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“I am grateful to leaders like Mohler who were part of a movement to prevent a liberal theological shift that would have turned Southern Baptists into just another mainline denomination”

A movement whose leaders, we now know, committed and covered up sexual abuse.

That they did so is no coincidence, but is a direct result of the authoritarian patriarchal theology to which men like Paige Patterson and Paul Pressler, and even Russell Moore and JD Grear, are so deeply committed.

On which see @kkdumez, Jesus and John Wayne, esp chapter 16
Here’s my review of her book:…
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मेरे हिन्दुस्तानी दोस्तों
80 रुपये का पेट्रोल ना देखो, कुछ और भी देखिये क्या क्या हुआ है देश में और क्या खरीदा गया । लेकिन किसी को ये सब नहीं दिखाई देता बस पेट्रोल महंगा हुआ तो लोग सड़को पर आकर कपडे फाड़ने लगे और अपना मानसिक दिवालियापन शुरू कर दिया

#ChineseGandhis #CCPVirus
#रूसी_सहयोग से बनी भारतीय सुपरसोनिक क्रूज मिसाइल ब्रह्मोस की लागत ₹20 करोड़ है। यानी पांच मिसाइल दाग दी तो एक अरब स्वाहा!

एक राफेल फाइटर जेट की कीमत साढ़े सोलह अरब रुपए!

रूस को दिए 21 मिग-29 और 12 सुखोई 30 लड़ाकू विमानों की कीमत साठ अरब रु है इसका 40 अरब रु भुगतान कर दिया है
रूस से खरीदे जा रहे मिसाइल रोधी सिस्टम S- 400 की कीमत40 अरब रुपए है। चिनुक, अपाचे यह सब मुफ्त नहीं मिल रहे हैं

छोटी सी छोटी मिसाइल भी एक करोड़ से ऊपर की है!

मत भूलिए कांग्रेस किस तरह सेना को नंगा बूचा छोड़ कर गई थी!
#MondayMotivation #mondaythoughts #Karachistockexchange
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"𝐒𝐮𝐢𝐜𝐢𝐝𝐞 𝐢𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐒𝐨𝐥𝐮𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧",
A Thread:
Suicide is a large and growing public health/Mental problem. A WHO report says: every year around 800000 people die by Suicide. That is One person every 40 Seconds.

What would be the reasons for such a huge no. of people to take this extreme step? Let's see:
•Substance Consumption.
#Depression and Mental illness.
•Temporary Loss.
These are the major reasons broadly classified.
As everything in life has its causes and effects. Suicide leads to some serious consequences. The connection of human chain and all the relations are effected by this extreme step.
Precisely, it effects the Social,Personal,Economic and other aspects of one's life.
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So much going on between the fake Pandemic, 5G, 60 GHz weaponry being installed in our schools to target our children & the stage protesters/Rioters attacking innocent people & looting private businesses.  I know the globalist is behind all of this, BUT many blame the...
...fake left party or the Trump Adminstration. Folks failed to realize this ENTIRE system is not constitutional and it became De Facto/Totalitarianism by the never ratified 14th Amendment. I will break it down real simple. Everyone from local level to state are NOT the...
3) form, they are section 3, 14th Amendment agent of state & they work directly with the Federal Corporation.  The current Federal is NOT the original, what we have is the Reconstructed Federal/Totalitarianism courtesy to the Reconstruction Act of 1867 & of....
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What are you going to do now folks? You don't think it's going to happen in your community? Most of us know the police are the enemy. It's important to understand The National guard oath is only to the foreign Corporation The United States... not you or me.
The National guard is our enemy as well!
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Pluralism is a fact of life in democracy. We on the Left in particular need to become comfortable talking about it and articulating a practice of embracing it. If we don't, the Right frames the concept by default, and look what they've done to the concept "religious liberty."
Slight correction made (changed a "your" to "my" for consistency)
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#Tarakeshwar is a famous Shiva temple in WB
It's is also famous for a bull whom the locals & the devotees refer as"Baba's Bull". This black, strong & massive bull wanders along each corner of the dham & people treat him like a living Nandi- the companion of Shiva
Recently, when #AmphanCyclone was causing destructing along its path & people were inside their homes,a group of unknown miscreants had slaughtered & butchered this bull with sharp blades,machetes,etc
Wen people came out after cyclone was over,they discovered the horrific scene
Police still couldn't capture the miscreants who have slit the throat of this sacred animal

