Feeling nostalgic lately about all the coverage the #Bernie2020 campaign has received from the MSM this year. Their integrity and in depth reporting has been inspirational to watch as the year has unfolded🙃

Join me as I reflect on some of the greatest #BernieSlanders of 2019 📸
No better place to start than with the reputable Washington Post and their #1 fact checker Glenn Kessler slamming Bernie for his claim that 3 families own more than the bottom 1/2 of the US combined. To be fair, he spoke for the WRONG 1/2, as THEY are "not especially meaningful"
Luckily, Glen's supporters were there to back him up 🤣
Thanks Gary, Glen, and the Washington Post for staying strong in your support for Team #BernieSlanders

You have revealed a lot of truths this past year, in your own unique way...
The time Bernie's BFF and co-collaborator in Amazon's Fight for 15, AND wealthiest man of our lifetime -billionaire- Jeff Bezos' newspaper proved how non-biased it is by showing how Bernie's campaign is just straight up UNRAVELING!!! ...Just ASTOUNDING journalistic integrity!!
However, the Washington Post can't take ALL the credit, though they've been hogging all the attention thus far... Other major "News" organizations were also RIGHT THERE to provide substantive evidence as to why Sanders had had such a hard time surging to a close 2nd place...
While we're still focused on the integrity of the Washington Post, here's another great snapshot in time of them
praising Bernie's greatest role model, Elizabeth Warren, for creating the idea of a solely grassroots funded 2020 campaign, which he then went on to replicate in 2016!
And again, thanks Washington Post, for sharing in our astonishment that Elizabeth Warren, of all people, is paving the way forward with such original and groundbreaking ideas like a wealth tax! I hope her protege Bernie Sanders will try this idea on for size someday.Maybe in '16?
...HAHA!! Look at @BenSpielberg here talking about Bernie not taking corporate money in the PAST TENSE!!!! 🤣

I bet Ben can't answer how that's even possible, since that idea didn't exist before the visionary Elizabeth Warren came up with it right here in 2020??

Hmmmm, Ben???
Sorry if I'm saving the worst for first with all the WaPo moments... but remember when they gave Bernie a LASHING for saying that 500,000 people go bankrupt from medical bills every year? When will Bernie be honest for once?! EVERYBODY knows that figure is closer to 530,000!!
Bernie got 4 🤥🤥🤥🤥 for that statement! If you don't know what that means, don't worry, #BernieSlanders are the real way to keep him in check! 😉

Even the author of the peer reviewed article containing Bernie's "fact" wanted a retraction, but the WaPo didn't back down! 👏👏👏
Bernie Sanders HIMSELF even doubled down, arguing that the Washington Post's fact-checker was NON-FACTUAL in his fact checking, reporting that Bernie's fact that they claimed non-factual was indeed from a peer reviewed article and was in fact, FACTUAL!

Oh, the memories!🤪
Alright, there are ENDLESS WaPo #BernieSlanders, so lets shift gears to our other favorite propagandist network: MSNBC

Although Bernie has never, if rarely, polled outside of 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, the segment mentioned below aired WAY too early for this noteworthy tidbit to matter
Speaking of polling, isn't it fun to think back on how the MSM has made it an art to show a candidate with 2 separate standings within the SAME POLL?

Like Bernie polling at 49%, 2ND place to Biden at 53%, yet also represented being placed in 4TH place, BELOW Harris and Warren🤔
Another masterpiece to add to the collection:

Note the subtle way the artist portrays fact-- That Bernie places 2ND with 14% more than Trump as opposed to Biden's 16% or Warren's 12%-- Yet they somehow maintain the ILLUSION of him placing 4TH... BELOW Warren!!!

This MSNBC artist took a more classic approach: The 'ol Pre-Election Delegate Count, which is supposed to not be allowed after 2016, since it unfairly represented Bernie's true standings in the polls... (The point of course!)

However, #BernieSlanders are working, so back off!!!
Here is another interpretation of Bernie's standings- though the technique of this piece is best appreciated via video.

Spoiler: Another method to give the illusion that a candidate is polling below where they actually are is to rush any segment showing their true rank. FAST!
If you too, dream to be an artist for such an esteemed establishment like MSNBC, then this next piece is a good example of where to start... A nice rudimentary introduction into illusion is to straight up lie, as seen below. Just remember, NOBODY LOOKS AT THE FINE PRINT! 😉
And although this last exhibit of MSNBC's art isn't necessarily a poll, it is one of their most recent pieces that show, without numbers, the illusory ranking and importance or candidates within the 2020 race.

...Or their LACK of standing, which is portrayed beautifully below:
*Sigh* I JUST came across this gem from MSNBC too:

...Remember when #MyBernieStory was trending, with thousands of heartwarming stories of people coming together around Bernie, but MSNBC picked one from their collection of #BernieSlanders instead?

I can't believe I forgot!🤣

The time Mimi Rocah just went off on Bernie just because, and said that he made her skin crawl???

It was a party with a menu of juicy #BernieSlanders!!!

Bonus memento I just found of Chuck Todd's boldness to step outside of NBCs wing and make some cash on the side regardless of their policies.

Good for you Chuck! 🤑

Why take them seriously when they are doing the same thing? Networks are people too!!
SPEAKING of healthcare adds:

Remember the time Bernie predicted during CNNs debate that they would play Anti-Medicare for All ads, trying to spin that major news outlets are nothing but propaganda to maintain status quo healthcare?

And then CNN aired the ad, PROVING, well... 🤐
Oh yeah! And then CNN!

Another instance of a news organization's OWN articles preemptively proving their OWN fact-checkers...LIARS!

ONLY when they are trying to meet their quota of minimum #BernieSlanders though...

Hard job, but somebody's gatta do it I suppose...
... The time Bernie came prepared with proof and receipts because he knew that David Axelrod had an arsenal of #BernieSlanders at the ready.
Or the time when CNN insinuated that Bernie was done because only Biden and Warren stood apart from the rest of the pack.

...Meanwhile, Bernie was polling 1st, 2nd, and SOMETIMES 3rd in the early states...
Oh, I didn't know you could run out of tweets in a thread... but I suppose I'll just end here for now... with one more for CNN for good measure:

The time when Bernie was polling a STRONG second in IA, but they wrote him off as "Struggling to Survive" in the state 😶
Even the "Democratic Leadership" has somehow forgotten his existence??
...Politico has forgotten his name, and the fact that there is a number between 1 and 3...
...But in all seriousness, and amidst all the darkness, there are still real Truthers out there.
Some unconventional, free-form, and new-age platforms that provide more than just your typical soundbite. These platforms and reporters - REAL JOURNALISTS - are key to breaking through our echo chamber MSM has created for us.

Like Joe Rogan, where Bernies interview broke records
Or Krystal Ball, speaking out on her own platform! ...We have to fight Corporate Media with our Media!!

If anybody has any other ideas in how to even just SHOW what MSM is doing to shape our opinions, to SWAY our elections, I feel like that in itself is powerful!
WE have to be the media now!!
WE have to advocate for ourselves!

#BernieYellsForUS, but if we want Bernie to win, #WeYellForBernie also has to become a STRONG HABBIT

#NotMeUs ... Us making noise is the key to Bernie's and #OurRevolution

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