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THE POKER AND POLITICS REVIEW OF "OUT OF SHADOWS": Time to get redpilled (I'll be doing this thread in 20 minute bites so as not to go mad)
1. We open with the standard "How do you know anything is real?" And goes into the whole 'If everyone was lying to you, how would you ever know?'
2. We're 52 seconds in and the video has already shot irony in the head by linking to the famous "Sinclair News Anchors parroting a script" Deadspin clip. Sinclair is aggressively Pro-Trump. Saying that Sinclair's lies show the libs are lying is galaxy brain level madness.
3. We then get a guy speaking to the camera, I'm guessing he's one of the stuntmen who is blowing the lid of Hollywood. He talks about how he never cared for conspiracy theories. So that makes the impending conspiracy theory we're about to hear super credible.
4. Now the narrator is talking about how we're consuming content from Hollywood and that we never think about this content. We are then given these ominous looking screen shots that seems to imply the FBI is talking about the power of film as a propaganda tool.
5. In reality this quote is from a right wing, anti-communist group that was formed in Hollywood during World War 2. The 2nd screen shot highlights the quote in the video. The 3rd screen shot shows what they cut out.
6. Gotta say it's not a good sign for the credibility of this video that we're not even 3 minutes in and they are already quote mining and using deceptive presentation to further their agenda.
7. The narrator declares "The government has always controlled our content. We've just never paid attention." It's these sorts of fact free blanket statements that these sorts of videos live off of. They reassure the viewer that the people they hate are doing bad things.
8. We then get this extremely confusing tweet as a screen shot. Black Panther is about an African nation, Wakanda, being secretly the most powerful nation on earth, and the CIA agent is a minor character at best.
9. The goal of this tweet is to remind the viewers that the evil Hollywood liberals are The Real Racists and even with them making a movie where almost all the characters are Black, they are still evil and bad.
10. In a quick series of cuts they throw the Sinclair video up again. Serious this is so dumb and totally undercuts their credibility. Why do these people find this video to be so irresistible? THIS COMPANY IS ON YOUR SIDE DUMMIES!!!
11. If you don't know why they threw this screen shot into the video then you don't know the audience they are intending to reach. This is so over the top I can't help but laugh at it.
12. We then get a shot of the CIA's headquarters as the narrator asks "Who is influencing our content?" It's this sort of non-subtle juxtaposition that makes you suspect the CIA is up to no good. This is how you make propaganda to attack a target.
13. We then get our 2nd on camera speaker who is asked if the CIA is involved in Hollywood and he assures us that they are. Then we get the title screen and away we go.
14. We see a couple of Hollywood car crashes and now the first guy we saw on camera tells us he was a stuntman in Hollywood.
15. He explains his rise up the ranks of Hollywood from stuntman to 2nd unit director and so far it seems like a guy who has had a pretty good run. No mention of the slaughter of babies to Moloch.
16. Now things take a turn as he says Hollywood isn't what it seems to be and as you climb the ranks you see it's an illusion. Hopefully now we get to the hard hitting claims about cannibalism and 50 foot statues of Moloch.
17. He suffers an injury and he needs to see a pelvic floor specialist to treat it and we get this weird screen that reads "Mike's Pelvic Floor Specialist" and lines indicating when she's talking. This is done because apparently the Cabal will come for her.
18. This is the sort of game these videos play where even talking to the people who were willing to go on camera is too dangerous for everyone else. The brave truth teller on camera is putting themselves in serious danger, danger others aren't willing to risk.
19. I get hit with a plot twist. It's this Pelvic Floor Doctor who claims that Hollywood is raping and torturing children and that she is the one who has to deal with the horrific carnage after the fact. She is the one that redpilled our hero.
20. And now we get into the standard line of accusation QAnon loves so much, implication. Stuntman talks about seeing artwork, statues, "things at parties", and now he's wondering what's going on.
21. This is "Podesta Art" this is "Spirit Cooking" this is "This looks bad, don't you agree?" Stuntman now freaks out and declares the Luciferians to be real and that he needed to run to God. This is why being redpilled sucks, you invent a horrific evil to scare yourself silly.
