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Goodnight. Off to bed 😂✌
04x04 "The five"
Starting late, but lets see how far I get. 🙈
Now I just know this can't be good...
I heard the word "immortalis" inbetween that gibberish....the hunters are immortal? Please Nooo.
Built to kill for sure though phew and that's before any spell 👀
Liz let Damon know that there was no remains...So no dead Conner. When is anything ever that easy?
Stefan's face when Damon tells him he is taking Elena to college to learn snatch, eat and erase. "I need you to get on this today. I have to take Elena to college."
"I am sorry, you have to do what exactly?"
Hahaha so Delena planned to go and Stefan is only finding out now.
I am excited. Finally a real vampire is going to teach Elena how it is done. 😌
Oh boy. Stefan is confronting Elena while training but she is finally putting her foot down. No animal blood. It doesn't work.
I don't even know why that was still an option at this point.
Stefan really is against Damon teaching her and suggests Caroline. But Elena says she is to good and doesn't understand how hard it is. Hahaha girl, just say you want Damon because that reason sucks. She had it hard too, except she could drink from bloodbags atleast. 😜
"I know what being around to much blood does to you. I can't put you through that."
Her reason here is legit though. If only she heard his confession to Caroline...
Lol. I like that Elena is still training and getting stronger. She flios Stefan easily. She has a thing for being on top now. I like it. Her character is evolving, getting stronger. Even if it's these small, subtle things.
And convincing insecure Stefan that despite who is teaching her how to feed, he is the one getting her though this. Lol, okay Elena. Lets just forget everything from 04x02 and 04x03 👌
Rebekah is taking a page out of the Klaus handbook, thinking that a great gift will instantly grant them forgiveness or earn them some favor. Matt can't be bought though. Shame, she tried and it's coming from a good place.
KLAUSSS leave Rebekah alone.
"You are trying to hard."
"Last I heard, you were leaving town. Forever."
"Well I was, but then I thought to myself, how can I, when my sister, clearly so desperate for love and affection is left here, bribing the help."
OMG ouch. Klaus is one +
elisist bastard, isn't he. 👀
So now he wants Rebekah's help with the brotherhood of the five. Ahh I get it. He somehow needs her, so now she is worthy of his attention again. He wants to use her. 😐 Yes Bex, blow him off.
Delena at college. OMG the dream. No Stefan. Just Bonnie the chaperon. Ditch her guys 😜
Bonnie is very disbelieving that Damon went to college. My man is am intellectual. What did you expect? He assured Elena that if he could go (multiple times ) so can she. Even if he went because he had a thing for sorority girls.
"You are disgusting."
"I know." 😂
Elena doesn't+
look disgusted. She looks intrigued and is wearing her "Damon is so funny but I am going to try and look annoyed but failing" face 😂
This is a college class? I feel cheated. This wasn't on my sign up sheet.
HAHAHA DAMON GETS JEALOUS. when Elena agreed with Bonnie that the professor is hot. He isn't impressed 😂
"What is this guy? A witchepedia?"
Elena laughs but Bonnie shushes them. Hahaha why do I get the vibe this would have been them in highschool together. 😂
The professor does seem to know his stuff and even mentioned doppelgangers. Wait, why are they here again other than +
teaching Elena how to feed? Because truth be told, that's all reason that mattered to me. 🙈 Something about Bonnie's grams who knew this guy...? Yeah that's it.
Delena looking through their options like they are paging through a takeout menu 😂 Damon is giving her good tips on how to spot easy prey but Elena is scared she might be a ripper. I just don't see that happening. She is to restrained.
If Elena was a ripper, Matt would be headless by now. She drank from him at school and managed to control herself.
Hahaha Delena getting busted by the professor. Nothing to see here, professor. Just two young lovers disrupting class.
AGSHDJD her smirk. They really do get the best scenes. Their camaraderie and friendship mixed with sexual tension. Loveeee it 😍
She is already having fun and they haven't even started with the feeding yet. 😊
Lol. Klaus has a thing for torture. He is really proud of his contraption from the inquisition. I think they called it the rack? Anyway, I am glad that Stefan is on Klaus duty for a change while Damon gets a turn with Elena. 😌
Stefan is awfully confident about how much Klaus likes him, since he intends to annoy him into giving him answers. How do you know Klaus won't just rip your heart out? Maybe Klefan isn't as dead as I thought lmaoo
Flashbaccckkk 😍😍
AAHSHD LOOK AT KLAUS AND ELIJAH 😱the hair OMG Klaus looks hilarious 😂😂
I prefer present Klaus 😂
Hot guy from the opening scene putting on a show to prove to the town's folk vampires are real. Apparently Klaus and Kol has not been discreet. Kol is psycho, so that was expected. But wasn't Klaus running from Mikael?
