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British exceptionalism is a gift to the Tories. Public are sleepwalking into a dystopian post Brexit far right nightmare. Charter cities are being planned in Truss's 'investment zones'. Here's a 'who's who' behind the libertarian takeover of UK democracy.…
R/w libertarian credo since turn of 20th century is 'Tax is theft of property'. Get this, Tories inflict an economic crisis to force you to sell your homes so they can sell them on to companies...subsidised by your taxes! You see it now? Tory private fiefdom was the aim of Brexit
Unless post Brexit plans for charter cities run by private companies are discussed and exposed for what they are in the MSM, corporate kleptocracies embezzling public money while writing their own laws beyond Govt reach, UK democracy is doomed. #Brexit
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🚨 @Keir_Starmer @faisalislam @kdhdownunder

Here why major currencies have been plummeting for ONE YEAR NOW.

A quick thread 🧵

🚨 After Covid, #Biden came to office in January 2021.

His RECKLESS green policies and FECKLESS spending made him borrow $7 trillion for 2021, which is UNPRECEDENTED in US history.

Note that there was NO #Ukraine in 2021.

2/ Image
🚨 As a consequence, #inflation started in the US resulting in a much lower confidence for both businesses and consumers.

Here is the data supporting my statement.

3/ Image
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Very important thread by @JeremyCliffe on the normalisation of far-right parties in Europe and its cooperation with the centre-right.

I would, however, add two important points:
@JeremyCliffe First, it's not just centre-right parties moving further to the right (like the US republicans), but also far-right parties becoming more moderate, especially on EU policy. See Meloni, Salvini, Le Pen et al all moving away from calling for their version of either Euro or EU-exit.
@JeremyCliffe Instead, as @APHClarkson, these far-right parties have become 'Europeanised' - they know voters don't want to leave the EU, so instead they want to remake the EU in their image, with hard migration, a 'Europe of nations' w/o rule of law protections.

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I start sounding like a broken record. The issue of UK is not primarily due to a high level of taxation but due to poor use of public money & the poor quality public goods bought in return. I have documented this across numerous pieces of careful research... here is a short 🧵⬇️
Exhibit 1: Most of austerity was a drag on growth. In "Did #Austerity Cause #Brexit?" I show that austerity itself was contractionary and the tax that could have been collected on higher incomes without austerity would have easily saved as much as austerity was projected to save.
Exhibit 2: Housing benefit cuts (FYI: these benefits are only so expensive as the UK's economic model is build on housing shortage)... but there weren't much savings as councils had to deal with the fallout: higher homeless prevention spending and putting up people in privately
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Italy has been on an economic decline for quite sometime. It’s threatening the existence of EU completely.

Excessive debt (330% of GDP), corrupt politicians, poor demographics, mismanagement of COVID crisis, soaring energy bills.

A thread 🧵 for your awareness 👇 Image
The root of the problem is a demographic crisis that is set to accelerate over the next 10 years. Italy is running out of working age people. An economy needs people aged 15-64. This is considered the working age population, and this is critically important for an economy. Image
Working age (15-64) people who are actively working consume more, spend more, and earn income that can be taxed to support a country's debts. If there are no people or fewer people aged 15-64, the country will have fewer workers, less tax revenue. Image
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Sunak warned of the consequences of Truss's tax cutting policies only in August. Fiscal irresponsibility from the party that has wreaked havoc for years now. ImageImage
Truss doesn't care about the increasing divisions in society. Those Tory MPs who supported her for the sake of their incumbency at home will find new careers at the desperately needed #GeneralElectionNow - while the rest of us are left struggling with inflation, fuel costs,
recession and real terms pay cuts. It's a litany of failure from infrastructure to NHS queues. This whole mess, which began with #Brexit and keeps getting worse, will take non-blue politicians years to even get to grips with.
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(1/7) #MI6 in Syria and #Ukraine? But not without #consultation with the #USA - the #British expectation is all too obviously not working out: exacerbated by #Brexit, they are being thrown under the train of rising #USD and ...
(2/7) ... escalating #energy prices just as much as the rest of #Europe with devastating effects of de-#industrialization and skill drain (#BrainDrain) mostly to the #US. As it seems, the #Brexit was conceived as the planned disengagement from the #EU ...
(3/7) ...before the long-planned (already before 2014) disaster of the disempowerment of the #Euro and the final degradation of the #EU to a #NATO vassal (UvdL). #Merkel cold-bloodedly played along in the #Ukraine destabilization ...
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(1/8) #MI6 in Syrien und der #Ukraine? Aber nicht ohne Absprache mit den #USA (#CIA) - die Erwartungshaltung der #Briten geht nur zu offensichtlich nicht auf: verschlimmert durch den #Brexit werden sie genauso unter den Zug des steigenden #USD|s ...
(2/8) ... und der eskalierenden #Energiepreise geworfen wie der Rest #Europa|s mit verheerenden Auswirkungen der #Deindustrialisierung und der abziehenden #Qualifikation (#BrainDrain) in die Vereinigten Staaten (#USA). Anscheinend war der #Brexit konzipiert ...
(3/8) ... als die geplante #Abkopplung von der #EU vor dem (bereits vor 2014) längst geplanten Desaster der Entmachtung des #Euro|s und der endgültigen #Degradierung der #EU zum #NATO-Vasallen (UvdL). #Merkel spielte bei der #Destabilisierung der #Ukraine- ...
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After 50yrs of 'area-based payments' under EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), there are some concerns about #FoodSecurity

