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Pakistan based terrorists or Jaish-e-Muhammad (Army of Muhammad) attack a convoy of Indian paramilitary. In the attack and subsequent actions, 50 soldiers are killed.
In retaliation, India scraps off MFN status. All cross border trade comes to an abrupt halt. Pakistan sees it as stopping them from eating tomatoes. Jang-e-Tamatar starts.
Pakistan is offended and sends additional Forces to Indian border. The aim of Invasion is to capture some tomatoes and take them back home.
Unable to enter India and getting bored on doing nothing on Indian border, the new troops start provoking India. One fine day, India puts a show of force. No one knows what happened but a major Pakistani arms dump in Sialkot sector is destroyed.
Along with it, the whole tomato supplies for the general area and LOC troops. An angry Pakistani anchor declares tamatar ka badla atom bomb se.
India crosses border and snuffs some terrorists. In a sombre meeting, the Pathan and Qamar, unable to do anything, stay silent and sad. India declares that first tomatoes were thrown, the terrorists came running out for them and then, they were snuffed.
Demands to retaliate. But, with what? Defence Minister says our planes weren't able to stop India because it was dark. Home Minister says climate is not good, so we can't go there. By afternoon, they have activated reserves and by night discussions are on to recall UNPKF.
Incidentally, a Pakistani general who goes home to check the real damage to his tomato stash is stuck in a war like situation. Qamar wants a general on ground to manage the situation and he comes to know of Tamatar Bilal. What should Tamatar Bilal do now?
Avenge India for destroying the tomatoes of Kashmir forces or ensure his personal stock of tomatoes is not damaged? He is in two moods...surrender to India and secure his tomatoes or start the next phase of Jang-e-Tamatar. Only time will tell what Tamatar Bilal will do...
Breaking: Tamatar Bilal took personal command of Sialkot sector and attacked Indian formations head on. Using that diversion, Pakistani forces attacked Uri and broke through Indian defences. On confirmation, Tamatar Bilal disengaged and retreated.
Indians are clueless why he attacked and why he retreated, that too when the losses he took were heavy and when he was about to break through the first line of defence. An absolute tactical surprise in Jung-e-Tamatar which will be remembered for generations.
But, all things won't end on a happy note. The formation in Uri lost discipline when they came across the local Tamatar mandi. Actually, Uri has the largest Tamatar market in whole of Kashmir. The general looting gave window for the Indians to salvage the situation and push back
the invading forces. The stuffiness and heat in the lead tank led to an explosion of tomatoes in it, leading to bogging down of the tank. The forces had to retreat. Tamatar Bill's heroics come to naught. What's going to be his next plan?
So, Tamatar Bilal failed. What to do now? We have Qubani Gafoor the master-spinner. He is the only one in whole Pakistan who is allergic to tamatar. He started spinning yarn to confuse. Just like Indira's Maya was broken by Meghanadha, Twitter punctured his Maya.
We attacked a regimental headquarters and destroyed three Indian planes. These are the photos. Lies broken in hours. What happened? Vini, Vidi, Verti - We came, we saw, we went back(kicked out). When kicking out, India lost a plane. And all photos years old.
Qubani Gafoor forced to say again - well, their plane fell down, we didn't shoot it. Besides, while trying to run away, one Pakistani plane shot another. Scared at the happening, his boss Qamar closed all airports and colleges. All planes changed directions mid air.
Situation is fast going out of control. No Tamatar, and they are fast losing hardware. No one is even listening to Qubani Gafoor. Pathan decided to take things under personal control. Pathan dares India - stop the war or else...we will stop Samjhauta Express. Will India listen?
India didn't even respond. Sensing India will attack, all planes ran away from Pakistan. All airports closed except Karachi. Karachi is the last lifeline for Tamatar imports. Another bad news for Pathan. Yesterday's Tamatar Bilal's antics meant Pakistan doesn't have petrol.
What to do now? Indians didn't bother when Pathan threatened stopping of Samjhauta Express. Instead, it blocked all routes of Tamatar import except one.
Time for a board meeting with Qamar and Qubani Gafoor. Plan of action - Let's do a Twitter trend #SayNoToWar.
Two bad news. Indians found that Qubani Gafoor started this trend to stop the world from knowing he doesn't have petrol for his tanks. The trend became a source to troll Pathan and Qamar. Afghans started mobilizing. As if this is not sufficient, two more bad news.
News of Indian attacks. Karachi, Sialkot and even Karachi. They thought of shutting down Rawalpindi as well but Qamar refused saying his Tamatar will be spoiled. This doesn't seem to be the end of the day. Intelligence chatter revealed coordinates which will be attacked.
Shock of their lives. It's the coordinates of their biggest Tamatar farm. Pathan is shattered. If he can't save the farm, he will face the music from everyone. He ordered all the planes up in air to guard the farm.
Another bad news: They found a hotline direct from Kashmir to Pakistan in the house of their biggest Tamatar smuggler Mirwaiz. Pathan is desperate now. He wants to speak to Modi. And Modi is not at all bothering. Qubani Gafoor gave him an idea.
Let's surrender their pilot in return for peace. And Modi is not bothered again. He is that not bothered that when Pathan's point man Tamatar Qureshi pouted and said, I won't attend OIC if India's Foreign Minister attends there, OIC itself was not bothered.
As this is not enough, the Baloch blasted the convoy sent to guard the second largest Tamatar farm in Pakistan. And on the other side, there is a clash in Lahore between two groups, one holding a rally saying 'No Tamatar for Peace' and
another holding a rally over 'No Tamatar, No Peace'. The clash is that severe that everyone in No Tamatar party are admitted to hospitals with multiple fractures. And that means Jang-e-Tamatar is still on.
People are turning restive due to lack of Tamatar. Pathan needs to do something. He liked Qubani Gafoor's idea. He declared he will release the Indian Pilot in exchange for no war. For the first time, he surprised India - India postponed the press conference by two hours.
To be on the safe side, he decided to pull back all those guarding Tamatar farms in Balochistan to move towards Indian border in case India didn't deescalate. Subsequently, there is news of Baloch taking Tamatar farms in a fell swoop, but what can he do?
He got another bad news. India allowed a few planes to come inside Pakistan so that foreign countries can take back their citizens. This is not like Yemen where India saved everyone...here, India is the one who is forcing this to happen...
The scene now in Pathan's residence: Qubani Gafoor is running in circles, followed by Pathan with a hunter and Qamar with his uniform belt. His idea of handing over the Indian pilot backfired terribly. Now, they don't even have a bargaining chip with India.
That's not the only reason for his anger. Bhukkad Rashid blurted out in Parliament that India hit Azhar's terrorist den. What's the need to do that, first of all? And that besides, there are rumours that his family ran away in an evacuation flight. And Qubani Gafoor is booked.
Not the end of the day. Still more bad news for Pathan. Every country is taking back it's flights from Pakistan. And Pakistani Airlines don't have no more than five long distance flights. And all are stuck in Karachi. But, some good news.
There is very less petrol left. Using that, Pathan increased petrol rates. He will use the money collected to move his family out. And Qubani Gafoor too. Pathan really liked the way he ran in the evening.
Finally, a day of good news. Though spies are getting caught and mercenaries getting culled, this has become the norm of the day. Qubani Gafoor revealed Pathan another secret today. There is something called Pakistani Cross Border Corps or PCBC.
Pathan knew there is massive support for him in India but he never knew the reason why. It's a three stage process. Pakistan puts out the message, PCBC mainstreams it and the useful idiots who are present everywhere spread it. This gave Pathan another idea.
He won't surrender the Indian Pilot. The PCBC has created a tamasha over the handover and if Pathan refuses the handover, the PCBC will curse Modi for not facilitating the transfer by his war rhetoric and make Indian people do it.
Who can forget the ruckus PCBC created and the famous dialogue "Kashmir de do, kuchh bhi de do, hamare logon ko ghar wapas lao" during Khandahar hijacking? Now is the time for Pathan's revenge. He can demand an year worth of Tamatar and claim victory. Is it going to be case?
Pathan just woke up from sleep and turned on the TV.
Pathan: What is this nonsense? In spite of me explicitly not ordering the Indian Pilot to be handed over, why was he handed over? He is our last hope to get Tamatar from India
Qubani Gafoor: Qamar was spooked. India was roasting his army in Kashmir. He felt, if something happened to him, LoC will be shifted to Indus.
Pathan: And now, we don't have a bargaining chip. Now, the border will surely shift to Indus.
As if this isn't enough, while speaking with Qubani Gafoor, he saw another news. Some mad Talibani Mullah attacked a few Army bases in Afghanistan. Afghans are already mobilizing. As if India is not sufficient, why poke at Afghanistan now? And if Iran also uses the opportunity?
Qubani Gafoor is literally crying seeing the reaction in Pathan's face. Pathan didn't say anything. The maximum he can do is to boost confidence in his people and give them a hope that they will get their Tamatar real fast.
He ordered Karachi, Peshawar, Islamabad and Quetta to be opened. Some false bravado before an impending devastation... That besides, even Pathan didn't have the guts to open Lahore. In a heavy tone, he told Qubani Gafoor to send his family out of the country.
News is coming that Qamar took the pilot to the border but refused to hand him over.
Pathan to Qubani Gafoor: Is Qamar mad or what? Give him, fine, don't give him, fine, but keeping hand in the mouth of a lion and then poking into it's eye? Now, I am absolutely sure.
Afghanistan attack was by Qamar. And India is roasting the whole Operational Border north of Shakargarh. Things won't work if he is acting like this. I will sack him immediately.
Qubani Gafoor: Forgot Sharif Mian? Qamar will make you do a Mujra on the roads of Rawalpindi.
You don't know. That powerful Qamar is. Let's see how things go on from now. See, I like you personally and I can understand your frustrations, but there is only that much even I can do if you say such things.
The best thing you can do is to bribe him with your Tamatar horde and calm him down. He is known to have occassionally bouts of such madness. What I am sensing, the way Qamar is going behaving, I guess it's time we both pack our bags and run away. Even India is fine for asylum.
But, Pathan's fears were partly unfounded. Qamar got spooked and ordered release of the Indian pilot. The celebrations on Indian side are sickening. According to Pathan, pushing him across the border would have been a better proposition since Indian PM Modi trapped him nicely.
Qamar's mad streak is being revealed again and again. Before the handover, he got a video knitted in which the pilot was praising Pakistanis. The video is that bad that everyone started trolling Pakistanis and Qamar issued formal orders to get it deleted everywhere.
Pathan is surprised. His plan to open the airspace also backfired. While he expected a Tamatar lifeline, what he's saying is empty flights coming into Pakistan and fully loaded going out - even after Qamar ordered all soldiers on holidays to come back home, no one is interested.
Forget common people, even soldiers are running away in those foreign flights - anywhere but Pakistan. Domestic flights, it's same - people vacating Karachi and Islamabad for Quetta or Peshawar. And it's the first time in history that Pakistanis seem not bothered about Tamatar.
Pathan's diary entry:
Am hearing news of Baloch advancing at a sickening pace. All the Tamatar farms of Balochistan are taken and I am having a very bad feeling regarding this.
India is pummelling really hard. Whole sectors are getting razed. Pathan is seriously clueless as to why it is happening - Uri Tamatar raid, Qamar's subfertege, Qamar's escalation in fight or India's renewed aggression on the confirmation that it's trooper is back.
There is one solace for Pathan in all this mess - blackout in Islamabad-Rawalpindi along with other cities. That means Qamar won't be able to use his Centralized AC. Anyways, it's a different thing that Qamar is sleeping in his bomb proof underground shelter for the last few days
The sound of the planes all night is irritating. Pathan wasn't able to sleep. And news is that Indian army is escalating the fight. If the situation is like this, the country won't survive for long - either revolution against government or balkanization.
No planes, no ships, no cross border trade - forget tamatar, nothing is coming in. Another bad news. The Pakistani plane shot down by the Indian Pilot made America very unhappy and is thinking of refusing use of American war material.
This is the first time in decades that an F series plane is shot down, that too by a much inferior plane. This means loss of image for America and loss of business for the manufacturer. And as if the joke of the edited video Qamar got made of that Indian pilot is not sufficient,
Pakistani Parliament nominated Pathan for Order of Tamatar for returning the pilot back to India. Different thing that it was Qamar's game all the way. Pathan was searching for a way to end the hostilities. He has one more ace up his sleeves...
execute the one who is the reason of all this - the Maulana whose organization started all this. But, will that stop India? If Pakistan voluntarily executes the Maulana, won't India demand for more? What if it demands Qamar next?
It looked as if Qamar understood the situation is fast turning out of control. He ordered forced conscription of the slave labour working in Tamatar farms of Khyber Pakhtunwa, one of the last Tamatar lifelines of the country.
As like in Kargil, just before the blow falls, the Punjabis will retreat forcing the poor slaves to man the posts and take the beating. If the war reaches Punjab, they will fight, else, after these slaves are slaughtered, Pathan may be asked to beg for peace.
Qamar came to Pathan with the message that the Maulana is dead. It's all over the Indian press and Twitter is flooded. Pathan asked Qamar, is it really true that the Maulana is dead. And that his organization is planning to disperse.
Qamar didn't answer but changed the topic to firing at the border. He told that there are rumours of India moving big guns into Amritsar. As of now, there is no panic as he has suppressed the information, but he is not sure how long he can suppress the information.
Already people are restive and depressed due to lack of Tamatar. There will be absolute panic if Lahore comes to know of this and he will be forced to reapply the airspace ban in Lahore area. Qamar also told that the Indian Army Chief visited the border posts and
his forces tried to target him. The response was devastating - at least 50 of Qamar's troopers were killed and 27 bunkers are completely flattened. That's the only sector in the complete Operational Border which is silent now. Pathan was thinking where this is going to lead.
