still wants it or not.💀
Can somebody just take the vervain bracelet from April or just make her go away?I felt sorry for her at first but she is starting to annoy me.
Shiiit Klaus killed the whole bar of people. They are in transition. Guess they are going with his plan now. 👀
Great episode. 😍
"I love you, Damon. I love you." AHSHDJFLJ I AM STILL SMILING
04x11 "Catch me if you can" 👀
Matt running for his life alone in the dark woods. How did we get here?
Shit I jumped. Jeremy to the rescue. Grow that tattoo 👌
Ah okay. Klaus threatens to compel all those newbie vampires to go after Matt, so that Jeremy will have to kill them. Damon isn't happy with that plan. Klaus is going back on their deal. Never trust Klaus. 😣
But hey, character development. Since when does Matt's lives matter?😜
Jeremy wants to flee to the Lakehouse. Whyy? Just kill them allready.
"Wait, you want to run?"
"They are going to kill Matt."
"Fine. Get out of here. I will slow them down."
Guess Damon really cares about Matt's life. This is the second time in a matter to seconds.
Matt is almost vampire food again lol. Yasss badass. Elena snaps the vampire's neck and saves Matt.
Yikes girl, get inside. 👀
Elena is mad at Damon and calls him out on this dangerous plan. Technically, Klaus changed the deal, But Damon should have known better than to trust him.
I like that despite the fact that she is sired, and despite the fact that she loves him, she still calls him out when she doesn't agree with something. Their dynamic hasn't changed. But right now Matt is the weak link and Damon wants her to take him home to safety.
Elena doesn't want the cure anymore though. "I don't care about the cure Damon. Not if it means putting the people I love in danger."
Okayyy someone is making herself very comfortable lol.
Stefan says he is done with Elena. Hmm why don't I believe that?
"I am done with her."
"Until you find the cure, right?"
Yeah, he is done with her until she becomes sweet, innocent, human Elena again. I wish he would quit
Rebekah wants to steal the tombstone from Shane. Team Shane, team Rebekah and team Klaus should just work together. But fat chance of that happening.
Bonnie's expression seems like a ticking timebomb ready to go off. She isn't in control. Shane coaxes her and he is making her reliant on him. I don't like it.
Hehe sheriff Forbes arresting Shane. This is all April's fault. Bonnie isn't happy about it but Liz tells her to talk to her dad about it. He is shady Bonnie. Time for you to see that.
WTF? ....where did the vampires go? And that huge ass bloodstain was not there before.
Shiiiit crazy Kol killed them all. I am sorry, but I am not a fan of Kol. He is so violent and rabid and unstable.
Kol is scared shitless of Silas and says he will trigger the end of all time. That's some apocalyptic theory you got there. But how can one person have enough power to do something like that?
"We are not going to back off the cure just because you were told one to many scary bedtime stories, you idiot."
Oh wow. Kol threatens to rip off both Jeremy's arms. He really is psycho. Damon grabs Kol and tells Jeremy to run. CRAP. RUN JER.
Stefan and Rebekah are breaking and entering, looking for the headstone. LMAOOO Stefan, its not going to fit in a file cabinet 😂
Rebekah finds some stoner tea and is peer pressuring Stefan into having some fun. Why am I sending some sexual tension between them all of a sudden?
"You were so much fun in the 20s."
"I was a psychotic killer with no emotions in the 1920s."
"You may have been a killer but you+
were far from emotionless, Stefan. You had a blast. I know you remember."
"Alright, I guess we had a little bit of fun."
Ripper Stefan in the 20s had his emotions on. He is just hesitant to admit that. But he also fell for Bex back then.
Maybe hanging out with Rebekah will help take his mind off Elena.
Stopping here for now ✌
Shane, you are screwed. Bonnie's dad says that people like Shane pray on the weakminded. Ouch that's a diss at Bonnie. Give her some credit. If I was in her position and only knew his good, helpful side, I would defend my friend too. But Bonnie needs to take a step back now.
Welp, shady pants just confessed to Bonnie. Sorry Bon, your friend is a psycho.
Matt is being a jerk. He blames Elena trusting Damon with Jeremy on the sirebond. Um she has trusted him since late S1 and Damon wasn't doing anything wrong until Klaus showed up and started throwing threats and demands around.
Jeremy calls to let Elena know that Kol has Damon. AHSHDN look at the worry on Elena's face. We are both worried sweetie, but I think he will be just fine. 😉
Elena knows when the sirebond is making her so something though. She tells Matt that it isn't the reason she trusted Jeremy with Damon.
"I know you didn't have a choice. Sirebond and all."
"The sirebond doesn't work that way."
And Matt should be a little more grateful. Damon +
took to life into consideration more than once and stood up to Klaus to try and protect his ass.
OMG Elena went to Klaus to try and save Damon from Kol. But he is gloating and enjoying this way to much. Baby girl is brave and points out that this is technically his fault and tells him to call Kol off, but he is being high and mighty about it.Elena should have asked Caroline
"Please Klaus, I am begging you." ELENA BEGHING FOR DAMON'S LIFE. MY HEART. And yeah, that's what he wants. A good ego stroke and an ass licking. I have said it before and I will say it again. Klaus really dislikes her. Borderline hates her.
Klaus threatens Kol and orders him to let Damon go and to stay away from Jeremy. He gives him his word. .....I don't trust his word.
Kol stop hurting my son. 😢😡
He doesn't know Damon at all. He says deep down Damon doesn't want the cure because he prefers Elena as a vampire. Actually, Damon is fine with her either way. 😌
Poor Elena has to defend Damon to everyone. "Seriously? You still trust Damon?"
"He saved your life."
"I saved the map to the cure. He couldn't care less about me."
That's not true. Why do you think I kept training you for days at the lakehouse, trying to make you stronger+
instead of just doing what Klaus and Stefan did; make you kill vampires right away?
Damon has been going off about how Jeremy needs more training and how he needs to get stronger to survive. He put effort into helping him. Because he wants to keep him alive.
"Since when did you becone such an artifact expert?"
"I enjoy other cultures, Stefan. I know that may be hard to you to understand, considering you dated a child who only thinks of herself."
Child...yes maybe. She was 17 when they got together. Only thinks about herself? Are you+
insane? Elena has never put her needs over another character's. She always puts herself 2nd.
Atleast Stefan "sticks up for her" by throwing a knife at Bex. They talk about the crazy awesome sex they had in the 20s and there I got sure sexual tension, I wasn't imagining it.
"The sex wasn't good because we didn't care. It was good because you are crazy.Crazy sex is always+
Wow Stefan likes crazy sex. Didn't seem that way when he was with Elena. Elena looked like she was going to fall asleep at any moment.
OMG try almost kissed, but someone came in to look for the tombstone. Well the guy found it. Team Rebekah now has the tombstone.
Stelena was just really bland. Stefan with Rebekah already seems more interesting. He certainly was in the 20s. Ripper problem aside
"What happened? Are you okay?"
"Kol happened."
"Thank God you both got away."
Elena being all concerned about Damon is so beautiful and is going to make me cry.
You know what will also make me cry? If they make compelled Damon kill Jeremy as another roadblock for Delena. I don't want it and I don't need it. He asks Elena where Jeremy is to "apologize for being hard on him." You mean to go kill him. Fuck my lifeee
Bonnie is so done with Shane and calls him crazy. But then he plays a very underhanded card. Leave grams out of this. Bonnie doesn't need to get her hopes up with your crazy talk. 😐
Ugh they look so good together. Just walking into the grill together looks so aesthetically pleasing. I am their bitch. Oh fuck happy time over. Damon asked where Jeremy is. Okay but he won't attempt to kill him in the grill infront of everyone??
"Are you alright? Whats going on?"
Jeremy flees to the kitchen. He knows too OMG...But Damon's compulsion isn't broken and he goes after Jeremy again. Nooo fuck
Jeremy got a headstart but he is human so he will need atleast 24 hour fucking headstart on foot for it to matter. Yesss Damon! My son is so smart. He tells Elena that he thinks Kol compelled him to kill Jeremy. SHIIIT Elena go after him.
Damon going after Jeremy in the tunnels is giving me anxiety. Atleast he shouted to Jeremy that he is compelled, so thank everything that is holy, that Damon won't get blamed for this.
I wouldn't mind being chased by Damon Salvatore, but not under these circumstances thanks.
Rebekah and Stefan tied the guy up that tried to steal the headstone. Bex really has a thing for knives and cutting people. I have noticed that more than once. Just talk random rock stealer. This girl is wild.
Eeeew WTF that's just disgusting. The guy bit off his own tongue. How does someone even do that?. ...and he killed himself. With a knife. I thought it was a vampire. Guess not.
Another team in the race for the cure? But no one knows except the gang and Klaus. How the hell did someone else find out? 😐
Shame looks so sincere when he is talking to Bonnie. Is someone really a bad guy if they are just insane and can't help it?
OH YIKES. Scary Bonnie. She lost control and Shane had to coax her back. Way to go douche. Making her reliant on you. Feeding someone poison disguised as cake, knowing only you sell the antidote.
"Hello Elena."
"What did you do to Stefan?"
"Rescued him from his old, dull life, but it keeps calling."
Ouch that's savage. I live for the day that these two burry the hatchet. Rebekah only hated her because she was with Stefan anyway and now she isn't so...
And yes Elena daggered her (with good reason) but Rebekah caused her to go off Wickery bridge so I will say they are long even.
OMGG STEFAN 😢😢 SERIOUSLY? Elena asks him to come help if he still cares about the cure and Jeremy, and he is just mute. I got to say I am disapointed but not surprised. It was made clear when he forced Jer to kill vampires, that he didn't GAF about him anymore.
Guys of you want the cure, I suggest you go help...
Jeremy cut himself. I dont know if thats genious because he smeared blood on a decoy, or if that's just stupid as hell because he is still going to reek of blood after Damon found that decoy.
OMGGG Damon bit Jeremy but he managed to shoot him in the stomach.
Damon excuse me what? No are you crazy? He wants Jeremy to fucking kill him.
Damon would rather die than hurt Jeremy. What character growth. I stan a man.
Jeremy shot him in the head. Looks like Jeremy doesn't want him dead either because this was the perfect opportunity. I hope this bought him enough time though.
Haahaha yasss Rebekah. Look who just wiped that grin off crazy Kol's face. Dagger him so this can end.
Kol is as cunning as a fucking fox. He is trying to play on her emotions. Please don't fall for it Rebekah
OMFG YOU SCUMBAG BASTARD. He was going to KILL her. This asshole is dead to me. Poor Rebekah. I hope Klaus daggers him and leaves him in a box for the rest of his miserable life. And thanks Klaus for saving Rebekah. 👌
...Shit Klaus. Sensitivity isn't your strong suit, is it?"
"He was going to kill me."
"Well then, I think you need a lesson in how to properly dagger a sibling."
"Burn in hell."
Atleast he saved her. Lol.
And Jeremy just cut his already injured arm against a tree. Judging from the massive ass stain , that's going to need stitches ...FML
Elena called his name and he stopped again. Elena wants him to resist the compulsion of an original vampire. Sweetie, thats not possible. Fight against it for a bit, but you can't resist.
"Yes you can. You are strong enough to resist the compulsion. I know that you are."
"Why? Because Stefan did?"
Yeah he resisted, but only for so long.Then he bit her and she ended up in the hospital. There is no escaping this. Damon resisted too and told Jeremy to kill him, but +
of course Elena wasn't there to see or hear that he was willing to die to keep her brother alive. 😢
"Because I love you. Because you love me. You would do anything for me. So please. Do this for me."
Elena he can't. You are setting him up to fail and then feel like shit.
Okay but this outsells the time when Stefan tried to resist. He never thought of killing himself and it was Elena who was in danger, not her little brother.
Stefan looks like he enjoyed Damon's neck so much he orgasmed. But hey, thanks for saving the situation. So I am gonna let this go...try to..your attitude still stinks. Also the mocking way in which he says; "You are welcome." There was a silent "bitch" added there in his mind.
*snapping Damon's neck
Atleast he doesn't want Damon dead. That's a starting point to rebuild their relationship I guess.
Damon is weak and bled dry, but all I wants to do, is see Elena. 😢
"Atleast let me see Elena."
"Come on, you know you can't do that. With the sirebond, all you have to do, is tell her to let you out of here. It's too risky."
"You are really enjoying this, aren't you?"
"It's better for Elena if you stayed in here for now. Atleast until we find the cure."
....I thought you were done with her? First you let her make all the calls when you were dating, now you make choices for her and decide what's better for her now that you are broken up? +
Awww Elena wants to go see Damon too but Stefan refuses, since she is sired. Damn it makes sense but it's so tragic and he is enjoying it so much ugh.
"That all?"
"Stefan, what are you doing with Rebekah? She tried to kill me."
"And this will be the second time Damon has tried to kill Jeremy. So I guess no one is perfect."
Okay, 2 things. First, Damon was compelled by an original vampire. It's not like he wanted to kill Jeremy+
and the one time he actually did try to "kill" him, he was trying to turn him because I still has Anna's bloodbin his system and he told Jeremy he will be able to switch it all off now too before snapping his neck. Second, ...Elena, and Stefan broke up. I know +
you still care about him and want what is best for him, but with who he chooses to spend his time now, is mine of your concern. Just like who you spend time with should be none of his. It's to early to be friends. He is still hurting and lashing out.
"Are you trying to punish me? I don't know how many times I can apologize." Sweetie no. She wants to be friends so bad but a needs to give him more time. She clearly is so over him since she already moved him into the friendzone. But he is nowhere near ready for that.
"I never asked you to. You can do whatever you want, Elena. I really don't care." That's a lie but okay.
"You are just and you are acting out. Stefan, this isn't you."
"Sure it is. You have just never seen me like this." Well me either and I don't like it. If this is the real+
you, then real you is a jerk.
"You don't know what I look like when I am not in love with you." YIKES.
Well that was unesesarry and cruel. And a lie. If you weren't still in love with her, you wouldn't be trying to find the cure and acting this way.
That was a cheap shot +
and he just wanted to get back at her and hurt her. Mission accomplished.
Bonnie's dad wants to get her some help, but she doesn't think she needs it. Thats not good. Is this going to be the start of a dark Bonnie storyline? Her going to the dark side with her dark magic?
This is a tough one. Stay with Klaus for protection against Kol, who he says will come without a doubt, or take their chances on their own. Well, they have learned not to trust Klaus...I love how Elena isn't afraid of him and just firmly speaks her mind.
Rebekah hid the headstone but won't tell Stefan where, because he has already betrayed her twice. My girl is learning.
How ironic for Bex though. Elena hurt Damon, he sleeps with her. Stefan is hurting over his breakup, je sleeps with her. I dont know how I feel about this though. Maybe it can grow and develop, but right now, it's shallow.
They don't look bad together at all though. 😜
Jeremy isn't happy with this predicament. Kol is coming after him , plus Klaus won't let him stop killing innocents. Elena feels sorry for him but OMG my girl is smart. Maybe a little idealistic, but smart. If Jeremy kills Kol, that will be enough to finish the tattoo because +
his entire sireline will die with him.
Sucks to be them, but I don't know them and I don't want Kol killing anyone I like, so bye bye Kol.
Not a bad episode, but certainly not my favourite either.
04x12 "A view to a kill."
So this is what the face of regret looks like? Stefan why?
OMG he was going to flake on her and just leave. Atleast Damon walked her to the door and stayed. Stefan wants to do the fuck and run. Hahaha ooo shit. Klaus. I wonder what he will have to say about this?
Kol is of more importance to Klaus rn than mocking Rebekah to much. She has the last dagger since Kol took the rest and Klaus wants it back. Hahaha fat chance.
"Poor Nick. How will you get your way without your previous daggers? They were so handy when you wanted to end a +
conversation with one of us!"
Striking out with Rebekah, Klaus turns to Stefan for help. Well, daggering Kol is probably a better plan than actually killing him. But then Jeremy will still have to kill so many innocent people. Kill Koll, and that map will be complete for sure.
It makes me slightly uncomfortable, but killing a bunch of vampires is better than turing innocent humans into vampires just to kill them.
Bonnie took over for Caroline and is prepping for a decade dance. O yay another dance. Can I get another Delena dance? 😊
Elena I bring all mothery and cleaning up after Matt and Jeremy while they play games. "We are training"
Lol sure guys.
*is being
Elena tells Bonnie about her idea to let Jeremy kill Kol. Bonnie sounds worried and a little sceptic. So am I actually. This isn't going to be easy. Not to mention that Kol is in the spin-off, so I guess I have my answer to whether or not this will work. Shit is that vervain?
Bonnie's dad dumped vervain into the town's water supply. That's a bitch. How will vampires take a shower or follow a basic hygene routine now? What's the goal of this? So you can smell them out after a while?
Poor Bonnie. All that trouble blowing up 89 balloons only for her dad to cancel the damn dance. What party pooper. 😐
"No one can get to the cure if you are to dead to find it."
So Kol is just going batshit now and wants to kill anyone that can help find the cure?
Dont you just love it when the villian has to tell the good guy what he is going to do, thereby wasting time and giving the goodguy enough time to retaliate and escape? Because same. And damn, expression may be dark and dangerous, but Bonnie sure as hell needs protection.
Stefan is going to try and get the dagger from Rebekah and leaves Klaus to "babysit" Damon. Poor Damon. But yay me. These two haven't had that many scenes together where Klaus wasn't trying to kill Damon or the other way around lol. This could get interesting.
Klaus is such a gossip though and let's Damon know that Stefan and Rebekah had sex. 😂
Elena tells Stefan that Kol almost killed Bonnie and about her plan to have Jeremy kill him instead. OH SHIT ELENA NO. She wants Stefan to dagger Rebekah, so she won't come after them for revenge. Nooo come on. She is barely undaggered. 😢
Stefan feels bad for a second and says he can't do it, but that second is only a second and he agrees.
Come on guys seriously? She hasn't done anything now. She just wants the cure like you all do.
Okay she was horrid in 04x10 but that worked out for me just fine.
Elena calls Kol and tells him she wants to call a truce and talk about Silas. He is still making comments about wanting to cut off Jeremy's arm. I don't know if you can actually talk to this guy like a civil human being though.
OH FUCK. He is outside the house and wants to be invited in. I am feeling less bad about the plan to kill him already, because here he is, ready for war.
Elena is really stepping up this episode. She is in charge, making plans and giving everyone a role. She sends Matt away but Jeremy has yo stay to invite Kol in. I am not sure that is a good idea though. I am to much of a coward to invite the monster into my only safe haven
Elena sets down the rules. Jeremy can invite him in, but then he leaves at once and Kol doesn't touch him. SHIIIT baby girl is alone with Kol now. I don't like it. She spotted the white oak stake in his pocket. Elena be careful sweetie. 👀
Poor Bex. She is so disapointed to hear the dance has been cancelled. She just can't make it to a stupid highschool dance, can she? 😐
Well, she isn't stupid. She knows Stefan tried to sneak out and asks if he regretted having sex with her and if he would want to do it again, even if she didn't give him the dagger.
"Do you want it to happen again?"
"Even if I don't give you the dagger?"
"You think that+
I would sleep with you, just to get the dagger?"
"Don't give me that innocent look. You have done plenty to me in the name of getting what you want."
If only she knew he a planning on betraying her AGAIN. He has approached her twice now, offering that they work together and both times he has betrayed her. So why not a third? 😣
She must really like him though.
Stefan wants to take her to the cancelled dance? Lol. So Bonnie's 89 balloons will still be there? No one bothered to take the devorations down after hearing the dance got cancelled? If that's true, it could be fun to be the only people there. Otherwise, its just a school gym.
Klaus is having his fun, trying to blame Damon for the situation, but he is having none of it.
"I was perfectly willing to let you train Jeremy."
"No you weren't. Are you kidding? You got there day 2."
"Then when I turned a room full of barflies into vampires for him to kill, +
you let Kol kill them."
"Your brother problem, not mine, buddy."
"And whose bright idea was it to saddle Jeremy with a concience?"
"Well, we couldn't have him stake Elena in her sleep, could we?"
"Ah yes, the love of Elena. How I it an managed to overlook every horrific thing+
you have ever done?Is it willfull ignorance or perhaps something more pathological? "
Shutup Klaus. No 1 in this show EVER overlooks anything Damon does.Especially not Elena.She has always called him out and he has always had to earn back trust and forgiveness when he fucked up.
"It can't just be the sirebond. What is it? Compulsion? Manipulation?"
Wow. Klaus really has no idea how a functional relationships works, does he. Or forgiveness and understanding. Atleast be acknkwledges that the sirebond isn't that powerful.
"What is it you say to her?"
"I think this has something to do with a certain blonde vampire. I think you murdered Carol Lockwood and I think you are worried that Caroline is never going to forgive you."
"You have done worse."
Fucking debatable indeed. Klaus is the biggest villian of this show
"See, I don't mind being the bad guy, because somebody has to fill that role and get things done. You do bad things for no reason. You do them to be a dick."
"Debatable." Hmmm. So killing Tyler's mom wasn't to be a dick and get revenge?
"You gonna be bad, be bad with purpose. +
"Otherwise you are just not worth forgiving."
That's damn good advice Damon. I hope Klaus really listens to this.
These two talking for longer than 10 seconds without trying to kill eachother is almost as stressful as them actually trying to kill eachother. I feel like Kol is just going to jump her any second. 😯
Shit he is watching her like a hawk. Kol is fucking creepy and doesn't know the definition of personal space.
Jeremy is headed to Bonnie's house since she decided now is the time not to pick up her phone. 😣 Hurry guys
Elena is trying her best to make small talk and seem unfazed. Girl I would be a pile of sweat right now.
"You have killed, haven't you? Or are you one of those Mary sue vampires?" Ugh shutup Kol. Trying not to take human life isn't being a Mary sue. It's being a decent person. Something you know shockingly little about for someone of your advanced age.
Every time Elena secretly checks her phone my anxiety spikes 👀
Matt can't find the dagger. He is rummaging through Rebekah's stuff OMG. I hope he is atleast smart enough to put everything back exactly how he found it.
So a bunch of witches back in the day, told Kol about Silas. He says he holds witches in high esteem, but tried to kill Bonnie in the school hallway? 😞
"I've got your phone and I've got your carkeys."
The most terrible thing a parent can say to a child. Ever.
