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So if you follow the #SchumannResonance you might find the work of Emmanuel Swedenborg insightful- I have some feeling insights.…
We’ve all batted around the ideal of #Ascension - we’ve already experienced a bunch major shifts between 2012 and 2020- and 2020-2023. We’ve continued to watch the social rift- showing us the potentials of Heaven or Hell on earth.
Swedenborg had a spiritual break in his later life- a break wherein he communicated with angels who showed him the dynamics of Heaven and Hell. A sort of Dante experience - Swedenborg was a scholar and inventor- so he captured this in writing.
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image source i have to keep anon: I was part of a research link/thing when I was young in the late 1950s, thru my dad. I've spent the rest of my life on this. It's pretty straight line stuff actuall ImageImageImage
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#Ascension or #Yuga #Parivartan from April 2019 to 2032

With the planetary alignments of Saturn, Jupiter, Ketu & Yama ( Pluto ) conjunctions in year 2019 along with total solar eclipse world has Started witnessing changes & transformation in time ( Kaal-Chakra)
Because of that we have seen many ups/down from April 2019 onward, time was changing Frequently & global events were very dynamic in nature fromr rise of Anti National elements to Pandemic to Stock Market crash then rise of Market then war & disruption in global Supply chain
This period of dynamism was very challenging & transformative for whole global era untill Jupiter & Saturn were very close together till November 2021 with Yama ( Pluto) in trine to North Node Rahu.
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💫We are being called to start our Free #Ascension Healing again after a 12 month break.If you feel like you need an energetic boost for your ascension journey,feel physically,mentally, spiritually more balanced & aligned,healings are sent on the 1st,11th &
21st of every month.
If you find this tweet its by no accident you are being divinely guided to receive this healing.
To share these healings further please like & retweet,these ascension healing energies are supported by Higher Consciousness & will benefit immensely on ones
spiritual pathway.As these energetic frequencies are strong,those who holds resistance,blockages & stagnations will experience healing symptoms.please have a look on my website on what it might be experienced as -…
Free Distance healing page -
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No filter, no special effects just a conversation with the Sun in expressing my gratitude and appreciation in being able to commune together today in this moment. 

As I was transmitting these heartfelt feelings telepathically I saw Solaris expanding and contracting, as if doing
2- a dance and took this picture.  In that moment it felt like a hug as our beloved sun transformed his / her self into this expression for a photo op moment.

So many pictures of the Sun are revealing it’s transformation into a Star which has been taking place for many years.
3- Once Gaia expressed her readiness to evolve and began her ascension (2012) the Sun was able to begin its ascension.  Gaia is becoming her own sun in a sense which frees Solaris to expand into its next highest state.

Humanity is not the only beings ascending consciousness, the
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It's #AAPIHeritageMonth! While #ItsAnHonorJustToBeAsian, I hope you can forgive me for straight-up bragging about all the Asian artists and activists that I've had the privilege of meeting. (I could never add everyone but I'll try to add this thread every day this month.)
@mayatuttle is a voice actor and drummer extraordinaire. (Check out @thecolourist) I've known her since 2nd grade, and since then she's taught me that if you show up and make art every day, you can go farther than you ever dreamed. Plus, she had a PUPPY PARTY at her wedding. Image
@mayatuttle @thecolourist @kinglchoi ( blends drag and activism like no other. In his 5-min lip-synchs, you'll gasp, laugh, cry—and empty your pockets for queer youth and immigrants. And the dramatic reading at his wedding of the 1st Tinder convo with his hubby—ALL THE HAPPY TEARS Image
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Continuamos o noso fío de filmes nominados aos #Oscars , desta vez imos coa categoría de documental.

Queres acompañarnos? 👇 Image
🎞️Ascension (Jessica Kingdon, 2021)

Un documental sobre o soño chinés. Unha visión da China a través das clases sociais, un país que prioriza a produtividade e a innovación.

#Ascension Image
🎞️Attica (Stanley Nelson Jr., Traci A. Curry, 2021)

A rebelión da cárcere de Attica, Nova Iorque, no 71, a través de entrevistas cos presos implicados e metraxe da época. Sobre a mesa, o conflito racial e a problemática do sistema carcerario estadounidense.

#Attica Image
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We paid $3,150 for a Carpal Tunnel release in Evanston, IL.

The employer gave the patient the option to travel less than 2 hours and have the procedure paid in full or go to the hospital chosen by her physician, #Ascension and pay her deductible.
The employee chose not to stay in Wisconsin.
Instead of paying Ascension a $5,900 reimbursement, the patient didn’t have to pay her deductible of $2,700.00

That’s cool!
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"Notre nouvelle fondation pour une vie durable. Un moyen d'envoyer une lumière transformatrice au Monde entier."
"Cette grille est une matrice de conscience vivante qui est encodée avec le plan ou l'ensemble d'instructions pour l'évolution spirituelle de l'humanité."
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What is Christ Consciousness?
This term means different things to different people. Oftentimes, when individuals hear the terms "Christ" or "Jesus," immediately they may fall into preconceived notions based upon their upbringing or particular religious background. Image
What if we didn’t consider the term based on religious programming? What if we zoomed out and looked at it from a broader point of view? Consider this for a moment, that it could be the ultimate revelation of enlightenment; the revelation of a spiritual divine source that you are
not lesser than but equal to. You being the walking manifestation of the divine and the divine lives through you and your experiences.
However, regardless of religious teachings there is one fundamental fact beyond the terminology.
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April 15, 2013