"He is putting on quite the show."
"He is nothing. I could eat him for sport." 😂😂😂 Got to love that confidence. This isn't an ordinary guy Klaus 😂😂
Oh Rebekah sweetie....😩😩😩
on another note, she looks absolutely gorgeous.
But Bex, my sweet summer child...🙈
Okay but what did I say about Klaus wanting to use Rebekah? 😑 He wants Stefan to help him get her home. She has information about the five that he needs, since one was her lover. "She is being stubborn and hateful."
Um. remember what you did to make her hateful, right?
"And Stefan, trust me when I say this. That Hunter in there holds the answer to all your prayers."
What the fuck? 😕
April...close your mouth sweetie...
OMG another character falls for the ever so deadly "Matt charm" 😂😂
HAHAHAHAHAHA I am glad they are friends. Bax needed one. But her face when she sees April staring at Matt 😂😂😂 "Hey off limits. I have dibbs." I wonder how long this new friendship will last, with Matt and his dangerous sex appeal between them 😂😂
Stefan vomlels Apeil to not remember anything he is going to say to Rebekah. He tells her Klaus's plan and offers to doubke cross him and put in a kind word for Rebekah with Matt.
....I am unsure who Stefan is playing. Klaus or Rebekah.. 👀
*compells April
Okayy here we go. Snatch eat and erase. Poor Elena is so nervous. I hope this goes well. 👀
ELENAAAA. She was doing so well until she saw the photo and felt sorry for the girl 😣
But it's part of why I love her. Her compassion.
"I saw the picture and I.."
"Everybody is someone's uncle or father or camp councellor or bible study teacher Elena. You don't know these people. Why do you care?"
"I care because I am still me. I still have the same feelings, Damon."
We know Elena, but you have to feed.
If she could just drink from a bloody bloodbag, her issues would be resolved by now. I take it from myself, this snatch eat and erase thing is so much anxiety. I would be a wreck.
Bonnie hands them a flyer for for frat party. Perfect.
"The answer to all our problems. A frat party. Douche central. Which is why you will be eating very well tonight." I love how Elena smiles at his sarcasm even though Bonnie is totally disgusted. Elena gets him. 😌
I am not so sure having Bonnie around is a good idea. She still hates vampires and finds vampirism disgusting. Elena doesn't need that kind of energy or guilt right now.
Pausing here ✌
My internet is really spotty and I may not finish tonight but lets continue 😊
Let the manipulation of Rebekah begin...
Klaus is back to compelling himself servants. He seems to think tho is still the 18 hundreds, except these probably get no pay.
He apologised to Bex for taking her for granted. "It's what big brothers do." Technically, yes. A lot of the time, but he was a massive ass to her.
Stefan's face while they fight 😂😂😂😂😂 He looks like he is in hell.
Somebody saveee meeee 🎶🎵
Dining with the enemy who claims to have the ultimate weapon which no vampire can survive.
No ordinary vampire maybe.Unless you have a white oak, I know atleast 3 vampires sitting with you at the table who will most certainly survive.
Okay, so the tattoo is a map, which will lead them to this weapon. How is this going to be helpful to Stefan?
Oh you got to be kidding me. Klaus has Jeremy and took his ring. How does he expect an artist to work under such stressful conditions?
Bonnie nooo. Yeah n is kinda cute but he is a professor. Get a real love interest. One your own age. Or a vampire lmao. But student /professor relationships give me the creeps.
Okay but my eyes are glued to the screen. These two look amazing together. The aesthetic gods are singing.
Damon tells Elena to pick one and she spots a guy trying to roofie someone. Nice pick Elena. 👌 He deserves everything coming to him. 😈 I love the fact that she is going to be his karma.
Go get him girl!!!
Hahaha and just like that, scumbag hooked. He is following her.
OMGGG I was scared for a second there but my girl pulled through and let him go. Snatch eat and erase was a sucess on the first try. Look at her smileee aww congrats sweetie 💖
"I feel good."
I am cryinggg 😭😍😍
"I want more." Yes girl you deserve this. Go have fun for once. 👌
Jeremy and the hunter. Noooo take me back to Damon and Elena. I WANT MORE
Conner can't understand how Jeremy can see the mark if he is a sympathizer. And damn, tbe thing just showed up on his hand oneday. No choice involved. 👀 Sounds awfully lot like a curse to me. Mysterious mark appears on you and you are driven to hunt and kill vampires.
The more vampires he kills, the more it spreads. What if he runs out of arm and chest space? To the face? 👀 But why is his invisible? The ones in the flashback weren't?
