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BREAKING: @TWITTER just published the full dataset of tweets from the Russian and Iranian troll farms.

9 million Russian tweets. 1 million Iranian tweets. #motherlode

They gave @DFRLab a look ahead of time.

Thread on the findings to follow.…
Main takeaways. The troll operations:

- were about the home government first
- had multiple goals
- targeted specific activist communities
- apolitical
- opportunistic
- evolved
- not always high-impact…
First point: the troll operations started off as defending the home government.

Timeline on 9 million Russian tweets here.

Russian-language posts outnumbered the English ones, and peaked higher and earlier.

Russians were the first targets.
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Draft French law preparing emergency measures for "hard" #Brexit.
It has yet to be debated, but contains following clauses:
1. After no agreement Brexit, UK citizens become third nation citizens and will be obliged to have a visa to come to France and a carte de sejour to stay.
Britons already living in France will find themselves in an "irregular situation" and will have to seek legal documents to remain.
2. UK citizens currently legally employed in France by a French employer could be asked to obtain a work permit, as required by any foreign workers, to avoid the employer being taken to court for having non-authorised workers under the Code du Travail.
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The language around #Brexit is getting kinda squirrely. EU27 commentators, repeatedly answering the same questions, have become terse. The more aware UK ones are beginning to panic, and the less aware to awaken grumpily wondering why it isn't all sorted yet.
Some ppl are getting annoyed by the Irish position*, which they see as unreasonable, and are resorting to CAPSLOCK.

* the TEMERITY, how DARE they!
Others are scraping the bootom of the barrel looking for upsides. I like this one, which presumably reflects on the advantages of the depopulation of Britain.
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1/ Dear @eucopresident,
With #Brexit divorce talks stalling it is now high time to look after #The5Million children of the EU - the 3.6m EU citizens in the UK & 1.2m @BritishInEurope…
2/ "[...] the report on the state of the negotiations that I got from Michel Barnier today, as well as yesterday's debate in the House of Commons, give me no grounds for optimism before tomorrow's European Council on Brexit." you said today. After 844 days #inLimbo we are scared
3/ The no-deal preparedness notes published by the @EU_Commission on July 19th effectively told us that there will be no agreement in place, that we should prepare for no deal and that we will have to fend for ourselves aided by information provided by our embassies
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This is something that all #remain ers should take on board. This is statistical data drawn from twitter.

It analyses the hashtag #PeoplesVoteMarch for the last week.

This gives the top "influencers" using it

It gives the reach of those people

Reach is calculated by interaction with the tweet -including retweets, replies & quote tweets. It is a calculation of who is using the tag & who is seeing those tweets. #PeoplesVoteMarch #stopbrexit
The top 5 people of influence who are aquiring reach on this tag are:
1) Sky News
2) Owon Jones 84
3) Chuka Umunna
4) Julia Harkley Brewster
5) Peoples Vote UK

#FinalsayforAll #Stopbrexit #PeoplesVoteMarch

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I am becoming more sure as every twist of the #Brexit knife happens, that the same mindset that was behind Hitler's policies in Nazi Germany are being subtly or will be openly enacted here upon a #nodealbrexit
Let me unpick this .....
Right from the start of the campaign ~ generated to keep Cameron in power and stave off the 'bastards' sic.Major on the right/UKIP, pure racism was allowed and encouraged in the press. A subtle game was played whereby legit EU citizens were turned into 'illegal migrants. #brexit
Outright lies of Leave.EU and Voteleave were never publically opposed by any MPs ~ and indeed, the *crimes* committed by both organisations are not being investigated by the police,nor Govt declared the ref null & void on what has been uncovered by @carolecadwalla
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I went on the dreaded Fakenewsbook yesterday and posted a tweet to encourage people to book onto the coaches.


