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Izuku was one of the older omegas in the Omega House. He had been here far too long.

Nearly going on 21, most omegas were accounted for by the time they were 16.
They were allowed to leave for their new homes once they turned 18. This Omega House and all others in Japan held to this rule. And if the omega wasn’t ready, then the alpha had to be willing to wait.

It was a good time for all omegas, and Izuku was proud to be one.
Izuku was ready to be the omega of a household... but no one had wanted him yet.

That isn’t to say he was unwanted - no. He was always one of the first ones alphas took a liking to. With his chubby cheeks, dotted in freckles and unique green hair, all alphas chose him to be
Looked over and interviewed.

He always passed the tests... but the one that he never passed was his body inspection. As soon as they would ask him to strip, and the first scar was revealed on his shoulder then chest, they would ask him to stop.

Then they would always, without
Fail ask why he was covered in scars.

It left Izuku with a bitter taste in his mouth.

They would always reply - he came from an abusive household. His father caused those scars before the Omega Household could get to him.

But they were always quick to reassure he was
Healthy - clean - VIRGIN.

But the alphas always turned to look at him with disgust. As if he was tainted.

They all wanted perfectly unblemished omegas. Ones with perfect, smooth skin - not ones covered in scars and had past baggage they carried.
They wanted to show them off - show they had this beautiful creature on their arm, and flaunt that they were well taken care of.

An omega covered in scars, even if they were old and faded some, would seem as if the alpha was abusive - untrustworthy - violent.

Something they
All strived not to be in this day and age.

So each interview ended the same. With the alpha apologizing, thanking him for his time, and then moving on to the next omega.

Each time this happened, the alphas would then leave with another omega as their own.
He was starting to think he was cursed...
Izuku’s father wasn’t always abusive. Back when his mother was still alive, and he was unpresented, his father was a hardworking, loving alpha father.

He had worked hard to built up a family business, and had depended on his son to present as an alpha or beta to take over the
Family business.

Then, his mother grew sick, and his father started working later and later while his mother was in the hospital.

And then a year later, his mother passed away.

He realized just how alone he was at that point. His mother left a hole in their family, and his
Father began to drink more and more as the days went on.

Soon, bruises started to appear on Izuku’s body. His father coming home drunk and rancid. He would scramble through the house, blaming his 13 year old son for the weakness he brought his mother during childbirth.
He always hid away when he would hear the door slam. Most nights it worked, but other times, his father would destroy the house until he got his hands on him.

He started shrinking away at school as well. Got bullied for what was happening to him.

He needed a way out.
And it seemed as if his body was finally willing to give that to him.

He presented when he was barely just 15, considered a little later than most - so it came as a shock when he did.

His father had thought him a beta, and when he wasn’t drunk and abusive, taught him all he
Needed to know about running his business.

Then, the abuse got worse once he was free from his first heat.

He luckily had presented at school, and the officials had called his father to tell him he was sent to a heat house, and he would need to confirm with an omega house a
Time for pick up.

His father had never called them.

So Izuku suffered - a year without schooling. A year with his father lashing scars into his body - making sure he knew just how unwanted of an omega he was. And to make sure no alpha would never want him.

It took Izuku
Only a couple weeks to devise a plan, and one day when he heard his father leave, he picked the lock on his door, went down to the first floor, and fled through the back door he had intentionally left unlocked from the last time he was allowed downstairs.

He ran, much farther
Than he needed to, until he found a couple who looked very concern at his state.

He told them - everything - and they called both an omega house and the police.

He only saw his father one other time - on the day of his trial.

He remembers the rage in his eyes, but Izuku
Stood strong, and watched him be handcuffed and sentenced.

Good riddance.

Now the only downfall to finally being free from that monster, is the fact that what he had done to his body now left him with a limited freedom until some alpha took pity on him and overlooked his

Izuku spent many nights, sitting on his bed within the Omega House, looking out his window and wishing to his mother to help him find his next escape.

He could only pray that she heard his plea. And would grant his wish for a new life away from this House.
Izuku was called to the main office of the Omega House. Normally that would be a cause for concern, but with him being one of the older omegas within the House, it was a common occurrence.

He would be asked to help in the kitchen, or with younger omega studies of even to help
With the younger pups that the daycare within the House held. He loved his time with the pups, but it always left him with a sense of yearning for his own pups.

He entered the office, closing the door tightly behind him and faced the desk within the middle of the room.
“Izuku! Welcome welcome! Come on in, take a seat. We have much to discuss. Care for some tea?”

