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// Our Little Secret //

[Jikook au]

Jock Jungkook’s best friend has a crush on the student body president Jimin. The catch? Jungkook is secretly dating said president.
Jungkooks friends
[the jocks]
Jimins friends
[the athelete + nerds club]
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{ fools } • jikook au

— despite having pink hair, good fashion sense, high grades and wealth jungkook still refuses to date jimin, and the latter doesn’t understand why

[ #jikook #jikookau ]

- angst, fluff (? idk yet)
- ignore time & date
- excuse grammar and typos
- interact or leave comments pls
- hope u’ll like it <3
— questions or suggestions u can dm or cc me :))
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#jikookau where south korea’s darling jimin and scandal-ridden jungkook find out they aren’t nearly as different as they thought when rumors about jimin’s sexuality start spreading and jimin, fed up with it all, asks jungkook to work with him.
/// should i do it?
/// hi everyone! this au will be nsfw, there’ll be mentions of depression/ anxiety/homophobia. mostly it’ll be lighthearted and fluffy, though. i hope you will like it and thank you so much for reading it. please don’t be silent readers ♥️
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#jikook au ☁️

—in which jungkook just wants to show off his favorite outfit, but his picture goes viral when a famous pop singer he never heard of posts a photo with the exact same jacket.
—info :

♡ remember this is pure FICTION!
♡ ignore dates/timestamps
♡ angst
♡ fluff
♡ possible smut
♡ happy ending

—please don’t be a ghost reader, it motivates me a lot to get feedback and see ur reactions ♥—
- 00:00 -

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(264) #jikookau #jikook
picnic, pt. 1
(265) #jikookau #jikook
picnic, pt. 2
(266) #jikookau #jikook
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「 one more night 」 ✧ #jikook au ✧

— in which Jimin has a one night stand with someone he meets at a club. Everything seems to be fine until a couple of days later he finds out who the hot guy with tattoos really is.


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— jikook au

where fanboy jeon jeongguk gets accused as a 'sasaeng fan' when an unreleased video of idol park jimin was seen in one of his video edit.
— short crack au
— i just made up all of the usernames used in this au, if u see ur name/username,,, that is just purely coincidental!
— this is a work of fiction,,, for entertainment purposes ONLY

i hope u enjoy! 🥺
— 01 · #jikook au
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Contemporary dancer, Park Jimin willingly joins a famous hip-hop group know as the Black Swan's. Different circumstances happened, and there he found, Jeon Jungkook.

~ angst
~ violence??
~ nsfw🔞
~ fluff😚

- I am nowhere near sexualizing and provoking BTS.
I am not spreading false information and certainly not trying to RUIN their image.
And again this story is purely fiction.

// this is also my first au
P a r k J i m i n
- 25 years Old
- Contemporary dancer / Ballet Dancer
- Has a BFF named Taehyung (also a black swan Member)
- Has a cat
- Loves everything soft and pretty
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#Jikook #jikookau


Head Alpha Jeon Jungkook must choose an omega mate to help him lead his pack. Any omega would love the chance to be chosen. Except one. The one he wants. Jungkook will fight anyone who dares stand in his way, including the omega he wants, Park Jimin.
#Jikookau Mine.
The Pack Alphas:
Jungkook - Head Alpha
Hoseok - Lead Alpha - Security
Namjoon -Lead Alpha - Diplomacy
#Jikookau Mine.
The Pack Betas:
Sejin - Head Beta
Yoongi - Lead Beta - Security
Jin - Beta - Medical
Taehyung - Beta - Crafts
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real love
jikook social media au

after a messy break up, jungkook and jimin are forced into a fake relationship to save his reputation. but when does this "relationship" stop being a chore and become real? or is it all in his head?

#jikookau #btsau #btssmau
° this is my first social media au on twt !

° pls quote/dm me if you want to react to one of the posts !! replying breaks the thread

° pls be kind~
° swearing
° crude humor and language
° lots and lots of fluff
° some angst later on
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jikook au where jimin has a tiktok go viral that attracts the attention of his celebrity crushes, but his ultimate crush jungkook doesn’t reply, making jimin desperate to get his attention
based on this tweet😗
this was his tiktok💀
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[ #jikookau #jikook ]

– in which jungkook is a famous idol while jimin is his backup dancer. jungkook posted a video of him to the twitter and it blew up. not because of him, but his fans are attracted to the boy behind him, his backup dancer.
as usual, 30 rt ill start
haha jokes on u make it 50 rt or i wont start
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jikook au— fools

where jk's girlfriend suggests to have threesome with her classmate from college named park jimin but jk is straight or he isn't?

