When all roads lead to #Russia #Russia #Russia always travel through #China #China #China but the end destination always ends up at the doorstep of the Clintons

Thread incoming and it is a doozy Buckle up

Magomedov: A Russian oligarch arrested for embezzlement shortly after meeting with Mueller. State owned businesses and big player in the energy sector. Also 2012 met with Peter Thiel and began interest in the US tech start ups. 2015 founded a venture capital fund
Caspian VC with $300 million seed capital to invest in Silicon Valley. A few of those investments include UBER (one of first investments) Virgin Hyperloop (invested $140 million in 2015 becoming largest single investor and co-chairman of board of directors)
Diamond Foundry (produces artificial diamonds invested with Leonardo DiCaprio, Twitter founder, Evan Williams, and Zynga founder Mark Pincus), Peek (investors include FORMER CEO ERIC SCHMIDT, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, and finance veteran and founder of TPG David Bonderman)
Viktor Vekselberg: Russian oligarch involved in Skolkovo sanctioned by @POTUS. Made a fortune with Len Blavatnik which was his former classmate.
Len Blavatnik: Business Partner with Viktor Vekselberg, owned LyondellBassell which had a chairman and CEO of Lyondell Chemical Company
@POTUS Dean smith that was a chairman of Valerus which TPG bought majority stake in 2009.
TPG: Texas Pacific Group founded by David Bonderman
David Bonderman: Founder of TPG, an advisor to Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) in 2011, Director of Gemalto,
@POTUS 1994 co-founded an Asian affiliate of TPG known as NewBridge Capital with Richard Blum.
Richard Blum: Co-Founder of NewBridge Capital with David Bonderman
Dianne (D-Beijing) Fienstien: Wife of Richard Blum and Senator of California

Plus a few other evil players
@POTUS So this thread was going to be an addition to @Avery1776 thread regarding Magomedov and Podesta by way of David Bonderman. However it went deeper than that so lets get started. *Going to link @Avery1776 at the end as it ties everything back to the beginning*
@POTUS @Avery1776 What turned me onto Bonderman was a story about a Russian Oligarch that was arrested for embezzling nearly $40 million in Russia weeks after speaking to Robert Mueller. #CitationsMatter

@POTUS @Avery1776 4/6/2018 As the article was written @POTUS announced new sanctions on Russian oligarchs. To include Viktor Vekselberg who was on the list “for operating in the energy sector of the Russian Federation Economy.” Coincidence?…...
@POTUS @Avery1776 The article states that it’s super important news coming out of Russia at the time. Anyone remember hearing about Ziyavudin Magomedov in April? Another interesting note is that oligarch in Russia usually are allowed to be on home arrest but Magomedov was taken into custody
@POTUS @Avery1776 for 2 months and denied paying bond of $35 million or so of which he was accused of embezzling.

Few things about this. Some people claim this is a power move by Putin as he was just recently re-elected. However, there is more to the case than just Alpha Male puffery.
@POTUS @Avery1776 Magomedov’s companies are all State connected. Grain exportation, rail-way company, Transcontainer; a 25% stake in Russia’s largest port, Magomedov’s partner is the State oil transport monopoly, Transneft.
@POTUS @Avery1776 In an interview with a Russian Forbes magazine Magomedov spoke mainly of his tech interests and answered 2-3 questions about his State businesses. he was quoted as saying “in the next 12-18 months, my own personal focus will be on High Tech."
@POTUS @Avery1776 He was getting ready to sell major Russian assets and Dubai Based DP world was about to purchase transportation group, FESCO, and a stake in Novorossiysk Port was going to be sold to Transneft. All of this would have netted Magomedov $1 Billion dollars.
@POTUS @Avery1776 All placed on hold following his arrest. The deal with Transneft was set to be completed 2 days after his arrest. With the deal on hold Transneft still maintains control of the port due to Russian Laws.
@POTUS @Avery1776 Magomedov’s jet was in New York on January 28th which is the aforementioned suspected interview with Mueller. News broke that Mueller questioned and searched the electronic devices of a Russian oligarch. Magomedov was arrested March 31st 2018.
@POTUS @Avery1776 Branson just committed to Virgin Hyperloop months prior to Magomedov’s arrest. The project was dependent on the money from Magomedov.
@POTUS @Avery1776 Summa Group and TPG own 49.9% of FESCO


This is the David Bonderman Connection from here it gets real interesting.
@POTUS @Avery1776 A little back ground on David Bonderman Founder of TPG, formerly Texas Pacific Group.
Some things to note:
1)Bonderman traveled to Egypt and Fluently speaks Arabic and specialized in Islamic Jurisprudence and Law
2)Was special assistant to USAG in 1968-69

