Hanahaki desease AU

Jealousy is not pretty

Taehyung has always been possessive, he can’t help it, he likes Jin’s attention, recently he also can’t stop picking fights with Jungkook. What if Jk’s interested in Jin? What if Jin reciprocates? What if.. what if..

#Taejin #Jinkook
-Everything is the same except Hanahaki is real
-Don’t pay attention to time stamps or hair colors
-I don’t know anything about flowers and their meaning I’m just googling my way 🗿
-This is a soft au don’t ask for +18 in this one guys
What is this? A big Taejin account.
Of fukcing course
Taehyung knows he really shouldn’t bash Jungkook but he. can’t. help. It. Lately Jungkook’s like an extension of Seokjin and that’s annoying the shit out of him. Taehyung deserves some quality time with Jin and it’s not like he’ll scream his frustrations at Jk’s face..
He’s satisfied with his tweet. Taehyung didn’t say anything horrible about Jk, he still loves him.. just.. Tae would love him even more if Jungkook could stay like 5 meters away from Seokjin.
Tae didn’t expect to become the biggest Taejin account but well, he’s not complaining. He needed a place to rant about his love for Seokjin and he found his home among twt armys
Another big account.
Today’s the perfect day to wear the outfit he bought with Jin the other day. He’s confident that there will be someone taking a picture of them and uploading it on twt. He shouldn’t indulge in fan wars or more specifically, ship wars but that Jinkook acc really gets on his nerves
Tae’s finally having some quality time with Jin hyung, they have the whole house to do whatever they want. Maybe watch some movies and cuddle before going out for dinner? And then he can have his revenge on that infuriating acc.
Seokjin is messaging with someone but Tae’s too focused trying to find the damn clothes that he doesn’t mind not having Jin’s attention at the moment
The familiar sound of A tweet notification and Jin’s gasp made him feel uneasy and he quickly took his phone to find out what is the cause of Jin looking like a fish out of water.
Tae’s not proud of his reaction after Jin run out of the room in a quest to find Jungkook, he didn’t have to run much, Kookie was on his way to Jin’s room. Jungkook is clingy. Tae’s grimaced. They were back in Jin’s room, with the addition of a very, very, clingy Jungkook.
Tae is 2000% done
As expected he didn’t receive a bunch of texts asking him if he’s ok. Tae knows the tweet is kind of ambiguous but still... he was truly displeased. He throw the offending phone out of his sight before he truly do something stupid.
Seokjin has a lap full of Jungkook but his eyes crossed path with Tae and he smiled so sweetly that Taehyung could never be truly angry at him. Tae smiled back. This may not be the perfect date he imagined but it will do.
The next day Taehyung managed to get his dinner date with the both of them wearing the matching outfits (even if seokjin doesn’t know it’s a date Tae still counts it as one)
Everything was supposed to be perfect but Puma released one of the most recent photoshoots that they did and The Annoying Jinkook Account™️ was the one truly fukcing raining on his parede.
A wild alpaca appears
King of getting what he wants
someone pls help yoongles
Jin is a dad now
Joon is trying ok
Taehyung giving Taejinist the food they deserve.
Not every update will have written parts, so I apologize if y’all were expecting more 🤐
y’all muted
Selfie time
Jiminnie is a good friend pt. 1
Wait a f- minute
Jimin is a good friend pt. 2
Of course Taehyung wasn’t going to tell Seokjin, what if he’s curious and asks Kookie for the fanfic? What if he starts wondering if he’d make a good couple with Jungkook. Nope, nah-ah, he’s keeping his promise. Taehyung’s not going to be his own downfall.
Aus 101
Of course Taehyung wasn’t going to tell Seokjin to read a Jinkook au, but a Taejin au... that’s a different matter.
Jiminnie is a good friend pt. 3
Jiminnie is a good friend pt. 4
Jiminnie needs new friends.
Someone save Jiminnie
I hope yall are enjoying this 💜 I need some @ to use in the au pls send me your permission uwu curiouscat.me/Jinisperfection
on read ✅
Merry Chrysler
The beginning of THE™️ Jinkook vs Taejin shipping war
This bich
Hard stan #jinkook
mmm what
Jin impact
Jk is a brat. #jinkook #taejinkook
Focus on bts
Tae knows he’s not being rational, but fuck it that Jinkook account is always messing with him and at least he can prove the idiot wrong because, he. is. kim. taehyung.
Oh yes, everyone is going to be telling him to cut it off or not to give too much shipping material to armys and Taehyung doesn’t really care, he’s proud. Taejin is going to be stronger and soon armys will forget about Jinkook. Perfect plan.
ok 😔
Taehyung is pissed. He had planned to spend the entire evening with Seokjinnie before Jungkook glues himself to Jin’s hip. And who does he finds in Jin’s room? Jimin. Fucking Jimin. This is actually worst than seeing Jungkook here. Ultimate betrayal.
Some God must really hate Taehyung because the next second Jungkook’s trying to get into Jin’s room, as if trying to get in before Taehyung. Tae can relate to Kookie’s face, he did the same one when he saw Jimin.
A couple of hours before Jimin asked Seokjin if he could go to his room, Jin was on twitter being his usual chaotic self.
Armys share one brain cell
bts who
armys clowning jin
I’m sorry
armys clowning jimin
And then this happened.
Jimin was having a very difficult day, not because of Seokjin’s antics, that actually was funny. His worries were two men acting like little boys. He’s probably the only member that have noticed and knows that Tae and Jk have a crush on the same person. Jin hyung.
Having the both of them looking at him like he was a disgusting backstabbing snake is hurting Jimin in ways he couldn’t never imagine. They’re his brothers as much as Seokjin. Jimin has the right to spend time with Jin. Why are they being this irrational?
It hursts. But even if he’s hurting he’s not going to let them take over Seokjin like they own him. Seokjin is too nice to them to never say no, but not Jimin. Not anymore. He’s done being the nice one of the three maknaes.
Jimin walked to them with decisive steps. He’s gaining two enemies even if they’re his brothers and he doesn’t care, Jimin’s going to protect Seokjin hyung.
He smiled sweetly and before closing the door in front of their astonished faces, Jimin had the enjoyment of telling them two simple but satisfying words:

“Fuck off.”
I’m curious. What do y’all think of the beef between Jimin and Tae|Jk or between Tae and Jk curiouscat.me/Jinisperfection
For the next update, which point of view should I focus?
yall hatin’ on jungoo or what 🗿🗿
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