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Understanding QANON: The Plan To Save The World. Who it was made for, why it appeals to them, and how it's all a bunch of lies. #QAnon #Bartcop #ShirleyManson
1. The first thing I want to talk about is the two audiences this video is made for. The first group is followers of the Illuminati/New World Order conspiracy theory. Before Q it was the Grand Unifying Conspiracy Theory that people who believed in such things believed in.
2. Even now you'll find anti-Q Illuminati peddlers out there and even people that are Q Adjacent working this angle. QAnon is a re-telling of the same story they told. Symbolism, Satanism, cannibals, both stories hit the same notes. Q just adds Super Hero Donald Trump.
3. This gives an Illuminati follower hope. This video is extremely hopeful and optimistic. I hear it from QAnon supporters all the time that "QAnon gives people hope, how can it be that bad?" and if you're an Illuminati believer QAnon is the first hope you've had in forever.
4. Imagine QAnon only without The Storm. No Trump, no 60,000 Sealed Indictments, no possible victory. That's the Illuminati. It's weeping as 5G towers are built and chemtrails are dumped on you. It's raging as Billie Eilish takes Lady GaGa's place as Satan's Favorite Singer.
5. It's a world full of unstoppable evil and your only hope is that God steps in and ends it one day. The only chance to prevail is to live long enough to see judgement day. It is a horrible and bleak existence.
6. We see QAnon supporters talking about "The burden of knowing the truth" due to the lack of victory over the Deep State. As a GoT fans say "Oh you sweet summer child." the Illuminati faithful have suffered for a decade or longer waiting for a victory.
7. This video tells the Illuminati supporters that they are right. All of their distrust of the world was correct. That they knew the truth all along and now they need not wait for God because God's chosen warrior, Donald Trump, is here to save the day.
8. Somebody not already down that Illuminati rabbit hole might see this video and roll their eyes but for these people this video is salvation. It's God finally saving the day. At last their struggle will be at an end.
9. The second group is the MAGA community. People who love and support Trump. This video is all about telling them that the media that smears and lies about Trump do so only out of fear of his incredible power. That one day Trump will crush all his (and their) enemies.
10. For the MAGA crowd having Trump elevated to the status of a messianic figure fighting to save the world makes their support all the more righteous. Those who mock them and Trump are wrong and will pay when The Storm arrives. They will be vindicated.
11. With these two crowds in mind I'll start watching the video. The opening few minutes pander hard to the Illuminati crowd. They are told that poverty, division, and crime are done on purpose by evil people seeking to ruin us.
12. While the video will spend a long time really hammering home the point that the criminals ruling the world have done bad things it is quick to hook the viewer in by declaring the bad guys will be "Permanently eradicated from the earth" (22 seconds into the video).
13. We're then told about how if a criminal were to become President they could do all sorts of evil things. We get quick shots of George HW Bush, a plane hitting the World Trade Center and the photo that lies and says McCain was hanging out with ISIS leaders.
14. The video is working to establish who we are supposed to hate and to make sure we see them in as bad a light as possible. The Iran Deal, Fast and Furious, Heroin in Afghanistan, and a child locked in a box are shown as the narrator sneers about 'whatever makes the big bucks'
15. We're then told about how the horrors of the 20th century were committed on purpose by evil people pushing their evil agenda. That it's not capitalism or communism's fault. That humanity is by nature good and that evil people are to blame for all the evil of the world.
16. The fact that humanity has been robbing, warring, enslaving, and killing each other since the dawn of civilization seems to make it clear that it wasn't the Bushes and the Clintons who did this to us, but Joe's got a point to make and facts are not getting in the way.
17. We get a cut to the Clintons with a "BOOM" noise and the word "Criminals" being said to really let us know they are the bad guys along with W and Blair. Then the MAGA crowd gets to see CNN is on the 'evil' list as the narrator says "Our news and entertainment"
18.What happens here is very subtle and important. When the word 'entertainment' is said we get a quick shot of Beyoncé singing. If you're somebody who doesn't know the Illuminati conspiracy this would mean nothing to you. To them Beyoncé is one of the big evils of the world.