Every year 1000s of Shiva bhaktas, whether they are native Bengalis or immigrant non-Bengalis,visit the shrine during the Shivaratri and the month of
#Secularism #MondayVibes
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Forget Ooni I phone 11 #NCDC #Lockdown4 #Covid_19 and enjoy this THREAD especially if you're an ENTREPRENEUR.
Turn your indignation into a force for innovation!
By Strive Masiyiwa
Going through podcasts like #Business Wars, you will by now have realized that some of the greatest entrepreneurs were motivated by an indignation they felt over injustice, mistreatment, or simply a bad service...
As an entrepreneur never waste your energy on unnecessary complaints; turn it into an energy to produce something better!
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मृत्यूपूर्वी वडिल आपल्या मुलाला म्हणाले, "माझ्या आजोबांनी मला दिलेले हे घड्याळ आहे. हे जवळजवळ २०० वर्षे जुने आहे. मी ते तुला देतो, तु दागिन्यांच्या दुकानात जा. त्यांना सांग की मला ते विकायचे आहे आणि ते आपल्याला किती ऑफर देतायत ते पहा. "
मुलगा दागिन्याचा दुकानदाराकडे गेला आणि परत वडिलांकडे गेला, आणि म्हणाला, "त्यांनी १५० रू ऑफर केले कारण ते फारच जुने आहे."

वडिल म्हणाले, "आता मोहरांच्या दुकानात जा."

मुलगा मोहराच्या दुकानात गेला आणि परत वडिलांकडे येवून म्हणाला, "त्यांनी २० रू अॉफर केले कारण ते खूप खराब आहे."
वडिलांनी मुलाला घड्याळ घेऊन संग्रहालयात जायला सांगितलं.
तो संग्रहालयात गेला आणि येताना आनंदाने घरी आला.
"बाबा, क्युरेटरने या दुर्मिळ तुकड्यास त्याच्या मौल्यवान वस्तूंच्या संग्रहालयात समाविष्ट करण्यासाठी ५ लाख ची ऑफर दिली."

वडिल शांतपणे स्मितहास्य करत म्हणाले,
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Being a politician is not easy. Constantly being judged for any commission/omission. But I guess there are bits about them, that are fun; like these 3 PMs laughing. Quizzers may know, but still roll along for some such facts in this thread #mondaythoughts #MondayMotivaton (1/16)
2/16. Atalji won a Screen Award Lyricist (Non-Film) for the album Nayi Disha with songs from the maestro Jagjit Singh. One of the songs was Aao Firse Diya Jalayein, which @narendramodi quoted during the candle lighting before lockdown.

#MondayMotivaton #mondaythoughts
3/16 We have many famous politician lawyers @PChidambaram_IN is one. Interestingly, his first case after being bailed was against Mr @KapilSibal & @DrAMSinghvi, Congress colleagues & friends who appeared for him in the INX case 😅 Law is funny.

#MondayMotivaton #mondaythoughts
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Fruit seedlings ready for transplanting.

