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This past year I was taking care of a woman who was poor and white from Alabama. She was in and out of the ICU with a mysterious illness that 100 doctors at UCSF could not figure out. When her young son showed up with white supremacist tattoos around his eyes, 1/n
I sat with them both and asked about their lives in Alabama. This woman had grown up eating catfish from a river that is one of the most polluted in our country, in an area where one of the most treacherous legs of the Trail of Tears originated.She was exposed to mercury, 2/n
chlorine and PFAS in the groundwater she drank from her family's well. After spending an hour listening to them describe their reality, the son came out of the hospital room with tears in his eyes. He reached to hug me and I held him as he cried, 3/n
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Bernie Sanders introduced 7178 bills of which 882 were passed and 444 became laws. The next time someone says he wasn't productive, show them this graph. #Bernie2020 #receipts #BernieSanders2020
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@christoaivalis @TRNshow @daviddoel @robrousseau @theserfstv
Here is a thread of videos taken from the documentary Keeper of Flame, of Tommy Douglas Explaining his similar struggles, in the 1950-60s, as @BernieSanders now. In brining Democratic-Socialism to Canada/Sask. #Bernie
To those who are unaware, Tommy Douglas is the reason Canada has the following:
1. Universal Healthcare
2. Pension Plan
3. Unemployment Insurance
4. Central Bank
He gave the people of Sask, plumbing, electricity and took them out of a impending recession. #Bernie2020
The Canadian/Sask Media through everything they could at Douglas to stop him from bribing Democratic-Socilaism to main stream politics; but, they couldn’t stop him. His governance was the FIRST openly socialist governance in North American History. #Bernie2020 #Bernie
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A few days ago, Left Twitter was abuzz with news of a new super PAC called "BeatBernie2020" which appeared with almost no information about itself other than a donation link on their NationBuilder generic website. I said I thought I knew who was behind it. Here's my thread 1/
I don't want to be accused of doxxing anyone, and I've seen people tweet that attempts to post a screenshot of the FEC filing were blocked because they include a phone number. So here's the link for the report, take a look for yourself:…
Much credit is due to @Alt_LeftAlabama for digging up the only person listed as the contact for this group, which I wasn't able to do. He has a name very similar to a former hockey player and there's almost nothing about him online
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Sued For Racist Practices?
Trump - YES
Bloomberg - YES
Sanders - NO

Sued For Sexual Harassment?
Trump - YES
Bloomy - YES
Sanders - NO

Registered Republican in the 2000s?
Trump - YES
Bloomy - YES
Sanders - NO

In Favor of $15 Minimum Wage?
Trump - NO
Bloomy - NO
Sanders - YES
Massive Contributor to Gentrification?
Trump - YES
Bloomberg - YES
Sanders - NO

Support #GreenNewDeal?
Trump - NO
Bloomberg - NO
Sanders - YES

Fundraise/Donate to Republican Congressman/Senators in 2018?
Trump - YES
Bloomberg - YES
Sanders - NO
Support #MedicareForAll?
Trump - NO
Bloomberg - NO
Sanders - YES

Endorsement in 2012 Mass. Senate Race:
Trump - Unknown
Bloomberg - Scott Brown (R)
Sanders - Elizabeth Warren (D)……
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If you count the number of voters, #Bernie walked away with #Iowa… It’s not a matter whether you're for or against Sanders, it’s whether you're for or against democracy:… #BernieSanders #Bernie2020
It's F.O.B. Fear of #Bernie. There's a panic at the national Democratic party. And as happened in 2016, it's California where the DNC leadership is going to try to block Sanders. History is about to repeat itself.… #BernieSanders #Bernie2020
Be warned: If you want to vote in California's Democratic primary, make your life easy, sign up as Democrat. Register or check your registration right now!…
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"They needed smartphones to retrieve a code, but they had been told not to bring their phones into the “boiler room” in Des Moines." @ReidEpstein @melbournecoal @ByMikeBaker