Pathan's Diary Entry:
The roar of jets in the sky is intolerable. The sad part is, we really don't know when the Indians will hit us. Twitter World is trolling this with the title 'Tel Jalao Abhiyan' or Petrol Burning Movement.
They named the exodus out of the country, they named it as Quit Pakistan Movement. I don't know whether I should laugh or cry at our plight. I got another news - the best after the situation started.
The army has established a Tamatar ratline through the Gomal Pass using the Taliban support ecosystem in the other side of the border. And most of the Tamatar passing through are Indian. Let's hope it will calm the people somewhat.
Qamar's another misadventure. All the heavy guns in Akhnoor Sector are destroyed. As if it's not sufficient, Indians trolled us by shooting Tamatar across the border and our people, unheeding the danger, broke the ranks to collect the Tamatar.
Pathan decided to issue Nishan-e-Tamatar for some of his prominent PCBCs in recognition of their role in drowning the pro-Indian voices inside India. Qubani Gafoor asked him to wait for some time. As if the news leaked, there is a sudden rise PCBC activity across the border.
There is news of Indian advance near Bahawalpur. Three whole villages near the border are razed to ground. Surprisingly, there are no casualties - the Indians ordered all the villagers to leave before razing everything. It looks as if they are clearing the ground for an invasion.
Qubani Gafoor told Pathan another state secret. Only then, he understood why Qamar was that vicious when India attacked the terrorist den - in preparation for Indian elections, a few months ago, Qamar passed orders to recognise all mercenary and terrorist groups targetting India
as paramilitary there by providing them legal cover and reduce resistance in Pakistani army in supporting them. It's all too known that Pakistani army is taking severe beating from India whenever there are orders
to cross some terrorists across the border and the army is very angry at this unholy task given to them. Even additional Tamatar rations to them is not able to convince them to perform this suicidal task wholeheartedly.
Another of Pakistani drone is shot down today by India. The reality is, all of Pakistani drones are leased by China and China is going to be really angry - there is no money. And Chinese don't eat Tamatar. The only option left now is surrendering Sui Gas Fields.
The situation is really desperate. Most of the ammunition is exhausted on Indian border and now, regiments from Balochistan and KP are being brought to Indian border. The border situation is that worse that in a week, Quetta and Peshawar police will be guarding the borders.
Taliban is activated to engage Afghanistan and Balochistan is written off. Total Tamatar write-off inside Pakistan and nothing can be done - forget procurement routes, Qamar is clueless how to stop the existing farms from being destroyed. Even local people are not cooperating.
When they understood Pakistani Army is seizing all supplies in KP and Baloch areas, they preferred to go scorched earth than providing supplies, main things targetted being the Tamatar farms. America is angry at India for shooting down its plane using flying junk and
declared India will lose out preferential treatment. Pathan conducted an emergency meeting to discuss, what if India demands the trade loss from Pakistan as reparations? And what if they don't accept Tamatar as reparations?
Tamatar Topi Zaid is a real bellwether of Pakistani military performance. He wrote off the war and exhorted people to retreat to forests and deserts and fight - it's a matter of time India will breach the borders. That's another headache for Pathan - to reduce the panic.
Indian Navy asserted it's ready to attack whenever ordered to. Pathan assumed the boycott of Karachi is voluntary to avoid any trouble. But, now, he realised it's because of a strong presence of Indian Navy. Pathan was really spooked.
He immediately ordered the sacking of Tamatar Affairs Minister of Punjab for his anti-Kaffir rants and 44 top leaders of the Army of Muhammad, including the Head of Operations and the Maulana's son. He is going to face serious fire from
Qamar but he will have to do his part to diffuse the tensions. But, as a mitigation, he ordered the interior ministry to issue a notification listing all the paramilitary wings which are banned asking people not to fund them - in the hope that they will exactly do that.
Pathan's Diary Entry:
Today I learnt India threatened Pakistan that if it didn't return the pilot in 72 hours, it will destroy the whole of Pakistani Airforce - as against one battery needed, India positioned two missile batteries to destroy all 21 of Pakistani air bases.
Even if some planes survived(e.g. Sargodha), they won't have runways - Pakistani roads are full of potholes and Tamatar farms are not conducive. This explains why Bajwa finally budged. He may not be as good a strategist as me, but for sure, he has better information than me.
American anger at Pakistan for losing a plane and giving a potential 500 billion USD losses seems not to end. America reduced the VISA window for Pakistanis from five years to three months. Probably, Americans are proofing themselves from terror attacks by banning Pakistan.
New intelligence just came in. There's a possibility of India attacking Islamabad. To avoid that Pathan begged a Chinese Minister to come for talks with Tamatar Qureshi. May be, Indians will back out in order not to provoke China? Wonder what will China demand in return...
And America snubbed Pakistan again by using Karachi to shift a flight load of Tamatar to Kabul without giving even a single Tamatar to Pakistan. As of now, no one knows what the plane contains but if people come to know about it, you don't need an India to destroy Karachi.
Pathan's Diary Entry:
Is this Qamar mad or what? When India is deescalating, why the hell did he provoke India by attacking the Tamatar Mandi in Jammu Bus Stand? Desperation due to Tamatar shortage tells. But, is it a grouse enough to commit suicide?
The Hafiz who heads Lashkar-e-Taiba(Army of the Righteous) applied for removal of his name from UN Terror List and Tamatar Exporter Blacklist. But, UN wanted to meet him in person. Qamar feared his assassination and rejected the VISAs for the interviewers.
A passenger is off-loaded from flight after praying for plane to crash in Islamabad Airport. Further investigations established that he is disgusted of himself for not able to do anything at Balakot - he lost four brothers and twelve other relatives in the Indian attack.
It looks like he was sent to Mansehra that evening to manage the Tamatar shipments coming out of Bisian and send them to the main Jaish-e-Muhammad (Army Of Muhammad) base of Bahawalpur in Punjab. It was a lucky providence that he didn't cross the border and spill the beans.
Things are moving at a sickening pace, whether by design or by accident - a Kaffir is made Chairman of Senate, Lashkar-e-Taiba banned in its current avatar and in two hours, it came up with a new name, the Lucknow Kashmiri attack orchestrated by the PCBCs failed spectacularly
in a matter of hours and Qamar moved the big guns from the border. Airlines started using Pakistani airspace but Indian border areas is a no go for everyone except Indian airlines. Everyone is still preferring to avoid Pakistani airspace. Looks deescalation is on the cards.
Pathan was made aware of another fact. The usage of Fauji Cement for Balakot Camp means that Indian bombs were able to drill the roof easily and doing the damage inside, without touching the superstructure. This means India can't prove the attack through satellite images.
Pathan's Nishan-e-Tamatar idea is making Pakistan a big joke. PCBCs spread that the Indian jet lost to bird hit was a deliberate attack using a Kabootar. The Kabootar is trained by a Pakistani singer who sought asylum in India but whom the PCBCs are calling a Pakistani spy.
Pakistan has extended NOTAM for a few more days. It looks like the flights coming in to bail out the rich and mighty out of the country are not sufficient enough. It goes without saying that these flights are escorted by Pakistani Airforce and
the NOTAM is more to do with people not noticing the exodus and less to do with threat from India. The establishment decided Pakistan has no future and it's time to search for new Tamatar fields. Pathan is not so lucky - he is the public face, exodus is hidden from him.
The main pipeline of Sui fields is blasted by the Baloch. Anyways it doesn't make any sense now because there are no exports from Pakistan and refineries are under maintenance. Due to the border tensions, everyone is bracing for an attack and not going anywhere.
There are rumours of another Indian strike - complete destruction of either Gujranwala or Bahawalpur commands. For some reason India shelved the plan. Else, it will be a double digit percentage shearing of Pakistan's military capabilitie and an irrecoverable damage.
The speed with which India is shooting down Pakistani drones, China will go ballistic in no time. It's almost certain Pakistan will have to surrender Gilgit and possibly even, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. If that's going to be the reality, why not surrender to India unconditionally?
Pakistani position seems to be really desperate. It is sacrificing drones after drones, that too Chinese, to find out the troop buildup against Bahawalpur and Gujranwala. On the other side, it is sacrificing whole sectors to divert and engage India. Today's scapegoat was Chakoti.
The whole sector was destroyed in a vicious counter barrage by India -and the whole sector is silent now. The numbers are not revealed yet but they are too high to hide. Pathan wanted to visit the sector but Qamar ordered him not to move out of Islamabad.
A clarification: Indian media is saying a bomb was dropped by a Chinese drone near Shriganganagar. No bomb fell. It was a loose part on the drone which got separated and fell down. The drone was able to make home and stands grounded. The damage is irreperable.
Tamatar Qureshi demanded removal of India from FATF panel citing neutrality. There are rumours India is going to demand removal of China from the panel which deliberates whether the Maulana heading the Army of Muhammad citing neutrality. Pathan is really angry over this goof up.
It is already known that Pakistani Navy is scattered all over the coast to avoid Indian retaliation. It's not as if Indians don't know their location but aren't attacking. Today, Indian sailors boarded PNS Tariq, subdued it and threw some rotten Tamatar on board before leaving.
Poor ones, the Tamatar starved sailors on the ship fought even for those rotten Tamatar. The rioting almost led to a open rebellion before order was established. After this, orders were given to PNS not to cross territorial waters to avoid further shaming.
Now, Jung-e-Tamatar shifted to the board rooms in UN. Pakistan was as usual passing time in UNO and provoking India while India was shaming Pakistan by digging out it's dirty history. After all, how can you shame a shameless?
And what's the point of demanding civil government to take action when military is the one which is running the country, unanswerable to the civil government? All history is proof of that. 1971 - Army provoked India, civil government forced to beg India for peace,
Prime Minister hanged for groveling before India amd shaming India. 1999 - Army provoked India, Prime Minister ordered to beg before America for peace, deposed for shaming. What's new in that? This will also pass.
Pakistan will promise action, the representative at UNO will notify Pathan, Pathan goes to Qamar, Qamar throws the minutes into a dustbin even without reading. And the cycle repeats. India demanded the Maulana of the Army of Muhammad to be declared
a global terrorist and complete ban of Tamatar exports to Pakistan. It offered all shipping going to Karachi and Gwadar to be diverted to Kandla - India will buy all the wares at 10% additional cost. It looks like India is using the UNO banter sessions for its advantage, finally.
PKR 10 Bn collected for dam fund. Leaving the 80% Army cut and 10% for war emergency and 5% as national emergency buffer, PKR 50 Mn will be left for dam construction. And going by the fact that India is blocking water, the programme will be indefinitely shelved.
The UN banter sessions decided not to declare the Maulana as a global terrorist. India is really angry. There are rumours that India will quit UN since it is not gaining anything by being a member. And there is no way to tell if India will retaliate this by bombing Pakistan.
Despite the Indian threats, there are celebrations in Pakistan on partial acquittal of the Maulana with Chinese help. While the Maulana issued a message saying he is happy and is organising a Tamatar fest in Bahawalpur, Pathan is thinking of decorating him with Nishan-e-Tamatar
Pathan is in a good mood because of the news over the Maulana. He decided to rile India even further by going into a photo op with some Khalistani rabble rousers as a part of internal consultations over Kartarpur before meeting India.
Khalistan is also a Pakistani terrorist-paramilitary wing and are even bigger hypocrites than Kashmiris - staying in Pakistan, they don't want an independent state with Lahore as their capital city but want to set up a Sikh State only in Indian Punjab using Pakistani support.
They operate under ISI directly and generally fund the anti-Indian Kashmiri independence marches all over the world. They specialise in cross-border smuggling using stuff placed in baskets of Tamatar. It is not widely known that the murder of Zia-ul-Haq
carried out by placing bomb in a basket full of Tamatar is a Khalistani-ISI affair to punish Zia's ineptitude over supporting Khalistani insurgency when India is crushing it. Their gamble paid off - his successor Benazir Bhutto was successful in
relieving the pressure on Khalistanis by starting an insurgency in Kashmir. That gave them time to shore up their resources and wait for an opportune movement which hasn't come in decades yet. And that means they are still biding their time, smuggling through Tamatar baskets.
Qamar got another bit of disturbing information. He never expected that level of trolling even in his dreams. And he never expected India to be such capable. While the Rotten Tamatar affair involving PNS Tariq was the first such in the world and
the most shameful in Pakistani history, India is now planning to launch a website which gives the real time position of every Pakistani naval asset. If they are such capable, does that mean they know the position of Qamar, Pathan and even worse, the Maulana?
Man proposes, god disposes. Looks like even Allah is not supporting Pakistan. Qamar planned it perfectly. That guy who came to Pakistan was enticed and taken to some terror camps to be indoctrinated. He went back and laid low forever.
And a sudden spate of news - Pulwama attack, Indian counterattack, New Zealand condemns the attack(actually it's the first Parliament to do so), China planned a terror action against Indian assets in Myanmar which Myanmar Army foiled -
India provided material to support the operation through Bangladesh. Suddenly, there is a news of Bangladesh Cricket team's tour to New Zealand. Qamar decided to act - target the mosque visited by Bangladeshi cricket team - it's actually used by Indians and Bangladeshis.
So, who are the targets? Bangladesh for siding India, New Zealand for supporting India and relieve the pressure from Islamic terror by projecting Muslims are also targets. The Muslim dead are collateral damage and will provide the cover. And to divert attention,
he used the insignia of Tamatar Warriors of Ukraine. Everything was picture perfect. Even if he said Pakistan, no one would have linked him to Pakistani terrorist-paramilitary. But, what went wrong? An old post on his visit to Hunza Valley. And what are the new implications now?
