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- mine #jikookau

where park jimin is the famous basketball player of the college until a certain jeon jungkook enters the scene to topple park's unbeatable record. They might be rivals in the team but little did other know possesive jeon has already claimed park in the bed.
#jikookau - A/N
#jikookau - A/N
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JIKOOK AU — Pen Pals
jimin just wanted a pen pal to improve his french, nothing more ImageImageImageImage
✧ soft, cute, a little bit of angst
✧ not long but not short either
✧ since it’s about pen pals, they can talk in french from time to time (just a little disclaimer)
✧ namjin established!!
✧ hours don’t matter but days do (time stamps)
✧ qrt to react
✧ happy reading!
dedicated to alice @wwhbunny
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#jikookau where… Image
✨an attempt in crack au
✨interact by qrts please 🥺
✨have fun ❤️
marriage Image
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A/B/O #jikook #jikookau

Fortune tellers say the next pack alpha Jungkook's mate won't stay alive. No one of the pack wants to sacrifice their child, so as his future mate, they bring Jimin a rogue omega.

Will Jimin stay alive?
Will he at least be happy? ImageImageImageImage
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hormones | a #jikookau

— where in everyone's eyes, jeongguk and jimin are just friends. not knowing they've been on each other's throat, during the day and night.
🖇 hello, this is niki! this is my first au so please be gentle and tell me immediately if there is something wrong. english isn't my first language so please also excuse my grammar. : )

— enemies ft wb to lovers.
— nsfw (will put a warning.)
— angst, fluff.
— enjoy ! <\3
— profiles. ImageImageImageImage
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paraluman — #jikookau

where before jk was declared missing six months ago, he made a video and left without traces. The problem is, his friends doesnt know who the man in the video is, but they’re sure that he’s one of the reasons why their friend left.
accounts; ImageImage
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maniac • [ #jikookau ]

where jimin and jungkook are in love and in a secret relationship. one day they decide to mutually break up but still maintain the same love and care for each other. that was until jungkook comes forward and begins saying defamatory remarks against jimin. ImageImageImageImage
psa: this is my first au and i am a bit inexperienced so all i ask is for you to remain patient with me and be kind. if you want to react to the au , you are more than welcome to but just quote the tweet so the thread won’t break. aside from that i hope you all enjoy this au! 🤍
some warnings:
- will contain toxic relationships
- mentions of abuse
- depression and anxiety will also be included so please be wary
- also please remember that this au is fiction , it is not real
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Dimmed lights //Jikook AU\\
#jikookau #kookminau

Jimin is a struggling singer. A perfect opportunity arises when the lead singer of a famous rock band quits.

He doesn’t expect to get the position, let alone catch the eye of the playboy guitarist. Image
. Image
- 22
- Singer
- Gay
- Best friends with Taehyung

- 21
- Guitarist
- Bisexual
- A little bit of a hoe ImageImage
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#jikookau ▪︎MISTAKE?▪︎
"This is the THIRD time I've been kidnapped this WEEK! It's getting old." Jimin whines to his kidnapper, Jungkook, who can't help but kidnap the beautiful boy again and again each time he runs away, ever since he kidnapped him the first time, by mistake ImageImage
~warnings will be given before updated
~some amount of violence present
~ignore timestamps
~angst, fluff and happy ending(?)
~Interact and pls don't break the thread
~this is purely fiction.

Jimin: looks sweet but can probably kill ImageImageImage
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Jeon Jungkook
23 years old
University student
Filmmaking major Image
Park Jimin
24 years old
University student, last year
Screenwriting major Image
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#jikookau where jungkook broke up with jimin because his feelings for him faded away then one day he woke up in a parallel universe where jimin wasn’t his ImageImageImageImage
— main lead #jikookau ImageImage
— pls read ‼️

this au will be short and english is not my first language so pls bear with my grammar if u have concern or what you can dm me !! i hope you enjoy this short au idk if this will be a angst au or what, it depends on my mood i think lols n e ways enjoy !! :)
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Where jungkook gets bored one night and starts randomly texting strangers his love confession... needless to say it doesn’t exactly go as planned
Meet JK: a 23 yr old uni student bored out of his mind and this is his only solution
victim numero uno
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❝ H4PPY Y0U ❞

