Jinkook au

Jungkook is a bunny hybrid idol, he also happens to have a big fat crush on BTS’ Jin. On the other side there’s Jin, he’s the only member of BTS without a twt acc, until now. He just made one but didn’t tell anybody so of course everyone thinks it’s a rp acc.
I’m so nervous but at the same time I’m a ball of excitement bc this is my first au 🙊 pls be kind with me I’m very sensitive and I’ll cry if you’re mean with me. English is not my first language so expect some mistakes ):
-I’ll try to update regularly
-Don’t pay attention to time stamps
-Hair colors aren’t important
-Watch me using every bunny filter I can get my hands on bc I suck at editing so let’s all play pretend
About Jungkook;
He’s the first ever idol hybrid. Companies never have hybrid trainees because they think they’re too susceptible to stress and can’t manage idol lifestyle. Kookie being a hardworking bunny with a dream had to step up and prove them wrong.
Kookie’s fans are called Golden. He used to be known as the Golden trainee for being good at everything; dancing, singing, visuals, even rapping. The name stick when he debuted. A lot of Goldens love him bc he’s cute but he likes to be seen as someone manly
Jungkookie has the biggest and purest crush on BTS’ Jin and is very expressive about this on twt he’s such a big fanboy that even Army/Jin stans love him but they also always mock him bc he can’t talk to the guy irl
Kookie’s profile
#Jinkook au Introducing Jimin and his gay bones
Jimin messing with Goldens
Rip Jimin
Tae, Jimin and Kookie live together
poor Jimin
Tea makes an appearance on twitter
JK and his mental breakdown
I'm sorry Jimin
I promise Seokjin will make an appearance soon
#Jinkook yoongi sunbaenim
In wich Seokjin gives twt an opportunity
useless friends
stop disrespecting me
learning about rp
#Jinkook Meanwhile Kookie
A new classic
Jin’s starting to gain followers and likes for his constant shitposting
bringing* I’m too lazy to correct my mistake unu
Jin still thinks the rap line is ignoring his tweets when will he realize?
#jinkook he thicc
#jinkook Jin finally knows about jk existence and the little bunny needs to make a decision
Jungkook shirtless
Canadian penguins ft. Namjoon is 200% done with bts
educational research
What hybrid thing?
#Jinkook From happiness to sadness
Should I add some written parts (short paragraphs) or just keep using the social media format for everything?
#Jinkook we going ✈️ angst
#Jinkook Jungoo only loves one (1) human
A misunderstanding
The mission™
stan twitter living its best life
Goldens snapped
#jinkook mixed signals
He’s not even that cute
Oh no more misunderstandings
Hey guys I made a curiouscat I accept usernames to use in the au 💜 I rlly wanna know if you think I should include the typical things that happen in hybrids aus 👀 like heats for example curiouscat.me/Jinisperfection
Seokjin is concerned
one fear
kookie, stop stalking goldens challenge: failed
they’re finally interacting
Short update bc the next will be larger + some stuff written
More interactions
whats a delulu
Seokjin makes an important discovery
Emergency meeting 🚨
free the nipple
detective hobi 🕵️‍♂️
All of you wanted heats ✈️ I’m delivering
Oh no
:( shit hit the fan
Protective hyungs 💗
What should JK do?
I decided from the beginning to make this au a hard universe for bunny hybrids 🤧 their lifes are more difficult then other hybrid species. As you have seen Jk is seen as a sex doll for a frightening quantity of people curiouscat.me
the good bunny 🐰 option won. I forgot to tell you to pretend the anti comments are from different accs I don’t want to make one for every mean comment. Let’s play pretend ✨
SNS is attacking Jungkook. Jungkook’s scandal is being televised and Naver is full of articles about it.
They just want to be uncles
Tae and Jimin’s statements
Jin is starting to being attacked
Jin came across the #
Three different conversations.