@reidepstein @melbournecoal @ByMikeBaker Others...began telling some PCT leaders to email photos of their worksheets to a dedicated email address. But for hrs, no one monitored the inbox. When it was finally opened Tues AM, there were 700 unread emails waiting, w/ photos that had been sent sideways
@reidepstein @melbournecoal @ByMikeBaker #TroyPrice huddled in a room w other officials, none of them w a clear strategy to manage the chaos...A conference call w the pres'l cmpgns ended w Price hanging up on them, amid accusatns tht caucus results in IA may hv bn incorrectly reported for decades😱👀
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A thread w/ #Bernie's excellent interviews today.
#Bernie2020 #NotMeUs #NHprimary2020

"If you do, as Mayor Buttigieg does, take huge amounts of contributors from pharma CEOs, fossil fuel financiers, insurance, Wall St, does anyone seriously believe you will stand up to them?"
Chris Wallace makes the case for Pete Buttigieg.

Sanders - "Do you think when the CEO's of the major drug companies contribute to your campaign, you will take them on? Common sense suggests ... you will not effectively represent working families." #NotMeUs #NHprimary2020
"How do you overcome the #socialist label?," Chris asks.

"In many respects, we are a socialist society today ... The difference between my socialism and Trump's socialism is I believe that government should help working families, not billionaires." #BernieBeatsTrump #Bernie2020
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@kwesting4 (other)

Registered Dem decades ago. Would be Indie now, except for primaries.

When I catch a nice moment, I am likely to join the @DSA

Angry. Found out in 2016 I've been fighting the good fight through bad people. Not OK.

Now, it's time to reform / replace. (more)
@kwesting4 @dsa 1/

I actually picked up on all this during the ACA debate time. Wrote about the money, how we must either take the party, or proceed with basic civil unrest.

Was just this >.< close!

But, I was laughed away, and I didn't hear other voices at the time, so I

@kwesting4 @dsa 2/ I sort of shut down for a while. Got less political, and was just processing it all.

And then I heard about Bernie. Had been listening for years on the Thom show, and got excited. If anyone can take the party, he should, but can he?

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They fucking misreported my precinct. Bernie won 2 delegates in Polk County - Des Moines Precinct 14 in Merle Hay and we fought like hell for them. And @iowademocrats put one of our SDEs in Warren's column but correctly reported vote. #IowaCaucusDisaster #iowacaucus #iowa
Here's my tweet night of reporting same and another view of the board in Polk - Des Moines Precinct 14. @nytimes @iowademocrats @DNC FIX THIS. #IowaCaucusDisaster #Iowa #TomPerezResign #MayorCheat #Iowacaucus
Here is the raw misreporting on the failing @iowademocrats's website. That .27 should be a .52 SDE. Instead, they gave it to Warren. They're trying to steal this. #IowaCaucuses #iowa #IowaCaucusDisaster
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MSNBC - Live w/Velshi & Ruhle - 2/04/2020 - 1:09pm

-Bernie & Weaver media scrum✈
-using 360p to save upload time
-4 part vid thread

#Bernie2020 #NotMeUs #BigUs
Part 2 - 2/02/2020
Part 3 - 2/02/2020
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“We are their worst nightmare.”

This #Bernie2020 ad is pure populism. He’s running on a middle finger to the establishment from the left.
What this means:

-leftwing populism is here in America & growing louder

-the establishment is terrified of a Bernie-Trump race

-the energy and fandom behind Bernie is a threat to Trump. He’s not used to this vector of attack. Accurate take👇
Compare Bernie’s rally last night to those of other candidates, particularly Biden’s. He’s got enthusiasm.
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IMPORTANT: I just got off the phone with a Bernie volunteer who said that caucus locations are being switched in Iowa, and particularly in places where Bernie is polling well. Make sure to communicate with other Bernie voters in your area about location updates. #Bernie2020 #Iowa
In the mean time, make calls and make sure people are prepped to vote. I’ll be updating this thread throughout the day with more info. Please retweet this thread as we learn more, and leave info you know below. Thank you. #IowaCaucus
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DNC changed their rules to let Bloomberg in the debate

Michael Moore sees it coming

DNC will cheat Bernie again
DNC convention will be violent
Bernie will fold, take his payoff & go quietly into the night

Bernie supporters will stay home & some will go Trump

2016 replay
At the 2016 DNC convention, they expected protests from Bernie supporters, so on day 1 they put up a wall.
Oh the irony🤣

