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Slight NSFW

"Bakugou," Mina said, her voice sweet like honey and a mischievous smirk playing on her pink lips. "I dare you to skinny dip in the lake for an hour."

Katsuki let out an incredulous scoff. "Are you fucking kidding me?" She asked.
"There's no way in hell I'm doing that. Pick something else."

Mina's smiled dropped, but she didn't look put off. Instead she looked at Uraraka. Katsuki narrowed her eyes suspiciously at the girl.

"If you're too scared, I guess I'll pick another dare/Katsuki-chan/." She said
nonchalantly with a wave of her hand.

Katsuki straighted and glared, "I'm not fucking scared," she spat, "Your dare is just stupid as shit."

"Then you admit you can't do it?" Uraraka asked with a raised eyebrow, the same glint in her eyes as Mina. Katsuki could see the
challenge from a mile away and like hell she was going to be one-upped by Round Face.

"I can fucking do it!" She barked, "Just watch me!"

Katsuki pushed herself off the ground and glared at the circle of girls who had been oddly quiet through the whole exchange.
This was why she'd rather hang out with the boys, she never had to guess what they were thinking, they'd just blurt it out like an idiot sooner or later. But with the girls, well...

After one last glare, Katsuki turned to leave.

"One hour, remember!" Mina reminded, her voice
dripping with amusement.

Katsuki gave her the finger without turning back and stepped outside the room, making her way to the lake grumbling curses the whole way.

When Katsuki reached the beach, she looked around one last time to make sure no one was around and stripped her
sweatpants, t-shirt and underwear off, hiding them beside a large rock and quickly waded through the water.

"This is so fucking stupid," she grumbled when the water reached her neck. Taking a deep breath, she dived, completely unaware of the approaching figure.
Katsuki let herself sink to the sandy sea-floor and pulled her legs to her chest. If she was out here already she might as well use the time to do something productive and challenge herself. Closing her eyes, she began to count.

Nearly two minutes in, movement in the water made
her eyes snap open. Quietly breaking the surface of the water, Katsuki poked half her head out of the water taking a deep breath through her nose.

Katsuki's eyes adjusted to the light and a few feet away she saw someone else in the lake who had yet to notice her. She wrapped
her arms around her chest reflectively when they turned and Katsuki was struck with the realization it was /Deku/.

"What the fuck?!"

Deku jumped and nearly shrieked if it weren't for Katsuki who jumped forward hand threw her hand over his mouth.
"Shut the fuck up! Do you want us to get caught?" Katsuki hissed.

Deku shook his head quickly, his eyes wide. His face felt unnaturally hot under her hand but she ignored it.

"Good. I'm letting go now." Katsuki pulled her hand away and crossed them back over her chest under
the water.

"K-kacchan?!" He asked, his voice octaves higher than usual. "Wha- Why are you out here?"

Katsuki scoffed, "That's what I should be asking you, stupid."
Deku gaped at him, "Kirishima dared me to come to the lake and- Oh My God I don't have any clothes on!" He exclaimed in mortification, swimming away from Katsuki.

It didn't take long for Katsuki to realize that Mina had planned this from the beginning because she accidentally
let it slip she kinda maybe sorta liked Deku.

Katsuki smirked and swam after Deku.

His green eyes grew wide as they met Katsuki's crimson and a deep blush spread across his face. "K-kacchan, what are you-" his gaze sunk lower and he immediately slapped his hands over his eyes
Ohmygod you're naked!"

"What the fuck did you expect?" Katsuki asked with amusement, finding he was really fucking cute like that. "'S nothing you haven't seen before."

Deku's dropped and he started sputtering like an idiot.
"K-kacchan, that wa- that was like ten years ago!" He groaned in embarrassment.


She stood right in front of him, only inches of space between them and grabbed his wrist. He jolted when she tried to move his hand, but didn't budge otherwise.
God, she really wanted to kiss him.

"De Ku," Katsuki whispered, her lips spreading in a feral smile.

Deku moved his hand but didnt open his eyes. His face was adorably scrunched up.

Her eyes flickered to his wet lips.
Without another thought, Katsuki surged forward and kissed him. Her hands wrapping around his neck pulling him closer.

Deku gasped in surprise, but after the shock passed, kissed her back, eagerly devouring her lips like a man starved.
His scarred hands found her waist and Katsuki shivered as he held her inches away from his own body

/Modest fucker/

Katsuki pulled her head back to catch her breath and grinned wickedly when Deku chased her retreating form, breathing heavily. "Been wanting to do that forever,"
Katsuki growled possesively, licking her lips. He tasted so fucking /sweet/.

Izuku finally cracked his eyes open when she didn't move. Katsuki's grinned widened.

Izuku smiled back shyly, his eyes flickered to her lips with a red blush creeping up his neck.
"Me, too," He breathed


Deku was the first to initiate their next kiss. "My Kacchan," he whispered against her lips.

"Get your man, Bakubabe!" A familiar voice whooped from the shore.

The two jolted and turned to the voice. Mina, Uraraka, Kirishima and Kaminari.
"And kiss the hell out of him!"

Katsuki smirked when she saw Deku stand up taller, as if trying to shield her from prying eyes.

"They planned this," Deku muttered under his breath.

Katsuki didn't answer, instead leaning forward and whispering "Your Kacchan," into the shell
of his ear before pulling back to look at his flushed face.

Then she crashed her lips against his again.


• • •

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