Oh Rebekah...😣😣😢 This isn't going to end well
So the sword is needed to decode the map. Map to what? What is this magical weapon and OMFG Bexxxx she agreed to go with him on his travels. Facepalm
OH SHIT OH SHIT....phew okay I thought for a second he might be playing her but he doesn't suspect and continues kissing her. REBEKAH YOU NEED BETTER TASTE IN MEN. SERIOUSLY. YES HE IS HOT BUT A HOT KILLING MACHINE. 😣
Why ask her to come with you and then kill her? Why lay it on so thick? Asshole. 💀💀
OMG Klaus killed him. Really horrifically. Because of his werewolf side, the dagger did not work on him. Poor Rebekah. Did he have to display her lover like that?
Wait...didn't he do this with Katherine's dad too? Impaled through the chest against the wall.
The way Klaus treats Rebekah just breaks my heart. He abused her for centuries. He is doing to her what Mikael did to him. Making her feel worthless. 😐
I am unsure how I feel about this...
Vampire Elena and vampire Damon can be together forever if they become a couple oficially...but Elena hates being a vampire...I think I want her to stay a vampire, but I want what is best for her...Oh my damn let's just see what happens because I am confused about what I want...
Stefan is sceptic but Klaus had good reason for not looking for it. The marks disappeared when the hunters died and Conner is the first one he has come across since then. These hunters are scarce. 👀
"What do we do next?"
"A dont do anything. You can't be trusted, little sister. You will ne blabbing this secret to the first boy that calls you pretty. I mean, it's pathetic."
Cut it out already. 💀 You called her over because you needed her help with this? Remember?
OH FUCK. Rebekah calls him out. He wants the cure for Elena so that he can make her his blood slave again. Oh fuck no. I am oficially anti cure. She doing good with Damon. Her first snatch, eat and erase was successful. She does NOT need Klaus back in her life.
Being a vampire tops having Klaus as an enemy who wants to whisk you away from your friends and family to tap you dry of your blood. He tried to take everything in 03x21 and even broke down her house noooo fucking way. Nope.
Klaus knows Stefan wants Elena human again and I telling him to "make a deal with the devil" and go trick Rebekah. Stefan don't. He doesnt care about you or Elena. Please be smart about this. You will lose Elena to Klaus if she becomes human again.
I take back saying he is kinda cute. It was the lighting before. He I just kinda creepy now and Bonnie is into him. He gave her a book grams had with a photo and asks if she practises magic....It is a trap to get close to her. He must want some kind of favor. Is he a vampire?😑
Yeah no...creepy. He tells Bonnie about some other way to do magic. Sounds dodgey as hell to me. My creep radar has spiked.
OMGGG LOOK AT ELENA HAVING FUN AND SUCCESSFULLY DO SNATCH, EAT AND ERASE ON HER OWN. She has mastered it under the tutelage of Damon so soon and she isn't a ripper. I have never seen her look so free and alive before. Good for you girl. You needed a break 😃😆
Functional vampire Elena has arrived. 😆😆 Thanks Damon for teaching her to feed, and thanks Caroline for teaching her to compel. Thanks for traumatizing her with Bambi blood, Stefan.
Sexy as hell and a well deserved release for Elena. AHAHDJDNN they DO get the best scenes. I have said it before but I will say it again. 😍
The music though. "I feel so close you right now, its a forcefield." 😜😜😜
Thanks Bonnie. Thanks a million for looking at her with disgust and horror and making her feel like shit FOR DANCING like all the others were doing. You didn't even see her feed so dancing is a sin now? OMG I am pissed.
I am skrry but why isnt Elena allowed to dance with Damon without getting this look?? Is fun not allowed? Ugh 😡 Just what was so horrifying please explain?
Jeremy and Klaus. Ugh, pausing here.
Klaus thinks Jeremy is trying to pull the wool over his eyes, but that I as far as the tattoo has spread. "What is this?"
"It's the tattoo."
"I have seen the tattoo you impertinent punk. There is more to it." Klaus has the memory of an elephant. He saw that thing 900 years ago. +
I can't even remember what I had for lunch 3 days ago...
SHIT CONNER. 👀👀He bit the hybrid guy's ear but it was to get his piercing. OHHH crap...
Elena Gilbert in guilt more over a dance. I will have understand why this is being made into some big deal. Human Elena never danced? Yes, she fed. BUT THAT'S WHAT THEY CAME FOR. AND SHE DIDN'T KILL ANYONE.
"I should be here with Stefan. I shouldn't be here with him. I should be going through all this with Stefan." Yes, tell Bonnie what you think she wants to hear Elena because you feel guilty. You can't go through this with Stefan because he would rip everyone's heads off in there.
