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9 years of disaster. There are so many instances, that it would be tough to pick just 9.
Here's my list.
1. #Demonetisation. That one stroke of stupidity that literally broke the nation's back. ImageImageImage
2. #Pulwama
Still remains a mystery, how a vehicle loaded with explosives could move around, undetected, in J&k, one of the most militarised regions in the world. What was more shameful than this was how BJP used this tragedy for electoral gains.
+ ImageImageImage
3. #JammuAndKashmir
Art. 370 was abrogated. J&K stopped being a state. Was carved out into 2 UTs. With the objectives of bringing peace & development to the region. Result? We've ended with 2 UTs with seething discontent below the surface.
+ ImageImageImageImage
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1/6 Reason y #India & #China r buying GOLD from diff places🔴
~India’s forex reserves is in US dollar denominated securities.India faces risk of erosion in reserves due to rise in US bond yields.
~Only 8% of India’s reserve is in GOLD.
~#TURKEY is largest buyer of gold in 2022.
2/6 ~Seems inflation will hit b4 de-dollarisation takes place‼️Hence Indian Govt is shoring up India’s foundation against inflation by buying GOLD.
~ #China hs bn in a GOLD buying spree coz it hs same issue as India’s— 2,000 tons of Gold it bought represent jst 3% of reserves.
3/6 ~B4 de- dollarisation takes place, INFLATION will hit us is a reality.
~Yes, it’s true New global reserve currency (GRC) has been introduced by #BRICS. Had mentioned it in my article. 👇
🔴GRC has an issue: intra BRICS economic ties will increase.…
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#UnderstandingMilitaryMind CoK- China Occupied Kashmir. Lost land since then? Since when? Ok how much did we hold to start with? The day you tell me how much we held, that would be right start to say how much we lost. Read Ukraine war to understand ‘military mindset’.
While Russian Military has made Ukraine Armed Forces defunct in a week, it speaks of ‘military mindset’ of Russian Army. Their Generals knew their geopolitics well. Not only Ukraine, they knew Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia well. They know each of NATO countries well.
Compare this with the Generals of Indian Army. #Galwan brought out the best strategist out of everyone who wore uniform. A gentleman asked me today, ‘How much land have we lost to Chinese?’, my counter question was, ‘How much was held?’. With over 100 strategist’s belting
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#Chinese Soldiers "Panicked Into Retreat" In #Galwan, 38 Drowned: Report

The report said "after Col. Fabao left the arena", and watching the "bodies of Major Chen Hongrun, Junior Sargeant Xiao Siyan and Private Chen Xianrong," that "PLA soldiers panicked into retreat"
The account of the Galwan violence in Australian newspaper "The Klaxon" -- pieced together by a group of social media researchers -- claims the Chinese soldiers who drowned in the Galwan river in June 2020, were in retreat after the clash with Indian troops.
he report says China had lost 42 soldiers in the clash -- many more than the four it had claimed. The "PLA soldiers panicked into retreat" and at least 38 of them were washed away, the report said.
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Dragon huggers in India...
Listen to @AmbVPrakash on the challenge posed by peddlers of Chinese agenda in #India.
Indian democracy used against India as #China uses PsyOps.
Should Govt respond? Nip it in the bud?
#Doklam to #Galwan India must counter Chinese mind games asap.
Important to beware!!!

China uses local laws, pressure groups (brainwashed &/or paid?), 'democratic institutions' to its advantage.
China failed in #Doklam. China has not succeeded in eastern #Ladakh to brow beat us.

India 🇮🇳 did QPQ Operations dominating China's Moldo garrison forcing China to withdraw from certain friction points. There are other aces up India's sleeve forcing China to build rapidly & construct a bridge on PangongTso (Aksai Chin is Indian territory too) #India should object
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1/4 Problem arises when we assume ENEMY will take the most LOGICAL step.
During Kargil War, Indian Army had managed to surprise the enemy by taking risks.

