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I’m about to start writing, but I wanted to share a bit about story structure, beyond just the three or five act structure — how you can find structure in other places and BLEND them into your three or five act build.

So let’s get it on... #writingtips
So we all know 3 act structure. I work in a 5 act structure but that’s essentially the same, just broken down a bit further. That’s a common (and necessary?) approach to story structure for your overall work. There’s also...
...the concept of making sure EACH SCENE has its own three or five act structure. Rising conflict. A midpoint. Peak conflict/darkest moment and some kind of resolution (but minor resolution because it’s part of the whole). So there’s that bit, but also...
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MOTIVATION is a Bitch😂😩 It plays hide and seek with you, 
it will just be coming and going anyhow. One minute it's hot 🔥,Another minute it's cold ❄.

The question is, How do you maintain your motivational levels? Image
For me, I ensure I am consistent in my actions. Consistency breeds great habits and habits are everything.
"It is not what we do in a while that counts but our habitual actions". It sounds simple because it really can be that simple.... Don't mistake its simplicity!
How do you stay motivated?
Let me know below👇

#writing #WritingCommnunity
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The first morning sunrays struggle to break through the cloud cover and reflect off wet 10th Avenue East as I walk south towards home. It is Sunday and the empty street is a muse as I walk block after block towards Olive Way, where I will make my turn. 1/
Before I get there, that weird homeless guy Dinesh is still there at the corner of Broadway and Republican, and he's still screaming spasmodically about "Thighland," and that he discovered this at Wharton, where he graduated with honors, so it would behoove you to listen. 2/
I stop to watch him as his arms flail about and his veins are about to burst, and at that juncture, I have clarity for the first time ever. 3/
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During my career I developed several large system change strategies that clients successfully implemented in their organizations.

#ChangeStrategies #LargeSystems
While I have written previously about some of these strategies, I have more to say concerning organization design that may be useful to readers who are addressing their own large system change challenges.

In lieu of essays and articles of considerable length, I've opted for Twitter tweets and threads with reference URLs and topical hashtags for this documentation.

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Okay. Time for a small #writing thread, for people writing #businessblogs.

I work with a lot of corporate blog writers, editing, coaching, and generally upping their game, and I have THINGS TO SAY.
To start with, research is good. You don't want to underdo it, or your blog will be insubstantial. But you can also overdo it. And then you've done so much, that you feel you need to put everything in the blog, and then it's just overwhelming to sift through.
Your research is like a Victorian petticoat - scandalous if it's showing.

You will need to throw quite a bit of it - the trick is to think about what you reader needs to know, not to show off how much research you did.

The research is partly there to give the blog authority.
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It's Saturday night, and no one is really on twitter, but here's a HIGH CONCEPT FORMULA that can give you a solid sample screenplay that might open doors, but it's science-fiction, so there's that.

Okay, here we go --

Step One - Be a futurist and think of an issue western civilization will face in the near, to semi-near future. Doesn't have to be existential, but something compelling. Overcrowding. Genetic birth manipulation. Yadda. Yadda. Yadda.
Step Two - Create a character class that is tasked with solving that near-future problem. By "class," I mean a specific jobber that solves this problem you've created. Make sure it's a morally gray kind of work.
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6 months to the day that I wrote our lead @TheLancet editorial on a mysterious new pneumonia-like outbreak drafting it in 3 hours instead of the usual 3 days. Colleagues gave input in 1 h instead of 24 h. 6 months for the world to change forever. #writing…
Writing a leader under those conditions is risky: what was the outbreak & would it spread? Are we making something of nothing? Should we go soft or hard on China’s response & transparency? What about this ‘lockdown’ of Wuhan, an intervention we thought of as draconian (ha ha).
Our EIC edited the leader; we waited overnight for WHO to decide about the PHEIC. New cases from around the world were reported (we couldn't keep up). We had the first 2 research reports from China describing the novel coronavirus.....We were under pressure to go live ASAP.
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📢Writers: There's increasing awareness of the need to centre voices of people of colour, disabled, LGBTIAQ+ ppl & others who have been excluded

Check out my new class: There Is A Charge For The Eyeing Of My Scars

🧵on #writing our #stories safely

/1 A Black women in a dark den...
However, the invitations for marginalised folks to speak/write/share can put us at risk as they do not always take into account the micro aggressions and structural inequities which excluded us for generations.

Adding more diversity to the status quo isn’t the solution.

But while the structures are unfit and unsafe, we still want to speak and occupy space. In this workshop we explore how to do that in a way that’s effective and safe for each of us. How to speak in a way that gets heard without so much hurting.