Despite Jungkook seeming like a genuinely nice guy, we can’t sidestep the fact he loves his brother’s boyfriend and doesn’t necessarily make a move on him. But one day, Jimin find himself in a situation where he becomes closer to Jungkook. ImageImage
TAGS #jikookau Image
should i ?? #jikook #jikookau
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#jikookau where ImageImageImageImage
- a college au
- angst, smut, 🔞
- it's just fiction, don't be serious
- enjoy with your hormones
01 ~ one night stands ImageImage
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jikook au • heart spaces 🍒

⸻ dom teacher!jimin having crisis with his headspaces which created conflict with his subby boyfriend. but then, jungkook was there to take him in and be the "daddy" figure that he needs.
- slight infidelity? bcs jimin's bf.
- headspaces, dynamics [dom&sub]
- "daddy" is romanticised here so be warned.
- confused af jimin
- confused af jungkook
- might be nsfw
- casual writings/no high expectations pls
- happy ending lmfao

🍒 a gift from me to @gangyangijams 🍒
english teacher Jimin
young entrepreneur Jungkook ImageImage
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Congratulations to @Somethi65105005 for winning the One Shot Giveaway. And as per your choice I'll start updating this one. Hope you and everyone reading would enjoy 🤍
° First Tattoo

#jikookau #kookmin ImageImage
Also... the twt accounts will be different, please kindly ignore the inconsistencies
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#jikookau where Image
this is a drabble so hope u have a good laugh 😚
(01) Image
(2) Image
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↘︎ Jikook AU where:
✦ Jimin has a crush since college and Tae knows it, so when the the opportunity comes he is ready be the cupid 💘

#jikookau #jikookImageImageImageImage
✦ Welcome to my first ever Jikook AU! I hope I can make a good job! English isn’t my first language so I apologise for typos and errors!

Pls don’t be a silent reader (a like is all I ask🥺)!
Thank you and enjoy!!💜

#jikookau #jikookImage

•Park Jimin
Dancer and sometimes a model (only if Tae beg him)
Not shy at all

•Jeon Jungkook
Director and producer
Namjoon stepbrother

#jikookau #jikookImageImage
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{ chances } - #jikookau

where jimin posts a cover of his favorite solo idol jungkook’s song. he doesn’t expect it to blow up or for jungkook to see it.
info :)

- ignore time stamps & hair colors if i don’t clarify!!
- purely fictional.. obviously
- namjin are alr dating
- taegiseok soon
- idk how often i’ll update but ill try to daily or every other day!!
profiles :
jimins accs ImageImage
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- love the way you lie - #jikookau #jikook

Jimin and Jeongguk are fierce enemies but one day they woke up in the same bed.
♡ reminders ♡
• angst, smut 🔞 and fluff
• jikook are bad at feelings
• enemies to lovers

/don’t mind timestamps/

— This is pure fiction!!please don’t be a ghost reader, a simple like or comment gives me a lot of motivation to continue the story ♡
-jimin ImageImage
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#jikookau where a deadly accident took away jungkook's memory of past 5 years. Jimin's nightmare came tumbling in, the old fcked up jungkook was back. No matter how much he tries jungkook doesn't recognize him nor he plans to accept jimin in his life. ImageImageImageImage
well this is my first ever au, hope for the support and love from my jikooker moots ♡♡
Genre of au:
- fluff and angst
- lovers to strangers to lovers prolly
- happy ending? It's a secret
- will point out incase of any 🔞
- don't comment, I'll appreciate qrts
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#jikookau - Marry Me

where J|M got a marriage proposal inside a train. ImageImage
See what I did here 👀 Image
Just recycling some profiles ImageImage
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