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Right, here we go. Plain English version of the Supreme Court's judgement on the #ProrogationCase. THREAD.

The numbers at the top right of the front page are the case references. These are used as shorthand when further cases want to refer to them. 1/
The next two pages list all those involved in the case. Appellants = those making the appeal to the Supreme Court. Respondents = those responding (like defendants). Interveners = those with additional points. All interveners supported the Miller & Cherry cases. 2/
First up, a statement that the judgement was not about "when and on what terms the UK is to leave the EU." The judgement is on "whether the PM's advice *in this particular prorogation* was lawful." The issue is, as far as the judgement is concerned, "a one-off". 3/
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The Supreme Court has found in a unanimous verdict of all 11 justices that the Prime Minister acted unlawfully in preventing Parliament from carrying out its constitutional functions. It is hard for me to see how he can stay on as our country's Prime Minister. #ProrogationCase
There also has to be the most serious of questions asked about how the Attorney General could have given legal support for a prorogation of Parliament that the UK Supreme Court has unanimously declared unlawful. This seems a failure of the most fundamental kind. #ProrogationCase
As Lady Hale made clear, something also went badly wrong with due Cabinet process throughout this sorry episode. No Parliamentary business wash-up at the end of the session; and no Cabinet discussion at all prior to prorogation, just a hurried conference call after Privy Council.
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Day 3 of the #ProrogationCase hearing at the UK Supreme Court. Previous threads can be found here (follow the nested link for Day 1): THREAD 1/
This morning, we have 4 "oral interventions". These are written statements, read out by QCs. Each written statement is read out by a different QC. Neither the Public Law Project nor Shami Chakrabati's written statements are on the timetable. 2/
First up, a "short statement" on justiciability by Mure QC on behalf of the Scottish Govt; "Court has competence to protect the constitution as much as it can protect individual rights." "Authority for closer ("anxious") scrutiny where constitutional principles at stake." 3/
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Afternoon session starting on day 2 of the #ProrogationCase. My morning commentary can be found here: THREAD 1/
O'Neill QC starts with a riff on how he's the only unennobled QC present at the Supreme Court hearing. Now arguing that distance confers difference perspectives & quoting Rabbie Burns. This could be more entertaining for a lay audience if he carries on like this. 2/
Sidenote: O'Neill families historically claim descent from the Kings of Ailech. Back in the Supreme Court, more Burns quotes. Entertaining the Justices with references to 1066 & 1966 + WW2 being only dates that matter to English. He's awa doon a rabbithole with this. 3/
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As the Supreme Court considers vital questions to protect our parliamentary democracy, I found a tearful woman at the feet of Sir Winston Churchill...
#Prorogation #ProrogationCase
This statue of one of Britain’s most famous parliamentarians and Prime Ministers stands in his old constituency, Woodford, on the edge of the green. It’s still well-respected by local people…
As I drove past saw the flicker of a flame in the evening light. I pulled over and walked across the green.
A woman stood by candles she had lit at Churchill’s feet, paying her respects, and she was a little tearful. She introduced herself as Isis...
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