So he just shows up out of the blue and then decided to play parent? 😐
Jeremy shows up and tells Bonnie that Kol is in their house but her dad is being annoying. Okayy so he called mommy on her too. Can this family intervention just wait 2 seconds? This is a crises.
"My daughter is done helping Elena Gilbert." Lmao you say that like you know anything bitch. As if you were actually around while Bonnie was growing up. I hate when flakey absentee parents suddenly try to pull rank whenever they happen to feel like it.
Lol at Jeremy trying to stake her hypothetical ass.
Kol is struggling to believe Elena would let the cure go.
"I would do anything for my brother. If what you are saying about Silas is true, what does it matter what I want, if it puts everyone else in danger?" That's just the type of person Elena is, and it would be true if she+
actually believed for a second that Silas was real.
He left. I am pretty sure he isn't going to go for a truce. He is not the truce type...
Bonnie's balloons are still there. Lol. Rebekah saying how this is how horror movies start, like sis, don't pretend you can't take on any monster. Stefan is going to a lot of trouble to stab her in the back again.
Okay that's cute. I would consider shipping, if it wasn't fake AF. 😢 The nicer and sweeter he is, the harder the sting of betrayal will be though. Have sex with a girl, take her to a dance, give her a koala, then stab her with the dagger you stole from her. 😯😢
Jeremy is back, but with no Bonnie.
"It's not dark magic; it's expression! And I need it!"
Oh sweetie. But yeah, you do need it.
Parents of the year award goes to these two. Thanks for fucking up the plan by deciding you care NOW. 😐
Damon and Klaus are getting bored with eachother's company.
"I don't understand what is talking so long. I mean, how hard is it to steal a dagger?"
"From the vampire that has been stabbed by it as many times as your sister, I would say difficult."
"You disappoint me, Damon. +
You are not trying very hard to get out of here. I expected more the daring escape artist, less the call potato."
OMG Klaus really lives for drama, doesn't he? be is suppose to be happy everything is going smoothly.
"Well I am compelled to kill Jeremy, so I figured it is +
probably smarter to sit here and chit chat with you, than try to bust out of here like the hulk."
Okay, so Damon isn't being an interesting prisoner and trying to escape, so Klaus tries another way to amuse himself.
"How do you think Elena felt about that? Your inability to overcome Kol's compulsion for a single moment?"Bitch you weren't there. He resisted a lot and he even+
figured out he was compelled after Kol compelled him to forget that he was. Ugh, Klaus is so far up Stefan's ass. "Must be so hard to live up to Stefan." Shutup Klaus. We all know you get hard for Stefan so you are the most biased of them all.
"What do you know about love?"
"I know that you are in love with Elena. But I think you are afraid of what might happen when we find the cure at the end of the rainbow. Personally, I don't see an fairytale ending for you. All I see is Stefan and Elena." Well no one asked your+
opinion in the matter, so kindly shut the fuck up. Also, that's ritch, coming from a character who has absolutely no idea what love is.
Klaus is just jealous of what Damon and Elena has and he can't begin to understand it. The way he is trying to win Caroline over with gifts and the fact that he needs hybrids already said it all about his understanding of love and loyalty.
Kol calls Klaus to let him know that he is going to rip Jeremy's arm off and kill Elena. Klaus, you better go get your psycho brother before he follow through on those threats.
Klaus wants to know what Damon knows about any plan Stefan and Elena might have,but he is in the dark.
"I dont know. I have been stuck in the penaltybox since yesterday. Stefan won't talk to me and Elena won't come to see me, so maybe you are right. Maybe she has written me off"+
Okay but now I am mad. Elena wanted to see Damon, but Stefan forbade her because of the sirebond, but told her that he would let Damon know she stopped by to see him. He never did. So Damon has been in that cell, thinking Elena didn't bother to come see him after what happened.💀
Klaus compells Damon to stay there until he returns but is Damon on vervain??
Stefan and Rebekah are boring me now. I don't like seeing him be nice to her and use her. There is a while ass original war going on in the Gilbert house. Take me back to that
Stefan just compared Lexi to Elena, saying how he felt like a better person around them. He deadass dated Elena so she can keep him in check and be his Lexi replacement.
Hahaahahahahahaha the look you get when you know you are fucked. Stefan 0. Rebekah 1 😂😂😂
What does he want Matt to do? Take her boots off with his teeth?
The Shining The Vampire Diaries edition. Yasss get him guys. Ugh Jeremy and Elena are being so fierce and badass I love it
IT'S NOT THROUGH THE HEART OMFGG PHEW. Poor Elena is pinned to the wall and Kol is dragging Jeremy by the legs OMG this went south so fast. Klaus better come help quick.
Seriously? Stefan is showing Rebekah how to slide down the school halls. She thinks it's ridiculous and it really is. He wants her to take her shoes off. I mean come on. If she falls for this dumb ploy, then she deserves to be in a box.
Oh goody, Matt is there to do God knows what.
REBEKAH SWEETIE HE DOESN'T WANT THAT FOR KOL HE WANTS THAT FOR YOU OMFG. She tells him how she does care and wants kids and a human life and he has the decency to look guilty. I think Rebekah just unknowingly talked herself out of getting daggered.
Bonnie is awake and angry and FINALLY on her way to go help Jeremy and Elena. Somebody better get there quick before Jeremy loses a fucking atm.
Ouch poor baby girl. She manages to pull herself free. I can't imagine how that must hurt. Kol is ready to chop Jeremy's arm off with a fucking butchers knife. "Which arm is it? Is it left or right? I will just chop off both to be safe."
Elena tried to explain to Klaus that Kol was a threat to Jeremy but he is way to upset. I thought he didn't like Kol and wouldn't care, like he didn't care about Fin. Guess not. "I WAS GOING TO MAKE HIM SUFFER ON MY TERMS!"
Shiiit. Klaus confesses that he wasn't in the race to make more hybrids. He wanted the cure so that he could destroy it. "I would have killed you all the second we dug it up." Okay,so you lied to Stefan. I really thought you were on their side with this. I was fooled.
YAS BONNIE. She trapped Klaus in the livingroom. He is sooo furious. Hopefully this will give him time to calm daown a bit.
"Witch." He says it like it is suppose to be an insult? Bonnie isn't scared. I like powerful Bonnie. It's a shame this is dark magic and not her usual magic.
I don't like that threat. I guess Klaus has to stay in that livingroom for a few decades. The house is his now.
Rebekah is upset about Kol but Stefan coaxed her and tells her he wants to find the cure for her now to, not just Elena anymore. I think he means it. I think that speech of hers touched him.
If she only knew that he was planning on daggering her AGAIN, earlier. But she has no idea. Lucky break, Stefan.
Awww Elena is so happy to see Damon. I love their soft hug OMG
"Sorry I missed all the excitement."
"I am just happy to see you."
Not so happy to see you...
Stefan got the headstone from Rebekah and that good atleast.
Bonnie says they have 4 days max to find the cure. She drew power from the moon to trap Klaus.
Elena thinks Stefan daggered Bex but luckily he didn't. Thanks Stefan.
Elena can't understand why Stefan is trusting Rebekah, and I don't really blame her, but I am glad they will all have to work together now.
"Why would you possibly think that you can trust her?"
"Let me guess, she pledged her allegiance to you while you were naked in the sack."👀
Damon just dropped that one. He is done trying to make Stefan look good infront of Elena. He is finally fighting for her.
Stefan is pissed. I guess he didn't want Elena to know about his crazy revenge sex.
"Stop it, both of you!"
"Why don't you tell her to calm down, Damon? You have managed to use that sirebond pretty well so far, haven't you?"
....Did he just? HE DID NOT JUST. 💀💀💀 OMFG just when I thought he couldn't be any more disgusting about this sirebond thing. Yass punch!
He deserves that punch from Damon. What he insinuated was so low OMG. And he talks about Elena like she isn't even there. Like she is some object. I can't even.
👀 Jeremy is having a hulk moment and rips his shirt off. It worked. The tattoo is growing. Elena's plan was as sucess.
They can all see it now. OMGGG the hunt for the cure is on!
Phew what an episode. The 2nd half. 👀👀 I am so proud of Elena and Jeremy. They managed to kill crazy Koll. Elena made a plan, assigned everyone with their parts and executed it. And she did it all on her own. She proved that she can be efficient even without Damon around.
04x13 "Into the wild." 👀
Shane being chased by what looks like a native. If the natives don't want you to mess with secret ancient stuff, you probably shouldn't mess with secret ancient stuff...
Yeah no. Exploring isn't my thing. I will watch discovery channel, thanks. The hole down there is very deep and very dark.
They are all there. OMG first location episode 👀
Damon and Elena came in their own boat lol. Love it. 😜
"Is that a joke?"
Lol. Professor Shane is worried about sunburns. Dude, that's not your biggest concern here. Ugh the island looks cold and miserable.
This trip is going to be so much fun. Especially if Rebekah is hell bent on being childish... Stefan tells her to stop giving Elena the evil eye, but she iant listening. Shocker.
OMG ELENA BROUGHT THE WHITE OAK. But seriously guys, can you both act like adults around each other please? This silly mean girls fued is just that; silly.
Elena refuses help from Stefan. Lol. She is so done with him.
Damon placates Elena and tells her that Stefan only brought Rebekah along to make her think that he is over her.
Elena wants to know if Damon will take the cure too, and wants to talk to him about it, but he is being evasive. "I don't want to speculate."
But Damonnn if Elena takes it, you have too as well. Your future with her and all...
And Damon never wanted to be a vampire and actually cried in S2 about how much he missed being human. "I miss it more than anything in the world." So what is this hesitation?
Well okay, he wanted to turn for Katherine, but that was it. When he thought she died, he didn't want to turn anymore.
Bonnie taking pictures of Jeremy's naked torso isn't awkward at all lmao. Human studies. So Silas was a cheating man hoe and Ketsia was crazy. You can't go around killing every woman your man cheats on you with.
Ketsia was one determind bitch. If your man doesn't want you, let him go. It's called self respect. But she burried him with the cure, hoping he would take it and join her on the otherside. What fun will that be though? Being stuck with someone that doesn't want you? You really want to be doing that? Mocking Klaus? Be I going to get out of there and then I really don't want to be you. "Morning sunshine. You look pathetic."
"Only until Bonnie's spell locking me in here wears off. Then I will look different. Angrier perhaps. Or I +
won't look like anything, cause I will have goughed your eyeballs from their sockets." Yeah Tyler...just go home okay?
Ugh Klaus is bragging about how he killed his mom.
Elena thinks the island is creepy. Same, sweetie.
"Is anyone else a little creeped out?"
"So then leave. Out of everyone, your presense is the least necessary." Rebekah 😑
"Please don't start."
"I am merely staying the facts. Jeremy has the spell on his body,Bonnie is the witch+
that can unseal the cure, Shane is a human compass, you and I have the tombstone; which does God knows what, and Elena has no point." Savage, Rebekah.
"What about me?"
"You have a nice behind."
Damon isn't argueing 😂😂
Shane is telling them about some magic well on the island. If you give it some of your blood, it shows you visions. So now this island has the cure, Silas, and a magic well... What parts of this story is bullshit and what parts are real?
So the magic well is real too? But he only actually saw his dead wife after he fell his ass off. What if he just hit his head?
Shiiiit. The island is boobytrapped. I guess that native must still be around there somewhere?
OH SHIT. The native tried to kill Jeremy, but someone killed him first. There is another party on the island. 👀 The same mystery person who compelled that guy to bite off his tongue previously?
Is that a cabin in the woods? I think it is a good idea to camp out to the night too. I am surprised they haven't stopped earlier. Things are just just much better with daylight. Ugh Shane is being a bitch, telling Damon be has the most to lose from this cure, aka Elena. Shut up+
Shady pants. You know nothing. Elena heard his comment and came over to talk to Damon and comfort him. Yes sweetie, make him feel better, since everyone keeps telling him that human you wouldn't want him anymore. 😢😐
"Shane doesn't know what he is talking about."
"We will find out tomorrow."
"Do you really think that I am going to take this cure, break the sirebond and fall out of love with you?" Elena can't even believe it, that's how stupid it is. She knows her feelings are real.
"I get it. Everything changes tomorrow and will be all unicorns and rainbows."
"No not everything. That's what I am saying. Damon, not my feelings for you." SHE TOUCHES HIS CHEEK AND KISSES HIM. WHY IS IT SO DAMN DARK I WANT MY LIGHTING
THEY HUG OMG THEY ARE SO PRECIOUS. Damon is unconvinced and worried af. Why do the writers always torture him? 😢
Caroline can't believe Tyler is still there. Me either. He is being stupid as fuck and this is going to backfire. "You are still here? What are you doing?"
"Gloating." Dumb dumb bumbb.
"Come home. Don't stoop to his level."
Of course Tyler refuses to listen to reason.
Klaus is still sad about Kol. And I am still surprised. "Tyler's mother is dead. So is my brother. We are even. Call Bonnie, get her to let me out of here." If that is a ceice fire, I suggest they take it. They are even, so let's stop killing people.
"I will never EVER help you."
Now is not a good time to be asking Caroline any favors. She is disgusted with him for killing Tyler's mom.
Lol Klaus, don't be delusional. I agree that you guys are even; a kill for a kill, but stop pretending like you did Tyler a favor when you made him a hybrid.
Lol and now he is bringing up the fact that he saved her life. Yeah but what about the fact that he was the one who told Tyler to bite her in the first place? Caroline owes him nothing.
Care...Klaus is getting mad. Perhaps you and Tyler should just go home. "How delusional are you? You killed his mother. And lets not forget that we are standing in a house where Elena's aunt Jenna use to live. Or did you think that your charm would make us forget how you killed+
her too. You know what, no. I am not going to engage in this. You are not even worth the calories I burn talking to you." Snap. FUCKING ouch Caroline. That was savageee.
"That was definitely worth the calories." So fucking flippant and smug. 💀
He better heal her after having his damn meal. 💀 But he lectures Damon about love? He knows nothing about love. It's a foreign fucking concept. And didn't he say to Caroline how he would never have let Tyler hurt her, and he would never hurt her. What the fuck is this then??
To think I was low-key starting to root for them. What a joke. Klaus will never be worthy of her. He will always be trash. 1 step forward, 20 steps back. 💀
Rebekah is terrified. Sweetie, you are the big bad lol. What are you afraid of?
"Did you hear that? I swear this place is haunted."
"You are crushing my arm."
"Okay. You got me, I am a scaredy cat." Lol. Okay but if there are ghosts around, I don't blame her.
"What are you going to do when Elena becomes human and comes running back to you?"
He doesnt have to speculate, because that is not even a possibility. Has everyone purposely misunderstood the sirebond? It doesn't make you love someone.
"You said that you would take the cure to be with her, you would have children and grow old. Is that still true?"
Stefan, don't deflect.
"If I take the cure, it wouldn't be for her. It would be for me." Okay that's good atleast. That's a decision you need to make for yourself.+
Yes of course your future plans with the love of your life is suppose to play a role in your decision, but you are single now Stefan. So it's good to know he won't be taking the cure based on future plans with Elena. Because there won't be any future with Elena.
I think I am starting to understand why Damon is hesitant to take the cure though. I remember his existential crises back in S2, when he was crying on the road. He was struggling to be a good vampire and he missed being human. So going back to being a human, should be an easy+
decision because "I miss it more than anything in the world!" But Stefan's conversation with Rebekah made me realise, your lives one plays a part in that decision and Damon isn't sure if he has a loved one. He isn't sure about Elena's love being real because of the damn sirebond+
So Damon is scared that if he takes the cure, he will lose Elena and be a miserable human all alone, unable to hide his pain behind vampirism.
Bonnie tells Shane that she can see no spell hidden in the tattoo. Imagine try came all this way, only not to figure that part out.
OMG Shane's wife was a witch and tried to resurrect their son after he died in an accident. He taught Bonnie the same magic that killed her. But everyone knows you can't bring back the dead without consequence. Luckily that's not what Bonnie has to do.
"Bonnie has to keep me alive, so that I can keep her alive." Look, I feel bad about his tragic back story. But I would punch his face in if I were Bonnie.
Shit. Something moved outside Jeremy's tent...
Ah crap. A native got Jeremy. Fanfuckingtastic. How could they leave him alone?
Well this is nice. 💀 Klaus smiling and getting enjoyment out of Caroline's terror. I guess he isn't in love with her anymore because NO person treats the person they have feelings for this way.
He makes Tyler beg and taunts him with his blood. Tyler even offers to ne his slave again, but Klaus refuses to heal Caroline. WTF I can't even believe this. It's disgusting. Forwood has a LOT of flaws, but atleast Tyler swallowed his pride for Caroline and begged.
WTF NOO Tyler takes Caroline away. She wants to leave because she can't even look at Klaus, but they can't leave. They have to get his blood somehow. If you go home, you are done for. Stay close to the blood source. 👀
Everyone has finally noticed that Jeremy is missing. Bonnie is staying to try a locater spell, Shane is staying to watch her and Damon stays to watch him. Which leaves poor Elena teamed up with Stefan and Rebekah to search the island. Her 2 favourite people. 😐
Damon catches Shane with his phone, which is suppose to have no signal. The guy is so shady, he will drive the least paranoid person to become paranoid af. Damon is done playing his games and wants the location of the cure NOW.
So Shane's dead wife is either insane too, or thats not really his dead wife. She told him about Silas who will bring back the dead and help those who helped him. Sounds like a deal with the devil to me. And the fact that he can only see her because his blood is in the well..
Bonnie is related to Ketsia. 👀
And that's how Bonnie burnt down the entire island with Silas and the cure... Okay but seriously? A fire spell when you know your magic is unstable?
Lol Stefan looks like he just wants to kill himself. Be isn't in the mood to listen to Elena and Rebekah fighting. Bex is still going on about the dagger insident. ran her off a bridge after. Even steven by faaaaar.
Shiiiit thanks Rebekah. Nice catch.
Elena is grateful and thanks her. Aww can this be the start of their friendship now pleeasee?
Shane's dead wife is manipulating him. He tells her he can't orchistrate massacres and she just tells him that he can get someone else to do it for him. Just convince them they can see their loved ones again. I don't think it's really his wife. Nobody will be stupid enough+
to fall for something as dark as this and think everything can be okay in the end. This is some demon, trying to trick him or something. If this show is willing to go THAT dark, of course.
SHIT...Shane only has 2 massacres out of the 3 needed.
Poor Tyler feels terrible about Caroline being bitten and he apologises for his part in it. Gloating always end badly, but no one saw THIS happening.
Yes Tyler. Take her back to Klaus. He leaves her there, saying Klaus has to watch her die if he wants her to die. Try to play on his little shred of humanity.
"Nothing personal love, but if I cure you, that means victory for him. Don't worry, it won't be long now."
💀💀This is not okay. This is fucking NOT okay. This ship has died. 💀 I can take a lot of things but this is just where I fucking draw the line.
What happened to his "love"? What happened to his promise not to hurt her? His talks about her still having to see the world? Now he is cavalier about her life and sees her existance being wiped out as a victory over Tyler. I can't even.
And don't tell me "but he is the villian!" Because the whole point of this trope, is for the villian to feel something for the girl and in that, VALUE her life and try to protect her from harm. At his very worst, Damon valued Elena's life and saved her. THAT is the trope done+
right. Not whatever the fuck it is the writers are doing with this ship. And it's a shame, because they have amazing chemistry and had such potential.
Ugh shut up Shane. 💀 He is telling Damon how he should leave before Elena leaves him, and keep some shred of self respect. I HATE how everyone is telling him Elena won't love him. But Damon won't be manipulated and he intends to stay on the island. Thank fuck.
"Don't stay and watch Elena walk away from you."
"Right... because if I get out of here, I can't get between you and whatever you are planning with Silas. I am not that easily manipulated, professor. And there is one flaw in your logic. I don't give a crap about Bonnie Bennet."
Well, she doesn't give a crap about you either, so lol.
Elena saves Shane's life. I wonder if she would have been that nice if she knew he was planning another massacre, and what load of bullshit be was saying to Damon. But atleast I like the fact that she stands up to Damon and still calls him out. Sorebond or not.
Ah shit. Shane may not have been able to manipulate Damon off the island, but he did get under his skin and now he is self sabotaging again. 😐😢 Elena still tries to convince him that her feelings won't change, but Shane has put other bad scenarios in his head. FML
"So things aren't easy and you are just going to push me away now? That's what you do, Damon. You think that you don't deserve something, so you ruin it." 😢😢
Elena knows him so well OMG. His face though. He knows she is right.
"Take the cure with me!"
"That's how much I know this is real. That's how certain I am that I am going to love you even after this is all over. Take the cure. Be human with me. We can be together, grow old together. It doesn't have to be hard anymore." THATS A FUCKING PROPOSAL RIGHT THERE OMGG
THIS SHIP IS KILLING ME OVER AND OVER. Damon is self sabotaging. I bet he is having Katherine flashbacks right now. now wanted to turn for her and we all know how that worked out for him. She didn't love him. His fear is paralyzing him. "I use to miss being human. Now I can't +
think of anything more miserable on earth."
Elena is so hurt and disapointed. It must suck so bad, having to tell everyone you feel a certain way, only for everyone to dismiss it or don't believe it. She loves Damon, he loves her, they can be human together. But his insecurities are to huge. And I can't blame him. If +
rejection and betrayal is all you have known for years, it is hard to believe you are worth something. And with everyone in his life telling him Elena won't love him as a human, is adding so much fuel to the fire. Even Shane and Klaus weighed in on this. 😐
These woods are really hazardous. Stefan saves Rebekah this time and they share a little moment. Rebekah thinks she and Elena aren't that different when it comes down to it and reminds Stefan that she helped to kill 2 of her brothers. Well, to be fair, Kol brought it on himself.
Great. Shane is gone, Jeremy is gone, Bonnie is gone. Where is Damon? This group should NOT have split up. Worst idea ever.
"If you don't feed me your blood, I will die."
"Then you will die. And Tyler will have learned his lesson the hard way."
This is just so fucked up. 💀
Caroline looks really sick now. She wants to know how he could do this to her. Don't worry sweetie, I don't get his type of +
"love" either.
"You are hurt. Which means there is a part of you that is human."
"How could you possibly think that?"
"Because I have seen it." Yes, I have seen it too. It's there. But bloody hell, its really small and really sellective to show itself.
"Because I have caught myself wishing+
that I could forget all the horrible things that you have done."
"But you can't, can you?"
