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And we're off. Govt motion #2 for a General Election. Boris out of the gate with a reference to the Speaker always acting in what the *Speaker* judges to be in the National Interest. In Parliamentary terms, that's a low blow.
"Corbyn first Leader of the Opposition in history to show his confidence in the Government by declining to have an election with a view to removing the government." Corbyn doing the usual attempt to kill Boris with a glare, clearly not kept up with Sith training.
"The Surrender Act has now passed; he's done his level best to wreck this country's chances of a successful election, by his own logic he must now back an election." Entire Labour front bench avoiding looking across at the Tories. Amazing how many directions a minister can gaze.
We're onto the "preposterous cowardice" of the Labour Party in avoiding a General Election. Cheerleading the Tories; "We will win it!" "Scheming opposition!" etc. de Cordova doing the "Austerity! Cuts! Evil Tories! Save the NHS!" routine. Cue noises off.
"Every time the Lib Dems lose a Referendum, they just call for another one!" "Corbyn's strategy is to become PM without an election, go to Brussels & negotiate a deal that keeps us in the CU & Single Market, have a 2nd Referendum then campaign against deal." Seems about right.
"The SNP want to force an election by heroically abstaining from a vote on one." "The combined opposition only want an election when it produces the results they want." "They want to pre-emptively protect the British people from the consequences of their own democratic decisions"
"The opposition has a constitutional duty to oppose the government and seek an election. For this task, they are handsomely paid by the taxpayer..." Interrupted by Soubry with a demand to know if Boris will follow rule of law. Potted by Bercow & dismissed by Johnson.
"In this era of creative litigation, are there not grounds for legal challenge to compel the opposition to fulfil their duties & agree to an election?" "In the past week, Labour wants to delay, get a new deal, have a referendum, perhaps on another referendum."
"If you really want a delay until after October 31, then have a General Election and let the people decide. I will not ask for another delay." SNP point of order on rule of law, rejected by Bercow. Wollaston wants PM to appear after Parliament prorogued, rejected by Bercow.
Bercow is being extremely Speakerish all of a sudden. Clearly wants to get on with the night's proceedings. Boris: "The public have had enough, MPs thwarting the will of the people is undermining respect of the rest of the country. You want a delay? Vote GE."
Corbyn: "Clear intent that PM will not obey law just passed." Woolly reference to PM not following rule of law, then says opposition position very clear. Much laughter; Emily Thornberry not in shot. Standard No Deal = Catastrophe routine.
We've got the full Mike Leigh Peterloo movie exposition speech going on. Increasing de-industrialisation, abject poverty, medical shortages, you name it. All due on November 1, apparently. Now quoting Amber Rudd, unironically. Complaining that sensitive negotiations confidential.
Obsession with No Deal is amazing. This is not a reason for refusing a General Election. If Corbyn genuinely thinks Boris is "running away from scrutiny" then why not go for a GE? Parliament can't bind its successor. If Corbyn wants to "turf out reckless Govt", then have a GE ffs
Boris: "If Corbyn wants to avoid No Deal, why won't he call a GE, win a GE & go to Brussels & get a better deal?"
Corbyn: "Because we don't want No Deal!"

Yeah, me neither.
Corbyn now on Varadkar's statement that he was yet to receive realistic & workable plans. Not giving way (common courtesy, as always, not a Corbyn norm during his speeches). 4 simple Qs to PM, which seem to have merged into a rant. Claims Boris doesn't answer Qs, hasn't asked any
Corbyn: "We are not walking into traps laid by PM!" Sits down. So cowardice prevails, then.
Lefroy (C): During GE purdah, how can we carry on negotiating & keep opposition informed?

Blackford (SNP): Invoking Jo Cox. Calls for civility.

Paisley (DUP): What about his MPs being uncivil to PM?

Blackford: Now running the "pot/kettle" trope.
And we're off on the SNP rent-a-quote routine (independence good, but not for UK, want GE but not now, EU wonderful, don't remove the umbilical cord). Normal service resumed ASAP.
"Dictatorship! Brexit catastrophe! Strip this Government from power! No General Election! Free Scotland (with every 4 gallons)! EU our wonderful home!" Here endeth the lesson from the SNP.
Sir Alan Duncan (C): "FTPA should have had a sunset clause. PM in a Kafkaesque trap. Brexit has been the most poisonous issue of our political life. A GE with an unresolved Brexit will damage our political system." Seems 4 political parties (Con, Lab, LibDem, Brexit) is too many
Amazing. Tory MP doesn't understand what losing the whip entails, shut down by Bercow.