The Liz Truss govt seems to be saying that the answer is to carry on with area-based payments?!…
Their argument is to 'concentrate' on food production, rather than sustainability (exactly what EU CAP did)

And yet, a 2021 @DefraGovUK report concluded that biggest threats to our #FoodSecurity come from the #climate and #nature crisis

Go figure…
There is no such thing as #FoodSecurity if our soils are knackered and being washed away, our pollinators are in decline, and our crops facing heat & water stress

We @WildlifeTrusts run 26 working farms, so we do know a thing or two about this..
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If any of you are wondering if the collapse of the £ was planned by #kamakwasi Kwartang then you haven't been paying attention... A short thread on shorting the £ and acquiring cheap sterling assetts, and its all linked to #Brexit 1/
John Redwood blocked me when I asked him why he had shifted all his assetts into $ & € a good few years ago.

As you will recall, Redwood is a full blown pro #Brexit ERG headbanger and has been telling people to divest from the UK for years... 2/…
So how does this work? Well, if you sold your £ and bought $ in 2015 you got $1.68 for every £ you exchanged.

At the current rate today of $1.09 you've now turned every £1 into £1.54!

Yup you're quids in... #Brexit #budget 3/
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Holy moly! Extraordinary documentary with much more to come.

Very poor timing for the @UKLabour Party to set itself on fire. But this is where it now is.


The Labour Files: The Purge I Al Jazeera Investigations via @YouTube
My initial reaction when I started watching was: “well internecine nastiness like this on the left is not that unusual.”

But this documentary is going to far darker places than that - and it’s implications are far bigger.

@keirstarmer has a raging inferno to deal with here.
The dumpster fire representing the current state of the UK’s social democratic history, just exploded.

It is now obvious there are powerful dark forces at work within both the great houses of UK politics. And it’s not clear that either party has the capability to tackle them.
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Today's massive tax cuts in the new UK budget also mark a turning point in the economics of #Brexit which will decide how the success or failure of Brexit will be judged in the future.

A thread.
First, at the heart of Brexit was always an economic inconsistency. Some Leavers supported it to protect the UK from globalisation, attacking the EU for being a vehicle of liberal policies.
Many of those ended up as first time Tory voters for Boris Johnson, i.e. the ‘red wall’.

They wanted Brexit for a culturally conservative, but economic left-wing policies.
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Really staggering 🇬🇧mini-budget just announced here in London. Ain’t nothing mini about it.

Record-setting borrowing *and* tax cuts. £100 billion price tag. No-tax & spend. Trickle down economics on steroids. Throws fiscal sustainability out the window.

A huge political gamble
The £45 billion in tax cuts just announced, mostly given to the wealthy & businesses, is biggest tax cut since 1972, when Chancellor Barber had his "dash for growth". It's 2% of GDP.

That ended in disaster. It's generally regarded as the most damaging UK budget in modern history
The #Truss & #Kwarteng trickle-down economics policy changes include:

🧐Highest income tax rate (45% for ⬆️150K) abolished
🍾Scrapping cap on bankers bonuses
🏨Scrapping planned increase in corporation tax
🏘️Cutting stamp duty
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🚨🇬🇧🇪🇺🚨The #Brexit "Freedoms" Bills is raising significant concerns:
- deregulation by stealth because of 31.12.23 sunset clause
- massive waste of Whitehall bandwidth
- chaotic implications for courts, if case law precedents junked

Via @ft /1…
@FT Do read @GeorgePeretzKC thread here for legal expertise...

