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Know Sudha Murthy and how a postcard to JRD Tata changed her life?…
1/n.Will this reach Sudha Murthy?
Philosophy is fine to talk about and to listen for timepass.Many like BramhaKumari,Osho,Have BeenMakingTremendous BusinessOutOf Philosophy WatageOfMoney Manpower,InvitationTo InflationAndAddingWoesTo Poverty.
2/n.SoManyBillionaires'So Called"Philanthropist's.Why Can'tAllOfYou come together and irradiate poverty from the root.If their is Human within you.There is.
Poverty is Blot to HUMANITY
You're educated people conversant with latest knowledge of science and technology.HadThereBeen
3/n.Development of this world without physical labour?God in my opinion nature has given human physical ability to labour one's physique.Then why avoiding, insulting,God/nature{*}CauseThis Organism,EvolvedFrom MonkeyIsStill Animal.MajorityAssume TheyAre.ButTheyAreNot Humans{+}
4/n.I will explain this{*}{×} Afterward
After640million years We appeared inTiny particles of CompoundsOfC-H-N{!} (please note my language)
we got this humanSpecies,OrganismAt OurDisposal.60million years passed.ThisHasSuperior Brain AndPhysique
AreWeReallyUsingIt's Superiority
5/n.If So Why Disparity WhyPoverty?
After Human Race was Civilized.Was Led by Wise Men/ऋषीs they never use to eat or depend on anybody's labour.Pluck out Roots,Tubbers from Jungle clean fulfill basic need i.e food.No lavish living at the cost of some one else the
6/n.Simple Living High Thinking.See Even After King'sDictetorship is replaced by so-called Democracy? How these representatives of people live.Isn't they suppose to like ऋषीs
7/n.Are not they suppose to behave, function like ऋषीs? Certainly they are.But they are nurtured not to. For many years.So it is not their fault.So do you see any human any where?
From Beginning to this date we have been doing wrong and wrong because
8/n Of Ignorance of Reality of knowledge about us.Are we Material? Or we are in Every particles of material i.e. Compound of Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen
Why Carbon Chemistry is called Organic Chemistry? All you know.
You see organisms dead and loving too.From middle East to West
9/n.Olden culture tried to preserveOrganism in Pyramids/Coffins# 6feetunder there is reason though foolish.In India dead #cremated that to has some reason though foolish.When I understood my organism is mainly of CH groupIfSubjected to high pressure, temperature
10/n.Can be Converted into HC group i.e. Petroleum Product there are 2lacs human deaths/day many animals.ScarcityOf PetroleumProductsWillBe DealtWith.
I offeredMyOrganismAfter DeathToOne IIT'n ButHe Left India for hisFuture in USA.
NOW I wWillComeToMy OneGenomeOnenessForHUMANITY
11/n.FromPrimary sell to multicellular and then complex organisms to human organism 700 million years journey .You have heard of genes, genome,DNA, Species,RACES.BecauseOf UniquenessOf DNAWe Could reach hoto this human species.Do we want to loose this?It isNotEasy
12/n.To Earn Money.In My Several Tweets,Posts, Writings I appealed to all wealthy, white collared If any on wants to know one's real worth. Should higher 5 acers of agriculture land near forest area. Why 5acers because family of four husband wife and two kids can't
13/n Labour in more than this.If you are believer of lord Ganesh place four idols of him in four corners of the field .And religiously work for the season if nature is fine no wild animal comes on your way you only earn your first basic need not more than that.IfFalkOf Elephants
14/n.Invades,WillDestroyAll IdolsOfLorGanesh Eatup whatever possible Leftover you will try to save.Saved will be eaten up by mice.{÷}
You will have no option but to commit suicide And That is your real WORTH
That Is whyHalfKnowledgedBrahminAskedFarmers to worshipElephantHeadGod
16//n.In MumbaiCityAlone
PeopleAreThrowing2500CroreOnGaneshFestivalEveryYearThoughTheyExperienceSomeOrOtherObstcle/विघ्न.WhyCan'tTheyUtiliseThisMoneyForUpliftmentOf Poo i.e.ContructingHigh RiseBuildings InPlaceOf SlumsNoThereNoHuman.
What IsThisSystemOf ConferringDigree
17/n.StillWeAreContinuing AreWeBlockHeads?AndWhomWeAreConferringOn?IsThereCommonSense?
Truth Is BitterCauseOur TotalSocialSystem IsOn False,Hypocrisy,
Please Don't Take This Offending.No I WillPose BeforeYouAQuestionDid God/NutureWroteOne's NameOn7/12ExtractAnd
18/n.Threw Those On Earth?HowSo-called Ancestors{÷}Of so-called philanthropists entered India,Acquired propertis amassed wealth.It far easy to donate surplus but fine.
Now I AmComingToMy oneness again.You EducatedKnowUniverse Is Made-UpOf119Elements
19/n.Out these 3 elements C-H-N contribute to our happening.SpeciesAtOurDisposal IsBestEverPossible AsOnToday.Within All These Organisms We Are Same Unique DNS wise every OrganismHasIt'sUnique place in thisWorld. WeHave ToStopExploitingEach Other.InMyEarlyWritigs I hadExplained
20/n.How We Are One In Differant. Organisms
Two more unwanted factors disturbing entire world harmony to be achieved ARE 2.Wron Nurturing for years 3. Different Circumstances person to person. And If bring about change Using Artificial intelligence. I had beenTellingMyListeners
21/n Human Brain Is Natural Computer A Memory Chip mixed with emotions.Valancy Of atom Carbon is 4 and Silicon is also 4 both are covalent but Silicon doesn't form as many compounds as Carbon is forming.And you know scientist have started using carbon chip for computers now
22/n Appeal To All Philanthropists
LifeSpanOfOrganismAtYour. Disposal IsSoShortNegligibleComparedToYourFutureAndThisIs PhilosophyBecauseOfThe WrongApproachOfThe HumanAnimalThisSpecies LikelyToFaceEarlyExtinction So Is YorFuturePlite.What WealthYouAmassed
23/n.GoingToRemain InThe NameOfTheOrganismAnd Is NotPhylosophy.5BillionYears IsTheLifeOf ThisPlanetEarth IfYouSave. ThisSpeciesFromBeing ExtinctYou Chance the same is possible And there Are very chances of SuperhumanBeingEvolved
NowIt isOurJoint ResponsibilityToCurb Spreading
24/n.Hell i.e.Condition of Downtrodden People Because Of Our List For Wealth. Soon If We Loose This Human Species We Have To Face Wildlife Situation Now ChoiceIsYour's
All Old Religions Are Fake
Meaning Of ISLAM is Peace and ToleranceNowBeing SpreadAtVeryHighPace on Terrorism
25/n.Rebellions, Sidharth Gautam Buddha, Jesus Christ, Prophet Muhammad All they had sympathy for downtrodden. And I will take this next
26/n.Please bear with typographical,auto wrong, spelling mistakes such as
11/n instead of into moto
12/n instead of hire higher
Instead of tuber rubber And such
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