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tiny dancer

#JIKOOK abo au:
three years after a career ending scandal, park jimin, former national treasure, is back. in a sea of unforgiving stares, jungkook, korea’s new it-boy, has the warmest eyes jimin has ever seen
- - profile i. - -
♡ omega, 23 years old
♡ started his career early on at 17 years old. by 19 he was regarded as korea’s national treasure. though following a massive scandal, jimin became a social pariah
♡ back to releasing music after 3 years of being gone
- - profile ii. - -
♡ alpha, 21 years old
♡ came into fame around the same time jimin disappeared. an acclaimed singer-songwriter, beloved my many both nationally and internationally
♡ korea’s it boy (fans are known as babies)
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jikook/kookmin au

— the return of an old, persistent friend from jimin’s past leads to a little lie that turns into pretending to date someone he swore he’d never fall for: jeon jungkook.
i’ll start updating this in a bit hehe
#jikook / #kookmin au
• ignore timestamps
• tropes: fake dating, denial of feelings, mutual pining, jealousy, best friends to fake bfs to lovers, fluff/crack
• 🚫 not an abo au the abo jokes are just a running gag between the boys
• namgiseok + taejin sideships
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[Jikook crack au]


where bts are a bunch of hets who like to read aus & fics together to laugh about their fans being delulu

then one night, Jikook get a bit curious 🥵
but it’s not gay because they’re just bros, right?
- this will be fairly short
- crack
- there WILL be nsfw content but it will be absolutely ridiculous and hopefully it’ll make you laugh
- lmao enjoy
1. #jikookau #jikook

btw ignore the dates and stuff
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{ 𝑏𝑒𝑡𝑡𝑒𝑟 𝑙𝑖𝑓𝑒 } #jikook au

Jungkook is passionate about animals and most of all he likes dogs, the big problem is that his parents don't let him have one, what will happen when he finds one in the street and he keeps it? The dog will have owner
¬ 1

¬ 2

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| ♡ | - jikook au

jungkook opens up his box of coco puffs to find that a star wars spoon is not in there as promised. he takes to twitter in a rage, and coco puffs social media representative, jimin, is not taking his shit.

#jikookau #jikook
- collab w @lilwoozivert_
- gonna b short as fuck
- don’t look at time stamps
- quote or reply idc just don’t break the thread 🔫
- crack au
- i use cuss words, so pls read w parental consent
- not planned at all, missy and i just got bored lolz
- jk is an idol
- jimin runs the cp acc and has a personal one
- other members may or may not show up in the au,, idk,, we’ll see
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#jikook au where Jimin is dared to send nudes to his crush at a party and all his friends freak the fuck out
~just ignore the times, I will sometimes try uwu
~please dont attack me if u no like, itll hurt the baby (I'm baby)
~give me suggestions
~if this flops, my cat started it
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♥ jikook au in which jungkook and jimin were once best friends, and still think they are, however different interests get in the way. everything stems back to one thing. the treehouse #jikook #jikookau
side notes:
-sideships are sope + namjin
-will be some swearing
-references to s*x but not smut
-this is my very first au, and possibly my very last 🤠
-jin is 20
-namjoon + sope are all 19 and out of high school
-vminkook are all 17 and still in high school
profiles pt.1
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🌙hello!! welcome to my mini sailor moon au!!

this is a gift to all my beautiful followers thank you for 1.5k+💕💕

—don’t mind times
—artistic liberties with the plot so not EXACTLY like sailor moon but it’s inspired
—have fun and interact 😘🥰🌙
🌙school boys
—jimin as sailor moon
—namjoon as sailor mercury

none of the sailor scouts have their powers yet but minjoon are bffs at uni together.
🌙school boys
—jungkook as tuxedo mask
—hoseok as sailor jupiter

jk fights crime in the city as tuxedo mask and hoseok knows this. they go to the same uni as minjoon and maybe jk has a small interest in jimin
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—jikook au

where jeongguk, jimin’s six year crush since ninth grade, has payed the boy no interest. however, jimin persistently continues to message jeongguk, getting one-word replies. things take a turn when jeongguk spots jimin at the mall, on a date with his teammate.
— don’t comment, just quote tweet
— don’t mind timestamps
— enjoy the au :)
1 jm & gguk’s profiles

jikook au #jikookau
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jikook au in which jk hated jimin so much, not bec of his pink hair or popularity, but because he’s the reason for his heartbreak in middle school — or that’s what he thought. jimin has an identical twin, silver haired guy named jim, that is the real person who broke jk’s heart.
— 1. personal accs
#jikook #jikookau
— 2. hate
#jikook #jikookau
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• jikook au

— jimin, a freelance performer, would always notice this young man, jungkook, watching him with sad eyes in all his gigs wherever he perform. however, everytime their eyes meet, seconds later he’s already gone.
i feel the need to post this to get it off my chest.