Before this planet was invaded 26,000 years ago, #AscendedMasters walked freely among humanity and kept the connection to the presence of the One intact.
Their #mysteryschool was located on the main island of #Atlantis: Image
The #AscededMasters are beings of pure Light and Love who have evolved beyond duality.
You can read a very good description about their work and activities on our planet here: ImageImage
The Ascended Masters retreated from the surface of the planet as it was occupied by the dark forces one Platonic year (26,000 Earth years) ago.
Main Atlantean #MisterySchool went into slow decay as the direct contact with the #AscendedMasters was lost. Image
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Brotherhood of the Star is a planetary outpost of the Blue Lodge of Sirius that is connected with #Sirius via #Jupiter and Jupiter Command.

The purpose of the Brotherhood of the Star is to guide the evolution of the planet under the guidance of Sanat Kumara.
The inner circle of the #BrotherhoodOfTheStar are Masters and Arhats that have reached their #Ascension on this planet. ImageImage
The outer circle of the Brotherhood of the Star is the Esoteric Brotherhood comprised of disciples of the #AscendedMasters that have reached the seventh subdegree of the third Initiation.
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Yo no sé si ha sido el confinamiento, pero esta Pascua se me ha pasado volando.

En el calendario cristiano vienen ahora unas fiestas llenas de significado. Con este hilo no se te olvidarán jamás. Te voy a explicar la regla del A-P-T-C ¿Te APeTeCe? #HiloAPTC #Ascensión
Bueno, ahí está la regla mnemotécnica para recordar las fiestas con las que se concluye el tiempo Pascual y que nos van a ocupar los cuatro próximos domingos: Ascensión, Pentecostes, Trinidad y Corpus. Sus iniciales forman la palabra "apetece"
Ya os expliqué en el #HilodelaCeniza que la Pascua es la fiesta más grande del calendario cristiano y que todo el año litúrgico gira en torno a ella. Si lo queréis releer...
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#Ascension means you do not climb up to heaven. You are carried.
#Ascension means you are hidden with Christ in God.
#Ascension means you do not yell up to God. You’re whispering in his ear.
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Ahriman's influence makes it difficult for us to think abstractly, metaphorically and creatively, everything becomes literal and solid- no flexibility. This directly stops our ability to connect dots, recognize patterns and problem solve.

#Ahriman #Steiner Image
Under Ahriman's influence our subtle bodies also begin to harden and merge so that they are no longer separate and layered, like pages of a book. They become one solid chunk that that no longer recognizes energetic nuances. We essentially lose our ability to discern energy. Image
The hardening and increased density has happened to us before: when we fell from the higher state of #Atlantis.We refer to this as 'the fall'. When we 'fall' as a being we become more dense, becoming more dense means that it is harder to sense spirit and thus ascend. Image
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.1. Dear friends on THIS journey in THIS specific 3D time/space: I recently have been struggling (valiantly, in my humble opinion) with thoughts of extreme despair, hopelessness, and suicidal ideations. I saw this 🌈over my family homestead shortly b4 things turned bad 4 me.
.2. I had a panic attack for nearly 3 consecutive days;×I actually began making a #PLAN of my own. But, these messages have me hope, thx @LauraMagdalene4.
.3. Then, last night, I slept with a precious rock near my bed and asked for Universe guidance. What I got at 3:30 a.m. was not some lovey dovey angelic fufu message. It was the difficult to take, hit you in the gut, heart, and third eye simultaneously type of message.
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[ #MOI ] - Today, petite révolution pour la #Freebox des parents: passage d'un timide #ADSL à la #fibre #FTTH survitaminée @Free! En attente du technicien #FreeInfrastructure sur le créneau 08-10h. Étonnant & courageux de voir que ça bosse un jour d'#Ascension! Thread à venir...!
[ #MOI ] - 08H45, ouf, appel du tech #FreeInfrastructure pr annoncer son arrivée d'ici 30mins. Je commençais à douter de la faisabilité du raccordement #FTTH en ce jour férié. C'était mal parti, surtout en étant 1er créneau. Wait & see now pour le thread photo.! 🙉 #FREEBOX #FREE
[ #MOI ] - 09H45, c'est parti! 01h45 de retard mais nous sommes les 1ers clients du jour! Pas de tech #FreeInfrastructure mais un sous-traitant. Ouverture de la chambre, balisage, passage tire-fil. Le #FTTH #Freebow n'a jamais été proche. 🤟
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1/ By consciously re-invigorating our latent etheric bodies we re-trace our so(u)lar incarnational path back to the higher dimensions/stars. These bodies shifted/ split as we gained a heavier density and could not fully ensoul their full magnitude.

#starseed #mondaythoughts
2/ These etheric bodies are still available to us and activate as we learn to hold certain levels of consciousness for periods of time. This is the genuine idea of ascension and is a primarily personal journey, rather than a collective one.

#Astral #psychic #intuitive #yoga
3/ One of the markers of the re-integration of the etheric body pathway is the regaining of intuitive gifts, including memories, that go beyond this life and time. This level of soul memory symbolizes upper 4th dimensional rooting, or, Akashic rooting.

#akashicrecords #Akasha
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