Expecting CHEEN & Pak will now take most LOGICAL step forward is a MISTAKE. I hv heard it so many times that our…
2/4 enemy will not attempt something a certain way bcoz it’s risky & STUPID. #GALWAN is an ideal example of—method to enemy’s madness. They escalated things at LAC with the incident & we weren’t expecting it. Our forces wr prepared… bt nobody saw it coming at that point of time.
Kargil war: Our soldiers climbed an impossible 90 deg CLIFF.
“We wr group of 7 to climb #TigerHill. Surrounded by death from all sides, we knew we were going to die, but we were determined to inflict max casualties”--Param Vir Chakra awardee Y S Yadav who took 12 bullets.
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#AatmaNirbharBharat is not just about Vocal for Local,but creating ecosystem that welcomes global investors&while in 1991,India had to pledge 47 tonnes of Gold,to raise $400mn,under @narendramodi govt,our #ForexReserves are $590bn,3rd highest globally


My Thread👇
The Modi Govt ’s most important work has been in domain of women empowerment--From banning commercial surrogacy,to amending Medical Terminal of Pregnancy Act,to Menstrual protocol, strengthening POCSO&banning instant #TripleTalaq💪

#7yearsofModigovt #7YearsOfSeva Image
Farmer welfare is top priority for The Modi Govt;From sowing to selling& insurance,#FarmLaws give Farmers freedom to sell at price they wish to&at place of their choosing

Over Rs 1.35 lakh Cr credited directly to bank accounts of Farmers via #PMKisan

#7yearsofmodi #7YearsOfSeva Image
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An article titled "Minor face-off with Chinese troops in Galwan Valley" published in The Hindu on 23 May 2021 has been taken note of. (1/4)
It is clarified that NO such minor face-off has taken place between Indian and Chinese troops at #Galwan Valley in Eastern Ladakh in the first week of May 2021 as reported. (2/4)
The article seems to be inspired by sources who may be trying to derail the ongoing process for early resolution of issues in Eastern Ladakh. (3/4)
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20 Indian braves made Supreme sacrifice of their lives at #Galwan to push back an expansionist China at #LAC.
#China remains hostile to India.
#Maharashtra power outage blamed on Chinese hackers.
China yet to pull back from #Depsang.
Yet Rs 300 cr Telecom contract to #Huawei? ImageImage
Is this the 'whole of India' approach being adopted to deal with expansionist forces?
Why continue to give access to China in critical areas like Telecom?
Even if central Govt is to be believed China didn't succeed in #Maharashtra power outage, attempts were made? Even in Delhi
Soldiers make the supreme sacrifice for a strong nation.
Can business & industry not sacrifice profits for a strong nation?
Is this the whole of nation approach to deal with China?
Is this #Atmanirbhar #Bharat?
Profits more important than national interest?
#IndiaFirst always
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Just In | President #RamNathKovind addressing the nation on the eve of 72nd Republic Day: Every citizen celebrates national festival with a sense of patriotism. The national festival is also a reflection of our respect to the National Flag and Constitution.
Principles of Justice, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity is enshrined in our Constitution.
President Kovind congratulates farmers for allowing India to be #atmanirbhar despite the odds and #COVID19.
President Kovind lauds armed forces for protecting borders, be in sub-zero temperatures at #Galwan valley or extreme hot weather in Jaisalmer.
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Raksha Mantri @rajnathsingh to speak in Rajya Sabha on #LACStandoff shortly. Stay tuned..
India has given a befitting reply to #China ..RM @rajnathsingh in Rajya Sabha..
Till boundary issue is resolved between India & China, there shall be no disruption on the #LAC. China has backtracked on several promises on LAC. We hope Military Talks can find a way out to ease tensions on the LAC..RM @rajnathsingh in #RajyaSabha
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Let's look at your coercion capabilities n record

1. 15/16 June - #Galwan you changed troops, occupied high ground on a narrow pass, equipped yourselves with lethal weapons and launched an ambush on an unarmed party lead by Col Santosh Babu. He had come to negotiate....

Result - our troops snatched your weapons and launched a bayonet charge. We KIA 45-100 of your men, captured many officers. You know well that your men were shrieking with fear - so called shock troops

Ambush time, place, weapons of your choosing and yet you lost...badly

2. Spangur 29/30 Aug - Your troops tried to take heights around Spangur but our troops outran them and took the heights not only around Spangur but right up to Rezangla - 30 km frontage. Your entire position in Chushul has been made untebable. You were thinking you would..