Grafted Hass avocado 150/=
Grafted Fuerte avocado 150/=
Grafted Tommy and apple Mango 150/=
Grafted Macadamia Muranga 20 350/=
Grafted purple Passion seedlings 50/=
#mondaythoughts #Nairobi #Willisraburu
Non grafted giant granadilla 400/=
Sweet granadilla 100/=
Grapes seedlings 250/=
Apple seedlings 600/=
Grafted pixies tangerine 250/=
Grafted Washington orange 150/=
Grafted Tangerine 150/=
Grafted lime 150/=
Paw paw  Malkia F1 @100/=
Grafted Tree tomato 100/=
Non grafted Tree tomatoes 60/=
Grafted apple seedlings 600/=
Lemon @100/=
Valencia oranges @150/=
Grafted lime @150/=
Grafted lemon @150/=
We make countrywide delivery at a small fee
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The Secretary of the {GOP led} Senate has turned down Biden's request for a doc search of the Tara Reade complaint saying the Senate has “no discretion to disclose" the info.. #mondaythoughts…
2-"In response to Biden's request on Friday, the Archives said it did not possess the records the former vice president said it did and that the documents in question were instead maintained by the Senate. But Senate rules suggest that those documents are maintained by the
3-"General Services Administration, which, in turn, said the records are located at the National Archives. By late Friday, Biden had written to Secretary of the Senate Julie Adams requesting that her office "take or direct whatever steps are necessary to establish the location
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Trump moved his bully pulpit to the Lincoln Memorial last night for a Fox News Town Hall where he told America that Biden wrote him a letter of apology for calling him xenophobic
That is NOT true
During this rant, Fox showed him a Biden tweet criticizing his admin for their Covid response, attempting a swipe @ Biden's intelligence Trump said, “[he] didn’t write that..was written from a young man that got very good grades at a very good school. That was not written by him
2-"I promise you that"
Because Trump can't spell or articulate, and must INSIST upon being the Twitterer in Chief.
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This fake pandemic really exposes where people really stand. It's sad and frustrating the level of complacency I see in so many people.

