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jikook au

high school au where jimin is the art teacher and jungkook is the photography teacher

one day jungkook is teaching the class with a powerpoint

and on the slide is the wrong file attached of a very flatter picture of jimin

#jikook #jikookau #kookmin #kookminau

(jungkook has too many pretty pictures of jimin) #jikook #jikookau #kookmin #kookminau
should I continue this?
ok I’m continuing this but I’ll just say updates will be super slow, I apologize. I’ll try my best to give this story line the best writing I can do.

also didn’t plan this out so it might be really bad but it’s my first au and I hope to get better

feel free to help critique me
with that being said, ignore times and all that, I’m too lazy to fix it

mostly crack and fluff 🤪
2. the classes reaction
3. tae wants the tea 🍵
4. men don’t deserve rights
5. yoongi doesn’t give a fuck
it wasn’t a long update but i will work on some more updates tonight

pls feel free to send stuff to my curiouscat
6. the pout
6.5 bonus
7. namjoon pls, wbk
8. jeonlous
9. the timeline is on crack
info: the school schedule is in blocks so that’s why jimin and jungkook are never seen together during school

jk teaches mwf and jm tth

yoongi teaches the same day as jk so everything jimin hears about jk is from tae who is told my yoongi
10. the light of his life
10.5. jungkook is an idiot sandwich: confirmed
11. the next day in mr park’s class; who is the cutie with the booty? 🍑

typo: jaemin is saying the class is too busy speculating who mr jeons girlfriend is
12. jimin sends the best good morning texts 🥰🥰
13. for three years now and hopefully more
14. 🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑 can anyone resist the jibooty
15. jungkook is eating good tonight
16. xoxo gossip girl 🍵
17. meanwhile in jikook land, phones don’t exist... only twitter indirects
18. yoongles is a big softie
19. conclusion: jimin and jungkook are both lucky 🍀
20. jimin is a spoiled brat 🌹
hi, the next update won’t be for a few days. I’m heading on a trip to la in a few days so I’m gonna focus on packing

however, the flight is pretty long so I’ll have something to do during the flight; I’ll write the next few updates for the au

thank you for understanding 🥰

i am putting this au on hold. I will continue it just I can’t right now.

my head isn’t in the right place and I’m dealing with a lot of things right now and I just want to focus on myself for now mentally and emotionally.

Thank you for your understanding.
21. (1) new text message
22. jungkook pls, you’ve been kinda obvious with your “flirting”
23. why yeri isn’t exactly jungkooks type 😬
24. jungkook opens applications for new friends 😞
25. liar liar pants on 🔥
26. jimin is worried for his bf
27. jimin got blackmail material 😏
that ends the update for today! hopefully I’ll be able to update soon, most likely not tomorrow tho because I’m flying home all day from my trip

i hope you enjoy and let me know what you think so far
28. fetus jikook
29. jungkook confronts his mom
30. mrs jeon’s favorite son + whipped jungkook
31. mr jeon is getting hot and steamy 😉
32. the mysterious pink sweater
33. yoongi has the worst timing
33.5 bonus

I mean who isn’t obsessed with his ass
34. lunch time with mr jeon and it wasn’t food he was eating

typo: kinda SAD the food I cooked went to waste
35. they’re disgustingly cute
36. cause the only thing that should be hurting later is me 😉
38. yeri is a bit suspicious
39. the hell?

(no but really, cute picture of the birthday boy 😉)
40. jungkook is jimin’s cutest baby
41. basically tae means “if anything happens to my soulmate, I’m withholding sex min yoongi”
42. vmin help each other take pictures cause they’re soulmates
and that concludes the long update, I won’t update for a while cause I’m on a family vacation but I’ll try to find time when I return to school to write

i hope everyone enjoyed the update and pls let me know what you think 💕💕

also happy birthday little bunny Jeon Jungkook 🐰
43. jungkook gets a surprising text
44. you will be mine jungkook

+ someone is in denial 🙄
45. who knows what the teacher’s do before school starts 😮
46. what really happened + jimin in need for jungkook’s cuddles
47. jeon jungkook: property of park jimin
48. for the love of jeon jungkook
49. congratulations to the new couple 🥂
50. youre just overthinking everything
that ends today’s update 😋 pls let me know what you think or what you hope to see happen next

i hope everyone is enjoying the au so far and I’m sorry to keep you waiting for updates, I’ll work harder to update often ❣️
51. big tiddies squad
52. jungkook will always protect jimin
53. private lessons with professor min
54. next day, jimin treats his boyfriend out for lunch and more 😏
55. cheater cheater pumpkin eater