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I haven't done a tv arbitration like that but I can give a bit more info about why tv credits are even more complicated!
Pilot arbitrations determine "created by" which trigger (per episode) royalties and backend (in addition to residuals) and can happen if there are multiple writers. But episode arbitration is rare for one main reason: the showrunner.
The showrunner assigns the script to a writer on staff or a freelance writer. That person gets the WGA minimum fee for that medium and length (network hour is highest, low budget SVOD 1/2 hour is much lower).
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It’s very Hollywood to feel like everyone but you is selling, staffing, and succeeding, but this is a function of the availability bias. It just seems like everyone else is doing well because they only announce deals, not passes. Trust me, it’s mostly failure at every level. 🦨
This really struck a nerve and I can understand why so many people are feeling down on themselves. If you want a longer discussion of what I think happens to writers getting caught up in the hype of others’ success, here are my thoughts…
This industry is subjective, it’s not a math test, and you can’t say a script that sold for $125,000 is 25% better than one that got $100,000. Talent for sure plays a huge role, obviously, but so does luck!
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How to write better - a 13-ideas thread...

#writing #goodwriting
1. Start with an attention grabbing but believable headline. “How to…” is a nice way to get attention. For someone to read past your headline, make it unique, useful, urgent, and ultra-specific. People have short attention spans. Your headline must try to grab it.
2. Start writing with an engaging statement or story.
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I've been doing this for six months now. SIX 😭

Tracking #OpEds of @IndianExpress, @htTweets and @the_hindu is painful and the results continue to be abysmal.

Of course everything #Covid is horrifying and demoralising, but certain things needn't be.

Those are the #OpEds. I'm convinced #Editors don't care about #representation.

@IndianExpress had 130 #OpEds, @htTweets 78 & @the_hindu 122.

I haven't included #Sundays from the beginning of the study since they're reserved for the same old #columnists.

The quality of #writing overall could be better, but a part of me gets the constraints.
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The most common question agents are asked is how to know when to submit your novel. Here’s a 10 point #writing checklist:

1. Cut your work until it bleeds
2. Good writing doesn't need to shout at you- it lurks, unaware, & you fall under its spell
3. Characters have a life before & after the story ends
4.Power lies in what is not said.
5. If it feels obvious, it is.
6.There’s nothing wrong with simplicity; ordinariness is the danger area.
7. We read to learn, escape, be entertained, diverted, stimulated, empowered.
8.We read to live lives we can’t live and to help us understand those we don’t want to live.
9. A story that does all the work for us, leaves us no room to feel anything, is limited. Trust the reader to imagine the life after the novel.
10. Write because you cannot not write
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தந்தையின் நாவலான @ashoka_mitran "மானசரோவர்" நாவலைப் பற்றி குறிப்பிடும் போது கோபாலசாமி என்ற பாத்திரத்திற்கு தன் குழந்தைகளை வளர்த்த விதத்தைப் பற்றிய குற்ற உணர்வு இருந்ததாக கட்டுரைஆசிரியர் குறிப்பிட்டுள்ளார். #Tamil #writing 1/7
தன்னுடைய பிள்ளைகளுக்கு அவர்களுடைய சமவயதில் உள்ளோர் அனுபவிக்கும் பல வசதிகள் செய்து கொடுக்கப்படவில்லை என்ற எண்ணம் ஏனோ, தந்தைக்கு பல ஆண்டுகளாக இருந்தது. இதைப் பற்றி கூட, நான் கலந்து கொண்ட, மார்ச் 1998-ல் நடைபெற்ற 2/7
அவருடைய ஒரு புத்தக வெளியீட்டு விழாவில் கூறியிருந்தார். அப்போது அவர் பயன்படுத்திய வார்த்தை: "deprivation."
எனக்கு ஆச்சரியமாகவே இருந்தது. ஏனெனில் என்னுடைய சகோதரர்களோ நானோ அவர் எங்களை வளர்த்த விதத்தைப் பற்றி 3/7
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A #Thread about #Writing and #Creating #TTRPG stuff!
I am kinda proud of my productivity, and although I see a lot of room for improvement, I think it could be useful to share some unpretentious tips.
Bear in mind that this is my process and thing can be different for others.
1. Don’t wait for inspiration or a great idea, just write! I know time is an issue but we all have 24 hours in a day. We can find time in the crannies. Between activities. 10 minutes here, 15 there. Bit by bit we can accumulate a lot of stuff. Use what you have at reach.
I use my cellphone for most of my writing and note taking. Google docs and OneNote are free and very helpful for that. Start small. A NPC, a monster a location, and grow from there. Build on top of what you made before.
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Not valuing your gift is the greatest sin that you can commit to yourself. Don't seek for reconciliation. Don't run away from your natural aptitude and what you enjoy, because you find it useless. Learn to cherish your gift. Allow it to shine through you. #writing
Write without fear of judgment from yourself and others. Don't be quick to discount your thought. This 'playing safe' is a default ingratiating habit. Don't fall for this. Hold your ground tightly. Self centeredness comes from speaking your mind truthfully consistently.
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Twitter Talk (thread): "I am not Your Savioress: Consistently Honoring the Intrinsic Value of Black Women’s Intellectual Labor & Cultural Capital in STEM" by @BerondaM from @profnicolej's "Understanding the Intersections of Race, Gender, & Gifted Education" Image
The chapter (abstract below) started as much of my #writing does in an active thinking/#reflection process in the midst of my doing GOOD work in a system in turmoil. Something that I wish was a less frequent occurrence for me as a Black woman in #highered Image
In this #reflection & strategizing mode, @profnicolej sent me a cc: tweet about her pending book "Understanding the Intersections of Race, Gender, & Gifted Education" & my first thought was that's nice but I'm not sure I have anything to say in that realm Image
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I'm exhausted, but then the study must go on. Here's month four of the state of #OpEds in @IndianExpress @htTweets & @the_hindu.