"You were suppose to help her but you let her get completely out of control."
Bitch what the fuck? How was she out of control? She was in perfect control. She snatched, ate and erased perfectly because he did help her. "She is not out of control. She was having fun."
"This isn't fun. She is acting like a different person." STFU Bonnie. What the hell. If course she was having fun. But the fun police arrived and now she is a "different person". She is a fucking vamoire. Get over it.
"She IS a different person. She is a vampire." Yes Damon 👌
"Is that what you want? Her to be like you?"
"She already is like me! And do you know what makes me able to drink my fill and leave someone breathing and not rip their head off like my brother, is that I can revel in it. I can man it fun." EXACTLY
And now Elena feels like shit. For having vampire impulses and being a functional vampire. Because all the characters seem to think Stefan is the elitome of a functional vampire and everything that strays from that image, is "out of control" and wrong. Ugh.
Oh boy. Stefan, you are going to side with Klaus and betray Rebekah, aren't you? Atleast he acknowledges that Klaus treats her like shit.
"Nobody should be treated that way."
Rebekah wanted the cure back then and asks Stefan if he will take it for Elena.
"Part of me wishes that we can have an eternity together, but Damon is right. There is not a single vampire who has not killed a human. Elena will kill." Not after tonight. She mastered feeding. Now+
if only people would stop making her feel guilty about being a vampire, maybe self acceptance is in the horison.
Stefan is scared Elena will switch off her humanity if she kills someone. "Elena, she is driven by love, by compassion. If she turna off her humanity, I don't think we will ever get her back." LETS JUST HOPE THAT NEVER HAPPENS. When Stegan's humanity was off, he was an +
absolute asshole. He values human life with humanity on, he revelled in taking it with humanity off. It's almost like humanity off then their good qualities and twist it into the worst. Elena I kind and compassionate. I am thinking humanityless Elena might be a stone cold bitch
That hunter guy really stuck it to Rebekah though. Promised to marry her, promised to let her travel with him. Why did he go to all that trouble when he could have killed her on their first night together? Why break her heart like this?
Stefan is trying to play on Rebekah's emotions to get her to help him, saying how he wants to have kids with Elena, grow old with her, die with her and be burried next to her. That's kinda sweet. If he meant it and it wasn't just to get Bex emotional.
OMG she spilled. Without even realizing, until it was to late. She burried Alexander at the church they were to be married. So that's why Stefan mentioned wanting to be burried next to Elena. He and Klaus concocted this whole thing. 😐
"Go ahead, laugh at the girl who loves to easily." Leople using and manioukating her is getting seriously old now. This is the most manipulative and ruthless thing I have seen humanity on Stefan do. 😐 Klaus actually has the sense to feel bad this time.
He actually sheds a tear. Well boo hoo, you just chose some damn cure over your sister again because you want to make hybrids. 💀
Atleast Stefan did this in the name of love.
Interesting bedfellows. Team Klefan is back, this time willingly. Klaus tells Stefan to erase Jeremy's memory and to not tell Damon or Elena. Okay, I get that if this news get out, there could could chaos and danger, but Delena won't tell. They need to know. I smell trouble..
Well, Delena are home and Elena is her depressed self again. She even apologises because things "got heated" wow, Bonnie really did a number on her. If that's heated, then Everyone at that frat party was heated AF.
"When you tell me what a vampire should be, deep down I believe you. I think that you are right and I hate that feeling." Elena, sweetie, I love you. You are my baby girl. But you are pissing me off now. You hate elieving him because everyone is shaming you for it. His way +
is the functional way. If you still have a problem with that, it is because you still have a problem with yourself and haven't accepted your vampirism yet.
"I dont want to be.."
"You don't want to be like me."
Damon just takes that one with a smile. Okay but real talk. If she doesnt want to be like Damon, like who does she want to be? Like Stefan? A ripper who can't have any fun with his vampirism? Being like Damon is the best +
option here because she can't be like Caroline who feeds off bloodbags. Deep down she knows this is true, but she doesn't want her friends to shame her for adopting Damon's way.
Honey, if you don't except yourself and accept the new parts of you, you will never be happy and you will be miserable like Stefan. But apparently, that is how how virtuous vampire should be. Miserable, or else they are a "completely different person."
It's not even like Damon is bad anymore. I could understand her if she was talking about S1 Damon. But not at this point.
"What are you doing here?"
"I was just hanging out with Jeremy. We had a couple things to talk about." You mean you compelled him to forget. Operation secret cure hunt has begun.
She doesn't seem glad to see Damon go though.
Soooo guilty Elena....reporting to Stefan about how her day went.