22. He then goes into "How I got into Conspiracy Theories 101" speech where he was just "Looking for the tooth" and he sought out others "Truth seekers" on social media who were also looking to find the truth. Somehow he avoids bringing up "QAnon: The Plan to Save The World"
23. This is how conspiracy theories get their hooks into you. You reject the mainstream media and go out looking for "The Truth" elsewhere and since you know for a fact that the MSM is lying, odds are anyone who tells you they are lying is a truth teller.
24. It's so easy to get fall into this rabbit hole because you're getting confirmation bias but you refuse to acknowledge it's confirmation bias, it's just "The Truth" that you're uncovering at long last. A truth that fits your narrative.
25. After all this we finally have the stuntman tell us "Disney rules the world man!" and he reached out to Kevin Shipp who knows The Truth. Who is Kevin Shipp? Well for 25 bucks a month you can get CIA training from him.
26. We then get the "Appeal to Authority" where Shipp is built up to be anything more than the crank he obviously is.
27. And guess who the 2nd guy they interviewed on camera was? Kevin Shipp come on down! Oh boy, we're going to the high rent district of crazytown now.
28. He talks about how "Pre 1947 the government was looking into motion pictures and how they impacted the way people think." Really? That time frame is pretty much WW2 which means the government wanted an effective means of propaganda to wage a war.
29. Of course the government was going to look into these sorts of things. You would have to be a fool to think that the government wouldn't exploit every weapon possible to run the war effort effectively.
30. Is it good? Of course not, but it's totally understandable. The idea that we should be a little cynical about what is reported in the news is common sense, not a conspiracy that proves the Tri-Lateral Commission rules the world.
31. We then get a clip of a military officer telling us this. That they use motion pictures to boost the morale of our troops to win the war. How is any of this a surprise? How did anyone think this didn't happen?
32. They go back to the "Motion picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals" with Walt Disney as Vice President and pretend it's a bad thing. These people really insult the intelligence of their viewers.
33. QAnon tells everyone to "Do their own research" yet any research into this group would show you it's nothing like what the video is claiming they are. It wasn't sinister or evil, it was exactly the sort of thing QAnon would support.
34. We're back to the stuntman and he's screaming about how "In the 40's the government controlled the media". Yeah the government was trying to crush the Nazis and Imperial Japan while trying to grab up as much land as possible before the Soviets took it.
35. I seriously can not believe this video is spending this much time yelling at us that in World War 2 we had a ton of censorship and government control of media messages.
36. Do these people know history? Leonard Dawe was making crossword puzzles for a newspaper in Britain and got arrested for putting "Utah" "Omaha" "Overlord" and other words into crossword puzzles before D-Day. Governments were kind of crazy during the war.
37. We're then told that the James Bond movie series was made to burnish the reputation of the CIA and make spies look like cool dudes who were fighting for the good guys.
38. This totally ignores the fact that Ian Fleming, the writer of the Bond series, was himself a British intelligence office and it was also in his interest to present MI6 in a good light.
39. You didn't really think we were getting out of here without operation Mockingbird coming up? The only reason we know about Mockingbird is because of reporters who investigated the story and Congress who held hearings on it.
40. Much like MK-Ultra (Another hobby horse of conspiracy theorists) the fact that America has a free press and (somewhat) open government is the only reason we know about these supposedly top secret, Cabal run, operations.
41. "This was revealed in the Church Committee" right, exactly. Shipp then assures us that Mockingbird is ongoing to this very day and that his proof is nobody's digging into the CIA.
42. Yes the post 9/11 world where the CIA is viewed as a bunch of war crime committing, torturing, scumbags is exactly the sparkling reputation the CIA was striving for and has gained via the success of Operation Mockingbird.
43. I just crushed the palms of my hands into my eyes and emitted a low gargling noise like "Ehhhhhhhhh" because these people are so insanely dumb the English language does not have the proper words to describe how dumb they are.
44. As they play an olde-tymie video of a guy talking about possible CIA control of the media guess what starts bleeding across the screen, come on guess. I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count.
47. At the end they even turn the audio on so you can hear all the anchors droning the same message from Sinclair. This is unreal. Of all the dumb things I've ever seen this is way up there. They are refuting their own argument with the videos they are showing.