#jikook #jikookau
–english isn't my first language, so I'm aware of the possible mistakes
–time/dates stamps aren't important
–angst ofc
–nsfw? I'm not sure about this one but I put it just in case
–toxic relationship
jm & jk profiles

#jikook #jikookau
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Jikook AU where rapstar Jungkook is unfulfilled with his wild celebrity lifestyle untill he sees an angel on the catwalk. #Jikook #Jungkook #Jimin #NSFW
JK, 24, famous solo rapper.
Jimin, 21, newcomer fashion model.
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JIKOOK AU - {𝘏𝘺𝘱𝘯𝘰𝘵𝘪𝘻𝘦𝘥} #jikookau
Jimin has been in love with his roommate/bestfriend Jungkook since forever. What happens when JM finds out JK has been lying about having a girlfriend and not knowing JM likes him?
- This is the first AU I’ve ever written. so don’t be too harsh 🥺
- English is not my first language so pls ignore weird grammar
- I kind of have an idea where I want this to go, but I’m open to suggestions 😊

Enjoy ✨
- Jimin, Tae and Hobi are friends with Everyone
- Namjoon got to know Jungkook, Jin and Yoongi through being friends with Jimin@and his friends
- They all study at SNU
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「 heart thief 」 ✧ #jikook au ✧

— in which a thief sneaks inside jimin's family castle, but he ends up stealing the prince's heart instead.

the prince ImageImage

the thief ImageImage
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Jikook au — 「I see you」

where soloists Jimin and Jungkook are dating secretly until they are outed by a s/asaeng. They decide to go public with the relationship. It’s not easy having the world in on your private life. On top of that, it seems the stalker isn’t done with them
-this is my 1st au
-if you enjoy it pls let me know like/quote. If you have suggestions or ?s, I’m all ears
-this is a work of my imagination and is not representative of the ppl presented nor is it representative of the way I see them
-enjoy;)) #jikook #jikookau #kookmin
01. The calm before the storm
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In which Jimin; a worldwide super model commented on Rapper and Singer Jeon Jungkook’s tweet, that he love his latest album, MIDNIGHT!, both of them are known worldwide and their cute interaction shake the bird app

#jikook #jikookau

— Both Jungkook and Jimin has a crush on each other

— They have met in some previous events, but never talk to each other, only stealing some glances and smile when their eyes met


— This is my FIRST EVER au

— English isn’t my first language so please bare with me

— This au is made just for fun, this is all based on my own ideas and imagination

— Fluff

— ABO! (Alpha, Beta & Omega) universe

— Mpreg
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‘Where did I go wrong?’

#jikook au

Minnie & Gguk had been bestfriends for quite some time now. They told eachother everything, but a day comes where Min finds out about Gguk’s new partner through social media ... and he can’t quite tell what he feels about the ordeal.
tags & about 💌

#jikook #jikookau #jiminau #jungkookau

tw: please read this if you're planning to read the fic, in case there are mentions of things you may not be comfortable with or particularly enjoy reading
— meet minnie 💗
* dances like his life depends on it
* is pansexual
* kind of, in love with his bestfriend
* loves drinking and cuddles
* will go through hell and back, just to make his bestfriend smile
#jikook au
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「 blank space 」 ✧ #jikook au ✧

— in which jm's older brother gets a boyfriend, and one day, said bf discovers jimin's biggest secret. The only option that's left for jm is to do everything he orders him in order to keep him quiet.


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jikook au where in jimin had an embarrassing encounter with his ex boyfriend
— starting this when i finish my other au (or maybe alternate updating it both 😂)
— short crack au
— jeongguk used to call jimin 'vanilla'
— 01 · #jikook au
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Jikook AU in which Jungkook asks Jimin how he likes his eggs in the morning and Jimin answers with scrambled eggs, not knowing that it's a sexual question.
inspired by all of these ⬇️

-Not native in English
-quote don't reply
-side ships not decided
-cra*ck AU

Have fun ❤
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ABO #Jikook AU:
Idol Jungkook is on vacation in Busan after a long tour. Chanel model, Park Jimin is also on vacation in Busan. Despite being sat together on the same plane, Jimin wants nothing to do with Jungkook, that is, until his heat starts on the plane.
☆Things to note!☆
-Don't mind time stamps
-Don't ask for updates
-Quote, don't reply, I need to keep the thread going
-Possible NSFW
#nsfw #jikookau #jikook #crack #fluff #angst (just a little)
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♡ 8 ♡
#jikookau #jikook
♡ 9 ♡ (jungkook’s idea of fun)
#jikookau #jikook
♡ 10 ♡
#jikookau #jikook
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