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Ahead of @theresa_may’s latest visit to Brussels, where are we with #Brexit?!

A not-so-short thread which I hope simplifies a seemingly never-ending process but one which could have an abrupt end in less than 40 days. /1
Some context first: The key problem is the backstop - the Irish Protocol to us its proper name

It’s a section of the Withdrawal Agreement (WA) - a 585-page legal text which, together with a shorter Political Declaration (PD), forms the divorce treaty between UK & the EU. /2
The two texts - the WA & the PD - were the consequence of nearly two years of negotiations.

They were finalised + agreed by both the UK government (@10DowningStreet) and the EU (@EU_Commission) late last year. /3

(Skip to tweet 10 in the thread if you know this background!)
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The thing I find most frustrating about British politics is how nearly everyone with political power or a media platform is myopically focused on how Britain navigates the next few years, while there is no national conversation about where we want to be in 10, 20 or 50 years.
Both sides of the Brexit divide are guilty. Continuity Remainers want only to reverse Brexit and make it so that the EU referendum result was nothing but a bad dream. Hard Brexiteers have their platitudes about Britain swashbuckling its way to WTO rules-based free trade glory.
The truth is that Britain has entered a state of political discontinuity, where the old left/right political divides, "acceptable" policies & talking points are no longer adequate to the issues we face. We're not alone; other Western countries face the same, but are ignoring it.
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So it is just few weeks to #Brexit and few in UK care or want to know how potentially awful it may be.

But I grew up in the Cold War, in the former colonies.

So let me tell you what it triggers!

It triggers little bits of knowledge that few people in UK want to think of: as in fucking stockpiling tampons and napkins.

Oh and cotton wool. And suddenly beginning to save the old clothing that is actually absorbant
It means stockpiling painkillers. And anti-allergic medication. And antacids.

And this is for people who DO NOT NEED TO FUCKING STOCKPILE life saving medications
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A few more data points to support my negativity @JGForsyth. Based on chats w all sides. Short #Brexit thread
Cox has left impression with his EU counterparts that if only he'd been involved, outcome would somehow be different /1
Very frustrating for EU, which has had to re-explain to AG why alt arrangements and time limits don't fly. Tomorrow, they'll do same re unilateral exit clause /2
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@MichelBarnier, addressing a Spanish audience, cuts to the chase: withdrawal agreement is the best possible for citizens and budget but also for aviation and fisheries.
The UK has grossly underestimated the consequences of #Brexit, says Barnier. It will need to build up a whole new administration in very little time.
#GibraltarWatch: Barnier, in Madrid: “There is a protocol to the Withdrawal Agreement saying what will happen with #Gibraltar.” Now, moving on to the more important question of Ireland...
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Ok. Short thread. Whilst crying. I have two friends. Best friends fighting terminal cancer. Or maybe more accurately trying to live with it. They won’t be cured. They know that. But they hope their oncologists will have every single option open to them in terms of treatment /1
In order for that to work my friends doctors will need to access Euratom to allow nuclear medicine to travel across Europe freely (bear in mind we didn’t even need to leave it). So when you are looking at end of life care do you think you give a fucking shit about yellow vests /2
Or the likes of Tommeh or Goddard or Fartage. No. What you need are the best minds across Europe bringing your medicine without any delay. Or ridiculous red tape. So you might wonder why I have been get getting angrier. Well here you go. Brexiteers you are killing my friends /3
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We cannot "Take Back Control" by removing ourselves from the most powerful decision-making bodies on the planet.
(Sorry my brain has a TV/Film reference for everything)
Even American firms follow the EU's rules on Data Protection to simplify global business. Companies like Facebook and Apple have taken on the EU GDPR. And they're literally half a world away.
The EU sets most of the rules for OUR continent. And we're choosing to give up our seat.
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Cambridge Analytica’s targeting software—deployed to push #Brexit, destroy Hillary, & elect Trump—was classified by the UK government as “weapons grade” technology. Think about that...
1/ “‘We [Cambridge Analytica] work for the Department of Defense and intelligence agencies in counter-terrorism operations with this exact same similar methodology. And now we decided to start building up a database to work in politics,’ Kaiser said.”…
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Am I happy over the #LabourSplit?

No. Not really.
Does it feel good that someone has done *something*?

