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JIKOOK AU - {𝘏𝘺𝘱𝘯𝘰𝘵𝘪𝘻𝘦𝘥} #jikookau
Jimin has been in love with his roommate/bestfriend Jungkook since forever. What happens when JM finds out JK has been lying about having a girlfriend and not knowing JM likes him?
- This is the first AU I’ve ever written. so don’t be too harsh 🥺
- English is not my first language so pls ignore weird grammar
- I kind of have an idea where I want this to go, but I’m open to suggestions 😊

Enjoy ✨
- Jimin, Tae and Hobi are friends with Everyone
- Namjoon got to know Jungkook, Jin and Yoongi through being friends with Jimin@and his friends
- They all study at SNU
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Jikook au — 「I see you」

where soloists Jimin and Jungkook are dating secretly until they are outed by a s/asaeng. They decide to go public with the relationship. It’s not easy having the world in on your private life. On top of that, it seems the stalker isn’t done with them
-this is my 1st au
-if you enjoy it pls let me know like/quote. If you have suggestions or ?s, I’m all ears
-this is a work of my imagination and is not representative of the ppl presented nor is it representative of the way I see them
-enjoy;)) #jikook #jikookau #kookmin
01. The calm before the storm
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#jikook #jikookau

- jikook

park jimin is known for getting everything he wants, whenever he wants it.
jeon jeongguk is known for being that handsome, yet scary looking guy you wouldn't dare to talk to.
#jikook #jikookau

jeongguk, 20
#jikook #jikookau

jimin, 21
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jikook au

high school au where jimin is the art teacher and jungkook is the photography teacher

one day jungkook is teaching the class with a powerpoint

and on the slide is the wrong file attached of a very flatter picture of jimin

#jikook #jikookau #kookmin #kookminau

(jungkook has too many pretty pictures of jimin) #jikook #jikookau #kookmin #kookminau
should I continue this?
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jikook / kookmin au

- that one where jimin drunk texts the wrong number and ends up texting idol Jeon Jungkook, and the one where Jungkook is ‘Jeongguk’ instead.

#jikook #kookmin
anyways should i do it
#jikook #kookmin

- will contain nsfw ‼️
- tropes: strangers to friends to lovers, jealousy, dancer!jimin, idol!jungkook
- will include angst but at a later time
- idk how long this will be, but i have a lot of fun ideas for it :)
- side ships: taegi, namjin, yoonmin
- enjoy :)
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Alpha's Baby, Beta's Baby
[🔞JiKook AU]

Beta Jeong Guk is starting his first year at Seoul Arts. He's already got a place to stay, his class schedule, and a solid idea of how the next four years will go.

Falling in love with beautiful alpha Ji Min was never part of his plan.
I'll be starting this soon!
#jikook #kookmin #jikookau #KookminAu
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jikook/kookmin au

— the return of an old, persistent friend from jimin’s past leads to a little lie that turns into pretending to date someone he swore he’d never fall for: jeon jungkook.
i’ll start updating this in a bit hehe
#jikook / #kookmin au
• ignore timestamps
• tropes: fake dating, denial of feelings, mutual pining, jealousy, best friends to fake bfs to lovers, fluff/crack
• 🚫 not an abo au the abo jokes are just a running gag between the boys
• namgiseok + taejin sideships
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Not Your Oppa
[🔞JiKook AU🔞]

Ji Min is a freelance choreographer- the best of the best. He also has a secret twitter account where he brags about sleeping with everyone's favorite Kpop oppas.

What happens when Jeong Guk finds himself on Ji Min’s list?
Please ignore dates, times, retweets, and likes. I tried to match the hair as best as I could, but it's hard.
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jikook au in which jimin and halsey help each other to get their crushes to like them. Based on shura's mv: "what's it gonna be?" #jikook #jikookau
• short au
• like and retweet
• sorry for the errors
• this is my second au
• I accept constructive criticism
• read my 2nd one "satellite" (ngl, it was rushed, but I wasn't inspired by it anymore)
Jimin and his crush #jikook #jikookau
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•[Jikook Au]—0,9•

#Jikook #jikookau #bts #kookminau
•[Jikook Au]—1,0•

#Jikook #jikookau #kookminau #bts
•[Jikook Au]—1,1•

#Jikook #jikookau #kookminau #bts
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Shall We Dance?
[🔞Jikook AU🔞]

In which Jeong Guk needs a contemporary dance tutor and Ji Min is the best. However, the lessons don't quite turn out as planned.
This is my first social media AU, so please be gentle. There is quite a bit of NSFW content, although I don't plan on adding any NSFW pics.
Please disregard timestamps, retweets, and likes. Also, the hair colors may not always be the same. I tried, but it's so hard.
I hope you all enjoy the ride!
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{Jikook AU}

Jungkook is the founder of JSat Corp, a daughter company of Jeon Crop. He is assisted by his friend, Park Jimin. Young, rich and handsome, Jungkook becomes one of the famous bachelor in town. But one night, he got drugged with Aphrodisiac by his business partner.
- Might involve usage of drug and NFSW content 🔞
- This AU would be long
- Do not tag BTS
- This is all fictional
- The @/ are all made up
- Consist of writing and Social media
- Might get angsty
- English is not our first language
- Ignore time stamps
-1.0- Profiles - Park Jimin #JikookAu #Jikook #KookminAu #Kookmin
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「Jikook au」

—Jimin decided to write about how to loose a guy he’ll date for his finals. Jeongguk made a bet with his friends about being more than just sleeping around. One thing led to another & they’re each others’ toy.

rt when reading

- this one’s for the cliche enthusiasts
- insipred by that movie How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days
- please let give me feedback when reading! i would appreciate it 🥺