48. This is breathtakingly horrible. This is like shooting yourself in the foot and then deciding to shoot the other foot. I truly can not believe how bad this is and we're only 20 minutes in. This is masterclass in being wrong.
49. More tomorrow. Shirley placeholder here.
50. We then get a series of cuts as they go to different anchors declaring "This is extremely dangerous to our democracy". Just never going to stop mining that vein even with them full well knowing they are lying to their viewers about everything.
51. We are then told the story of Senator Daniel Moynihan's quest to destroy the CIA. The fact that Moynihan is a Democrat from New York is ignored because that wouldn't fit with the narrative.
52. We're then told about how Chase Brandon was named liaison to Hollywood. This information was known for a long time. To think any movie showing the military or intelligence operatives in a good light isn't a form of propaganda is kind of crazy.
53. This is the leap of logic these sorts of videos always make. "Look at how the CIA influenced this movie" they say, which is true, and then direct us to the Satanic Slaughter Orgies, which are not true.
54. We're back to the stuntman and he tells us that not many people were 'awake' which is one hell of a loaded word. He then finds another redpilled stuntman to form a bond with and get ready to fight the Deep State together.
55. We then build up the credentials of Stuntman 2. It's so funny how this video hates Hollywood and tells us they are monsters while at the same time slickly editing together action shots and showing us all sorts of cool movie magic.
56. It's like the moral scold preachers or Bill O'Reilly lamenting the destruction of morality in America while showing us videos of bikini babes twerking. Tell us how much you hate it while it's playing on the screen.
57. Stuntman 2 starts complaining about how these movies had 'an agenda' which is wild. Then he declares that Hollywood was a 'machine' that needed 'content'. So he's starting to learn about capitalism so, yay, I guess?
58. Stuntman 2 then tells he stopped watching TV and movies and "Did his own research" into the "corruptness" of Hollywood and we get a smash cut to the Sinclair Anchor video again. Wow, I truly can not believe they keep posting this thing.
59. This kind of disrespect for your audience is incredible. It's like a fighter putting their hands behind their back to dare the opponent to engage. They don't think it's possible anyone will do any research about that video.
60. Stuntman 2 then gives a rambling speech that boils down "God Vs Satan" and how when the truth comes out about our world it will be the "Greatest Story Ever Told". These people speak in the most empty cliches possible.
61. We then get told of the shady dealings that led to Walt Disney being able to buy up all the land to make Disney World in Florida and how the CIA helped him get the ball rolling. While scummy and underhanded has been public knowledge for a long time.
62. Stuntman 2 then says "Now I go down this rabbit hole" of course he does. Everyone's going down the rabbit hole. He's 'seen documents' and finds that some conspiracy theories 'ring true'. We get flashes of documents on screen but no analysis of them.
63. Operation Paperclip. I really should have put money on them dragging out Operation Paperclip. Now we're gonna hear about how America brought the Nazis in to help on our rocket programs and this was a bad thing.
64. This all happened during the start of the Cold War and rocket technology was a new thing, so the options were A) Jail/Execute the Nazi rocket guys B) Let the Soviets get them or C) Take them for ourselves. We can argue the merits of A or C, but B was clearly a non-starter.
65. We then get this ridiculous graphic on the screen. The US grabs a few Nazi rocket scientists (And the Soviets grabbed their share in Operation Osoaviakhim. I'm pretty sure if you asked Germans after WW2 if they won they would say "No".
66. This is how these videos operate in bad faith. They take a fact, like the truth of Operation Paperclip, and then make it into something way more than it is. The idea that some German scientists took control of America's government is pants on head insanity.
67. We are then told that the term "Conspiracy theory" was invented by the CIA to shut down people's questioning of the assassination of JFK. The term "Conspiracy Theory" has been around for a long time. It clearly became more popular after JFK's death.
68. We get a graphic of Jim Garrison and his witch hunt against Clay Shaw. Bringing up the JFK assassination is catnip for these people.
69. To QAnon and everyone else my offer still stands.
70. Shipp then tells us that Allen Dulles was an 'associate' of Heinrich Himmler. This is a claim made with no evidence and the two men only engaged each other in secret failed peace treaties towards the end of the war.
