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*Rubs eyes*
Okay I'll just say it again.

If you're going to be promoting on a platform, you need to be PRESENT on the platform. Here's why.
Social media platforms are kinda like dialects of internet. There are norms to all of them. Once you're COMFORTABLE speaking in those spaces, it's totally fine and natural. But when you aren't? OOOOF. It's very uncomfortable and also it TOTALLY shows.
We've all seen the people #yay #excited #writing who are #ffriday super into #cats and #dogs and their posts because #selfies rock.

Right? The hashtag spewers?
Oooooorrr the people who have like 160-tweet mega-threads... cough cough... this guy...
And this is just norms for Twitter. Consider IG where lots of hashtags are kinda the norm.

And look I still don't get what "stories" are. I know they're based off Snapchat but I still don't get their tone or what makes a story v a tweet, etc.
Consider Tiktok. If you aren't on there, be aware that's going to be a big marketing space sooner than later, and getting familiar with how it works (and also people's endless creativity) is important literacy.

If you aren't there, it's NEW and kinda WEIRD.
Also, these norms change over time! What was totally legit promotion posts soon become artificial or weird or just totally out-dated when someone recycles them from an 8 year old blog post.

Audience norms change too, and on social it's just faster (note: not right or wrong).
So, practically speaking, if you have a book or art or interpretive dance you are promoting, you have to be able to describe it using the local dialect!

People can TELL if you're not comfortable on a platform and just following a robot template.
Being on the platforms is by far the easiest way to actually get comfortable using it and seeing, well, how people in your audience interact with and talk about it.

If you know how people talk there, you can describe your widgetivity authentically and accurately.
Here's the OTHER big reason why you really need to be on these platforms though.

Part of why these platforms are cool is *accessibility*.
I've made friends because I just started talking with cool people.

If I see a promoted tweet? I'ma probably see who YOU are first.
Like. Practically speaking, being neat, interacting with people, talking with them. That's how you build up a network who will like you, support you, and promote your stuff when you share it.

And those friends interact with your VOICE. With authentic you!
"But Mike, I don't have TIME to be on 5,000,000 platforms and learn the norms of each. How do I even KNOW what's big out there ANYWAY? I can't be on top of the next What'suberspace. These guys said they'll take care of it for $500."
I mean. Someone can probably make you a promotional post, sure. Some for even more reasonable rates with that. And truth be told getting help CAN be very valuable - I'm not a graphic designer, for example, and sometimes you really really just need a graphic designer.
But if you aren't even present on the platform you're relying on them to accurately translate your pitch for the work into a new medium, and ~you can't even see how accurately they're doing it~.
But EVEN IF you get incredible kick ass help who NAILS IT. If you aren't on the platform at all, well... people can't easily follow up with you. They can't connect with you. If they miss your one promo tweet boom, gone, never to be seen again.

They don't get YOU.
As for what platforms are out there?

FB... ish? I don't really connect with new people on FB anymore, but I also don't really create "content" there. I mostly react to HS friend's pets.
You *don't* need all of them. Personally I've gotten the most mileage out of Twitter (clearly); others swear by the 'gram. I know marketers should be getting familiar with Tiktok but like... I'm not saying you personally need to be a TikTok star.
In fact, arguably, doing ALL OF THEM kinda sucks. Linked In is great if you're working for something that consults with businesses, sure. Selling (fiction) books? Not so much.

Nobody knows the efficacy of TikTok yet. Not really.
Just pick a couple platforms you like - long long before you are thinking about doing any promotion there - and just. Hang around. Find cool people. Whatever is comfortable.

Don't worry about follows or likes or views. Just meet and interact with people.
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