- jikook
- short
• profiles [jikook au]

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[ fond of you ] - a jikook au in which jk is failing English class and his only hope is the 'nerd' jimin, who he seems to dislike for some reason. #jikook #jikookau
- short au
- finished
- kind of open ending??
- like and rt uwu
#jikook #jikookau
1 - dat ass #jikook #jikookau
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#jikook au

in where jimin is getting married to his 6 year boyfriend but gets drunk one night only not realizing that he got married that night not until one day there was a document in his mailbox it was his marriage certificate to the guy named jeon jungkook.
this au was inspired by a filipino movie cant help falling inlove so i hope you will like this au 🥰🥺
jm vs jk
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125 ♡

126 ♡

127 ♡

(i found the edited image on tumblr so if anyone knows the owner please give me the @ so i can credit them)

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Not Your Oppa
[🔞JiKook AU🔞]

Ji Min is a freelance choreographer- the best of the best. He also has a secret twitter account where he brags about sleeping with everyone's favorite Kpop oppas.

What happens when Jeong Guk finds himself on Ji Min’s list?
Please ignore dates, times, retweets, and likes. I tried to match the hair as best as I could, but it's hard.
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"Jealous-Sea" - canon compliant #jikook abo 🔞

Award shows can be taxing for a variety of reasons; long hours, freezing temperatures, unappetizing food, you name it. Jungkook can deal with that. What he can't stand, however, is the sight of another trying to claim what's his.
-canon compliant au (but like.. no huge references to it)
-it's not as serious as the summary makes it out to be??
-text au. sorry 🗿
-one shot fic because im currently dying and cant write more than this
-they fuck, meaning knot/slick/all that good stuff 🔞
1. Naturally
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✩ jikook au ✩

✩ in which jungkook doesn’t like jimin very much... jimin wonders why. ✩
i’ll start this in a few days 💫
✩ romantic comedy!
✩ kind of? enemies to lovers 🤭
✩ Jungkook and Jimin are the same age
✩ might have slightly NSFW🔞 content
✩ please feel free to interact and let me know what you think at all times!! it makes me very happy 🥺
✩ please don’t mind time stamps and hair colors 🥺
✩ please quote instead of replying 🥺
✩ enjoy! 💖💫
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[#jikook] • ɘᴎiɒɔovoᴎ

in which jimin is hired to be the nanny of two kids while their father is away, unknown to him that their father is the no good, infamous rockstar known for his troublemaker lifestyle on the news and the same boy he hated back in high school, jungkook.
note: none of the edits, artworks, songs, or pictures used in this AU belong to me! all the credit goes to the amazing artists out there in all categories 🥺💓

also! ignore timestamps okie 🥺
jimin park, 25
- gay
- julliard music graduate
- percussionist prodigy
- currently jobless bc jimin is weird
- lives with hoseok
- hoseok + jin = bffs
- has smol tattoos and piercings
- owns a great dane named yama
- hates jungkook bc of high school
- artist when he wants to be
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☆[Some body else]☆
-jikook au where jimin finds out that jungkooks In love with someone else but doesn’t know how to break up with him, jimin leaves and ghosts him and jk realizes he still loves him but he can’t find him anywhere.
- This is my first ever au, so please be kind
- Angst
- I don’t know when I’ll update times are but I don’t know.
- spelling errors might be common I’m dyslexic
- ignore time stamps they’re not important
- side ships include : taegi and namjin, I’ll find someone for hoseok dw!
-Twitter famous
-photography major
-likes to sing
-likes to draw
-been with Jimin for 2 years
(One private acc and one public)
- works at the pet shop with moon part time
-also does photography part time
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jikook au in which jimin and halsey help each other to get their crushes to like them. Based on shura's mv: "what's it gonna be?" #jikook #jikookau
• short au
• like and retweet
• sorry for the errors
• this is my second au
• I accept constructive criticism
• read my 2nd one "satellite" (ngl, it was rushed, but I wasn't inspired by it anymore)
Jimin and his crush #jikook #jikookau
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- Don’t mind time and date stamps - Please don’t tag B T S - HEAVY AGNST. - Mentions of emotional abuse and self harm
- Happy Ending
1. Park Jimin
-Member Of BTS
-is treated badly by the other members of BTS (except Jungkook and only when they’re alone)
-In love with Jungkook
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✧ ♡ be mine? ♡ ✧

✧ ♡ a jikook au where Jungkook thinks he can get anyone if he wanted but is proven wrong when the one person he wants, doesn't want him ♡ ✧

#jikook #jikookau #kookmin
✧ mostly comedy!
✧ side ship: sope (for now 😳)
✧ maybe a teeny tiny bit of angst later on 🥺
✧ maybe a teeny tiny bit of NSFW 🔞🤭

#jikook #jikookau #jimin #jungkook #kookmin
✧ also please don’t mind time stamps and haircolors 🥺
✧ taehyung-hoseok-jimin and jungkook-yoongi-seokjin-namjoon are the friend groups!

let’s begin 😈

#jikook #jikookau #btsau #jimin #jungkook
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Jikook au where Jimin and Jungkook are students in school, Jimin being openly gay but Jungkook not. They end up falling in love and secretly date. One day in class Jimin hands Jungkook a note that reads “I love you” only Jungkook doesn’t get to read that note, someone else does.
I want to do this but I don’t want to if no ones gonna actually read😔
Whatever ima actually do this if y’all see it I’m glad if y’all don’t then🤡🤡
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