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I have enormous respect for you, @MargaretRenkl, as a writer [my NPR review of 'Late Migrations' last year said as much]. I've had a complicated response today to your new essay on this feral cat /1… #feralcats #cats #animals
First, I very much appreciate the shift from 'I would never kill a cat, but I can surely hate one with a murderous rage' to 'A feral cat — like a house cat allowed to roam outdoors — is not an evil creature.' As someone who has rescued and loved feral cats, I am grateful. /2
I want to add that every single cat but one we've rescued over years is now enclosed, either indoors w/ us, or in a pen my husband built in our yard. You'll see that my Twitter feed here is full of bird photos, as the birds in our yard enchant us and we want to protect them/ 3
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Gimana hari liburnya, sudah penuh refleksi? Kalau masih kurang mari mengutas tokoh nyentrik yang satu ini untuk mengenal kegelisahannya lebih dekat.
Slavoj Zizek adalah seorang pemikir politik kontemporer yang sangat populer hingga dijuluki sebagai Elvis Presley-nya filsafat.
Pencapain tersebut tidak hanya ia dapatkan dari karya tulis atau buku-bukunya, namun juga karena ia berani melengkapi teori kritik para Marxian terdahulu secara gamblang melalui berbagai debat hingga film layar lebar.
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Lately I have been struggling to get useful photos through a combination of multiple images plus cropping. I had an instructor who believed that you should always strive to get the shot right inside the frame that you have and never crop...
...but as I entered the real world of photography, I learned that many professional photographers left plenty of space between the subject and the margins. They then cropped to the image that they had always wanted. Today's picture of Aphrodite...
...demanded cropping: otherwise I would have splashed the eye of my audience with lots of useless clutter from my house. We don't keep a clean house suitable for taking portraits at a moment's whim. I must confess that we still have...
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Smile big!! Spaulding got his #teeth cleaned this week! Ever wonder what happens when your pet gets their smile polished up? Then do I have the saga for you... 🧵

#vettwitter #medtwitter #SoMeDocs #teeth #dogsoftwitter #pets #cats #sundayvibes
[content note: this thread has pictures of Spaulding under anesthesia. It can be jarring to see what pets look like when they're under. Please know that Spauls was 100% safe and cared for, his dental was routine, and his anesthesia was unremarkable/boring {we like boring}] 👩‍⚕️🐶
After checking in and getting his weight (93 lbs!!), we set up Spaulding in a kennel- er, exam room- with some blankets and a bed. He was very curious as to where his mama was.
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Two subjects tend to occupy my photo life lately: #selfies and #cats. The reason for this is simple: the models are readily available and I am not shy about approaching them. The cats have a deep seated fear of the camera because of the flash... I have to be clever about capturing them. One of my cameras has a flash free night setting. The cats can't tell the difference, so my best schemes are to take multiple shots or use a timer. There is no flash when I use the timer so they don't cringe.
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I'd rather talk about #cats than politics tonight. The worst Tallahassee does is knock things off the counter and the table. You don't see her violating the First Amendment or the Posse Comitatus Act. Can keep her and Aphrodite amused with a laser pointer. Life is good.
For those who don't know, we have three cats: the ancient Boadicea, the naughty Tallahassee, and her sister Aphrodite. The sisters are calico Hemingway cats, a breed in the making known for their extra toes and connection to the Nobel Prize-winning author.
#photography #photograph #calicocat #Hemingwaycat #catinabox #cat #caliby
Joel Sax shared a #photo with you from the #Flickr app! Check it out:
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Don’t we all love fun facts about wildlife? In our #WildAboutFacts series, we bring you some striking images and facts about the animals around us. Let’s begin the series with #Leopards.

Join the discussion and post your #leopard images!

Image: Vinay NP #NiFHiveFeature

#Leopards are actually the smallest among the genus of big cats. These elusive #cats prefer to hide in trees or in caves during the day.

Image: @rajivkalsi #NiFHiveFeature

#Leopards are not picky about their food and feed on a wide range of animals. They crouch low and sneak on their prey before attacking them.

Image: Arjun Guha #NiFHiveFeature
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*Rubs eyes*
Okay I'll just say it again.

