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1/n #SunTzuWithMe Everyone has heard about Sun Tzu. ‘Art of War’ must have sold millions of copies. 2500 years and it still hits bulls eye!! I will, over a period, take you through what exactly did he write and how does it effect us, governance, business and life? Contd...
2/n #SunTzuWithMe 2500 yrs back he pointed out a BIG FLAW in Chinese Army. Officers in Administration studied ‘military tactics’ late in service and came to command while actual military officers could never reach highest levels. FAMILIAR?? NSA? DefSecy? Cadre Offrs? IPS?
3/n #SunTzuWithMe These people without experience ‘directed operations’ in time of war while experienced military officers executed. This system brought disaster to the Army. What he write then can be seen today. #Galwan Do not play with organisation is the simple lesson.
4/n #SunTzuWithMe This thread will be long and intermittent hence will call tweets by #SunTzuLesson1 2, 3 to distinguish. Tweet 2/n & 3/n will be #SunTzuLesson1 titled DIRECTING OPERATIONS. It brings out clearly the disaster when people with bookish knowledge direct operations.
5/n #SunTzuWithMe #SunTzuLesson1 DIRECTING OPERATIONS by civil functionaries who studied military tactics late in life brings disaster. 👇🏻Read this thread keeping only #Galwan in mind. Who are directing operations? Who stopped our soldiers to fire? Image
6/n #SunTzuWithMe Lesson 2 #SunTzuLesson2 PREPARE FOR ENEMY
Unless we say loudly #ChinaIsEnemy , we cannot understand Sun Tzu. He says:
-Do not rely on enemy not likely to come
-Rely on our own readiness to receive him.
7/n #SunTzuWithMe Lesson 2 #SunTzuLesson2 PREPARE FOR ENEMY
Further he says:
-Do not rely on chance of his not attacking
-Rely on our own position unassailable
How do you interpret it keeping #Galwan as case study?
8/n #SunTzuWithMe Lesson 2 #SunTzuLesson2 PREPARE FOR ENEMY
In 1962 India was humiliated. I am fine. What I am not fine is an abject failure as a nation to safeguard our interests
-Have we been ready to receive China at borders? No we relied on the likelihood of his not coming
9/n #SunTzuWithMe Lesson 2 #SunTzuLesson2 PREPARE FOR ENEMY
-Were we prepared for his attack? No, we relied on chance of his not attacking.
Actions during 58 yrs of India post-1962?
Politics reigns to the extent that failures are justified comparing it with failures of 62.
10/n #SunTzuWithMe Lesson 2 #SunTzuLesson2 PREPARE FOR ENEMY
Question retired Chiefs on
-Why are Armed Forces not organised, equipped & trained for a ‘Two Front War’ since 1972?
-Why is LAC so thinly held?
-Why are we not prepared to thwart attack?
-Why did Army not fire?
11/n #SunTzuWithMe Lesson 2 #SunTzuLesson2 PREPARE FOR ENEMY
This is where leadership comes in. We have filled up all star ranks but have produced just two military leaders.
Chiefs, Def Ministers and Prime Ministers have failed BECAUSE #SunTzuLesson2 was not followed.
12/n #SunTzuWithMe #SunTzuLessons How is this helping to understand #Galwan ? How does it help you understand TV debates? Simple, learn basics of strategy with me, apply it yourself. Soon you will find that the TV experts are no experts but push party agenda. Bye for today.
