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"The question & objection I keep hearing raised is this one: Why now? Why come in at the 11th hour when Joe Biden is on the verge of clinching the Democratic nomination?

The question of course is meant to undermine the claim and cast it as politically motivated...
...The more Red Scare conspiracy minded have taken that even one step further, going full Russian agent on Terra based on a Russia friendly blog post that she wrote as if her views on Russia remotely relate to Joe Biden's actions on that day in the 90s as if it's not far more...
...preposterous to imagine that Tara Reade is some Kremlin agent than that a powerful man committed an egregious Act.

But the story of "Why now?" is actually incredibly telling. It says everything about how our elite institutions routinely cover four powerful men...
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Some people think defeating Trump solves everything and we can go back to "normal."

Normal was schoolkids massacred, millions without healthcare, kids in cages, climate crisis, severe inequality, forever wars...


In the Bush era, countless people died for a war based on lies that many Dems supported. Civil liberties were violated, babies were droned ... and under Obama and Pelosi, those policies were CONTINUED and EXPANDED. Bush is now beloved by Dem leaders.

Crooked GOP lawmakers have been destroying our checks and balances for decades. Voter suppression, emboldening white supremacists, stacking the courts, spewing rightwing propaganda through their massive media network (Fox, Limbaugh, Sinclair, etc.)
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If you are experiencing loss of income, health insurance, housing, etc, due to COVID-19, the #Bernie2020 team invites you to send us a selfie video briefly describing what you're experiencing & how Bernie's plan will help! This may be used on Bernie's social media channels. 🧵
Please record a video with these guidelines:
• No more than 2 minutes long
• Recorded from cell phone or webcam.
• Start with your name & where you’re from
• Share how the economic downturn has negatively affected your life

Please speak to how 1 or more of these measures would help you out!
• A $2000 monthly check.
• Expanded unemployment insurance for non-traditional workers.
• A moratorium on evictions, foreclosures, and utility shut offs.
• Paid family and medical leave for all.

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As the daughter of a union organizer, I've spent my entire life with a gun to my head and a knife in my back.
Always the same refrain, "where else you gonna go?"
We are looking down the barrel of an economy in freefall and a pandemic that could kill 1/3 of us
Now is not the time to let fear rule us, we must steel ourselves to ignore the cries of the bankers and Wall Street so that we can hear the cries of the vulnerable, the homeless, the sick and the ordinary worker who doesn't have faith that our government can work for them
When we unite, we can make a new world possible, after all we're all we've got
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@NYGovCuomo is delivering one of the most eloquent and passionate speeches about this #COVID19 #pandemic I've seen.

I'm not a supporter of his, but if establishment Dems want one of their own to take on Trump, it should be him.

And to be crystal clear: I'm 100% #NotMeUs because it's this corrupt system that has set us up for disaster. We need to overhaul the whole damn thing.
Please read my thread carefully:

I'm drawing the contrast between #Cuomo and #Biden.

I don't support #Cuomo.

I'm fully with #NotMeUs.

But facts are facts. And if the Dem establishment thinks Biden is taking on Trump during this crisis, they are grossly mistaken.
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I've never voted GOP and never will. I will vote for the Dem over Trump.

But I categorically do not support the current Democratic Party leadership.

I believe they've failed to oppose fascism.

Unfollow/block if that offends you.
I am 100% with #NotMeUs and I believe the movement will grow long past this election.

I have been radicalized by the abject failures of the system.

I am proudly left.

I will fight the GOP but I will not accept the moral crumbs of the Dem leadership.

My eyes are wide open.

I believe that uncritically following the Dem establishment is a sure way to LOSE to Trump and his crooks and cronies.

By embracing tepid, mushy centrism, by going along with GOP extremists, Dems have already lost the courts for a generation.
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Dear Bernie,

You won't defeat Trump if Joe Biden is the nominee.

Just like you couldn't defeat him with Hillary.

It must be you.

Whether you're the Democratic nominee or an Independent nominee, only you can defeat Trump.


2. It is as true in 2020 as it was in 2016, and every year since.
3. I know you don't want to be a spoiler, but...

Polls in 2016 showed you would have beaten both Trump and HRC if you had run third party.
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@progressvoice Would you, could you on a plane?
Would you, could you on a train?