71. And even if they somehow were friends, Himmler committed suicide in 1945 while in British custody so Dulles didn't pull any strings to do him any favors.
72. Shipp them goes on to list all the horrible things the Nazis did and how America took them anyhow and then the CIA somehow fell under their sway and their 'occult' beliefs took root in the CIA.
73. The narrative being told here avoids putting any of these events into context or explaining why the US did what they did. Then we go full on insanity.
74. Stuntman 1 then tells us that Operation Paperclip led to MKULTRA. This is total nonsense, the Nazis didn't get control of the CIA and start the mind control operation.
75. Now we're going over all the horrors of MKULTRA and all the stupid crap the CIA was doing back then. Yes the CIA was doing bad stuff, no they didn't create sleeper agents to kill people, no Sirhan Sirhan wasn't activated to kill RFK.
76. Now we get a bunch of victims of MKULTRA telling us how crummy it was. Shipp then tells us that MKULTRA is ongoing and says the CIA never gave official word they have stopped it.
77. He ignores that President Ford signed an EO that outlawed the drugging of subjects without the consent of the person in question.
78. Now we get a tag team on MKULTRA as Stuntman 1 and Stuntman 2 both tell us how bad it was. Stuntman 2 tells us that MKULTRA didn't end in the 70's. How does he know that? ZOOLANDER!!
79. Yes that's right folks, Zoolander was done to trick us into thinking that mind control is fake. This is something these people do all the time, constantly tell us that Hollywood and the Cabal are "Telling on themselves".
80. Zoolander is now CIA propaganda to trick us into mind control being played for laughs. This means the Naked Gun was also CIA propaganda when Reggie Jackson was mind controlled to shoot the Queen.
81. Stuntman 1 now tells us he's gonna show us how Hollywood desensitizes us. He then goes onto define the word "Entertain" as "to bind or hold." Which is funny because the words on the screen don't match that.
82. Also you'll notice he's skipping the first two definitions to cherry pick the 3rd and misrepresent it. "I entertain grave doubts about her sincerity" is how it's used in a sentence. This is a pretty archaic use of 'entertain' as a synonym for 'hold'.
83. He's claiming Hollywood is "Binding and keeping" our attention via entertainment while the definition he's using is about somebody keeping their own thoughts about them. It's exactly opposite of what he says.
84. Stuntman 1 goes full blown corkboard and strings by trying to claim that Hollywood comes from the name of the Holly that was used by Druids to cast their spells. Hollywood was named before the motion picture industry ever arrived in Los Angeles.
85. Meet Daeida Beveridge, or as Stuntman 1 calls her, the Witch of Hollywood. She got the name Hollywood from a friend. A friend who had a direct line to Moloch.
86. Now Stuntman 1 is all the way to "Avoid eye contact and walk out of the room slowly" insane by telling us that "Television" if said correctly is "Tell-a-vision" which it might be in some houses, or it's "Tell-e-vision" in others. The Cabal's plans hinge on your accent.
87. He gets really angry that when you turn on your TV you get "Channels" that lead you to "Programming". Guess what, if you go to a sporting event, you get a program! The Cabal is in all places at all times, there is no escape brother!
88. Random shot of Katy Perry climbing a pyramid. So odd how she keeps showing up in this stuff. Almost like there's a certain group of people designed to react poorly to Katy Perry and this video is targeting them.
89. Stuntman 1 then gets all angry and talks about how we've all been programmed since we were children and we don't even know it because we don't question it.
90. The issue with this is, what have we been programmed to do? Imagine being a 40 something dude with a wife, three kids, good job, go to church every Sunday, and you have Stuntman 1 telling you that all the movies and music you listen to is programming you.
91. How is this guy not doing what Stuntman 1 wants us all to do? How is the typical American working in service to Moloch instead of Jesus? If this is the plot why is it so bad? Why is Satanism universally unpopular and condemned?
92. The narrator jumps in now to tell us that the Cabal really got their hooks into us in 1900 with the advent of modern radio and then TV. We then get a screenshot of a bunch of media thumbnails.