"I learned how to feed without hurting was awful."
YOU ARE LYING OMG ELENA. 😕😣 You are lying to yourself too.
"It will get easier."
"But I don't want it to get easier."
Well fuck me. There is the problem. Self acceptance is a zero.😩😣
"I am feeling things that I don't want to feel." You don't want vampire urges and enjoy feeding, I know. But what is the alternative?
"I am becoming someone I don't want to be." You already are someone you don't want to be. A vampire. I can seriously backhand Bonnie for that +
reaction earlier. It pushed Elena down a dark hole and now she is spiralling. If that look hasn't shamed her when she was enjoying herself and exposing her inner self, the end of this night would have been so much better.
They should just get this cure for Elena. Because I don't see self acceptance happening anytime soon. Not when the people closest to her, hates what a vampire should be.
This is just telling.
Elena talking about the same thing to 2 different people. She fed without hurting someone.
"I feel good." VS "I hated it."
She was herself with Damon. She is supressing herself with Stefan.
DAMNNNN CONNER 👀👀 No need to lose your head
Well what do we have here? I thought this professor might be a sleezeball but I didn't see this coming. He sent Conner to Mystic Falls. 👀👀
This episode...went from straight up amazing to straight up frustrating in a New York minute. 😣
04x05 "The Killer." ......Oh shiiiit.....
Conner is badass and a good hunter and all, but for some reason, he just doesn't inspire fear. When I see him, he doesn't scare me. Maybe because he is a human, afterall.
Yikes...he keeps trophies? What did he bring that head for?
So professor Shane told Conner that be would give him information on the mark, once he completed it and he sent him to Mystic Falls because the town has has lot of vampires. He also knows about Klaus. He is wrong about the killing method though. Removing his head or heart +
won't kill him because those things apparantly grow back? 👀 "So you met Klaus? Oly known by reputation, apparantly he is a real monster." Lol, why do I think Klaus won't mind that reputation at all. 😂
Shane wants Conner to leave Bonnie out of everything and not hurt her. He has other plans for her. Like what?? Bonnie has been used enough by Klaus, thankyou very much. Get another witch.
And great...Conner has werewolf venom again. 😐😡
Awww mini Elena 💖
She wakes up depressed now too. This is bad. I am glad she is writing in her diary again. Maybe that will help a little. 😣 "I am a vampire, and I hate it."
Sweetie,be honest. You only hate it when you are not with Damon.Yes sure,you never wanted to be one But it's not that bad
"She has been spiralling since her transition. There are times when I barely recognise her." WTF?? How can he say that? Am I missing something here? Because she is the same. Just more depressed than ever. He isn't even see her feed or have fun.Stefan and Bonnie are being dramatic
I mean, "times when I berely recognise her" ????? She didn't suddenly turn into a new person. This issue is giving me a headache, because it isn't an issue. She has new, heightened traits but she is still the same. She is been depressed since the pilot.
I think dialogue like this was put in, for the sake of drama. And for the sake of motivating Stefan to get the cure for her. But there hasn't been a scene where I have seen proof of his words on screen. Not one.
"I feel hopeless, depressed, angry. But most of all, I am scared. Part of me just wants to end it, but then, I think of Jeremy. I am all that he has left." OMG A IS CONTEMPKATING SUICIDE BUT THE THOUGHT OF JEREMY IS PREVENTING HER FROM DOING IT. 😭😭😭 Something has got to give
When someone is in such an emotional dark place, something as small as a bad look from a friend can send them over the edge. Stefan and Bonnie need to realise this. Atleast she can feed now and she has control. That is a start. Now nobody has to judge her or shame her.
Klaus is in Italy, digging up Rebekah's fiance. If that damn hunter poisons someone now, he better compel himself a private jet to get back to Mistic Falls. 👀
Stefan wants to tell Damon about the cure but Klaus refuses. OMGG THAT'S DUMB. TELL DAMON. But Klaus thinks Damon +
will screw up their quest in purpose because he prefers Elena as a vampire. Bitch what have you that idea??
"Nice try, Klaus. But I trust Damon a hell of a lot more than I trust you."
Thankyou, Stefan.
April is worried about Rebekah and wants to know if Matt has seen her. Aww, Bex has finally made a friend.
Um, you were doing fine in the shadows Conner. Why reveal yourself to them? What is your plan? These people are all human. Has your vampire radar gone completely haywire?
Damon in Elena's room and already she looks less depressed. Stefan is dodging his calls and he is worried about him, so he wants Elena's phone to see if he will dodge her too. Smart 😎
Elena hasn't told Stefan about dancing with Damon. Why should she though? It's not like they were making out. "I was not being myself." Okay, sure thing Elena.