#jikookau #jikook
jeon jeongguk
- goal keeper; engineering major
- fucks around + bi;
- step brothers with yoongi
- known for riding his motorbike a lot
- dumb and competitive wbk

#jikookau #jikook #parkjimin #jeonjungkook #bts #au
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Jikook au where Jungkook loses his little 4 years old brother Eunwoo while they're taking a walk but, luckily for Jungkook, idol Park Jimin finds the little boy crying and decides to help him to find his brother, not expecting him to be the most beautiful human he has ever seen.
The picture in the center is a fanart made by @/foxlee_art, you can find the original on his/her instagram account @/😊
-Don't mind the time stamps
-Quote and don't reply pls
-English isn't my first language so I'll certainly make mistakes, I'm sorry🤷🏻‍♀️
-This will be 97% crack

#jikookau #kookminau #jikook #kookmin
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{Jikook AU}
V and Jimin decided to end their 3 years relationship as they don’t feel the same as before, but now... Jungkook and Yoon Gi can wait no more — 🐥🐰💜
🧚🏻‍♂️ Agent E
This would be our first AU. Please rmb:
- do not tag BTS
- this is all fictional
- ignore timestamps
- Main ship: Jikook ; side ship : VMIN TAEGI
- show us some love 💜
🧚🏻‍♂️ Agent E
English is not our first language, please forgive us if we made any grammatical error or typos 💜🙏🏻
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Jikook nsfw au 🔞

Omega JM goes into heat and after so long without someone to help him through it, he gets desperate enough to call his ex alpha bf, JK, to take care of him. Unfortunately, in the heat of the moment they accidentally mate.
#jikook #kookmin #jikookau #kookminau
Lol can’t believe I’m actually starting this already! Here goes! We’ll start off with the profiles for these three #jikook #kookmin #jikookau #kookminau

•CEO of Jeon Corp (youngest)
•Pure Bred Alpha
•Dated JM since high school, broke up 2 yrs ago
•Has a a valid reason for their break up
•Still in love with JM
•Closely associated with YG, NJ, and JN

#jikook #kookmin #jikookau #kookminau
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I FINALLY HAVE TIME TO UPDATE AGAIN! I’m so sorry for the delay but here ya go...This au radiates crackhead energy cause I’m like this in real life lmaooo so I’m sorry rip

The written out parts will be slightly nsfw 🔞 #jikook #kookmin #jikookau #kookminau
Jikook nsfw

Part 6
An unexpected visitor (what really happened) #jikook #kookmin #jikookau #kookminau
Jikook nsfw

Part 7
A naughty Diminnie and JK can’t resist 😳 (slight nsfw)🔞
#jikook #kookmin #jikookau #kookminau
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NSFW Jikook au

Soft baby boy nerd jimin drinks for the first time only to get wasted and accidentally enter the wrong dorm room and sleep in a strangers bed not knowing it belongs to the college’s infamous player & frat boy, Jeon Jungkook #jikook #jikookau #kookmin #kookminau
Warning: This au is nsfw so just be warned and cautious! ⚠️

I’ll start with Jikook profiles! As the members are introduced I’ll keep adding profiles

Here is the preview as well (ignore time stamps rip)
#jikook #kookmin #jikooknsfwau #jikookau #kookminau
Jikook nsfw

Part 1
Opposite sides of the same coin
#jikook #kookmin #jikookau #kookminau
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•Jikook AU•
A police officer, Jeon Jeongguk also a father and hero of his son, Junho falls in love with a cutie guy who also a son of drug dealer in town. Love is mutual but world is a cruel place, there’s only one choice. Love or Life?

#JikookWeek #JikookAU @jikookwk
- This is angst au.
- All the characters are 💯 coming from imagination
- I’m not an english speaker so excuse my grammar mistake 🙏🏻
Intro - their social medias
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Jikook au

In which Bts are a famous boy group and Jimin and Jungkook are secretly dating.
They create an account for fun where they post some videos in which they kiss each other showing only their lips.
What if they make a mistake and post a video on Bts' official account?
-Don't mind the time stamps
-English isn't my first language so sorry if I make some mistake
-Idk when (and if lmao) I'll start to write it
-Maybe I'll write some narrative parts but I'm not sure about this
-ENJOY (idek if I'll post it but still, enjoy the plot)
Please quote and don't reply💛
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To All the Boys I've Loved Before (BTS AU!)

✩ Jimin/Jungkook ✩

...Thread ...

#kookmin #jikook #btsau #au
✩ Notes ✩
- I have no clue if this has been done before, I apologise if it has.
- If anyone creates anything about this please tag me (Everyones so creative)
- If you have any questions, ask
- Please Enjoy! ( + This is my first Tweet and I'm a nervous bean)
✩ Park Jimin as Lara Jean ✩

" And so, I wrote him a letter. I wasn't going to send the letter, it was just for me to understand how I was feeling."
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▹ bts text au!


❝ Jungkook becomes the new goalie for the SK Olympic Field Hockey Team and has had a major crush on star player Park Jimin for years. It’s the best thing to happen in his life...until he accidentally gives Jimin stitches in the head. ❞
-21 years old
-Star player of the team
-main captain
-forward line (scores many of the teams goals)
-Nations boyfriend
-insanely popular in Korea
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✧・゚: *✧・✧・゚: *✧・*
jikook!¡AU • models

onde jungkook é modelo e jimin já fora um

ignorem as horas e datas pfv.
1. esqueceu que tem crush?
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« jikook au »

in which goody two shoes jimin gets a problematic party animal assigned as his uni dorm mate. #jikook #jikookau #kookmin #kookminau #btsau
· includes eating disorders
· includes alcoholism/alcohol use disorder (AUD)
· mention of abuse

If you don't feel comfortable about the topics mentioned, please don't hesitate to stop reading. Read at your own risk.
« character profiles »
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