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Here's a #writing tip about the necessity of a STRONG, EMOTIONAL MOTIVATION for your protagonist.

So, I'm doing a third draft of this studio thing. Challenging project and I like the executive a lot -- but he wants a great deal of MISDIRECTION in the storytelling. Now --
-- that's not normally how I fight. I tend to get frustrated with narrative misdirection. I write how I live -- I come at you from the front.

But this is the discipline of the job. Sometimes, you have to fight in the ring with a style you don't use on the street.

So, what --
-- I have to do inside of all of this misdirection is MAKE CERTAIN the audience always has some understanding of the protagonist's EMOTIONAL MOTIVATION, what they WANT TO ACCOMPLISH.

Otherwise, all the clever moves are just frustratingly opaque. It's just technique. So --
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Over the course of the next few months I’m gonna start setting up to live stream a new show on #woodworking, #politics, #art, #writing, #Philosophy and many other topics. My goal is to focus on teaching #handsonskills and would love to also get the chance to #learn as well! if you’re interested please consider donating. I will provide an itemized list of necessary spending which donations be spent including tools, computer equipment, audio and camera equipment and material costs. I want to be as transparent with you all
As possible and feel all #donations should be directed and shown to be specifically put back into create a community space for those interested in learning and building the skills they will benefit for years to come! #pleaseshare and #RETWEEET if possible
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/01/2021…
"The Unthinkable Has Become Possible" - Germany Faces A Political Revolution In 4 Weeks…

#germany #PartisanPolitics
Probability and rationality — trickier than most people think…

#probability #rationality #heuristics #judgement
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In this thread students @MQLinguistics
@Macquarie_Uni share what they've learned so far (1st quarter of semester)

⬇️⬇️⬇️Favorite facts about #literacies ⬇️⬇️⬇️
Learning about message sticks is my favorite. When thinking about message sticks from a #literacies perspective, they seem very modern.…
It is intriguing to learn that humans weren't made to #read and that it is possible due to brain plasticity. It is also fascinating that #reading #Chinese script and alphabetic #writing activates different brains areas

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My copy has directly sold tens of millions of dollars

But writing copy is a skill everyone should learn to persuade your clients, boss, spouse, the contractor trying to rip you off

Crash course




You have to love to write. You write daily. You'll be editing. Bosses and clients will look at a piece you spent 5 hours and in 2 minutes will put red lines through it.

Your manager will redline a presentation...

You'll feel like a failure

But that's what you deal with when you get into the "creative" world. Everyone has an opinion

As Don Draper says in one of my favorite interactions talking about copywriting and its process,"People think monkeys can do this"

Does Sex Sell? (youtube)

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Apa yang Membuat Makanan Menarik bagi Orang-orang?

Ketika dirangsang oleh penglihatan, penciuman, atau pemikiran tentang makanan, otak mengirimkan sinyal ke kelenjar ludah. Dan pada gilirannya, kita sedang bersiap untuk mengonsumsi makanan.

A Thread...
Terkadang saat kita melewati dapur dan mencium aroma lezat itu atau melihat koki profesional di TV mengenakan Kemeja Koki yang elegan dan bergaya, celemek, dan mantel Chef dan menyiapkan hidangan yang tampak lezat, otak kita mulai mengerjakannya dan kita mengeluarkan air liur.
Kadang-kadang, orang bahkan merasa lapar selama waktu ini, menginginkan sesuatu untuk dimakan saat mereka menonton makanan yang dimasak di TV, dll.

Jadi, faktor apa yang membuat makanan menarik bagi kita?
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Proud Moment!: Business Development Manager 25-year-old #VaidehiDongre from #Michigan crowned #MissIndia #USA 2021; "This One Is For My Aai", dedicates win to her mother; Says 'It #empower #women of #Indian origin':
Beauty pageant held over weekend.
#Thread @JoeBiden @POTUS
Represented #India immigrants living in #UnitedStates as new Miss India USA. India born #MichiganState University #graduate @UMich @michiganstateu. Arshi Lalani from Georgia declared first runner-up. Vaidehi shared, "I want to leave positive lasting impact on my community and...
Focus on women's financial independence and #literacy." Vaidehi graduated in International Studies. Described journey as “whirlwind”. Mira Kasari got third position. "I've always strived to be role model for young girls, celebrate my rich #SouthAsian #heritage and leave lasting
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Beginning in Havana in 1865, factory workers paid for a reader, or lector, to keep their minds active & engaged during long hours of monotonous labor. On a raised platform, the lector #read aloud everything from newspapers to classics.
#photo-#Cuba, 1900
#books #History #writing
And it appears wearing your hat as you worked was also a popular trend.
An amazing image of another lector reading to cigar factory workers in Havana, 1950.

I'm curious if this idea could be modernized for today's labor force? Maybe a #podcast or #audiobooks?
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It all started in Aug 2020.

How about summarizing a book in 40 minutes using a mindmap and spending the next 20 minutes discussing the book and the session?