Pathan's diary entry:
Indian pounding is incessant. Sectors are getting fried, drones are getting shot down everywhere, Indian planes are playing sonic boom games over Pakistani cities terrorizing people, even the Tamatar stocks in GHQ are drying up. Wonder where will this end.
False news is spread that the ISI Brigadier Asim Munir committed suicide after being caught in Tamatar smuggling and corruption. Though the facts are not completely known, the reality is that, three days before his death,
he visited both Khuzdar and Petaro and approximately at the time when Munir committed sucide, the head of Khuzdar facility was sacked. There are rumours of a massive Indian attack at Khuzdar resulting in double digit casulaties and massive damage to infrastructure
(it is important to note that all Pakistani nukes are already shifted to an undisclosed country to avoid them from being captured by India) but Qamar is not allowing any information to be leaked. Another important thing is, the heads of both Petaro and Khuzdar are also missing.
Pathan asked Qubani Ghafoor if he knows anything over this. Qubani Ghafoor told that both of them were ordered by Qamar to inspect a new Tamatar plantation near Multan and will stay there for some time. There is no way for Pathan to tell if Qubani Ghafoor is lying or not.
Pathan's diary entry:
Poor Qubani Gafoor. The pressure on him is telling. Today, he saw a child playing with a drone, shot it with his service revolver, tweeted saying Pakistan shot an Indian drone. Though Indians are trolling him, I am not angry at him. Rather, I sympathize.
In all this gloom and misery, the only silver line is the PCBCs. They will do something or the other to divert the attention. Today, some PCBC ruffled the feathers by expanding the name of Indian Prime Minister Modi as Masood(Azhar)-Osama(bin Laden)-Dawood(Ibrahim)-ISI.
The silence is killing. Intelligence reports are hinting at public riots due to lack of availability of Tamatar. Forget a common man in Lahore, even Pathan doesn't have Tamatar to eat. Pathan is fearing for a public rebellion ending in his execution. He has got two things to do -
give public Tamatar to eat and do something for India to deescalate. His mortal fear of India is making him do all things unforgivable - he passed orders saying every Pakistani can collect three Tamatar per head at the nearest Army depot. And Qamar went ballistic hearing this
because he himself doesn't have sufficient Tamatar to stop desertion in the army. The second one is to do something else to placate India. Pathan decided to surrender the two Muhajirs among the precious four (the Maulana of Jaish-e-Muhammad, the Hafiz of Lashkar-e-Taiba,
Syed Tamatar of Hizb-ul-Mujahideen and Dawood owning Mumbai Tamatar ratline) - Dawood and Syed Tamatar to India. Qamar was ready to shoot Pathan for his crackpot idea and started for Pathan's residence but something else diverted him - another sector destroyed.
But, Pathan did one good thing. There is no money to run the country. Besides, Army is bleeding money everywhere. Pathan ordered that he will be holding back three percent of the money it will transfer to states for starting new Tamatar farms in FATA
(with the usual 80% Army cut and 10% for war emergency and 5% as national emergency buffer and 20% Zakat on the balance). As if the current headaches are not enough, India demanded Disney not to screen it's move Captain Marvel in Pakistan and
there are riots all over Pakistan over this. Pathan announced that the release of the movie Sherdil will be preponed to 22 March and with this, the riots petered off. And this time, he made Qubani Gafoor angry - the movie will have to go with the Rajouri disaster.
Chabahar port of India is ruining Pakistan - it's trade with Central Asia reduced by 70% and Qamar wanted to do something to address this. Qubani Gafoor activated his contacts in Taliban saying they are ready for peace and initiated talks with America.
And a stupid mistake, Pathan declared in public that the Afghan Prime Minister will be removed making Afghanistan government very angry. But, this is a good move. Taliban will rule Afghanistan, India will protest it, America will say, Ghani is your problem; if you want him back,
bring your army. America wants to take it's army back home and India doesn't want to send it's army to Afghanistan. This is the surest way for India to send forces into Afghanistan. And if Taliban come to power, the Chabahar route will come to a grinding halt and
India will have to realign it to Central Asia through Iran. Taliban will ensure a steady supply of Tamatar to Pakistan in the meanwhile as a bribe for keeping it in power. But, India is ready even for that. India is sending a force to both Kabul and Kandahar -
if government changes, India will crash through Bolan and Khyber into Pakistan taking Quetta and Peshawar, thereby destroying the Taliban completely, forget about it's illegal Tamatar fields. This is something for Qamar -
allow Ghani in power and face a hostile nation destroying it's economy or topple Ghani and ask India to open another theatre. India will bribe Afghans through lebensraum and easy access to India. And, if this happens, Pakistan will lose 47% of it's Tamatar fields.
Another bad news. India formally announced it's aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya joined the Troll Pakistan movement. It stood within the sight of Karachi Harbour in international waters and launched fireworks into the sky which displayed Tamatar. And hearing the news that the
aircraft carrier joined the game, Qamar is thinking of passing orders for Pakistani Warships to escape Pakistan into neutral territories till the war is over. Forget the aircraft carrier, it's not even able to break the siege of India's coastal defence on Pakistan.
Pathan's Diary Entry:
I never expected Qamar to be that vile. Manohar Parrikar died and he initiated a cross border fire to celebrate it. After all, who can forget the fact that he was the one who revamped Indian Defence at break-neck speed and presided over the surgical strikes?
That makes every Pakistani very angry over him but my country hasn't become that barbaric enough to celebrate the death of a dying person. It is not well known that demands raised for Parrikar to head Goa were because of a PCBC attempt to move him out of Defence Ministry.
We should have stopped thinking about him the moment he moved out of Defence. But no. In our country, hate supercedes humanity and empathy. Who can forget the parties we had after the Mumbai attacks in 2009? Isn't it the same reason we denied Mian Nawaz a last look at his Begum?
A train is bombed in Balochistan near Dera Murad Jamali and the rail link between Quetta and Sukkur stands broken. It's a massive damage - train derailed, track permanently damaged and needs replacement of atleast 40 km of track.
Going into details, an AC coach in the train is attacked and it is rumoured a senior Pakistani Army officer is the target. As of now, Army has taken control of the area and information is awaited as to who the intended target is. It is almost certain that the attack succeeded.
Tamatar Qureshi boycotting OIC is costing Pakistan dearly. An angry UAE shelved it's plans of a $3 billion oil refinery indefinitely and without the 80% army cut, Pakistan won't be in a position to continue the war with India. Along with that, it has got huge implications
in other areas, the most prominent being the Multan Tamatar project and PCBC management. Qamar ordered Pathan to go to the UAE Embassy and beg the Ambassador to intercede in favour of Pakistan. He is ready to surrender Tamatar Qureshi - they can do whatever they want with him.
Qamar decided to act upon the outrage Pathan created in Afghanistan when he said the Afghan Prime Minister will be deposed. Taliban launched another major offensive in Morghab today - 200 Afghan soldiers are captured and the whole Tamatar supply to Mazar-e-Sharif is destroyed.
The attack highlighted three important things - Taliban is low on weapons and asked the Turkomans who arrested the fleeing soldiers to give the weapons of surrendered forces, the reinforces from Kabul are not sufficient and the whole of Baghdis is about to collapse.
With American talks, with Kaffir India standing by the Afghan government and with Qamar's support, the Taliban has become more emboldened this year. Their cyclic offensive is the most vicious in the last decade - scalping a thousand casulaties already.
It's a matter of time they exhaust their ammunition and disperse, waiting for Qamar to provide them with their fresh stock. Pakistan created this cycle to ensure that America is tied up in Afghanistan and will be forced to take help of Pakistan in millitary operations - Pakistan
funds Taliban, Taliban attacks American assets, America asks Pakistan to attack Taliban, Pakistan demands resources, America funds Pakistan and the cycle repeats. Only recently America identified this unending cycle and decided to trap India into this, making a hasty exit.
Qamar is losing his mind. He ordered a massive cross-border raid - infantry charge with chopper support near Makwal. It was horribly beaten back - the devastating reply India gave forced the choppers to retire and without air cover, the soldiers had to scamper back haphazardly.
India sent a formal complaint to Pakistan over people tagging it's embassy staff and warned, if Pakistan doesn't behave, it'll stop water to all Pakistani Embassies in India. Pathan is in no position to say that they are not ISI but are some thieves searching for Tamatar.
In an innocuous message over cricket, Qubani Gafoor used 'Pakistanis of Balochistan' and by doing that, he accepted Balochistan is no more a part of Pakistan. Was it unintentional or was it deliberately put to accept the ground reality in Balochistan is something to be seen.
It looks like the disaster at Makwal stung Qamar badly. He launched another vicious cross-border barrage at the newly refurbished Akhnoor Sector. He was taking disproportionate losses but the rate of Pakistani fire isn't diminishing even after eight hours.
Other sectors are also supporting Akhnoor but are taking massive hits from India. It looks as if Pakistanis will fire till their whole ammunition is exhausted. India is irritated and has activated it's airforce and missile batteries with an intent to break the Pakistani resolve.
It's a matter of time the extent of losses will spill over into public domain. With tight control of army over the areas, rumours are afloat in the country that as high as 10000 Pakistani soldiers are killed on Indian border. When whole sectors are destroyed and
when people are moving into Afghan refugees camps from the border, such rumours are justified. Pathan tried to get some details but Qamar didn't even give an appointment to Pathan. And in spite of that, it's Pathan who should take the heat on the shoddy execution of war.
Qubani Gafoor always ends up in an impossible and unenviable position. Being the head of PR wing of Pakistani Army, it becomes his duty to ensure that such rumour mongering is contained. He set up a new department to filter such news and
arrest those who are spreading the news. And as a confidence booster, he asked Pathan to announce that Pakistan, in a cross border raid, captured the Tamatar consignment of Indian Army. The dead reserves of Pakistan Army's Tamatar stock will be used for that as a visual proof.
Summit meeting between Tamatar Qureshi and his Chinese counterpart at Beijing. Pakistan is bleeding and is desperately wanting India to stop. Pakistan wants China to pressure India to stop inconveniencing Kashmiris by those huge troop movements.
The sound of jets and artillery; and blocked roads in Kashmir are to be targetted. After the summit, Tamatar Qureshi wanted to pray at Kuqa Mosque and proceed to Pakistan by road but China rejected his plans. He will take a flight directly from Beijing to Islamabad.
Qamar's anger costed Pakistan dearly. At least 60 Pakistani soldiers are killed along with at least two starred officers. An equal number are injured. One of the officers killed was in a column retreating from the battlefield.
His vehicle scored a direct hit, killing him on the spot. The whole theatre of operations has fallen silent, waiting for refurbishment. There are noises of protest in the army - Pakistan ke liye qurbani diya to kya milega? Zinda rahe to tamatar nahi to kuchh aur khayenge.
Internet is shutdown and there are protests all over the border in Pakistan - housewives are having a trouble passing time and kids are not able to play PUBG. The local people are not happy and want the Pakistani army to pack up so that they can have some days of peace.
A massive show of force was put by the Indian Air Force near Hyderabad. All the airbases in Sind and Balochistan are activated and many new places had their sleep disturbed by roaring jets. With no intelligence available, Pakistan is trying to understand if
there is going to be a ground invasion in the direction of Khairpur or Hyderabad. This time Qamar is in a fix - he
simply doesn't have men and material to manage a second front. The maximum he can do is to ask some Sindhi politician to say in public,
we are also suffering under the Punjabi yoke and want independence; don't target Sind and hope that India doesn't see through this ruse. His only chance of coming out of this fight in a not so bad shape is by restricting the theatre of operations above Sialkot somehow.
The one who burnt the train in Gujarat is handed a life sentence today. The train burning, which was enacted to reduce the pressure on Pakistani border in 2002 led to rioting all over the state and was the reason for the rise of current Indian Prime Minister.
It's another opportunity for Pakistan to divert Indian government and reduce the pressure on border. Though the Indian government is alert and ISI is broken beyond repair in India due to the current dispensation, this should be viewed as a godsend for Pakistan.
And the reality, it's another lost opportunity. Forget Godhra, the PCBCs failed to build momentum over a custodial assasination, that too inside Kashmir. And Pathan who didn't know the situation of ISI inside India is clueless why such opportunities are being wasted.
False Alert: There are reports that Indian Airforce is low on ammunition and that's why it isn't attacking Pakistan. Indians actually have asked for more ammunition - more than the usual levels it holds in forward positions.
Qamar has asked the PAF to be extra alert.
The PCBC Hindu Terror fiction was given a death blow by Indian courts. But, where is ISI to use it? Besides, it looks like Pakistani misery is not going to end any soon. India is roasting the borders with full vigour - yesterday's numbers will pale before today's.
Qamar is spooked at the speed with which India is shooting down it's drones(what will China demand as compensation, it can wait). After Pakistanis failed to install IEDs on them, he ordered the drones to be booby trapped - to increase Indian casualties when clearing the debris.
A batch of Uighur terrorists retreated into Hunza and Pakistan is rushing troops to intercept them - if they target Attabad lake, Karakoram Highway will be permanently destroyed and the flash flood is capable of destroying Jaglot and cutting down the access to Siachen.
It's a different thing, this act is not in the interests in India even if it is militarily favourable for India because India wants to take GB with as little damage as possible, with all it's Tamatar fields undamaged. Only that can endear itself to the people of Gilgit.
Qamar's demands for more money is making Pathan crazy. The whole Tamatar horde of the govt is already surrendered, the money from selling donkeys isn't enough. He needs to think of something else - Qubani Gafoor is useless in brain work - may be, sell the unused govt buildings?