I will not vote for Joe the liar.
Not if my pants were totes on fire.
I would not vote Joe here, nor there.
I would not vote Joe anywhere.
@progressvoice I would not vote Joe if he picked Liz.
Not if he offered to double my biz.
I would not vote Joe if he picked Harris.
I would not vote Joe if I lived in Paris.
@progressvoice I would not vote Joe for any reason.
I would not vote Joe in any Season.
So can stop asking. I will not vote Joe.
I would rather cut off my big toe.
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(1/6) It should be apparent to everyone by now that these "democratic" primary debates are nothing more than lying contests. Admit it, Biden is an energetic, consummate liar while Bernie is just phoning it in.
(2/6) Bernie's continued participation in these debates is itself his half-hearted lie that these debates are truthful & fair. If I were in his position & his age, I would go with a nuclear option: I would announce that it's time to pause the primaries & review discrepancies in
(3/6) the primary results. Of course, the #DNC & #CorporateMedia would attack immediately & create narratives why this would be impossible & refuse. As a result, I would announce my immediate withdrawal from the race & advise supporters to #DemExit & form a US Labor Party.
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You want #NotMeUs to listen to you? Here's how:

1. No consolation prizes (as in "aww thanks, you moved the conversation left.") The progressive movement wants to overhaul a corrupt system, not settle for cosmetic language changes.
2. Stop treating them as a monolith of "bros." #NotMeUs is multi-generational and highly diverse. Enough erasure. Enough reducing them to Twitter trolls. Appreciate who they are: working people for whom the status quo (perpetuated by both parties) can be a death sentence.
3. Acknowledge their concerns about #Biden and the entire party leadership. You may see no problems with Democratic leaders, but to #NotMeUs (myself included) they have failed to effectively oppose GOP extremism and have normalized Trump. And we're all paying a steep price.
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Listen up, #NotMeUs. We can still win. We have no choice. Our future depends on it.
To win, we need to make absolutely clear that @JoeBiden is an unacceptable nominee. Almost all Biden supporters would vote for Bernie, but not v/v. That’s why Bernie beats Trump but Biden doesn’t.
We need to be serious about #NeverBiden. No surrender.
In the last week, we exposed @JoeBiden as a serial liar who doesn’t care about us whose weak platform doesn’t meet our needs.
Bernie went from -20 to -9 in head-to-head polling against Biden.
We have all the momentum.
We need the media to make clear that young people reject Biden. Scientists reject Biden. Biden’s healthcare plan and climate inaction aren’t going to earn him our vote. We’re not going to accept whatever corporate neoliberal puppet they shove at us. #NeverBiden.
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I'm solidly with #Bernie and #NotMeUs, but I'm relieved to see #Biden this sharp at the #DemDebate. I deeply disagree with his policies and have opposed his candidacy, but if he's the nominee, I hope this is the Biden who shows up against Trump. Our future depends on it.
And let me reiterate: I am vehemently opposed to perpetuating the status quo and rewarding the Dem leadership that has allowed GOP extremism to flourish. #Bernie represents the future of the Democratic Party and I will strongly support #NotMeUs no matter what the primary outcome.
Let me elaborate: I'm using "sharp" as a contrast to the GOP talking point that #Biden in serious cognitive decline.

#Bernie is both sharp AND right on the issues.

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No better way to spend your time this Saturday than making calls for @BernieSanders! I've been on for a half hour & have already had great conversations with 2 Florida voters who agree that, especially given the COVID-19 pandemic, we need Medicare for All.
Talked to one strong Bernie supporter who had moved and wasn't sure about where her polling place was. She was also trying to find time to get there when she wasn't working. We went to, found her polling place, & she is going this weekend!
Talked to a Bernie supporter in Florida who is at an overseas military base and thought she hadn't received her absentee ballot. She texted me a few minutes after our call, said she had found it, and that she would make sure it got in and counted. #NotMeUs
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A project I have decided to put together specifically for the so called moderate voter, the ones that somehow like the policies of Bernie Sanders, yet vote for Joe Biden because the media lied to them about Biden being electable in the general election #NotMeUs #BidenLosesToTrump
To be clear, I won't be voting for either Biden or Trump in the general election, they have both harmed far too many people with their policy decisions. #NeverBiden
We can start with the post second Super Tuesday coverage in the media, who managed to pull their head out of their ass just long enough to be like, oh, maybe all those young people aren't going to show up for Biden, which is correct.
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In 2016 the vast majority of Sanders supporters voted for Clinton. We were blamed regardless of the numbers. Your internal polling proves his policies are popular yet you give us NO CONCESSIONS. You created plans that solve NOTHING and named them similarly to our proposals. 1/6
Now again in 2020 you pay lip service to us without adopting a single POLICY. You’re party smears US and our candidate with false narratives and fear mongering. The CORPORATE Dems fight the ECONOMIC progressives harder than they fight the RIGHT. But now... 2/6
We are told once again that we must ignore or principles and #VoteBlueNoMatterWho because TRUMP is an existential THREAT. Not realizing that BIDEN is just as big a threat to US. He believes in NOTHING and fights for no one but your DONERS... we have the RECEIPTS. 3/6
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As a Latino with some ties to people who actually are suffering the consequences of a Trump presidency, I would like to say the following. #DemExit #WeNeedBernie #NotMeUs #PresidentSanders thread 1/21
Many Latinos so far (though probably won't be the case with the more conservative Latinos in AZ/FL) and overwhelmingly most Muslims have voted for Bernie Sanders. Think about the fact that arguably the two groups that are most demonized by Trump are backing @BernieSanders 2/21
Now imagine calling them Bernie Bros and telling them to fall in line and vote for Biden. I have close enough ties with some people who are Muslim to know that many of them vote based on their principles and would not back Biden. 3/21 #NotMeUs
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This is why I am feeling so defeated. I promised my friend I wouldn't stop fighting until #M4ALL was a reality.