If you're going to be promoting on a platform, you need to be PRESENT on the platform. Here's why.
Social media platforms are kinda like dialects of internet. There are norms to all of them. Once you're COMFORTABLE speaking in those spaces, it's totally fine and natural. But when you aren't? OOOOF. It's very uncomfortable and also it TOTALLY shows.
We've all seen the people #yay #excited #writing who are #ffriday super into #cats and #dogs and their posts because #selfies rock.

Right? The hashtag spewers?
Oooooorrr the people who have like 160-tweet mega-threads... cough cough... this guy...
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The #coronavirus is part bat & part human virus. A new study says the Frankenstein event happened well before its transmission to humans. Wait, what? Humans first infected bats?... 🦠🧍🦇🧍🐈 #COVID19 #CoronavirusPandemic
The intermediate Frankenstein #coronavirus has part human/part bat versions of the spike protein (the knobs on the outside of the virus & what #COVID19 vaccines target). Coronafrankenstein is formally called RaTG13, the name, rank & serial # of a horseshoe bat 💩 sample...
...If we gave bats #coronavirus first, then people, including scientists, should stay away from bats especially if they don't feel well. That's why, as much as I like #cats, I don't like how they can catch it from us. It's a potential vicious cycle...
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Paris, 1900, Eugene Atget #photography
Two girls posing in front of a painted background of the Cliff House in San Francisco (version built in 1896, burned down 1907), c1900 #photography
Hotel du Marquis de Lagrange, rue de Braque, Paris, Eugene Atget, c1901 #photography
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Great timing. Dispatched as envoy to A. Cen. 4 at height of Crown Fever season: doesn't bother Centaurs much, but is deadly to humans. So instead of fêtes and soirées, it's quarantine and Solitaire. Worse, Centauri's Spring is prettiest for light years!

[#hardshippost is a story I'll be doing in daily epistolary for the duration of the crisis. Stay tuned for more from A. Cen. 4!]

A Lieutenant in the Corps, 3 degrees in Diplomacy, but the closest view I get of the Centaurs is them galloping in the distance. Worse: I've dealt >400 hands of Martian Klondike over the past 2 weeks, and I've got the sneaking suspicion I'm cheating…

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1- El gato, siempre presente en los grandes momentos.

Jacopo Bassano, La cena en Emaús, c. 1538…
2- Taller de Frederick Van Valkenborch, La cocinera, c. 1590.…
3- El gato, siempre presente en los grandes momentos (2)
Cornelis van Haarlem - La caída del hombre, 1592…
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I’m at #cats. I’m not the only one here.
My teen has agreed to see it with me tomorrow.
I smuggled tiny box wine in like a weirdo.
It starts....
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As the new year approaches please keep in your thoughts that Taylor Swift wrote lyrics for a song in a movie whose book was otherwise composed entirely by poet TS Eliot, and in that song she repeatedly rhymes the word “wanted” with “wanted”

does “go” rhyme with “ghosts”? buddy you better believe no one has time to check
(I have written needlessly extensively about Swift’s idiosyncratic relationship to rhyme scheme in general, but it is such a STRANGE DELIGHT to see someone who possibly does not know what rhymes ARE laid directly against history’s most anal retentive rhymer TS ELIOT)
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Numerous animal sanctuaries, rescues survive ONLY through #donations

A cool gift idea: make a donation in someone's name✨
☑ .@rikkisrefuge and share some #love this #Christmas2019

#WishList #helpingothers #payitforward #ThursdayThoughts #FridayFeeling
Sanctuary in #Wales

What to give a friend for #Christmas 👉 a donation in their name✨

Or you can #sponsor a resident at .@BTWsanctuary #gifts of #love

#Christmas2019 #christmasgifts #helpingothers #SecretSanta #TwitterForGood #WishList
Sanctuary in #Warwickshire
.@FARSSanctuary could use some #love this #Christmas2019

If you have a few pennies spare please help ▶…

#donation gift 🎁 #helpingothers #christmasgiving #WishList #ThankfulThursday
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A5339139 ✰ GOTTY sweet girl is unable to fully stand..