Yesterday's Indian Airforce action near Hyderabad really spooked Qamar. In an open defiance of America, he has ordered all the F16s to forward positions. He knows for sure, even if it angers both China and America, those 40 F16s are the only real fighter jets Pakistan has got.
Qamar ordered the Chiefs of Airforce and Navy to assemble in Pathan's Office along with Qubani Gafoor and Pathan's military advisor. He told them what they wanted to hear - the war is going good in our favour (while everyone except Pathan know the reality) but his army is low on
fuel and Pathan should sort it out - Pathan ordered an increase in petrol and Tamatar prices and asked the PAF Chief to randomly activate air raid sirens to restrict people to their homes. With Karachi locked, and main refineries shut down, there is only that much anyone can do.
Cyclone in Mozambique. For relief, India sent a contingent larger than the whole of Pakistani Navy. In spite of that, there is no slack in vice grip of Indian Navy on Pakistani Coast. Karachi is still locked and Indian navy units are organising Tamatar fests as like always.
Pakistani opposition leader Bilawal accused Pathan of not acting upon the terrorists, especially the Maulana and the Hafiz due to which Pakistan is in such a state. He is of the opinion, unless they are handed over to India, it's a matter of time the Tamatar starved people rebel.
Bilawal comes from an exalted political dynasty of Pakistan. His great grandfather, the then Diwan of Junagadh escaped to Pakistan along with the dog-loving Babi when India invaded Junagadh. His grandfather was hanged for shaming Paksitan before India after signing the surrender
pact of 1971 war. It's important to note, someone else lost the war and Bilawal's grandfather signed the pact. His mother, who presided over the Kashmir Genocide was assassinated on the orders of the loser of Kargil. She is a close personal friend of Pathan for decades.
The Maulana who heads Jaish-e-Muhammad has issued notifications for a new training course. Pathan is planning to go to Bahawalpur to oversee the arrangements. After all, what's he doing, sitting in Islamabad except hoping Qamar will throw him some morsels of information?
News of a fistfight from Rawalpindi Army Officer mess. Reasons not known, but believed to be some comment over quantity of Tamatar in food. Tamatar Bilal is hit on his head with a plate when entering the mess to control the rioters - no injuries but his eye glasses are broken.
Fisherman protest in Gwadar. While the original issue was construction of a road blocking their access to sea, the current issue is because Pakistani Navy, which is holed up in the area is competing with them in fishing. Besides, it is also seizing the catch both on land and sea.
Pathan's Diary Entry:
These Indians...they won't leave us peaceful even for a single day or what? On one side, we, here in Pakistan are struggling to understand how to avoid riots due to lack of Tamatar, there, they are playing their festival Holi on roads with Tamatar.
More information over yesterday's Qamar's meeting with Defence Chiefs and Pathan
1. India can launch a massive attack on Pakistan in April, mainly to provide succor to the Afghans against Taliban
2. Qamar wanted CAPs sine die but the Air Chief laughed it off citing lack of fuel.
Unable to do anything to India, Paksitan started to identify Hindus in Pakistan with India. A poor labourer is killed in Sindh for no reason and people are protesting with his body on the roads for the last three days. And no justice will ever reach them.
For the first time in history, a visiting dignitary will spend sleepless nights under CAPs. Even if India assured Mahatir that India won't bomb cititles when he is inside Pakistan, Pakistan doesn't want to take chances. Besides, how will it inspire confidence in it's own people?
Mahatir is bringing his special brand of Tamatar with him. Going by the Pakistani penchant to steal from visiting dignitaries, Pathan is really scared. He asked Qamar to give a separate armed escort for Mahatir's luggage to avoid it being robbed by Pathan's staff.
Pathan's Diary Entry:
These Pakistanis and their fake patriotism. They surely remind me of Bilawal's grandfather - we are ready to eat grass. When there is no income whatsoever, why ban IPL and invite the ire of BCCI? If BCCI gets angry, it's another $150 million loss flat.
The Uyghur threat is serious and Pakistan has extended the search for those who crossed over. In spite of his injuries, Tamatar Bilal went to inspect Attabad and Jaglot. He will stay at Siachen for the night and take an assessment of the ground realities.
Pathan's Diary Entry:
Qamar is really getting mad. Why is he issuing airspace closure NOTAM for Sonmiani when a foreign Head of State is in Pakistan? Is he planning to start a war and use India's restraint as a shield? If he does such, no one will support Pakistan in anything.
Pathan is wrong. The NOTAM is issued not because Qamar wanted a war but because India outed at least seven unknown Pakistani missile depots around Sonmiani. There is a feverish activity in shifting missiles and the NOTAM is to give advance notice of an Indian attack.
Pathan's Diary Entry:
Except ISI, who else uses Markhor as insignia in our forces? India sent a cryptic message that Markhors are slaughtered in hordes today. Qubani Gafoor is more morose than ever and Qamar doesn't tell me anything. Now I doubt if Mahatir will stay till 23rd.
Qubani Gafoor is really mad - as if the Indians are not enough, his Meezan Bank Accounts came up for sale in the dark web and he is unable to reach the bank service desk to get the account locked. By the time he got the accounts locked, two of his accounts are already wiped out.
America is really angry on Qamar ordering F16s to the battlefield even after America said no. It hasn't come to seize the planes yet but has clearly told it is giving a blank cheque to India if Qamar attempts another Pulwama and no power in world can save Pakistan then.
ALERT: People are asked to coordinate with Pakistani CAP and blackout efforts in Karachi. In view of the emergency at hand, it's been ordered that all wedding celebrations will have to be concluded before 11 in the night. Anyone violating this will be severely punished.
Mahatir's plane was made to land in an airbase and not in an airport as there is a possibility of a flash strike by PIA staff and Pathan didn't want to lose face. PIA today passed an order stating attendance registers will be disallowed and attendance will be managed through TMS.
Qamar is desperate. He understood he doesn't have the numbers even to wage war. In the name of providing security to the failed project of CPEC, he has maneuvered the Chinese into guarding Indian frontier from Sind to Coast. Only time will tell what China will demand in return.
Even, the Chinese workload split is not enough. Qamar conferred with his predecessor Reel Sharif over India situation and both are of the opinion that Reel Sharif should return from Yemen along with the Pakistani mercenary contingent to support the war effort against India.
It goes without saying that Reel Sharif will bring fresh loads of Tamatar to ease the pressure on the country. The impact of the decision of Pakistani withdrawl is massive - Ambassadors of all the major countries are rushing to Aden to deliberate over what to be done.
The movement to Aden means legitimization of Southern Transitional Council and possible recognition of South Yemen as a separate country. A separate South Yemen means the Houthis will be boxed in an even smaller area and can be handled even easily.
It's not a coincidence that Chinese deployment extended till Bahawalpur, linking up with the severely underweaponed 31st corps. By doing that, the Maulana's assets are secured and every other terrorist-paramilitary unit is asked to move into that area for better protection.
The PCBC ecosystem is collapsing at a sickening pace. While the political and media components are broken beyond repair, now, the Kashmiris are boycotting Pakistan Day Celebrations. The main Tamatar smuggler Mirwaiz is under house arrest and no one wants to take his place.
Pathan is morose. Nothing useful is coming out of Mahatir's visit. A few idle statements over promising investment, Islamophobia and corruption, that's all. Pathan was surprised when Mahatir preferred to talk more over the attack in New Zealand than what's happening with India.
Pathan's Diary Entry:
What is Qamar thinking? Is he in his senses? Can't he wait for a few days before boycotting Malaysian Air Expo? What's the point in doing it when the Malaysian Prime Minister himself in Pakistan? Is it worth it, just because an Indian plane is going there?
Tackling PCBCs is one thing, but banning them? India, in days banned two PCBC fronts in Kashmir and this has put a serious pressure on coordination activities - both in creating riots and cross-border activities, especially Tamatar smuggling.
Pathan is really angry that India boycotted and forced the PCBCs to boycott Pakistan Day Celebrations. In spite, he lied saying Indian Prime Minister Modi greeted him for the day and for peace. Who will go and authenticate what Pathan said? Will Modi waste time on Pathan?
Qamar's plans of building an Islamic Ummah are fructifying. After Turkey's open support to Pakistan and Mahatir's visit to Pakistan, Azarbaijani Defence Minister visited him today. Besides pledging token support to Pakistani effort, he also asked Qamar how his army is surviving
such a massive artillery barrage and what lessons Azerbaijani army can learn from it. It is relevant to note that there is a simmering tension between Armenia and Azerbaijan, but unlike the heavy artillery used in Indian theatre, it is basic small arms fire.
Union Protests in Sind leading to postponement of exams. Slogans are heard "Jab tak hamein tamatar nahi milenge, exams nahi honge". Along with the Tamatar demand, people are not comfortable with Chinese military occupation of Sind and the Indian war games near Hyderabad.
Qamar's War Journal:
Comments: Another regular day with heavy casualties in Indian and Baloch theatres, Indians testing new weapons and discontent in ranks.
There was massive damage in three sectors with at least 40 killed and an equal number injured.
Besides, there are 20 more deaths which I can't even reveal.
Field hospitals are full and the injured are airlifted to Rawalpindi.
Pakistani soldiers fled the posts before a massive Baloch attack.
Someone close to Bilal is killed today. I will have to look into this tomorrow.
It is important to note that Pakistan hasn't found oil or natural gas during it's Arabian Sea drilling. The wording used by Pathan is, "Pakistan is hoping to find, god willing". This news is planted to entice UAE to start helping Pakistan financially again.
No one expected Qamar would be in a position to bring this level of military hardware for the parade. But, well, you can't compare Pakistan with India or any other country. Pathan is given a corner seat on podium and is playing games on his phone with Mahatir is peeking into,
President clueless of protocol and a bumbling idiot when reading the speech, live commentary best avoided, no one can understand why such an out of place and haphazard flypast is arranged, no discipline in the march past, even the tableaus, why are they playing Bollywood songs?
Mahatir visibly angry when Kashmir was referred to - he fully knows the chaos in Kashmir is due to the Pakistani terrorist-paramilitary and knows peace will reign only if Pakistan evacuates the area. Qamar's body language is a clear proof how big a disaster the parade is.
Qamar is at least happy that the Chinese fly past saved the day. Even though the Chinese hijacked the celebrations making one wonder if they are Chinese Day Celebrations or Pakistan Day Celebrations, they were successful in keeping the people engaged for some period.
Some national secrets are never to be revealed. And someone is going to lose his job today. What's the need of saying Pakistan has got only 60-70 JF-17s in operable condition? And that means Pakistan has a fighter airfleet of just 100-110. Only hope is Indians didn't notice this.
The reason for indiscipline in the parade is traced to the Tamatar starved soldiers from border. Their desperation to go to the main Tamatar mandi of Rawalpindi was clearly seen in the way they conducted themselves. Extra security is placed there to prevent any untoward incidents
Tamatar Bilal went personally to the border to survey the damage. Whole sectors are destroyed and there are demands for fresh troops by sector heads. Tamatar Bilal is in talks with Sindh Police to move them to Rawalpindi so that his Corps can move to the border in LoC.
Though the Attabad scare turned out to be a false alert, the situation on the border is very dire and needed immediate attention of the higher ups. Tamatar Bilal is also in talks with Lahore Command to be on stand by as it's a matter of time he too will be sucked into the fight.
Another day of absolute carnage. But this time, Indians crossed the border and are inching forward in multiple areas. Posts burnt, ammunition dumps destroyed, Tamatar hordes threatened, Pakistani forces are trying to hold against overwhelming odds. What if Indians decide to stay?
Pathan's Diary Entry:
What is this news I am hearing? We lost more than hundred today and yesterday and that the hospitals are full in the border? Till the time Mahatir was in the country, I was busy looking after him. And it's a matter of time I will be dragged back to reality.
Bilal is running around like a headless chicken, borders lighted up and rumours of Indians advancing, all hospitals activated emergency services, let's hope Qamar is having everything under control. But, one should say, the celebrations were superb, if not for my bungling.
Qamar didn't tell me what to do beforehand and scolded me on the stage many times. Inspite of the pressure on the border, he conducted well. Wonder how he found time to bring representatives from nine different countries. I will go and ask Qamar if I can be of help in any way.
In spite of being awarded Hilal-e-Tamatar, Qubani Gafoor is running around like a mad monkey. The border carnage is taxing his intellectual capabilities - he can hide the news from the people, but can he hide the stream of bodies, alive and dead reaching Rawalpindi hospitals?
The carnage of the border is unprecedented - Indians are not even leaving assets hidden with human shields. That besides, his handpicked commentator outed the real air strength of Pakistan during the parade. His only hope is Qamar won't scrap off ISPR and send him to border.
Pakistan is firing ammunition faster than the speed with which Pakistan Ordnance Factories are producing it. Orders are sent to collect old shells from everywhere, including unexploded ones from 1965 and 1971 wars and use them in case they are found to be in usable conditon.
Signs of civil unrest in Pakistan. Tribals protesting in KP and numbers increasing by the minute. Though the issue now is about seizing their Tamatar plantations with KP, the numbers are huge enough to blow into an open rebellion impacting the territorial integrity of Pakistan.
Though Qamar is demanding more money, Pathan is clueless how to generate more money in quantity. He ordered a few cricket bats from 1980s to be sent to him, he signed on them, and moved them out of the country through Tamatar Qureshi. They will be sold in open auctions.
Situation in Sind is also turning dire. Army is seizing supplies from common people, there is possibility of a massive drought and civil unrest inside Sindh. Now that the police will be shifted to guard Islamabad, Sindh government is planning to use jailed prisoners for policing.