Well she WANTS to. And maybe if you STOP doing shitty things, your previous shitty behaviour can get a chance to fade. But before the dust has had time to settle on the one shitty deed,you+
have already jumped to doing the next shitty deed. Without apology. Klaus did this to her in S3 via Tyler to punish Stefan. Here we are again. The same scene, a season later. To punish Tyler this time. Where is the progress? The growth?
"I know that you are in love with me. And anybody capable of love, is capable of being saved." That's true. Caroline has a point. But is he really capable of love though? I mean, look where we are here. And is she saying this because she means it? Or because she is hoping he +
will save her. I personally think it is a little bit of both. And it's working. Klaus is crying. So maybe she can talk him into saving her afterall.
And just like last time, he waits till the last possible second. She is fucking dying. She is an inch away from death and he is sitting there, debating with himself if be should save her or not. He looks SURPRISED and half scared, like he is only now realising the gravity of +
what is happening.
THANKYOU. OMG FINALLY. But I shouldn't be thanking him for the fucking bare minimum. The guy wanting the girl to be alive really is the barest of bare minimum. Even for a villian. But I guess this means she touched his shred of humanity and he realized he wants her alive afterall
Rebekah is losing it and thinks Elena took the tombstone. Girl chill. You 3 were both abandoned and are in the same boat.
"All you people ever do is betray me and here you go again." .....well that is the truth though. Sad but true.
Stefan really wants the cure. He plans to take it. "It ends the guilt and it ends the suffering."
Suffering maybe yes, but guilt? You still have to live with what you+
did. Becoming human, doesn't bring back all the people you killed though.
Aside from having kids, I don't see why anyone would think being human will fix all their issues. Rebekah will still be insecure and in desperate need of love and attention. Stefan yes. He won't be a ripper and won't have control issues. But it doesn't erase his past or guilt.
Shady Shane was behind everything. He split the vital people from the not so vital for his plan. But yikes, there is someone else on the island. Someone unknown. Whoooo?
Well this episode was just so much fun. 😐
04x14 "Down the rabbit hole."
Okay but this island is SMALL. One tsunami wave and it's completely gone. Sorry, random, but that's a legit fear of mine. 🙈
The hunter knows about Damon and Elena and all the others. He has been spying on them. Creepy. But why is he kidnapping and not killing? (NOT complaining though)
Oh yikes. This hunter has been killing vampires his entire life and his tattoo isn't finished. Elena really had a master plan letting Jeremy kill Kol, or his life would have been completely ruined.
This is becoming an annoying theme. Let's see how many characters can tie Damon up and torture him. 😐
Elena calls to let Caroline know about the shitstorm going on on the island. Alan knows Damon was jumped by someone, she noticed signs of a struggle. But she knows he is strong and Shane couldn't have taken him alone. "Do you think Shane took him?"
"No. He is not strong enough+
to take Damon on. Even with the ellement of surprise. He must have someone, or atleast a few someones helping him."
Elena subtely bragging about hubby's strength. 😎😜
Caroline wants to help and Elena tells her that she can, by finding Klaus's sword. Why does he look so smug?? That's concerning. Stefan and Rebekah says he won't give up the sword for Caroline. Maybe she will manipulate that out of him too. 😎
"Need my help with anything, love?"
"Nope." She is taking no shit. 😂 I love how she just diamisses him and walks away proudly. Baby girl has attitude.
Shane got Bonnie and Jeremy to the spot where he last nearly bled himself out to see his dead wife. I dont get why he betrayed the others? What does he plan to do, that Elena, Damon, Rebekah and Stefan can't know of?
The native is scared and says that is as far as he is willing to go, so he wants to get paid now. What you gonna buy? I don't see a wallmart on that island?
Oh okay, he wants the rock. Probably for a spell, since he is a witch. That spell must be worth it, if you think raising a person who will end the world is worth trading it for.
A quarter of the tombstone is made out of Quetsijah's calcified blood. "In some witch circles, that stone is more valuable than the Hope diamond." Okay, but she was Bonnie's ancestor. Doesn't that make it rightfully hers?
Caroline and Tyler found the sword. The handle is a cryptext. Both Klaus and Caroline seem so. ..chipper. Caroline has reason, I get it. But Klaus? What's going on? 😕
Aaahhh. He is smug because only he can speak the dead language. Aramaic.
Elena and Stefan are having their first real conversation since she turned. She thinks it I had fault everyone is in danger, but Stefan reassures her that everyone is there for themselves. Poor Elena is so use to taking the blame. Thanks Stefan, for setting that straight.
Stefan says him wanting the cure isn't about her. He wanted to be human before he met her, since even the good parts of vampirism sucked in the long run. Aww "What is a deeply burried, personal secret between friends?"
"So we are friends? I like that."
Me too. 😆 Chill Bex +
Elena has placed Stefan firmly in the friendzone and I think he is starting to ne more open to that, despite still carrying a torch for her. Either that, or he is realizing that he better start being nice to her again since she is close to being cured.
But I would really like it if Stelena can be friends after this is all said and done, so I am going for the first option.
HAHAHAHA OMG the hunter made a huge miscalculation. miscalculation wanted to use Damon as leverage so his "witch friend" would open Silas's crypt for him. As if Bonnie gives a crap about Damon.
"Wait a minute.. You are using me to get to Bonnie Bennet? Wow brother, you picked +
the wrong vampire."
Damon tried to make a deal, since they just wants the cure, and don't care if the hunter kills Silas or not.
"You really don't understand, do you?"
Understand what? It's simple. They want the cure, you want Silas. Zero conflict of interest.
This must be what teachers feel like, watching their students write exams while they have all the answers to the test. Tyler and Caroline isn't making any progress.
"The passage inside requires a young senator and a pretty flower." Something tells me they fucked up on the +
second half of that. 😂😂
The cure will have to be shoved down Silas' throat because he is immortal. Okay sure, no problem. No one is going to try and stop you.
Klaus decides to lend a hand. "Passage inside requires a powerful witch and a higher in full bloom."
I mean, thats not a cure for vampirism then. It's a cure for imortality. Isn't Silas a very powerful witch? Witches aren't even immortal. Nah, this hunter doesn't know what the fuck he is talking about.
Bonnie slips and must have opened an artery because that is a shitload of blood. She tells Jeremy that she won't let Shane raise Silas. Bon, your expression is powerful and I wanna have faith in you, but....I kinda don't.
SHIIIIT this is creepy as hell. Bonnie's litres of lost blood is seeping through the stone into Silas's mouth. He looks almost ironny, like he has a melted iron helmet over his head? Idk but it's fucking weird. 👀
Klaus helped translate and Caroline e-mailed the map to Rebekah, who is stunned and mistrusting over Klaus' sudden co operation. Me too sweetie, I smell a rat. Something is off.
Strange that Klaus would want Rebekah to get it and not Elena. I thought he wanted his hybrids back? But on the other hand, he knows Elena won't take it if she know there is only one. So I even want her to take it if Damon can't take it too? But the sirebond????
This is so fucked up I can't even. I want Delena to stay the same. Vampire / vampire or human / human. I dont like the idea of one growing old and the other staying young. But the sirebond? ?? FUCK.
And the cure is technically Rebekah's since it was her boyfriend and she +
knew about it first and wanted it first. FML now what? My head is spinning.
I guess the sirebond isn't that bad. I think that's the best option now. Delena stay vampires and they look for another way to break it. It really isn't that bad in my opinion. Elena is still herself and still stands up for her opinions.
Can't they share the dose between two people?
Someone killed the local. There is STILL someone unknown on the island with them. The plot thickens...maybe someone who can figure out how to share 1 dose of fucking something.
Shane wants to raise Silas but he only has 2/3 massacres??
Thats the spot, but they are short 12 dead people, so I dont get what he thinks they can achieve with half a spell?
OH MY DAYYUMM. NO WAYYY. Vampire or not. Rebekah says they have to jump. Hahaha they will have to fucking push me off. I am not willingly flinging my ass off that ledge. 😨
Is she even leading them the right way since she knows about the one dose problem??
ELENA GILBERT BEING A FEARLESS BADASS. I got anxiety watching that.
Rebekah stops Stefan. She is going to tell him? Girl why would you?
"There is something you should know about the cure."
Bonnie is sucking in the power of the tattoo and freeing Jeremy from having to live with that ink for the rest of his life. Thanks Bon
The cave looks like it is collapsing. Hazardous af. Shane runs to dodge some falling boulders, but I would rather stay close to Bonnie if I were him.
Stefan is really bummed about the cure situation. You and me both, Stef.😣Rebekah checks to see what Stefan would do with the cure if she were to take pity on him and give it to him.He would still give it to Elena and Bex is not okay with that and snaps his neck. Partnership over
I think its really nice of Stefan that be would give the cure to Elena, despite wanting it himself. Looks like his dick phase is finally over. But I don't want Elena cured if Damin can't be cured with her. I am selfish that way. 😣
Bonnie did it. The cave is open. And hahahahaha why did I say?? Stay close to Bonnie. Shane didn't and he got his leg broken
"Hey guys, I need a hand. My leg is broken."
"Best to stay off it then." Savage Bonnie 😂😌 But they better not leave him there for good to die though..
Damon and the hunter arrives at the caves. Shit he wants to kill Damon, since it is already open. Joke os on him though, Damon breaks the vervain ropes. Elena wasn't kidding when she said hubby is strong.😌 Damon was only pretending to be stuck so the hunter would take him there
"I am going to kill you, and I am going to get to that damn cure and give it to the girl that I love."
Your attachment to your friends, will be the end of you."
I love it when the show not so subtely points out Damon's character growth.
Rebekah arrived. Well, that's it for the hunter lol. Screwedville.
Elena is disapointed about the cure, but not as devastated as I thought she would be. Infact, she is pretty much okay with it. And selfless.
"There is only one cure? I can't take it. I mean, not above everyone else that deserves it just as much as I do. It's over."
"I am sorry."+
"Don't be. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise."
"How so?"
"Things changed the minute I went off that bridge, Stefan. Even if I can be human again, I wouldn't be the person that I was."
KDNDHD Elena subtely saying she won't be in love with him again, and that she has grown in her+
own way.
"So it's about time that I accept the person I am now and figure out a way to start living the rest of my life." She has accepted being a vampire and I am so happy for her.
"Rest of your life? Sired to Damon."
Stefan, it's not a death sentence.
"I guess a will have to deal with that when a get home."
Yes, continue looking for ways to break the bond, while continuing being happy with Damon. Easy
It just dawned on them that they will have to cure Klaus, I he will kill them. SHIIIT. So it's between Klaus or Rebekah. I want Bex to get cured but I need Klaus to be cured so that my favs survive. 😯😯
Caroline is trying to calm down Tyler. He wants to flee town again, but hoho miss Forbes is getting brave. She wants to try and talk to Klaus. Sweetie, maybe you are overestimating yourself just a little here. Klaus won't let Tyler go for you. I don't think so.
WTF the hunter is like Batman. His gadgets saves his ass when he can't physically match up because he is just human, against Rebekah and Damon. Bax got some bomb to the chest and Damon got shot with some vervain rope thing around the neck. 😨
Stefan and Elena arive and SHIIIT the hunter makes a run for it and goes after the cure
"You are wasting time. Just get the cure. Go."
"We are not going to leave you."
Elena looking out for Damon everytime. 😢😍
Stefan tells Elena that he will stay and free Damon, she should go ahead. That's a good plan guys. Go
Bonnie can see grams. 😢😢 ....If that's really her. She did bleed a lot in that well.
....This isn't grams.. the things she is saying is not what grams would say. Fuccckkk
Jeremy can't see grams and he tells Bonnie she is hallucinating. Silas got inside Bonnie's head and tried to control her, like he controlled Shane. ...Don't make me feel sorry for Shady pants. I don't want too. 😐
Caroline...goodluck... Maybe offer to go on a date with him? Since you are gonna try.
"You can't kill Tyler."
"Not only can I, I have to. I have a reputation to uphold. Moreover, I want to."
Sweetie, there you have it. He wants that revenge.
Klaus points out that Caroline wouldn't want the cure, even if she could get it. He is right though. And she shouldn't want it either. She is better at being a vampire than a was at being a human.
"But if you could, you wouldn't, would you? You prefer who you are now to the girl+
you once were. You like being strong, ageless, fearless."
He isn't wrong....
"We are the same, Caroline."
...You should she stopped at fearless. Caroline someone who threatens loved ones, lashes out and hurts other people for selfish reasons. But in the vampire aspect, yes+
they both like being vampires. Thats literally the only thing that have in common. Caroline is light and pure with a good heart. Klaus...let's just leave it at that.
"Then show me."
OMG MY GENIOUS BABY GIRL. This might just work.
"You know how much I love Tyler. You can see how scared I am to lose him. If you and I are so similar, then show me your compassion. Show him the mercy that I would show you." If he actually does,this will be a step+
forward. This will finaly be character growth.
Caroline is wickedly smart though and I love how she manipulates him.
OMG HE SAID YES. I can't believe it. I am pleasantly surprised. Tyler has to leave town, but Klaus will show him mercy. Phew Caroline, you did it.
Ah fuck. Nope, spoke too soon.
He made her happy for a milli second, only to tell her that his "mercy" is giving Tyler a head start before killing him. Poor Caroline. Her heart just dropped. 😢
Damon tells Stefan to go after Elena and leave him behind. "She only needs one of us." OMG he doesnt want to ne there when she gets cured because he thinks she will leave him. 😢 "Just do what makes her happy Stefan."
"Things have changed. It's not that easy anymore."
I think +
the talk Stefan and Elena had, opened his eyes a little and I think he may be starting to realize that Damon is a real contender for her love.
"It is right now! Get your ass down the well and help Elena get the damn thing."
His face though. My poor heart. I love him so much 😢
Poor Forwood. This just isn't right. 😢
Tyler says goodbye, but he is optimistic. They are immortal afterall. "Until we find a way."
Poor Caroline. The original family may be interesting AF and a great addition to the show, but they cause the OG characters so much pain and suffering. 😭
Stefan finds Shane. He has no idea there was only one cure. He tries to appeal to Stefan to help him. He only wanted his family back, but Stefan leaves him behind. Once again, I get why they are all being heartless to Shane, I don't like him either, but I do hope they don't +
intend to leave him there to die. That's just little too cruel for me. FML I pity the guy okay. 😣
Shame just leave him alone now. Silas is really busy toying with people's minds. If he can do this while looking....the way he does, imagine what he can do at full power??
Ah fuckit. Yes Jeremy, that tiny box has the cure inside. There really is just one bloody ass dose
Jeremy can't even get it. It's fucking stuck, fossilised in place. Ah crap. Bonnie realises that they will need to feed him blood and wake him, I order to get the cure out of his hands. Okay but feed him very little? Like not enough to fully wake him, just enough to move him?
Thanks Damon. He pulled the wooden splinters from Rebekah so she can wake up.
"You gave up, didn't you?"
"I didn't give up. I just realized you can't control everything. No matter how hard you try. Let's just say I made peace with that fact."
"Peace? You love Elena. You always will. She becomes human, she may not feel the same way about you."
WHYY does+
everyone just assume that? The sirebond has been explained so well and these characters aren't idiots, so what's up? 😐
"You will never know peace."
"Life sucks. Get a helmet."
"You did something selfless Damon. If I didn't know better, I would say you are becoming a halfway +
decent person." Well imagine if she and everyone else knew about ALL the other good things he has done. He has become a decent person a very long time ago. They just don't know about it. But Elena does.
YASSS go baby girl! Elena saved Jeremy and knocks the hunter out.
KLAUS IS FREE. 😨 I hope Tyler is very far out of town
Caroline is scared and gets up. "Don't worry love, you know I would never hurt you." HAHAHAHAHA part in her for not believing that after recent events. You said that before and actions speak louder than words. "You have done enough."
"I have done more than enough."
Really? +
You mean the bare minimum?
"I have shown kindness, forgiveness, pity, because of you, Caroline." HAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG ARE YOU FOR REAL? Kindness? To whom? Forgiveness? To whom? Pity yes. He changed his mind and didn't kill her. But is she suppose to be thankful??
"It was all for you."
She looks revulted though. The poor girl is hurt Klaus, you just drove her boyfriend out of town and you said you are going to kill him. Is she suppose to kiss your feet? Caroline doesn't see things his way and he acoffs and leaves. If he had REALLY +
done all those things and that type of development had actually taken place, it would have been a ship I could get into. But none of this things happened, except the pity part. And she had to manipulate him for it too.
Jeremy wants to help Bonnie first and Katherine is annoyed af. "God, I forgot what a brat you were."
But he has his ring, right?
Whyyy the sad music??? He has his ring??
Whay are they making such a big thing out of Jeremy dying? He has his ring on, doesn't he??
If I wait for the perfect time to start, that will be never. So at work, and going to see how far I can get.
04x15 "Stand by me."
I am not ready for this. My baby girl is going to be so broken because of Jeremy. 😢
Wait, they are home now?
.....This is already making me want to tear up. This episode is going to kill me, isn't it?
Elena sees the ring and thinks Jeremy will be okay. Oh sweetie I am so sorry OMG. 😢😢😢
Silas, the cure, Bonnie and Katherine are gone. This whole trip was a waste. Damon wants to go wait with Elena for Jeremy to wake-up, but Stefan drops the bomb. Jeremy was supernatural. One of the five. Damon knows she won't survive this and tells Stefan to get Elena home. He+
will stay behind and look for Bonnie. I see we are back to that. Letting Stefan get the better jobs. But I guess Damon wants to make sure Elena doesn't lose Bonnie too.
Caroline was trying to clean the burnmark Kol left behind. Bestie goals right there. Shit, she didn't know about Jeremy.
Caroline and Stefan communicate silently. He shakes his head, to let her know Jeremy is gone. Elena tells Stefan to put him in his room. How far away was this island? Shouldn't she have noticed by now that nothing is going to happen? 😢
Denial is a really powerful thing. But maybe she just hasn't realised yet. I thought the ring would work, Damon did too.
Elena tells Stefan to let her know if they get any news on Bonnie. She is worried about her too. That's besties goals right there too.
I dont like that Damon stayed behind alone on that creepy island. Now Silas is awake too and I bet he is still there, since he didn't have a boat stored away centuries ago.
"Unless you are a blond, a Bennet witch or a doppelganger, I suggest you steer clear."
WHYYY do I have feeling it won't be any of those?
FUCK REBEKAH. OMG you just gave me and Damon a scare. I have never seen him jump like that 😂
Rebekah wants the cure. Sorry sis, Katherine has it. Damon tells her about Jeremy and she actually feels sorry for Elena. Bex isn't heartless people. First she saves her, now she feels bad for her. That friendship is coming, isn't it? 😌
Bonnie wakes up in the forest with Shane. He fixed her up with some herbs from the island and says Silas healed his broken leg. Some magic hearbs that can cure a stab wound to the back...
Shane tells Bonnie that Jeremy is dead. Poor Bonnie. She loved him. This is the second time her boyfriend died on her. 😢 She brought him back last time. Maybe she can do it again, since she has expression now and no witch spirits holding her back. I don't trust that Silas+
will really being back the dead. Bonnie is Jeremy's best bet here.
Elena is still sitting with Jeremy, looking for any sign of life. Oh sweetie, this is heartbreaking.
Stefan and Caroline talk about Elena being in denial and they want to get Bonnie back first and have Damon use the sirebond to make sure she is okay before breaking her into reality. Shit Elena heard them. Guys, the sirebond can't take heartbreak away. That's a reach and a half.
Elena has a point. Jeremy's tattoo disappeared. Maybe his supernatural destiny has been fulfilled and he is human again.
"It's possible Caroline. There is a chance. It may be minuscule, it's hope. And I am going to hold on to that hope with everything that I've got because +
there is no way that...there is absolutely no way that my brother is dead. I am not in denial."
....No one in denial ever thinks they are. But with magic you never know. Maybe..
But yeah... judging by the tone of this episode.. sorry Elena. But no.
Caroline calls Tyler, but he didn't answer. He and Jeremy were never that close, I doubt he will care.
Stefan brings Caroline some coffee and tries to comfort her about Tyler. If Katherine can run for too years, Tyler can too. Fair point Stefan but I dont think Tyler is the smartest pea in the pod. No offense. ONG YES. Katherine probabky stole the cure to bargain with Klaus.+
*500 years.
I like how close Stefan and Caroline are becoming. They are really turning into support systems for eachother. Stefan talks about how disappointed he is that Elena won't be cured. Caroline goes into boss mode and starts planning what to do. They need a cover story +
and she needs to call Matt and talk to her mom. Wish we had someone like Caroline around when my dad died. Someone that can take over and handle these sort of details. OH SHIT NO. Jeremy is starting to smelll 😭 That just unesesarry okay. Didn't need to write that in. 😓
That was probably written in, to confirm to the viewers that Elena's hope is actually useless. He is dead for real and she is in heavy denial, along with her own vampire senses.
Rebekah claims not to be a scare cat, when she admitted to being one to Stefan. 😂 I think they are both scared right now. She points out that Damon should be the one comforting Elena, but that he is to scared to be there when Elena realizes Jer is really dead. I think she +
is partly right. He has never been able to see her in pain. But the main reason he stayed behind, was to make sure she doesn't have to mourn Bonnie too.
OMG the hunter is still around. Why didn't Katherine feed HIM to Silas? He was lying there, unconscious when it all went down.
Fuck Damon, Rebekah isn't a human shield. But she is an original and that isn't a white oak, so better her than you right now.
Lol. Damon takes the hunter out easily.
Bonnie is losing it over Jeremy and Shane has to keep her calm. Her magic is out of control. So what,..? She can never feel a strong emotion again without worrying about that shit? She can't keep everything bottled up forever.
Shane says that Silas needs Bonnie. For what? She did her part and opened the tomb. If he is such a powerful witch, why does he need her? Did he make promises, like say, bringing the dead back to life, that he can't keep now? 😒😐
Come on Elena sweetie. You have to smell him too. 😢
Meredith is there to give her medical opinion. Long time, no see girl. I forgot you existed.
OMG Elena loses it on Meredith and Stefan has to restrain her. I am scared what this loss will do to her. She said before that Jeremy was her humanity and Elena isn't a violent person, but hearing Meredith talk about bloating just sent her off the edge.
Matt arives but Elena tells him it will be okay, they just have to wait for Bonnie. She has shifted her hopes into Bonnie now. I am scared though. She is dancing in the edge of a meltdown. She has this crazy look in her eyes and keeps muttering; "No, no Matt, it's fine. Bonnie +
will be here soon and she will fix everything and it will be all fine. Everything is going to be fine. It will be fine. It's going to be fine..."