Izuku shook his head, smiling at Mirio as he moved to sit down in front of him. “How are you Mirio? Are you settling in well?”

“Hmm, I am! Working here in Sir’s steed is very

“And how is Tamaki?”

The blush that formed on Mirio’s face was well worth the ask.

“Ah he is doing very well. Nearing his third trimester now. It’s nerve racking at times, being here while he’s home...”

“But we were all trained for this, and he’s so ready to be
A dam.”

“Yes, yes I know...” mirio seemed lost in thought then, and his eyes drifted to a photo sitting on his desk. “Oh but, excuse me! That’s not why I called you here, even if I do enjoy catching up with you.”

Mirio moved to lean forward in his chair, his elbows resting on
The desk and his expression grew serious. “Izuku, we have gotten a little bit of a strange request recently. And you’re the only omega that fits the bill.”

“Me..? What do you-“

“What I mean is that we had a high class alpha contact us recently. He’s looking for a certain,
Type of omega, if I’m being honest. And supposedly he’s been to every Omega House around the area, and we are the last resort.”

“I... I see.”

“I know that we have gotten your hopes up before, but Izuku I very well think that this might be your chance.”

Izuku could only nod,
But in his head, he repeated to himself that he wouldn’t get his hopes up too high. He wouldn’t. And couldn’t. Not after all the previous times this certain thing has happened.

“What all was he looking for?”

“Well for one, an older omega. He seems to be fairly young himself,
Only about 25, but he was requesting for the omega to be over 20. Supposedly he doesn’t like the idea of them looking young. The next requirement was that the omega be a male.”

Izuku nodded along. His teeth pulling at his bottom lip as he watched Mirio read from the paper
Before him.

“And lastly, he didn’t want a totally submissive omega - he’s supposedly a stubborn aloha himself. And one with, and I quote, ‘bit of meat on their bones’.” Mirio smirked as Izuku’s blush flooded his cheeks.

“We both know you are very fit for an omega.”
“That’s all thanks to you, Mirio.”

Mirio amiled, looking down at his paper before looking back up at Izuku. “So... will you meet him?”

Izuku only sighed, before smiling softly at the alpha. “Not like I have many options, now do I?”

Izuku got up then, heading for the door.
“When should I be expecting him?”

“He said he would be coming by in a day or two. We will notify you the morning of to prepare.”

“Alright, thank you Mirio.”

“And Izuku-“

Izuku turned toward the blonde alpha, seeing his eyes soft and smile slightly sad.

“I really do hope
This one works out for you.”

Izuku nodded, opening up the office door. “Me too. Me too...”

Izuku was notified four days later of the alpha’s arrival in a few hours.

He had slightly grown concerned when he wasn’t notified the last few days. Thoughts invading that the
Alpha had already given up - or had found another omega in that time. But here he was, now being pampered by the beta staff and other omegas.

They gave him a fresh haircut, trimmed his nails, picked out his outfit, and scrubbed his body raw before finally leading him to the
Cozy interview room and telling him to relax in the mean time.

They all knew his nerves could get to him if he didn’t have time to relax before a meeting.

Izuku sat himself own on one of the large cushions, the smell in the room almost stale, since they flushed out all other
Scents from the room for this interview.

He slowly released his own scent. A wonderful combination of forest pine, with a hint of mint that sometimes smelled of freshly fallen rain.

He never understood why or how his scent smelled like this at times, but he was told multiple
Times that it was a refreshing scent. Soothing. Many alphas before this one had been drawn to him just by his scent.

He hoped this next alpha would like it just as much. Hopefully that would win him some favors, and the alpha would overlook his scars.

He had just pulled out
An old favorite All Might comic, when he heard the door knob turning, and he sat up sharply onto his knees as a tall, blonde - and strikingly handsome alpha entered the room.

Instantly the alpha’s scent reached him, and Izuku shivered at his smell.

Fire. Smoky. Warmth. And...
Cinnamon. Sweet.

His eyes closed briefly, savoring the smell before he opened them again. His eyes instantly met red, and he tilted his head slightly to the side in a show that he was interested and willing to submit to the alpha’s inspection.

When the alpha didn’t approach,
Izuku grew nervous and he pulled his bottom lip back into his mouth.

Normally the alpha would have to make the first contact, but maybe he was just as nervous and maybe he thought Izuku should make the first move?

Izuku was just about to speak up, watching as the alpha’s eyes
Looked at him all over before landing on the All Might comic next to him.

The alpha cleared his voice before he spoke in a deep, beautiful voice that sent shivers down Izuku’s spine once again.

