Included on this panel are @marconav from YouTube, Neil Potts from Facebook and @katyminshall from Twitter. Current discussion is around the Christchurch video
The answer @katyminshall was looking for (and was asked repeatedly) is that Twitter doesn't know who is behind many accounts at all, since new accounts barely have to confirm email addresses. And even if they do, Twitter has no real names policy, so I can just spoof the email.
This is fascinating... as ever.
That was an awkward silence if ever I saw one.
Next question to Twitter: Why was Radio Aryan allowed on your platform? And why was it taken down only after a media report?
A part of me feels sorry for these policy people. Many of the questions are unanswerable - because the problems are almost inherent to the platforms.
Daily Stormer has ben "blackholed" by Facebook, says Facebook.
Facebook policy Neil commits Facebook to removing any and all links to Daily Stormer website, pro-actively apparently. I doubt he meant that.
MP: Your platforms are a cesspit.
MP: All three of you are not doing your jobs.
Ohhhh interesting question.
MP Chris Green: Who is responsible for the content on Twitter?

Answer: Ehhhh, we are...
Very vague answers + big numbers are the usual responses. The big numbers are meaningless without context.
"We have indications that our automated systems are having an affect" is a typical non-answer. How do we know? How do they know?
"We're removing 3x the number of abuse accounts in 24 hours than we did this time last year". But are there more accounts? What's the volume? Is there more sock puppetry? We have no way to gauge that answer.
Twitter say they will launch author moderated replies in a trial country soon. Will allow tweet authors to moderate the replies to their own tweets
YouTube: again with the large numbers. We have no way to assess those numbers.
MPs outlining the recommendations they get on YouTube... the rabbit hole leading them to the English Defence League.
These are valid questions: YouTube man has no answer here because *this is how the system is designed*
A wishy washy answer there @marconav
Good q: a recommendation is essentially a promotion. Why are you promoting far right content to me?
Marco: I'm not here to defend...

Oh but you are Marco!
This is fascinating. There's just bullshit answers to genuine questions about basic YouTube features.
Actual LOLz at @marconav answers. He can't answer. This would be funny if it wasn't so serious.
MPs are LOSING THEIR SHIT: "This is absolute rubbish"
MP to YouTube: You are accessories to crimes.
Sigh. Each platform policy person with the usual non-answers.

MP: You seem to be in denial.
MP: You are actively signposting and promoting extremist sites.

YT: We take this issue very seriously... we are investing in... authoritative sources..

MP: That's not the question
🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ @marconav is struggling here. Even he seems to be confused about YouTube's goals.
Ok Facebook: how are you defining "borderline" content?
Q: How many of the 20,000 people you hired (Facebook) are actually building new algos to solve this?

A: 15,000 of these are content moderators (ie contractors)
MP: I'd like to meet some of these 15,000 moderators. How proactive is it? Time and time again you tell us you are going to do something..
OH! MP: to @katyminshall ... what platform do yo use most? Why have you only tweeted 6 times this year? Why have you so few followers?
This is awkward...
Q: Why have you not taken down David Duke from Twitter?

A: We will come back to you on that
Q to Facebook: What are you doing about closed groups?
MP: I was mentioned in a closed group... "just shoot them, criminals". That group has 30,000 members. Someone sent me screenshots last night. Your systems haven't flagged them. You are providing safe places for organisations that spread hate

FB: Eh we will follow up with you.
FB: Artificial intelligence is not infallible.

You don't say.

MP: Surely you should be taking proactive action on large closed groups...?

FB: We will follow up...

*screams inside*
MP: There is evidence of radicalisation being done online that leads to people being killed. You are continuing to show you're not keeping up with it, and in the case of YouTube you are continuing to promote far right content. I am appalled at the answers you've given to us.
MP: We need you to keep us safe, and you're not doing so.
And we're done. I'll pull out the highlight clips and add to thread.
Have a watch of @YvetteCooperMP ask @marconav from YouTube about her YouTube recommendations
In which Twitter policy person @katyminshall is challenged by an MP about a) how often she tweets b) her number of followers c) what she tweets about.
"Why have you only tweeted 6 times year?"

*awkward laughs*
In this clip @SDoughtyMP loses his shit with YouTube and accuses them of talking "absolute rubbish", and of being accessories to radicalisation and crime
"What on earth are you doing?!"
should cc @zeynep on this thread and clips!
Here @SDoughtyMP says the platforms are "cesspits".
Here's @YvetteCooperMP tearing into platforms over them saying the same thing over and over again to their committee, and that YouTube in particular is "enabling extremism"

• • •

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Dec 2, 2021
I'm a bit stunned at this. @PhilipNolan_MU has completely failed to understand the basics of how the virus spreads. It's December 2021, 20 months into the pandemic. As @johnwenger9 says it defies the laws of physics. I'd also argue it defies basic intuition.
I think I can fairly infer from Nolan's comments that he's *still* relying on a dated understanding of heavier aerosols ("droplets") vs less heavy aerosols. It's this wrong understanding that led to an incorrect focus on screens and 2m distance at the start of the pandemic.
Th science on this moved on last year. The droplets distinction itself was based on bad science.
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The "Expert Group" is flat wrong on air filters. And has been all pandemic. It's laughable at this stage - if it weren't so bloody serious.
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Ok here's my calculation of delivered to administered doses to Week 15 (ie to Friday, April 16)

PB: Delivered 1,009,710; Administered 892,535
AZ: Delivered 355,200; Administered 243,846
M: Delivered 109,200; Administered 51,973
JJ: Delivered 14,400; Administered 0

Which means *stock on hand* going into Saturday April 17 of:

PB: 117,175
AZ: 111,354
M: 57,227
JJ: 14,400
In the data we have available Sat -> Mon we can subtract and say current stock is:

PB: 90,021
AZ: 108,692
M: 55,910
JJ: 14,400

I assume the 108k on hand AZ are for giving to 65-69 year olds this week. Moderna has a 50% buffer.
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Hmmm "not sought" but "received"
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So the High Court will deliver judgments in not one, not two, but three @RightToKnowIE cases this week. 👀
Judgments by Simons, Barr and Barrett respectively, all focussed in different ways on the AIE Directive/Regulations
Update: In Right To Know CLG v OCEI (and RTÉ) Judge Max Barrett has found (comprehensively) in our favour. The OCEI must do decision again in light of the judgment.
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