19. Joe knows this so he throws Beyoncé in there as a wink and a nod to his main audience. The first 2/3rds of this video is devoted to them and to lead them to support of Trump.
20. Once he's done this he tells us our enemies are at the heads of "Banking, the Oval Office, Brussels, the Vatican, to the crown" this is all Illuminati stuff. The Queen of England is In On It as is the Pope and the (((Bankers))). Central Banking then gets blamed for everything
21. There is no way to explain how the Illuminati took over the world so all the narrator can say is "They crept in quietly" because that makes a lot of sense for how people can take over all aspects of the global economy. The Deer Head Rothschild photo is shown.
22. After video of Jacob Rothschild we are told that the rich and powerful use the media to turn 'Black against White, woman against man, young against old, Muslim against Christian."
23. Note the order of each of these conflicts. The weaker side is always being 'set against' the stronger side. If you're an old white christian man you're not to blame for people pushing back against you. It's the media lying about how awesome you are and making people hate you.
24. We are then told that the rich attack "All aspects of life that make us strong, like family" We never get to find out what the other aspects were but we're told that the Deep State, in the form of Miley Cyrus has destroyed our families.
25. "They popularize lifestyle choices that led to a surge in broken homes, lost youth, and substance abuse." "Lifestyle choice" being a dog whistle for being LGBTQ+and all it's supposed evils.
26. The narrator then does one of QAnon's favorite tactics and alludes to something horrific and then doesn't continue talking about it. He declares "I could talk all day about how else they deliberately weakened us and it would turn your stomach."
27. Horror is always at it's best when it's kept in the mind of the person being scared. Not showing the shark in Jaws made it more scary. You say something like this to instill fear and anger into somebody. It's a great way to make somebody imagine the evil of their enemy.
28. "So where are all the good guys?" the narrator asks "Good people just want to get married, have kids, make a living and enjoy their liberty." he continues. Good people live good American lives while bad people have "lifestyle choices" that destroy the family.
29. JFK then gets brought up and we're told he was fighting the bad guys but had no idea how powerful they were before they killed him. The fact that JFK had said that he knew could be killed "All a man needs is a willingness to trade his life for mine." makes this seem odd.
30. We then get an extremely incoherent recap of the Presidency of Ronald Reagan. We're told that Reagan's economic policies were promising but the Deep State wanted to keep America weak and he was brought to heel by being shot.
31. The fact that Reaganomics is a thing that is known about to this day (I didn't even get a red line for a misspelling for typing that in here.) shows that Reagan's economic policies did get put into effect. Is the narrator claiming we only got some weak tea Reaganomics?
32. That if he'd been allowed to fully Reaganize our economy everything would have been better. The main thrusts of Reaganomics (Lower taxes for the rich and deregulation) have been staples of the GOP platform for decades. It's all Trump talks about.
33. How Reagan was a Deep State patsy for putting these policies in place while Trump is a Patriot fighting for freedom isn't explained because nothing is ever explained. Logic and a coherent narrative have no place here.
34. "Reagan was shown with a bullet that a growing US economy and a prosperous citizens were not what the criminals wanted." Under Clinton we were running a budget surplus and the American economy was booming. I guess the criminals changed their minds in the 90's.
35. Joe then starts getting Q's mythos into the picture with quick videos of JFK Jr. Julian Assange and Seth Rich. "Were we ever to be freed" laments the narrator. Then the Illuminati finally gets rebranded.
36. We are finally told that these people are called the Deep State or Cabal and that every President after Reagan was a Deep State puppet. How America wasn't destroyed under their 28 years of rule isn't explained.
38. Joe can't help but push his pet cause here and while railing against ISIS, Opioids, wars in the Middle East and displaced people the word "Genocide" is used in front of a photo of South Africans farmers protesting farm attacks.
39. While this is clearly a big issue it's not nearly as big as war or the displacement of millions of people but Joe's got his ax to grind and so he grinds it.
40. It's at this point that the video changes. The music becomes cheerful the camera clearer, sharper and the screen brighter as we see an American flag flying. It's time for victory. It's time for QAnon!
41. After the flag we cut to images of war, which is pretty odd since a moment ago war was bad, but now war is good and QAnon will be "The greatest story ever told" when the truth is finally revealed.