but Michael Ford KC also makes point to me that courts basically being give carte blanche to junk retained case law. Points to S7(4) /2
@FT @GeorgePeretzKC Then there is a point about bandwidth. Where EU law is retained by recast as UK law there will need to maybe 2,000 statutory instruments to make this told that @theresecoffey was clear this was mad waste of time when at DWP. Now apparently not! /3
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1/10 at a family dinner in Spain last night. Table plan had me next to a elderly English couple. Quintessentially Gammon. On hearing my Scottish accent, the old fella says ‘Gordon Brown ruined the UK’. Good opener I thought
2/10 Turns out they are Brexiteers. Ah, I said, “how well is that going then? Genuinely, please point out a benefit, any benefit to the country?”
3/10 old dear got flustered and spluttered ‘we got rid of the EU and the foreigners. The newspapers are full of the benefits.” I asked her what newspaper did she read
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Titus Gebel is a r/w libertarian neo colonialist who has a beef about the 'unwillingness of states to allow administrative officials of a 3rd state to fulfill sovereign tasks in their own territory.' Truss will be taking notes for her SEZ's. #Brexit
He wants residents to pay a yearly contractually fixed amount for services like security and rescue. In around 5 weeks times key figures from libertarian academia and the venal world of venture capitalism will discuss the rise of private cities, UK next.
UK people, the patterns of corporate privatisation of entire regions around Truss's 'full fat freeports' known as SEZ's fracking, charter cities, Bournville houses, segregation, private companies building charter cities, Equality Act abolished. Do you see?
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Dear UK and Brexiters, suggest you all read The Charter Cities Governance Handbook, 286 pages on private cities run by companies who dictate their own laws beyond Govt reach will soon pop up all over the UK. Rwanda Ghana Shenzhen Singapore all role models!
Everything from economic governance, to smaller Govt allowing companies to write their own laws, dictate curricula in schools, adopt 'universal bank transfer' where those on UC or disability can't buy cigs or alchohol, to abolition of unions and workers rights, great huh? #Brexit
I guarantee that Liz Truss has a copy of the Charter Cities Governance Handbook under her pillow and is ticking off the chapters one by one as her 'investment zones' expand and devour whole regions of post Brexit UK.
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La notizia del dossier #USA che indica come la #Russia finanzi partiti esteri, è una non-notizia.
Un fiume di denaro da soggetti legati al regime di #Putin è da anni documentato verso politici che promuovono interessi di #Mosca
Vediamo come.
E' una storia complicata.
LePen nel 2014 ha bisogno di soldi per il partito. Con la mediazione di un suo deputato europeo accede a un prestito di 9,4 mln€ al 6%, con una banca chiamata First Czech-Russian Bank, di proprietà di un oligarca amico di #Putin.
2016, la banca chiude, il credito viene venduto a un'azienda del complesso militare russo. I nazionalisti francesi si trovano ad essere debitori di un fornitore dell'aviazione russa, in cui lavorano personaggi molto vicini ai servizi segreti.
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Expectations for #Brexit benefits have in fact mirrored hopes of #iraq invasion unearthing WOMD.

Hopes for cheaper food/fuel have seen 🇬🇧 prices soar above EU as 🇬🇧 businesses drown in red tape.

Even #Brexit opportunities minister failed to identify Brexit bonuses.

But … 🧵
Rees-Mogg was promoted to business secretary and now in charge of cutting regulation to “boost business-led growth and investment”.

A crucial job as 🇬🇧 is crushed by global energy crisis — a role that one of wealthiest in cabinet is expected to relish.

But who will benefit?
@MarkJLittlewood says JRM is instinctively opposed to heavy-handed regs … he once observed that he’s not sure it wld have been possible to set up Somerset Capital due to growth in financial regs.

Regulations introduced to protect people from repeat of 2008 financial crisis.
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See. They don’t want the bastard there. He’d make it all about himself. Those who suggested that Biden could drag along the Orange Shit Gibbon, uninvited, need to have their heads examined. You don’t “crash” any funeral w/ controversial people.
I cannot imagine why they would hate Trump. #Brexit
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"Consider #Brexit. It’s a foolish policy, to be sure, but much more than that. It was enabled by a vaguely worded referendum that was introduced by a prime minister who crossed his fingers and forbade preparation for the outcome." - Tim Harford, FT.…
#Brexit "was sold to the British people on false pretences. A member of parliament, Jo Cox, was murdered during the campaign. Three of the prime ministers leading the project — Cameron, May and Truss — voted against it, and the other, Johnson, was notoriously ambivalent."
"Ever since the (Brexit) vote, the process has been mired in vitriol, contempt and denial. One does not have to be a diehard Remainer to look at the entire decision-making process and fear that the British polity is not really up to the grown-up job of running a country."
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So why are the Tories remaking Britain into their own image? Their stealth plans for lawless charter cities will offer sovereign individuals protection under ‘polycentric’ laws, these are laws that are anti-statist and are privately produced to favour corporate hegemony. #Brexit
‘Win the courts, win the war’ means that the judiciary itself must be restructured according to free market wishes, this will not benefit workers rights, it will annihilate them. Post Brexit deregulation is key, ECHR abandoned, 2,400 EU laws repealed by 2023 according to Truss.
Trump managed to repeal 85 laws in 2 years. Once this clean slate is reached the UK Govt can forge ahead with it’s libertarian reforms of the entire country, ensuring whole regions become privatised to secure economic liberty beyond Govt reach. #Libertarian
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Is it extreme to want for your kids to study and work in the EU? #ErasmusPlus
Is it extreme to want touring musicians to be able to travel and play in the EU without a carnet for every musical instrument and untold restrictions on shipping the kits? @eufestivaluk
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Interesting story. Industries that would never have grown so big without freedom of movement (fruit growing for EG) now reshaping.

"‘Cucumber capital’ growers selling up as #Brexit and energy crisis hits Britain’s vegetable industry."/1…
Not saying necessarily that's a good bad thing.

Bad perhaps if you own/love the business (tho you might benefit from selling land for housing)...not clear whether good/bad for UK prices as we (presumably) import more. /2
Probably bad for the EU workers who made a living working in the glass houses...although tight labour markets in the EU mean there are likely alternatives closer to home /3
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