You don't stand for true freedom and you don't give a damn to defend your fellow countrymen.
You know what we're up against, but you rather stay ignorant and support a system to oppress you, your family and your community. I shared the evidence time after time our true republican form of governments was USURPED by a corporate communist military style so-called...
....government known as the United States during the Reconstruction Act of 1867. Nobody can f-cking prove me wrong with any lawful document this so-called government is lawful.
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Speaker Pelosi said today that that Congress might need to consider offering guaranteed income to some Americans to help the country recover from the economic impact of the Covid outbreak. #mondaythoughts…
2-"Her comments came as House Democrats push forward to unveil a major new economic rescue bill in coming days. Democrats want to boost aid for cities and states, increase funding for nutrition assistance and raise financial support for individual Americans.
3-"The emerging Democratic bill is certain to run into opposition from most Senate GOP, & could set off a fierce ideological & partisan battle about how much further the fed gov't should go in its response to Covid as the nation’s economy reels heading into the election."
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Previously, the CDC listed 3 symptoms for Covid: fever, cough & shortness of breath. List is now expanded with: chills, shaking, muscle pain, sore throat & loss of taste or smell added.
All do NOT have to be present..
PLEASE stay home!
2-"[CDC's] recommendations say that cases should be reported if there are positive lab tests, but also if there are clinical symptoms that meet one of several thresholds. One category involves people who have cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing.
3-"Another inv people with two of the following symptoms: fever, chills, shivers, muscle pain, headache, sore throat or new dysfunction of taste/smell. Cases of people in both categories should be reported as likely Covid-19 only if there is no other more plausible diagnosis"
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The Democratic members of the NYS Board of Elections voted today to CANCEL the NY Presidential Primary.
NY hold its congressional and state-level primary elections on June 23
2-"NY Dem Party & Gov. Cuomo said they didn't ask to make the change, which can happen because of a little-known provision in the recently passed state budget that allows the NY bd of elections to remove names of any candidates who have suspended or terminated their campaign"
3-"The decision to cancel a state-level Democratic primary is left up to Democratic state election commissioners. New York accounts for 274 pledged delegates in the Democratic nomination process."
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WaPo now reporting that SS recipients should see Stimulus DD by Wednesday (4/29)
SSI & VA bene recips who don’t file a tax return & have dependent children need to act by May 5 to claim kid $$. #mondaythoughts…
2-According to WaPo:
— Social Security, survivor and disability non-filers will see economic impact payments in their bank accounts by April 29, according to a Treasury spokeswoman.
— SSI non-filers should begin seeing payments in early May.
— Veterans benefit recipients should also begin receiving their stimulus payments by early May, a Treasury spokeswoman said.
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Mark Meadows has made a strident effort to persuade America that Trump's NOT obsessed w his press coverage instead of focusing on Covid relief.. Politico points out his obsession over the w/e here:
"[Trump] spent much of the weekend tweeting about his distaste
2-"for the national press corps. On Saturday and Sunday alone,Trump sent tweets about the WSJ editorial board; he said the media had it wrong- “corrupt & sick!” -when it said he was speaking to Dr Birx during a news conference; he explained his reasoning
3-"for not having news conferences anymore; he suggested Democrats and the media were in cahoots for quoting him saying the virus was a hoax; he called the Washington Post “slime balls”; he said reports that HHS Secretary Alex Azar was on the brink of losing his job were fake
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#MondayThoughts #MondayRant
I'm sick & tired of YOU people trying to scare the hell out of us people. Us people who are law abiding citizens who have worked hard all of our lives watching our freedoms & GOD given liberties stripped from us...
I'm sick & tired of YOU the liberal lying ass media pushing fear all across the world. YOU go ahead & wear your mask, STAY HOME, that's fine, but don't YOU dare push your DAMN fear on me.
Fear is not trusting in GOD! If YOU choose to live this way, fine, that’s YOUR choice - NOT mine!
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Do u see a connection between the tweet & the News - I do see a lot !
A new conspiracy is taking shape in the Padmanabha Swamy temple of Kerala. The M's & C's are putting pressure on their Blue eyed boys - the ruling, atheist,
#mondaythoughts #reclaimtemples
communist party to take over the nearly approx 25 billion dollar worth of treasure found in the temple vaults to be used for “uplifting” the already Communist/Congress looted economy, post the Covid -19 crisis
The chorus is growing
#mondaythoughts #reclaimtemples
This geo magnetically precious land of Adi Shankaracharya where the four Vedas were safely kept by Lord Parashurama for more than 3000 years has been the target of the Abrahamic religions for some centuries
Takeover is happening in Kerala where eventually
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"Protests Rising ~ 2012 UN Document Lays out THE AGENDA ~ Dana Ashlie" on YouTube

I am furious after watching this clip.
What would it take for MORE PEOPLE TO RISE UP!? I don't know about the rest of the world, but here in the several states it is our duty & right to abolish such form of government from the foundation.
This is not about our health, it's about TOTAL CONTROL! I tweeted many times this system identifies as Totalitarianism United States Code, Title 8 § 1101 (37)(a)(b). Yes, #Trump is part of it, whether you agree or not.
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Anyone supports the #stayhome and be strong b.s. Since you have a lot of time to spare. Did you really research about Coronavirus? I am not talking about the official narrative from the left & right wing media or anyone in office.
You do realize your fears alone is keeping you a prisoner in your own home. By your own ignorance you are helping this Communist system to impede on someone's natural rights.
I know what I share on my timeline is not very popular, but I tweet anyway. It is up to you to educate yourselves. Every now and then I will challenge anyone to think.
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Let me extend a friendly welcome to all you new followers who found me via my latest article, "Authoritarian Christians are Deliberately Undermining the Public Health Response to Coronavirus"…

Here's a thread about what I do with some recent highlights
In December of last year, my and @laureneoneal's Empty the Pews: Stories of Leaving the Church, an anthology of personal essays by former evangelicals, Catholics, and Mormons, was published. This is my first published book project:…
One hope I have for the book is that it will help to secure a place in the elite public sphere for leavers from high-demand religions. Our "pundit class" and government have been coddling even authoritarian Christians for far too long. Former fundamentalists have key insights.
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