A5339139 ✰ GOTTY 🔹Pit Bull 🔹 AGE:3 years
🔹 Female 🔹…

She is going to need #pledges to help encourage a #RESCUE
Pls help if you can.
#Donate/ #Pledge directly through #Facebook on the link below the #Dog or #Cats Video/Photo - (no ID needed as it is assigned to the animal’s post)

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In late September, my cat & best friend, Uno, died.

Losing a pet is never easy; we miss them, but we also cherish their memory.

I thought it would be nice to remember her with an #Inktober style celebration of life.

So I give you Day 1 of #UNOvember

#CatsOfTwitter #cats illustration of cat
I guess people normally post the drawing prompts for the month, so here's the list for #UNOvember

I made it to help me figure out how to tell Uno's story. But you're welcome to use the list for your own drawing challenge, if you want to.
#UNOvember Day 2 - Bench

We first saw Uno sitting on a stone bench at a void deck (an open space on the 1st floor of Singapore public apartment blocks).
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Five years ago, I was shacked up in a wobbly shed at the bottom of a garden.

I was a single cat with three tiny kittens to feed.
The pretty lady who owned that shed didn't know I was living in it.

I used to sneak in through a hole at the back.

I gave birth to my three kittens in there.
At the other end of the garden to the wobbly shed there was a warm house with pillows and fires and food cupboards.

I wanted to live there with the pretty lady and her two fat, lazy, overfed cats.
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thread! I want to share the story of my brother's cats and the arc they've been through over the past 8 months. 🐈

this is gouda. my brother walked into a shelter late last year, said "give me your least adoptable cat", and walked out with gouda. she has socks! 🧀🧦
gouda was abused in the past. she yowled when my brother tried to put her in the walk-in closet as her space, hid under the bed, and refused to come out. a previous adopter returned her because she wouldn't come out for months. here's a rare sighting of her coming out for treats.
this is pumpkin. he joined my family in 2006! he is my round son. he hates other cats. here he is asking my brother to do something about gouda stealing his water (after she started to come out!)
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A truly on-brand #Cats story: When I was 6 I LOVED Cats. I listened to the Broadway record over and over. All I wanted for my birthday was to see it live. So my dad, a grizzled New Yorker, took me to see it in Chicago.
At intermission, he said we needed to get something in the car. However, once we got in the car he drove off. Confused, I explained, “Dad, it isn’t over!” And he looked at me and said, “Leila, I didn't realize it was really about *actual* cats."
This is not the first time whimsy irritated him. He took me out of the screening of Elijah Wood’s North because he said it was highly unrealistic.
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It’s #Monday, I’m boozing it up at a 4 seat bar, the #barkeep is a long pourer, and I’m all fucking set if I get something stuck between my teeth.👇🙃 #RandomThoughts #drinking #OutAndAbout
Shooting the shit with a friend, she’s proud to be doing well with her plants - unusual for her.

The key was a #video explaining the benefits of pruning.

She needs REASONS. She got them.

Apparently, pruning in a particular manner stimulates growth hormones.
Of course, this led to me initiating a discussion about the #movie I just watched on Hulu, called “The German Doctor.”

The main character was Josef Mengele. #ThisHappened

People, this is why I’m known in my circles as “The Black Hole Of Conversation.” SMTH
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1/ Thread #Pets #Livestock #Horses #DisasterPreparedness

After the awful #CampFire #DisasterAssistTeam created a searchable Found Pets database w/ 1000+ animals - most were forever separated from their families

Make a #DisasterPlan for your whole family

2/ #Pets #Cats #Dogs #HurricaneSeason2019 #DisasterPreparedness

The AVMA (American Vet Med Assoc) & ASPCA have excellent #resources & tips for what to include in #DisasterPrepKits



#DisasterAssistTeam #Animals #DAT
3/ #Pets #Cats #Dogs #HurricaneSeason2019

Red Rover has printable #DisasterPrep lists & #info specific to different disaster events 🐶


Info for #CompanionAnimals 🐱

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We all want to know this right - does my #cat really love me? And if not, WHY?
🐈 🐈 🐈…
Cats can’t tell us how they’re feeling, but if we watch their behaviour closely we can work out a lot.
The things you see your cat doing are probably what it enjoys. If it gets the chance to do these things then your #cat is probably happy.
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