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⎡Jinkook & Sope AU⎦ - ⎡Social Media AU⎦
#sope #yoonseok #jinkook

Jungkook needs money to feed his excessive shopping habits and Hoseok wants to ask out his crush but is too inexperienced and afraid to. Their solution? Having Fake Boyfriends. ImageImage

☀︎ Fluff
☀︎ Mild angst
☀︎ swearing
☀︎ sexual jokes
☀︎ mostly fluff and dumb shenanigans
Things you need to know
☀︎ namgi are best friends
☀︎ taejin are best friends
☀︎ jikookhope are best friends
☀︎ everyone be nice in the replies or else ill block you 💜
☀︎ quote tweet, reply do whatever u want tbh just be a nice person
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Due to some account issues, I'll be continuing the au on this thread 💕

Thank you for your patience

#yoonjinkook #yoonjin #sin #jinkook #kookjin #hateidolau


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🔞#Kookjin AU in which Jin woke up in the middle of the night to a loud sound coming from his ceiling that's right above him. He freaked out obviously, at first. But as he listened to it carefully, he realized.. that it was the squeaky sound a bed made when people are fucking.
Seokjin, who just got home from work, from an exhausting long day he had in the real world. He was so relieved coming back home, coming to his most comforting place on earth-- his bedroom.
He laid peacefully on his soft bed, hugging his cute alpaca RJ to his chest as he was drifting off to sleep. He didn't expect to fall asleep but what's even more shocking was that he woke up in the middle of the night to a loud thudding & squeaking sound coming from above him.
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#jinkook AU—Jungkook, a vlogger, roamed the street of Seoul for a late-night snack for his video. While he was recording, a young & pretty boy with soft silky hair & pinky lips suddenly approached him. On a second look, the tall boy actually looked terrified. JK wondered why?
Tags/TW: stalker
“Hey..." The pretty boy speaks. His face is soft & beautiful but Jungkook could spot the terror looks on his face.
"Hey... can't believe I meet you here, It's been a while right?" Jungkook replied, doubtful but he didnt let it show. Instead he was stern and unhesitating.
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[ #jinkook ]
seokjin and jungkook grew up best friends. every summer they would go to jins parents cabin up in the mountains where they would hang out with jins cousins for two weeks. jungkook was smitten with jins cousin namjoon since he was like 8 years old but was always too -
afraid to say anything. far too shy to voice anything out despite everyone knowing he liked joon. even joon knew. they would poke fun like, "you two will get married one day" or jins older brother saying "aw you two would look so cute together" just to watch them both blush to -
the tips of their ears in embarrassment. joons mom would pinch kooks cheeks and let him sit beside joon at dinner or she would take over washing the dishes so joon could go with jin and kook to go swimming in the lake. it was a THING that everyone knew about and found cute. -
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He won’t reject you.
#jikook #jikookau
if only
#jikook #jikookau
#jikook #jikookau
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Hanahaki desease AU

Jealousy is not pretty

Taehyung has always been possessive, he can’t help it, he likes Jin’s attention, recently he also can’t stop picking fights with Jungkook. What if Jk’s interested in Jin? What if Jin reciprocates? What if.. what if..

#Taejin #Jinkook
-Everything is the same except Hanahaki is real
-Don’t pay attention to time stamps or hair colors
-I don’t know anything about flowers and their meaning I’m just googling my way 🗿
-This is a soft au don’t ask for +18 in this one guys
What is this? A big Taejin account.
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jinkook au where best friends seokjin and jeongguk argue over the most iconic halloween movie and decide to have a movie marathon to settle the dispute but little does jeongguk know, seokjin is afraid of horror movies and only wants to watch so jeongguk will hold him
main pairing: #jinkook
side pairings: #vmin, #namgi
first round of profiles!
#jinkook #jinkookau
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Jinkook au

Jungkook is a bunny hybrid idol, he also happens to have a big fat crush on BTS’ Jin. On the other side there’s Jin, he’s the only member of BTS without a twt acc, until now. He just made one but didn’t tell anybody so of course everyone thinks it’s a rp acc.
I’m so nervous but at the same time I’m a ball of excitement bc this is my first au 🙊 pls be kind with me I’m very sensitive and I’ll cry if you’re mean with me. English is not my first language so expect some mistakes ):
-I’ll try to update regularly
-Don’t pay attention to time stamps
-Hair colors aren’t important
-Watch me using every bunny filter I can get my hands on bc I suck at editing so let’s all play pretend
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#jinkook au where jin is the new resident at seoul hospital and jeongguk is a patient whose whole life has been surrounded by doctors and needles

—angst + fluff
—only jin and jk don’t know each other
—side ships: taegiseok + minjoon
—please quote don’t reply
—feedback is helpful!!!
[PROFILES pt 1: jin and friends]
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#jinkook au

jeongguk was dared to go around his campus n pass out these business cards, it was all going fine until he gave his crush seokjin a card
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