1/ By consciously re-invigorating our latent etheric bodies we re-trace our so(u)lar incarnational path back to the higher dimensions/stars. These bodies shifted/ split as we gained a heavier density and could not fully ensoul their full magnitude.

#starseed #mondaythoughts
2/ These etheric bodies are still available to us and activate as we learn to hold certain levels of consciousness for periods of time. This is the genuine idea of ascension and is a primarily personal journey, rather than a collective one.

#Astral #psychic #intuitive #yoga
3/ One of the markers of the re-integration of the etheric body pathway is the regaining of intuitive gifts, including memories, that go beyond this life and time. This level of soul memory symbolizes upper 4th dimensional rooting, or, Akashic rooting.

#akashicrecords #Akasha
4/ When we begin to think and process information that includes akashic consciousness, deep knowings beyond this life, beyond this time, we begin to think in long strides and patterns. We become truly lucid, no longer hypnotized by time and matter.

#pastlives #futurelives #time
5/ With our etheric memory body activated we begin to see ourselves from many angles simultaneously. We sense our power and our life purpose all confirmed by clear incarnational patterns. Our cosmic connection becomes obvious and our perspective more precise.

#starseed #om
6/ Evolution is not what we can achieve through material means but how vast we can allow ourselves to become. How much of our own selves we are brave enough to remember and let back in.

#ascension #disclosure #consciousness #ethericjourney #soul

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Mar 10
There is an intense increase in brain fog, loss of concentration, general forgetting, lack of alertness and inability of focus. All was predicted by Rudolf Steiner in regards to the intensifying of the 8th sphere around the earth. Ahriman is afoot.

Just saying.
The 8th sphere, or dark lower astral control systems, use fear, and need fear. They cannot create anything, they can only destroy. They feed on low emotions, and because they cannot create anything, they attempt to thwart, or distort, the energy of what already exists.
The more peaceful and present in our body we are, the more alert we become. It's ok to slow down and take time to gather your thoughts and center fully in your body. You will find that when you take time to center, your mind sharpens and the fog lifts.
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Jan 19
What is Atomic Magick? ☢️
Nuclear energy is a major part of modern dark occult magical rites. ☠️.

It is not favorable, so a crisis will be needed to implement it.

We need to be careful.
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Sep 16, 2020
When we begin to use free energy technology, the specific resonance of the planets plays defining role. Certain higher technologies actually span dimensions and thus reference the energy of spheres in specific ways.

In this way, this tech mirrors the exact behaviour of our consciousness. It moves just like it through the cosmos. It references the higher worlds and even the collective consciousness just like a psychic medium would.

What does this mean? It means our consciousness moves between the spheres naturally, like a conscious electricity flashing though the celestial bodies. Referencing them constantly. The stars and spheres acting like nodes, channels and gateways.
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Sep 15, 2020
While Tesla was developing his free energy technologies he was inspired by the natural forces of the cosmos, using the earth itself as a capacitor and radiator of energy rather than wires and hard technology. Spirit/Consciousness & science were one in the same for Tesla. ImageImage
While deep in his experiments in his lab in Colorado, he believed that the energies he was receiving were beyond the static of the expected disturbances of cosmic weather. He believed the electrical impulses were intelligent and possibly coming from different planets. Image
As his work progressed this opinion only deepened, and despite detractors, Mars became Tesla's most discussed planet. He believed that communication could easily occur between Earth and Mars. ImageImageImageImage
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Sep 12, 2020
Our planets not only store information, they also resonate at unique frequencies. These frequencies create 'locks' in the aether, or affect the aether in such a way for human consciousness that it can be experienced as a lock, or a gate.
In this way planets, or often combinations of planets, become like a fence, or natural force field, that stops human consciousness from passing through. Image
In order to break through these planetary locks, the individual must develop and maintain certain frequencies that correspond directly with the planetary spheres within their being for certain periods of time. Image
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Sep 6, 2020
They're afraid of us. Very afraid.

They're specifically afraid of humanity remembering who they are and in that remembrance realizing that we are living beneath what we are. They fear us outgrowing them and restoring an order they thought impossible.Realizing they're in delusion
There is nothing noble about stealing from people when they are fast asleep, or unaware. There is nothing powerful about hoarding resources and liberating technologies while people suffer. All of that is parasitic, cowardly and weak.
There is nothing impressive about grown men and women meeting backrooms to discuss how they will infect innocent people. There is nothing savvy, or 'genius' about avoiding competition in business through creating monopolies and corporate raiding. It's pathetic.
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