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Random UKIP #Brexit screengrabs thread:
1. Plans UKIP leader tweets
Random UKIP #Brexit screengrabs thread:
2. Kill newspaper article: UKIP councillor says
Random UKIP #Brexit screengrabs thread:
3. Heroes Farage says he admires PutinUKIP leader Diane James says Putin
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1. Worst national leadership in my lifetime forcing through the most damaging, misguided & missold policy I can remember. Ideology & vested self interest replace statesmanship, soundbites replace sound judgement & autocracy subverts democracy.
#Brexit harms us irreparably #FBPE
2. A flawed Leave campaign based on lies, deceit, disingenuity & over simplification & a #Remain one fought w/o any positivity from the Govt & no real commitment from Labour, whose leader was virtually AWOL, did no justice to #Brexit complexity & betrayed our democratic process.
3. A mere 37% of voters/26.5% of the Ppl voted leave in a legally Non-Binding test of public opinion which has been corrupted, on the basis of an illegitimate political promise & interpreted as being the irrefutable Will of the Ppl.
The 1st is insufficient to claim the latter!
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Letter to @neil_parish MP in Dorset.
I was a member of the @Conservatives up until June 2017 & thought I would put down my thoughts on them.
I Liked Thatcher, think IRAQ was necessary but this Govt is the worst in living memory. Terrible how they deceive the public.
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1) Mike, it honestly pains me to write this but I don't know what good you are doing now in this Anti-brexit fight, in fact I'm starting to think your position is comprised in some way.

I appreciate you gave up on staying in the EU almost 18 months ago but this is getting weird
2) in the last few weeks you've attacked the #FBPE initiative, the LDs (calling them austerity enablers) & the remainer movement in general.
You've also now pivoted to saying "the only possible path is Corbyn's Labour" & you're even now getting behind Owen Jones
3) these may be positions independently arrived at, nonetheless they also line up exactly with the aims & approach of Labour momentum (who, for example, constantly follow the anti LD position & who hate #FBPE ). If it quacks like a duck & all that

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To my friends @IanDunt and @Usherwood - I would argue the explanation is in the law concerning #Brexit transition (short thread)
There are at least three legal bases on which you can construct a transition, each with its pros and cons.
1) Prolonging Art. 50 - the pro here is legal certainty: you are a full EU member, which is also great for third party FTAs. The con: full EU membership, EP elections, you need consent
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You needn't be a fan of Wolff's work to know #FireAndFury depicts a Trump who is dangerously incompetent and utterly lacking in either self-control or control of his own @WhiteHouse.

#GOP leadership can dismiss #SteveBannon, but they cannot ignore the state of the presidency.
What's onerous for #GOP leadership & problematic in recent @nytimes reporting of Trump as merely a guy who's changing things up, is Trump's still the one in charge of the country.

Trump's nearly provoked a nuclear war and threatened a private citizen with jail.

He's dangerous.
Many (inexplicably) believed @GenJohnKelly would pull Trump's @WhiteHouse together as Chief of Staff.But other than several firings--including of #Bannon--and an embarrassing attack on a black Congresswoman, Kelly's been MIA & Trump is worse than ever.

#FireAndFury exposes this.
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1/ So The Sun is bemoaning that the Royal Mail is not going to make a line of #Brexit stamps

2/ This is the most Brexity thing imaginable. Forget the very real consequences of Brexit on the country, on people, on businesses. Let's celebrate! Let's have the symbolism! Make British Stamps Great Again!
3/ But at the time of writing the Royal Mail is not budging.

No Brexit stamps.

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1/ I'm slowly getting back into #Brexit stuff after time off in the last week or so.

I'm starting with David Davis's Telegraph piece from a couple of days ago:…

A quick thread about it.
2/ The title is interesting - it is: "How we will deliver the best Brexit in 2018". Davis's piece does not come close to answering that. The piece would more accurately be entitled "What I think the best Brexit looks like in 2018 (without asking the EU what they'd accept)"
3/ There's a bit of nerdy stuff at the start. I quote: "Donald Tusk has approved an immediate start to initial discussions on the future relationship (...) talks about the implementation period begin early in the New Year" I assume he means "Transition Period"?
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1. Wrote thread recently on #EURef #Brexit based on personal experiences of my Polish partner & me. Got some comments. TBH I could’ve said more. So here’s an expanded version...
2. Purpose of this thread is to show cumulative effect of anti-foreigner rhetoric, headlines, casual speech & policies on real people: me (English) & my partner (Polish). I realise from xp that some will deny problem or just blame us...
3. Polish partner in UK 20 yrs. Always worked & paid taxes. Always gives generously to Poppy Appeal & raises money for UK charities. She speaks perfect English with an accent & works on reception in large complex...
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1) Thread - Owen Jones (again)
Mr Jones has been involved in a twitter storm over his comments re Lord Adonis and why he shouldn't speak up about #Brexit because he's a "caricature of the elite".

“The Remain cause, and Lord Adonis” @OwenJones84…
2) now, I've seen a lot of anti #Brexit people say "fair enough, Owen's right here, he makes some good points on the optics"

Let's examine one of the key points, where Owen advises Lord Adonis to resign his peerage and campaign for remain & also election
3) by this we must assume Owen advises all progressive peers resign their peerage (like Tony Benn) and look for proper election whilst campaigning for Remain.

How would this work in practice?
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1. So with #Brexit, we now have a provisional whole UK political agreement that we will have regulatory alignment with a view to maintaining free movement of goods. The future trade agreement will have to respect those conditions.
2. That is a long winded way of say that so far as goods are concerned, we are staying in the single market. That though does not take into account services, air travel and the many other areas covered by the EEA agreement. That is still for negotiation.
3. When it comes down to that, it is likely that the UK will wish to preserve as much access to the EU aviation market as possible with the same or similar rights to the EEA. We have, as yet, no concrete position on what the UK will ask for in terms of services.
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So here's my last #Brexit thread of the year.

If you saw Theresa May's message today you'll see that all she has is bland platitudes. She's totally disconnected and out of her depth. She doesn't understand Brexit or the sentiment behind it & has no idea what direction to take.
This should come as no surprise. She is attempting to deliver something that cannot possibly satisfy everyone and will deliver little that was promised. She cannot have her Florence deal and at some point she has to come clean. This, though, is entirely the fault of Vote Leave.
Vote Leave hijacked Brexit, telling lies when there was no need. The Tory right have since made it an economic proposition based on a feeble command of the issues making bogus claims which do not stand, drawing red lines that will have to be crossed.
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