To help me get back into some sort of routine, I’m going to restart my #paperperday challenge and finish when normal life resumes. Yes, your timeline with be spammed with papers focusing on psychology, cognitive neuroscience, reproducible, and transparent research, again!
#1 Seven Steps Toward Transparency and Replicability in Psychological Science by @dstephenlindsay

“these are...disciplines, practices, even aspirations...I’m still working on them myself...most of us would do better science if we worked on these“ Image
#2 Why Are Self-Report and Behavioral Measures Weakly Correlated? By @dangjunhua @KMKing_Psych @minzlicht

“These tasks tend to have low reliability, making them unsuitable for psychiatric diagnoses of individuals”

#measurementschmeasurement… ImageImageImage
#3 My lab is closed to me because of the coronavirus. Here’s how I’m planning to stay productive…

...finding a way to build a routine and stay productive has been positive for my mental health and for my family. I hope it also helps you. ImageImageImage
#4 How representative are neuroimaging samples? via @OSFramework

Sig. trait (anxiety) diff between MRI (N=1341) and behaviour-only (N=1976) subjects

See thread by @caro_charp
#5 Since everyone is working on data during the lockdown: read this!

How to classify, detect, and manage univariate and multivariate outliers, with emphasis on pre-registration" with @CleysLeys @mdelacre1 @realYouriMora @lakens and Christophe Ley… ImageImageImageImage
#6 Comparing meta-analyses and preregistered multiple-laboratory replication projects:

“…meta-analytic effect sizes are almost three times as large as replication effect sizes.”

By Amanda Kvarven, Eirik Strømland & Magnus Johannesson… ImageImage
#7 Comment on #6

Puzzling relationship between multi-lab replications and meta-analyses of the literature

@mollyllewis @_MMathur VanderWeele @mcxfrank

“Effect size heterogeneity and pub. bias...are unlikely to account fully for this discrepancy” ImageImageImageImage
#8 On the beauty of publishing an ugly Registered Report by Sarahanne Field

“...we could report the results with complete transparency and still publish....I couldn’t be prouder of this study”

@EmmaHendersonRR thanks for recommending!
#9 How early-career scientists are coping with COVID-19 challenges and fears

@ScienceCareers asked 11 ECRs how they are doing and what strategies they have found helpful“

Great piece by @BabettePain @ScienceMagazine ImageImage
#10 COMPare: a prospective cohort study correcting and monitoring 58 misreported trials

“...journals listed as endorsing CONSORT, which require complete outcome reporting, fail to ensure compliance...majority of correction letters were rejected.” 🤦‍♂️ ImageImageImage
#11 The citation advantage of linking publications
to research data

"...articles that include statements that link
to data in a repository [have] up to 25.36% higher citation impact on average"

Great work @giovanni1085 Iain Hrynaszkiewicz @IslaStaden @kirstie_j @BarbaraMcGilli Image
#12 Open science takes on the coronavirus pandemic

“Data sharing, open-source designs for medical equipment, and hobbyists are all being harnessed to combat COVID-19” @MarkZastrow…
#13 Erroneous analyses of interactions in neuroscience: a problem of significance

“...researchers and reviewers should be more aware that the difference between significant and not significant is not itself necessarily significant”

Nieuwenhuis, Forstmann @EJWagenmakers ImageImageImage
#14 An Introduction to Registered Replication Reports at Perspectives on Psychological Science

@profsimons @ceptional Barbara Spellman… ImageImageImage
#15 Logical and Methodological Issues Affecting Genetic Studies of Humans Reported in Top Neuroscience Journals

Great paper by Grabitz @ButtonKate @MarcusMunafo Dianne F Newbury @CyrilRPernet @deevybee ImageImage
#16 The limitations to our understanding of peer review

“ a serious and co- ordinated manner, scholarly legitimacy might decline in the future, and the authoritative status of scientific research in society might be at risk”

@Protohedgehog @tonyR_H Image
#17 ‘Aggressive’ COVID-19 strains: What it takes to correct a flawed paper

“We were...encouraged not to publish there by other virologists, so as not to make it look like the issues with the Tang et al. paper were minor”

@ivanoransky @RetractionWatch Image
#18 Pandemic researchers — recruit your own best critics @lakens

“It is time to adopt a ‘red team’ approach in science that integrates criticism into each step of the research process”.…

Daniel is also recruiting! ImageImage
#19 “Contradictory citations are rare... because academic circles are small, and negative comments can come back to haunt you. could... encourage people to support more explicitly as well as contradict more explicitly.”… ImageImage
#20 Secret lives of fMRI studies part 2

“This finding highlights the potential consequences of a lack of standardised pipelines for processing complex data”


Neuroimaging findings can be dependent simply on the applied processing/analysis ImageImage
#21 “The immediate solution to this problem of extreme opacity, which allows flawed papers to hide in plain sight, has been advocated for years: require more transparency, mandate more scrutiny.” @jamesheathers
#22 “...we must rehabilitate the term. Retractions..are a practical way to correct for human fallibility and strengthen the scientific enterprise”… Image
#23 It is a little known fact that by doing Bayesian analysis you're walking in the footsteps of #AlanTuring, who used Bayes to help crack the #enigma code!