Robin was a very dear friend of mine. I met her at one of my first protests and her eyes lit up when she noticed my "BERNIE: because fuck this shit" button. 1/12
She was stuck with me. Robin served as the Delaware County Iowa Dem Chair and was very politically active in Iowa. She was a 2016 Bernie state delegate. We attended many rallies, protests and events together and she was always just so thoughtful, composed and passionate. 2/12
She was in a viral video a few years ago when she confronted Sen. Grassley for voting to repeal pre-existing conditions protections. She then appeared on Lawrence O'Donnell to speak about her confrontation and activism. MY GIRL!! She was my activism mentor. 3/12
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All of my Warren friends are actually more progressive than Elizabeth Warren herself. Here is a statement by her strongest supporters who are now joining the #NotMeUs movement and supporting Bernie Sanders.…
And if you are still waiting for Warren to endorse Bernie, then you're wasting your time. She didn't endorse him in 2016 and she will not endorse him this year. The fact that she is still "thinking about it" is a non-endorsement in and of itself.…
This movement is unstoppable, with or without Warren, and for that matter, with or without Bernie. #NotMeUs
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Polls show an overwhelming majority of #Bernie supporters would vote for #Biden over Trump.

As for me, I've never voted for (or donated to) a Republican in my entire life. And I never will. It's a party of rightwing extremism.
Given the choice of Biden or Trump, I'd vote for Biden in a heartbeat.

That said, unthinkingly supporting anyone who puts a D next to their name is a recipe for moral and electoral disaster.

It is how the establishment maintains power and prevents change.

Don't fall for it...
In my 20 years in politics, the SAME Dem leaders, including #Biden and #Pelosi, have utterly failed to stop the march of GOP dominance/extremism.

They went along with Bush's war crimes, then rehabilitated his image. They have been dangerously inept against Trump and his cronies.
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There are two paths forward. One path guarantees defeat.

The other path is paved by the history of social change & has led to incredible victories in the past. Two Paths 1/6
The path of defeat is the path they want for us: hopelessness, despair, inward anger & blame.

The path of victory is the path they fear: we keep building, we keep fighting, & we keep growing our movement. 2/6
The path of defeat sees electoral politics as the primary agent of change.

The path of victory sees people as agents of change with electoral politics as just one tool among many: movement building, civil disobedience, strikes, etc. 3/6

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As a progressive, I'm disappointed that the Dem nominee in November will be a centrist. But I will vote for Joe Biden because he is immeasurably better, in every single way, than Donald Trump. Every progressive should do the same - it will be easier to pressure a Biden (1/?)
administration into doing more progressive things than it would ever be with Trump. We have Supreme Court appointments coming up. The clock is ever ticking on climate change (and while Biden may not do enough there, it WILL be better than Trump). We have administrative positions
that need to be filled after having festered and atrophied under the incompetent Trump administration. And progressives, it's not all bad - consider these two things: First, I find it extremely unlikely Biden would run for a 2nd term if he wins. He's simply too old.
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Live in Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, or Washington (or are a Democrat abroad)? There are lots of important issues on your ballot today. Let's talk about them! #SuperTuesday2
Reproductive rights are on the ballot.

@JoeBiden has repeatedly cast votes to restrict abortion & contraception.

@BernieSanders has a 100% pro-choice voting record.…
The habitability of our planet is on the ballot.

@JoeBiden has an F rating from @sunrisemvmt.

@BernieSanders has an A- rating from the same climate justice group.
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Elections, at the end of the day, are not about candidates.

They’re not about which politician or whose supporters we like best.

Elections are our chance to have a say on issues that affect millions of people’s lives.
When the media treat politics like a personality contest, it serves the interests of the wealthy and well-connected.

As long as politics is divorced from people’s everyday needs, they are winning.
So this election, think about the issues you care about, and vote accordingly.

Who do you trust to fight for immigration justice?

Who do you trust to address climate change?

Who do you trust to guarantee every American healthcare?
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A few stories about @BernieSanders and why I’m supporting him (and you should, too):
I grew up in Burlington, Vermont. Bernie was, and always will be, a big role model of mine. He got me in this fight. He was progressive before it was cool.
No one thought a mayor of a small town could be president — til this cycle. Mayor Bernie stood up to big developers & transformed our city, for the better, for generations to come. We Burlingtonians know how powerfully transformative it is to have a chief executor fighting for us
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