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Since Dragon warriors or whatever are posing with some blades on a stick, I thought I would share some Indian boys with knives. These boys know how to go chop-chop with it. When it flashes, heads roll. Literally. Let's begin with Glorious Gurkhas #IndianBlades #IndiaChinaFaceOff
And this Dao is from our 'Rhinos' boys of Assam Regiment. Comes in handy when patrolling in jungles or high altitudes. Cuts through the bushes or bushy-tailed princes really well. #RezangLa #IndiaChinaFaceOff #IndianBlades
Next in line are our Sikh boy. Best avoided when they charge with their 'Kirpans' with the name of Wahe Guru on their lips and breathing fire. I am sure you would recognize them, they spent quite some time in the Dragon country. #RezangLa #IndiaChinaFaceOff #IndianBlades #Galwan
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China meets the Great India Wall at #LAC in South #PangongTso. Indian soldiers in strength at #LAC prevent another Chinese transgression on the south side of Pangong lake near #Chushul. India in a commanding position. China cries foul, alleges transgression. Top focus #IndiaFirst
India doesn't want war with #China. But thats not synonymous with permitting PLA transgressions on #LAC. @PMOIndia through #Wuhan & #Mamallapuram Summits tried hard to ensure India & China grow together.But Xi Jinping's myopic vision & Chinese expansionism have to be responded to Image
Wanting peace is not an act of weakness & now China has seen India's resolve both at #Galwan & area south of #PangongTso. Plus gradually reducing Chinese footprint (easier said than done) in Indian market. India must continue to stand firm. Hopefully India will speak in one voice
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22 August 2020 :
WMCC (Working Mechanism for Consultation & Coordination) 18th Meeting held on 20 August between #India & #China at Diplomatic Level
12 Points ;
1. No Substantial Outcome, other than some good & usual diplomatic Verses ie Frank, Indepth, Evaluated & Reviewed.
2. But, it's NOT Business as Usual, till Complete Disengagement & Restoration of Status Quo, as on 5th May 2020 in East #Ladakh : #Indian Perspective & Stand
3. #Chinese 'Back & Forth Diplomacy', 'Delaying Tactics' & 'Negotiation Tricks', unlikely to Succeed, this Time
4. 15th June 2020 & #Galwan has Emptied the Trust in #PLA & #China...
5. Alertness, Preparedness and Readiness of #India & #IndianArmedForces has been sharpened for Challenges & Winter ahead...
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Daulat Beg Oldie: 16,696 feet. India's remotest yet most strategic outpost. Beyond what is called "Gateway to Hell'. We have the bravest of the brave protecting our national interest & keeping #IndiaFirst. Visiting the land of Our Braves is pilgrimage. Inspirational. #IndiaFirst. Image
Heartfelt gratitude to our ever smiling, extremely hospitable brave warriors in inhospitable terrain #Karakoram & an extremely dedicated, talented cameraperson @kirpals68569684 fellow traveler on this 255 kms journey to #DBO. I am overwhelmed by the response to our Special Report Image
90% respondents @IndiaToday spoke to were in favour of boycotting Chinese products in response to Chinese transgressions at #LAC. #Galwan (No, that is not India's only response to Chinese treachery) Read @IndiaToday for #MoodOfTheNation. Big focus on @PMOIndia response to #China. Image
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#India #China
STATUS : 7 Points

1. Talks & Meetings at All Levels (Military, Diplomatic & Special Representatives) & Disengagements towards DeInduction & DeInduction...In Progress
2. Tensions and Preparation for Any Contingencies and Security Challenges...
3. Review, Reset & Changes at All Elements of Power : Diplomacy, Economy, Trade & Decisions/Resolutions/National Wills...RECAST...
4. Trust in #China & #PLA SHATTERED. Especially on their Agreements, Protocols and Practices after 15 Jun 2020 - #Galwan : New Rules Of Engagements (ROEs)
5. Complete Restoration of Status Quo, Complete Disengagement and also be Prepared for QPQ, incase.. : Current Glare
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The tanks, the paratroopers, the troops. #Ladakh. RM @rajnathsingh 's visit to Leh, Stakna & Lukung. First @PMOIndia & now Raksha Mantri in Ladakh. Signals India's intent. Restoration of status quo ante (Honour the sacrifices of #Galwan braves. Stare the dragon down. #IndiaFirst) ImageImageImage
#Galwan: the Supreme sacrifice by 20 Indian braves (inflicting many more casualties across) is a watershed in India-China engagement. The era of salami slicing of Indian territory & coercion is over. India now speeds up infrastructure development. New equipment to carve mountains
Short, medium & long term aims.
Short Term: Restoration of status quo ante at #LAC
Medium Term: Initiate patrolling till all patrol points post de-escalation.
Long Term: Build & improve infrastructure (road/helipads to enable quick movement of men & material to any area asap)
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If the #PLA has gained territory & has an upper hand militarily, why have the Chinese moved back 2 kms at #Galwan ? Why have the Chinese moved back to Finger 5. Indian army & Govt must continue to maintain pressure till full status quo ante is restored. World looking up to India.
At #Galwan our braves sent out the message we will not cede an inch of our territory & there will be consequences for China if salami slicing continues. China may have moved back to prevent loss of lives in another sudden flare up. India by all accounts will keep up the pressure.
What has China gained?