Seokjin’s gonna kick some butts curiouscat.me/Jinisperfection
he protec and he attac
someone pls give this golden an award
A sad Jk appears
two sides
🐰 despite the difficult situation jk found some happiness
Detective Hobi comeback 🕵️‍♂️
the old tweets
bish they shook
a direct approach
I’ve been wondering.. Am I supposed to # this as jinkook or kookjin? I don’t really see a difference, is it depending who tops?? Bc JK may look adorable with his bunny ears but he has 0 innocence. I’m curious, what would you prefer? curiouscat.me/Jinisperfection
I was lowkey rooting for top kook 🗿🗿 yall have betrayed me but imma give the gays what they want. I’ll probably (probablyyyy) add two sex scenes so everyone’s happy 💗
We been knew
stan twt is anxious
Jin vs Bighit
💋 💗💕
we going ✈️ verified
🐰🐹 the news/sns are going crazy
Jimin and Tae kings of bad advice
Boo boo the fools 🤡
We have reached the first half of this au, don't worry we still have another half. 💖 curiouscat.me/Jinisperfection
panicked gay
A bulletproof plan
🛑 NSFW. You can skip this part if you don’t want to read this.
🛑 NSFW pt. 2
Jimin’s alarming suspicion
Jungkook’s heat/slick scent smells like vanilla, he’s a smart bunny and always uses vanilla perfumes so nobody could suspect when he’s on heat. I’ll explain more in the future.
Savage Yoongi is done with Jin’s shit
The subtweeting duo
Did I do a decent job with the first nsfw scene? Now... finally the Inkigayo part 🙈🙊 This is important for the plot CHOOSE WISELY curiouscat.me/Jinisperfection
By your decision Seokjin is the one to get ————— a sasaeng. The other option was the same but with JK.
Jin looks disgusted
Worried armys
The time has come
where’s Seokjin?
What if something happened to Jin?
Cliffhanger! I’m very sorry but I won’t be able to update for a couple of days. Tomorrow I’ll ✈️ to Fort Worth to visit my family and see our beautiful boys. I’m so excited this is my first BTS’ concert. I promise I’ll update if I have the time 😬 curiouscat.me/Jinisperfection
✈️ Inkigayo
More complications
It could be a bad angle
There’s is something called privacy
Sex scandal
Shit hit the fan again 💩
Before the shitstorm
Jungoo’s heat. 🛑 Light nsfw. 🛑
2 awkward dorks 🛑 Light nsfw 🛑
🤡 I’ll write the actual nsfw part tomorrow curiouscat.me/Jinisperfection
🤒 🛑 nsfw 🛑
🙈 🛑 nsfw 🛑
DING 🛑 nsfw 🛑
A traumatized 🐯
yoongles’ aneurysm
Forever traumatized
Seokjin and Jungkook are twitter legends
Thot be-gone
Pray for Tae. 1 like 1 pray
Hobi holds the power to subdue Seokjin
Jin 💜 Hobi
a n g e r y
watch out hoe
jimin protection squad
kim unbothered seokjin
Jungoo’s pillow
2 twinks
I have good taste
Mr. Suga terrorizing the 2 twinks
Locals being locals
Locals being locals part 2
are they still antis?
Another announcement
casual tweets
Jungkook is finally back on twt and Jin’s ignoring him.
Hi beautiful readers uwu please give some love to my new au. I will star uploading more about the intro but will actually start with it after I finish this one
If you have any questions cc me. As I said on my twt we’re reaching the end of this story and I’m so grateful for all the support and love yall gave me✨💗🤧🤧 curiouscat.me/Jinisperfection
More random tweets
Jk knows something’s up
Famous last words
@ suga next time jk 👀
crackhead behavior exhibit A:
Seokjin IS an annoying shit
An unknown number
That was uncalled for
I’m Kim Seokjin 🤪
He’s still an annoying shit
A wonderful gift
The mysterious benefactor
A love confession
Mistakes were made
savage suga
Tae and Jimin are afraid of Yoongi... or not?
shut up joon
welcome to the suga cult
Thank you Mr. Suga Sir
apparently everyone is ignoring Jin
Jk confessing his love. Again.
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