April has been rougher than March.

It's actually been really really awful. In general, and for #OpEds too.

Again, excluded Sundays since they're reserved for the usual columnists.

The quality of #writing has remained the same as the same writers have been writing here since time immemorial.

@IndianExpress had 130 #OpEds, @htTweets 78 & @the_hindu 122. #BringInMoreWomen
Of the 130 in @IndianExpress, women got only 18 bylines. This includes four joint bylines.

Their 'The Editorial Page', gave top billing to women ONLY ONCE. Wow. Aruna Sundararajan wrote on the lockdown dilemma.
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*Rubs eyes*
Okay I'll just say it again.

If you're going to be promoting on a platform, you need to be PRESENT on the platform. Here's why.
Social media platforms are kinda like dialects of internet. There are norms to all of them. Once you're COMFORTABLE speaking in those spaces, it's totally fine and natural. But when you aren't? OOOOF. It's very uncomfortable and also it TOTALLY shows.
We've all seen the people #yay #excited #writing who are #ffriday super into #cats and #dogs and their posts because #selfies rock.

Right? The hashtag spewers?
Oooooorrr the people who have like 160-tweet mega-threads... cough cough... this guy...
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A thread on #Punjabi #Music.

I am to punjabi music like fish is to water.
My landlady is a nice woman but I am not sure if she likes #JassManak as much as I do and, no you don’t listen to punjabi music at a moderate volume.
One of the reasons I go out everyday, besides work.
I tend to go back to Sukhbir’s तारे गिन गिन as it has made me appreciate music’s deceitfully manipulative emotional power. The heartbreaking lyrics “समझ ना पायी क्यूँ तू मेरे प्यार भरे जज्बाता नू” conveying the story of devastated man has an entire country dancing, for years!
Popular Punjabi music is a double edged sword with evil magnet of patriarchy and angelic consumerism attached on respective sides. From one end, it toxically objectifies women and and on the other side it fuels consumerism in the aspirational classes, better than best ad campaign
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Now’s the time to get your book ready.
Here’s 10 #writing tips
1)cut your work until it bleeds
2)write because you cannot not write
3)good writing doesn't need to shout at you- it lurks, unaware, & you fall under its spell
4) Characters have a life before & after the story ends
5)Power lies in what is not said.
6)if it feels obvious, it is.
7)There’s nothing wrong with simplicity; ordinariness is the danger area.
8) we read to learn, escape, be entertained, diverted, stimulated, empowered.
9) We read to live lives we can’t live and to help us understand those we don’t want to live.
10)a story that does all the work for us, leaves us no room to feel anything, is limited. Trust the reader to imagine the life after the novel.
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If you’re taking the opportunity of #writing during this period of #Isolation, here’s a short thread on how to prepare your novel for submission:
- stories must propel us towards an ending, but the end must feel like a new beginning
- novels work best when they linger
It requires great effort and skill to write simply. Writing can feel like painting at times, it is layered and builds from strong foundations. If the foundation is full of obstructions, distractions and mess, it will be impossible to layer.
Know what you want to say before putting pen to paper. You don’t have to know all details of plot and all the arguments, but if you know WHY you are writing this story at this time, the reader will follow you.
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