Here is the 🧵highlighting what I liked from each book

#bookreading @ClubHbr
First book was "Who Moved My Cheese?" @MovedMyCheese by Spencer Johnson.

Key lesson: Change is constant. Be prepared.
#bookreading @ClubHbr
Second book: "Exploring Requirements: Quality Before Design" by @JerryWeinberg and Donald C Gause

Key lesson: You don't always need a product to find a bug. You can find bugs in the requirements too.

#bookreading @ClubHbr
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It's rare that an academic paper, particularly in STEM, contains florid and philosophical language. The way this author discusses the history of waste though is beautiful. A thread: #academicwriting #stem #waste #history #AcademicChatter #writing
"It is incredible how much history is found at the end of a sewage
"There is no more reliable source of customs and behaviour of a society than its waste products and this fact is beyond the perception of the civilization. A sociological analysis that is more truthful than the analysis of a wastewater does not exist."
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#Writing So as I may have mentioned one or two million times, I'm writing a collection of re-told Grimms fairy tales to include queer people, right? Well-
I can't do ALL the tales. I'm doing a LOT of them, but there's several that just... don't really work for modern audiences. (Call-and-response audience participation tales, suuuuuuuper Christian "just so" tales, etc.)
One of the tales I have to skip is "The Tailor in Heaven" which is a shame because it is HILARIOUS and reminds me of my father-in-law. Why, you ask?
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super-excited to learn today that my book #99Erics just won the Publishing Triangle's Edmund White Award for Debut Fiction! to celebrate, in this THREAD, I will share excerpts from my silly, surreal, sex-positive book...… #LGBTQ #queer #bisexual #books
...first, all of these excerpts, plus book reviews (like the one from Publishing Triangle below), as well as virtual book readings, FREE downloads of the first 5 chapters, & links to purchase, can be found on the #99Erics webpage: #LGBTQ #queer #bisexual Image
...the chapter "Ethical Slut vs. Confused Slut" is about the absurdity of dating straight men after you've spent time immersed in queer women's communities (5 minute read, no-paywall!):… #LGBTQ #queer #feminist #bisexual #books #novels #humor
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Loss of Friendship
(thread written by my husband)

#loss #friends #amwriting #writing #movingon
Friendships are built on the trust, loyalty, & humility of one’s character. Friendship, to me, is a sacred bond that individuals learn how to build, & during this process pain is acquired as you seek the relationships that are healthy & will propel you in moments of adversity.
In friendships, we yearn & look for transparency so the friendship can germinate & grow.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/23/2021…
I Have Read Thousands of Résumés, and I Have Some Advice…

#résumés #writing
Everything You Know About Passwords Is Wrong…

#passwords #security
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Let's talk about a glorious double standard women have, which also pertains to female MC's for authors, #writingcommunity. This will be a rather long thread but one that needs to be talked about. Also, the word "bitch" will be used for discussion purposes. 1/?
So a fellow author I recently met told me how she was banging her head on the wall trying to make her female MC less of a "prick" (her words, not mine). I offered to read her first chapter to see if I could help. I did so. Now, all her beta readers female and male alike said 2/?
they thought her MC was a "bitch". Upon my own reading, while I thought a few things over the top, I realized her MC was hit by a less talked about double standard.

So, it's scientifically proven that a man sending an email with this: Good morning.

Would just be viewed as 3/?
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#Writing thought... tone is a vastly underrated aspect of storytelling. People often seem to think of tone as something superficial, literally on the surface of the story—but tone tells us what to expect. Like, "everyone in this story is garbage." Or, "people are basically kind."
Tone isn't just "funny," or "dark," or "scary," or "grim."

The tone of a story presents a theory of human nature, and the state of the world, and the sort of things that are likely to happen therein. A satirical tone can accomodate a lot more horrendous behavior, for example.
I can never get a consistent tone in my first draft (or usually, my second.) The tone will keep coming in and out of focus, and I'll try different tones on for size. I might have an idea in my head of what the tone should be, but making it materialize is another matter entirely.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/17/2021…
Covid-19’s harm reduction lesson: Ask people to be careful, not perfect - Vox…

#reduction #COVID19
Understanding Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

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I've heard @JordanPeele give some of this advice in visits to my UCLA Black Horror class - and all of this is GOLDEN.

#screenwriting #writing
I especially remember Peele telling my class that EVERY critique has merit. If the note is "It's too violent," that doesn't mean make it less violent. Find a way to make the violence pay off emotionally so it won't SEEM too violent.
PLEASE NOTE: this outstanding graphic/tips is from @outscreenplays - and there are others!
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Want to become a better writer in just 30 days?

Here's how to do it. Thread!
1. Create a daily writing routine.

If you want a daily writing habit to stick, you need to bake it into your daily routine.

Pick a consistent time every day and hold yourself to it. It can be 10 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour—whatever feels most realistic to you.
2. There WILL be days that you either don’t feel like writing or have no clue what to write.

That’s okay, but you need to stick to the routine if you want to become a better writer.

@maneszjt uses a spreadsheet to track his daily writing practice:
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