TBH I would have preferred labour do the following:

✔️Reach out to remainers
✔️Force impact reports BEFORE A50 was triggered
✔️Not voted for A50 until the reports were released
✔️Jumped on allegations of illegality
✔️Requested full investigation & put #brexit on pause
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1/Spent a lot of time this am thinking abt the President's 2020 re-election rally/ "speech" today in Miami, and offer the following thread about what an outrageous distraction it is from what lies ahead of us.…
2/What are the threats to America today according to Trump? Last week it was moms and kids at the border, and Iran. This week it's a corrupt horrible dictator in Venezuela and socialism.… But are these the most urgent threats facing America?
3/Let's survey some other news headlines about threats to America and democratic nations. Here's one about Russia using modern 21st century cyber means to interfere in democratic processes in allied nations:
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One underappreciated effect of today's announcement by 7 MPs that they are leaving Labour: I think it has significantly raised the chances of a snap election being called in the next couple of weeks.
Theresa May's #Brexit renegotiation is going precisely nowhere. She has no plan, has made no progress, & in the absence of any revised offer she is resorting to asking her MPs to back her out of loyalty. A humiliating repeat defeat awaits. Unless an election can save her...
An election in the face of alleged intransigence by the EU, Labour & Parliament gives her an opening to go to the country on a platform of saving Brexit from suffocation by the Establishment. It offers a chance to unite the Tory Party behind a thin veneer of unity one last time.
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So let's get some things straight on this #laboursplit then. /THREAD
People resigning today are hardly 'cateerist' or 'opportunist'. They are fairly likely blowing up their political careers because they've had enough. That's the very opposite of 'opportunism'.
The huge amount of hatred that will be poured out on them online (and elsewhere) today is one MO of New New Labour. It's a design feature, not a bug.
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@Politics_Oxford @BBCRadio4 Did Prof Tilley have full editorial control of this programme? The reason I ask is that there is an extraordinary lack of balance in the way he presents Leave & Remain voters, and so one could be forgiven for perceiving a bias against Remain voters.

@Politics_Oxford @BBCRadio4 For example, prior to the #EURef, and persisting today, was the belief amongst #Leave voters (encouraged by Leave politicians) that the UK would be forced to join an #EUarmy.

In fact, it's constitutionally impossible for this to occur. UK has a double protection.

@Politics_Oxford @BBCRadio4 This double protection against the formation of an EU Army (let alone being forced to join one) is that
(a) the decision must be unanimous per Art. 42(2) of the European Union Treaty and
(b) any move to downgrade "unanimous" to QMV must be approved unanimously!

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In PART 1: INTRODUCTION & OVERVIEW... I'll explain the #DeepState #NWO corruption @POTUS is fighting.

Please search #JQPNWO for ALL threads in this series 🔍

Or check my Moments:…
2/60-Before we begin, pls note... the #Globalist #Cabal has unlimited resources to hide their crimes. 🦹‍♂️💸🦹‍♀️

They also use disinformation to mislead & divide us. 🤹‍♂️🎭🤹‍♀️

This leads to MANY different opinions, about the #NWO's origins, methods & motives. 🤔😬😵

So... 🧐👇
3/60-Furthermore... I'm no expert on #Globalist #NWO corruption, so I won't ask you to agree w/all my theories. I'll just ask you to:

Keep an open-mind 🤔

Check the info provided 📔📽️

Do your own research 🤓

Ask yourself how many "coincidences", you're willing to accept? 🤨
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We were so focused on Nunes that no one noticed that Putin’s favorite congressman, Dana Rohrabacher, was the head of the Foreign Affairs subcommittee on #Brexit. Brexit and Trump were the SAME campaign. We must not forget that. cc: @carolecadwalla
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Theresa May's government is using 'blanket secrecy' to hide its no-deal Brexit plans…
Porsche warns UK customers of Brexit price rise…
No deal #Brexit: “We’ve spent tens of millions of euros” Airbus VP Katherine Bennett on preparations for a no deal Brexit
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On Minford's 4 points. 1) You would only see gains from an (any) FTA once it’s implemented. Impact of no-deal would be felt immediately. /1…
You don’t have any trade agreements and negotiating them will take time. So far, you’ve not even been able to conclude the lesser continuity agreements with all the existing partners. Not even half… /2
2) EQUIVALENT to a tariff. It won’t be a ‘border wall’ wall just friction resulting from having a normal border in place. Also non-tariff and behind-the-border barriers to trade are much more difficult to regulate, spot and remove. Kind of why there is so much fuss over them /3
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Time to clock-in folks.