“Ahem, are you uh - are you a fan as well?”

Izuku blinked once. Twice before a
Small smile formed on his lips. “Y-yes. The All Might series was one of my favorite comics growing up.”

“Great- wonderful. I - fuck. Sorry, I’m not good at this shit.” The alpha looked away, before moving forward and coming to sit on the other cushion across from Izuku.
Izuku was a little taken aback by the language from the alpha, but he only relaxed further as the alpha made himself comfortable. “No worries. I get a little nervous myself during these interviews. I always request to be let in here beforehand so I can calm myself down.”
The alpha nodded, and he looked down at his clasped hands before speaking again. “No wonder it smelled so much of you when I first came in then.”

“Ah! I’m- I’m sorry. I didn’t realize - I can tone down my scent- if you need me too-“

“Oh, shit no. I didn’t mean it like that.
I meant that- I mean- it’s nice. Your scent, that is. Not that you aren’t nice as well- I - well fuck now I’m rambling.”

The alpha leaned back and rubbed at his temples, and Izuku couldn’t help but giggle a little bit. He tried to cover it up with his hand, but it drew the
Alpha’s attention anyway.

“You laughing at me nerd?”

Izuku snorted then, and he appreciated the alpha’s smirk that formed on his face. “Nerd? Really?”

“It’s not like I know your name... which by the way, may I know?”

Izuku smiled, “Izuku. Midoriya Izuku.”
“I’m Katsuki. Bakugou Katsuki. Mind if I go through a few questions? I received your profile, but obviously you know that all information is very limited since they want us to meet and learn, rather than it all be on paper.”

Izuku nodded, and eased into his cushion as Katsuki
Looked over him.

“It says you are 21, correct?”


“You’ve been here since you were 16, but never were chosen.”

Izuku gulped. “That’s correct.”

“Unbelievable. You’re the first male omega over the age of 20 I have ever met that is unmated. Why is that?”
“I guess that, fate led us to each other...?” Izuku cringed at that, but the snort that came from the alpha had him easing up on the tension in his shoulders.

“Really? Fate Deku?”

“Deku? Are we onto nicknames then?”

The alpha smirked, and looked back down at his hands.
“Maybe. We’ll see. So far so good. But honestly - why are you still here. There’s no denying you’re fucking gorgeous, have an incredible body, and are fucking intelligent as shit - especially for a nerd. How have you not been claimed as of yet?”

“Honestly, I think it’s because
A lot of alpha’s tend to have this idea that all omega’s have to be this perfect representation of what they have in their heads... and I have never fit that bill.”

Izuku looked Katsuki in the eyes then, and the alpha studied the omega for some time before clicking his tongue.
“Idiots, the lost of them.”

Izuku could only smile, looking down at his lap and tracing over the faint scars that run along his fingers. “I.. I guess so.”

“Do you have any family? Any family that you would like to see if I were to choose you?”

Izuku shook his head. “No -
None. My mother passed away quite awhile ago. And my father...”

“And your father?”

“I won’t be wanting to see him. Ever.”

“Hmmm... I see. I have my mother and father. I would have to introduce you to them at some point, but they - they can be a little much. I’m sorry about
Your mother.”

Izuku shook his head. “No no. It’s fine. Honesty.”

“Am I allowed to ask about your father?”

Izuku could only take in a shaking breath as he closed his eyes. “The man was an alpha. An abuser. That’s all that needs to be said about that man.”
He met Katsuki’s eyes then. And he watched as the alpha calculated what he said before sighing.

“It says here that you are a virgin... is that true? Or do I need to have you tested?”

Izuku looked taken aback, and his fists clenched on his thighs. “I can promise you that he
Was not THAT type of abuser. And I am very much a virgin. My scent should give that off at least.”

Katsuki watched him, his hand rubbing at his chin before he stood up and moved towards Izuku.

“Alright then, Deku. I believe you. And I’m very, very interested in you. So much
So that I’m almost inclined to claim you right now.”

Izuku gulped, but he held his stance, slightly moving his neck to show his submission to the alpha now stalking around him. “But... we haven’t even finished the full interview yet...”

“Then we will do just that.”
“Betas - can you please enter?”

Two familiar betas then entered the room. Ochako and Tsuyu smiled at him both before coming to stand at his side.

“Strip him.”

Izuku squeezes his eyes tight, feeling the familiar hands on his body undo the front of his robe. He could feel the
Calming touch coming from Ochako as she rubbed his shoulders before moving the top half of his robe off his body, and pulled him to stand up besides them and in front of the alpha.