She is barely keeping it together and I am so scared to see what happens when that tiny chord holding her together snaps. 😭 I feel so bad for her wow.
Matt is being such a good friend. He is one of the characters that has made such an incredible turn around. I loathed him so much and now I low-key like him.
"You are not dosing me again, are you?"
"Poison your best friend once and suspicion follows you forever."
Aww he managed+
to make her smile. But I just had a thought. If he hasn't dosed her and driven off with her, but stayed home like she wanted, they wouldn't have been in the truck when Rebekah ran them off the bridge and Elena wouldn't have died....Matt accidentally played a part in her becoming+
a vampire. 😓 And now he wants her to go somewhere with him. Why? Where?
Elena thinks Damon cares about Bonnie. Lol, he only cares because you care about her sweetie. He said to Shane not to long ago; "I dont give a crap about Bonnie Bennet."
These two have had so much bad blood between them, I do not see them becoming friends. Damon doesn't hate her+
and is just more neutral, because he couldn't give a rat's ass, but Bonnie actively hates his guts.
Rebekah has very brutal torture ideas to get tbe hunter to talk and Damon is as impressed as freaked out lol.
"We can't kill him, but that doesn't mean we can't tear him apart, piece by piece, nerve by nerve until the pain is so severe that your brain shuts it off to give you+
just a moment of blessed relief. And then we will heal you, and do it again and again and again."
"You are creepy."
Lmaoooo 😂😂
Well the threat worked. This goes deeper than I thought. Katherine found Bagley in NOLA and the two I then worked together. Then Katherine found the hunter and told him she could help him find Silas. Katherine is fucking smart. That's why she could stay alive for 500 years. +
If I were Caroline, I would start mourning Tyler...
But Hayley and Katherine? That's another twist I did NOT see coming. I love this show. The writing, even though it sometimes frustrates me, is quality.
Bad wants to follow the lead to the cure but Damon is going to find Bonnie first.
"I am going to go find Bonnie."
"We got a lead on the cure Damon. I am going to find it. But I suppose you don't mind. You never wanted Elena to be human again anyway."
"I wanted that cure for her+
because it was what SHE wanted. You might think I am afraid to go back, but I am not. Because I know what she needs. She needs me to bring her best friend home."
Phew, what a man. Selfless baby. 😢😭💖
Oh so Silas is without magic because he lost his powers when he became a vampire. You can't be both a witch and vampire. Okay... so how the fuck will be raise the dead? Why is everyone so scared of him? He is just a vampire. That means, Bonnie will raise the dead and Silas will+
sit there like a dead fish. Why did they need him then if Bonnie has to do everything?
"That's why I have been teaching you expression, so you can do his work for him."
OMFG I can't believe this.
Shane is batshit. If Silas was powerful and could actually do this, be would be less nuts. But this isn't Silas raising the dead; it's Bonnie. Plus he wants her to help him with the 3rd massacre. Bonnie makes a run for it but trips over Jeremy. The fuck? It's an halusination +
because the real Jeremy is at home with Elena. This means Silas, the creepy, useless dead fish is somewhere in the woods watching and listening to Shane and Bonnie talk.
It worked. Bonnie is all in for this crazy plan. Sweetie nooo OMG. You can't massacre 12 people for a guy that loves you less than you love him.
"I will do whatever it takes."
And no one can convince me otherwise. Bonnie loves Jeremy much more than he ever loved her.
Meredith bumps the AC, but tells Stefan that try won't be able to leave Jeremy in there for much longer. If they EVER kill off one of my favs and does this decomp shit I will lose my shit. It's bad enough to lose a character you love. This is just twisting the knife. Luckily I +
only care about Jeremy because Elena does. He is an okayish character at best.
Damon calls Stefan to check up on Elena.
"How is she?"
"She is losing it Damon. We can do what we can to delay things but a hot to get Jeremy to the morgue before it gets ugly."
"I can't just leave her behind. I can't show up without Bonnie!"
"I think you have to. At this point+
the sirebond is probably the only thing that's going to keep Elena together. I can go back to find Bonnie."
Stefan...the sirebond has nothing to do with emotions. It's going to help jack.
Bonnie! Yay Damon can take her home now and won't return empty handed. And okay, maybe they don't hate eachother anymore, but when did that happen? Bonnie must be really traumatized.
"Shane led the way. He told me what to do Damon. I know how to bring Jeremy back." Um. ..fuck no.
She says that awfully calmly.
Have to pause here ✌
Matt took Elena to the stoner pit? I dont think weed is going to help in this situation. He shows her some grafitti that Jeremy did and gives Elena some good advice. Your loved ones aren't really completely gone. They will always be with you. Just have hope.
When did Matt get deep? Lol
Stefan calls to let Elena know Damon found Bonnie and she is so happy and wants to know if she is okay. Stefan says she may have a way to bring Jeremy back. Guys...massacre 12 people? Elena won't go for that. Not even for Jeremy.
This is false hope at it's finest. 😩
The hunter is scaring Rebekah shitless. Oh crap. Silas' mask thingy is off, but no one knows what he looks like. Well they are fucked.
"How do you hide from the devil if you don't know what he looks like?"
Silas is just a very old vampire, who needs Bonnie to do everything for him, since he doesn't have his magic. Doesn't sound that scary to me. But if he doesn't have magic, how is be making people halusinate though?
Caroline is calling Tyler again. It's just sad and unfair that they are being forced apart like this.
Bonnie is back but Damon tells Caroline to get Stefan. They need to talk. Something tells me Damon isn't okay with the requirements for this spell either.
Damon tells Stefan that Bonnie has lost her mind, meanwhile, she is trying to convince the others about this plan. No one is buying it. Everyone thinks it's crazy af.
So Quetsiyah (forgive me I can't remember the spelling now. I am probably going to butcher this name a lot) was really desperate and created the otherside, so Silas would be trapped with her when he died. The spell Silas wants her to do, will take away the otherside and bring +
back EVERY FUCKING SUPERNATURAL that has ever died. Earth is already struggling with over population. But that aside, OMG it will be the end of the world just like Kol had said. Maybe crazy Kol had has point afterall...
Elena,my poor baby girl. She is sitting there, zoning out. I think she has realized it is futile now. I think the denial has shattered.
April wants to talk to Jeremy. Your timing sucks April. Thanks for making this worse.
"Jeremy can't come to the phone now, he is not.. I am sorry, he is dead."
Poor Elena. It is definitely sinking in now. Also, isn't that a line from a Taylor Swift song?
I am so sorry Elena. I can't take this. It's fucking horrible
She can smell him now. 😭😭 "He is dead. He is dead. Damon, he is dead and he has been dead this entire time and I...OMG I can smell him. How long has he smelled like that?"
This is fucking cruel. How can the writer's do this to Elena? I just. 😐 Why? It's unnecessary.
I just want to give her a hug. 😭
Damon wants to use the sirebond. "Talk to me, I can help you."
But what do you know, it doesn't work because it doesn't work on emotions.
"How? How are you going to help me?"
Elena is totally losing it. This is so hard to watch. The others are just staring side eyed as she has her meltdown. Sweetie OMG you can't burn your house down. 😣😭😭
"Elena stop it! You are scaring me!"
Caroline seriously? She has been keeping it all in all day. It needs out
"Elena stop."
"There is nothing here for me anymore Stefan. Every inch of this house is filled with memories of the people that I love that have died. My mom, my dad, Jeremy, Jenna, Alaric, Jon.+
Even John. They are all dead. Everyone is dead."
Stefan tells Damon to help her but he can't. All he can do is hold her right now while she is breaking on the inside. This is fucking tragic. I didn't bring enough tissues fuck
"It hurts. It hurts. Just make it stop. Please make it stop it hurts."
😭😭😭 Me and Elena right now
Okay I get what people said about an Emmy award. If this actress didn't get one, the system is fucking rigged. That was a powerhouse performance. Something you don't just find in every show. I FELT that.
The way her eyes just go dead when she turned it off. Bloody hell.
Caroline calls Tyler again. Is she going to be in a relationship with a phone now? Tyler has no reason not to pick up.
Bonnie is still telling Matt that things will be okay and that she will bring Jeremy back. I am going to be sooooo pissed of the writer's let Elena go through all this shit just to bring him back again.
Shane has updated his creep status and waited outside Bonnie's home.
"We are the beginning." That weird ass phrase again
Rebekah is still on the island all by herself. 😨 She REALLY wants that cure.
The fuck??
Shane is dead? WHO IS WITH BONNIE? SILAS??
OMGGG I JUMPED. Still alive.
Yeah we know. The useless as witch has some magic leftovers to play with and is in Mystic Falls
Awww Matt crying over Jeremy. Meremy should have gotten a go after Anna died.
She looks so dead inside. This scares me more than her meltdown did
Damon sweetie, I love you more than life itself, but I agree with Stefan. This was a bad idea. You can't use the sirebond to make her turn it on again. She has to want to do that and it's based on emotion. Which she now doesn't have. I am worried about this
"Her humanity, Damon. That was all she had left."
"Humanity means nothing when you don't have anyone to care about, Stefan."
She had you sweetie 😭
"She had you."
"She lost her brother. I am not enough."
Damon is right in a way but also wrong. Yes, she lost her brother and+
and no one can replace him, but she did have Damon and that love is worth holding on to. But Damon still thinks it isn't real and his insecurities are flaring up. 😢
"Listen Damon, I know that you and I, we have been through some bad spots lately. Especially when it comes to her."
"Yeah well, I guess none of that matters anymore."
"I just...I want you to know that..."
"I know Stefan."
Awww they love eachother and seeing Elena lose her +
brother, made them reconsider their relationship.
Elena whyyyyy? 😭😭😭😭😭
Absolutely iconic shot of the trio;but my heart is broken. She didn't even pack a few things. Clothes, toothbrush, take her phone, a photo, ANYTHING. She just walked out just like that.
The diary and her shoes 😭😭 18 years of memories being burnt to a fucking crisp. She is so going to regret this later.
Goodbye Jeremy. RIP
I can't believe I am crying over a house. Fuck. This episode was all shades of fucked up.
04x16 "Bring it on"
She looks so dead inside. Like she is just so done with everything. 😭 What is she doing alone on the road??
They really are kindred spirits though.
So according to Defan,a few days have passed since she turned it off. A few days without insident is good.
Stefan still isn't happy about it, neither am I. I hope they get her to turn it on again soon.A huge part of her character is her compassion. Will Elena be Elena without it?
Stefan says they can't just force her to turn it on because it will overwhelm her. She has to want to turn it on. So Damon suggest that show her a fun time.
....I don't think that will work. Something as superficial as a "fun time" isn't going to cut it. But I will love to see+
then try this method. It may just be fun for me. 😜
Oh you poor woman. Wrong time, wrong place. I do hope Elena doesn't kill her because when her emotions are back on again, her guilt is going to kill her.
THANKYOUUU universe. Damon is there and tells her to show restraint. restraint is making sure she doesn't kill anyone. Humanityless Elena looks like a sassy badass
Damon being out there, making sure she doesn't kill anyone is everything.
Hayley. Haven't seen you in a while.
WTF? Who is coming after her? The only person she screwed over is Tyler. And I doubtshe is anywhere near on his mind right now
Klaus saved her. What is going on? "Careful mate, that's no way to treat a lady."
Well, Klaus thought Hayley was increadibly beautiful when they met.
"You came."
"You said it was urgent."
The fuck? Did Katherine send her to bargain with Klaus for the cure?
Nope. Got that all wrong. Katherine sent the guy to tie up "loose ends." That's what you get Hayley, for trusting miss Pierce.
Klaus said he will protect her, in exchange for info on Katherine.
Hayley...from making a deal with one devil to the next? 😯
Elena can hear everything Damon and Stefan are saying and I am not sure but I think I detect a hint of annoyance.
On another note, this actress is threatening my heterosexuality.
Stefan wants Elena to go back to school. That's a bad idea. Letting her loose on school property? Stefan wants to play chaperon (well he doesnt realm WANT to) but how can you be 100 % sure to keep track of someone at school?
Caroline is there. She borrowed their shower with the+
fancy filter since the town's water supply still has vervain in it. She thinks it is a good idea for Elena to go back to school too. Why is every one having bad ideas now? 🙈
Atleast both Stefan and Caroline will be there to make sure she doesn't rip off a student's head and Caroline can follow her into the bathroom too. Elena isn't going to like being watched and followed though.
Caroline suggest Damon go help her mom. Aww, she appreciates Diz.
OMGGG ELENA. She came out full on naked. Stefan looks away, very uncomfortable while Damon savours the sight. 😂
AGSHDN Damon does this headtilt, appreciating and drinking in the sight of her.
"What? It's nothing you guys haven't seen before."
No inhibitions and no emotions. She should definitely not be going to school. These characters act like school is so much fun. Elena literally just+
said; "Sounds like fun." The fuck. School is a lot of things, but fun isn't a word I would use.
Another Delena paralel though. Damon in 03x01 stepped out butt naked infront of her too. 😂
Stefan gestures for Damon to use the sirebond and he tells her that it would make him very happy if she didn't eat anyone. She agrees, but she looks reluctant. I am still scared and not comforted.
Elena sweetie. I am so sorry. 😭😫
Cheerleading. That could be fun. But that's close proximity to a lot of human bloodbags...
Caroline is still leaving Tyler voicemails. I don't understand why he can't just pick up. Klaus is occupied looking for Katherine, not stalking Caroline's phonebills
Caroline is still caotain of the cheerleading squad? These characters are barely ever at school. Lol. But that's great. She gave Elena her old spot back. Now let's see what this brings. 👀
"What an unpleasant surprise."
"So I just came up with a list. It's called; "things you suck at."
Nr 1: Finding Katherine. Ever.
Nr 2: Covering up your secret phone conversations with that little backstabber Hayley."
Lmaooo Damon. Be careful though. Klaus bites. Literally.
Damon wants to question Hayley about Katherine but Klaus won't let him anywhere near her. "I can't help you mate, Hayley is off limits."
Okay, so looks like he really will protect her for now. But finding Katherine is in his best interests,so he tells Damon about the vamp he bit
Who is stealing the blood supply from the hospital? Liz tells Stefan that the town is at a tipping point.
"Who would want blood that bad? Who would be that careless?"
Silas? Had to be? The guy hasn't eaten properly in centuries. He is bound to over indulge
Awww look at my two favourite girls being all cute in their uniforms.
Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck.
"I like your ribbon."
"Um, thanks."
"I want it."
"Yeah but I am using it, so gi get your own."
OMGGG so okay, you won't give it to me, so I will take it myself. PLEASE DON'T KILL THAT GIRL. WHERE IS CAROLINE???
"What's with the ribbon. That's not even out colors?"
Humnityless Elena can't color code
"Are you out of your mind?"
"What is your problem?"
"Feeding in the competition? Did you not hear what Damon told you?"
"I did but who cares? I will do whatever I want."
Stefan wants to know if everything is alright.
"Yeah, as soon as the queen backs off everything will be fine."
OMG snap. But if a few bitchy remarks and petty feeding without killing is all that's gonna happen, I will take that as getting off unscathed.
Stefan called Damon to let him know they have set Elena loose upon the fucking school. I knew this was a bad idea.
"What do you mean she fed? I specifically told her no feeding. The sirebond should make her listen."
"That's what I am saying. The sirebond isn't working."
"How is+
that possible?"
"Think about it. Elena's sirebond stems from her feelings for you, right? With her humanity off, she has no feelings."
...But what happens when she turns her emotions back on? Will the bond be back too???
"All I wanted was to break the damn bond. You are telling me now this while time, all she needed to do was turn it off? What happens when she turns it back on?"
But I think this is the loophole. This will be the thing to break the bond for good.
Please let it be the thing that breaks the bond for good.
Yay Bex is back from that creepy island. She has some of Klaus' blood (how??) and the two team up to find the vampire Klaus bit.
Well this is certainly something I never expected to see.
"Most men get their power kicks from torture and intimidation. With you, it's drinks and fine dining."
Hayley sweetie, you are the rate exception here. Count your lucky stars.
"In your case I favor hospitality over +
unpleasantness. But I have been known to change my mind on a whim. Where is Katerina?"
Yeah you believe him when he says that Hayley. Take that very seriously.
Klaus is being very flirty and smiley.
Hayley tells him that she was in NOLA, looking for info on her dead parents when Katherine found her and said she could help. Hayley really got played again. First Shane, then Katherine.
"An orphan. Well that does explain your charming+
bravado. Abandonment issues will do it everyone."
"Sounds like you would know."
I think Klaus low-key has a thing for Hayley. He has called her beautiful on more than one occasion and now lets add charming to that list of ever growing compliments.
OMGGG LOOK AT THAT LEG ACTION. Humanityless Elena is a flirt and uses her sex appeal more.
Stefan warns Elena about the dark side of enjoying yourself to much but she isn't in the mood for a lecture. Caroline doesn't want her cheering anymore.
"Lets see you try to stop me."
Maybe humanityless Elena is acting out on EVERY impulse, because she never got to do +
so with her emotions on. She was constantly denying her impulses and desires and putting everyone else first. Now its like "Fuck that. Imma do what I want."
SHIIIT OUCH. Bitch move. Elena moves away on purpose and Caroline takes a nasty fall. Luckily she is a vampire. But this was clearly payback because she thought Caroline was interfering. Looks like humanityless Elena is spiteful and vindictive too. 😯
Caroline knows she did it on purpose and so does Stefan. She is looking at them like; "Hope you learned your lessons. Don't mess with me."
Maybe they should back off a bit. Watch her yes, but not so much that she wants to show them who is in charge.
Elena is not in he mood for "another condescending lecture." But Stefan says be is impressed by how she played them. Baby girl may be heartless now but she is still smart. She got on the cheerleading squad so she can get close to the vervainles competition.
OH PLEEEASE FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING HOLY not another bike ride. I can't watch that again 🙈
Nope, just good old vervain. Thanks Stefan. That's so better than the bike ride alternative. Lol. Elena can't have fun like this around Stefan and Caroline. They are both to cautious and high strung. Just get her home.
Liz wasn't kidding when she said the blood was all gone. But no one was even guarding these rooms. Damon and Rebekah just waltzed in effortlessly.
"I know Elena has broken the sirebond. So why would you want to find the cure? You would just cure her back into loving your brother."
FFS can the writers stop making all th iter characters push this dumb narrative? It's not gonna happen. It wouldn't make logical sense.
*all the other
Rebekah is just saying that because she wants Damon to stop looking for the cure, so that she can have it.
Hayley is just insulting Klaus' art and he takes it with a smile until she finaly finds one she likes."This one doesn't make me want to puke."
Lol.Greatest compliment ever 😂
They are actually getting deep and Klaus explains why be likes to paint. It gives him a sense of control
OMG why is there chemistry and why am I liking it?
Hayley is spot on with her analysis of Klaus. She points out that he won't kill Tyler, because he is afraid Caroline will hate him forever. He hasn't exactly lifter a finger trying to find him though.
"If I simply killed Tyler, my revenge would be over in a moment. Sentencing+
him to a lifetime of paranoia and fear; that's Tyler's true punishment."
Nah I don't buy that. You couldn't wait to get out and kill him until Caroline begged you not to. Let's be real now.
Hayley points out that Katherine managed to avoid Klaus for all those years because she had a network of people that would do anything for her. Just like Elena has. Except Elena didn't have to compel, lie and betray to get her loyal network.
"I brought you home before you could cause anymore trouble."
"So you are grounding me? Because I dropped Caroline on her thick head."
Elena 😯
"No, because you fed on someone. In public."
Yeah but she did that with restraint. You just didn't like her dropping Caroline
"When in doubt, manipulate people with sex. Thats the same trick Katherine use to pull."
"Don't compare me to Katherine. She has been running so long, she is afraid of her own shadow. I am not afraid of anything. +
I have shut it all off. Everything. Including my feelings for you."
Well, if you don't want to be compared to Katherine, don't act like her. That whole petty dropping thing and manipulating them to get on the squad was pretty Katheriney.
Not to mention this whole using your sex appeal thing. That's a page out of miss Pierce's handbook.
"Don't get me wrong, I see you standing there and you look good. I remember our sex and it was good sex. I just don't feel anything about it anymore."
Sweetie, if it was good why were you sleeping through it? But back then it was probably the best you got so far.
"Why do you care what I do? Who I kill?"
"Because it's my fault you are like this. I brought this into your life."
OMGGG Stefan actually acknowledged it and took responsibility for once. 👀
"Who are you texting?"
"Look at you. Your whole world revolves around me."
That's true+
too. But in this case, I am glad he is helping. Before, I wanted him to butt the hell out.
Elena texting and organising a party right under their noses OMG 😂
"You were trying to keep me from joining the party, so I brought the party here."
At is acting like a bratty, rebellious teenager and Stefan is the father.
Lmaoo their biggest nightmare right now. 😂
Look at baby girl FINALY having some fun. Maybe this party wasn't such a bad idea. Elena is much more restrained than they give her credit for. Caroline is starting to think they should let loose and have some fun too.
LMAOOO Caroline gives Stefan the greenlight as his sober sponsor to let loose a little. "You are single and you"
Caroline still appreciates Stefan way more than she should 😂
"What am I suppose to do? Just grab some girl, throw her over my shoulder and take+
her out on the dance floor?"
"Just take your own advice. Have fun. We deserve a little bit of fun."
.....😂😂 HE PICKED HER UP. Why is Stefan so much cooler around Caroline?
"I didn't mean me." 😂😂
I love their friendship.
Okay but if I could play matchmaker I would pair Delena, Stefan and Caroline and Klaus and Hayley. I am probably going to get hate for saying that but that's what I like to see at this moment.
Damon uses someone as bait to lure out the dying vampire Klaus bit and what do you know, my son's plans always work. 😌
"Hello buddy."
What the fuck???
Damon kills him and puts him out of his misery. But how did Katherine get one of Damon's friends and more importantly; I need to know the backstory to this.
Sorry Bex. But the guy was to far gone and you only brought a little vial. It was the humane thing to do. But Damon could have waited a few minutes and asked about Katherine first?
"Do you wanna know why I liked that painting?"
"Well perhaps it let you sew into my deep, wounded soul."
"I saw how twisted it really is. Maybe I can relate."
