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1/ I quickly disregarded this article because McCabe is a proven liar but in reading it today I do think there are a few interesting tidbits. theguardian.com/us-news/2019/f…
2/ The first and most general is the degree to which McCabe is driven to get his narrative out about what happened between the Comey firing and the Mueller appointment. What he won’t and can’t explain is why Mueller was necessary.
3/ Humorously, the @guardian attempts to bufffer McCabe by referring to earlier “reports” as if we don’t realize that McCabe was the source of the “reports”. McCabe is telling the truth because he says so? No, this claim is no stronger than the last claim, it’s just another lie.
4/ Why is this lie so important? Because McCabe opened an unauthorized obstruction investigation into POTUS. He needs to create the idea that the memo itself was part of the obstruction, that Rosenstein was forced to write it. If not what McCabe did was abuse of power.
5/ I’ve explained that I believe McCabe’s actions that followed Comey’s firing was the insurance policy. This compounds McCabe’s abuse of power because it was premeditated and clearly a part of a conspiracy.

Did team Trump have the texts before they fired Comey?
6/ I’ll get back to the texts.

So at the time when Comey was fired, Trump took official action only he could take in response to a directive of the top unrecused official at DOJ. I don’t think McCabe’s small group had anticipated Rosenstein’s memo. How would they proceed?
7/ Well, look at the texts. McCabe’s small group were desperate that Trump never get elected but if somehow he did, they saw it as their duty to stop him. At this point everyone else was gone, all the Obama officials, Yates and Comey. This was the resistance’s last stand.
8/ When it came to official executive branch action to stop Trump, McCabe was the last chance. So even though they must’ve realized that opening an obstruction and CI investigation against POTUS was risky at best, they pushed forward. Rosenstein is swamp, he wouldn’t stop them...
9/ The article notes that it was five days after the supposed emotional admission by Rosenstein, that Trump had bullied him into writing his memo, that Mueller was appointed. But they don’t explain why. Why that day? Why was Mueller necessary.
10/ The media mysteriously forgets what was happening during this period. The entire Senate had their hair on fire. Most wanted to remove Trump. On May 11 they interview McCabe and had him commit that, if Trump tried to obstruct, he would tell them.
12/ McCabe wants us to believe that the next day an emotionally distraught Rosenstein meets him at DOJ headquarters saying Trump forced him, against his will, to write the memo to fire Comey and he didn’t immediately report that to the Senate as an example of Trump obstruction?!?
13/ How do I know McCabe didn’t report Rosenstein’s admission? Because if he had, we would have heard about it. It would have led to Trump’s near immediate removal. Yet instead other things happened. Things that were very bad for McCabe. So why didn’t we here this until recently?
14/ Also according to McCabe’s new book, he wants us to believe that after Comey was fired Trump and McGhan treated him improperly. Yet he never reported it to the Senate. How do we know? Because, again, if he had we would have known by now.
15/ Speaking of what we now know, on the same day Comey was fired McCabe was first confronted by DOJ investigators. Now I guess you could believe that was completely coincidental. I, on the other hand, believe he was the target of a sting.

16/ We also know that while McCabe was testifying to the Senate, Rosenstein unexpectedly appeared at the Senate and pulled both Warren and Burr into a SCIF. He made a public display that it was urgent to speak with them while McCabe was still speaking.
17/ Then we have the infamous meeting on May 17, the day before Mueller is appointed. If Rosenstein and McCabe were on the same page on obstruction, then this meeting and the Oval meeting right afterwards makes little sense. They had Trump. So why Mueller?
18/ Now that McCabe is no longer with the FBI and time has passed you can see why McCabe is so invested in this narrative but you can also see that reality doesn’t line up with it. Rod is still on the job and not complaining. Mueller is still around and Trump hasn’t interfered.
19/ None of McCabe’s melodramatic descriptions of Rosenstein or Trump fit anymore. Rod isn’t emotional or looking to limit Trump. Trump isn’t lashing out at Wray or Mueller other than a tweet from time to time. Does the media explain how silly his narrative is? Nope.
20/ What happened after Mueller was appointed? The investigation into McCabe that began the day Comey was fired only intensified. I know others have extensive threads and articles on the leaks investigation but I want to focus on the texts.
21/ The biggest question still unanswered? When did team Trump first see the texts? This is the critical question because it speaks to how long they were preparing to deal with McCabe’s premeditated attempt to remove a duly elected POTUS.
22/ Comey says he was unaware of the Strzok Page texts. McCabe says the same. These texts were an insight into McCabe. The team he was consistently meeting directly with was discussing their fear of a Trump presidency and implanting a plan to deal with him in case he was elected.
23/ So this man that the @guardian holds in such high esteem had actually placed his top lieutenant, the man that texted about an insurance policy, on Mueller’s team after opening an unauthorized obstruction investigation into POTUS. Then on 7/27/17 reality came crashing in.
24/ You see what I’ve just described, that’s how a sting works. Conditions are created that make a person feel confident to take actions that are then monitored. The target isn’t made aware of what the investigators know until it’s too late. As I’ve said, McCabe is fucked.
25/ Which brings us back around to why you’re seeing these articles and why McCabe is pushing this narrative so hard. It’s his best defense. But deep down inside he must realize it’s not going to work.


Source for the texts info:

And thanks to @themarketswork for assistance.
26/ This was a good article find by @ezy06001. So much I could say about but what stands out the most? A few things...

27/ Seems Rosenstein pulled Warren and Burr and somehow didn’t express his emotional turmoil or tell them that Trump forced him to write the memo.

Yet he supposedly told McCabe that the next day?!? McCabe really does think we are all fools.
28/ Also we see that after everything Rosenstein knew on May 12 he did not think a special counsel was necessary. Very interesting. So what changed? Well somehow after meeting with McCabe the next day and on May 16, Rosenstein decided Mueller was necessary.
29/ So you have one of two options, 1) Rosenstein found out new evidence against Trump that changed things or 2) He found out new information about McCabe that changed things. The sequence of events on May 16 and how things have played out since gives us our biggest clue.
30/ McCabe was thoroughly investigated and ultimately fired. Mueller has been free to pursue his investigation, Rosenstein is serving Trump happily and Trump is enjoying being POTUS. sorry McCabe but your lies are not the least bit credible.

/end (unless something else is added)
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