93. You will be shocked to find out that the camera tracks past all these thumbnails and somehow oddly enough zooms in on MSNBC as it's example of the fake news that is controlling our world. So strange that.
94. We then get the clip of Mika Brzezinski worrying that Trump might be working to try to control the reporting on how he's doing his job as President and that he might be influencing the way people thing and "That is our job".
95. In case you didn't know how horrific and terrible this statement was they replay it repeatedly and add in echo and ominous sound effects while putting "That is our job" on the screen as a giant caption.
96. Stuntman 1 then explains that a lot of the communication technology we see today was made in service to the military. The idea that needing rapid, real time communication in war zones would be surprising to anyone is confusing to me. War spurs innovation.
97. We then get the "Evil libs control your media" white board with red lines. please connect the dots that link Obama or Hillary to Sinclair Broadcasting, you know the folks that had all the anchors say the same thing in the video you've repeatedly run here.
98. The Trilateral Commission! You have to be kidding me. The Bilderberg Meeting. Ahhh Jeez. Council of Foreign Relations. Wow, just wow. The Rothschilds got ripped off here man.
99. Stuntman 1 uncovers the truth at long last. Put these screenshots into r/selfawarewolves and bask in all the karma you'll get.
100. So odd that Lucifer is the show that pops up here to show us Hollywood's evil agenda. Why not God Friended Me?
101. Stuntman 2 jumps in to lament that Hollywood is teaching bad morals to the youth of America, and to the adults as well. "There's too much sex and violence" he laments. Congrats on turning 60 dude. Go get those kids off your lawn.
102. "Every Disney movie, there is a major character, usually a parent, that gets killed." and we cut to Bambi's mom getting shot and the Lion King with Scar killing Mufasa. Stuntman 2 laments how awful this is.
103. Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, and many other Disney films lack the murder of a parent, but these people know you never let facts get in the way of a narrative.
104. Shipp then jumps into talk about MKULTRA and how using "Sexual trauma" against children you can shatter their personalities. This is proven by showing a lady wearing a thong hidden in a Lion King scene.
105. That above screenshot is a lot of work for not a lot of payoff. MKULTRA had gone from "The CIA spiking people's coffee with LSD" to "The CIA had Disney's animation department put in a bunch of dildos and other jokes not as an act of petty defiance by bored workers --
106. "But rather as a Luciferian plot to poison the minds of little kids by showing them an animated bum, but only if they looked really hard to see it."
107. Shipp then explains you can create split personalities by doing this sort of damage to the children. What sort of damage? Why by hiding the word "Sex" in a promotional poster for "Tangled."
108. What you can't see the word sex? Learn the Comms bro. These people live only to be offended. If you're gonna do this you might as well go for the Pepsi Sex Cans.
109. Stuntman 1 then tells us that the occult programming really kicked off in the late 60's and early 70's with The Exorcist and the Amityville Horror. Which shows that the Satanists have ruled the world for over 50 years.
110. 50 Years of aggressive Satanic brainwashing and Satanism still polls around the same level of popularity as contracting Lyme Disease or dropping a brick on your big toe. It's so odd how the people that control our media are so bad at this, it's almost like they don't exist.
111. We then get into "The Church of Satan" and Anton LaVey. LaVey was not worshiping the bad guy in the Bible. He used the term Satanism to shock and engage people. The Satanic Code includes "Do not harm little children."
112. Shipp then tells us when he was a cop he got cases with Satanic Cults and that they are "In High Schools, in Colleges, in Hollywood, and in the government." He backs all of this up with absolutely no evidence.
113. We then get Eddie Murphy talking about how Sammy David Jr. was into Satanism and hung out with LaVey. The fact that we have Eddie Murphy and Jerry Seinfeld reacting in horror at Sammy being a Satanist shows how bad the Satanists are at this job.
114. We then get into Michael Aquino and the Temple of Set. The idea that a crank with religious beliefs everyone was laughing at was a Satanic infiltrator seeking to topple our Christian Government to bind us to Baal's will seems pretty far fetched.
115. And our 20 minutes are up. Back tomorrow for another 20 minutes of pain. Here's Shirley.
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