Damon calls her out on being in a shame spiral and of course she denies it. He knows her so well.
Stefan doesn't pick up and now they are convinced something is wrong. Geez guys, what if be is sleeping in, or taking a shower and can't come to the phone? Or just some alone time?
But with Conner in town, it probably is better to be overly safe than sorry.
We have a hostage situation. Conner texted Damon, Stefan and Tyler. I say just leave Matt and April, they aren't worth any of my fav's lives, but Jeremy is there...and if Elena loses her brother...just big nope.
Everyone is ready to go in and take on Conner. Poor Stefan has to stop them because if Conner dies, so does their hope to find a cure. This is a disaster. Stefan can't control them all and they all are in action mode.
"Is that where you have been all morning? Out buying bossy pants?" Lmaoo Damon. This is going to suck for Stefan. He has to just tell Delena. They will keep the secret. Conner has made it impossible now.
Damon is really amped up to save Jeremy and tells Caroline to call Bonnie. I love how concerned he is. He knows how important Jeremy is to Elena.
...Bonnie is really into professor creepy. Fuck sake, can't she just get a good love interest? One that isn't her friend's little brother, her stepbrother, or a dodgey professor ??
They really are using Bonnie only as a plot device. She has no storyline of her own outside the main plot.
He says what he has in mind is a little unorthodox? Oh hells to the no. But Bonnie is flirty and interested.
Girl...he manipulated you into unknowingly take off your earring. How this not concerning to you? Don't you see how something like that can escalate??
Stefan called Klaus to fill him in and wants his hybrids to help. Help how? Kidnap Conner before Damon or the others can kill him? Elena spotted him calling and this looks suspicious af. He better tell her what is going on soon.
"Who is he talking to?"
"Bonnie, hopefully. Maybe she has decided to make herself useful again." Ouch, Damon. That's harsh.
Awww look at them working together. I loveee it. Now I miss Alaric. 😢 The power OT3
Stefan calls to tell them that the other hostages are Matt and April and Elena freaks out. She wants to trade herself for them but Damon won't have it. Thank fuck. Nothing has changed. Here Elena is selflessly being suicidal again and wants to sacrifice herself for others.
"I am going in these tunnels."
"No, you are not. This guy doesn't know that you are a vampire. Lets keep it that way."
"Maybe that's it. I can offer to trade myself in exchange for the hostages."
"No! Best case scenario, now you are a hostage worst case scenario, he figures you+
out and kills you on the spot."
"Stop treating n like I can't handle myself. Alaric trained me and I have been practising with Stefan."
I love that Elena has more confidence around Damon and I love how he will never risk her life.
"Bang, you are dead. Now what?" Lol
Oh damn Elena. Badass. 👌😂
"Headshot is no good. It has to be the heart. So now you are dead." Lmaooo give him some sass girl
Damn this is hot. Damon is turned on. 🔥 I like it when Elena takes control and shows how strong she is. She never does this with Stefan.
"For someone who doesn't want to be like me, you sure are good at it."
"My brother is the only thing that is holding me together right now +
Damon. If anything happens to him..."
"We will get him out. I promise."
Awww 😢😍😍😍
Take away that weapon and the context of the scene and there I have my Delena dream come true. 😍😍😍
Stefan was right about Conner setting traps. 😐 Werewolf venom. Fanfuckingtastic. And Elena wants to trade herself? No way. The vampires just became as vulnerable as humans with that in play. The guy is building bombs. 😐😐😐
Elena can't relax and thinks Jeremy should be compelled away to be safe again. Noooo bad idea. You just said that he was the one that is making you keep it together. You need your brother. Stop the compelling now. It is getting out of hand now.
"We will get him out of this and we will compel him down to the Bahamas. Maybe he will find an island girl."
Lol, Elena almost cracks a smile. Damon always makes her feel better in stressful situations.
Another example of Elena being the same. She wants to send her brother off to be safe, leaving herself lonely like in S3 without him.
Stefan comes back with a good plan. The hybrids are immune to the venom, so they will go first but Elena and Damon don't trust Klaus and they want to know why Klaus is involved. Stefan, valkiant effort, but just tell them the truth.
"How are you sure he even has venom? Why is Klaus involved, Stefan?"
"Stop being paranoid, Damon."
"Start telling the truth, Stefan. Why is Klaus involved? Did he compel you?"
Okay now is REALLY the time to tell the truth. You guys can't afford to distrust eachother now.
OMG STEFAN. YOU COULD HAVE JUST TOLD THEM TO TRUTH. Taking Damon out is a bad move. He is the only one that can be trustes to do what needs to be done.