{jajdjajsja I keep saying ms yeri, I mean ms kim}
56. meanwhile, it was a very good lunch— the meal was exquisite 👄
56.5 bonus. who is the better couple?
super short I know, I’m sorry 🥺🥺

im a really slow writer as this is my first au and I didn’t expect to get swamped with so much school work. but pls let me know what you think... is the plot going to fast? is the writing boring?
57. today is [not] going to be a good day
58. that feeling of people staring and talking about you behind your back
59. jungkook is jimins dork 🥺

but his dork who would go to jail for him
60. jungkook made jimin cry
61. meanwhile... youll get what you deserve
62. did I forget to mention namjoon is a detective 🕵️‍♂️ oops 😉
63. what happened
64. it’s either partners or a stalker
65. namjoon turns people on when he turns on his brain 🧠
65.5 bonus: how jins heart was stolen ❤️
66. don’t talk about things you don’t know
who do you think did it?
that’s it for today’s update! I hope you enjoyed 🥰🥰 feel free to send me what you thought or your theories

yalls sweet messages really helped inspire me to write more, also a surprise will be revealed next update 😉 or atleast I hope it’s a surprise
67. there’s nothing wrong with us being together
68. cause at least this planet has namjoon
69. look who crashed their date 🥺🥺 ot7 for life
69.5 bonus: jimins strength kink is showing
70. surprise motherf*cker 😱😱
71. i forgot to add that jaemin basically means it couldn’t be the students cause they’re all bark and no bite. they talk big but are too much of a scaredy cat to actually do something
72. turns out you’re just fam
73. break up with your boyfriend, run away with me
74. where my vmin and YoonKook enthusiasts at 🐥🐯🐰🐱
75. in their own little world
76. people shouldn’t be attacked and treated this way just because of who they love
77. got everything I need right here
78. we’re okay cause I got you, you got me 🐥💜🐰
in case anyone is wondering why jaemin didn’t tell jungkook earlier about the yeri situation

it’s because he thought it was pretty harmless, just a simple rumor but as soon as he saw what happened with the vandalism, he realized how serious it is and had to tell jungkook
that’s it for today’s update 🥺 I hope you guys like how the story is going and the little surprise of course 😉 this was my first time attempting full writing so pls let me know if you liked it, I would love to do it more often and get better at it 💕
79. clown university: now accepting applications
80. you guys should be more embarrassed for believing her 🍵
80.5 bonus: caught in a lie
81. xoxo 😘
82. namjoons detective mood
83. you’re a hell of a good detective and an even better friend
here’s is the very important poll

pick carefully cause it determines the route I go in the story and how quickly namjoon solves this case. feel free to send me anything about the au

who texted namjoon?
84. uncle joonie 👉👈
85. you did it kid (results from the poll 😉)
86. xoxo gossip girl 😘
87. shouldve just sat there and ate your salad 🥗
88. netflix and chill
89. my jiminie 🐥
90. kids these days
91. *insert hobi’s beep beep boop sound effects”
92. get a student teacher they said, it’ll be fun they said
93. namgi breaking into the school
94. rookie move
95. daddy issues
96. there was a match
97. wheres jimin
98. does yoongi radiate big tiddie energy
99. weekly soulmate dates
100. I can’t lose him

(omg we hit 100 updates 🥺🤧)
and that’s it for now 🥺🥺 sorry everyone but I’m leaving it with that cliffhanger. gotta keep things interesting 😉

feel free to send anything to my inbox
101. my catalyst
102. how they met 🥺🥺
103. I just really wanted to use that chick meme at least once 🐥🤡
104. a game of cat and mouse 🐁 🐈
105. where’s jimin
106. save me save me, I need your love before I fall
107. ⚠️ 🚨 TW /bruises/ please skip if uncomfortable!! ⚠️🚨
short update but I will not be able to update for a while cause I have 2 tests, and an essay due this upcoming week and I’ll be too busy to write

thank you for bearing with me🥺💕

my curiouscat is open if you’d like to chat. feel free to send me anything
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