#Bernie2020 #BernieSanders
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I'll start by saying that Bernie has written two books and countless speeches on the subject, so I defer to his writing as the authority. That said, I'll give it my best shot. #Bernie2020
The whole point of a political, peaceful revolution is to prevent an actual revolution from happening. Right now, many signs are pointing to us heading in the direction of a revolution, and that's scary. Key structural changes are necessary to defuse it.
A political revolution is about millions of people waking up and engaging in the political process. If we want to defeat Trump, and handily, we need record-breaking voter turnout (even while the vote is being suppressed).
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The election of @BernieSanders as our president will upset the power structure in D.C. that extends its tentacles deep into every corner of America. It's not democratic socialism they fear - it's the destruction of their legalized thievery on the working class of Americans.
For decades both chambers of Congress have matter-of-factly operated on a quid pro quo basis to promote global wars or expensive healthcare 'solutions' that serve to line their pockets. The payoffs are usually hidden as gifts or favors to family members. Does this sound familiar?
The best proof we have that @BernieSanders is the only one that represents real change in America's future is the number of political icons that have lined up in an attempt to stop him. The leadership of the Democratic Party has visibly stacked the deck against him.
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Why Andrew Yang is not for America. His first plan, most comprehensive plan, is UBI(1,000 a month). The biggest issue with this is it doesn’t stack with things like Snap, Tanf, SSI, and many more programs people rely on.
If you go to Andrew Yang's site, he claims it stacks with Social Security Disability... the thing is, not everyone who is disabled has worked enough to collect Social Security, so they get SSI instead. You cannot collect SSI AND UBI at the same time. You must choose one.
Yang's site makes the claim that "Even some people who receive more than $1,000 a month in SSI would choose to take the Freedom Dividend because it has no preconditions."
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Gonna do a #Bernie2020 #thread, but I want to preface this by shooting down the "Not a Real Democrat" argument - the Democratic and Republican parties are hemorrhaging supporters like crazy right now, the only "real" anythings right now support the status quo that got us here.
But, this trend isn't recent, let's zoom out… Wow, look at that giant drop in "Real Democrats" after Carter, when the New Deal Democrats had been soundly defeated, first by the DNC itself at the 1968 national convention - then the '72 rule changes - and Carter's poor performance
What happened in '68? Why, the DNC decided that it knew better than 80% of Democratic voters and the delegates chose Humphrey - and the Anti-War protestors didn't like the pro-War candidate that they wouldn't vote for, and The Establishment didn't like that, man
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😂 All the #BernieSanders supporters claiming they don’t want the #DesMoines Register endorsement are the same ones greedily gorging themselves on big helpings of #JoeRogan sh*t pie.
Well hey. Add some Neo Nazi Richard Spencer to #BernieSanders2020's sh*tpie.
And add Cenk Uygur a known misogynist, homophobe, Armenian genocide denier who advocated for legalizing beastiality to #BernieSanders2020 sh*tpie...
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1. Oh hey. Just ANOTHER national #BernieSanders surrogate who calls himself a progressive & civil rights advocate who has a history of #misogyny like Cenk & Rogan. See what he says about "hitting women." Bernie surrounds himself with vile people.
2. According to Green's bio, #BernieSanders brought him onto his campaign in 2016. He has spoken at his events. Bernie elevates these people and gives them a platform. In return these surrogates spew hateful and demeaning rhetoric at other candidates while giving him cover.
3. Green pushed a MAGA conspiracy and the Trump "Lock her Up" rhetoric. #Bernie does not disavow these people. Ever. Because it is transactional. Both he and his surrogates profit from this arrangement.
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Happy to see #YangSurge. He seems nice. I don't think he stacks up for many reasons, but I respect the hell out of all the young people supporting him because they care about each other. And good to see a person of color still in the race in a system rigged against them.
When petitioning for #Bernie2020, lots of younger folks shout "we love Bernie! but we're #YangGang!". One of them even brought me a hot coffee and refused to take money for it. Warren supporter did the same.
I don't mean to ignore all of his older supporters. But the youth energy behind him seems to be leading the way.
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