He is tearing up OMG
Fastest burn ever but I don't mind. This is hot. It's just attraction, and the need to feel close to someone else, but again, I don't mind.
I think Klaus can get rough between the sheets.
Hayley is having the time of her fucking life.
Interesting ink, Klaus.
OMG is this actually Stefan having fun? That's possible? 😜
Elena sees them and goes over. Stefan wants to know if she is jealous, but baby girl can't feel a thing. She gives Stefan and Caroline her blessing though.
"You guys look good together. By all means Care, just take him out for a spin. He can use it."
Wow okay yes. Elena has no filter now.
"Elena? What is going on in here?"
"Just some underage drinking and drug use."
"Where is Stefan?"
"He is actually busy flirting with your daughter. But I think he is a good rebound for her because of the whole Tyler thing."
Thank Gooood Liz is okay. Caroline is furious and Stefan has to restrain her. "I am going to ring her skinny little neck!"
Um ...nope . You guys just lost her. She made a run for it out the open door...
"It's completely calculated. She drew all those people to the house, waited for an opportunity to distract us and now she is free."
"I can't believe she is doing this. She hurt my mom Stefan."
Yes that sucked. But the more they try to control her, the worse it is going to get.+
Just leave her alone. The worst she has done was steal a ribbon, feed without killing the girl, dropped Caroline and pushed Liz against a wall. Not cool, but I would say pretty good in comparison with other ermm... humanity off vampires. By trying to lock her up and restraining+
her, they are making her rebel against it and push back. A vampire without humanity pushing back, is a dangerous thing.
Rebekah is stalking Damon now, scared he might find the cure before her. Maybe the speech he gave her about being ordinary once she takes it, will make her think long and hard.
Her issues will still be there. Life will just be harder.
"Elena! Don't make me fight you Elena. I am stronger than you and I don't want to hurt you."
Elena is better because Alaric trained her.
"Alaric didn't train you. You were probably to busy butting into other people's business."...thats true though.+
Caroline has been butting into Elena's love life since S3 and it frustrated the hell out of me. But it comes from a good place. She genuinely only wanted what she thought was best for her friend, even though she was wrong and off base.
Elena is kicking Caroline's ass OMG
"Just stop! This isn't you and you know it!"
Well of course it isn't her. Her emotions are off. This is the darkest, primal part of her. She is listening to her vampire instints now. There is a reason why they call emotions your humanity.
"Maybe you should try to turn it all +
off. Who knows, maybe you will stop whining about how Tyler left you. Added bonus, you won't have to feel guilty about all the dirty thoughts you have about Klaus."
"Shut up!" Did that hit a nerve?
"Make me."
Elena kicks Caroline's ass again.
"You fight like a girl."
Did she just try to stake Caroline from behind?? 😭😭
Stefan saved Caroline. OMG PHEW. He grabs Elena and shoves her aside to Damon.
"I admit. Under different circumstances, this would be a major turn on." DAMON OMG 😂😟
My one baby girl just tried to kill the other. I am not a happy clam right now. 😐
Imagine if Elena had actually killed Caroline. She would never turn her emotions back on. The guilt will eat her alive and she would probably walk into the sun. 😣
A part of me likes badass, unfiltered Elena, but the bigger part of me wants my girl back. This isn't her.
I wish Caroline would stop calling Tyler. I bet he hasn't heard one single message.
"Are you alright?"
"Besides the fact that my best friend tried to kill me?"
"Look, its not her. You have to remember that. With her emotions off, she is the worst version of herself."
Thankyou Stefan for reminding her of that.
"So how do we get her back? What if we can't? +
"Why would she choose to turn her emotions back on? She is a orphan. She just lost her brother. Her life sucks, Stefan. So why would she come back to us?"
"Even when I was at my worst, Elena didn't give up on me. So we can't give up on her." STEFAN SPILLING TEA
Awww YASSS thankyouuu. Stefan and Caroline make a deal not to give up on Elena. Their friendship is precious and it's done wonders for Stefan this episode.
"I much longer am I suppose to sit here?"
" Well, not big on goal setting, but let's just imagine a time when you don't want to kill your best friend."
Oooo Damon found a photo of his dead buddy. I need details on this!!
"Elena doesnt want a lecture from Damon either. She says she feels amazing without her emotions.
"You don't want to be like this."
"Then how should I be? Should I go back to being the scared little girl who couldn't admit what she wants? OMGGG she just admitted she wanted Damon +
in S3 when she as human, but just couldn't admit it. 😢😍
I think everyone should just stop telling her how she should be. First Stefan was telling her how a vampire should be, then they make her turn it off, no they want to make her turn it back on. Let her decide what she wants
"He honest. You like me better like this." Nope. Elena sweetie, he is fine with you whatever way you are. He is just looking out for you because he loves you.
Caroline can't get into Tyler's house. What is Matt doing there?
Tyler left Matt the dead of the house. Wow. Talk about a lucky break upgrade. 👀 He also makes it clear he isn't coming back. Ks this the end of Forwood? Was that an official breakup then?
"Running away, little wolf?"
We are on the cute nicknames stage? Lol
Klaus sees Hayley's birthmark. He has seen it on a handful of others. A werewolf clan near Louisiana. Looks like Hayley is finaly getting legit info about her family.
And this scene is hot. They have chemistry
Stefan calls Damon to let him know that 6 other hospitals are missing their blood supply. Yayyy the gang finaly figured out that Silas followed them back from the island. Where the hell is he though?
OMGGG DELENA ROADTRIP. He is following up on the lead to the cure and taking her to New York for some fun. Multi tasking at it's best. And it's just the two of them. No one to ruin the mood. 😍😃
I am officially excited for the next episode 😊💃💃
Have a few minutes to spare so mini reaction time lol.
04x17 "Because the night"
Lol. In 1977 Damon substituted the road for the sidewalk. Same outcome though.
Okay but king and queen of New York. 😍 They look soooo good together.
"You dragged me all the way to New York just because you were feeling nostalgic?"
"No, I dragged you to New York, because in the matter of 3 days, you managed to piss off everyone in Mystic Falls."
Well this+
is better. If she goes off the rails, (which I don't believe she will) atleast it won't be around characters I care about.
Elena isn't stupid though and asks him what the catch is, but Damon sticks to his story. They are there to have fun. Sounds fun to me. 😎
"What do you mean you took her to New York?"
"And that tone is the reason I didn't pickup te phone the first 20 times you called." LMAOOO you can be glad you are missing out on the facial expressions 😂🙈
"Where is she now?"
"Out exploring. Maybe she is eating a hotdog...vender."
😂😂I love him
Damon reassures Stefan that he is still on the hunt for Katherine and the trip is multi- tasking.His old friend Will, helped vampires with fake ID's and he thinks Kat may have been a client
OMGGG LOOK AT HER NEW HAIRCUT I FUCKING LOVEEE IT AND SO DOES DAMON. He can't stop staring lol. She always does this to him. 😍
The hairflip OMG she is the cuuuuutest
Oh yikes. Caroline....may the force be with you...
Caroline is not in the mood. Maybe try bantering with her about anything other than Tyler? Just a suggestion.
"Tyler made it hi life's mission to kill me. You can't hate me for driving him away." ....Let's reflect for a second on why he did that.....?
Oh I can and I do."
Caroline tells Klaus to leave but it was Stefan who invited him over. He thinks they need Klaus' help with Silas being in Mystic Falls. I think Klaus and Rebekah are the only safe ones in that town currently, being originals and all.
Silas is manipulating Bonnie with Jeremy and she is letting him. I wonder how he is going to make her kill those 12 people. 👀
At first, Klaus isn't sure why he should help, but they quickly let him know that it is in his best interest too that the other side stay up. A 1000 years of victims coming back to life? That's not going to be fun.
"Easy judgey. Not everyone got a hot new haircut today."
OMGGG LOOK AT HER REACTION. And he just doesn't let any opportunity slide to compliment her, does he?
Flashbaaaack. Not my favourite era, but it's extra info on Damon's past, so I will take it. Not to mention, he looks increadibly fiiiine 😍
Anyway, his deal with his buddy was; killing people and bringing him the IDs, and his buddy lets him feed in his club.
What the fuck is Lexi doing there?
Ouch Rebekah. 😣 She almost blew up Damon's plan but he recovered. His humanity was off in the 70s. OMG so flashback Damon has no humanity in this episode. We get no humanity Delena but at different timelines, yet at the same time. I love it.
Lol WTF is this even. So Stefan thought it would be wise to send Lexi to help Damon turn it back on. These 2 hate eachother. The last time they spoke, she told him how horrible he was and convinced him not to go to war with Stefan.
So something happened after Damon didn't go to the war with Stefan, that was so significant, it caused him to flip his switch. What the hell could that have been???
Baby girl is to smart for her own good. 😣 She knows Damon is looking for the cure.
"So you really buy all this?"
"Not one bit. I know he is after the cure. I am not stupid."
"Lets not say things we don't mean." Smh Bex 😒
"Damon is like a dog with a bone. Stefan too. They +
won't give up until they find the cure and then make me take it. So I guess I am going to have to find it first."
"You are playing him."
"No. He is playing me. I am just returning the favor."
Humanityless Elena has zero chill.
The most unlikely trio ever, is searching through Shane's things, hoping to find a clue about the 3rd massacre. Caroline is still pissed about Klaus' presence lol.
"Why is he necessary again?" Lol
Klaus is just a little shit starter as usual. He is trying to make Stefan doubt Damon, and think that he is having a blast with Elena, instead of looking for the cure.
"My brother knows what he is doing."
"Does he? Don't underestimate the allure of darkness Stefan. Even the purest hearts are drawn to it."
Oh shit. That struck a chord with Caroline. She realised that isn't just true in Delena's case, but also with her and Klaus.
The expression triangle needs 12 humans, 12 demons (hybrids) and 12 something else.
But it's just amazing to me how the writers managed to set Caroline up with so many possible ships. Her relationship with Tyler, her attraction to Kaus, and her deep friendship with Stefan.
12 witches. Silas wants Bonnie to kill 12 witches. OMGGG.
They have concocted a plan together. Bonnie is to endure the witches until they are all linked, while they try to rid her if expression. Then kill them. This is fucked up.
Bonnie puts up a little show to get her dad just the right amount of concerned.
"I need you to call mom. We need witches. A lot of them."
Bonnie fucking Bennet ruthlessly plotting to kill 12 innocents. I hope this time Jeremy is worth it and treats her right. 😐
Elena and Bex are enjoying Damon's company and eachothers. I AM GETTING MY RELENA FRIENDSHIP. ITS HERE 🎉
Damon tells them how Lexi couldn't feed with Stefan, but she could with him. And so can they...
Some guy bumps into Lexi and Damon scared him off...which she totally digged. Lexi? Why are you looking at Damon like that? The fuck? Nah, I am over analysing. She is just enjoying his company and realising he isn't as bad to be around as Stefan claimed.
But seriously though
Delena dancing like this is reminding me of their first "dirty dance" scene at the campus 😍
Wifey gives hubby her jacket like a boss lmao. This is fucking hot.
Elena is having so much fun and I love that. Just wish her emotions were on. I am getting everything I ever wanted. Plus Bex is there. But Elena's emotions are off. I will still take it though. Gladly.
O. M.G
O M G. But an entirely different OMG than the previous tweet. Is this really happening here? Lexi spent decades with Stefan and stayed in friendsville. But how long with Damon and she is throwing him these looks? The power of Damon Salvatore yall. 😌
Nope, sorry Damon. Nothing sneaks past baby girl. Not even when she is having fun. 👀
Ironically badass though. Phew. My lungs
"Ugh. Packrat. Thanks Will." Lol. Goodluck Damon. 👀
Bonnie meets up with a witch friend of her mother, who brought 11 other friends. A full coven and they plan to cleanse her of expression. "And it won't be fun."
Yikes, wonder who will suceed here. Will Bonnie kill them all,or will they actually get her cleansed and foil her plan?
Elena is still in full control and compels the girl to leave.
"Looks like Damon gave us the slip."
"Good. Hopefully he will find whatever he is looking for and then I can take it."
Badass Elena. I do also like this side of her in this episode.
Rebekah wants to work together. TEAM RELENAAA.
But Elena fucked it up. 😣 She is right though.
"The best part of having no emotions, I that I can think rationally. I will do whatever it takes to get this done. You are the opposite. A pile of neurosis and insecurities, hopes+
and dreams. You are basically one big emotional variable that I just don't really need."
"You just made me miss the old Elena."
My baby girl is still in there. But this trip is good for her. It's a much needed breather.
Getting stabbed and bitten didn't change the sexual tension. Caroline and Klaus banter like it never happened and the chemistry is thick. There are 2 possible locations for the 3rd massacre, where the triangle can be completed. Better split up guys.
Stefan talked to Bonnie's dad and knows where Silas is. Yasss Silas' hiding behind his fake Shane facade is pointless now. I want to see his real face. Maybe I finally will now.
FUUUCKKKK I HATE it when they make eyes look like that in shows. It creeps me the fuck out.
Damon is so over Katherine, he can't even remember her birthday. Lol Stefan remembers. Good memory.
"I am pretty sure this filing system goes by birthdate but I can't for the life of me, remember Katherine's."
"June 5th 1473."
Just like that. Without hesitation.
Elena walks in+
but luckily Damon has the list of Katherine's adresses. Strange she kept that loose end alive all these years. Maybe because she realized she needs him repeatedly.
Lexi is very persistent. She spent months with Damon and every night asked him about Katherine, hoping if he could remember the way he felt for her, he would turn his emotions back on. Maybe if Katherine was physically present, but not like this. Not a memory.
"Why do you care so much?"
"Do you remember how we first met? It was 1864, Stefan had just killed your father, made you turn into a vampire and he was killing his way through Mystic Falls. You hated him. - Rightfully so. But before you left, you asked me to help him. Because+
no matter what happened, he was still your brother and you cared about him. Now you need help and he cares about you. We both do."
....Did that just come from Lexi's mouth? She actually admitted that Damon has every right to hate Stefan and she admitted that he cared for him+
regardless and she said SHE cared about Damon too? Wow. Okay then. I am had she doesn't blindly hate him anymore and I am glad she can also see the good he has done.
....the fuck???
Damon flipped his switch back and has feelings for Lexi. What the actual fuck. HOW the actual fuck?
"You and Lexi? Here? On the bar?"
"On the bar, on the stage, in the roof. It was a very long night."
Elena is mood right now. 😐
Elena is taking Damon to the roof. To seduce his lead to Katherine out of him??
LMFAOOO serves you right for touching Bex without her consent 😂😂😂
Crkline and Klaus are still at it. She is pissed about what he said earlier.
"I just want to see where we are."
"You know, when we split up, you did have the option of going with Stefan."
"And leave Bonnie's life in your hands? Fat chance. Do you even know how to read a map?" +
"Yes. And do you know who tought me? My friend Magellan."
"Wow, you had a friend. Was be drawn to your darkness too?"
"Actually, I was referring to Damon and Elena when I said that, but clearly it struck a chord with you."
"It's because it's not true. That is no allure +
to darkness."
....Yes there is. We are seeing it in the flashback between Lexi and Damon too. Unfortunately. 😣
And Caroline can deny it all she wants but she is attracted to Klaus.
"Really? So you have never felt the attraction that comes when someone who is capable of doing terrible things, for some reason cares only about you?"
"I did once, when I thought he was worth it." OUCH FUCK.
"But it turns out some people can't be fixed. People who do terrible +
things, are just terrible people."
DOUBLE OUCH. YIKES. That's a little harsh Caroline. No one was born evil. Circumstances and bad choices and emotional damage play a role. Klaus has pretty much been a terrible person mostly.But there is something else there. Fucking deep down.
Caroline and Klaus got the wrong point of the possible triangle. No Bonnie and no witches. So it's up to Stefan...
Stefan warns this bitch about Bonnie and Silas and she pull out a knife. What the fuck happened to helping? Helping switched to killing super bloody fast.
The only way to save Bonnie, is to kill the witches. Just kill them. I don't care about those randoms. Even if Silas gets his triangle, Bonnie still has to do the spell for him. Just stop her from doing it.
Someone do something????
All the witches died since they were linked. Caroline feels like shit as she watched them fall one by one. Sweetie, they were going to butcher your friend. You did what you had to do.
"The triangle is complete."
Okay but can we get Bonnie fixed too without cutting her heart out??
Elena has her flirt on and Damon is really turned on.
"I have never done it on the rooftop before."
"You aren't missing much."
"You don't have to take the highroad Damon. I am not sired to you anymore. I want this. You want this."
Soooo do I. The chemistry pheww
"Looking for that?"
Sorry Elena, Damon won't get tricked that easily. And damn, you just had to ruin the mood. 😢
"Did you really think that was going to work? The sex, the temptation? The booze? Are you kidding me? I invented that trick."
The sun is burning Lexi? Oh crap I forgot, she didnt have a daylight ring.
Shiiiit. Sucks to be her right now. So Damon never flipped his switch. He lied to her. His humanity is still off and he just wanted to get her back for nagging him for 6 months. That's kinda brutal but she sort of deserved it after everything. She treated him like shit, then+
shows up with her selfrightiousnes and wants to force him to turn his emotions back on. I do feel sorry for her though. It sucks what he did to her.
Good luck. I spent all night reinforcing it. It was tough. Had to be really quiet not to wake you up."
"What is this?"
"For what?"
"For the last 6 months of my life. For the nagging, for the selfrightious platitude. I am paying you back for 6 months of you." Ouch 😣
Damon says that he is looking out for Elena, because when she flips her switch back on, all the bad stuff she did will come flooding back and it will suck. He felt guilty about what he did to Lexi.
"She became a walking, talking reminder of all the awful things that I have done."
Hatred was the first emotion Damon got back when he started to flip his switch. Damn, let's hope Elena skips that one. 👀
I really like their growing camaraderie. I just wish they weren't bonding over Damon's broken back. 😣
Shiiiit. Poor Bonnie. She doesn't remember anything. Whatever the witches tried to do, messed with her memory. She doesn't even know Jeremy is dead. 😨
Imagine having to go through that twice. Hearing your boyfriend died. 😐
Klaus is pissed at Caroline, but atleast he is cleaning her mess and burrying the bodies for her.
"You were just going to let Bonnie die."
"I know arithmetic isn't your strong point, but one is still less than 12."
"But that 1 is my best friend."
Caroline, you had to do it.
"You tell yourself whatever you need to so you can sleep at night."
Poor Caroline. You aren't making it better Klaus. 😐
"I just killed 12 people..."
Caroline, sweetie, they were going to murder your friend. You saved your friend.
"You look like you are in need of comfort. Why don't you find someone less terrible you can relate too." 😐
Seriously? Way to kick a dog when it's down.
I get the lesson he is trying to teach her here, but he still can't compare the crap he did ti what she just did. Motivation+
is the key. Caroline acted out of love for her friend. The shit he did while in Mystic Falls, was all for his own selfish gain.
Fuccckk Silas just appeared to Klaus and thanked him for the third massacre. You are thanking him for the wrong one, buddy
LMAOOO FUCKING QUEEN. Elena and Rebekah stole Damon's car 😂 I am loving the girl power OMG
"Where are you?"
"The better question would be; where are we going?"
"Sorry Damon, I think I broke your radio."
"You are in my car?" HIS FACE
"We weren't going to take the bus."
"We will give Katherine your best."
Damon and Stefan both screwed up. Damon lost Elena and Stefan couldn't stop the massacre. Elena screwed Damon over and Caroline screwed Stefan over. 😂
FUCKK he broke it off but will kill Klaus if he doesnt get him the cure. Silas can't EVER do his own dirty work, can he?
I liked this episode better than the last one. This is the type of thing I like with humanity off. 😜
04x18 "American Gothic."
Where is Damon's car??? 👀👀
Elena's hair and outfit is BEYOND gorgeous.
Elena is hungry and wants a bite to eat but Bex is relentless and wants to move on.
"Did I mention that I can't stand the sound of your voice?"
Heyyy bonding girls. 😣🙈
Elena's almost food source knows Katherine. LMAOOO OMG Miss Pierce is still hella smart. She compelled the whole town to be okay with her feeding on them 😂
"Katherine what are you doing?"
"You know me?"
"Of course. I know most people around here prefer you to feed from the neck+
but I asked you to drink from my wrist, remember?"
"Coniving little bitch compelled the whole town."
Okay but that's a hbic move. 😎
OMG SHE TOOK IT A STEP FARTHER. Katherine fucking Pierce is the Queen of running. No wonder Klaus never found her. She compelled the people to forget about her, unless she is personally talking to them. When Bex asks about Katherine, the woman doesn't know her. Mind fucked. Lol
Damon has his car back yay. They ditched it when it ran out of fuel. 😂
Stefan is not letting Damon live it down, that Elena stole the list from him. 😂
"O, silverlining; if Rebekah takes the cure, then she is mortal, then we can just kill her right then and there."
"O, dark cloud, Elena stays a vampire forever."
This show has the best dialogue. +
plus that sums up the brothers perfectly. Damon sees the silverlining impulsively and Stefan is always looking at the dark cloud 😂😂
"Why don't we just table the revenge fantasies for now and keep our eyes on the prize; find Katherine, get the cure, get out, before you get your neck snapped...again."
" Believe me, I have learned my lesson. Elena without her humanity is a stone cold bitch."
No lies detected.
And both Damon and I acknowledge this, with love. Lol. Stefan thinks so too. "Look at that. Finaly on the same page about something."
He broke his arm and his back looks like mincemeat, yet he still can't reach the piece of wood.
Caroline OMG go help him before he skins himself alive. Thats something I can live without seeing, thanks. 👌
...Caroline? What's this? 👀
Well, he does look pitiful in all that pain, and she is attracted to him. But huh?? After last episode?
Chemistry is still there and I would be lying if I say I didn't feel something right now.
OMG it's Silas. 😐
Well what do you know. Fucking Silas and Klaus made me feel something with their chemistry. New ship name? Kilas? 😐
The first Klaroline scene that was actually sweet in SOO long and it wasn't even them. But what bothers me more right now, is that Silas can reduce the all mighty Klaus Michaelson to this.
How does Silas expect him to get the cure with a piece of the dagger in his back though??
Katherine was just at the post office, but they missed her. Sorry Elena, not her. But they are close. I don't want Elena to take the cure anymore. They can get her emotiins back another way, like they did with Stefan. The cure should go to Rebekah and Delena should stay vampires.