The doctors are not being paid salaries and Tamatar rations regularly, promotions pending for years. There is a possibility of a flash strike in Peshawar any time from now. If it spreads to other parts of the country, especially Islamabad, it is going to be a serious trouble.
Pathan is finally happy. Stock markets moved in the positive direction after weeks - the rumours Qamar spread over Mahatir buying JF17s and the $2Bn Chinese loan is doing the trick, finally. This is in spite of India roasting the borders and a World Bank downgrade.
In spite of that, it looks as if Pathan is thinking of throwing the towel. People are angry there are no Tamatar. Tribals, Doctors and everyone protesting. Baloch advancing and destroying oil facilities in Balochistan. Money earned in some way is going as a fine somewhere else.
Qamar wanted money, UAE blocked investment. Pathan is selling donkeys, govt offices and now, cricket bats. Prisoners will be released to reduce the financial pressure and amnesty for not paying Tamatar Tax is extended. China promised another 2 billion loan. And then?
APL is claiming a billion as compensation. Pakistan airspace is closed and PIA is bleeding money. India is threatening anyone from investing in Pakistan. Supplying Taliban is an additional drain. Pathan is just hoping he will not be the first major casualty of Jung-e-Tamatar.
A major Baloch contingent marching towards Khuzdar. The commandant of the depot is already missing and so are the nuclear weapons, Qamar is rushing troops to stop them from advancing in the direction since it is possible that if Khuzdar falls, the advance will take them to
Larkana and to Sukkur just across Indus(which anyways, doesn't have water now). Is it a coincidence that the opposition leader Bilawal is going to be in Larkana after two days? That besides, any major action at Sukkur can damage PAF capabilities considerably.
Tamatar Qureshi: We are the proud Tamatar eaters of Pakistan and will not take a step forward for reconciliation. If India takes one step, we will take two steps. I still don't understand why India is plastering our border posts when we provoke India. It's not fair.
Also, I cannot reveal the casualties as it may affect the moral of the country(when I myself don't know, what the hell am I supposed to tell you?) What I can tell you is, to keep the troop movements hidden, we have shutdown internet services on the border.
Our ordnance factories are working overtime and medical supplies are being marshalled. I have full confidence that we will defeat India this time, unlike in the previous engagements with India. Our boys are playing well and they will play well.
Pathan's Diary Entry:
Where did this Gafoor go? After he received his Hilal-e-Tamatar, he simply vanished. On one side, I am not getting any information on the border - the only thing I am able to infer is ,the continuous hum of helicopters near the hospital means bodies and
injured from the border. If it is civilians or non-Punjabi soldiers they won't even bother. How many died and what's happening, nothing is reaching me. Besides, Qureshi is making some stupid statements - Boys played well - is he watching too much PSL these days?
Is he still believing that government will change in India? Modi is going to stay and Modi is going to torment us even more. And why did he blurt out India thrashed Pakistan every time both the countries fought? Not one statement makes sense and he is my Foreign Minister.
And then, I guess it's a waste of time having him. Yesterday morning, Japan cancelled his visit. And in the evening, Nepal. Nepal, of all countries!! If people are not even ready to see his face, why should I even waste money on him? Rather, I can take that additional work myself
Qamar's log book:
Who the hell allowed marriage celebrations that close to Multan airport, that too that late in the night? Those jokers...like drunken monkeys, they started fighting each other, riot became bigger and a JF17 is damaged in crossfire. When we have only 100 flights
in flyable condition and when every jet counts, are such sort of goof ups necessary? And the rumours...CAP is activated and there is a downed plane blocking the runway other planes diverted, people started panicking of an air raid by India and spread rumours - 15 Indian jets
shot down. Do they know the only thing we can do is to run away when a fleet of 3 Sukhois march upon us? Neither our ground support nor our planes can do anything. And they are claiming we shot 15!! And this Gafoor...where is he when I need him the most?
Pathan's diary entry:
What is Indian Airforce Chief saying? Forget Rafale, Pakistan doesn't have a capability to tackle Indian Air Force today. And that explains why our airforce sat quivering when Balakot and Hyderabad were happening. As if it's not enough, India is planning to
kill our cutting edge radar even before it is deployed through it's new satellite. And even after what happened at Multan today, why is Pathan deploying more Chinese stuff? Does that mean all our Made in America is exhausted? Is that why Qamar is wanting to buy stuff from Russia?
Pathan is having a really tough time. On one side, FATF is demanding info over the Maulana's organization, on the other side EU is in Pakistan to order Pathan to hand over the Maulana to India. Besides, Qubani Gafoor is missing and he will have to settle with Tamatar Qureshi.
Qamar is spooked over the possibility of a rebellion in KP. There is a massive drive in the area - people are rounded up, weapons, including ancestral swords are being used as proof of acting against the interests of the country. In two days, more than 200 people are arrested.
Qubani Gafoor surfaced finally. He was busy last few days reviewing the video footage which ISPR shot over to prove Pakistan used JF17s and not F16s in the cross border air raid on 27 Feb. Besides, he also confirmed Pakistan has no usable nukes and it's only sabre-rattling.
Though innocuous, Qubani Gafoor's statements are creating massive ripples in defence circles. In essence he said
1. Pakistan will not use nukes, come what may
2. Pakistan cannot guarantee non-proliferation.
Does this mean Pakistan doesn't have nukes and was always bluffing?
Hearing what Qubani Gafoor said, Pathan is scared. What he said effectively means nothing can stop Punjab from becoming the Naya Pakistan if India crosses border. These Indians are sentimental fools. Will they listen if I do a Kartarpur Sahib with Sharda? Let me try, at least.
Pathan's Diary Entry:
How dare India interfere in Pakistan's internal affairs? We will do whatever we want with our girls. We will forcibly convert , we will kidnap and marry them off. I will do one thing. I will reinstate Fayyaz Chohan. Let Indians outrage.
Pathan's Diary Entry:
Started. Another sleepless night. At least till Mahatir was there, I has some good sleep. Whole of Rawalpindi airbase is in air; same in Lahore and Karachi. Sometimes I feel go to border and say Tauba Tauba before an Indian commander to stop this torture.
Qamar didn't sleep for a single night in the last month. Even when Mahatir came, India burnt the border for him. Today again. Qamar ordered all forward airbases are up in air - Indian action all across the border, till Gujarat. With 100 planes, what is he supposed to do?
The situation for the army is not conducive enough due to incessant pounding by Indians. They are now resigned and waiting for Indian army to cross over. Orders are passed to open mobile passport centres near border areas to help those who are trapped and forced to retreat.
Qamar's misery doesn't seem to end. as if the Indian Airforce is not enough to make him sleepless in the night, there is massive pounding on the border destroying posts on one side, and on the other side, Indian Navy is making aggressive noises against Karachi.
Baloch retreat from Khuzdar after inflicting heavy casualties on Pakistani Army. Casualties include officers and soldiers in double digits. It's a matter of time they regroup and march again in the direction of Larkana. As usual, Pakistan retaliated by attacking villages.
Pathan's Diary Entry:
Droning of jets is becoming a common thing in Islamabad but why was there firing for hours in the night? Did our military got involved or what? It can't be marriage firing - it went for too long and is too disciplined for that. Is it rebel action or is it
something between different units of military? And Qamar doesn't tell me anything. That besides, why are people sharing this old news of changing of corps commanders? Is it a hint for something bad happening? First Gafoor told there are no nukes and now, this.
Ghani is behaving as if he is the master of Afghanistan and is not allowing Pathan to talk with Taliban. Pathan declared, "We fed and bred them, it's my prerogative to talk with them. What right you have got to declare all talks with Taliban should involve you?"
But, Pathan himself is not sure of his bravado. There are news reports that Afghans are massing on the Khyber to cut off the retreating Pakistani soldiers facing the Indian onslaught, and true to his word, what if Ghani declares Balochistan independent?
Public discontent spreading in Pakistan. Doctors are sacked in Balochistan, civic staff in Karachi protesting, already there is news of discontent from KP, Khuzdar stopped everyone from coming in open. But, what if people decide to support Baloch or demand surrender to India?
Pathan's dreams of a new economic deal with EU stands almost shattered. They are demanding fixing the terrorism issue but, still, they gave a temporary waiver. The EU delegation meeting Qamar after the deal is a clear hint that the deal is passed.
On the other side, yesterday's night trauma is forcing them to revisit the deals struck. What's the point in investing in a country which can't even save it's capital city? What guarantee can it give to their investments? At least India is safe, is a stable and larger market.
Pathan's Diary Entry:
Why did the situation heat up suddenly today? Govt employees are sacked in KP and Balochistan, possibility of flash strikes everywhere, Bilawal on the roads, Nawaz's men on the roads, Police Officers sacked in Lahore - just two days before
there is news of Lahore Corps and Rawalpindi Corps activating. And in the night, there is a news of Rawalpindi Corps engaging with some other corps. I know Bilal has a baggage and has every reason to rebel, and I also know he is hyper active the last few days and there are
rumours he will succeeded Bajwa, but I firmly want to believe he won't rebel. Even so, why rebel in the middle of a war in which Pakistan has no hope of victory? Does this mean...he is rebelling to surrender and end the war? Or are this just my paranoia due to lack of sleep?
Pathan-Ghani fight is escalating by the moment. Ghani refused Pathan meeting Taliban, Pathan ejected 80000 Afghan refugees(how many of them are Taliban?). Now, Ghani banned soil import for making cricket pitches. This blow is going to be devastating on the Pakistani economy.
Pathan proposes Qamar disposes. Pathan decided to open Sharda to Indians, Qamar's ego refused a climb down and scrapped it off. Instead, he ordered AJK to be open to all foreign visitors except in the secure Tamatar plantations run by Pakistani terrorist-paramilitaries.
And as if beating India is giving Pakistan isn't sufficient(Iran is busy controlling it's floods and didn't join India), Qamar asked the Maulana to conduct another terror attack by his Jaish-e-Muhammad(Army of Muhammad). May be, that can help defeat the Indian govt in elections?
Pressure is telling on Qamar. Beaten decisively on the borders by India, he needed to massage his ego somehow. He wanted to convince Pakistan is winning - he ordered skies open over Bahawalpur for civil flights and believed he threw a direct challenge at India by doing that.
It looked as if Pakistan predicted Pathan's statement over further punishment by India before Indian elections. Hordes of rice, gutka, cigarettes, everything (except Tamatar) are being unearthed by the police. Those who had money escaped the country. It's just the common people.
It doesn't end there. Weapons, adulterated milk, everything. Besides, there is news of rampant sexual misbehavior inside the bunkers and women on the borders are demanding separate bunkers for themselves. It's a straightforward question - honour or life? And Pathan has no money.
Qubani Gafoor's Diary Entry:
Pathan is making mistakes after mistakes. The way he conducted himself on Pakistan Day, Qamar was very angry. And on top of that, his Afghan goof up. When Qamar is doing everything to destroy Ghani, what's the need of
Pathan to go and declare, sack Ghani and create a new government? The more time he will be in power, the more dangerous he can be with his incompetency. And added to him, that Qureshi. Another bumbling idiot. Happily, Nawaz is out - he has experience of
dealing with the Army - including begging before foreign countries to make India back down and getting toppled in a coup. As like his predecessors, has Qamar decided to put the blame of the Maulana's antics on Pathan and remove him from power?
Did Raheel tell this to Qamar when he met him? What is Bilal's position in this? Did Pathan sense this beforehand and activated Bilal to counter Qamar? And if what I am thinking is really true, which side should I take? Pathan-Bilal or Qamar-Nawaz?
Another new announcement by India, now - ASAT. And another headache for Qamar. It's direct implications are Pakistan cannot have any satellite eyes on India - forget India, not even the borders. And that means he will have to sacrifice drones after drones to get basic intel.
It's a different thing Pakistan neither has satellites nor money and tech to launch one. And even China can't give any satellite eyes to Pakistan. And when they are demanding the new oil deposits for their drones, wonder what will they demand for shot down satellites.
Qamar is really worried. Something is not adding up. ASAT is not that sort of a news which warrants absolute silence. Reports say that Indian NSA was in the room and everyone in the room had their phones switched off. Does this mean ASAT is declared to obfuscate something
else altogether? He is clueless what to be ready for - there are too many variables. The Maulana is not that big a target now as Qamar's troops are taking the heat. Is it his navy? Airforce? A ground invasion(if so, where?)? Declaring of Baloch independence? Or some other thing?
And yes. It's something else. The operators monitoring Indian military have told their monitors have gone blank. It looked like a central issue. Word reached Qamar that even Chinese weren't able to understand what happened - even their monitors have gone blank. Qamar got a doubt.
He ordered Pathan and other relevant into a meeting.
Qamar: Looks like India used ASAT against our(err...Chinese) satellite which monitors India
Pathan: What is ASAT? How can you use something against a satellite?
Qamar(banging his head and controlling his anger): ASAT is a
missile with which Indians shot down the Chinese satellite. Chinese understood we won't be able to pay the cost of the downed drones and they gave us a satellite to save their investment. Now, India shot that down.
Pathan: This is serious. This means they can shoot down the
satellite which gives internet to all of Pakistan. So, how should we counter this? Can we shoot down one of their satellites?
Qamar: Are you joking? We can't even shoot down their planes, you are talking of satellites. Do something to shift the focus of Pakistan from this.
Pathan: I will announce a poverty allievation plan, then. 95% of the population of the country are below poverty line. Forget Tamatar, there is no proper food and job for anyone. Let them focus on that for some days till we think of something else.
Pathan is thinking overtime. He need to do something to support Qamar. He decided to take Samjhauta acquital to ICJ. Using that, he thought to provoke India and ransom off that Indian. And then, Pulwama. I will ask for more proofs as like always. That will trigger India for sure.