13/n #SunTzuWithMe #SunTzuLessons #Galwan Today’s #SunTzuLesson2 was an eye opener. Galwan, Daulat Beg Odli, Depsang, Hot Springs, Doklam, Subansiri and many more. FIFTY YEARS and we still behave like newbies!!! LESSON 2 ENDS. Image
14/n #SunTzuWithMe Lesson 3 #ArtOfWarWithMe MILITARY: THE PRIZED LOOT This is a very interesting lesson. Who joins army? Why does someone join army? 2500 yrs old practice is today’s reality. Why is China border so weak? By the end of Lesson 3, I promise, you will THINK. Image
15/n #SunTzuWithMe Lesson 3 #ArtOfWarWithMe MILITARY: THE PRIZED LOOT Peasents and Labouring class joined army 2500yrs back. It happens in India even today. Better class with higher pay attracted officer class. PROSPECT OF PLUNDER OR PRIZE MONEY attracts Lawmakers & Bureaucracy Image
16/n #SunTzuWithMe Lesson 3 #ArtOfWarWithMe Military Service is low paying hence there will never be shortage at rank & file level. Better ones join as offrs as a last resort after trying a lot outside. Plunder & Prize Money of old times is ‘military procurement’ loot today. Image
17/n #SunTzuWithMe Lesson 3 #ArtOfWarWithMe Commissions in military hardware are highest in any sector, no benchmark for prices, control procurement and you control cuts. PM in India was involved. Bureaucrats? Modern ‘Plunder’, ‘Loot’ & ‘Prize Money’ that Sun Tzu refers is this. Image
18/n #SunTzuWithMe Lesson 3 #ArtOfWarWithMe Let is now combine Lesson 1, 2 & 3 and see how beautifully a pattern emerges that answers WHY WE TAKE BEATING at China border, why there is no strategic vision, how plunder and loot by lawmakers and bureaucrats compromises security? Image
19/n #SunTzuWithMe Lesson 1,2&3 #ArtOfWarWithMe Lesson 1 mentioned how Military career officers did not reach highest positions & how Civil Administrators learnt tactics from books and occupied all higher positions in military and directed operations. Lesson 2 mentioned our.... ImageImageImage
20/n #SunTzuWithMe Lesson 1,2&3 #ArtOfWarWithMe ...our preparedness for war. Not to take chances, be prepared always. Lesson 3 tells us about who occupied highest positions for plunder and loot. Complete China border since last 58 yrs does not fulfill Lesson 2. Army has no say. ImageImageImage
21/n #SunTzuWithMe Lesson 1,2&3 #ArtOfWarWithMe Gist of the combined lessons:
1. Very mediocre officer class in Army does not throw up leaders.
2. Bureaucrats occupy all higher decision making military hierarchy in MoD
3. Plunder and loot in defence .... ImageImageImage
22/n #SunTzuWithMe Lesson 1,2&3 #ArtOfWarWithMe
3. Plunder & loot in defence proc, Cantonment lands & Contracts is directly controlled by lawmakers through complex machinery
4. Not developing a frontier, not raising matching forces, not having strong military pays year on year. ImageImageImage
23/n #SunTzuWithMe Lesson 1,2&3 #ArtOfWarWithMe
5. Making military scapegoat is easily done since hard-gag-orders are in place.
6. Having weak officer cadre helps bureaucrats since no leaders come up. Generals are bought cheaply by offering governorships & ambassadorial posts.
24/n #SunTzuWithMe Lesson 1,2&3 #ArtOfWarWithMe
7. In emergency at border getting hundreds of soldiers killed makes no difference and quickly blame is passed to military
8. Emergency funds are released for procurement to handle emergency. Bureaucrats throw procurement ........ ImageImageImage
25/n #SunTzuWithMe Lesson 1,2&3 #ArtOfWarWithMe procurement like hot iron on military knowing that no military procurement can be done in a week. It’s farce.
9. These bureaucrats order enquiries after stabilisation against very same officers.
10. Why Senior Military Officers vie and die for Public Offices & Promotions
11. Why the ‘Plunder and Loot’ lot never let’s come military officers close to ‘managing’ military
12. Why lawmakers have no capability to direct military to make a 30-40-50 yr plan for INDIA .
27/n #SunTzuWithMe Lesson 1,2&3 #ArtOfWarWithMe Now hear the shallow TV anchors and specialists. They will sound fake because YOU understood.
#SunTzu said this 2500 years ago. We simply have to understand and implement.

We will not. WHY? Read Lessons 1,2&3 again and again.
28/n #SunTzuWithMe Lesson 1,2&3 #ArtOfWarWithMe Have a look at the three lessons and THINK. You will understand talking ‘sense’ has no place in India. I still write. I will love to take on questions.

Bye before I come to Lesson 4. ImageImageImage
29/n #SunTzuWithMe #ArtOfWarWithMe No trolling takes place when I write these tweets. Reason? It’s way above their intellect. No political parties troll me since they know if they do they are exposed. No Military Generals criticise or comment. Reason? Truth has no answers.
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