Katherine is in the house and with killer heels. 👀
"I am impressed. I never thought you would find me here. Oh well, it's a beautiful place to die."
Katherine don't you dare...
Hahaha thanks Rebekah 👌
"I couldn't agree more. You have chosen a beautiful place to die."
Now Bex, don't you dare...
I like all 3 of them and would prefer if none of them died at this "beautiful place," thankyou very much.
And yes, I still like Katherine even after she killed Jeremy. She is a likeable queen bitch. I appreciate her for what she is.
"Where is the cure?"
"What? No I am here to avenge my annoying little brother speech?" Not cool Katherine. What if her emotions were on? 😑
"People die, we move on."
"After turning off our humanity switch. So sad for the boys though. Their special snowflake of human frailty,gone"
Actually, that only bothered Stefan. Damon is fine with her either way. Vampire or human. The only thing they both agree on, is that she needs her humanity back. I am enjoying this now, but I most certainly want her to go back to being herself.
OUCH, fuck Rebekah. 👀
Elena kicking Katherine so she will tell the waitress that everything is fine. 😂 Its so strange seeing Katherine in a position like this. Powerless and cornered.
It's abuse Katherine day, and although I like her, I can't help but enjoy this. She had it coming. 😂
"I give him the cure, he gives me my freedom."
"You poor victim. Where is the part in your plan where you screw us over and somebody dies?"
Well, Katherine has been Klaus' victim for a long time, but she has done so many unnecessary, crappy stuff. Where do you draw te line?
"People change. I am not the girl you think I am."
Katherine sweetie, you killed Jeremy 3 episodes ago. How much change has occurred since then? And love you and all, but you are not that deep.
Elena decided to go meet "EM" herself and Katherine does NOT look pleased. Be careful Elena. If it's a friend of Katherine, they will be dangerous and shady.
Silas or Caroline this time? The way she talks, suggest Caroline.
"I got your 50 bigillion messages. It better be life or death!"
"Go away."
"Klaus? Where are you? What happened to you?"
Klaus called Caroline to help him? That's some presumptuous level of trust though.
"I need more time stop hounding me!"
It's not Silas 🙈
"I am hounding YOU? I am suppose to be running 3 different prom committees right now and you keep phone stalking me!"
Yup, definitely Caroline and he realises that now.
"Caroline? Is that really you?"
She has no bloody idea what is going on and is probably thinking ; yeah of course. Who else do I look like to you? WTF? 😂😂
"Prove it to me." OMG why? Didn't that 3 different prom committee speech do the trick?
"Okay, I don't know if this is some new way of flirting, but it sucks. And I have more important things to do."
Klaus tells Caroline about Silas and the stake and wants her help.
"I am hurt. So you can understand why I called you."
She doesn't, and laughs in his face, but I guess I do. She is the person he is "the closest" too and that says a lot. He really fucked up so bad, that he +
doesn't really have anyone left anymore. But like he was cruel to her when she was in pain over the witches she killed, she is now cruel about his physical pain. This ship loooves hurting eachother. Whether it is emotionally or physically.
"You ran Tyler out of town. You killed +
his mother, and you think I am the person to call for help?"
Klaus reminds her that they all die if he dies, and that's enough to get her to agree to help.
OMG goodluck sweetie. Cutting it out with what looks like garden scissors won't be messy or disgusting at all. 😫😓
Damon thinks something is wrong. Katherine wouldn't hold up in "hickstown" lol. Mystic Falls is also a small town and she held up there long enough to ruin both his and Stefan's lives lol. Stefan points out that Bex is Elena's body guard, so how the hell will they get to her?
That's a good question though. Damon will do nothing it takes. "I dont care what Elena wants right now. She is this close to going off the rails for good and that ain't happening."
I appreciate and love how Damon is trying to protect her....BUT she is in total control. Nothing +
so far, has indicated her anywhere near going off the rails. She hasn't had a problem feeding at all and has shown only restraint.
Elena emerges from the restroom after trying to Katherine -ify herself. She still looks like Elena to me. She is softer and therefore I find her prettier.
"What do you think?"
"Hmm..its close. Not quite slutty enough."
Katherine's face lmao. She is so over this
"I am gonna need your clothes."
"Yeah that is going to happen."
Elena sweetie she is wearing her clothes. You two gonna swap out right there or in the restroom? 😂
"Fine. Your bracelet, watch, earrings, hand them over."
Rebekah is just having the time of her life. 😂😂
HAHAHAHA OMGGG MY LUNGS. Katherine doesn't want to give her jacket and Elena looks at Rebekah, suggesting she do something about it. This is gold. Sorry Katherine but it's about time some shit came your way in this decade. 😂😂😂
"This will never work you know. The bad haircut, the doe eyes, you will never pass for me."
"You will never pass for me."
"You two are pathetic."
"You two are pathetic."
"Perfect, just the right level of contempt and hidden insecurity."
Nina is an amaaaaazinggg actress fuck.
It's still so clear, the difference between Katherine and Elena, despite the fact that Elena has her emotions off.
There is a new queen bitch in town. Elena slayyyyed. 👑
Katherine looks oddly smug as Rebekah goes on about how sad and funny it is that she had to compel a whole town to like her. Katherine bites back and she bites back hard. "Are you really that dumb or just naturally blonde?"
"I want a normal life again."
"You mean you want +
a do over. Well guess what, you can't have it. The cure will only take away your imortality. Everything else you hate about yourself; you will still wake up with that in the morning. And you won't even be able to compel yourself a friend."
....That's all true. 😣
"Ladies. Play nice." Lmaoo Stefan.
"There goes the neighbourhood."
"I see you got Katherine already. You are losing your touch, evil one." Hahaha this episode is pure gold.
She is as stumped as I am.
EM - Elijah Mikaelson.
OMG so he and Katherine became friends. It's good to see Elijah again though
WTF is this level of intimacy?
"You coloured your hair. I like it."
Not to mention that my crack ship from season 2 just shared a fucking kiss 😍 THEY LOOK SO GOOD TOGETHER. What is Elijah and Katherine's ship name???
I am pretty sure this is my first insta ship ever. Katherine and Elijah OMFG this can be FIRE
Oh shit....
HE KNOWS. "Where is Katherine, Elena?"
Well that explains why Katherine looks like this. Elijah isn't stupid and she knows it.
"What about you over there, smiley? Do you know where she is?"
"I can give you a hint. Start by looking at the town morgue. She is probably dead. She went to meet up with a friend of mine. You may know him. An original brother, impeccable taste."
"Well, you sort off have to +
question Elijah's impeccable taste if he is friends with you."
Ouch Stefan. 😂 Did I mention that I love the dialogue of this show?
"And when I say friend, I mean FRIEND."
THEIR FACES OMGGG 😂😂😂😂😂AND HEYY. This ship is hot okay
Stefan tells Rebekah that if something happens to Elena, she has no chance of finding the cure and she gives in. How did he come to that conclusion? And how did Rebekah buy that?
"She is going to get Elijah to broker the deal for her. That's why you need your little friend, isn't it?"
DAMN. Damn damn damn. Stefan is probably right. I am 99% sure. Katherine is using Elijah like she used every other man. Fuck.
Way to crush my insta ship. My hopes and dreams. 😐
Can I just focus on the idea of how great they could be together and blindly ignore everything else? Thanks. 😐😢
Shiiiit...this looks Yikes.
"Oh my God, you do have a heart."
Caroline isn't being gentle, is she?" 👀😂 "No, my bad. Just a bloody rib."
"I am glad you are finding my misery so amusing."
"I swear,there is nothing in here. And if you think I am having fun, you are insane."
Why the fuck is it so hard to get?
"You killed 12 witches for your friend Bonnie. You can't even get your hands a little dirty for me? Here I thought we were becoming friends."
"You thought wrong." He wants her to dig around inside him with her fingers? OMG no. 😷 He was the one that pointed to the scissors
Caroline is taking things into her own hands and says she won't help him any further if he doesn't agree to let Tyler come back, and promise not to hurt him. I don't think Klaus will go for that...If he dies, so do you Caroline. If I were you, I would just help allready.
"You know what? I am not sorry. You deserve to suffer for everything that you have done. So today, we are going to do things my way."
She isn't wrong. He deserves to suffer way more than this for all the pain he inflicted on the main characters.
I would still help him though. That pesky sireline and all...and the fact that he looked so damn pitiable when she arrived. I am a sucker. 😣
"You listen to me very carefully, Stefan. If anything whatsoever happens to Katherine, I will descend upon Elena." That's dramatic. But also romantic as fuck. Elijah really loves Katherine. My poor mans is really going to get his heart broken by her again. 😢
Elena knows he is bulshitting though. Like he would ever hurt her.
"You are both idiots."
"Excuse me?"
"What happened to you Elijah? I thought you were suppose to be a man of honor. And yet you have been hooking up with Katherine this entire time."
"I suppose this man of honor has always shared a connection with Katherine." OMG 😭😭
"Katherine contacted him when she heard about the cure and thought they could be of mutual use to eachother. Elijah, do you hear yourself?" 😢
"I mutual use? Please. You fell for her trap just like every other one of those idiots."
"You underestimate me, Elena. I know who she is+
I know what she has done."
Sigh,I hope you are right Elijah. I hope this time is different. But I need convincing.
Elijah figures out that Elena's emotions are off and she tells him Kat killed Jeremy.Something he didn't know.
"She lied to me."
"Hate 2 say I told you so,but duh."
Okay, but just because she lied about Jeremy, doesn't mean she is playing Elijah. And technically, she didn't lie. She just didn't tell him.
But yeah. She is probably playing him. Fuck.
Katherine takes them to a house she claims to be hers.
"Wow. A quilt and fishaquarium? Who the hell are you?"
"A very old lady with dreadful taste."
The house doesn't look that bad guys. 😂But it isn't very Katheriney
Hahaha I am cringing so hard. Not even a nice try Katherine. No one is buying "the cure is gone " trick.
"Where is it, auntie Katherine?"
Damon 😂😂😂😂
"Just like Elijah is really your boyfriend and this is really your life? For all we know, this isn't even your house."
"It doesn't look like the Katherine I know."
"Maybe you don't know Katherine at all. Did it ever occur to you that you have no idea who I really am?" +
"Did it ever occur to you that you are not that deep?"
Burn from Damon. But this is actually sad. I don't think Katherine even knows who she is anymore. She was the sweetest human, but turning and running from Klaus has twisted her so much she is not even recognisable. She has+
turned into this shallow, selfish, cruel person who doesn't care who else get hurt, as long as she gets what she wants. If Klaus stops chasing her, I wonder who she will be.
Damon is smart and figured out where Katherine hid the cure.
"So if I was a paranoid, distrustful sociopath, where would I keep my most prized possession?"
"This should be fun."
"I would want it to be close, but not on me. Accessible but not obvious. I would want to keep it+
safe, but not so safe that it would be too difficult to grab and run....Well...that is a fancy little treasure chest; in a tank with no fish!"
Power of his mind. 👀
Vervain water confirms that theory
Imagine having your head dipped in boiling af water. His fucking head is literally giving off steam from the burns OUCH
Katherine is one smart bitch. She tosses the cure and slips past Rebekah. Take it Bex, quick!
Giiirrrlll stop hesitating and drink the damn thing. That vervain is not gonna keep him down forever.
Ugh, really? This again? "Me taking this cure I the best thing that will she happen to you."
"Don't do anything stupid."
"Admit it. You don't want human Elena running back to Stefan while you get left out in the cold. Again."
At this point, I think this bullshit is only being+
said for the sake of angst, and to keep hope alive for people who ship Stefan and Elena. But not even they are stupid enough to fall for the "human Elena will go back to Stefan" thing. The sirebond has been explained to many times. So idk. Maybe just angst then.
YASS Rebekah took the cure. Sorry Stefan, too late. Now we can all focus I getting Elena to turn her emotions back on the normal vampire way and everything will be fine again. 👌
I liked Rebekah as a vampire and I think it's sad that she wants to live a normal human life, but oh well. Her choice, so I am happy for her.
LMAOOO Caroline has no chill 😂😂😂
"Your word first."
"What makes you think I won't simply brake my word?"
"You wanna be friends? Friendship; stage 1: Show me that I can trust you."
Lol. Caroline explaining the basics of friendship to Klaus. 😂 Maybe he should pay attention.
"I saved your life. Twice."
"Because you put it in danger. Twice."
Caroline FTW. Taking no shit and saying it like it is. "Why can't you just do something decent for once?"
"Because Tyler Lockwood tried to kill me!"
"We all tried to kill you.And you have tried to kill most of us+
How do you think that you deserve ny friendship when you have sone nothing to earn it?" Caroline is serving scalding hot tea, but be careful sweetie. He can easily lose it and bite you again and use that as leverage against you. You help him, or he won't heal you. 👀
"I WILL NOT HAVE MY HAND FORCED BY YOU OR ANYONE ELSE!" There it is. The need for power. Caroline sweetie be careful.
"What is wrong with you? I am reaching out to you despite everything that you have done and you still can't get out of your own way!"
"God I feel sorry for you!"
Again, this is the type of thig that turns some people on. Not me. I am sorry. If these two became a couple, I seriously see a lot more of this happening+
along with manipulation and a struggle for control.
But there is something between them and Caroline just low-key admitted it, by saying she should have turned her back on him ages ago. Meaning she hasn't done so yet...
...WTF? The pain is gone. Silas made him hallusinate it. 👀 OMG
"You took my mind off it. You brought me back."
She made him so angry it broke Silas' control. Never have I ever seen a person so grateful to another for making them lose their temper. 😂
But there is the chemistry again.
Caroline is right to be concerned though. If Silas can do this to Klaus...what can he do to the rest of them? 😨😨
Stefan is blaming Damon, saying he LET Rebekah take it. OMG a he not see the steam literally coming off his head. Does he forget that vervain incompasitates a vampire? Okay maybe he could have talked to her more but he tried. It's easy to pick at it now.
"Did you even try to +
stop her?"
Yes he did. He tried talking to her.
"You forgot the part where I was bobbing for boxes in vervain water."
"All you had to do, was stall her Damon."
"It's Rebekah. I didn't have a pony to distract her." Lol
"You let her take it, didn't you?"
No 😐
Well, what's done is done. Rebekah is awake.
Elena thinks Elijah is a fool for trying to find the good in Katherine and he hopes she will turn her humanity back on. "I am sorry for your pain. I only hope you can find a way back to yourself someday."
"Just like you hope Katherine will find her way back? You still think that+
innocent girl you saved from Klaus aged ago is in there somewhere."
"I would like to think so."
"She is not. not is a monster now Elijah. The sweet peasant girl you fell in love with way back when, is dead. And she is not coming back."
Katherine has done nothing but prove Elena+
right in this, but I think she is projecting. She feels her innocent self will never come back.
"I am not not a fool Elena. Of course this has occured to me. But what kind of man would I be if I didn't try to find my Katerina beneath this Katherine facade?" OMGG 😢
But as sweet+
and noble as that may be, it's not exactly the right thing. Katherine will never again be who she was, just like Elena will never again be who she was. People change. They grow, for better or worse. The best he can hope for, I that she can become the best version of her current+
self, and love the mix of Katerina and Katherine all the same.
"You boys are all the same. Damon and Stefan still think the girl they love is stilk in here somewhere too."
Well, she is. She has only been sleeping for a few weeks, not decades. +
"You cant blame them for having hope, Elena. It would be a shame if the world lost a soul as compassionate as yours." 😭😭😭
Elenaaa don't mock the beautiful letter be wrote to you about your compassion. 😭
"Sorry, I got held up."
Rebekah is awake and she feels fine. Stefan isn't happy Iol, neither is Damon. Oh come on guys, it was technically her cure. Her boyfriend told her first and she had the sword and burried it back then.
OMG WTF ??? It didn't work? Damon decided tose how durable Rebekah is. The cure was a bust???
*to see
OMFG hats off to Katherine fucking genious Pierce. The girl is queen of deception. She made a fake cure with a concentrated shot of vervain. I am so sorry Rebekah but OMG 😂🙊🙈
Elijah iw not pleased with Katherine and asks her how she can feel nothing for Elena at all when they were both fated to share the same life. He seems so genuinely disappointed that she killed Jeremy.
"Why are you looking at me like I enjoyed it? Jeremy was collateral damage. I was doing what I needed to do to survive." didn't have to kill Jeremy. That hunter guy was lying onconsious a few feet away with perfectly good arteries.
"Is that what I am to you? A means of survival?"
Elena got to Elijah. He is having serious doubts now.
"You looked out for me when I had no one,you are giving me a second chance now when no one else will. I love you.Elijah?"
He doesn't believe her 😭
Okay but look, if someone didn't tell me she was being for real, I wouldn't have bought this either. It's just to convenient.
Katherine is in a panic now and tells him that he gave her his word and she can't make a deal with Klaus without him, but he leaves anyway. I can't tell for sure from this scene whether or not she is more concerned about he plan calling flat, or because he left her.
Katherine sent to retrieve the cure from the human girl's house. The one Elena almost fed from. Kat really went out of her way to protect this damn thing. The girl asks her what it is and she answers; "my freedom."
I can't believe that after all these years, Klaus is still+
this petty af towards her. So she ran away because she didn't want to be killed the same way Elena was in S2. It's not a bloody insult. He was the monster. That's like the lion being pissed because the lamb dare try to run. And now he is STILL being petty about it. 😐
Yes girl fight for him!
"What do you want?"
"To tell you that you are right. I have spent so much time running and lying just to survive that I am starting to believe my own lies. I don't even remember who I was when we first met and I want to find out." OMGGGG 😭😭
"You and Katherine? And I thought you were the smart brother." Rebekah, don't. 😣
"You don't have a smart brother. Turns out I am just as stupid as the rest of you."
Elijah is surprised that Rebekah wants to be human again and tried to talk her out of it, but she is adament that it is what she wants.
"Why must you always consider our family a burden?" really want to ask that question, Elijah?
No don't bring always and forever into this. It doesn't mean giving up your own life, dreams and happiness. Because then it loses it's beauty and becomes something ugly
Klaus wants an update on the cure.
"Lets just say that things have gotten complicated. Infact, why don't you speak to one of those complications. Here."
"Complication speaking."
Klaus is going to do some serious asslicking I predict. As long as Elijah sticks to+
his deal with Katherine, then I am okay. Even if he doesn't want to be with her, atleast let her FINALY get her freedom.
Klaus takes Caroline by the arm and thanks her for helping. It's a genuine thanks and her hostility fades away.
"Yeah. If you need anything else, DON'T call me. I have a prom to plan."
His smile OMG. The guy is smitten. When he goes soft it's really soft, but when he isn't soft...shit. It's a shame.
"Friends, then?"
Come on, Caroline. You guys are frenemies whether you admit it or not.
"Are you going to let Tyler come back to town?"
Thats a no. But you can't blame a girl for trying 😣
She turns to leave but he stops her. "You might have noticed, I am not exactly scowering the earth for him, am I?" Aww that's him telling her that she got what she wanted. He won't hunt Tyler down. Now THIS is a breakthrough. Some progress. And a nice scene. 👌
Damon confesses to Stefan that he had a moment of weakness and thought it wouldn't be to terrible if Rebekah took the cure. But he regrets it. It's okay Damon. You were vervained anyway and you did try.
Ooo, Stefan is having mature moment. I like it. "We can judge Katherine all we want but we keep repeating our own history just like she is.Nothing ever changes."
Stefan says he is done.He owes Elena her shot at being normal again,but after that,he is getting her out of his life.
"Once we give her the cure, I am getting her out of my life and I am getting a life of my own." YAYY 🙌🙌🙌
Damon is hesitant. He doesnt particularly want Stefan to go away.
"Lets just get the cure, then a will talk about you rising off into the sunset all by your lonesome."
"You still want to get the cure? Even if it means you might lose her?"
"It's It's chance I am willing to take, Stefan."
Okay but if Stefan believes Elena might come back to him once she took the cure, why did he mention getting her out of his life? If this was all the sirebond and she came back,he wouldnt take her back? Nah, I ain't buying that.+
The writer's just HAD to put that sentence in there, even if it negates the entire conversation they just had.
Elena texted to meet up and makes it pretty ckear that she doesnt want the cure but Stefan mentions how she never have up on him and pulled him back. Guys, just work on getting her humanity back. Forget the damn cure
Fuckkk. She makes her stakes known. This body is on them. If they keep trying to fix her, there will be more. Seee they PUSHED her to kill someone. She wasn't off the rails at all. Can Rebekah just drink the bloody cure so the damn thing can be gone? Good riddance then.
Phew. Killer episode. Pun not intended.
04x19 "Pictures of you."
Aww, poor Bonnie, losing him again.
Shiiit. It's a dream. I almost thought it was Silas, but Bonnie set herself on fire in her sleep. That's the one drawback to magic that will make me think twice whether I want it or not. I don't want to accidentally barbeque myself. 👀
Defan and their football lol. It's been 8 or 9 days since Elena killed the waitress and there hasn't been an incident since. But these two are now deciding that it will be best to lock her up and try to get her to turn her emotions back on. I am cool with this plan I suppose. +
Its better than shoving the cure down her throat. Wait till she can make that decision for herself.
Lol. Klaus and Rebekh are both making their cases to Elijah. Klaus finds it hilarious and ridiculous that Rebekah wants to be human so bad. Truth be told, I think it's stupid too, but that's just me. Klaus' arguement is in Silas' behalf. But that would mean the end of the +
otherside and bringing back every supernatural being that has ever died...nope. Sorry Klaus. Let Bex be human and deal with Silas yourself. It's not like he can really kill you.
Hahaha Klaus is trying to win Elijah over with the family card. They can bring back Finn and Kol, but Rebekah sees right through that. "Please! You hated Kol and kept Finn in a box for the most of his life!" I am not hearing any deal being made in behalf of Katherine...Elijah??
Elijah sides with Rebekah and Klaus handles it with his usual maturity. 😒😞 "When you are sick, and dying, and you beg for my blood, I will laugh in your face and compel you to forget me."
Elijah wants Rebekah to prove to him that she is dead serious about this and asks her to live a day as a human. No vampire privileges. Okay, thats not hard at all. Go lock yourself in your room for the day. Because if you leave the house, you are just toying with fate to throw+
you a curveball.
I am very disappointed that Elijah just betrayed Katherine like that though. 😢
AGSJDKF my two girls out for shopping. They are looking for prom dresses. Elena had the same idea I had and tells Rebekah that she should have stayed at home that day, because she will fail the test othersise.