Learn more here:…

#BornOnThisDay #Turing @turinginst Image
#24 In Letters "Studies on publication bias are probably
susceptible to the bias they study"

Inspired by the below thread

#25 getting fired up for what will be a fantastic talk by @o_guest on “How computational modeling can force theory building in psychological science” co- written with @andrea_e_martin

The talk is TODAY at 12-1 BST

Link to the talk and preprint: ImageImageImage
#26 Open-access Plan S to allow publishing in any journal

"Funders will override policies of subscription journals that don’t let scientists share accepted manuscripts under open licence" by Richard Van Noorden Image
#27 "The journal platforms and portals that have developed in Latin America, point towards what a scholar-led, non-profit global scholarly communications ecosystem might look like" @EAguadoRedalyc @ariannabec… Image
@EAguadoRedalyc @ariannabec #28 "fMRI can be highly reliable, but it depends on what you measure" a reply to Elliot et al (2020)
@phkragel @torwager @tekraynak and colleagues Image
#29 Author retracts Nature commentary over concerns about section’s sponsorship… via @ivanoransky ImageImage
#30 Pioneering duplication detector trawls thousands of coronavirus preprints… by @Richvn with insights from @MicrobiomDigest

Great project to detect image duplication/manipulation by Daniel E Acuna @PSBROOKES Konrad P Kording Image
#31 Tenzing: documenting contributorship using CRediT… via @OSFramework

By @ceptional @BalazsAczel @mrtn_kvcs @FrederikAust Image
#32 Trustworthy data underpin reproducible research

“...our confidence in the value of these practices derives from the simple fact that, within the metrological community, and for many years now, reproducibility has been, and continues to be, our business.” ImageImageImage
#33 The Anonymous Professor Who Wasn’t 😮 🤯…
#34 “The senior pastoral tutor (of many years standing) stated that this student cohort was ‘notable for the lack of any student coming forward with concerns over a lack of understanding of statistics’… Image
#35 one of the few things that does replicate in science are disputes over authorship. For you to be the one that removes your own name from a paper must be the worst form of authorship dispute

Courageous move by @SchiavoneSays 👏
#36 “Traditional p-hacking involves starting with a sound analytic strategy and then iteratively degrading this until the results support one’s hypothesis” @ianhussey

Brilliant tongue-in-check preprint! ImageImage
#37 Why scientific societies should
involve more early-career
researchers @AdrianaBankston @StephMDavisPhD Elisabeth Moore Caroline A Niziolek @viboud… ImageImage
#38 Harvard University says it can’t afford journal publishers’ prices

@RLUK_David executive director @RL_UK said: "If Harvard can't afford to purchase all the journals their researchers need, what hope do the rest of us have?”
#39 "Their point is illustrated by the largely unexpected pandemic of coronavirus disease hitting a world
bristling with influenza pandemic management plans."

Brilliant piece by @mendel_random Michael Blastland @MarcusMunafo… ImageImage
#40 Mark Griffiths: the professor who publishes a paper every two days...🤔…

#41 Luke Hesson left research and found a better life

“If you are an academic considering your future remember that you have trained as a mentor, a people manager, a project planner and manager, a teacher, a multi-tasking extraordinaire...”… ImageImageImage
#42 “Think carefully if you can defend data collection based on a feasibility justification. Sometimes data collection is just not feasible, and we should accept this.” @lakens

Great blog on how to deal with - and accept! - feasibility issues when determining sample size
#43 “Escaping science’s paradox”

Finally got round to reading this!

Cracking piece on #redteam science as well as an elegant take down of the idea that innovation and reproducibility are mutually exclusive.

Nice work 👏 @stuartbuck1
#44 Reviewers rated RRs similarly or more positively as non-RR regardless of whether reviewers had experience or familiarity with @RegReports or preregistration!

Great work by @cksoderberg Errington @SchiavoneSays @julia_gb @FSingletonThorn @siminevazire Esterling @BrianNosek Image
#45 “Exposing research is not easy and, despite the review process...most exposure of dubious practices is the result of revelations by whistleblowers”

Research fraud: a long-term problem exacerbated by the clamour for research grants by Lee Harvey… Image
#46 really nice @NewStatesman piece by @StuartJRitchie. Check out the accompanying video in the tweet below!
#47 Dear Professor, how honest are you?

“In the Netherlands, the largest ever study of scientific integrity and sloppy science is being conducted....but most universities and teaching hospitals are withholding their cooperation.”…
#48 No, it’s not The Incentives—it’s you by @talyarkoni

“That we collectively don’t see it as a moral failing that we haven’t figured out a way to get our work done without routinely cutting corners in the rush for fame and fortune is deeply troubling”
#49 Measurement Schmeasurement: Questionable Measurement Practices and How to Avoid Them @JkayFlake

Enjoyed revisiting this in preparation for today's @riotscienceclub talk!


Talk at 1500 GMT: Image
Whoops forgot to tag @EikoFried!

• • •

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Paper #2: Hard not be cynical about advocates of reproducibile science given most have careers built on the very questionable practices they wish to stamp out, so great to see @russpoldrack tackling this head on and offering great advice along the way 👍…
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