And up pops Swinson (L): whinges about Boris's delivery (not the content, though). Gratz to Rudd, usual LD routine about prorogation etc. Now into Project Fear.
According to the Lib Dem leader, private/confidential communications on government business are "a report". You couldn't make it up. Lib Dems will revoke A50 if elected & will stand on that in a GE. But Boris has no mandate, apparently. That's told 17.4 million voters.
And so it goes, on and on and on and on. It's almost as though the MPs on both sides are colluding in filibustering the proroguing of Parliament.
We've got the hushed tones of the BBC wedding commentary team during the vote on a GE, with equally vapid discussions. Labour & SNP virtue-signalling their abstention from voting.

Ayes: 293
Noes: 46 (less than last time)
Majority: doesn't matter, not enough votes.

No GE.
Boris: MPs have twice denied the British people the choice inherent in a GE. This Govt will not delay #Brexit any further.

The HoL must be fed up by now, they'll have been waiting for the prorogation ceremony for hours.
Corbyn: Whinge - prorogation - whinge - disgrace -whinge - how very dare he.
Blackford: [channelling Walllace in Braveheart] Freedom!!!!
Davey (LD): People's Vote, not GE!
Maskell (L&Coop): But muh petition!
Saville Roberts (PC): Need Citizen's Convention. Revoke A50!
Lucas (G): Prorogation! Evil! Crash out! Need a written constitution! Feral Government! Power Grab! Quick, get me my meds!

Luke Graham (C) shows signs of promise. Hope he gets re-elected come the (Tory/BP) revolution.
Mark Francois: Lisbon Treaty caused the Referendum. Be careful of the judgement of the people. Paraphrases John Donne.

SNP: Invoking Project Fear. Again.

Bring on the prorogation. Before we lose the will to watch this anymore.
Loving the dulcet dialect tones of Martin Docherty-Hughes. Not often MPs are told tae hauld their whischt.
Bercow: "The Leader of the House is about to uncoil. I have found him a most courteous individual." 😂
Sitting suspended until 01:10. Presumably for bio breaks. Back to the BBC royal wedding commentary.
Looks like a couple of dozen Lords, at most in the HoL for the prorogation ceremony. Opposition Lords notable by their absence. As long as there are enough for a quorate Royal Commission (3) there's no issue with procedure.
Oh dear god, the BBC commentary is dire and completely uninformed by an understanding of history. An unwritten constitution is effectively bound by its customs, traditions & rituals. Our constitution is material culture in performance. Get used to it.
And the ritual performance commences. Black Rod is admitted, & she is given her instructions. Off to the Commons, where she requests admittance by banging on the door. Traditional resistance could include leaning on the doors to refuse her entry.
Doors slammed in face of the Black Rod; doors opened. In she comes. Interrupted by goity MPs as she utters her traditional speech. Loud cries of "No". Scuffle by the Speaker's chair, not customary. Placard being held up by idiot MPs. Speaker not responding.
Speaker dragging the procedure out. "I do want to make the point that this is not a standard or normal prorogation." Red in the face. "It is an act of executive fiat. I will play my part. I understand that members are comfortable staying where they are." Flying flamingos.
Feckwit Labour/SNP MPs shouting "Shame on you" as MPs file out to the HoL. Trotskyite student politics is now mainstream, to the detriment of British politics.
Procedure being correctly followed in the HoL, thank goodness. Deeply disappointed in the behaviour of some of the HoC, this is being rude to the Queen, not Boris. They need to get over themselves. They diminish all of us by their boorish behaviour.
La Reine le veult.

Prorogration is confirmed.

Government statement & bullet points on preparation for #Brexit, including 600 Statutory Instruments.

Effectively a "We've done chuffing well in both national & international agendas in the past 2 years. We're going to do more."
Back to the HoC & the opposition MPs have broken convention again & burst into applause. Heartily sick of Bercow bending convention whenever it suits him. Interesting hand signals from the clerks standing behind him during his speech of prorogation. Govt boycotted return to HoC.
Usual occasion of shaking hands with Speaker at end of Parliamentary session led by Corbyn, rather than Govt. Division couldn't be more clear. Bercow persona non grata with Govt; HoC currently the "Wonderful Bercow Show!". BBC back to the Royal Wedding commentary.
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