What a glorious reception I got.
One person interacted with my post. A brit in EU27. One person.
I replied to my own post how it was telling that one person reacted to my post... and they are living in a different country.
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1) Germany’s Europe Minister @MiRo_SPD tells me #Brexit negotiations have been paused so the U.K. side can ‘go into a huddle’ - and ‘see how far they can go at home’. Mr Roth said the EU was also mulling over if it had any room to manoeuvre on its Irish border position
2) Depending on the outcome, Mr Roth told me, EU leaders would then decide whether or not to go ahead and call a November seal the deal #Brexit summit
3) If no seal the deal summit called in November on #Brexit, Germany’s Europe Minister told me there may be a No Deal summit convened amongst the EU 27 members instead
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Schöne Zusammenfassung, was beim #Brexit so alles über die Themse geht.…
Herrlich. Wird vermutlich aber auch nix helfen.
"When we Brexit" - folgerichtig.
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The Tory Party MP's have become the modern version of the histocracy of old, managing the country in the manner they see fit, supplementing their will for those in their constituency while simultaneously making unilateral decisions which effect every person in their feafdom.
With the way things are going I am expecting to be burnt out of my home by the Tories to put sheep on my land. The only difference with the 21st century version is that burning out is a court order and the sheep going on the land are multi millionaire housing traders
who happen to make large donations to the Conservative Party and listen to what they say, thereby making them sheep - get it? (You see! Scottish History can be pertinent to commentary on modern political issues - HES!).
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As a #leavernow I demand la clean #Brexit land yes I know exactly what that means
I demand that millions of my fellow citizens lose their jobs and are Moreover deprived of any chance of easily finding another
As a #leavernow I demand that flights be grounded because planes come from abroad and bring in too many foriners #Brexit
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THREAD on the Subject of #Brexit & Respect...with a hint of Betrayal.

#Remain #Remainers, #RemainerNow Pls RT or feel free to Use this whenever you are told to Respect the Non-Binding Referendum & by all means add some more.
1. #Brexiters & #Lexiters have 2 justications, apart from 'we won you lost', for the #BrexitShambles.
Namely that we must RESPECT the #Brexit Ref result & that to seek to overturn it would BETRAY the Will of the 'British People'. (nb they often omit the N. Irish)
2. Respect or Lack of Respect & Betrayal at the heart of should we Respect the EURef 2016 & Who or What is being Betrayed?
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1/ Brexiters pretend democracy is only about votes. This is false. Here are 3 other key elements of democracy, all of which have been attacked by #Brexit politicians.

1. The right to oppose.
2. Information - voters must be sufficiently well-informed.
3. The rule of law.
2/ The right to oppose #Brexit has been relentlessly attacked by Brexit politicians and media. They have screamed that Brexit is the "Will of the People", demonising opponents as enemies of the people, saboteurs, subversives, plotters, mutineers & traitors.
3/ Recently Brexiters on both Right and Left have used threats of violence and civil disorder as reasons to block a #PeoplesVote. Mob violence is being given precedence over democracy, a stance appropriate to fascism, not democracy.
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A majority of Labour voters now want to stay in the EU
A majority of Tory voters want #Brexit
150 CLPs asked for a #PeoplesVote

Imagine if you can a world where the Labour Leadership was aligned with its members & voters, instead of Tory policy & voters…
Then imagine a world where a strong Labour Leadership attacked the incompetence, the off shoring by brexiters, the illegality of the Leave campaign & the selfish ERG in fighting and said, clearly, "they lied to you, any #Brexit will serve them, not you"…
We got this far, where #Brexit is being questioned & a #PeoplesVote is being openly discussed, despite having everything against Remain
What could we achieve with Labour behind us? We wouldn't have to do this.…
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@CapitalJon @PaulGambles2 @AlastairWinter @Halsrethink @dlacalle_IA @OBrienSheehan @chloechotv 1. #EU-#Europe before 2000 was OK: Open borders within #EU for EU-citizens, people can live & work (and study) in all EU states (so take great care who joins - went too fast too far East). The seed of destruction came with the #EURO.
@CapitalJon @PaulGambles2 @AlastairWinter @Halsrethink @dlacalle_IA @OBrienSheehan @chloechotv 2. More centralization & #Merkel's #RefugeesWelcome (with the will to enforce mass-#migration on other #EU states) introduce more toxic cancer cells into the #EU!
A common budget (#Macron) & an #EU-army would be the end of true #democracy & #freedom within #Europe!
@CapitalJon @PaulGambles2 @AlastairWinter @Halsrethink @dlacalle_IA @OBrienSheehan @chloechotv 3. The next step would be the likes of #Merkel, #Macron & #Juncker enforcing their will by first witholding money & next send the #EU-army to topple the likes of #Orban in #Hungary.
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So we all know the Northern Ireland border is a big issue for #brexit. But what about all the other British territories that don't make the headlines? Let's try to gather them up!