Now we are finally going to see how #Brexit was so intertwined with #SpyGate & #RussiaGate.

Grab a shovel.
It's not an easy road to navigate.

We may need to have a few of our UK folks help reconcile the complicated mess that Brexit is.
@The_War_Economy @Deepstate6969

There are common threads & disinfo mixed into these converging stories.
Mueller already has Sam Patten under a plea deal. He admitted working for a Ukrainian oligarch.

Kaiser is under investigation for her contact with alleged Russian conspirator Julian Assange AFTER the election and her donation of Bitcoin to Assange.
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Thread on Stanley Fischer, who's mentioned in this Grassley letter to Mnuchin.

Stanley Fischer was Federal Reserve Vice Chairman in 2015 when he met w/ Russians Maria Butina & Alexander Torshin and Nathan Sheets, then-Treasury undersecretary for international affairs

Fischer previously served as Governor of Bank of Israel 2005 to 2013
and Chief economist World Bank

Obama nominated him for Vice-Chair of the Fed on January 10, 2014

Fischer announced his resignation on September 6, 2017 for "personal reasons" (uh huh)…
Fischer had already previously served as Vice Chairman of Citigroup, President of Citigroup International, and Head of the Public Sector Client Group.

He also stepped down as governor of the Bank of Israel on June 30, 2013, halfway into his 2nd term.
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[Thread] Broken politics in the UK

I don't think Labour is going to win the next GE. I also don't think Corbyn is going to be beaten in any leadership election because the membership is firmly behind him.

Labour as a political force is toast
This causes a problem. The Conservatives are also split. They aren't really electable either. If they do win it's because of the inept Labour showing not because of their leadership. They are struggling to hold together too.
So where does this leave centrists?

The Lib Dems are nowhere. They've been punched in the face by the electorate over tuition fees multiple times now and I don't see that changing.

They are a spent force. They have no power.
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As I often say here, if you look closely at the EU structure, it is the Kaiser's plan for a post-WW1 German Europe, with a weak periphery tied to a (Franco)Teutonic core. (map from Fischer's "Germany's Aims in the First World War"). Were I German, I would support the EU.
The EU is, roughly, the Kaiser's plan for post-WW1 Europe: a Teutonic centre & currency plus a cooperative/vassal periphery. This is not some conspiracy but the EU working as it should esp where its economic & organisational centre lies. It is also what makes #Brexit inevitable.
Adoption of the Euro locked formerly sovereign nations into a German entente. All these low growth countries would have devalued their currencies years ago to make exports more attractive and invite tourists. Instead they are stuck in a decade's stagnation…
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1/ In a healthy democracy the referendum would have allowed all those most affected to vote. There would have been a supermajority provision, a well informed debate, a crime-free campaign & provision for an informed consent vote at the end of negotiations.
#PeoplesVote #brexit
2/ In a healthy democracy it would have been explained that the referendum was advisory. The right to oppose #Brexit would have been respected, there would have been no lies that A50 was irrevocable, no hiding of critical information & no cover-ups & complicity in electoral crime
3/ In a healthy democracy the majority of the press by circulation would not have operated as the unified propaganda mouthpiece of a hard-right faction, and the BBC would have respected its duty to inform rather than giving equal coverage to lies & facts in the name of balance.
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OK this is going to upset some reminers...but its time to be honest. The #PeoplesVote campaign has lost - & no not because it was badly done or even the wrong strategy, but for one simple reson - the Conservative party & British society it represented in 2015 no longer exists.
The problem with the #PeoplesVote was that it imagines a pre2016UK.
But right now the Tories are starting to purge not just proEUers but insufficiently pro #Brexit MPs.
In other words Tory MPs in next parliament will be far more pro-Brexit than now. If by some miracle UK.....
If by some miracle UK is still in EU by next parliament, the Tories will be fighting to leave even harder under a nationalistic party supported by mostly hardcore pro no deal membership with a significant number of exUKIP entryists.

...And if Labour are in power...?
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