But of course Rebekah can't resist prom lol.
"You realize you won't even be able to compel yourself a date, right?"
"Yes, and last time I checked, you are living at my house cause I am the only one that can tollerate you,so you don't have to be so rude."
Wow. Bffs and flatmates+
I am liking this a lot and I hope it sticks after Elena at her humanity back. She does offer to go to the prom with Rebekah, to keep an eye on her and make sure at passes the test.
Nice dress Caroline. 👌 Bonnie tells her about her dreams and setting the couch on fire. Its a shame Elena is missing out on prom shopping with her friends.
So friend prom it is. Matt, Caroline and Bonnie plan on going together, since Tyler is out of town, Jeremy is dead, and Matt can't find a girlfriend lol.
Okayyy smiles drop as Elena enters. Sjeesh guys. Don't turn your backs on her. She would never turn her back on either of you. Remember that.
Aww Elena helped Caroline pick out the dress a while ago. Caroline is still pissed because Elena tried to kill her. Rightly so, but please remember that her humanity is off. And if everyone can forgive and forget what Stefan did during his humanity off phase, is shouldn't
be to difficult to forgive Elena too, right?
Its hard to watch at damn work today. People keep interrupting me 😐
Caroline and Bonnie snub her and leave. Wrong move though. Elena, sweetie.... whatever you are thinking, don't. Please?
LMAOOO SHE DIDN'T 😂Well I take it back though, whatever you are thinking, go right ahead. She looks bloody gorgeous. The dress suits her skintone and darker hair better.
Caroline is going to be so pissed though
WTF. Why the fuck is Stefan playing prom date? 😒 I thought he said he was going to move on. The fuck is this?
THANK GOOOD Damon is there too. With the corsage lol. Damn, I wish Elena's emotions were on for this. 😢
I miss my baby girl. I had my fun, badass episode in New York, but now it's over and I am over it. Also, since they are back in Mystic Falls, it looks like humanityless Elena is going to a petty, annoying things again to characters I like.
"Beautiful dress."
"Thankyou, I stole it."
Damon really lets no opportunity pass to say something nice to her. And she lets no opportunity slide to stick her emotionlessness in their faces.
Klaus is in a really bad mood because of the whole cure thing and is not in the mood for company.
"Klaus? KLAUS? KLAU...Hello? Did you not hear me?"
"Of course I heard you, Caroline. I think the whole of Mystic Falls heard you." LMAOOO
"It is NOT funny."
"I know, I know."
"Then stop laughing."
😂😂😂 They are so friends now.
AGSJDKDMD so venting wasn't the only reason she came. She came to ask him for a dress. OMGGG 😂😂
"I dont want just another dress. I want to look hot. Like princess Grace of Monaco hot. So, could you please go back into your creepy trophycase of family heirlooms and collectables+
and dig me out something of royal calibre?
THEY LOOK SO GOOD TOGETHER OMG PHEW. Can I just cut Stefan out? Why is he even there? Damon can handle Elena on his own. He is stronger too
Fixed it. And it wasn't even hard, since she is standing much closer to Damon anyway. 😌
Okay, flee Elena. But that was almost the start of something.
"Why do I feel like we are at the practice run of Caroline's wedding?"
"Because I think we are."
Lmao. Girl can sure plan.
Damon takes the flask from Elena.
"You are underage."
"You are overage and honestly, it's kinda creepy."
AHDJDKF Damon referred to himself as her boyfriend. nice please. He is already insecure as hell about this.
ELENAAAA SHIT SHIT SHIIIT. Poor Damon. She knows just where to hit for maximum impact.
"Hindsight is almost almost bigger bitch than you."
"You are nothing to me Damon."
"Really? Then why tell me you are in love with me? Why tell me it's the most real thing you have ever felt +
in your entire life?"
"I told you I lived you because I was sired to you. And now that I am not, I know that none of it was real, but if you still think that it was, then maybe you are the one that needs help with your emotions. Not me."
And he believes it. 😭 Sweetie, she is just lashing out to inflict maximum damage. She doesn't mean it.
"Uh oh, friend patrol."
Matt says they want to help and Elena's sharp as a deadly sythe tongue swings his way too. "What are you going to do? Get me a job at the grill?"
Whelp, she cut down Bonnie too.
"I thought you were going to bring Jeremy back? But it turned out you were just a brainwashed crazy person. So technically, you are a walking reminder of all the horrible things that have happened to me."
Where did she pull that one out? +
It just goes to show that she isn't saying rational things, just things that she knows will hit their mark and hurt them most. Because she can say that to Klaus, but sure as hell not Bonnie.
"Caroline is right. Elena is gone."
Wow back the fuck up. She says a few hurtful things and THIS is the reaction? When Stefan turned it off, he got a pass for everything he said AND did. Elena hasn't even done anything to Bonnie. She made one mean remark. Talk about turning +
your back on your friend. Maybe take lessons from Elena, who stuck by Stefan when he was a royal terror. I can understand why Caroline is pissed. Elena has targeted her and tried to kill her. But Bonnie is being fucking dramatic over one mean remark. Carolena ftw again.
Bonnie really loved Jeremy A LOT. But know Silas is around. 😣
"Is this real?"
"Does it matter?"
Of fucking course yes it matters. You are touching Silas. 👀
Silas needs a hobby though. This is just sad, messing with grieve stricken teenagers.
Stefan what the fuck? If this is you backing off, I don't want to see you not backing off. He pulls her into a dance.
"Let go of me or I will bite you."
AHSJDJF do it. 😐
"Oh come on,I am the one that hates to dance, remember?"
"And now I finally see why."
Insult thrown his way 2
Yay. One dance Rebekah made it to. FINALY. I just hope this one dance doesn't cost her severely. She asks Matt if he thinks she will be a good human, but every one is just hurting everyone's feeling tonight. He hasn't seen her do anything remotely good, so no, he doesn't.
Somebody saavvveee meeee. Elena right now.
Stefan, getting all gropey and touchy on the dancefloor. So this is backing off and getting her out of your life? Why did you lie to Damon if you are obviously still running in this race? 😐😐
Okay this was nice and I hate that it was nice and I hate that I think it was nice. I am a sucker for a dip and notp from hell of not, this is the most chemistry they have ever had. 😐😐😐😐 Stop it Stefan. Go away.
Stefan thought he would get a kiss out of her but she just left him hanging. Awww my poor baby Damon saw everything. 😯😐😭
I want a Delena dip. But an upgrade of this. 😐
Carolineee OMG PHEW. Grace Kelly of Monaco hotnes level achieved. This dress suits her so much better than the first. She slays and she knows it. 😆😌
I want to go rummage through Klaus' things. Real badly.
Elena trying to stir shit.
"So how do I look?"
"Are you kidding me? You look like a backstabbing bi..."
Stefan gives her a look and she remembers their pact.
"The dress is beautiful. And it brings out your eyes." That was hard but nice try Caroline.
"Thanks. I thought I would do it a favour."
Stefan asks Caroline to dance and leads her away before she can say what she just opened her mouth to say. Nice save, Stefan.
The look of achievement.
Goals for the night:

Piss off and hurt;
Damon ✔
Caroline ✔
"I see you found a dress." Stefan changing the subject.
"It's from Klaus."
"You know you have him wrapped around your little finger?"
"If I had Klaus wrapped around my little finger, I would be here with Tyler." Well you are with Stefan and you two look good together too.
And Stefan is all smiley again. And willingly dancing.
Stefan opens his heart to Caroline and tells her that he can't shake Elena. Every time be thinks he is moving on, he realises that he can't. Atkeaat he is honest with her. More honest than he is with Damon. And she is being sympathetic.
Aww I love this. It's so effortless and natural. They have such a sweet friendship.
"How does anyone ever seen to move on?"
"I don't know. I think, someday you will meet someone new and you will fall madly in love and you will have moved on, without even realising it."
I really hope that happens. And I won't mind if it happens between these two.I mean come on 😍
Rebekah wants to be prom queen, but April tells her that she has zero votes so far. Elena is Rebekah's "bodyguard" now and threatens April to do as Bex wants. Wasn't April and Rebekah besties? Then why the attitude April? You can say no nicely.
Rebekah wasn't going to threaten April, but Elena wants to handle things on her behalf. Ouch. She also said that Bex isn't a good person and brought up the night Rebekah trails them in the school and forced Tyler to turn. "You are not a good person. You are not going to win this+
cure by being yourself. So just stab there and refrain from talking. Okay?"
Look, Rebekah has done some messed up shit. But when it comes down to it, she has a good heart.
Bonnie is deadass making googly eyes at freaking Silas. I have no idea how she can legit think this is Jeremy, when she has never been able to see ghosts. That was his thing.
She finally figures it out when he is persistent about her doing the spell and he knows she is setting herself in fire at night. So...I think it's safe to say she should draw her curtains at night. He wants to "help" her. mean help yourself.
AHSHDJF Elijah gives Klaus the white oak as a gesture of peace and goodwill. Silas may torment him, but he won't be able to kill him, and Klaus has survived a lot in the past, he will shake this as well. But Elijah asks him to spare Katherine. HE REMEMBERED.
"Without the cure, what makes you think I will spare your beloved Katerina? Or have you figured out you are simply another fly in her web?"
"You will spare her because I am asking you to spare her. As your family, as your only living brother, I would ask that you would provide+
me with this opportunity to feel. To care. To love."
KLAUS YOU ASSHOLE. 😐😡😭 He refuses, because Elijah sided with Rebekah.
"I gave you that opportunity, and you sided against me. So if I run, it will be to chase her. And as your only, living brother, I will make it my cause that you never know a moment of happiness." Fuck off😐
Katherine should have kept the cure and bargained via mail. 😐
Elijah is so calm."It's such a hollow, little life that you lead,Niklaus."
And petty.Can they make him stop trying to destroy characters that I like,so I can actually like him? Because everytime I get close to liking him,he makes it his is mission to try and destroy a fav of mine
Poor Rebekah. The one dance she made it to, and she is miserable. Not at all living up to her expectations. She begs Matt to dance and he declines. "Matt please. This is a girl's worst nightmare. Please."
Bex deserves better. Matt has grown yes, but she still deserves better.
So Rebekah is going to turn a new leaf and try to be good.Matt doesn't understand why his opinion is so important to her and honestly, I don't either.But she says he is everything she wants to be. Loyal, honest and kind. Those are good but please pass on his selfrightiousness.
"Aren't you on save Elena duty?"
"I am taking a little breather."
Because she cut you.😢
Caroline vents about how this is their last dance together and it sucks. Both her and Rebekah's expectations have been flushed down the tubes. People put to much pressure on prom. Sorry Care.
Aww are these two slowly becoming friend too? I see that smile Caroline.
Bonnie tells everyone about Silas appearing as Jeremy, but Elena is ever vigilant and hears the entire conversation. 😣
Hahahahaha OMG prom king and queen goes to Matt and Bonnie. I am happy for Bonnie, she deserves something good. But if Matt is the most popular guy at that school...yikes. The obsession with Matt continues on via the entire senior year group. 😓
Poor Rebekah, watching her dream play out before her eyes, but without her in it.
Imagine if she succeeds? If she oneday turns her humanity back on, this will destroy her.
She already killed an innocent waitress and will have to live with that once she is back to normal. OMG stoooop.
OMG Tyler is there. Klaus is gonna kill your ass so fast if he even gets a sniff of you. 👀
Nice Forwood scene. Caroline is still very much in love with Tyler. He somehow managed to stay up to date with the school calender while being on the run lol. It's both stupid and sweet that be would risk his life for a dance.
Damon, sweetie. Don't go there. 😢 Elena had more fun with you that night anyway. And Stefan looks bored to death in that photo.
Damon confronts Stefan about I behaviour towards Elena, and him lying and saying he is over her.
"I mean, I don't mean to be a dick, Damon, but Elena and I have a history. Memories, laughs, ups and downs. A real relationship."
Um. ...just because there is a history, doesn't make+
it a good one. Laughs? How many? The first few days of dating? I remember a lot more crying and drama. And brooding. The downs were definitely way more than the few ups.
"I mean, what you have is just a one night stand, which was probably the result of the sirebond."
The fuck??? 😐 Damon and Elena had more of a relationship WITHOUT being a couple, than Stefan and Elena had BEING a couple.
Can I smash his smirky face now please? 😐😐😐
Oh shit
It's Silas....
Sorry Stefan, for having terrible thoughts about your innocent self right now.
But he did make moves on Elena and lied to Damin about moving on without her though.
"Your mind is a very dark and riveting place, Damon."
OMG THANK GOOOD Rebekah is really taking being a good person to heart and gives Matt a heads up about Elena's plan to kill Bonnie.
Bonnie is strong. Run girl, run.
April fucking Young, always being at the wrong place at the wrong time. 😐😐😐
But she told Rebekah that she drinks vervain water and can't be compelled. Why didn't her blood have an effect on Elena?
Liar liar pant on fire?
Great. Matt and April are going to cost Rebekah the cure, by guilt tripping her into saving April with vampire blood. But surely Elijah will understand this circumstance?
Damon finds Stefan in the woods. Silas mind fucked him too and left him with a piece of wood in his guts. I am very glad Silas isn't that murdery, otherwise Defan would be dead right now.
Bonnie 's expression is totally out of control but atleast she managed to get rid of Silas - for now.
SHIIIT ELENA OMGGG. Bonnie manages to turn this around real quick. She looks so fucking creepy while her neck heals and her face is just so dead. 😨
Okay made your point. Stop????
Stefan and Damon have to plead with her through her magic haze.
Elena cries out for Damon to help her. Baby girl knows where her best bet lies. "Damon help me!"
Stefan tries to reason.
"You are killing her."
"I know what I am doing."
"Thats the magic talking, this is your best friend."
Damon is getting anxious. "Damnit Bonnie!"
Fuck, Elena had to beg first before Bonnie lets off and leaves.
I am over no humanity Elena now. She tried +
to kill both Caroline and Bonnie and I want her to get her emotions back ASAP. I want my baby girl back NOW. 😐 The thing is, her friends seen to be taking this personally and not giving her a pass, which they should be doing, lol they did with Stefan. And I am worried that+
all this is going to impact her friendships when she is back to normal. Bonnie is probably going to not talk to her again, kr make er bwg gor forgiveness, or act like this was on purpose and was all her fault, like she did when Defan turned Abby.
*or make her beg for forgiveness
Good. They injected her with vervain. Go lock her in the cellar please, before she pisses off more unforgiving people. Thanks. 😣
Rebekah saved April. She is already becoming a better person and I am proud of her. But also sad. If this gets out...
Matt promises not to tell. Thanks, thats decent. You owe her that after guilt tripping her into risking her future happiness.
"Maybe I was a little harsh +
earlier. You wouldn't make the worst human."
Er thanks?
Oh fuck my life. Klaus saw and he plays the villian in his sister's story of her life again. 😐😢
.....Okay what is this?
"I passed your test with flying colours."
.....that's not Rebekah...noooooo please let it be Rebekah lying through her teeth and not Silas.
NOOOO Rebekah is with Klaus, getting her hopes and dreams trampled upon, while Silas walks away with her cure. 😭
Sorry Bex. Too late. 😭 Klaus worked with Silas and they deceived Elijah together. He conned his own sister out of the cure. 😐😡
I am over these two. They bore me and I don't feel anything. Sorry Forwood shippers. I know logically she loves him and he is good to her, or tries to be, but this storyline of him having to go every time is getting old.
Okay, just taking a second to admire this shot of her and the dress. She deserves someone in her league though and thats not Tyler. Sorry again to their shippers.
What? Really??
Klaus let Tyler go, for Caroline's sake."In the shared interest of giving Caroline the night of her dreams, I am going to allow you 5 seconds before I rip your heart out."
Tyler doesn't need to be told twice and vanishes. Wow.
I am so pissed about what he did to Rebekah,but this+
is development. That's the thing with Klaus though, one step forward, another step back. He decieves his sister and pisses me off, but then turns around and shows development and growth by putting Caroline's needs above his own for the night.
This is a step in tbe right direction for Klaroline. Some actual progress. Small, but for Klaus it's kinda big.
Maybe there is hope yet?
Sorry sweetie, but this is the best place for you right now. 😢
Damon says that he saw the fear in her eyes when she thought she was going to die. So fear broke through her shield of nothingness.Their new plan : make her life a living hell. Yikes.But how? What are you gonna do?😣
Katberine managed yo get a letter to Klaus. She can really just rely on herself and uses a surprising tactic. The letter warns against some witch who is plotting against him.
"Hunt her down. What she has to say, will rattle you do deeply to your core, that chasing little old me+
will be the least of your concerns. It's been a fun 5 centuries, Klaus, but I have worn down to many good heels running from you. Love, and hate, Katerina."
Well I hope this threat is real and he feels so indebted to her for the warning, he leaves her the fuck alone.
But what can a witch really do to him that can be fatal? Grow another white oak tree?
Bonnie did a locater spell and tracked down Silas. So she is on board now with taking down the otherside? What happened to 10 minutes ago when she was screaming at him to leave her alone??
SHIIIT...Quetsiyah really went over board with this guy. She made him fugly so that no one else can love him. Showwww meee.
Wowzers. Couldn't see that much, but from the little I saw, it's no wonder Silas wants to fucking die. 👀 That crazy bitch fucked up his face
Even his voice is raspy. 👀
Good episode. But seriously, how many more before Elena is back to herself?
04x20 "The Originals."
Yikes. Poor baby girl looks bad. 😢 How long has she been in there??
Damon and Stefan can't believe Elena is taking the dessication so calmly. Her nickname isn't warrior princess for nothing guys.
Miss Pierce is back in town. Go get Elijah girl.
Katerine is being reaaaal confident that Klaus has bigger fish to fry. Wait what does Hayley have to do with the witch plotting against him? Hayley and he fucked. They parted on very good terms.
New Orleans, city of....coffins in the street?
When did Hayley's birthmark suddenly become so dark and pronounced? But not let's just go with that. She is still on a mission to find her parents, but I am not getting Good vibe from these two.
"People like you." ...k
OH YIKES BITCH TOOK SOME OF HER HAIR. She must be a witch. That's why I don't let strangers touch me. 😐
Let me guess, this witch has a terrible prejudice against werewolves for some reason. Maybe her parents got killed by some.
So Jane Anne and Sophie are witches. Surprise surprise. And they want to use Hayley to get to Klaus. Guys, they had a one night stand. It wasn't that deep... how the fuck do you even know about her connection to Klaus?
Sophie is hesitant and scared they will get caught. Maybe don't do shit that will get you caught then?
Creepy graveyard witch sets the map on fire, fried the car battery and destroys her cellphone. Hayley... I am scared for you...
Fuuuckkkk she is surrounded. Graveyard witch blows out a candle and Hayley loses consciousness. Jane Anne must be a really powerful witch because this is some scary, next level witchcraft. 👀
Yeah....not good. This looks cult -ish/ human sactifice -ish. I don't know but it's creepy.
Elijah tells Rebekah about the threat in NOLA and she is unconcerned. Klaus has caused her so much pain, she just wants to be free of him. The witches seem to be really hateful and prejudice against vampires.
"Where are you going?"
"To find out who is making a move against our brother. And then...I will either stop them, or help them. Depending on my mood."
Rebekah's face 😂😂
Klaus really thinks a witch will tell on another witch. Lol.
So someone named Marcel is making rules. A vampire? And the witches follow the rules? Nah, I dont buy that.
Well hello there Marcel. 😍
Er...and bye bye Marcel. Thats Klaus' murder face. They know eachother. He knows about Micheal. Ooo there is history here.
Looks like Marcel has a lot of loyal friends. Either that,or they don't know who Klaus is.
The fuck?
"Niklaus Micaelson! My mentor, my saviour, my sire. Let's get you a drink."
.....So what was all that hostility for?
Marcel is a good friend and shared the daylight ring secret with his inner circle. "I have got the witches here, rapped around my little finger."
How? With your charm? 😌
Vampire paradise? Where are the humans?
How did this turn into public trial trial fast? So Marcel has a rule against witches being witches? No witchcraft. He finds out everytime. How??
*this fast
"I didn't do anything!"
Of course you didn't, you hair stealing, graveyard dwelling creep. Where is Hayley? 😐
Marcel says he is a merciful man. He just wants to know what she has been up to.
"Rot in hell, monster."
Okayyy Jane Ann isn't smart.
Shiiit. Bye Jane Anne. Marcel whips her throat open with the vinebin his hands and the crowd cheers. I don't like this vibe. Public excecution? Jane was a creep but this just feels like Marcel wants to prove something to Klaus.
Marcel is smooth and managed to cool Klaus off with some smooth talking. He is too smooth. I don't trust him.
Klaus found Sophie and wants to know what she as plotting against him and why Marcel kiled her.The girl's sister was just publically executed, give her a minute to breathe?
She says that Klaus may have built the town,but it's Marcel's now. So if she talks to him,she will be next
Marcel doesn't trust Klaus either, since he decided it would be wise to have him followed. Marcel is going to a lot of trouble to let Klaus know who is in charge.
And Klaus flaunts his wealth. Lucky bartender. It's funny how he calls every woman he sees "love" until oneday, someone takes offense 😂
Sophie...going out alone in the dark to darker allyways with what looks like a magic stand. Girl is just itching to meet her sister again.
Aaand vampires. Sis, what did you expect?
Elijah to the rescue. But he wants answers. I think Sophie may be more inclined to talk to him, seeing that she has heard of him, she is shitting herself right now, and he just saved her skin.
Elijah, you should be out there, finding Katherine and running from Klaus together. He can handle his own threats.
Wow, its like Klaus walked into some vampire utopia. Vampires are just feeding and partying in the open, having a grand time,like yet are masters of te universe. Where are the humans? Except the ones being fed on?
Marcel saves his very very loyal friend from Klaus. He js still smooth talking him and trying to keep him calm, but Klaus is NOT impressed by being follows and says he doesnt care about his rules.
"Why don't you who who what you have been up to, in MY town."
Oh this+
is some power struggle and these two are like two peacocks, strutting their testosterone around, testing eachoter for dominance. 😓
This isn't the age of Kings and Queens. There are no rulers of towns. Even though Marcel acts like he is king of NOLA. And if that was the case, and they still live by that, then Klaus really can't come back after a 100 years and expect his "throne" to be empty.