Pathan's Diary Entry:
I really love the PCBCs. It was wrong of me not to award Nishan-e-Tamatar to some of them. The sort of ruckus they are creating inside India over ASAT, I can assure, we as a country, can never muster that level of support against the govt inside India.
Qamar ordered Pathan to make the Chinese say, if India wants the Maulana, India should deescalate. But, he is not confident on China and even if China says, if India will listen. Besides, he heard the Indian govt joke many a time - China will fight India till the last Pakistani.
Indian Prime Minister Modi is daring Qamar by doing a poll rally directly on the border. Qamar desperately wants to do something to slight Modi, but what can he do? Pakistani forces in Akhnoor is as good as non-existent and he can't even send Pathan(he is still useful).
Formal orders are passed to issue military uniforms to the terrorist-paramilitary corps of Pakistani Army. Due to the shortage of uniforms, as of now, uniforms will be issued only to the senior officers, especially to those who are operating from forward positions.
Also, orders are passed to destroy traces of Pakistani links to recent shamings - the existing forward bases of the terrorist-paramilitaries will be closed and new ones opened; digital footprint of the pilot involved in the events leading to the loss of F16 to be erased.
Bajwa is seen today in Lahore conferring with the Corps Commander. Has this got anything to do with the three day old Rawalpindi issue is something to be seen. The tension seems to be rising by the day in the country with frequent raids and arrests coupled with Baloch attacks.
Over the Chinese assets Pakistan lost to India, China declared it's price. China has demanded a fifty year lease over Gilgit Baltistan along with a Chinese military contingent a quarter of the size of Pakistani Army in Gwadar. Chinese dreams over Hunza-Nagar fructifying at last.
Qamar is morose. He has almost conceded that his army doesn't control Balochistan anymore. There are attacks by the Baloch in the whole of the South from Kech to Dera Bugti with heavy casualties for the Pakistani Army. Three major offensives in days - Khuzdar, Kech, Dera Bugti
is enough to tell the real picture. Those iconic words of his, "Balochistan is future of Pakistan" will be forever etched in the annals of Baloch history. In spite of the fact that Indian theatre is sucking forces like anything, he exhorted his troops to fight till the last.
It's a matter of time Qamar will order a Skardu at Quetta. It's this desperation of Qamar that made China think of placing it's troops in Gwadar - clearly, the writing is on the wall. It's a matter of time China buys Gwadar from independent Balochistan as it's forward trade post.
Modi's taunts at Akhnoor were too much for Qamar to take. What can he do? He has no field machinery at Akhnoor. In blind rage, he ordered a general firing everywhere, with no specific target. It was silenced only after India retaliated heavily and bruising the Pakistanis badly.
Qamar's War Journal:
Had a hectic time from yesterday till now. Will take a short nap. Had to confer with Lahore and Quetta Corps Commanders and asked them to be on standby for Indian theatre. Casualties were comparitively heavy - 20+ killed in on both Indian and Baloch fronts;
Hayatabad is not making any sense. Peshawar is a supply depot for the Taliban, Taliban is in a winning spree in Afghanistan - who would attack it, an attack that cleanly executed that around 15 died and not a clue is left? Baloch don't have a reach, Indians need not enter
Pakistan surreptitiously. The local rebellion forming in KP, does it have the reach and capability? Or is it Afghan intelligence? Is it possible that an angry Maulana ordered the hit on Hayatabad seeing Pakistani incompetence in India affairs? Let me put ISI on this.
Wait. Is it possible that this is a hint of India crossing the border? There is some additional troop and heavy artillery movement towards the border by Indians and is this blast done by some Indian assets to hint Pakistan what's going to happen in the next few days?
Indian tri-services inching in. As if the Indian vice-grip is not enough, India is tightening the grip. Qamar, rudely woken up from sleep, is now trying to understand which theatre to save and which theatre to write off. All his forces are in the North. What if it's Sind now?
Pathan's Diary Entry:
The heartburn and impotent rage. What little information I am getting, it's clear that Pakistani Army's days are numbered and there is nothing much we can do about it. And Qamar's body language today is a clear proof of that. What more can we do now except
vile abuses and empty threats? Modi was badmouthed by our media in the vilest terms and the Maulana issued death threats to an ex ISRO chief for taking the side of Modi against a PCBC. And Qamar planning for another NOTAM. May be we need to call ourselves Watan-e-NOTAM?
NOTAM issued and Qamar is still clueless whether India will hit him and if it hits, where - all three wings are closing in on menacingly and if it hits it, what's going to be the extent of damage. And border is already burning. But, yes. It is going to be a very long night.
The despondency in the government doesn't seem to end. As if the border destruction and regular protests are not enough, it's declared economy cannot survive unless the mythical oil reserves are found. The only scope now is to trap the rich into fake cases and seize their assets.
Even the Chinese assets are not immune. Today's attack was on a Chinese convoy going to Gwadar opening by Pathan. If the Baloch are brazen enough to attack the Chinese directly, are they trying to entice the Chinese into an open war, use the quagmire to negotiate independence?
The bad news doesn't seem to end. News is coming from UN of another diplomatic failure - Pakistan can be added to FATF black list any day. And that means anyone investing money in Pakistan will have to do it either illegally or by daring the world. Except China, who will do that?
With a heavy note, Qamar's navy chief ordered his troops to get ready for a Forlorn Hope. While there is no chance of victory, there is no honour in running away from the battlefield as well. The Pakistani Navy is getting ready for the eventuality with a heavy heart.
Qubani Gafoor has a very unenviable job. It's his formal duty to clean up the mess others create and project as if nothing happened. While one team spent weeks making the F16-Mig21 clash video, another is busy renovating the Balakot camp. The camp will be open in a few days.
Pathan's Diary Entry:
I seriously don't understand what Qamar is doing. On one side, Pakistan is facing sanctions over sanctions, including possible FATF, and here he is, going on a attack spree in India by terrorist-paramilitaries. Mark my words, Pakistan can't
avoid FATF black list even if there is a single attack in India. Now, it becomes our responsibility to ensure India is safe. One single attack, all funding stops and indiscriminate bombing starts. Where should the line be drawn? What's our target? Our annihilation or theirs?
And then, Qamar won't stop the attacks across the border. Is it for revenge of yesterday's encounter or is it to put pressure on Indians to say enough is enough or is it a just another suicidal wish? What should Pathan focus on now? His family problems or to damage control Qamar?
As of now, Pathan is busy spinning stories and promising anything and everything wherever he is - in Sindh, in Balochistan, for Karachi, for Gwadar in the hope that, that can calm the dissent in the masses to some extent, but the trouble will he even bigger if
people realise he is bluffing his way through, without money. This diversion is much needed - things like economy, Qamar, India, Afghanistan can wait for some time. And even if he focuses on them, what can he do? Nothing works in Pakistan if Qamar is not interested.
Pathan's Diary Entry:
I don't get this suicidal tendency of Qamar. Three attacks by terrorist-paramilitaries and border flare up as if in celebration of them. And as usual, India responded, section commander and some officers dead. Whom is he thinking he will replace them with?
Pathan is sensing he has no power in Pakistan and is nothing more than a dummy. In Lahore, he had to profusely thank the Railway Minister for allowing him to inaugurate a train and there is tremendous pressure built on him to revert back the state to a semi-presidential system.
Qubani Ghafoor's Next ISPR tweet:
We condemn India shooting rotten Tamatar against a Tamatar-starved Pakistan. Despite being against dignity of Pakistanis, five Pakistanis including a soldier was admitted to hospitals after slipping on rotten tamatar and breaking their bones.
Qamar is really angry. The devastation at the border today unhinged him. Unlike a sane person who would attempt to deescalate, Qamar decided to escalate things further. Additional sectors are activated and Qamar decided to send some tanks to the front. Another sleepless night.
The cracks in Pakistani government seem to be widening by the day. Inspite of hectic activity in Sindh, the Chief Minister is not invited for any event; he was not even allowed to visit the blast site at Karachi. Is this a precursor to eventual independence/merger with India?
Pathan's Diary Entry:
The Chinese are turning dangerous. They are marrying Pakistani women and are buying property through them. Who is supporting them here? Research and Development International (RANDI)? Pakistan Institute of Strategic Studies(PISS)? And then, Gwadar.
Han Chinese, through the policy of One Child Policy are facing serious demographic pressure. To ease it, those with low social credit score will not be allowed to marry Han girls - they will marry people from Vietnam, Tibet and other areas. Pakistan just entered this league of
bride-providers, though, illegally. At some point, the pure blood Han Chinese will be allowed to beget more children and these dual race children will become the new lower strata of those who are naturalized as Han Chinese. And there is no self respect in this.
Blind with anger after the stopping of Tamatar exports and increasing tax on Pakistani imports, Pakistan is planning to reciprocate. In a country on the brink of economic collapse and about to erupt into an open rebellion, did they ever understand the impact on
high costs of whatever essential things which come from India? As if that's not enough, Pakistan is planning to ban Indian movies. Are we really saying that Pakistanis will be happy with the poor quality stuff Qubani Gafoor and others produce? People will simply boycott them.
Nothing fruitful came out of Qamar's meeting with the commanders. It was more of a mourning session for yesterday's losses than over war strategy. As of now, the only way forward is, in spite of the losses, it is agreed to test India in every sector to check where they are weak.
The war of attrition continues. Army kills influential innocents, kidnaps Baloch women to be sold, raids arms dumps and Baloch react in kind - attacks, ambushes and sieges. That they are capable of penetrating deep into Sindh and KP is a clear hint of what's in store for Qamar.
While the sale of their women and Na Maloom Lashein drive Baloch against their occupiers, the occupiers can hold their position only if there is a continuous stream of reinforcements from Pakistan. And the success of Indian pressure on the border is really telling in Balochistan.
Pakistan demoted it's Indian Ambassador as Foreign Secretary with immediate effect for his failure in stopping India from escalating. His tenure is considered to be the worst in recent memory - crash of PCBC ecosystem, stopping of Tamatar exports and failure of Pakistan Day.
After a spate of Chinese attacks on Pakistani civilians and government officials, including police and army, strict orders are passed not to shoot such videos as that can impact the relation with the Chinese. Pakistanis are asked to accept the new reality and behave responsibly.
After the open rift between various factions in the Army and between Sind and Pakistan, the rift is widening with dissenting voices rising inside Pathan's government. There are at least two cases of high ranking ministers, including Tamatar Qureshi questioning Pathan in public.
Qamar's War Journal:
Another usual day - deaths in Balochistan and slaughter on the border. Baloch activity is noted in KP and it's a mixed bag - Baloch ammunition dumps seized vs attacks on army positions. India is not relenting and it is having a telling effect on our ammo.
Pathan's Diary Entry:
What is this I am hearing? What did Modi say today? Don't bother about Pakistan? They will die their own death? We may be angry and outraged, but well, what can we do? Economy is collapsing, people are dying of hunger, lawlessness and secession and then, we
have the army...something which eats all the money but never wins a war. Forget winning a war. When did it cross into the second district from border in India? Four wars, massive losses, what did the army give us except destruction? In the same timeframe, see what India did.
Someone said, in the time Pakistan spent trying to reach Kashmir, India already reached the moon. How true? And then this new satellite. India is shooting our drones and even satellites, and now, it has launched something to sniff our radars and ships. Do we even stand a chance?
Pashtun Long March on Peshawar is slowly becoming a national movement with people from Gilgit, Sindh and Balochistan converging on Peshawar. This is going to more than compensate protests for Nawaz's release. How big it's going to be and how destabilizing is something to be seen.
Pathan's Diary Entry:
America declared Gaza is a part of Israel and not Syria. Everyone is seeing this as America's anger against Assad winning in Syria and has thrown everyone off balance - UN, OIC, everyone and they are trying ways to find ways to overturn that. Good that it is
forcing the Muslim world to shed their differences. But, I am not comfortable. Is it possible this is timed to shift focus of the world from the damage inflicted by India upon us? What if Indians annex some territory and the world is busy somewhere else? Who can support us?
With the continual losses inflicted upon them, the terrorist-paramilitaires are staring at the end of their business model. In no mean words, Hizb-ul-Mujahideen(Group of Holy Warriors) threatened Pakistan to support them in Kashmir or see their guns trained at Pakistan.
They are feeling Pakistan is not supporting and has sold itself. It is yet to be confirmed if this is a statement of frustration of a failing leader who is losing grip on the narrative or if this is a pre-medidated statement issued by the terrorist-paramilitary consortium.
The last Pakistani submarine in working condition(the one confused as Indian a few days ago) came home for maintenance and repairs. That means the badly cornered Navy's best chance to honour is a Scapa Flow. Besides, there is no clarity as to how many ships are actually afloat.
To escape mass killings and sale of their women; and more importantly, frustration at failure on Indian war front, Baloch Hindus, identified with India, are braving all odds to cross over into India. The real impact of scuttling Citizenship Bill in India by PCBCs is felt today.
Pathan is amazed at Qubani Gafoor's lying skills. The whole country is now believing Pakistan defeated Australia 5-0 in the cricket series and is waiting at the airport to welcome their cricket team. One can only guess how many lies he spread over Indian and Baloch war theatres.
Rifts between various factions increasing by the day. Bilawal has declared an open war and the Governor of Punjab asked for truce between ruling and opposition parties. As if this isn't enough, China asked Pakistan why it diverted money from BRI to appease political opponents.
It is possible that, fearing some bad news will come out of the meeting which Qamar ordered with the Senate, the PCBCs have decided to hijack the media space by planning a major event on the same day. Whether it's planned or coincidental is something to be seen.
Qubani Gafoor is on a tight schedule.
