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#jinkook #kookjin #fakechristmasau
Decorating time
Yoonminseok Christmas time
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⛄ jinkook christmas au ⛄

a very gay jin wants to annoy his homophobic and traditional family.

how does he do that? by asking his tattooed next door dormbour, jungkook, to be his fake boyfriend for his family christmas dinner.

#jinkook #kookjin #fakechristmasau
Thank you for sending me the other au link! The matter has been resolved ♥️✨
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🔞take it🔞
#jinkook #kookjin

sub!jin dom!jungkook
"you're slowing down"
choked sobs fill the air, following quickly with whimpers and quiet pleads.
"i didn't say you could slow down, jin"
jin whines reply. jungkook practically coos in response, brushing away jin's sweaty hairs on his forehead.
jk watches jin. his body covered in sweat, dried cum and fresh marks to compliment the old ones. jk watches as he bounces on his cock, his whines pitiful with every thrust
"try harder"
"oh," jk chuckles humorlessly "i think you can, slut"
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//taejinkook au//

Living with his brother for protection, jin, a rare baby fox with two soulmate marks, never thought he'd find the reasoning for his hiding.

His two mates.

Especially not on nsfw twitter.

#taejinkook #jinkook #kookjin #taejin #vjin #vkook #hiddenhybridau
☆side ships: namseok, yoonmin

☆ignore time stamps/hair colour

☆will contain nsfw...duh uwu

☆please quote only!

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He won’t reject you.
#jikook #jikookau
if only
#jikook #jikookau
#jikook #jikookau
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Hanahaki desease AU

Jealousy is not pretty

Taehyung has always been possessive, he can’t help it, he likes Jin’s attention, recently he also can’t stop picking fights with Jungkook. What if Jk’s interested in Jin? What if Jin reciprocates? What if.. what if..

#Taejin #Jinkook
-Everything is the same except Hanahaki is real
-Don’t pay attention to time stamps or hair colors
-I don’t know anything about flowers and their meaning I’m just googling my way 🗿
-This is a soft au don’t ask for +18 in this one guys
What is this? A big Taejin account.
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Update on the attacker

#jinkook #kookjin #hybridau
Jin shows jungkook the tweets

#jinkook #kookjin #hybridau
So it is a date pt 1

#jinkook #kookjin #hybridau
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jinkook au where best friends seokjin and jeongguk argue over the most iconic halloween movie and decide to have a movie marathon to settle the dispute but little does jeongguk know, seokjin is afraid of horror movies and only wants to watch so jeongguk will hold him
main pairing: #jinkook
side pairings: #vmin, #namgi
first round of profiles!
#jinkook #jinkookau
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☆Jinkook au☆

BTS are the first group to debut with 4 hybrids and 3 humans since the law 10 years ago allowed them to have jobs like humans.

However, fans are worried how the youngest, Jin would handle being a bunny hybrid whilst Jungkook was a wolf hybrid

#jinkook #kookjin
☆Side Ships: Vmin + Sope

☆ Ignore Time Stamps/Hair Colour

☆Hybrids are able to hide their ears and tail

☆Hybrids that aren't dogs/cats are rare


Jin - bunny hybrid, maknae (18), best friend is Jimin, ballet dancer, needs cuddles and praises

Jimin - untrained puppy hybrid, 19, best friend is Jin, loves playing

Tae - human, 19, best friend is Jungkook, loves photography and hybrids

#jinkook #kookjin
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Jinkook au

Jungkook is a bunny hybrid idol, he also happens to have a big fat crush on BTS’ Jin. On the other side there’s Jin, he’s the only member of BTS without a twt acc, until now. He just made one but didn’t tell anybody so of course everyone thinks it’s a rp acc.
I’m so nervous but at the same time I’m a ball of excitement bc this is my first au 🙊 pls be kind with me I’m very sensitive and I’ll cry if you’re mean with me. English is not my first language so expect some mistakes ):
-I’ll try to update regularly
-Don’t pay attention to time stamps
-Hair colors aren’t important
-Watch me using every bunny filter I can get my hands on bc I suck at editing so let’s all play pretend
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#jinkook au where jin is the new resident at seoul hospital and jeongguk is a patient whose whole life has been surrounded by doctors and needles

—angst + fluff
—only jin and jk don’t know each other
—side ships: taegiseok + minjoon
—please quote don’t reply
—feedback is helpful!!!
[PROFILES pt 1: jin and friends]
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//Jinkook au//
Jungkook is a famous idol singer of cypher entertainment. Jin is his number one fanboy but also a famous cam boy. It was always Jin's dream to be noticed by his idol and that came true... Except with the wrong account
⚠NSFW Warning⚠

#jinkook #kookjin
☆ Ignore Time Stamps
☆ Other ships include: vmin, yoonseok, namgi
☆ Jin is the youngest
☆ NSFW will be included
Jin's NSFW account: cute sub who gets paid for live streams

Jin's fanboy account: fantasies about Jungkook's thighs a lot

#jinkook #kookjin
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#jinkook au

jeongguk was dared to go around his campus n pass out these business cards, it was all going fine until he gave his crush seokjin a card
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