Elena doesn't understand why Stefan is doing what he is doing. She wants to go with him but for once he puts his foot down and says no. It is to dangerous and he is scared she might kill Conner in self defense and not be able to handle the guilt.
"Elena, listen to me, this is the most important thing that I have ever asked you to do. I just need you to trust me. Please."
Just trust him, Elena. Stay away from the hunter and let Stefan and Klaus' hybrids take care of this. You haven't had trouble trusting him in the past,+
so just do it again. Ugh, why did Jeremy have to be involved. It is freaking her out so much. 😣
Hahaha oh crap.
"Oh who are you?"
"Who the hell are you?"
"Oh. You are Tyker's girl. Told me about you. I am Hayley."
"Well, Hayley, its prwtty crazy cause I haven't heard a thing about you."
Jealous Caroline's claws is about to come out...
"I have been staying here a few days."
"I needed a place to crash. Ty is a buddy, he was kind enough to offer."
"I know all of Ty's buddies and I haven't heard about you, so how about we cut the crap?" OHHH SHIIIT
"Yeah...I don't do teen drama. Take it up with Ty. Excuse me." Ouch that was a burn. I would like Hayley if she wasn't fucking around with Caroline's boyfriend. But I do however, sense an approaching bitch fight in the very near future...
Halfway ✌
Caroline looks like she is walking in on eggshells. Hayley and Tyler are trying to convince their friend not to go on the suicide mission Klaus sent him on , but that pesky sirebond is a bitch...
Klaus foud the sword but he also talked about Hayley and Tyler, not knowing Caroline was within earshot and she heard everything. 😢😢😢
Stefan's next move is trying to reason with Conner. He promises to tell him everything about the mark, if he lets the hostages go. But nope, violent hunters don't bite on peaceful offers. 😣
Matt is trying to keep April from spiralling and found an exit to the old wine cellars, but it is bricked over. Sorry guys, better luck next time. OMG he starts chisseling away at it. Conner is going to hear that noise and come and tear your heads off too. Can April try to be a+
little less pathetic? Now is not the time for an existential crises about if vampires exist or not.
Stefan is in the tunnels and hears Matt hammering. 👀 The showdown is about to begin...
Conner shared a little bit of his past with Jeremy. He killed his friend. She got turned by a vampire he was hunting. Wow, so much for remorse.
Nope. Trap upon a trap. This guy didn't stand a chance 👀
Yay Stefan is there! Go save Jeremy please and thankyou. Kindly forget about Matt. Jeremy above Matt. Got it?
And above April. Just so we being clear...
Matt and April got out the same way Stefan came in. Of course Jeremy would be the last hostage. 😐
Stefan can't handle this alone. Why did Klaus send only one hybrid??
Nooo Elena heard the explosion and an is freaking out. Stefan REALLY can't come to the phone now sweetie. Thank goodness Damon is waking up. Every plan needs a Damon or it's going to fail. Vampire Diaries lesson 101.
Awww look at Elena being all concerned about Damon. STEFAN TOOK HIS RING OMG HE WAS THUROUGH. 😣😣
Damon figured out that Stefan either made a deal with Klaus, or is compelled. Elena wants to go OMG noo.
"No Elena. This guy is dangerous."
"So am I Damon!" Wow, I like fierce Elena.
Damon sees the determination in her eyes and he relwnts, believing in her. "Then you need to be smart. He doesn't know you are a vampire. You get as close as you can, and you kill him." Yes Elena, if you can, you have to. There is no other way here. This guy will keep coming.
Elena OMFGGG she tries to reason with Conner and beggs him to let Jeremy go but he wants to shoot him unless Stefan comes out.
Jeremy got shot but Stefan saves him from the explosion OMG. This hunter needs to die and he needs to die quick.
Aww look at Elena being all in control. She feeds Jeremy her blood and turns away to breathe and stay calm after seeing his blood. She calms herself a free just one breath. She has finally become a functional vampire. I am so proud. One day with Damon. That's all it took. 😃😌
Jeremy tells her about the hunter's mark and about being compelled and Elena being smart, figures out it was Stefan, since he was at her home with Jer when she and Damon got home. Ooh hoo, she is furious at Stefan.
"Someone compelled me."
"I think I know who."
It only took 4 seasons for Elena to finally be pissed when she finds out Stefan lied to her, but I will sure as hell take it. Lol.
I love the fact that after her feeding was successful with Damon, she is stronger this episode. More fierce. Yes, she was depressed when she woke up, but Bonnie's glare of shame has been forgotten now.