@POTUS @Avery1776 3)In 2008 was named as an investor to the T-mobile Arena in Las Vegas
4)Was Director for Gemalto (more on this later)
5)Was on the board of UBER until he resigned in 2017 (He resigned after sexist comments toward Arianna Huffington)
@POTUS @Avery1776 4/6/2018
The Len Blavatnik TPG connection:

TPG was an underbidder for what is known as “Portfolio 14” The portfolio is thought to hold loans relating to Acision, a mobile data company led by Russian-born billionaire Len Blavatnik.

@POTUS @Avery1776 The portfolio has a par value of 900 million Euros, or roughly $1 billion USD, and has an assortment of loan sizes from 100 million Euros to 70 million Euros.

Another group that was part of the underbidding was Sankaty Advisors. Sankaty is a unit of Bain Capital.
@POTUS @Avery1776 Another Blavatnik Bonderman connection

@POTUS @Avery1776 What about China Blavatnik and Bonderman:

Sinopec and TPG worked together to attempt to buy LyondellBassell. Sinopec Beijing-based spokesman Huang Wensheng declined to comment at the time.

More on Sinopec:
@POTUS @Avery1776 07/30/2014
Background on what happened to Blavatnik and LyondellBassell after bankruptcy. *SIDE NOTE BLAVATNIK LIVES DOWN THE STREET IN LONDON TO OLEG DERIPASKA*

@POTUS @Avery1776 I am going to wrap up the David Bonderman portion of this thread by linking him to the Clintons then after that it will mainly be about TPG.
@POTUS @Avery1776 Bonderman and the Clintons:
Back in the mid 90’s around 1,500 people were invited to the White House for coffee sessions with President Bill Clinton, First Lady Hillary Clinton, and VP Al Gore.

@POTUS @Avery1776 Coffee Sessions were a fundraising scheme created by political advisor Dick Morris and may have raised $3.5 million for the DNC and the re-election effort of Clinton and Gore.
@POTUS @Avery1776 Who attended:
Patton, Boggs, and Blow the most influential firm on the Hill
Skadden, Arp the Republican lobby-shop
Hill & Knowlton
Mickey Kanto’s old firm, Manatt, Phelps, and Phillips
Polk & Wardwell
The law offices of Robert Fiske, first special prosecutor in Whitewater Scandal
@POTUS @Avery1776 after lobbyists came the bankers:
Morgan Stanley
lehman Brothers
Goldman Sachs
Chase Manhattan
@POTUS @Avery1776 After bankers cam Telecom sector:
Sumner Redstone (Viacom)
Frank Biondi (fired soon after meeting)
Execs from Time/Warner, Disney, Knight-Ridder, Miramax and the Wall Street Journal.
@POTUS @Avery1776 Then the Insurance companies:
Sanford Weill CEO Travelers Group (attended 7 WH Klatches)
Then the energy and oil companies:
Most frequent visitor was Stan McLelland Exec and VP of Valero Energy of San Antonio.
@POTUS @Avery1776 I think around this time I was supposed to tag @909946zill

McLelland was a big promoter of NAFTA and the Mexico Bailout and the help of the US to suppress attacks on PEMEX facilities (Joint Venture with Valero)
@POTUS @Avery1776 @909946zill Another visiter was Roger Tamraz a CIA asset and international fugitive. Entered in Shady dealings with Saudi and Israeli intelligence agencies. Involved in BCCI scandal and wanted by the French government at the time for looting of a French Bank.
@POTUS @Avery1776 @909946zill Tamraz wanted to build a 930 mile pipe line from Caspian Sea to Turkish port in the Mediterranean. Both the NSC and CIA advised that Tamraz be denied access to the White House but he had dinner and a movie with the First Family.
@POTUS @Avery1776 @909946zill In Dec 1995 2 corporate execs that sat on the Wilderness Society sipped coffee with the President. One of them was Richard Blum. Blum is a lifetime friend of Charles Hurwitz who wanted the government to buy from him the Headwaters Redwood Forest in Northern California.
@POTUS @Avery1776 @909946zill Who was the other exec? David Bonderman, also pal of Hurwitz. 6 months later Fienstien brokered a deal with the admin that heavily favored Hurwitz.
@POTUS @Avery1776 @909946zill The last Coffee Klatsch was with Gary Jacobs the CEO of Laredo National Bank of Texas. Suspected of collection and distribution of Mexican drug money. Laredo was purchased by Hank Carlos John. Raul Salinas may have used Laredo to divert money out of Mexico to the tune of $170 mil
@POTUS @Avery1776 @909946zill 9/17/2015
TPG was the latest US equity firm to invest in Africa making a chain of private schools in Morocco. TPG with the help of Stay Capital LTD under chairman Mo Ibrahim will pay $25 million USD for minority stake in Ecoles Yassamine.