42. We are then told that "Good people" still held power in our military. How the Deep State allowed this to happen isn't explained we just have to assume the Deep State are morons and we get video of Michael Flynn and Mike Rogers.
43. We get our next big Illuminati reference when the narrator gravely brings up the fact that the Cabal make their plans at the annual Bilderberg Meetings. These meetings have been a huge part of Illuminati lore for decades. Joe throwing red meat to his target audience.
44. Then we get to the meat of what QAnon was supposed to be. We get the story of Original DECLAS. The weapons grade stuff that was going to shatter the Deep State in no time at all.
45. This DECLAS is the DECLAS where the NSA turns over all the phone calls, texts, e-mails, and other communications the Deep State made with each other to coordinate their massive criminal empire. Guns/drugs/human trafficking all exposed when Trump deems it fit to do so.
46. When you hear DECLAS talked about on TV it is about Carter Page's FISA warrants and if the investigation into the Trump campaign was started by illegitimate means. It's a far cry from exposing Hillary, Obama, and W's massive heroin and gun smuggling ring.
47. The section finishes with a statement about how the Deep State sought to 'rob us blind and wipe us out'. Why would the Deep State kill us off when they control everything? Why would they need to rob us when they have all the money?
48. For people that like to whine about victim culture QAnon sure do like to think of themselves as victims. The narrator now finally tells us (At the 8 minute mark of a 13 minute video) about The Plan.
49. We are told that the good guys were hatching a plan and had to reach out to good guys from other nations. We get video of MBS and Putin in the good guy section because when I think of good guys I think of murderous dictators.
50. We then cut the breaks and go straight to crazy town as the narrator tells us that the Good Guys had two choices for the US. A) Launch a coup against the Deep State puppet in the White House or B) Win election to the Presidency and then use the NSA to crush the Deep State.
51. I want to make this perfectly clear the line in the video is "Or win legitimately, take control of the NSA, expose the criminals for what they are, and arrest them all." that's was the plan. That's what this video sells everyone on what QAnon will do.
52. We're now almost done with 3 years of Trump being President and there is no sign of this massive data dump from the NSA happening. The Deep State will not be destroyed root and branch by DECLAS. The promise of this video is a lie.
53. It's a lie so massive that DECLAS no longer even means what it meant in this video. Ask any of the big Q pushers on social media what DECLAS is and they'll talk about James Comey lying about FISA warrants. Maybe Obama told him to do so.
54. None of them will claim it's the NSA exposing all the criminals for the monsters they are. That ship sailed a long time ago.
55. I want to double back to the idea of this coup. Who could lead this coup? Flynn had retired from the military at this time. Rogers was working in the navy and on cyber defense. Who was in charge of the troops they would have used for this coup?
56. How could the coup have been successful? How could they have gotten public backing for overthrowing the democratic government of the United States? Wouldn't a coup have ended in disaster and emboldened the Deep State to crush it's enemies?
57. The narrator then tells us the coup would be a bad idea because it would be 'very troubling' for the public. That's a really kind of way of saying that people might be a bit upset at watching their democracy die at the hands of a violent coup.
58. We're told that the evil Cabal, having tricked the people into embracing the USA's centuries of democracy and free and fair elections would get the people to revolt and likely hurt themselves or others.
59. So now finally Donald Trump enters the video (9 minute mark) and if you thought this video was full of lies before, oh boy, strap in cause we're going to knock your socks off with lies now.
60. We're told that the good guys needed a candidate "Who could win and win big." and that many states like California had been so poisoned by the Cabal's evil that the voting machines were rigged to count votes any way they wanted them to.
61. This is perhaps the dumbest line in the whole video. Why would the Cabal rig voting machines in California, a blue state neither candidate campaigned in? If the Cabal had rigged voting machines nobody could beat them as long as the voting machines were put in the right states
62. How could the Cabal lose any election given what was just said unless they were bumbling morons? Anyhow Trump is begged by the military to run for President so they can arrest all the bad guys without triggering the sensitive public who would get all offended by a coup.
63. "Trump was a good choice because he overcame the voter fraud and won." declares the narrator. Note that the narrator conflates election fraud (Rigging the election) with voter fraud (People voting illegitimately) because the Cabal has to be super deluxe evil and stupid.