1. Video of a single JF17 shot down a Mig-21 and 2 Sukhois - completed
2. Video to prove Pakistani Army is blasting Indians to smithereens - live shoot failed. Venue shifted to Waziristan
3. Rebuild ISPR/PCBC network destroyed by SM owners.
Pathan's Diary Entry:
Pressure is clearly telling even on Gafoor. Why is he saying again and again, India didn't shoot our plane? Repeating the statement ten times clearly hints we lost something. Why is he shifting attention towards the pilot who was lynched dead by our people?
We know we have nothing to shoot down a Su-30, one plane was shot down and two narrowly escaped, we know two pilots were lynched - one is dead and another, in a hospital. What's the need for Gafoor to poke India again? Is he daring India to out the proof and shame us further?
Jang-e-Tamatar Phase 2
Is Qamar ready for the game? Will he stand his ground or will he give up without a fight? How much can he wager? Will Qubani Gafoor be remembered as 21st Century's Comical Ali? Will Pathan even have a stake in the show? Only time will tell.
Pathan moving fast to appease Tamatar Qureshi. Tamatar Qureshi's tantrums peaked today and Pathan appointed some experts under him to deal with the foreign policy. Now, it will no more be quixotic, knee-jerk actions which will drive foreign policy, but planned and deliberated.
Massive Baloch action inside Quetta. Local govt support was not sufficient to tackle them; people and shopkeepers gave them provisions freely to continue their fight for an independent Balochistan. Even coercion by police didn't make people come forward and file cases of robbery.
Pathan is really angry today. Those which Pakistan can control is also getting out of control. That Indian whom they captured in Iran and are projecting as a spy, his execution is stoppes by ICJ. The only option now is to break all the rules and norms of decency to spite India.
Qamar is losing grip on the Kashmiri territory under Pakistani control very fast. In spite of he rejecting the proposal, orders are passed to evacuate the territory if India crashes through the border. And that means his army won't have exclusive right to use roads in retreat.
Pathan's Diary Entry:
Wonder where will we be without our PCBCs. They planned a major event to coincide ICJ hearing and hijacked media space. The outcome of their meeting, can Pakistan expect anything better? This news gives us more hope than the despondency of the last few days.
Pathan's Diary Entry:
What is this Qureshi doing? I sent him to US to beg for apology for the way we treated US ambassador Khaliazad, but what is he doing there? He was asking America to help deescalate against India. He declared in public that Pakistan will be put into FATF
black list and hinted in no mean words that it's because of me. It's not as if he is not creating troubles here. He is saying Tareen or me. Sometimes I feel he is lobbying with Qamar to blame me for the disaster with India and depose me. Wonder why I took this turncoat into my
party first of all. Now I understand why he is the one who proposed increase in fuel rates to manage the situation. Forget Muzaffar whom we claimed we arrested in Dubai(why would Dubai even listen to us, first of all?) or Nawaz or Qaim, I should have targetted Qureshi first.
Qamar's War Journal:
Today, again, there is carnage on the border. Forward positions and even some interior positions are destroyed with heavy losses, Baloch getting aggressive by the day. Sometimes I feel, those defeating Pakistani army, are they really the regular Baloch.
These writings make me sad. What's the point in writing these when I am writing only losses? Whether it is one soldier killed or 50 officers killed, it's just a number in the journal. But, will that deter me? I am the proud descendant of Qasim and Junaid, I will win eventually.
Again, today's meeting didn't yield anything. It was more of a mourning show than any strategic meeting. All the frontline commanders are paralysed and are clueless how to handle India. Bilal is taking the severest beating but is still holding ground, somehow. But, for how long?
Qubani Gafoor's new tweet(he just replaced India with Pakistan):
The proud Pakistani army killed 27 Indian soldiers today, injured 23 and destroyed 17 border posts. Indians are retreating and are picking up the pieces for another massive and eventually futile assault.
After long, Tamatar Bilal took the initiative. The carnage of his troops is taking a serious toll on him. Why only him and why not others? That besides, the Tamatar Raid of Sialkot is still stinging him. A combination of rage and zeal to prove himself, he decided to do something
and ordered his troops forward. And as usual, things went wrong. Another round of absolute destruction - troops killed, sectors destroyed, columns broken and fleeing back. But, Tamatar Bilal and his ego. He is still pushing in his men. Where will this end?
Pathan's Diary Entry:
Just noticed that the Indian Army Chief is in America as well. That explains why Tamatar Qureshi is trying for peace talks. The fool he is, doesn't he know that India is a country with an army unlike Pakistan which is an army with a country?
The news of Tamatar Bilal's new drubbing rudely woke Qubani Gafoor from his sleep. He understood writing is on the wall and exhorted the Pakistanis to prepare for the worst, possibly as worse as Coronet and declared he will never surrender or be captured alive.
Unable to do anything on the border with India, the frustration induced Pakistani banning spree continues unabated. The new addition to the list is the IPL cricket matches. Will Pakistan extend this boycott to the World Cup which is going to happen in a few months?
Pathan's Diary Entry:
I don't know who called Pakistan Beggarland, but the name is really apt for us. Rupee at all time high, petrol sales at all time low, GDP expected to shrink by 40% this year, nearing a stage of hyperinflation, there are no jobs and no money
to do anything, Karachi Electric and New Islamabad Airport is being pawned for money and added to that, there is no water for Kharif and some main dams are under repair and don't have storage. Wonder how we are going to survive this year. As of now, there is no other option
available but to create more money - new taxes, new corruption cases, innovations like gift tax in dollars, Tamatar Mandis(different thing, we don't have Tamatar now) in free spaces of airports and what not? It's getting taxing even to be innovative. What more can we do?
It's not as if the public unrest is not enough, there is absolute law and order breakdown everywhere. A Federal Minister is severely injured in a raid on his house, increased spate of robberies and blackmarketing, protests against anti-terror laws because it doesn't allow
blood money and even, tourists are provided armed escorts. Using this, Pathan decided to cut the Maulana and the Hafiz to size by pitting some influential Ulema against them. But, the question is, what can unarmed Madarassa teachers do against these terrorist-paramilitaries?
Qamar is laughing his heart out. India is procuring anti-submarine helicopters at a premium. What exactly is India going to do with them, that too when they are fighting with a country which doesn't even have even one submarine which is battle worthy?
The laughter didn't stay long on his face - Qamar is recieving inputs of Indian action in Sukkur-Khairpur area. There is no army presence there and if India crosses the border there, Bahawalpur command will be slaughtered. And he is not even in a position to send more troops.
Due to the high inflation rate, the compensation for deaths due to Indian shelling is increased three times. This is applicable for both soldiers and citizens. Plans are afoot to either issue the payment in dollars or in kind(goats, Tamatar etc) as a permanent solution.
Pathan's Diary Entry
As if the Indian torment is not enough, what's the need for India to formally say that India is ready for another surgical strike? We know they are capable of hitting anywhere and we also know we can't do anything. What's the point of poking again and again?
Qamar is shocked. He never expected that he is that low on Generals. Yesterday's slaughter was a rude shock and forced him to take an inventory of his Generals and the consequence, almost 50 are promoted to the rank of Major General. The situation is that worse that Major
Generals are made out of Army Medical Corps and they will be forced to man the frontlines. Not just India, he is losing them regulary - sniped by Baloch and killed leading the Taliban in Afghanistan. And this is in spite of the fact that the shortage was fixed three years ago.
Qamar proposes, America disposes. Qamar ordered Pathan to appoint Izaz Mian as a minister. He was involved in Benazir's murder and in hiding Osama inside Pakistan and many such things. And America, obviously didn't like that. On one side it booted out Tamatar Qureshi (Pathan is
happy) and on the other, America decided to sell helicopters to India. Different thing, India will find no use for them in Pakistan as Pakistan has no targets to offer for them. Another side effect? America joins China and Russia in non-intervention with India. What to do now?
Qubani Gafoor thought rebuilding his troll force is going to be an easy thing but it looked as if it isn't. That besides, the Indian attacks yesterday unhinged him and his surviving troops massively. Most of them were demoralised and took a voluntary retirement.
That Qubani Gafoor tweeting at two in the night, trying to encounrage his troops is a clear hint how bad his situation is. Desperate, he approached the social media giants to lobby and even beg them to revoke the ban. But, is anyone ready to address his desperation?
With no country bothering to intervene, Pathan summoned the Indian Consul to complain over CFVs and deaths. First of all, the Consul came two hours late to the meeting. And then, the Indian officer declared nothing such happened and if you are believe it is the case, send the
proofs to India. They will verify and let you know in due time. Pathan is really in a fix. When he, himself is not allowed to the border, how exactly is he supposed to send proofs to India? As if it's not sufficient, the Ambassador demanded release of Indians illegally arrested.
Pakistan is ready to make another record. It's is the only country with a navy which will attend the PLAN Anniversary Celebrations without a navy. Bottled at a corner due to India and no money to airlift even some token ships, Pakistan will be represent only by some Navy officer.
Pathan's Diary Entry
Tamatar Qureshi is sitting in America and talking of deescalation. America is not bothered but he is confident. What is his confidence? Does he know something I don't know? Did Qamar send him with a secret message? Is it that we are
surrendering some land in return for peace? I know we are pawning some land for China, but India? What can it be? Akhnoor? Hajipur? Or Shakargarh? Will I go down in the history as the Prime Minister who solved the Pakistan problem? I will rather not speculate.
The speed at which Qamar was losing drones, China gifted him a satellite. Now the satellite doesn't exist and it's back to drones again. Qamar has no clue what's happening - Kashmir Valley is being neutered at an unprecedented pace, spies being caught, he is out of options.
The food starved Pakistani Navy is angry that the carcass of a whale which washed ashore was buried without intimating them. Reduced to fighting with local fishermen for fish and with no replenishments, the whale, although rotting, was a better bet for nutrition for them.
Pathan asked Asad to explain over the current state of economy to him. Asad told, even if I tell you about GDP or Balance of Payments, you won't understand anything(first of all, even I don't know much about them); I will explain you the whole story with three parameters.
It was known internally that a major attack will be carried out in India by 10th Feb. Sensing danger, the demand for gold increased, peaking till 26th when Balakot was attacked. Gafoor’s spin ensured that people went into a mode of complacency from then on.
But, India didn’t relent. By 5th of March, writing is on the wall - demand for gold picked again. Why that particular time? Pakistan opened it’s airspace on 3rd March and that facilitated a flight of capital. By 25th, purchasing power collapsed and now, it's picking again.
This graph shows a constant trend of PKR crashing, with the damage becoming more prominent in the last few days, inline with the gold price pattern. The first dip was a massive influx of hawala money to fund the Indian operation, the second and third dips are because of donations
by expatriates to fund the war. After Balakot, they too understood it’s a waste of their money attempting to fund Pakistan and we see a regular trend from then on - downward slide of the rupee and it's a matter of time a dollar reaches 200 PKR, or even 500 PKR.
Cost of Tomato is another important parameter. On 21 Feb, the day before ban, it costed Rs 100 in Lahore, on 23rd, after India banned, it became 180, the next day, it crossed 200 and now, it’s cost is around Rs 360/kg, peaking to Rs 440/kg a week ago. The dip in price is not
because of more price but because of the reduced buying potential of common man. The effect of stopping of 3000 tonnes of daily tomato exports to Pakistan is devastating. There are already riots reported sporadically from all over the country due to unavailability of tomatoes.
Now, you can understand the real picture.
1. Flight of capital
2. Our expatriates wrote off Pakistan
3. Destruction of buying capacity
Added to this, Qamar is demanding more money daily and no one is giving us loans. The only option now is increase taxes and rates.
Unable to see the plight of the people of Gilgit-Baltistan and seeing the apathy of the Central Government, even though they are Kaffirs, the Government of Punjab released massive amounts of money to uplift the infrastructre, putting considerable strain of it's own economy.
After failing to involve China, Russia and America, Pakistan is now trying to take the help of Somalia to deescalate the situation with India. A high level Somalian Committee is currently in Lahore and the govt has decided to send the message to the Somalian govt through them.
The PCBC ecosystem of Kashmir has become a special target for the Indian forces. The terrorist-paramilitaries are picked at a sickening pace, Pakistan is not able to reach the PCBCs and the leaders, who are not arrested are running around like headless chicken.
While Tamatar smuggler Mirwaiz has asked for boycott of elections as his usual wont, another asked for reinstating Prime Minister and the third threatened secession if special provisions are removed. Uncoordinated, they are doing more harm than good and are fast becoming jokes.
Pathan's Diary Entry:
I never expected UAE to treat us that bad. Even after arresting Muzaffar, they released him and to spite us, they arrested a top official under the Maulana and sent him to India. As if that's not enough, they accorded the Indian PM Modi another major honour.
Today's carnage on the border unhinged Qamar completely. He cancelled the meeting with the Senate and went to speak with Pathan - to ask him to manage the Senate for some days. What can he do? Ghafoor is behind schedule and the news coming from the border can't be hidden anymore.
In spite of the bride scandal and fear of sale of Pakistani women and in spite of being dissuaded not to do so, KP government decided to launch a pink bus - only for women. The bus will not be given an armed escort to prevent any untoward accident, leading to many broken hearts.
The massive delays and cancellations due to yesterday's accident highlighted the precarious state of Pakistan Rail again. The launch of non-stop express from Lahore to Karachi and other money guzzlers meant that Pakistan Rail don't have any spare coaches and engines whatsoever.
Qamar needs some change in strategy. It is clear he is beaten beyond redemption in a straight clash. His only option now is to reduce this to war between individuals from war between armies - BATs, infiltrated and reactivated terrorist-paramilitaries. Will he win at least there?