Land? No (game on. China will retreat beyond Finger 8, sooner than later)

Respect? No (an entire country looks at the Chinese with suspicion/contempt)

Market? No (out of Telecom upgrade,MSME, road infrastructure, hopefully more areas soon)

Any gains?
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1/n #IndoChinaCrisis2020 If this doesn’t open our eyes and shake us nothing will. Rigidity of thoughts, being blind to reality, arrogance of rulers supported by spineless ‘jee huzoor’ variety of military advisers brings us to knees. India is silent today. Silence is deafening.
2/n #IndoChinaCrisis2020 Everybidy is silent. Generals, Strategists, hi flying panelists, intellectuals and the creme-de-la-creme Security Advisors who ‘screamed’ are silent. The people, the Genersls & the strategists who ask questions are villains. Towing line is ‘Nationalism’.
3/n #IndoChinaCrisis2020 I have asked a 100 questions covering 58 years, 1962-2020, but there are no answers. It’s extremely easy to split these 58 years into Congress & BJP & start a mud slinging match. It suits both, why? Simply because it splits 58 years and deflects attention
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“Till that bend (PP14),where the clash took place,India has built a road.The point where the Indian troops retreated now is the point where the Army used to initiate its patrols.."
Technically army is 8km from PP14,barring 80 men in buffer zone #galwan…
“The Chinese are now claiming the entire Galwan Valley but this was not the case earlier. They transgressed when they saw culverts, bridges and roads being constructed this side...culminating in the June 15 violent clashes,"
The Indian Army, which used to patroll till PP 14 until the recent faceoff, could lose that right if a final solution is not found, said an official. The official said this was a cause of concern as the Chinese had entered well within the Indian perception of the LAC
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I read Chinese actions in #Ladakh as a significant trespass across the #LAC aimed at gaining tactical advantage and strategic depth in certain vantage points along the LAC as for 1/n
e.g Depsang Plain (a wide unimpeded plateau) that offers access to the #AksaiChin as also in reverse to areas on our side, #Galwan Valley (commanding heights over the Darbuk-#Shyok-#DBO Road), #Pangong Tso 2/n
But not a fresh territorial dispute over new areas of the UT of Ladakh (where they are already in possession of the Aksai Chin and areas south and east of Kongka La plus the Shaksgam Valley illegally ceded by Pakistan) 3/n
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The last 72 hours or so :
9 Points & Counting :
1. #France commits Military support to #India
2. #US & #Germany block #China's move in #UNSC which blamed #India for #Karachi terror attack
3. #India deviates from 'One China Policy' for the 1st time by mentioning the new #HongKong Security Law in #UNHRC
4. #US praises #India's move to ban TikTok for 'furthering National Security against #Chinese spying
5. #UK offers residence in UK for 5 years to 2.6 million people in #Hongkong, after which they will be granted citizenship
6. #US bans #Huawei for links to Communist Party of #China
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#Leh @PMOIndia addresses troops in #Ladakh. Compliments troops on ground for their courage in extreme high altitude. Shield of Ma Bharti. No parallel of valour of Indian Braves in high altitude says @narendramodi. Commends resolve of our troops in combat. Live on @IndiaToday
When protecting nation is in your resolve & hands, not just I entire country is confident you are at our borders: @PMOIndia. #atmanirbhar #bharat due to your resolve. What you have shown: valour (at Galwan) has shown the world, India's power. PM quotes Dinkar to laud our braves.
PM pays tributes to our braves who made supreme sacrifice at #Galwan valley. The roar of Galwan lions is being appreciated by entire country: @PMOIndia. By the blessings of river Sindhu (Indus) this area is blessed. PM recalls Rezang La & Galwan, Kargil & Siachen valour of braves
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