64. We are then told "He [Trump] was a patriot and he was loved and admired by the public." Because a man that's never polled over 50% approval is truly loved and admired by the nation. Flag humping photo included to show how big a patriot Trump is.
65. "He was not interested in joining the Cabal because they hated America and he did not agree with them on that point." is a very clunky sentence. It gives the indication that Trump was cool with a lot of the Cabal's ideas, but the America hate was a deal breaker.
66. We're told that the media turned on Trump as soon as he ran for office, as if people running for President aren't constantly attacked by the media. the Deep State are again exposed as morons who didn't know what Trump was up to even after he won office.
67. As if the Deep State, the criminal scum of the world, wouldn't be worried about somebody not under their control seeking the Presidency and seek to figure out everything about them. Somehow the people that have ruled the world for centuries are idiots, 2+2=5 level idiots.
68. We're told that the Deep State would try to impeach Trump but that would fail because Trump has the NSA and all the texts of the evil Deep Staters. This is about to become quite out of date.
69. Joe has done a good job of keeping a lot of the hardcore crazy out of this video but he just can't help himself and he has to bust out the claim that the Deep State tried to assassinate Trump and shows off the "Missile attack" photo.
70. This missile attack claim has been debunked and the photo is of a helicopter's search light. Story about all that can be found here. dailydot.com/layer8/whidbey…
71. We finally get to The Storm and now Joe lays the Illuminati stuff on even thicker. He panders to the Illuminati crew by talking about a war of "Biblical proportions" and shows us the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States. Long seen as an Illuminati sign.
72. We are then told that the good guys are winning and that Kim Jong-Un embracing peace is because his evil overlords have been defeated. That ISIS has been destroyed. Neither of these things are true.
73. DPRK remains a rogue nuclear power and ISIS exists and may even be getting stronger as the US draws down troops in the middle east.
74. We are then told that while the good guys are winning it is puzzling to many that the big time criminals like Hillary, the Bushes, and Obama have yet to face justice. For this reason Q was created to educate and inform the public.
75. We're told that this is The Great Awakening and that while Q has for the moment been a fun distraction it will become much more in the near future. It will be used to keep the public educated when the high profile arrests happen.
76. This video was clearly made in the belief that 8Chan wouldn't be shut down and that Q would be unable to inform and educate us when the big arrests happen.
77. We get some shots of various people QAnon hates (Maxine Waters, Patton Oswalt, Kathy Griffin) and then we get another Illuminati pandering photo of people making the OK gesture around an eye. This move makes you 1,000% Illuminati confirmed.
78. Much like the random shot of Beyonce earlier in the video, and the Reverse of the Great Seal shot this image isn't talked about. It's put in there as a shout out to Joe's audience. He need not talk about why it's there, the message is heard loud and clear.
79. For people who scream and yell about symbolism and hidden messages this video is full off it. We are then told that the crimes of these people are known and documented and that these people will be "Severely punished" because QAnon is nothing if not violent wish fulfillment.
80. The narrator then reassures the viewer that those who have followed Q from the start will be here to help the newbies get up to speed and maybe sell them some books, T-Shirts, and coins while they are at it.
81. Boilerplate "They want us divided but we know who the real enemy is now" claptrap ends the video and we get a lightning bolt and Joe M's twitter handle so folks can get their daily dose of redpilling and Apartheid apoligetics.
82. Beyonce, Rothschilds, Central Banking/Fed, Bilderberg Meeting, Reverse Seal of the United States, OK Sign Eyes Photos. This video is just crawling with Illuminati messages. Joe is telling these people he's on their side, Trump is on their side and they can be saved.
83. He knows the people that could be lured into QAnon and he lets them know that they are welcome inside QAnon. That their language is his language. These people don't need to be told about 5G, Chemtrails, and Moloch. They already know the score.
84. If you know somebody who found this video to be engaging. Show them this thread and let them know my DM's are always open. No judgement here, I'm always up for a chat.
85. For some odd reason Twitter really didn't want to upload the Pyramid Eye and the Celeb Eye OK Sign screen grabs. Patriots in control I guess.
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