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⚜️1. Certainly you’ve heard that Sam Patten has flipped and he’s going to spill it all about @realDonaldTrump right? He’s got the goods, Trump is doomed! Not so fast, in fact his plea marks a shift in the entire investigation but its complicated, get comfortable.
2. Who is Sam Patten? He’s been around for awhile and it appears everyone is referencing Natasha Bertrand’s fortuitous interview with him in April, call it lazy? Anyway this is he and his wife Laura at the Whitehouse in 2015 and yes McCain in 2014, they both play a big part.
3. Let’s start with what he tells us
a maverick himself tackling complicated problems and international politics, makes no secret of his time in Russia or State Dept. and working for Senators. He’s even been published in the same outlets that now claim him as a mysterious spy.
4. The first alarm bell is that he knows
Rinat Akhmetshin and while a 2006 photo doesn’t mean they’re associates, Rinat’s testimony in 2012 establishes they both know and at the very least, consult each other and exchange intel about people. What is Freedom House?
5. Oh, Freedom House the one that David Kramer was the President of at the exact same time Sam was there. Here he is testifying before the National Security and Foreign Affairs Committee in 2010, good old @JeffFlake was the ranking member.
6. Let’s back up just a bit though to 2008, that is the year he starts his first lobbying company and is also working at the State Department, which apparently wasn’t uncommon back in the day, great way to get rich while you have the contacts. Perks of politics🙄
7. This seems shady while at State Dept. he was political advisor to soon to be Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili and years later counseled Irakli Alasania and Bidzina Ivanishviki, who all have a bizarre love hate relationship and play musical chairs with the Presidency.
8. Anyway look who else was there with Saakashvili in 2008, presumably also campaigning for him as they ended up being very close friends. The politics of Georgia are a rabbit hole of their own.
9. Come to find out, “Misha” just spoke about McCain as a remembrance and apparently he had an internship at Congress and bonded instantly before he became President. This is interesting because he’s now considered anti-Putin but that wasn’t the case for quite a long time.
10. Okay so Sam lobbies again for Misha’s supposed rivals (it’s very confusing and don’t give up it gets better) he has McCain, Kramer, Graham and McFaul on his side but he’s also getting a reputation for playing dirty by now “politics”
11. In between elections he testifies again to Congress on Human Rights in Russia who none other than Bill Browder. It’s also through testimony we learn he was an advisor for Senator Susan Collins AND that he worked at the International Republican Institute at Moscow.
12. This institute IRI is supposedly what has tipped team Mueller off to bad actors and it’s what makes everyone get labeled as a “Russian Agent” guess who ran it until last year? #JohnMcCain and it’s where he tapped into to huge money.
13. It gets so much worse though, IRI is called a non-profit but it’s also responsible for manipulating elections in Guatemala, Haiti, Venezuela etc. ON OUR DIME. In 2009 alone they claimed $85 million and it was all gov. grants. $42 million to Middle East & N. Africa?? #SWAMP
14. Patten lobby’s for Iraq in 2014 and again McCain/Graham back him up calling on competitor to step down but we need to get to the best parts. This is his Facebook, keep in mind the narrative is he colluded with Russia to help Trump win.
15. Sam Patten LOATHES @realDonaldTrump he dedicated endless amounts of time debating it, calling him all the typical names and fighting with people who tried to support him. He STILL hates him!
16. He’s a Marco Rubio fan. Even more damning he cannot stand Putin, he was very good friends with Boris Nemstov who was murdered in 2015. Five men were charged with murder but rumor swirls to this day if it was Ukraine activists to cause turmoil.
17. Not to sound like a broken record but Boris was also a dear friend of McCain, in fact the chairman of his foundation is one of the chosen Pallbearers.
18. 💣Remember wifey? Guess what? She’s from the FBI and CIA, she was with them for SIXTEEN YEARS and if you guessed she left in 2016 you’d be correct. She’s an artist on the side and now works at Deloitte Art & Finance.
19. She DESPISES @POTUS and doesn’t hide it but she finds time to “like” Abramovic posts and Jim Carrey’s triggered awful drawings and hashtag about socialism.
20. Just in case you think it’s not her because she uses a photo that 20 years ago, it’s her alright. In fact she was posting anti-Trump while at the @FBI hatch act @TheJusticeDept #ImWithHer 🙄
21. Knowing what we do Natasha’s article seems a lot like a planted piece, it clearly states there’s no proof he worked at Cambridge Analytica while at campaign. It does ask WHY did start a new company and how long he’s known Kilimnik🧐
22. Two things are critical. Kilminik’s 10 years at the International Republican Institute at Moscow were State funded and IRI was run by McCain. Sam’s with with CA for Nigerian campaign included hiring Israeli hackers to smear the opponent🤡
23. Here is where we see people’s true colors. Patten voluntarily testified to Intel Committee and they supposedly referred him for criminal charges because he gave false documents? Keep in mind this man is no stranger to the hill and who trusts either of them?
24. The FARA “plea deal” was brought on by @realDonaldTrump hand picked Jessie Liu NOT the Special Counsel though reports are all saying it was referred by Mueller (are Burr & Wray communicating with them?) @TheJusticeDept @JusticeOIG
25. Interestingly Weissmann attended the hearing, that seems to indicate three possible scenarios hence the original statement that a shift had occurred.
26. First option: Mueller’s team is finally looking at the entire picture and Patten is certainly cooperating but it’s not against Trump.
27. Second option: Mueller’s team is desperate enough to throw out some bogus charge against one of their own to get fake testimony about “Trump Towers” it’s not above Mueller to pay witnesses (see PanAm 103) but they’re about to lose any ounce of credibility.
28. Third option: This was a conscious move by Sessions , “shots fired” as it were. If Patten has flipped to save himself Weissmann saw it live and it was a message to stop f**king around because the jig is up and they were nice enough to spare McCain, they showed the Trump card.
29. It’s worth noting Sam is political royalty (links below) Laura being unhinged ex intel doesn’t help. If this is an attempt to pull some f**kery by Special Counsel, sorry a twitter account just made you look like a chump😘 #MAGA……
30. Still looking into this but Deloitte had a relationship with Podesta Group. Laura spent years as the FBI’s top in Art and antiques crime, let’s not forget Tony’s massive art collection🧐
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