Marcel brags to Klaus about how the town has prospered under his reign. The humans look the other way, and he has a secret weapon that lets him know whenever magic is being used. He also takes vervain. Good for you, Marcel, but I don't think you are imune against Klaus' teeth.
Yikes girl. Walking alone?
"New blood."
"Bartender, walking alone at night...she is either brave, or dumb."
"Lets see; brave, I let her live. Dumb, she is desert."
Well, she looks confident.
"You know, it's not safe here alone."
"You know, I have a blackbelt in karate."
Feisty, but oh sweetie...
Elijah shows up and wants Klaus to follow him. Looks like he will be helping him afterall.
Elijah is leading Klaus to the cemetery. Is this the witches' gathering spot? Not creeped out at all guys. You aren't helping me choose Marcel over you creeps at all. 👌
Sophie does the smart thing and feeds Klaus' ego and he is just loving it lol. "You know you are famous in this town? Witches tell bedtime stories about the powerful vampire Klaus. We know Marcel was nothing but an orphan streetrat, until you made him what he Is." Ouch, but+
he did kill her sister, so her hate is understandable. "Now he is out of control. He does what he wants, kills who he wants. I am going to stop him. And you are going yo help me."
Oh sweetie, you started off so good with the flattery. But don't order Klaus around, that's dumb.
Klaus does not want to get involved and can't understand why Elijah would possibly think that he would help Sophie. Elijah doesn't even know Hayley, so what is compelling him?
They bring out Hayley and Klaus thinks it's super hilarious how they thought they could actually use her randsom against him.
"You are all out of your minds if you think some liquor fuelled one night stand, no offense sweetheart, means a thing to me."
Yeah, joke is on them.
They would have had better luck using Caroline though. Someone privided them with bad information.
"I have a special gift, of sensing when a girl is pregnant." HAHAHAHAHAHA OMG MY LUNGS. Thats the worst and most useles fucking special power. She was definitely last in the row when powers were handed out. 😂 And she brags about it to Klaus. The fuck 😂
That's not possible. Its a lie to trick him. Vampires can't procreate or there would be bloodsucking undead babies and that's too disturbing for me, thanks. ✋
And lets say for a second that it is true, that means that the witches kidnapped and threatened a pregnant woman and her unborn child, which puts me on team Marcel and then on team skank.
"Niklaus, the girl is carrying your child." Elijah is buying this bullshit? But he is the smart brother 😨
"No! It's impossible. Vampires can't procreate!" Thanks Klaus. Lol
...... But werewolves can.
"This pregnancy is one of nature's loopholes."
The fuckity fuck are they being serious?
Klaus accuses Hayley of being with someone else but it wouldn't make sense for her to lie. She has been kidnapped for days. There is literally NO reason she would want the dad to be him.
So Jane Ann sacrificed herself by confirming the pregnancy,now try think they own Hayley and her kid? If here even is a baby, I am still processing this...
The witches are scum though, threatening to kill Hayley if Klaus doesn't help. I don't like it when groups of people are+
being opressed, but the hair stealing, kidnapping witches will probably be out of control if Marcel doesn't stop them from doing their hocus pocus. If hexing people is something you can't live without,I suggest you move out of NOLA then.
Shit, Sophie started ordering Klaus around, telling him about the rules that he will have to follow and he looses it. Girl, you say you have heard of Klaus. Surely you have heard of his temper too??
...Its real. Elijah urged him to listen and there is a fucking heartbeat. OMG KLAUS IS GOING TO BE FATHER I NEED A MOMENT
"Kill her and the baby. What do I care?"
The fuck? That's your child. It takes two. Take responsibility...👀 And it's baby. Come on Klaus, not even you can be this heartless. IT'S YOUR CHILD
Elijah is calling it a gift and a chance to start over. Listen to Elijah, Klaus.
"What will this child offer me? Will it give me power?"
"Family is power, Niklaus. Love loyalty, that's power."
Elijah really has a way with words.
DAMN Klaus. Elijah gave a heartfelt, beautiful speech about family, love and loyalty. He even offered to move to NOLA with you and help with the child. But Klaus is being Klaus and refuses. Dude, that's your KID.
Elijah tells Rebekah that Klaus is doing what he typically does. He is being offered chance at happiness yet he runs in the opposite direction. Bax thinks the child is better of without him. A child is never better off without their parents though.
He doesn't have to be hands on then, but atleast be semi present and DON'T LET WITCHES KILL YOUR BABY.
Elijah is so fucking noble. He is still looking for Klaus' redemption. It's not his burden though. Everyone's redemption is their own. You can't force them. That defeats the whole point.
Katherine is brave. Rebekah can rip her head off. She believes Klaus won't be able to walk away, because Elijah won't let him.
"Klaus wont be able to walk away from this. He and I, we are the same. We manipulate, we thirst for power, we control, we punish, but our actions are driven by one singular place deep inside."
"And what's that?"
"We are alone. And we hate it."
Wow. I take back what I said about+
Katherine not being that deep. She does such shitty things but deepp down, there is a heart. It's just mind boggling to me that both she and Klaus are so broken, that they can't accept happiness when it comes their way. She says she hates being alone, but she had the devoted +
love of Damon and countless others, yet she didn't want it and treat man like her personal, disposable puppets. And Klaus treats his loyal family like shit. These two idiots cause their own misery and are their own biggest enemies. 😢
Katherine is still holding out hopes that Elijah will be with her and tells Rebekah she is waiting for him. 😢😭
Klais is pissed and not in the mood for games. Je wants to know how Marcel is controlling the witches and they are finaly adressing the elephant in the room. Who's town is it really?
"This is my business. I control the witches in my town."
"Your town?"
"Damn straight."
Shiiit. ..
Great, insults are being thrown around and they have an audience now. Marcel has a point when he says that be manahed to elevate the vampires to be the elite class, while getting rid of the werewolves and having the witches under his shoe. Gnats great for the vampires, +
But like I said before,I don't like one class ruling over others and treating them like crap.
I am conflicted. I dont like the witches at all and I don't necessarily want them practising their dark witchcraft, but being a vampire supremacist over other species really sucks balls.
"My home, my family, my rules."
It's like everyone is trying to push Klaus' buttons. But he can't come back after 100 years and still expect to be in charge.
"Mercy is for the weak. You tought me that too."
Yikes, okay maybe Rebekah has has point. Maybe Klaus shouldn't have a kid. That's not the type of stuff you teach people.
Long distance parenting?
Marcel snapped. Finally. I was beginning to wonder how long be would wear that fake smile.
"I am not the Prince of the quarter, friend, I AM THE KING!"
No great King ever has to point out that he is a king. Game of thrones rule.
Yikes. Klaus bites one of Marcel's friends and gloats about it. Why am I getting Forwood flashbacks with this type of scenario?
"I am immortal. Who has the power now, friend?"
Yeah that friendship is fucked up now.
I have a feeling my allegiances are going to hop around like a ping pong ball on this show...
Klaus wants to blow off some steam by admiring an street artist and the brave bartender is there too.
Just be nice okay. Poor girl doesn't need you to take out your moods on her. Besides, she knows karate, lol.
"The 100 dollar guy."
"The brave bartender." OMG thats actually a canon line.
"Camille? That's a French name."
"It's a grandma's name. Call me Cami."
I like her feisty attitude.
"Amazing, isn't he?"
"Do you paint?"
"No, but I admire. Every artist has a story you know."
"And what do you suppose his story is?"
"He is angry, dark, doesn't feel safe and doesn't know what to do about it. He wishes he can control his demons, instead of having his demons+
control him. He is lost, alone."
Damn girl, you are an intellectual, aren't you? And you just described Klaus so perfectly, it brought him to fucking tears.
"Sorry, overzealous psyche major."
Ooo, she IS an intellectual.
And he is gone.
That felt like a meeting of souls. Nothing romantic, just finding someone who appreciates what you appreciate, and who understands you without even knowing it.
Klaus seems to be thinking this whole business over and Elijah shows up. They were truly happy in NOLA once. Klaus me toons how he lives in fear and could never settle. Everytime he would think he could, Micael woukd chase him off. Well, Atleast you won't be a worse dad than him+
I don't think that's possible.
"This town was my home once, and in my absence, Marcel has gotten everything I ever wanted. Power, loyalty, family. I made him in my image and he has bettered me."
See what you could have it you don't treat people like shit?
"I want what he has. I want to be king."
Here comes big big shit. Marcel worked for what he has though...
"What of Hayley and the baby?"
"Every king needs an heir."
....Okay. Slightly scared for the baby now.
Klaus biting someone and tjen showing up to save their lives, for his own advantage, ...I have seen this scene before lol. He wants to get into the inner circle and destroy him from within.
Marcel is really forgiving. Just don't challenge to position and you won't have a problem.
Aww Klaus misses Caroline and leaves her a voice message.
"Caroline, I am standing in one of my favourite places in the world, surrounded by food, music, art, culture, ...and all I can think about, is how much I want to show it to you.Maybe oneday you will let me."
Guy is smitten
But somehow Carolibe doesn't strike me as the type to appreciate all that, that much. She called his painting a giant snowflake and obviously doesn't get art.
Elijah wants Rebekah to come to NOLA too and tells her to forget the cure. Both he and Klaus are very dismissive of her wants and needs and I think it is selfish to ask her to leave everything behind and go with them.
"I owe him nothing. I wish him no joy, no love. I will stay here and live my life the way I want to, and if you are smart I suggest you do the same." 👌👏👏
Katherine agreed with Rebekah and she wants Elijah to break away from Klaus, so that can start their new adventure together. My heart. 😢
"I have lost so much of my life to Klaus. So have you." 😢😢
"It's our turn."
GOODBYE? ?? NOOOOO ELIJAH I CAN'T FUCKING BELIEVE YOU OMGGG. I knew they were doomed because of the damn blasted spin off ( sorry TO fans) but my shippers heart just broke. 😭
Klaus better appreciate Elijah's sacrifice. 😐
Baby girl. I missed you. You look terrible though.
Damon, I think you just got rage out of her for a split second.
"You boys want to play games? Fine. Let's see who breaks first. Me, or you...."
Elena has a strong will. Goodluck guys, you are going to need it. 😣
Well the pilot for TO looked good. Will definitely continue with it. Just a bit sad tight now about Kalijah. 😢 I hope Elena gets back to normal next episode. I miss her and I want her back.
04x21 "She's Come Undone"

Sounds like Elena will be getting her emotions back. Fingers crossed.
Elena is out and about? But her humanity is still off. 😐
OMG its not real. Damon is in her head. Baby girl is smart enough to figure out something isn't right.
"The last thing I remember.."
"Let me guess, prom? Beautiful dress, gorgeous hair..."
He really misses no opportunity to show her appreciation, does he? 😍
Damon thinks that if he can get her nostalgic, she will be halfway to getting her emotions back. I dont know ... nostalgia isn't that deep? I am thinking a bigger emotion?
"There are other ways to provoke an emotional response."
Sounds fun...
Poor Elena OMGGG they put her in a safe. "Is the old you ready to come out and play?"
"Go to hell. "
Elena is tough and nowhere near breaking. I just want this torture over. She has been through enough. 😣 Just turn it on already.
Caroline is not a fan of Stefan and Damon's methods and wants to talk to Elena. are being an amazing friend and I am grateful for your concern, but talking is only going to give her more opportunity to cut you down verbally, but help nothing. Stefan is reluctant too
Caroline seems to think the way to Elena's emotionless heart, is through her stomach.
Its like playing good cop,bad cop. Caroline is the good cop,saying how she doesn't agree with what they are doing to her and that they should try other ways that doesn't involve torture.
"I tried to kill you, Caroline. I am nit exactly bff material anymore. You should move on."+
"I am not going to give up on you."
Awww Carolena 😢😢😍
Here it comes, the verbal lashing. 😐😣 She says Tyler left town because of her annoying clingy-ness and that she is a tease to Klaus. Care, just ignore it. She doesn't mean any of it.
"And Klaus? Let's just say it; nobody likes a tease. Hey I am not judging. Might be nice to+
have a badboy ruffle those perfect feathers."
Caroline can take the boyfriend insults but Elena digs deeper and gets to her softspots and talks about her mom, thinking she is a monster. Elena sees Care is effected and smirks in triumph. CAROLINE DON'T TURN YOUR BACK ON HER
OMGGGG NOOO I KNEW IT. 😭😭😭😭 Caroline is stronger this time and snaps her neck. I am grateful their friendship is strong enough to survive two attempts. I don't see Bonnie anywhere.
"Do whatever you have to do."
Atleast she is sure now that there is nothing talking will do to help. Unfortunately for me and Elena, it looks like torture is the only option. 😐
I feel like Matt and Rebekah scenes are increasing...?
Hey, she just lost the cure and risked it all because she wanted your approval. Be a little nicer to her okay? OMG Matt can be such a stuck up selfrightious ass. 😐
I also hate how try make all the girls chase after "perfect Matt."
First it was Caroline, who we we insecure because he was "so perfect" and she as so messed up. Now they are doing it with Rebekah. She has to grovel for his attention and approval. I don't like it. But Bex is way+
off about Elena though.
"I happen to like her just the way she is. It's tragic that they are trying so desperately to fix something that isn't broken."
Sweetie...She tried to kill Bonnie, she tried to kill Caroline twice. She murdered an innocent waitress,..
Bex just likes her+
this way, because humanityless Elena is the closest thing she has to a friend right now. The two are even living together. And that's super tragic. Rebekah deserves true friends.
"Elena was my friend long before she was your mean girl sidekick."
True Matt.
Caroline wants to know where Bonnie is. OMG she is studying for final exams. School exists? Lol. If this was real life, the whole group would have failed though.
"I think I will pass on the invite. Elena tried to kill me. I am not quite ready to forgive and forget." The fuck? +
Elena had her humanity off. There is nothing to forgive since it's not really her. And Caroline is there, despite the fact Elena tried to kill her TWICE. The second time being a few minutes ago. Caroline has always been the better friend, that's just facts.
So in season 2, Elena had to beg Bonnie to be there for Caroline and she refused. Now Caroline is begging Bonnie to be there for Elena and she refuses. Full circle. 😐
Katherine? Why tne fuck is Bonnie meeting with Katherine? She can't be around Elena who tried to kill her but lets face it, with Bonnie's expression, she never really stood a chance, but she meets up with Katherine, who actually killed her boyfriend?
"Lying, scheming and a secret rendezvous with mua. Not very Bonnie Bennetty. Especially when Elena needs her favourite witch."
"This has nothing to do with them."
Okay, then what is this?
Shouldn't Bonnie hate Katherine?
....What is this?? 👀
This is pointless torture though. It's not going to scare her because it's not like they will kill her.
"Even if you do manage to get my emotions back, I will remember all this and I will hate both of you for it."
Damon looks concerned by that but Stefan's face is all "burn bitch."
Ironic that it is Stefan pulling the curtain back and not Damon. Subconsciously, a part of him is probably enjoying this a tiny bit and sees it as payback to her loving Damon over him?
"I am going to kill you."
....Okay, so they managed to get rage out of her. But how many times does an need to be set in fire for everything to come back? I wish Lexi was there. 😣
"Bingo! See? There is a little rage. I should have figured that would be the first emotion that+
came out of you. I tend to pull that out of people."
Damon,...not now. This isn't funny. 😣
Stefan talking to her about "her choice " is giving me war flashbacks.
"Elena look at me. We don't want to do this. You can stop this right now. It's your choice."
The word "choice"+
makes me want to facepalm myself in frustration. Thanks TVD. 😞
Hahaha Elena and I thinking alike.
"Its kinda funny actually, you being the one to pulk back the curtain. I bet a part if you enjoys it, since I dumped you and all."
Damon and Stefan thinks that her saying vindictive things, I progress, but guys,...saying hurtful and vindictive things is kinda humanityless Elena's thing. That's not progress. Only the second of rage was. Ah damn, here we go again. This hurts me more than it hurts Elena.😣😣
I am Caroline, Caroline is me.
"We have to keep talking. If we don't keep talking, I won't be able to stop myself from listening in and I can't stand to hear Elena in pain."
Girl, you and me both. This episode is torture.
Aww, Caroline ordered a graduation cap and gown for Matt and Elena since they were obviously to preoccupied to think about school and graduation. I think it's amazing that Caroline can still focus on this stuff and live these milestones.
Rebekah brings a peace offering consisting of some burgers for Matt, and casually drops that he is failing and she wants to help him study. So does Caroline. Lol. This study buddy thing has never worked for me, I I by the way.
But somehow Matt has 2 girls basically low-key +
fighting over who gets to help him study. Lol, Caroline wants to get her flashcards and is all excited. Wish the idea of studying makes me this happy. 😔
Klaus is back? I thought he was still in NOLA?
Since last episode was the backdoor pilot for TO, which TVD episode will be Klaus and Elijah's last?
I feel like they are being yanked out of TVD. Elijah had his storyline with Katherine and how the hell can they remove Klaus from the show? Who will be the big bad? Silas? But Klaroline was JUST starting to show some development. That can't be it?
Bonnie wants Silas' tombstone from Katherine. Lmaooo bitch took it with her from the island. Katherine really is the queen of survival and looking out for herself. Bonnie says she hasn't switched to team Silas, but it sure sounds like she has.
What can she possibly offer Katherine that will make it worth her while? The only 2 things she wants, is Klaus dead and Elijah by her side. And I don't see Bonnie cancelling that spin off. 😔
Still at it. 😐😐😐 They look super guilty about it atleast.
Its working a little bit. Elena is pissed af and lashes out at Damon, trying her best to hurt him. OMG shut up stop it. 😭
"You know what else blew? Being sired to you. Going everyday believing that I was in love with you. I remember every horrible moment of it.+
And you, so scared that it wasn't real. Well guess what, it wasn't! You were right."
Poor Damon 😢😢😢 She is playing his biggest insecurity. This sucks balls. I hate it. 😐
"So go ahead, keep trying to get the old me back. Who knows, maybe Stefan and I will give it another go."
Stefan is like WTF and she looks at Damon to see if her words cut him deep enough, but he tries to look unaffected.
Like Stefan wouldn't take her back in a heartbeat though
Oh shit she broke free 👀
You are laughing???? SHIT ELENA. THIS ISN'T FUNNY. 😐😐
"I am the girl that you love. You wouldn't do anything to actually hurt me, you just proved that. So what do I really have to be afraid of?"
I HATE THIS I HATE THIS I HATE THIS. And I hate this episode. And what did I say? This is pointless. Get Bonnie back. She will genuinely try to kill her and will spark some fear.
I need some too Damon. 😔
Damon is so frustrated. He can't understand why she doesn't just turn it on. "Why is she being so stubborn?!"
"Because she has nothing to come back to. Her home is gone, her family is gone, she alienated her friends, she destroyed her relationships."
Damon is still there 😢
So is Caroline, Stefan and Matt. The only one she alienated was Bonnie. The rest are all there and willing to forgive. But yeah, the family thing is a problem. "She is smart. She knows we are not really going to hurt her."
"Alright, so we get somebody else. Someone who really+
will hurt her."
Yes Stefan, go get Bonnie back.
Wait, Katherine??
"Katherine was just abandoned by Elijah." OUCH 😭
"She has nothing. She has no one. A invite her into our house to come torture Elena? There is no way she is going to turn that down."
True. But you guys better keep a fucking close eye on her. 😐
He came back just to say goodbye to her? Aww okay, thats sweet. The goodbye scene then.
"I never had any intention of moving on, because I have tried to stop thinking about you and I can't."
Is this going to be a love confession?? 👀
"Come to NOLA. What are you afraid of?"
"You! I am afraid of you."
Well that's understandable. But that's 2 types of fear though. +
She is scared of his temper and that he can bite or scewer her again, but she is also scared because she is attracted to him, despite all that. And he knows.
Talk about killing the messenger. 😐
He can't find Bonnie and wants Caroline to find her and tell her to stop playing games. If you are in a rush for results, why hurt her so bad? She can't do anything for you on the ground. 😐
Was that the last "Klaroline" scene? Shit. How about closure for this poor ship that never got to sail?
If this is really the end for them, I have to say that I am disapointed. I once compared them to a new book with a beautiful cover but I expected a novel, not a 10 page story where 9 pages are a mess of then hurting and manipulating eachother, and 1 at the very end show signs of+
developing in the right direction. They had so much chemistry and people hyped them so much. I expected more. 😯 But I guess its the spin off's fault. They needed more seasons to develop into an actual ship. They never even kissed.
Rebekah blames Matt failing his classes on Jeremy and Elena and says he needs better friends, her. Sweetie...You and your bro are the reason this entire group should be failing, if we are being realistic here. She offers to compel him good grades though. That I would take+
She is right. Take advantage of some of the perks. He did almost die, so the least she can do is help him out in that department lol. Come to think of it, compelling is probably how this entire group plans on actually graduating. 😂
Matt is being stupid of course, and they are making Rebekah practically beg to help him out. "For the record, anyone who leaves you behind is a fool. I wouldn't."
They deadass made Rebekah fall in love with Matt. 😐 As much as he has improved, that's just a no. No no nooo.
And for the record, anyone who leaves him behind, is graduating and most certainly not fools. I wouldn't repeat a year for a friend. Not that she meant it that way, but just saying.
For Rebekah's sake, I am happy she is going to the spin off. Otherwise I would have been subjected to another Caroline/Matt type relationship between Bex and Matt. Insecure girl with "perfect" guy who makes them feel insecure and inferior with his selfrightiousness.
Miss Pierce is here. Whether or not this is the best idea Stefan has ever had... I guess we will see. Rebekah isn't happy to see her.
Neiter is Matt. "Are you out of your mind?!"
"Do you have better idea, prom king? Unless you want me to lock you up in there with her, I suggest you shutup and let the adults handle this."
Matt getting his ass handed to him by Damon, lol.
*Sulks* Lol
Matt can't take losing to Damon, so he is going to call Caroline for back up.
"I am calling Caroline. There is no way we are letting that psycho in there with Elena!"
Wow Matt is really protective. 10 out of 10 for friendship towards my baby girl, but 0 out of 10 for having+
to call Caroline to fight his battles for him. 😂
It's dark already. She has been unconcious a long ass time. 👀
Fuck it's Silas again. Leave her the hell alone OMG. 😐
SHIT STOP HARASSING HER. How is she suppose to find out where Bonnie is if you keep hurting her and stalking her? Give her a break to actually find out. Silas is an ass. 😐