1) The Falklands, where 94% of fishing exports go to the EU single market:…
2) The Rock of Gibraltar, which voted remain but is firmly British Communities both sides of the border face 'economic disaster' if a deal cannot be reached:… Apparently just 'small' issues like the the border and tax yet to be agreed..
3) The Caribbean island of Anguilla relies on free movement:… Its tourism & postal industries depend on EU flights to the French & Dutch halves of neighboring St Martin. Citizens get medical treatment on St Martin. Third of its capital budget came from EU.
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The UK, where “political sensitivities” are allowed to stop criminal investigations and that is openly accepted as ok. #Brexit
"If the MPS are delaying an investigation into a likely crime because of political interference then ‘scandal’ does not begin to cover it"… #Brexit
Prince Harry's bodyguard pleads guilty to over 10,000 child rape and torture media, no jail time. The UK is a police dictatorship, impunity at the top, no justice at the bottom. #Brexit #OpDeathEaters…
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UK Problem/Solution thread...
UK Problem: we only got our way 98% of the time in the EU.
UK Solution: quit EU & compare it to USSR.
UK Problem: skills gaps & staff shortages.
UK Solution: scrap freedom of movement.
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1. We now know from the government's own no deal technical notices that most, if not all, of the no deal warnings have a basis in fact. The fact that Theresa May is not attempting to spin them tells it's own story... She knows no deal is not an option.

#Brexit thread
2. She therefore has to make concessions to reality that she has long been avoiding, which of course the Ultras will absolutely hate. They then have two options. Like it and lump it or topple the government. If they do the former then they lose all their power.
3. Should they do the latter they are then confronted with the same basic dilemmas. Their WTO option is a busted flush and they can't have their fantasy Canada deal and certainly not without conceding to the backstop. They face the identical dilemma to Mrs May.
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I am starting to wonder if the Tories are actually planning to use the chaos of a no deal #Brexit to declare a state of emergency suspend parliament and institute a dictatorship
This sounds paranoid but there actions are consistent with if not necessarily indicative of a plan to use #Brexit to do away with democracy itself
Vote Leave broke electoral law if the referendum was binding it would have been declared void because the referendum was advisory the electoral commission could not do this and the government is simply ignoring it showing no regard for democratic norms #Brexit
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Dear journalists - can you please drop the totally unhelpful and divisive reference to the 'War Cabinet' from your articles?


#Brexit #dontmentionthewar

@guardian @Telegraph @FXstreetNews @heraldscotland @Daily_Express @bpolitics @MailOnline
Why call it 'war cabinet' ?…
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1. I notice the abysmal @BrexitCentral has done another attack piece on the EEA calling it worse than Chequers. One also notices that the backers of BrexitCentral have yet to produce a deliverable plan of their own. #Brexit thread...
2. They have now pivoted away from calling for a WTO option deal because they get their backsides handed to them on plate by anyone with even a cursory understanding of the issues. They now call for Canada+++
3. That implies a base FTA but we are not permitted to know what they mean by +++ which will no doubt means unicorns and cake to the IEA set while it means measures on security and defence cooperation to the Commission.
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I think we can now say with certainty that no #Brexit deal May brings from Brussels commands a majority on her side of the house.

Any controls / backstop in Irish Sea - DUP opposes. There are 10 DUP MPs.

Any attempt to keep the UK in a Customs Union with the EU: hard core Brexiters in the ERG oppose. There are 40 odd of them.

So Theresa May’s calculation then is as follows: can she get enough MPs from other parties (essentially Labour) to make up the shortfall?

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Thread: I am hearing a lot of talk about a second referendum and going back to the question of reforming #freemovement, including this report from @sundersays on @nick_clegg's conversations around #Europe. I think this is a dangerous route to go. Here is why.
First, I am sure that governments across the EU have concerns about abuse of free movement. But this abuse, while serious, is marginal and receives very little attention from media and public opinion on the Continent.
Second, while some minor reforms to #freemovement are not only possible but also necessary, as @COdendahl and myself explain here -…, they won't happen any time soon and will surely be less likely to happen if a perceived 'blackmailing' comes from UK again
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