Standoff between the brothers. Damon wants to kill Conner but Stefan refuses. Damon doesn't understand why and thinks Stefan is compelled by Klaus. TELL HIM STEFAN
Stefan lets Conner go. OMG WHYYY just tell the truth. You can't let that crazy killer go. He is a danger to vampires AND humans because he doesnt care about collateral damage. Damon is still stronger than Stefan and has to overpower him before he finally spills.
OMGGG ELENA GOT CONNER. SHE FEEDS AND LETS HIM GO. SWEETIE NOW WHAT? I am so torn right now. This guy is a danger to everyone, all the vampires and Jeremy too. He needs to die. But the cure....But do I even want Elena to get it? She is okay with feeding now, so...OMG IDK
"Stay the hell away from my brother!"
"Look at you, so worried about your brother. You are the biggest monster he will ever meet."
Elena is so fierce and so protective I love it but girllll watch out he is going to kill you😱
That was so badass and Elena was so fierce. She killed her first person to protect her brother, but why am I scared she is going to shame spiral???
Bonnie and Shane are still at it. He made her lose time. 7 hours. I am scared I may be gaining control over her. What if he takes over her mind???
Atleast she can do magic again. Good for you, Bonnie. Now get out of there before he creates a human, witch sirebond with hypnosis.
Jip. ...shame spiral happening. 😣😔 I love the fact that she is still herself and still cares about human life, but girl seriously? You a good today. You took in for the team and you were badass. Don't feel bad about it. It was unavoidable unfortunately. I just hope Stefan +
and Damon have the sense to not let her know that she is currently digging a grave to burry the only hope she had to finding a cure.
*You did good today and took one for the team.
Elena is still furious at Stefan."I heard you talking to him. Making some secret deal with Klaus. You said you were going to protect Jeremy!You said that I could trust you Stefan."
Damon steps in and tries to defend him. "Elena, it's complicated."
"No its not complicated Damon!"
Even now, Damon is still trying to protect Stelena. OMGGG 😣
Elena is completely crushed over the fact that she killed someone and Damon can't stand to look at her in so much pain so he looks away. Again, I am glad Elena still values human life, but OMG girl. It was necessary. You need to get over it. You did it for Jeremy and everyone.
It literally hurts ne to watch her best herself up like this. Her compassion is killing her.
Tyler comforts Hayley and Caroline walks in. Geez guys, get a room. 😐
Tyler hasn't even had the decency to explain himself to Caroline. He just left her hanging after hearing that he cheated on her.
"I apologise, am I intruding?"
"Caroline, it's not like that."
"I keep waiting for you to make up some dumb story so atleast I can call you a liar.+
Is that now?" Caroline gets fierce when angry. I hope she lets him have it. 😡
"I will let you two talk."
"Thankyou how big of you." Hayley...You are not in the position to throw out the stink eye to her. You are the mistress here.
"You have to understand..."
"No! You don't tell me what I have to do." 👏👏👏
Shit. Tyler isn't a cheater. He let Klaus think that. He and Hayley wants to free the other hybrids from the sirebond. Better to let Klaus think they are fuckbuddies than team mates. Ugh sorry Tyler. But you looked so guilty. 😕
And that's why Hayley not so annoyed with Caroline. Because she didn't do anything...yet anyway. I am watching her.
I am not sure that giving April vervain is a good idea. If this girl was on vervain, there would be a whole shitload of problems before...
Stefan and Damon after not to tell Elena that she killed her chance of being human again. Smart guys. Stefan ks going to keep looking for hunters though. He won't quit and Damon says he will help.
"Why do you want to cure her?"
"What kind of a question is that?"
"A legitimate one. Do you want to cure her because she is a vampire and she I not cut out to be, or you can't love her if she is one?" OMFGGGG SNAP DAMON. HE KNOWS. STEFAN IS HAVING A HARD TIME HE TOLD CARE HIMSELF
"I will always love her. But she is not suppose to be this person. I don't want her to be." Stefan...that's a no. That's a very nice way of saying you don't like Elena as a vampire. 😣😢 And that's so God awful mean. She senses that from him too. And its not helping her at all.
"Well, if I am going to ride this fairytale to it's conclusion, I want to be clear about one thing."
"What's that?"
"I am fine with her either way, brother. So if I do this, I do it for you." OMGGG AHSHDJD THE RIGHT ANSWER. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE 😢😭😭😍😍
The way in which Damon loves Elena will never stop amazing me. It's so rare and powerful and beautiful. I wanna cry 😭😭😍😍
My girl really is a mess. 😣 I was to harsh in her. Just because I am use to vampires snapping people's necks, doesn't mean she should be yet. She is in a dark place. She needs understanding. And a roundtrip with Damon. ALONE. And I am not saying this because of shipping reasons
WTF ...
She trips on the blood then it's gone???
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