Tamatar Topi Zaid is known for sensing the direction of the wind early. It is clear to him that this war is the end of Pakistan. And for Pakistan to survive he is advocating for deposing of Pathan and Qamar take direct control of the government. Only then, can Pakistan survive.
PCBC ruckus in Srinagar Central Jail. Sloganeering, refusal to eat food and attempt to riot. A scuffle with jail authorities and the PCBCs was put down with some effort. This is a consequence of the jail authorities trying to shift them to new cells based on intelligence inputs.
Something which Qamar and especially Qubani Gafoor never wanted to happen, finally happened. Concerned Pakistanis are tweeting about the heavy losses Pakistanis are facing and some have even acknowledged that the Indian army is across the border. And they are baying for blood.
The protests in Sind doesn't seem to end. While dry date farmers and distributors are protesting at the destruction of their crop due to Indian MFN and people over Tamatar, the sniping by Bilawal and Sindh CM reached new heights - Bilawal threatened to topple Pathan if he touches
the constitution and Sind CM declared all recent inagurations by Pathan illegal as they didn't go through Sindh Assembly. The Baloch incursions into Sind are only adding to the problem. The situation is that dire, army may be asked to call in to prevent any demands for secession.
Desperation in Pakistani economic corridors. The recent SBP statement said that in spite of infusion of billions by China and the Arab states, the reserves stand only at USD 17B. A combination of border pressure and no sources of income means bankruptcy is only weeks afar.
Qamar understood the Maulana has become a major liability. Even China, how much pressure can it take on his behalf? Besides, the Punjab govt's announced no more free medicines. With no money and pressure to surrender him, moving him out makes real sense.
The impact of Tamatar ban on the national economy of Pakistan seems to be far worse than anyone anticipated. Of the 1.4% inflation rise in a month, 25% is contributed by Tamatar and 17.5% by petrol. People are exhorted to eat no more than a single roti,
that too, without Tamatar to help the less privileged. A new law is about to be passed to regulate the price of essentials, putting additional burden on the economy. Compounded by lack of interest in verifying tax filings, this is only making the economic situation more dire.
These seem to be no end to the rifts in the cabinet. While voices are raised against the Maulana and his schools, Bhukkad Rashid declared no one can touch any such school till he is in power. He is of the opinion that such schools are national assets and should be respected.
Pathan's Diary Entry
These wily Americans. They always leave a stick available to beat someone. While we expected them to say no F16 is lost to India, they told no F16 sold by us is lost to India. And the whole world knows India shot down a Jordanian F16 and not an American F16.
Let me try to do something to shift attention. I will release some Indian fishermen whom we caught in open seas and in Indian waters and show to the world how good I am. With that, may be, India will think of deescalating? Even if they don't, we can save money on feeding them.
Thinking of F16, is it because of the way we treated the American Ambassador for Taliban issue? He, in no means terms, told us not to mess up the peace dialogue using Taliban but, well, how can we ignore our assets? He toned down finally, but the damage seems to be done.
Bereft of ideas how to tackle the Baloch issue, Pakistan has decided to name a train after Nawab Akbar Bugti. With that, they are hoping that Baloch deescalate. Even if they don't, this train will be used to carry troops - why would Baloch attack a train named after their icon?
Pathan's Diary Entry:
Is it true that Israel will demolish Al Aqsa? I don't know what the world will do against this outrage. But, they should do something. Saying that, using that outrage, we can provide the Indian Muslims as like in 1921. May be, that will help our war effort?
The PCBC riot inside Srinagar Jail made Indian authorities angry. It ordered review of security cover of the PCBCs who are still on the roads and revoked the security cover of a thousand of them. With this action, another 3000 police will be released for ground work.
An angry Pakistan initiated another round of cross-border firing but, as usual, is facing massive Indian retaliation. This is becoming a just another fight where Pakistan will be beaten by the sheer power of response and will stay silent till it regroups again after losses.
The chaos spreads even to the most Pakistani of all Pakistani provinces - Punjab. Serious questions are raised over competency and conduct of CM Buzdar - the infighting has become that serious, the Governor had to issue clarification, the CM isn't sacked.
Qamar's War Journal
Looking at what my army is doing on the border, I am reminded of this incident from 1940 when Churchill became the Prime Minister. He and the whole British military high command was on a ship and a German U-boat identified them.
It fired 19 torpedoes to sink the ship, not one exploded. Not one, out of nineteen. That's the sad reality. First of all, we preserve our missiles as we have very less. And when we fire, they don't explode. Forget winning, wonder how am I supposed to fight with such ammunition.
Sensing trouble after the removal of security cover for PCBCs and yesterday's rioting, Tamatar smuggler Mirwaiz is put under house arrest and his mosque, Jama Masjid is sealed. This is to prevent any explosive speeches by him over his lack of business these days.
Qamar is really angry at the fact that Pakistanis masquerading as defence analysts are being trashed over military matters by Indians in debates. In spite of knowing Qubani Gafoor's quality, he passed orders that one can be called a defence analyst only if Qubani Gafoor approves.
Unable to tackle India in any front - neither in battle nor in propaganda, Pakistan decided to open another front - the same front Niazi opened with Shabeg Singh. Pakistan will arrange special Khalistan shows and packages for every Sikh who will visit Gurdwara Panja Sahib.
Quabani Gafoor has the most unenviable job - doing the impossible - making people believe in his spins. Morning, he claimed America told India didn't shoot any F16 which India refuted with solid proofs. Now, trying to counter India, he is making a fool out of himself in public.
The situation on the border is beyond control. The damage there is slowly percolating into public narrative and questions are being raised. Added to that is Qubani Gafoor's goof up over the F16. Qamar is really harassed and has come to meet Pathan for the second consecutive day.
Pathan's Diary Entry:
Modi conducting an emergency meeting now. What does that mean? Why an emergency meeting when everything is normal? Is that meeting a go ahead for another attack on Pakistan? If so, where? Dawood in Karachi? Gujranwala Corps? The Hafiz in Lahore? GHQ?
Qamar has already went into a huddle with his generals on hearing about the meeting. Wonder what they are discussing - are they discussing what I am thinking(where will we be bombed) or are they thinking of simply giving up without a fight immediately after the Indian attack?
The missile fired by Pakistani Army is a cheap imitation of a Made in China anti-tank missile and has a success rate of fire less than 20%. No wonder another missile misfired today and Qamar was depressed. It's only success till date is against some WWII design serbian tanks.
Tamatar Bilal went ahead with an investiture ceremony in Rawalpindi Corps HQ spite of the fact that Qamar is in Rawalpindi and is available(he was meeting Pathan then), . The awarding of Tamgha-i-Basalat to deceased without Qamar raised serious questions over his conduct.
Qamar's War Journal:
This Ghafoor, is he mad? Why is he still harping on that F16 shooting? Today, someone revealed we have a total 76 F16s and on Pakistan Day, that commentator revealed we had 100 JF17s. Total 176 - India will easily calculate it as 100-125 in flyable condition.
Even so, the best case scenario is 21 bases and 176 planes while the reality is 117 planes. What's the need to give such details? It's not as if Indians don't know and it's not as if they can't destroy everything in a single strike but why tell to the world we are that weak?
Details are slowly trickling out why the impact of Tamatar ban is that heavy on Pakistan. Generally, Tamatar and dry fruits are smuggled across the border and exported back to Pakistan at a cost higher than the market price. This, while making the business profitable and
incentivizes the farmer, it allows the govt to use the difference in price to fund it's economy and the terrorist-paramilitaries. India's ban means no farmer is ready to grow Tamatar, no Indian Tamatar coming in - loss of money as well as food inflation due to Tamatar shortage
The law and order collapse inside Sindh forced the government to extend the stay of Pakistan Rangers indefinitely. Though there is a level of fight going on between centre and state and with Bilawal flexing muscles, the state and central govts came together for mutual benefit.
And Qubani Gafoor has made a joke of himself. Just yesterday, he referred to a report with anonymous sources which states that Pentagon took a count of F16s with Pakistan and India didn't shoot an F16 and today, Pentagon itself confirmed that it's not aware of any such count.
Pathan's Diary Entry:
Can a boot fight with an ant? Why is Qureshi provoking India again and again? Why is he saying we won't accept if India scraps 370? Even if India does, what exactly can we do? And if India questions how we split GB out of Kashmir, what can we answer? Doesn't
he know that Pakistan broke the resolution by selling Shaksgam to China? Doesn't he know that the UN resolution is not executed because we refused to cede the lands to India? Why is he forcing us into situations where we can't win either in a battlefield or on negotiation table?
After Tamatar, there are signs of milk shortage in Pakistan. At least 10000 litres of contaminated and adulterated milk is being destroyed by the government authorities daily. Shortage, adulterated milk and an impending drought can wreck havoc the public health system.
The sniping in Sindh doesn't seem to end. After lobbying for the extension of the stay of Pakistan Rangers, Centre has in no mean words told that it has got every right to interfere in the internal workings of the state citing economic mismanagement or law and order.
The high inflation numbers, that too, with Tamatar and petrol impact called out explicitly left a bad taste in Pathan's mouth. To prevent any more degradation in image, he ordered Statistics Division to be merged into PBS and the results verified by a minister before releasing.
Dollar being sold at PKR 148 in open market, way above the exchange rate. This is due to govt seizing all dollars available to shore up it's fast depleting forex reserves. The only option now left with them is to procure as many INR as possible and convert them to dollars.
Another out of the blue statement. Another Minister told in no mean words, Pakistan wasted decades trying to control terrorism and smuggle Tamatar and failed. Had they tried to be more inclusive taking good care of it's citizens, Pakistan would have become a far better country.
Seige like situation in Model Town, Lahore. Continuous reinforcements reaching Model Town to arrest the son of Shahbaz Sharif on trumped up charges of embezzlement when his father was the CM of Punjab. Thousands of patriotic Pakistanis are reaching the place to avert the capture.
After the arrest of a citizen in Pakistan for watching a Bollywood video online, there are reports that Qamar's predecessor Reel Sharif is very angry. He was dancing to Bollywood tunes in his son's marriage and all the copies need to be destroyed to comply with Pakistani law.
The desperation is clearly telling in the way Pakistani Army is behaving in Balochistan after Qamar ordered human shields to prevent attacks on military camps. In case of any attack on the camp, a local who will be forced to act as the guard for the camp will be executed.
A similar thing is happening even on Indian border - destruction of border posts by India forced the Pakistani troops into the houses of locals under the hope that Indians will not attack the civil areas. But, Pakistanis using locals as covering fire is not being received well.
Another ammunition dump gets destroyed on Indian border in Pakistan and another sector silenced. Though how it happened is still being ascertained, initial hints suggest it to be a disgruntled Pakistani soldier who is fed up with the carnage on the border.
Another of Pathan's ministers threatened Sind in no mean terms that Sind govt will be toppled. This seems to confirm Centre's uncomfort in dealing with Sind govt and another low in relations between both the entities. Sensing trouble, Bilawal has fled Pakistan for Dubai.
Questions being raised over competency of Qamar, especially over his conduct in the Indian war centring around the bulges of Akhnoor and Haveli. However, there is no legal way to sack him to better the situation. The only options available now are either Qamar resigns or a coup.
Qamar is angry over Qubani Gafoor after continuous goof-ups, especially after yesterday's F16 fiasco. That besides, Qubani Gafoor has wasted too much effort and resources in the failed reshoots of the air war and a Pakistani cross border invasion. Adding to this is the huge
lossess in the closing of his accounts by the SM giants means Qubani Gafoor has no money to run his empire and is exhorting volunteers to do the work which he, himself is doing for money. Also his disinterest in focussing on Tamatar is also raising many heads.
The economic chaos spreads. While Pakistan will be forced to shell out 1.3B USD for yield of it's flagship Tamatar Bonds, the full impact of Indian MFN ban impact is being felt fully. One of the reasons why Pakistan didn't grant MFN status to India is to ensure Pakistani Army
doesn't lose out on it's business mainly in textiles and cement. While cement is produced locally, cotton for textiles is imported from India and the finished product exported, even to India. Now, with Indian MFN, there is no cotton available and the impact is being visible now.
Another attempt by Tamatar Qureshi to upstage Pathan. Whether desperation for the top post or desperation to save his country, he begged the world to rein in India and fully knowing that the Maulana is behind Pulwama, he declared India will repeat it and attack Pakistan again.
What is the intent of making this statement, no one knows, but the statement is fast spreading panic inside Pakistan. People have noticed the words "Offeinsive against Pakistan". And that means borders will be breached. Does that mean Pakistani Army is no more their insurance?
The quixotic policies of Pathan's government are fast cementing opposition unity. No country would even think of targetting all the opposition parties, and particularly, all their leaders at the same time. Today, an ex-Finance Minister of Pakistan from Nawaz's party was caught in
Karachi while trying to flee the country. As Bilawal and Nawaz have different strongholds, their joining hands can be dangerous for the territorial integrity of Pakistan whose army is already staring at a forced ejection from Balochistan and a brutal massacre on Indian borders.
Attack in Defence Area, Karachi - indiscriminate firing carried out and a police officer is killed. Whether this is related to the general law and order breakdown in Sind or a targeted attack is to be ascertained. The police have claimed to have arrested the shooters.
Pathan's Diary Entry
Being a Pakistani, it's distressing to hear bad news every few hours. Something or the other always turns up - be it economic, military, whatever. The recent one is we don't have sufficient electricity - Lahore itself will be facing 8-10 hours of power cuts.
And that means panic - people won't be able to differentiate between CAP-blackout and power cut. Another major issue is Tamatar - 8 hours of power cut means no refrigirator is going to help your Tamatar from getting rotten. And that means open rioting on the roads.
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