Izuku kept his eyes tightly closed - not wanting to see the horrified face the alpha was surely
Making. This is where the alpha then asks him to redress. Thanks him for his time. Tells him it’s not going to work- and then - and then they will leave and he will be left alone once again -

“What in the bloody hell did that bastard do to you?”
“Ah - Mr. Bakugou sir - I can speak for his history if you wish-“

“Shut it Round Face.”

Izuku winced at the harsh voice from the alpha, and could only imagine as Ochako stepped back. He felt the alpha circle around him, stopping behind his back. Izuku held his breath.
The worst of it all was on his back, arms and legs.

Izuku jolted at the soft touch to his lower back, and his body shook as his eyes shot open to hear the alpha speak softly right behind him.

“Izuku can speak for himself.”

He gulped then, and held himself still as the
Alpha’s hands traced his scars.

“He... he said that since I presented as a - a worthless omega-“ he bit back his sob, he would not cry here.

He would not cry at the first gentle touch of an alpha he has had in years.

“He - he would make sure that I’m seen as such, by any
And all alpha who- who may want me some day.”

He pulled his lower lip back into his mouth, and shut his eyes again as he felt the warmth from Katsuki’s body seeping into his own.

Katsuki’s hands moved up his body, and traced at the scars across his shoulders.

“What else
Did this bastard say to you? How often did he hurt you like this?”

Izuku took a deep breath and answered. “He claimed since I wasn’t a beta or alpha like he thought I should be, then I couldn’t expect to live a life as a common, household pet of an omega.” His fists clenched,
And his crooked fingers ached from it. “He said since I was such a let down, let it be known to all that I am. So marked me. Sometimes it was just a simple blow - but then others he- he brought out his belt. And when that didn’t give him the results he wanted...”

Izuku shook
With rage.

“He went and bought a whip.”

He heard the alpha’s snark and instantly his body tilted his head in submission as the alpha stalked to stand in front of him again.

“How often Izuku? How often did he hurt you?”

Izuku met Katsuki’s eyes, and he saw something there
That he never thought he’d ever see in another’s eyes.

He saw the pain, the pity - the guilt and remorse - but most of all - he saw understanding.

“Almost everyday he would inflict a new scar on me. This lasted for nearly a year before I had enough and I broke out.”
Katsuki lifted his hand to his mouth, his teeth gritting as his eyes clenched tight.

“Did he... did he ever hurt you any further than what I can see?”

Izuku could only shrug as he pulled at his pant’s drawstrings and let it fall to the floor. This was the first time he had
Ever been allowed to fully bare himself to an alpha. He watched as Katsuki’s eyes raced down his body, taking in the scars that littered his legs. And he stumbled as he walked behind him, and snarled at the back of his legs.

His legs, especially the backs of them were covered
In old scars. Long, short cut marks. Some cigarette burns and other larger burns. And they all led up to his backside, where Izuku could still remember his father lashing blow after blow to his ass with his belt and whip.

“That man... he’s no father. What a fucking monster.”
Izuku could only nod in agreement.

“I should have him killed.”

Izuku looked quickly behind him, finally meeting Katsuki’s eyes and he gave him a sad smile.

“He’s not worth it. And for all that has happened, he’s now suffering in jail where he belongs.”
Katsuki came to walk back in front of him, and he turned his back on Izuku.

Izuku smiles sadly, thinking that it was the end of all of this. At least had given the alpha the answers he wished for.

He felt better, knowing that at least one alpha had cared enough to see his
Full body. “Thank you, Katsuki, for your time. I’m sure now you’ve realized I’m not what you are looking for - but thank you anyway. I hope that you-“

“The fuck are you saying?”

Izuku looked up just as he was tying his pants drawstrings once more. “I- I’m sorry?”
“You think that just because you are covered in scars, something you had no fucking control over - I wouldn’t want you?”

Izuku gave him a hard stare. “I can assure you that every single alpha that has ever stood in that spot saw my body, and had instantly shut me down.”
“Every. Single. One. Had walked out of here at the first speck of ruined skin. I know I’m defective. I know I’m not what any alpha is looking for. I don’t need your pity.”

Izuku snarled, and he watched as Katsuki looked him over before stomping back towards him.
The grin that formed on Katsuki’s face as he gripped the back of Izuku’s neck tightly was none too kind - but his eyes held the warmth that Izuku had always looked for in an alpha’s eyes.

“You are exactly what I’m fucking looking for, omega.”
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