@POTUS @Avery1776 @909946zill Ecoles Yassamine educates roughly 6,000 kids in 6 schools and plans to build more schools before expanding into other African countries. The continent has the highest proportion of young people in the world. Out of 1.16 bill people in Africa 50% are children according to the UN
@POTUS @Avery1776 @909946zill TPG is investing into Africa differently than their closest US rivals Blackstone Group is focusing on energy and infrastructure while Carlyle Group and KKR & CO are buying larger African companies.

Others investing in Africa education include Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerburg.
@POTUS @Avery1776 @909946zill TPG isn’t stopping in Africa but also working similar deals in Asia. More on Mo Ibrahim who built a mobile phone company Celtel across Africa before selling for 3.4 billion in 2005 to MTC Kuwait.
@POTUS @Avery1776 @909946zill Why is Morocco important?
Morocco and Human Trafficking:
Morocco is a Tier 2 country for human trafficking. As reported in the last 5 years, Morocco is a source, destination, and transit country for men, women, and children subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking.
@POTUS @Avery1776 @909946zill Moroccan men, women and children are exploited in forced labor and sex trafficking primarily in Europe and the Middle East. Some foreigners, primarily from Europe and ME, engage in child sex tourism in major Moroccan cities.

@POTUS @Avery1776 @909946zill Now stay with me:
Anyone remember this story?
@POTUS @Avery1776 @909946zill Elemental was bought by a company called In-Q-Tel which was a financial arm of the CIA. Why do I bring up In-Q-Tel? Alex Mandl which was a board member of InQTel sat on the board of Gemalto. Bonderman was a Board member of Gemalto as well. Coincidence?
@POTUS @Avery1776 @909946zill Alex Mandl resigned from his controversial position at InQTel. He did so because he was appointed CEO of Gemplus and the company had fears of reputable damage do to his links with the CIA via InQTel. Back in 2002 the company had fears TPG was going to move Gemplus HQ to the US
@POTUS @Avery1776 @909946zill All in an effort to get a hold of sensitive encryption technology owned by Gemplus.

@POTUS @Avery1776 @909946zill Gemplus use to be a French company before a fusion with Axalto which was forced by InQTel and TPG.
@POTUS @Avery1776 @909946zill Axalto changed it’s name in June 2006 to Gemalto. Gemalto was a world leader in Digital Security Market. One of the largest shareholders of Gemplus is TPG.

@POTUS @Avery1776 @909946zill 2/25/15
in 2010 and 2011 Gemalto claims it was the target of hacks likely perpetrated by the NSA and GCHQ. Gemalto claims that 2 agencies failed to access the network where cryptographic keys are stored that protect mobile communications.
@POTUS @Avery1776 @909946zill This hack had people in France and the US talking about it to include Chris Soghoian chief technologist of the ACLU. From a leaked PowerPoint slide by Ed Snowden to Glenn Greenwald in which the author of the PP stated “We believe we have their entire network."
@POTUS @Avery1776 @909946zill Gemalto is one of the leading makers in SIM cards in phones like AT&T T-Mobile Verizon Sprint and more than 400 other carriers in 85 countries. If the agencies hacked the crypto keys they would be able to decipher encrypted phone comms between mobile handsets and cell towers.
@POTUS @Avery1776 @909946zill With out assistance of the Telecom carriers or the oversight of a court or government.

What is bad about hacking SIM cards is that if a person isn’t liked by the current regime but the regime can’t find anything on that person legally. The agency can log onto the GSM network
@POTUS @Avery1776 @909946zill and conduct illegal activity that they know will be picked up by LEOs
@POTUS @Avery1776 @909946zill So to bring it full circle from the article about micro chips US intel agencies had been warning the government officials of 2 chinese companies, Huawei and ZTE, of their hardware that could be manipulated by the chinese government.

@POTUS @Avery1776 @909946zill That’s the end hope you all stuck around. We did some time traveling and uncovered a whole mess of information. Hope you enjoyed it. Hat Tip to
@Avery1776 @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 please tag anyone else you would think would be interested in this thread

This was supposed to have @Avery1776 thread not just the GIF

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